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zmoo hello java chanel dont know if someones awake still/yet [02:14]
zmoo question what is the diffrence by using a case by case example, between substring and split [02:14]
zmoo when would i use split and when substring, [02:15]
zmoo and which would be best for error checking ? in my example separating a integer from a date formatted like...> 01/21/1979 [02:16]
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ra4king zmoo: substring is exactly like the name sounds, you want to extract a piece of a string [03:37]
ra4king you must know the starting index and the ending index [03:37]
ra4king split is used to get multiple pieces that are separated by a certain string [03:38]
ra4king for example in that date you said, you want to split by "/" [03:38]
ra4king then you'd get the array: ["01","21","1979"] [03:38]
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zmoo array great, that will work fine [03:40]
zmoo thank you btw [03:41]
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_BIGSHOT_ how can I fire() another button only after 1st first() has completed its task? i am doing following but both of them gets fired at same time! reloadSym.setOnSucceeded(e -> {; [07:08]
_BIGSHOT_;}); [07:08]
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Raduzz io.socket.client.Manager ConcurrentHashMap<String, Socket> nsps; //This HashMap can be accessed from outside of EventThread. HOW DO I DO THAT? My java knowledge is basic. [09:27]
Raduzz Raduzz's title: " at master socketio/ GitHub" [09:27]
yawkat it doesnt say *you* can access it. you probably cant. [09:29]
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Raduzz yawkat: can I instantiate the manager class as well as extend it? i created instance maybe extending would be the solution [09:32]
yawkat still doesnt allow you to access that field. [09:33]
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_BIGSHOT_ i have c.setCellFactory(...); to change color of the cell based on some data // now, whenever I delete a row from TableView, the cell colors in "c" column becomes "garbage". So, what method should I call so that these "garbage" coloration becomes correct!? [11:34]
_BIGSHOT_ in JavaFX [11:36]
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MrHall Hello, someone worked with spring boot / maven multi module project? i have a core module, that module have a login endpoint and i import this module in others modules (my-expenses), but when i test login endpoint (running since my-expenses) this response this error: Full authentication is required to access this resource [12:09]
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MrHall i think im "loosing" security config, because when i run app since core module it works fine, im using compilation scope to import the core module [12:10]
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Lindseaa what dependency I need to add to pom.xml to use apache commons - graph library? [12:17]
Lindseaa where can I find the latest repositories is there an official site for it? [12:17]
surial Lindseaa: wow, 2011. nice dep. [12:20]
surial pretty sure this: is the official site. [12:20]
Lindseaa that site is empty :/ [12:21]
surial .. no it is not. [12:21]
Lindseaa this is what i see there : v [12:22]
Lindseaa [12:22]
Lindseaa Lindseaa's title: "Screenshot by Lightshot" [12:22]
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surial Lindseaa: That's not empty; there are all sorts of links on the left. [12:24]
surial at any rate, looks like the only dep in mvn is 2005. This seems like a half-baked project abandoned by its owners. [12:24]
surial Lindseaa: there's commons-graph::commons-graph::0.8.1 from 2005. [12:27]
surial I... wouldn't use that. [12:27]
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Lindseaa for last 10 mins I'm trying to figure out what to do in this site. I was expecting to paste some <dependency> </dependency> in my pom.xml OR finding a download link to a jar. [12:33]
_BIGSHOT_ i have c.setCellFactory(...); to change color of the cell based on some data // now, whenever I delete a row from TableView, the cell colors in "c" column becomes "garbage". So, what method should I call so that these "garbage" coloration becomes correct!? i have tried "table.refresh()" and also "" but that does not fix the issue! [12:34]
_BIGSHOT_ in JavaFx [12:34]
Maldivia make sure that the if (empty) branch in your cell renderer is correct [12:34]
_BIGSHOT_ Maldivia, <-- this code works but when i delete a row ... cell colors shows randomly!!! scrolling the table spoils cell colors even more! [12:37]
acidjnk I'm a bit upset that the WebApplicationException and subclasses don't provide the error string in the body. Do I really need a custom @Provider that implements ExceptionMapper for that? And that for every exception subclass? [12:39]
Maldivia _BIGSHOT_: well, make sure to reset the styles if empty [12:40]
_BIGSHOT_ how? [12:40]
_BIGSHOT_ what do you mean by reset the styles if empty? [12:42]
orbyt_ [orbyt_!~orbyt@] has joined ##java [12:42]
_BIGSHOT_ else { [12:43]
_BIGSHOT_ setText(""); [12:43]
_BIGSHOT_ setGraphic(null); [12:43]
_BIGSHOT_ } // i've got this code if cell is empty! what more to add there? [12:43]
_BIGSHOT_ Maldivia, ^^ [12:43]
SJr I'm trying to find cases where a backslash is followed by one or more whitespace characters before hitting a new line. The base regex should be "\\\s+$" I've tried a bunch of different combinations, but I can't get the escaping right, or there is some weird flag I'm not aware of that I need: Any thoughts? [12:44]
cheeser _BIGSHOT_: don't paste here [12:46]
surial SJr: That regex is fine. [12:48]
surial SJr: how are you using it? [12:48]
surial SJr: Pattern.compile("\\\s+$").matcher("test \ ").matches()? [12:49]
SJr Hrm: System.out.println(Pattern.compile("\\\\s+$").matcher("test \\ \n").matches()); [12:52]
SJr Your paste doesn't complie for me because \ doesn't seem to be properly escaped. [12:52]
_BIGSHOT_ you mean setStyle(null)? [12:52]
surial SJr: You're blind. [12:53]
surial SJr: you just wrote 4 backslashes. I wrote 3. [12:53]
surial SJr: fix your eyes or copy/paste it like normal people. [12:53]
surial SJr: BUt that wasn't even my question. my question is: What are _YOU_ trying to do. What I pasted is _WRONG_ (it compiles and it'll fail to match), because I"m guessing that's what _YOU_ are doing. [12:53]
surial SJr: well, I'm also blind, you included a pastebin with yoru question. [12:54]
surial SJr: problem the first is that you wrote you've tried \\\s+$, but in your paste, there are 4, not 3 backslashes. [12:54]
SJr I wrote 4 because I assumed yours was an error, I get a compile error when I paste your code. [12:54]
SJr surial, I have tried a crap ton of different combinations so that was just a working example. That wasn't the only thing I tried. [12:55]
surial SJr: the right number of backslashes at any rate, is 6: \\\\ forms \\, which in regexpese is a single actual literal backslash, then \\ to form a single backslash to form the backslash for s. [12:55]
surial then, you've go ta second fuckup: you're using matches. [12:55]
surial matches requires the _ENTIRE STRING_ to match teh regex. [12:55]
SJr Perfect [12:55]
surial You either want find() which merely requires that some subsection of the string matches... [12:56]
surial or, you want to update your regex to read something like: "^.*\\\\\\s+$" [12:56]
surial and given that you want to multiline this, you.. definitely want find. [12:56]
wodencafe [wodencafe!~wodencafe@2605:6000:1517:462e:724d:7bff:fe63:71b6] has joined ##java [12:57]
SJr Thanks surial! [12:57]
SJr surial++ [12:57]
SJr surial has a karma level of 493, SJr [12:57]
_BIGSHOT_ Maldivia, you there bud? [12:58]
_BIGSHOT_ i added setStyle(null) also, that doesn't fix the problem [12:58]
surial SJr: gets kinda hairy with the 6 backslashes, oof. Well, the good news is: Raw string literals (or atl east SOME sort of string literal to make this look less weird) are being debated as we speak for inclusion in future java. Anyway: -- seems to work [12:58]
aindilis [aindilis!] has joined ##java [12:59]
aindilis is there a JVM that can run forwards and backwards? I remember hearing about it and I need it now but cannot remember what it is called [12:59]
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NeXTSUN [NeXTSUN!] has joined ##java [01:03]
cheeser there as a PHd research project a while back. nothing public/commercial i'm aware of. [01:04]
aindilis sure that will be a starting point [01:05]
aindilis or maybe a jvm with checkpoints [01:08]
yawkat backwards emulation is a hard problem and not something you can do in a production vm [01:09]
_BIGSHOT_ anyone know how to reset styles if empty in updateCell in setCellFactory in javafx? [01:09]
SJr I think the checkpoints one is more realistic. [01:09]
aindilis [01:10]
Goplat [Goplat!~Goplat@reactos/developer/Goplat] has joined ##java [01:10]
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_BIGSHOT_ Maldivia, you there dawg? [01:13]
cheeser dawg? what is this 1997? [01:14]
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_BIGSHOT_ yo cheeser do you know where Maldivia went? he just typed a line and suddenly disappeared! [01:19]
nunllk whats an effective way to handle events in self contained system? [01:19]
yawkat what do you mean by events and why does self-contained matter [01:20]
nunllk it matters because it has to run autonomously [01:21]
nunllk theres a scs that handles projects and one that handles persons with skills [01:21]
nunllk they both have their own database and communicate with each other through REST-API [01:22]
keepLearning512 [keepLearning512!~keepLearn@] has joined ##java [01:22]
nunllk So now project is offline [01:22]
nunllk Person still has to be able to run, presenting all the data from the last "sync" [01:23]
yawkat scs? [01:23]
nunllk self contained system [01:23]
yawkat and i still dont see what you mean by events [01:23]
nunllk yeah was just about to write: one event would now be person requesting some data from project, say query informations regarding a person [01:24]
nunllk *regarding a project [01:25]
yawkat well... if your backend isnt there, you need either a cache or you go offline [01:25]
nunllk sry [01:25]
yawkat there isnt much more you can do [01:25]
nunllk yeah thats clear [01:25]
theWhisper_ hi [01:25]
borkr [borkr!] has joined ##java [01:25]
theWhisper_ any framework thats modular like django? [01:25]
nunllk obviously i want it to query the date and then save it in the database [01:26]
nunllk im just about finding an effective way to handle all these events flying between project and person [01:26]
nunllk its right now running as a spring app [01:26]
nunllk now i though ok, writing some kind of event handle on my own implementing some Long id for each event maybe is not optimal [01:27]
yawkat so youre running into issues because youre dumping the backend into a cache and thats too many requests? [01:27]
nunllk yeah its not optimal [01:27]
yawkat then batch them [01:27]
nunllk im looking for an implementation for handling eventy [01:27]
nunllk hmm [01:27]
yawkat theWhisper_: what do you mean by modular [01:27]
yawkat most java frameworks are extensible in some way [01:27]
theWhisper_ i mean like creating apps [01:28]
theWhisper_ for example django (python framework) [01:28]
yawkat apps = web apps? [01:28]
theWhisper_ you can create apps which ultiately is the website [01:28]
nunllk yes apps= webapps [01:28]
theWhisper_ no no i mean the structure [01:28]
nunllk yes they present data on a webpage [01:28]
theWhisper_ the framework structure is in a way that not everything is in one file [01:28]
theWhisper_ for example [01:28]
theWhisper_ i have a website with an app lets call it accounts [01:29]
theWhisper_ then i need friends app to my accounts app [01:29]
yawkat thats just normal software design [01:29]
theWhisper_ so I create the app friends within my app [01:29]
theWhisper_ not all frameworks follow this pattern [01:29]
theWhisper_ in fact i havent seen one besides djang [01:29]
theWhisper_ you have to manually create folders [01:30]
theWhisper_ in djngo is just a one line code [01:30]
theWhisper_ and that will create a new mvc for that app inside your main app [01:30]
yawkat other frameworks just do it differently [01:30]
yawkat fwiw, you can totally have different independent web applications on java servlet containers. it's just not usually very useful [01:31]
theWhisper_ is easy to work liek that [01:33]
theWhisper_ i am trying to move towards java [01:33]
theWhisper_ but i dont see a framework that catch my attention [01:33]
theWhisper_ for example ive been hearing bad things about spring [01:33]
theWhisper_ things liek is not async and is slow [01:33]
kgrimes2 [kgrimes2!] has joined ##java [01:34]
theWhisper_ then i heard play framework but people say is hard to have support [01:34]
yawkat it is possible to write good, modular applications in almost any java web framework [01:34]
yawkat web frameworks [01:34]
yawkat Popular web frameworks: Dropwizard, Struts 2, Spring Boot, Stripes, Wicket, and Spark. Ask me about each for more info. Ask me about 'other web frameworks' for exotic choices that are not recommended. [01:34]
gelignite [gelignite!] has joined ##java [01:34]
yawkat skip spark though [01:34]
theWhisper_ okay i am looking for a fast one [01:34]
theWhisper_ async [01:34]
theWhisper_ with nice support [01:35]
theWhisper_ real time aps [01:35]
yawkat hah, real time in an stw language. [01:35]
Masterph_ [Masterph_!~Masterphi@unaffiliated/masterphi] has joined ##java [01:36]
yawkat 'fast' is an issue way less often than you may think. so is async. but sure, frameworks exist. [01:36]
theWhisper_ which one is the new kid on the block? [01:37]
theWhisper_ in java [01:37]
theWhisper_ i come from django and laravel [01:37]
theWhisper_ i keep hearing play framework [01:37]
katiex7 [katiex7!] has joined ##java [01:37]
yawkat play sucks if you arent using scala [01:38]
yawkat vertx is the cool shit nowadays though im not a fan for unrelated reasons [01:39]
yawkat most other frameworks have async support to some extent, including spring and dropwizard [01:39]
yawkat undertow is probably the fastest and can do async just fine but it's not a framework [01:40]
theWhisper_ vertx is a full featured? [01:40]
yawkat sure [01:40]
theWhisper_ i know for a fact play framework is very good for real time is on top of play framework [01:41]
theWhisper_ using mongodb [01:41]
yawkat most "real-time" applications in java are a sad excuse of actual "real-time" [01:41]
yawkat play certainly isnt "real-time" [01:42]
theWhisper_ yeah i know real time has changed the meaning some how [01:42]
theWhisper_ but i mean real time is that is close to real time [01:42]
theWhisper_ enough [01:42]
theWhisper_ have you seen [01:42]
theWhisper_ thast play [01:42]
yawkat so you just mean "fast"? [01:42]
theWhisper_ well fst and suited for things like websockets [01:43]
theWhisper_ play is async [01:43]
yawkat most web frameworks also have websocket support. [01:43]
theWhisper_ but spring is not async right? [01:43]
yawkat it has async support. [01:43]
theWhisper_ what about grails? [01:44]
yawkat im not very familiar with grails. [01:45]
[twisti] i know of a holy one [01:45]
theWhisper_ Stripes 1.6.0 Released, July 23rd, 2015 [01:45]
theWhisper_ 4 years old now [01:46]
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Aktive parted the channel: [01:47]
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knaccc hey all, i was saw something that confused me. at there is an example of a package named com.greetings [02:33]
knaccc but the directory is called src/com.greetings/com/greetings/ instead of src/com/greetings/ [02:34]
knaccc is this a new convention that arose because of modules? i'm struggling to google an answer to this [02:34]
yawkat not really, it's a jdk-internal convention though [02:39]
yawkat ive not seen any other projects adopt it [02:39]
knaccc yawkat oh ok thanks, so i can ignore that example and just put things in src/com/greetings/ ? [02:39]
yawkat sure [02:39]
knaccc yawkat i was thinking it might somehow make it easier to package modules. but ok, I'm glad you've given me confidence to ignore that. thanks!! [02:40]
_BIGSHOT_ Maldivia, you there bud? [03:03]
led_dark_1 [led_dark_1!] has joined ##java [03:04]
mr_lou [mr_lou!] has joined ##java [03:04]
Diablo-D3 my offtopic not java link for the day: [03:05]
Diablo-D3 Diablo-D3's title: "Direct3D team office has a Wall of GPU History DirectX Developer Blog" [03:05]
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Mind_Flayer [Mind_Flayer!~knotabot@] has joined ##java [03:18]
Mind_Flayer Has anyone noticed that discrimination in IT against americans is still a big problem? [03:18]
Diablo-D3 YES [03:21]
Diablo-D3 er, yes [03:21]
Diablo-D3 discriminates against his capslock [03:21]
Mind_Flayer What have you noticed in that area Diablo-D3 and what have you been doing to deal with it? [03:21]
nich0s i've not noticed, what's the context? example? [03:21]
Mind_Flayer That once an indian manager gets in they only hire indians from their own region/state in india and no americans ever get hired nich0s [03:22]
Diablo-D3 I keep refusing to do business with companies that can't hire people with actual valid credentials [03:22]
Mind_Flayer Well sure but then where do you get business? 90% of the companies in california are infested and they just interview americns to deny them and pretend they tried to hire [03:23]
nich0s @Diablo-D3 oooh! interesting topic. what's a valid credential? [03:23]
Diablo-D3 If you're Indian and can't speak English at all and use broken phrases like "plz do the needful", I don't care how many photocopied certs you have that you crudely put your name on [03:23]
nich0s @Mind_Flayer huh. i've not seen that recently. curious. thanks for the insight. [03:23]
Mind_Flayer sure but where do you find companies to work for then Diablo-D3? and what part of the country are you in? im in calif [03:23]
Diablo-D3 nich0s: for programming? a github that has valid contributions [03:24]
Diablo-D3 Mind_Flayer: ahh, people work for me, not the other way around [03:24]
Diablo-D3 I certainly don't personally add to the problem. [03:24]
nich0s @Diablo-D3 haha. okay. cool. i thought you were about to espouse cets. [03:24]
Mind_Flayer what kind of company do you have? [03:24]
nich0s certs* [03:24]
Diablo-D3 I don't care where you were born, what color you are, whatever, but for the love of God, be legal and speak English, thats all I ask, it isn't much [03:24]
Mind_Flayer all the whites got driven out of IT 20 yearas ago im not sure what they switched into and very few white manager left to hire any whites [03:25]
Nicmavr [Nicmavr!~Nicmavr@unaffiliated/nicmavr] has joined ##java [03:25]
Diablo-D3 nich0s: I'm anti-cert... its just when I know for a goddamned fact you dont have one, dont shove that shit in my face [03:25]
waz haha [03:25]
waz weird, I've been making great money in IT for well over 20 years [03:25]
Diablo-D3 you're in the wrong IT if you got pushed out [03:26]
waz if you fucking talented you'll get hired [03:26]
waz s/you/you're [03:26]
Diablo-D3 I'm so talented I hired myself just so a bunch of companies can fight over my talent, er, I mean, buy service with me [03:26]
Mind_Flayer what kind of service> [03:26]
Diablo-D3 Consulting among other things. [03:27]
immibis [immibis!] has joined ##java [03:27]
Mind_Flayer no they dont want talented people in indian shops they wlll get shown up [03:27]
knaccc there was a time in the early 2000s when people thought programming was over and only people in low income countries would be programmers, and would do it for 1/4 the cost. But it became clear that companies that change the world and produce programmer millionaires are only the ones with the highest levels of communication and creativity [03:27]
Mind_Flayer yes well what kind of consulting?Im a consutlnig too and there are lots of differnet kinds of consulting so what do you consulting Diablo-D3 [03:27]
knaccc so you're working at the wrong company or on the wrong project if it doesn't matter whether people can communicate properly with each other [03:27]
Mind_Flayer not what im seein ghere they hire shitty people so they have a big head count and the manager can dig wag aboutu how many (brainless) devs they have [03:28]
Diablo-D3 Mind_Flayer: if it can be consulted on, I have probably consulted on it [03:28]
Mind_Flayer all companies are like that frmo what i am seeing in california hence my question..where are you folks located that it;s not as big an issue? [03:28]
Diablo-D3 I'm one of those rare jack of all trades, master of a few [03:28]
Diablo-D3 I'm not located in California, but I have clients from there [03:28]
Tobbi [Tobbi!~Tobbi@supertux/tobbi] has joined ##java [03:29]
knaccc Diablo-D3 if you're a jack of all trades, you are the perfect personality type to be an entrepreneur [03:30]
Diablo-D3 I'm a goddamned hat rack. [03:30]
knaccc why not start a company and prove to the world how talented you are, and how you deserve more that someone that can barely communicate with their colleagues? [03:31]
Diablo-D3 I... already did? [03:31]
[twisti] be cheeser [03:32]
[twisti] that's very interesting, but what's that got to do with java? [03:32]
Diablo-D3 thats a very good cheeser [03:32]
niceGuy00_ [niceGuy00_!~big__@unaffiliated/niceguy00] has joined ##java [03:35]
raj [raj!raj@unaffiliated/cypha] has joined ##java [03:36]
Mind_Flayer oh heres one now [03:37]
waz fuck you [03:37]
waz there [03:37]
mona_x [mona_x!] has joined ##java [03:46]
cheeser what a wanker [03:52]
rohanrhu [rohanrhu!~rohanrhu@] has joined ##java [03:58]
rohanrhu hi [03:58]
rohanrhu is there a breakpoint keyword in java? [03:59]
rohanrhu or a "do nothing" keyword for breakpoint [03:59]
cheeser no. breakpoints are not usually part of a language syntax. [04:00]
cheeser keywords [04:00]
cheeser rohanrhu, [04:00]
acidjnk Never heard of it - which language has it? [04:00]
rohanrhu acidjnk: js has it [04:01]
[twisti] rohanrhu: are you asking how to SET a breakpoint, to use for debugging ? [04:01]
acidjnk interesting, thanks [04:01]
Masterph_ [Masterph_!Masterphi@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/masterphi] has joined ##java [04:01]
rohanrhu im looking a function parameter's value but when function is empty, i need a line for breakpoint [04:02]
cheeser set a break point on the final brace of the *method* [04:03]
rohanrhu tried ";" but java does not see it [04:03]
rohanrhu cheeser: nice :D thank you [04:04]
cheeser it would get compiled away [04:04]
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_BIGSHOT_ parted the channel: "Leaving" [04:11]
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fotato 'all the whites' what in the what. [04:27]
fotato shakes head [04:28]
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waz ;<Mind_Flayer> ur a nutjob [05:01]
waz <Mind_Flayer> probably a dothead [05:01]
fotato <brain> that's a weird lsd reference [05:02]
waz he'll forever be looking for something to blame for the fact that he's an un-hireable moron. Can't be his fault! [05:02]
fotato <also brain> wait. oh. [05:02]
forgottenone [forgottenone!~forgotten@] has joined ##java [05:04]
kicked Mind_Flayer (Banned: this ban will expire after 300d) [05:09]
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Diablo-D3 waz: I was getting that vibe, but trying to see if he'd just come out and say it [05:29]
Diablo-D3 I mean, I'm an asshole, and I'm a hirable one. [05:29]
Diablo-D3 At what point cant you get hired, Google and Amazon and Microsoft are all vacuuming up butts for their seats [05:29]
surial What's a 'dothead'? [05:34]
redzombie indian women put dots on their head as part of their marriage, or something like that. i assume that's what he was referring to but derogatorily [05:40]
tristianc [tristianc!~tristianc@] has joined ##java [05:40]
redzombie and it's not a race issue even though he wants to make it one. it's a "hire expensive americans or cheap laborers from lower income countries" but of course it always has to come down to race with people [05:40]
redzombie although indians making it into management and helping other indians get a foot in the door i could see, which is something you see with any group. anyway it's off topic so meh [05:42]
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dexterfoo parted the channel: "WeeChat 1.9.1" [05:48]
surial ah, like that. Yeah, I have no idea why this fine individual did not manage to find a job. [05:51]
surial On the plus side, I start to see where brexit and trump voters are coming from. [05:51]
nich0s i'm just thankful that ran its course the way it did. literally my first experience in ##java was just a litany of vague racism. lol [05:55]
nich0s so, yaaaaay [05:55]
Teckla It might be highly area-specific. I know a good solid guy in Houston that took 6 months to find employment. [06:00]
deavmiHome [deavmiHome!~deavmi@] has joined ##java [06:00]
cheeser racists are shitheads. i don't care. [06:04]
shicks2525 [shicks2525!] has joined ##java [06:05]
Teckla was referring to people finding jobs and wasn't joining the racism discussion. [06:06]
surial nich0s: I hang out here fairly regularly for the past, what, 6 years or so, and this is quite rare. [06:07]
nich0s bad timing. i'm sure. I like to give folks the benefit of the doubt. [06:08]
kgrimes2 [kgrimes2!] has joined ##java [06:10]
nich0s the java community is a vast quilt of people with varying backgrounds. one isolated case doesn't represent the constellation. :) [06:10]
knaccc you mean one patch doesn't represent the quilt :) [06:11]
nich0s knaccc hey now. this is my awful metaphor. get your own. ;) [06:11]
knaccc hehe [06:11]
nich0s which is pretty much how I approach PRs. ;) [06:12]
nich0s kidding [06:12]
Lindseaa [06:13]
Lindseaa Lindseaa's title: "Screenshot by Lightshot" [06:13]
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Lindseaa guys in this code it remove edge from a graph . i confused in " List<Vertex> eV1 = adjVertices.get(v1);" lines [06:14]
Lindseaa this works b List<Vertex> dont create "new" thing right? its just a pointer? bc java only call by reference [06:15]
Lindseaa (ill be afk 30min, would be nice if u say YES or NO, bc.." [06:15]
Lindseaa this works because* ... [06:16]
sbalmos2 [sbalmos2!] has joined ##java [06:20]
cheeser pbv [06:21]
cheeser Lindseaa, Java only supports pass by value. However, non-primitive variables hold references to objects, not the objects themselves. You're passing the reference by value. For more information see: and ask me about ~primitives if you don't know what those are. [06:21]
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rwheadon [rwheadon!~rwheadon@2600:1700:9d20:8f80:2817:5a92:294a:1322] has joined ##java [06:46]
Lindseaa how the hell whole my life I knew java as a pass by reference language omg.. [06:49]
conan [conan!] has joined ##java [07:07]
_BIGSHOT_ [_BIGSHOT_!~big__@unaffiliated/niceguy00] has joined ##java [07:17]
YottaByte [YottaByte!~YottaByte@unaffiliated/yottabyte] has joined ##java [07:18]
_BIGSHOT_ in JavaFX, i want to fire a button2 only after task of button1 is completed, how to do that? e.g. button1.setOnComplete(; is there anything similar to this is javafx? [07:18]
YottaByte does the String class being final violate the open/closed principle? [07:18]
Masterph_ [Masterph_!~Masterphi@unaffiliated/masterphi] has joined ##java [07:24]
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Addax _BIGSHOT_: how many variations of this are you planning to ask? You've been answered multiple times, in multiple ways, only to have you come back with another variation [07:48]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [07:48]
Addax action1(); action2(); // this is what you want. Do this. [07:49]
_BIGSHOT_ OK, so i've got this reloadSym.setOnSucceeded(e -> {;;} ); <-- how will the execution flow be? will only after "" has finished next will execute or will they execute at "same" time? [07:49]
Addax well, when will the "on succeeded" event be called, do you think? [07:49]
_BIGSHOT_ when reloadSym has finished [07:50]
Addax well, then you answer your own question and stop asking us for once [07:50]
_BIGSHOT_ did you read my question? [07:50]
_BIGSHOT_ and <-- when i look at the gui it appears that both of them have started executing at same time [07:51]
Addax yes, I've read it in multiple forms over multiple days and offered you multiple answers, all of which would work but you keep on asking another variation [07:51]
Addax well, maybe your suppositions are wrong. action1(); action2(); // action2 will run after action1 finished. Magic. [07:51]
Lindseaa This code pr [07:51]
Lindseaa Lindseaa's title: "dpaste: 0CNJP1K: fuck" [07:51]
Addax Lindseaa: what about that code? [07:52]
Lindseaa this code prints "aaaFuck" and "bbb" [07:52]
Lindseaa Lindseaa's title: "dpaste: 0CNJP1K: fuck" [07:52]
Lindseaa can someone explain what the hell is this [07:52]
Addax well, okay, I'm out [07:52]
Addax _BIGSHOT_: again, I don't see how what you're asking is magic. You have two operations you want fired from a single button; { action1(); action2(); } <-- there's your lambda [07:53]
Addax Lindseaa: I don't see what the problem is, apart from coarseness outside of necessity [07:53]
Lindseaa why stringbuffer is called by reference and string is caled by value [07:54]
Addax It's not. [07:54]
Addax pbv [07:54]
Addax Java only supports pass by value. However, non-primitive variables hold references to objects, not the objects themselves. You're passing the reference by value. For more information see: and ask me about ~primitives if you don't know what those are. [07:54]
Lindseaa Ive just read that link for last 1 hour and still i dont get it [07:55]
Addax the reference is copied into a value for the method call... and that reference points back to the original reference, so the method can alter the stringbuffer's contents. [07:55]
Addax if you did "sb=new StringBuffer()" the local reference is overwritten and the old one is left alone; PBV. [07:55]
Addax you have a piece of paper with an address on it, pointing to "123 main street." If you use that paper to deliver mail, it goes to 123 main street. When you call the method, you copy "123 main street" to a NEW PIECE OF PAPER and then ... the function delivers mail with that same piece of paper. [07:56]
Addax PBV. [07:56]
Addax Since both references point to the same address until you change one of them, the effect is that you can mutate the object THROUGH THE COPIED REFERENCE. [07:57]
Lindseaa im here reading ur answers, but having a mindfuck atm. trying to understand it [07:57]
Addax sighs [07:57]
Addax Look, you know what a pointer is, yeah? [07:58]
Lindseaa yeah [07:58]
kgrimes2 [kgrimes2!] has joined ##java [07:58]
Addax Java uses references, not pointers, but let's go with it anyway, since they're going to be similar [07:58]
Addax we have "A" which is an array of three elements, yeah? [0,0,0] - and we have a pA, a pointer to A [07:59]
Lindseaa ok [07:59]
Addax int[] pA=[0,0,0]; // A is used for convenience of nomenclature; the variable is pA [07:59]
Addax with me so far? [07:59]
Addax look, it's sunday evening, I could be spending time with my family, if you're not going to respond it's cool but please don't leave me hanging [08:00]
Lindseaa trying to understand it [08:00]
Addax so far it's just a variable that points to an array [08:00]
Addax that's it [08:00]
Lindseaa ok [08:00]
rohanrhu when i set a breakpoint in a method app crashes on android studio [08:00]
Addax rohanrhu: wrong channel [08:01]
Addax Lindseaa: okay, so if we have a method: void setInA(int[] ppA, int idx, int val) { ppA[idx]=val; { [08:01]
Addax what happens when we run setInA(pA, 0, 3); // is quite simple [08:01]
Lindseaa [3,0,0] [08:02]
Addax the reference value for pA is copied to the stack; it effectively points to a section of memory that points to an array of three ints [08:02]
Addax it also copies 0 and 3 to the stack, right? [08:02]
Addax so the stack contains (effectively) 3, 0, &pA (making assumptions about order and whatnot) [08:03]
Lindseaa @Addax I'm really confused and dont want to waste ur time. [08:03]
Addax then the METHOD pulls an int off the stack and assigns it to val, then another int off the stack and assigns it to idx, then a pointer off the stack and assigns it to ppA [08:03]
Addax Lindseaa: I'm trying to explain it, trying to figure out where you're getting lost [08:03]
Addax what part of what I said was confusing [08:04]
Lindseaa everything actually :/ [08:04]
Addax okay, so you don't know how the stack is used in C, etc, I take it [08:05]
Addax look, when calls are made, there's a region of memory used to hold the parameters of that call [08:05]
Addax when a method is invoked, the parameters are copied BY VALUE into that region of memory (thus: PBV) and the method uses those copies, not the original copies [08:06]
Lindseaa I guess I know stacks in C but I actually thought for 10 years i knew it for java [08:06]
Addax it just so happens that object references point to the original object references until you change them [08:06]
rohanrhu Lindseaa: a java program runs on a runtime engine (jvm) jvm considers objects for using from different threads and garbage collecting them [08:06]
Lindseaa Addax I feel bad for wasting ur time. I'll read what you have written to me again to make it clear [08:08]
Addax some object types are immutable, like String - whenever you modify a String, you create a copy [08:08]
Addax Lindseaa: the thing is, ~pbv is saying the same thing [08:08]
Addax Nothing I'm saying is magic knowledge or tribal knowledge or anything, it's standard PBV for every language out there, the only difference between java and C++ here is that every object reference in Java is a reference (a pointer-ish) and not the actual object itself [08:09]
keep_learning [keep_learning!96cbd2d5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [08:11]
Addax so in C++, if you do A b(4); // b is not a pointer, it's an actual object, so foo(b) has different semantics than it would in java [08:11]
Addax if you remember that every object in Java is a reference, PBV makes more sense, I *think* [08:13]
theWhisper_ [theWhisper_!~quassel@unaffiliated/thewhisper/x-7482734] has joined ##java [08:14]
Addax you can modify object state with method parameters (therefore you can alter the arrays, stringbuffers, etc) but you can't alter the object *references* [08:14]
Addax in your example method you append() to the stringbuffer (modify the stringbuffer's state) but leave the reference alone; then you add to a String, but a String is immutable, so THAT changes the reference; the caller's reference is left unchanged [08:16]
Lindseaa I actually dont get why its called PBV, if It creates a new reference(in stack) to same object in the heap. It modify same object in the heap [08:16]
Addax it is a VALUE that's passed [08:17]
Addax a copy of the original value [08:17]
Addax it's copying a pointer or whatever, and passing that value [08:17]
Addax it's not passing something you can mutate directly [08:17]
Lindseaa I got what u said at 4:16:10 AM [08:18]
Addax I am on the east coast of the US, I have no idea what time you're referring to [08:19]
Addax "in your example method" <-- that line? [08:19]
Lindseaa yeah [08:19]
Addax well, that line only applies if PBV is correct [08:20]
Addax and based on your complaint about that method, it is :) [08:20]
Addax okay, I'm off. Good luck. [08:22]
Lindseaa Addax, thank you so much for your time. Have a nice day. [08:22]
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