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tona [tona!bb90aea4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [12:14]
tona i am reading one raw file like 'b,a,c' but when I use json.put(), it is keeping my json like 'a,'b',c is there one way to keep my order like my raw file [12:16]
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Guest58640 Hey want to ask a general question more related to software architecture rather than python, how to develop a good pipeline for a web application. How do you communicate between two pieces in the pipeline if they are not programmed in the same programming language. For instance I have one part coded in Java, one in Python, I can use pipes to communicate between the two processes, but is it a recommended way to make parts [01:57]
Guest58640 communicate? Is it scalable? [01:57]
immibis typically sockets [01:58]
idev [idev!~idev@unaffiliated/idev] has joined ##java [01:58]
immibis or FFI interfaces [01:58]
rohdef [rohdef!] has joined ##java [01:58]
immibis but typically sockets [01:58]
kikudjiro [kikudjiro!~kikudjiro@] has joined ##java [02:00]
idev Hello. I am trying to modularize my web application and I moved postgresql jpa repository configuration, entity and repository classes to another project, and then imported this project's jar into my main application. I fixed first two errors via @SpringBootApplication scanBasePackages attribute and @Primary attribute on postgresql datasources. [02:06]
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waits Hello [02:31]
progart [progart!~kamee@] has joined ##java [02:33]
waits I'm trying to configure 3 datasources in spring. Two of them are essentially the same in terms of table schema but dynamically change based on a message from a kafka topic. The third one has a different schema. My setup is basically this: read events and write to either datasource1 or datasource2 AND datasource3. I tried using an AbstractRoutingDataSource for the first two, leveraging one entity/repository [02:34]
waits and it works. Howver configuring by defining a new data source just does not work. [02:34]
waits Maybe I'm doing it incorrectly by adding AbstractRoutingDataSource with another regular DataSource? [02:35]
waits By not working I mean spring just does not seem to route requests to datasource3, it always goes to the @Primary one, which is defined as being datasource1. [02:35]
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Tichodroma [Tichodroma!~lutz@fsf/member/Tichodroma] has joined ##java [02:46]
ravenousmoose [ravenousmoose!] has joined ##java [02:46]
idev is there a package to download and run Java 7 JDK on windows as zip archive? I don't want to install on system [02:54]
SuperTyp [SuperTyp!] has joined ##java [02:57]
Tichodroma Java 7 is deprecated [03:01]
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fanhako Hi, what is this syntax, where can I learn more about it ? new HashMap() {{ put("raise_exception", false); }} [03:06]
yawkat it's an anonymous class and you shouldnt do it [03:07]
immibis and an initializer block [03:08]
idev Tichodroma, I know but there are clients already use Java 7 [03:08]
fanhako thanks [03:09]
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idev while i am running a class via java, i have to specify classpath as current folder [03:19]
idev how can i run class without specifying classpath for current folder? or how can i add default class path into jar? [03:20]
badSophia system.out.print(); <? out is method? [03:20]
immibis no it is not [03:21]
badSophia but some guy said that out is method :( [03:21]
badSophia then what is out? immibis ? [03:21]
yawkat javadoc System.out [03:21]
yawkat yawkat: [JDK: java.lang.System#out:PrintStream] [03:21]
immibis it's a field [03:21]
badSophia field? field can have method? [03:21]
immibis no, objects have methods (or classes depending on which way you look at it) [03:23]
immibis does this help: PrintStream blah = System.out; blah.println("hi"); [03:24]
badSophia then how can i use method after field? [03:24]
badSophia immibis: ? [03:24]
badSophia ah [03:24]
badSophia good [03:24]
badSophia i can understand it [03:24]
badSophia you are best immibis :) [03:24]
badSophia immibis: how long it take time to learn basic? [03:30]
badSophia ) [03:30]
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xeno hi, is it possible to monitor data like what --verbosegc/jstat and such would help with, but within the same VM using regular java code? [03:58]
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keepLearning512 [keepLearning512!~keepLearn@] has joined ##java [03:59]
waits If I want to change from a hibernate_sequence with a table generation strategy to a db auto increment field, can I do it by just removing sequence table and altering primary key id or do I have to consider other things? [04:01]
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badSophia java is high level language or low? [06:04]
anna` High imo [06:05]
badSophia anna`: ah java is good to use? [06:05]
gryffus Hello, i am trying to secure my activeMQ SSL on the server side. I have already disabled 3DES and now i would like to disable all DH with key sizes of 1024 and less. How can i do that? I tried specifying "DH keySize < 2048" in jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms and "2048" to jdk.tls.ephemeralDHKeySize, but nmap is still giving me "TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA (dh 1024)" [06:05]
gryffus How could i completely disable all DH keysizes of 1024? [06:06]
anna` That depends what you're trying to achieve [06:06]
badSophia i want to make android app [06:07]
badSophia 8) [06:07]
badSophia this is good idea to learn java? [06:07]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined ##java [06:08]
anna` Android dev has its own channel on Freenode [06:08]
anna` Android dev is a toss up between interoperability right now and the fact they're moving to Go eventually afaik [06:08]
anna` You should check that though but I thought they were moving to golang eventually [06:10]
badSophia what is golang? [06:11]
badSophia anna`: ? [06:11]
aleksandrM [aleksandrM!~aleksandr@] has joined ##java [06:13]
anna` You can google what golang is badSophia [06:14]
anna` It doesn't make sense to ask me when such questions are trivial to google [06:14]
badSophia i have no time to search it, because i m busy to learn java now :( [06:14]
aleksandrM Golang is godly awesome :) [06:15]
badSophia golang is programming language? [06:15]
badSophia golang >>>>> java? [06:15]
sonOfRa except *right now* and for the foreseeable future, if you want to make an android app, it will be in java (or kotlin) [06:15]
aleksandrM Not a java expert, I would like to know if it possible to compile a java installation to automatically run in a completely different path to the default on Linux ? [06:16]
aleksandrM badSophia: Golang is a programing language created by Google its no Java. [06:16]
badSophia created by google? [06:17]
badSophia awesome [06:17]
badSophia google is best now so golang will be best too [06:17]
badSophia 8) [06:17]
badSophia how about changing name of golang to goolang? [06:18]
aleksandrM badSophia: Cool, please Go to Google for more information. [06:18]
badSophia goolang is better than golang [06:18]
badSophia aleksandrM: give me link? [06:18]
regorianer [regorianer!] has joined ##java [06:21]
gryffus How can i disable SSL DH keysizes less than 2048 in ServerKeyExchange? Is this even possible? [06:23]
mbooth badSophia: This is a java channel, you're best googling yourself ;-) [06:23]
badSophia ok i m learning java now [06:24]
mbooth badSophia: Yeah, my point is programming in go is off topic for this channel [06:24]
mbooth aleksandrM: I'm not sure what you mean by compile java to run in a different path [06:24]
freakyy [freakyy!] has joined ##java [06:24]
badSophia ok [06:25]
badSophia then i will go to only java [06:25]
badSophia 8) [06:25]
aleksandrM mbooth: by default when I install java "apt install oracle-java8-installer" default path is (which java = /usr/bin/java ) and jvm is in /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/bin/java [06:30]
keepLearning512 [keepLearning512!~keepLearn@] has joined ##java [06:31]
aleksandrM I need to install java to in a completely different path and not work on the default installation path, will this be resolved my changing default path? [06:31]
progart [progart!~kamee@] has joined ##java [06:32]
aleksandrM changes can be made in /etc/profile for each user but ideally I want to have two teams not working in the same place. [06:33]
LaSombra aleksandrM: You can just download the JVM from for example and uncompress it on your desired directory [06:34]
aleksandrM mbooth: I'm a noob when it comes to Java I need to do something like a back-port installation. [06:34]
StianL [StianL!~stian@2001:41d0:303:4845::c1fa:725] has joined ##java [06:34]
aleksandrM LaSombra: sounds great, I think I will also run a script that automatically installs it in a different path for certain users/teams. [06:35]
LaSombra You can craft the script if you need aleksandrM. I don't think it is delivered with an installation script/application [06:36]
sb35 [sb35!~sb35@] has joined ##java [06:41]
v01d4lph4 [v01d4lph4!~v01d4lph4@] has joined ##java [06:41]
aleksandrM LaSombra: Thanks, ideally I can build an .rpm and a .deb that will detect if there is an existing java. [06:42]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined ##java [06:43]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined ##java [06:43]
Globe_Bloater LaSombra do you happen to know where to find similar OpenJDK builds for Java 7? [06:46]
LaSombra Globe_Bloater: Nope. AFAIK Java 7 is "dead" [06:46]
LaSombra Maybe Azul has them [06:47]
bitSt0rm [bitSt0rm!~manjana@unaffiliated/bitst0rm] has joined ##java [06:51]
Globe_Bloater yeah, in terms of free support 7 is dead, but a lot of legacy enterprise software will keep running on it for years to come [06:53]
gryffus I forgot to add that this is on JRE 8 [06:53]
mohsen_1 [mohsen_1!05792f13@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [06:54]
mohsen_1 What GUI frontend do you use for h2? [06:55]
Globe_Bloater mohsen_1 try Squirrel SQL client [06:58]
mohsen_1 Globe_Bloater: thanks [07:00]
markoong [markoong!~marco@] has joined ##java [07:00]
sonOfRa mohsen_1: are you using IDEA as your IDE? [07:00]
sonOfRa It has a good DB view [07:00]
sonOfRa Also H2 comes with a decent web console [07:00]
mohsen_1 sonOfRa: I'm using IDEA, but the community edition [07:01]
mbooth aleksandrM: What problem are you trying to solve by having java installed in a different path? [07:03]
t2mkn [t2mkn!~t2mkn@] has joined ##java [07:03]
aleksandrM mbooth: problem to be solved, teams not sharing the same java version and creating a standard that doesn't allow others to work on the same server. [07:04]
LaSombra Globe_Bloater: Yeah. They should be paying Oracle for the privilege to use Java 7 now [07:05]
LaSombra +1 for H2 web console [07:05]
mbooth aleksandrM: You know that software written for older Javas will work on newer Javas, right? [07:05]
LaSombra That's a weird use of the word standard [07:07]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [07:08]
gryffus OK, if i specify disable DH completely (specify DH to jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms in, i can see that the 1024bit DH is not announced, bit if i disable only "DH keySize < 2048" , i can still see following from nmap: "TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA (dh 1024)"... How can i disable only DH 1024 and less? I would be glad for any hint. Thanks. [07:15]
Addax mohsen_1: H2's built-in client's pretty good [07:22]
aleksandrM LaSombra: I know what you mean very weird, this is a "standard" from a different way of doing things. [07:22]
Addax for *any* JDBC-compatible database [07:23]
mohsen_1 Addax: I guess it doesn't run good on my machine [07:23]
Addax how so? What's your machine running? [07:24]
Nicmavr [Nicmavr!~Nicmavr@unaffiliated/nicmavr] has joined ##java [07:25]
aleksandrM mbooth: I was not aware of this, however, I think the problem to be resolved is around the path used. Perhaps if I can demostrate that there is no need to separate the paths everyone can use the same Java without causing issues for others. That would be great. [07:25]
[twisti] parted the channel: [07:25]
mohsen_1 Addax: It used to run Linux, but there was a problem with inserting, it wasn't a consistent ui [07:25]
Addax aleksandrM: you have teams using different java versions, or different distributions? [07:25]
mohsen_1 There were bugs [07:25]
[twisti] [[twisti]!] has joined ##java [07:25]
Addax mohsen_1: ... in the H2 *swing client*? [07:25]
mohsen_1 No, the browser client [07:26]
aleksandrM Addax: different distros. [07:26]
mohsen_1 I'm not...sure if that's called h2 console [07:27]
Addax aleksandrM: but same *versions* of the distros? So one is running amazon's correto, another one azul, another openjdk, another one ibm, but they're all 8? [07:27]
Addax mohsen_1: it is [07:27]
Addax java -jar h2.jar <-- the h2 console [07:27]
mohsen_1 I see [07:28]
aleksandrM Addax: its 8 and 1.8 for oracle. Correct same distro version e.g. CentOS-7 and CentOS-6. [07:29]
Addax centos 7 and centos 6 are very different beasts [07:30]
aleksandrM correct thanks to systemd on 7 [07:31]
Addax I'm sorry, I'm still not sure what the actual problem is - you're running oracle 8 - so same *java* distribution - on different target OSes? [07:31]
Addax systemd ++ [07:31]
Addax systemd has a karma level of 1, Addax [07:31]
ravenousmoose [ravenousmoose!] has joined ##java [07:33]
sbeex [sbeex!~sbeex@] has joined ##java [07:34]
mohsen_1 Addax: Is it possible to alter table in h2 console? [07:34]
Addax yes [07:35]
Addax you do it via SQL, but yes [07:35]
aleksandrM Addax: Different java distributions on different OSes. [07:35]
mohsen_1 Addax: graphically? [07:35]
mohsen_1 Addax: :D [07:35]
Addax mohsen_1: no, it's a SQL console: you type SQL and H2 can reflect those changes in the schema tree, but I don't think it's a graphical table builder somehow [07:36]
mohsen_1 Addax: Yeah [07:36]
Addax aleksandrM: but you said you were using oracle java 8 - that's *one* java distribution [07:36]
aleksandrM Addax: Ahhh correct... and 1.8 is a different one. [07:37]
aleksandrM obviously. [07:38]
Addax aleksandrM: err... no [07:38]
Addax java 1.8 and java 8 are the same, different names for the same thing [07:38]
esro [esro!~esro@] has joined ##java [07:40]
waz like eclipse and shit [07:46]
sbeex waz++ [07:47]
sbeex waz has a karma level of 150, sbeex [07:47]
mbooth waz: Tell us how you *really* feel [07:47]
ravenousmoose_ [ravenousmoose_!] has joined ##java [07:48]
Addax he would but this is a family-friendly channel [07:48]
waz eclipse is a piece of shit++ [07:48]
waz eclipse is a piece of shit has a karma level of 116, waz [07:48]
waz actually, Eclipse and Idea are both really good IDEs. I think Idea is much better but Eclipse is not horrible. You should use one or the other. [07:48]
sbeex let's be marketing guys -> eclipse is not for children use it if you know what you are doing (I personally use Idea but see some colleagues using eclipse... they have pain to import maven projects :/ come on) [07:50]
stryek [stryek!uid332574@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [07:51]
bugzy_on_busy [bugzy_on_busy!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [07:51]
mona_x [mona_x!~mona_x@] has joined ##java [07:53]
mona_x i got into this aweful project and i believe they are using automatic/managed persitence context which times out after 1 minute [07:54]
mona_x if i would like to control the transaction boundaries or increase the transaction time for that particular action / method / rest / url ... how do I do that? [07:55]
bendem fix your query, one minute for a transaction is huge [07:55]
mona_x bendem its not my queer [07:55]
mona_x query [07:55]
mona_x and they are uploading files [07:56]
mona_x thats the thing [07:56]
bendem start your transaction after the upload? [07:56]
mona_x I found something online that says I should inject the @UserTransaction .. which is fine .. but where ? if I inject it too late ... for instance after the transaciton has already begun can I control it ? [07:56]
mona_x bendem yes, but how [07:56]
Addax how large are the files? are they transmitting them using blobs? [07:56]
mona_x bendem jboss eap auto managed transacitons [07:56]
mona_x Addax it is not about the files [07:56]
Addax okay, so what's it about, exactly [07:56]
mona_x transactions and jboss container managed tranasction boundaries [07:57]
mona_x but i am unsure if you can take control at will [07:57]
Addax You can always use @Transaction and control propagation [07:57]
mona_x basically ... when a user makes a request .. jboss will start a transaction for you ,... and end it when its done [07:57]
Addax a request as in a method call, or a request as in HTTP request? [07:58]
mona_x http request [07:58]
mona_x Addax are you jboss eap versed ? [07:58]
mona_x it's automagic bullshit [07:58]
Addax Somewhat, but I'm also programming-aware, and you're using terms that are overloaded often so I'm trying to figure out exactly what you're trying to ask [07:59]
NorthwestVegan [NorthwestVegan!~Northwest@gateway/tor-sasl/northwestvegan] has joined ##java [07:59]
cheeser it's not so much jboss eap as it is Java EE. [07:59]
mona_x @cheeser the whole concept of doing things an hijacking and rerouting and stuff is totally unncessary .. i an start a transaction myself thank you ... wrap it an pass a lambda [08:00]
cheeser ¯\_(?)_/¯ [08:00]
mona_x but then redhat support won't make much money [08:00]
cheeser it works well in many cases [08:00]
cheeser and it's not about red hat making money or not. [08:00]
Addax mona_x: uhh... okay, you're clouding the issue again [08:00]
cheeser perhaps you should wait until you know what you're talking about before you start critcizing. [08:00]
Addax an http transaction doesn't have anything to do with lambdas [08:01]
Addax incoming requests don't map to lambdas unless you map them to lambdas [08:01]
mona_x cheeser if it is java ee that starts the tranasction .. then how can I override it? and take control ? [08:01]
mbooth mona_x: If you are paying RH for support, maybe you should contact your TAM and ask them ;-) [08:01]
cheeser Addax already suggested a possible solution [08:01]
Addax mbooth: yes, that's the next observation [08:02]
mona_x mbooth we are .. but it is ridcioulous ... that something so banal is so hard to google nowadays [08:02]
t2mkn [t2mkn!~t2mkn@] has joined ##java [08:02]
Addax cheeser: but that's for programmatic transactions, and I think mona_x is talking about inbound http timeouts [08:02]
Addax note that red hat's access portal discusses that in a number of questions and answers, so... there's that [08:02]
cheeser he keeps saying transactions, though. which is unrelated to http timeouts. [08:03]
Addax I know, that's why I keep asking for clarification [08:03]
Addax but... eh, I can read the writing on the wall, I'm not going to get clarification [08:03]
cheeser maybe when (s)he's done ranting we'll get a straight answer [08:03]
Addax c'est la vie [08:03]
cheeser goes to make coffee [08:03]
Addax by then I won't care, I have my own problems to solve [08:03]
mona_x Addax [08:04]
mona_x mona_x's title: "java - Jboss EAP 7 CDI JTA @Transactional - Stack Overflow" [08:04]
mona_x it's basically the explanation .. so it's jta managed [08:04]
mona_x sorry, I meant to link to this one: [08:05]
mona_x mona_x's title: "java - Jboss EAP 7 CDI JTA @Transactional - Stack Overflow" [08:05]
Addax mona_x: well, I'll give you the pat answer at this point: ask red hat. You're using EAP. You have a support contract. Use it. They're responsive and responsible. [08:05]
Addax sorry for the handoff but I really do have my problems to solve, and you DO have a support contract for which you pay [08:06]
Addax (red hat already has your money, might as well get value out of it, eh?) [08:06]
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Ruckus [Ruckus!] has joined ##java [08:08]
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aleksandrM Addax: basically any java version can work jvm. [08:18]
Addax aleksandrM: what does "work jvm" mean? I don't understand that statement, I'm sorry [08:19]
aleksandrM I need to read up more on Java, basically the server OS is CentOS 7 and the app teams need to have different versions of java to run on them. [08:20]
aleksandrM I think the requirement is confusing me, this is pretty straight forward. [08:21]
Addax aleksandrM: which versions of java are you needing to run? Note that 1.8 and java 8 are the *same thing* [08:21]
nomike [nomike!] has joined ##java [08:21]
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cheeser tech support [08:21]
cheeser Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [08:21]
SerialSmile_ [SerialSmile_!~SerialSmi@] has joined ##java [08:21]
nomike hi [08:22]
Addax nomike: hello [08:22]
cheeser this is well beyond the topic. you're being asked to support and manage something by your team that you don't understand. go back to them and ask what's up. [08:22]
aleksandrM Java is java if the app is on version 1.7 or 7 it will work on the server its installed on the app-devs will be able to disguish their apps. [08:22]
Addax aleksandrM: You really need to work on the terminology - and again, java 1.8 is the same as java 8, and java 1.7 is the same as java 7 [08:23]
Addax work on your problem statement; the information's out there. [08:23]
aleksandrM got it. [08:23]
nomike I have a private key, certificate and intermediate CA which I need to import in a JKS keystore. What I've done so far is import it into a PKCS12 keystore with opensssl. This I converted to JKS with "keytool". However, after that I could not export the private key again. [08:24]
nomike If I try converting the JKS back to PKCS12 using keytool, it asks me for the keystore password and then asks me for the private key password. I have an existing JKS file where the certificate is about to expire (that's why I need to do this) where keytool only asks for the keystore password but not for the password of the private key. [08:25]
nomike Any suggestions on how I can import a private key into a JKS file without having a password for the private key? [08:25]
surial nomike: you can't. [08:30]
aleksandrM Addax: Thanks for the pointers all makes sense now, I will build an rpm this will work best for me. [08:34]
aleksandrM tech support [08:34]
aleksandrM Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [08:34]
Addax aleksandrM: but... RPMs already exist for this [08:34]
nomike Well, question is then why "keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore old.jks -destkeystore old.p12 -srcstoretype JKS -deststoretype PKCS12 -deststorepass something" just asks me for the source keystore password and "keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore new.jks -destkeystore new.p12 -srcstoretype JKS -deststoretype PKCS12 -deststorepass something" asks "Enter key password for <1>" too? [08:35]
nomike So to me it looks like that new.jks has a separate password for the private key and old.jks doesn't. [08:38]
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badSophia parted the channel: [08:44]
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badSophia [badSophia!~moretz@] has joined ##java [08:58]
nomike I managed to figure it out. Keytool sometimes can be confusing and even though I strongly prefer the shell over klicky-bunty GUI applications, I discovered KeystoreExplorer and with that it was easy. [08:58]
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plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [09:01]
Addax good deal - don't forget to document what you found, even if it's as simple as "this was easy with this tool" [09:02]
sbeex ****** ok enough. Bye bye Powermock hacky tool [09:03]
sbeex lost 36h just because suddenly this awesome tool need some @PowerMockIgnore("magicpackage.*") [09:04]
[twisti] klicki-bunti! [09:05]
rhummelmose [rhummelmose!] has joined ##java [09:06]
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sbeex [twisti]: do you refere to this ? [09:08]
bzlotnik [bzlotnik!~bzlotnik@] has joined ##java [09:09]
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w17t [w17t!~w17t@unaffiliated/w17t] has joined ##java [09:11]
cheeser sbeex: mocks are a code smell [09:17]
krrishg [krrishg!] has joined ##java [09:18]
logithack parted the channel: "Leaving" [09:22]
sbeex cheeser: haha they allow **unit** testing [09:22]
sbeex mockito works great but powermock is really nasty... [09:23]
sbeex I think we will simply drop static methods except for very basic things testable with basic assertions [09:23]
sbeex this lib cost a lot in dev side just for the purety of statics .. [09:24]
Addax probably a good idea in any event [09:25]
surial if a method is static and requires a mock framework to test properly, yes, it shouldn't have been static. [09:25]
cheeser sbeex: i use guice modules for that. *way* simpler to set up. [09:25]
cheeser also, less magic. [09:26]
surial But something like, say.. public String stripZeroes(String in) { ... } can be static and can be properly tested with nothing but junit. [09:26]
sbeex cheeser me too [09:26]
cheeser mocks up String just in case [09:26]
sbeex haha [09:26]
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[twisti] sbeex: its a german expression for unnecessary GUIs back from when people would mostly use command line tools [09:43]
[twisti] klicki = clicky, bunti = colorful, with the words in a form that make them seem childish [09:44]
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sbeex [twisti]: ah okay :) [09:51]
sbeex danke für die erklärung [09:51]
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w1d3m0d3 can I change language on a per file basis in intellij_ [10:18]
w1d3m0d3 for spell checking [10:18]
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cheeser i haven't seen anything like that, no. [10:20]
tjt263 [tjt263!uid149471@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [10:26]
w1d3m0d3 damn okay [10:28]
w1d3m0d3 yeah that seems to be the case looking at their docs too [10:28]
w1d3m0d3 thanks anyway cheeser [10:28]
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rapidwave I'm trying to setup NetBeans to debug a web project. It wants process ID as I'm not using a VM. What process does it want ID of? [10:46]
Addax You're using a VM if you're debugging a java web project [10:46]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined ##java [10:47]
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tilerendering [tilerendering!~tilerende@c-base/crew/conx] has joined ##java [10:55]
tilerendering ppl, what is the simplest way to programmatically tell JPA to read values anew and bypass cache. or easier: to set JPA cache strategy for a given entity/table not declaratively, not by condfiguration, but by actual instructions in code? [10:56]
Regon [Regon!~Regon@unaffiliated/regon] has joined ##java [10:57]
cheeser "people" [10:58]
wodencafe [wodencafe!~wodencafe@2605:6000:1517:614c:724d:7bff:fe63:71b6] has joined ##java [10:59]
freeone3000 tilerendering: What's the difference betwen configuration and code for JPA? [11:01]
freeone3000 tilerendering: You're probably looking for flush(), btw, or FlushMode.ALWAYS, depending on desired scope. [11:02]
rapidwave Addax I downloaded a web-based java project and imported it into NetBeans. I have not configured any VM [11:02]
rapidwave So, if there is one in play, I'm unaware of it. [11:03]
mluser-home [mluser-home!] has joined ##java [11:04]
freeone3000 It's what runs your java. [11:04]
Iolo [Iolo!] has joined ##java [11:04]
freeone3000 Are you sure you have Java, and not, for instance, something involving bootstrap and node? [11:04]
Markow [Markow!~ejm@] has joined ##java [11:11]
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Addax rapidwave: ... see what freeone3000 said [11:16]
rapidwave It is JMoney [11:17]
Addax jmoney [11:18]
Addax Addax, what does that even *mean*? [11:18]
Addax okay, I don't know either. What is JMoney? [11:18]
rapidwave It's a financial software for budgeting. [11:18]
rapidwave Source files are .ts files [11:18]
Addax Oh, I have an idea. Why don't *I* look it up, since you are the one trying to use it. [11:18]
freeone3000 That's not java. That's typescript. [11:18]
rapidwave It also contains some stuff under e2e directory [11:19]
freeone3000 rapidwave: Is it ? [11:19]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "JMoney download |" [11:19]
Addax aaaand I'm off the hook. This is tech support. [11:19]
rapidwave Yeah, I believe that is it. [11:19]
rapidwave Oh..wait. I should be asking in #netbeans [11:20]
freeone3000 Haha, sure. [11:20]
Addax ... or eclipse, since it's an RCP project [11:20]
metrixx_ [metrixx_!~metrixx@unaffiliated/metrixx] has joined ##java [11:21]
freeone3000 Do they take RCP questions as well? RCP's fairly divested from the IDE. [11:21]
mbooth freeone3000: Sure [11:22]
Addax freeone3000: dunno, I'm not in #eclipse, because it's a piece of shit and I don't care about it. But I'd bet RCP questions are closer to #eclipse than ##java. [11:22]
tilerendering freeone3000: thanks, it was actually this: query.setHint("javax.persistence.cache.storeMode", CacheStoreMode.REFRESH); [11:22]
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tilerendering freeone3000: can I declare it at entity level declaratively with an annotation? something like @AlwaysBypassCacheForRead or sthg [11:27]
rapidwave I get it! It wants the process id of the running JVM [11:28]
rapidwave I was thinking of a VM in VirtualBox [11:29]
Ruckus [Ruckus!] has joined ##java [11:29]
kicked Ruckus (Banned: please fix your connection. you're bouncing in and out. this ban will expire after 8h) [11:29]
noark9 [noark9!] has joined ##java [11:29]
rapidwave FFS! Duh! It's a Javascript project...not a Java project [11:30]
freeone3000 tilerendering: @Cacheable(false) [11:33]
tilerendering merci [11:34]
cheeser giggles [11:34]
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rapidwave parted the channel: [11:45]
ravenousmoose [ravenousmoose!] has joined ##java [11:49]
progart Hi guys. Why I cannot use "/" operator with an Integer :/ [11:53]
Lettuce [Lettuce!c0703602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [11:53]
tang^ operators [11:53]
tang^ tang^, operators is [11:53]
Lettuce Yo, can anyone tell me why the insertion sort doesn't have the binary search as a part of it by default? It just seems that it would be better in every single case. Someone stated that it becomes worse if there is a certain proportionality between the # of swaps and # of comparisons. [11:53]
freeone3000 progart: As of java 1.5, Integers have been automatically unboxed to ints so that you should be able to. [11:54]
freeone3000 Lettuce: Uh. Because it's a sort, not a search. [11:54]
Lettuce I understand it's a sort [11:54]
paddyez [paddyez!~paddyez@wikipedia/paddyez] has joined ##java [11:54]
Lettuce I'm asking why the sort doesn't utilize binary search by default [11:54]
freeone3000 progart: What's your code, what's your error? [11:54]
Lettuce freeone3000 Using the binary search makes the # of comparisons to LogN [11:55]
freeone3000 Lettuce: Which "insertion sort" are you referring to? Collections.sort() and Arrays.sort() use TimSort, which is a slightly modified mergesort. [11:55]
progart ah. i understand, my first type is an Integer, but second is an int [11:55]
freeone3000 That should still work. [11:55]
Lettuce freeone3000 I'm referring to the fundamental insertion sort [11:56]
progart but, how can i change .length to the int :/ [11:56]
freeone3000 progart: . No issues. [11:56]
freeone3000 progart: What's your code, what's your error? [11:56]
Lettuce FYI, this is a computer science question (and programming too), it's not a java specific question [11:56]
v01d4lph4 [v01d4lph4!~v01d4lph4@] has joined ##java [11:56]
progart freeone3000: how can i send you my code? [11:56]
freeone3000 pastebin [11:57]
freeone3000 progart, Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable main-classes, try . For general code and errors, use for instance or [11:57]
freeone3000 Lettuce: Breaks stability. You're thinking of quicksort. [11:57]
freeone3000 Lettuce: Sure, it'd be faster, and that's a different sorting algorithm that does do that, which is generally faster. [11:57]
Lettuce I'm just curious why it wouldn't be in the insertion sort by default [11:58]
Lettuce Because it cannot hurt and will always be better [11:58]
freeone3000 Lettuce: Because then it wouldn't be insertion sort, it'd be a different sort. [11:58]
Lettuce I know it would be a different sort [11:58]
freeone3000 Then I don't understand the question. You're asking why some sorts are worse than others? [11:58]
Lettuce No [11:58]
Addax Lettuce: ... so wait, what? [11:58]
Addax Rephrase your question, aim for sanity [11:58]
Lettuce I'm asking why the person who made insertion sort didn't by default utilize binary search [11:59]
Lettuce And why it's not in the insertion sort by default right now [11:59]
freeone3000 Because if he did, he would have invented quicksort! [11:59]
Addax because searching as you're doing the insert is more expensive in the aggregate [11:59]
freeone3000 or selection sort, depending on what you actually mean - based on index or based on *actual search* [11:59]
freeone3000 (selection sort kind of sucks in reality for this reason) [12:00]
q9929t [q9929t!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [12:00]
Lettuce I don't mean selection sort [12:00]
Addax so.. you're asking why insertion sort is insertion-sort-like? [12:00]
Lettuce Yes [12:00]
Lettuce Why isn't it just the quicksort [12:00]
progart freeone3000: [12:00]
Addax blinks [12:00]
Lettuce Is it there for just being as a base in programming/computer science? [12:00]
Addax Lettuce: because it's not [12:00]
Addax no [12:01]
Lettuce Let me rephrase [12:01]
Addax insertion sorts have specific qualities, so do quicksorts and bubblesorts [12:01]
freeone3000 Lettuce: It is, sir, shaped like itself, for it is as broad as it hath breadth. It is so high as it is, and moves with its own organs. [12:01]
Lettuce Why does it exist if a better sort exists? [12:01]
Addax Lettuce: better for *what data* [12:01]
freeone3000 Lettuce: Ah! You're asking why you're learning it instead of just learning the better sorts. [12:01]
Lettuce Not quite [12:01]
Lettuce I'm asking why it exists [12:01]
Addax Lettuce: there are conditions for which bubble sort is the best sort [12:01]
freeone3000 Lettuce: You use insertion sort when you have a mostly-sorted listed and you're getting new data elements in-line. It's much quicker on the mostly-sorted case than faster-in-general algorithms. [12:01]
perlsyntax [perlsyntax!~textual@unaffiliated/perlsyntax] has joined ##java [12:01]
freeone3000 Lettuce: It exists because someone thought it up and put it to paper. [12:01]
Addax and it continues to exist and be used because there are datasets for which it is best [12:02]
freeone3000 Lettuce: It's studied and propagated because it's useful, both in comparison for quantities of algorithms, and in practice. [12:02]
Addax and "duh" [12:02]
ravenousmoose [ravenousmoose!] has joined ##java [12:02]
perlsyntax parted the channel: "Textual IRC Client:" [12:02]
Lettuce But in what kind of dataset would using a binary search be worse? [12:02]
freeone3000 Lettuce: When your dataset is mostly sorted. [12:02]
Addax he just told you! [12:02]
Addax sees the problem [12:02]
Lettuce "<Addax> Lettuce: there are conditions for which bubble sort is the best sort" [12:03]
freeone3000 It's also the lowest time complexity on any of the online sorts. [12:03]
Lettuce He just went on to talk about bubble sorts [12:03]
horribleprogram [horribleprogram!~horriblep@unaffiliated/nightcoder] has joined ##java [12:03]
junktext [junktext!~junktext@fsf/member/junktext] has joined ##java [12:03]
Addax no, he was talking about insertion sorts, I mentioned bubblesorts as a sort of extra case that would serve as helpful explanation [12:03]
freeone3000 mergesort isn't online. neither is quicksort. insertion sort and selection sort are, but selection sort isn't stable. [12:03]
EgonX [EgonX!~Egon@2601:2c6:47f:98f4:1c30:2482:259e:175b] has joined ##java [12:04]
freeone3000 it's also in-place which is very helpful for large data sets. [12:04]
Lettuce So does a binary search become inefficient when the # of comparisons become bigger than the # of swaps? [12:04]
Addax Lettuce: my point was that all of the sorting algorithms exist and are used because there are datasets for which they're more ideal than others [12:04]
freeone3000 Lettuce: Its efficiency stays the same. [12:04]
freeone3000 Lettuce: But yes, for certain datasets, given constraints, you can find things that take less time. [12:05]
Lettuce I'm confused on how you're using the word efficiency [12:05]
Lettuce efficiency is on how it relates to time [12:05]
Lettuce less time -> better efficiency [12:05]
freeone3000 progart: you're dividing an int[] by an int. What would you expect to happen? [12:06]
freeone3000 Lettuce: In the algorithmic sense, where it's a synonym for time complexity. [12:06]
Lettuce Yes [12:06]
freeone3000 no, time complexity is calculated, not measured. [12:06]
Lettuce Ok? [12:07]
mona_x [mona_x!] has joined ##java [12:07]
Lettuce And? [12:07]
funeral [funeral!] has joined ##java [12:07]
Lettuce I'm asking on why he said the efficiency remains the same, but then said thing could take less time [12:07]
freeone3000 By such a metric, TimSort would underperform MergeSort. But standard sorting libraries prefer TimSort to mergesort. Why? Because it's faster by actual time, even though it has higher time complexity. [12:07]
freeone3000 Because processors are voodoo caches make no sense and everything you learn is built on sand. [12:08]
Lettuce freeone3000 Is everything ok? [12:08]
Addax Lettuce: he's given you wisdom, play attention [12:08]
Lettuce I don't even know what TimSort and MergeSort are [12:09]
Addax it's not even in the form of a koan, he's telling you straight up, violating the pro-code [12:09]
Addax then shut the fuck up [12:09]
ogradyd [ogradyd!~Thunderbi@2a02:8070:88bf:9df0::212] has joined ##java [12:09]
Lettuce "I don't understand this" -> "Lol, then shut the fuck up" [12:10]
Lettuce K, bye [12:10]
Lettuce parted the channel: [12:10]
Addax ... which was not the sequence in question [12:11]
progart freeone3000: omg. sorry, i was not careful. [12:13]
progart thanks :) [12:13]
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metrixx_ hi [12:21]
metrixx_ i am trying to separate spring jpa config, repository and entity classes from the main project. but i get "org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'blaBlaRepository': Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a managed type: class" error message [12:23]
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Addax apparently groovy's use in jenkins is crucial to its recovering popularity: top 20 in tiobe [02:12]
cheeser does jenkins x still use groovy? [02:15]
cheeser because I will punch kohsuke in the junkins... [02:15]
Addax I don't know, I'm not honestly a jenkins person [02:16]
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tona [tona!4ce06bae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [02:59]
tona hello everyone [02:59]
tona I am using JSONObject and using put ("","") in order to insert k,v, but I am wondering why I am not able to put like this one b,c,a when I debug my json oject , always appear like a,b,c , i am wondering how to keep my original information [03:00]
tang^ jenkins uses groovy for it's pipeline scripting [03:02]
tang^ for regular and jenkins-x [03:02]
nfd9001 [nfd9001!] has joined ##java [03:02]
Addax tona: it's JSON [03:03]
Addax tona: the map is not ordered [03:03]
Foxfir3 [Foxfir3!] has joined ##java [03:04]
Foxfir3 in Ada I can set with and use. But in java I have to write System.out.println over an over again. It seems a little redundant. How do I get around that? [03:05]
Addax what do you want it to be [03:05]
tona Addax, is there one library where could I preserve the order my raw file like , b,c,a instead of abc [03:06]
Foxfir3 I would like to do something like Put_Line [03:06]
Addax tona: in... JSON? [03:06]
tona yes [03:06]
Addax Foxfir3: static imports can help, but... if you want ada, use ada [03:06]
freeone3000 tona: JSON objects have no order. [03:06]
Addax tona: you do realize that json maps are... maps, and are unordered [03:06]
Addax damn it freeone3000 [03:06]
Foxfir3 Addax: static imports? [03:06]
Addax static imports [03:06]
Addax Static import provides unqualified access to static members. It shouldn't be used all that often. See [03:06]
Gazooo [Gazooo!~Gazooo@] has joined ##java [03:07]
tona yes I know Json Object doesnt have order, but seem any case from my program , always is order them [03:07]
Foxfir3 oh.. mr. javabot didnt like that at all [03:07]
tona I saw one library called GSON, I am wondering if this library preserve the same values like was inserted :) [03:08]
Addax Foxfir3: the thing is, if you're using static imports so you can just do println() instead of System.out.println()... you fundamentally limit what your app can do [03:08]
freeone3000 No, because it's not ordered. [03:08]
Addax tona: damn it IT IS UNORDERED [03:08]
Addax you want it to be ordered: it is not ordered [03:09]
Addax any order is incidental [03:09]
tona ok [03:09]
immibis [immibis!] has joined ##java [03:12]
waz for gson the ordering is typically the ordering of the fields in the class. [03:12]
freeone3000 but it's a map the order doesn't matter stop trying to make the order matter [03:14]
freeone3000 if the order matters you want a list [03:14]
Foxfir3 Addax: just read the oracle description of CIA. okay. I understand that part. But what do you mean that It can limit what my app can do? [03:14]
Addax Well, okay, let's say you static import System.out.println so you can just do println(), eh [03:14]
Addax now you can't route to something else without smacking the shit out of System.out [03:15]
Addax you're better off using something more flexible [03:15]
Addax static imports hide all kinds of stupid stuff [03:15]
Foxfir3 alright. so if println could be something else than printing to the console? and then there would be a problem. [03:16]
Addax Foxfir3: why not treat your java as java [03:16]
Foxfir3 Addax: you are right. I was just wondering why It was so strict. I was looking for something like Java.System_IO, but its not that symple if println can do other stuff. I understand now. [03:19]
Addax Foxfir3: of course, schools often provide exactly that, which is great fun when affected students have to actually learn java [03:20]
Foxfir3 Addax: and the Lombok thing? If that another bad idea? [03:22]
Addax nope [03:22]
Addax lombok removes boilerplate but doesn't help you do non-java things [03:22]
Foxfir3 okay. great. thanks. [03:23]
cheeser learn java before you start adding random shit like that. [03:24]
Addax but yeah, it'd be a good idea to learn java [03:24]
Foxfir3 no fun. no adventure. just learn Java. [03:24]
Addax if you learn java first all the other crap comes easy [03:25]
Foxfir3 Addax: yeah.. Groovy got me all confused for a few days. I even used an old compiler, and didnt know it, so half the stuff didnt compile. [03:26]
Foxfir3 I still think Groovy is interesting, but oh what a mess. [03:26]
Addax shrugs [03:28]
Addax Saw an article earlier today that said groovy made it back in the top 20 at tiobe thanks to jenkins [03:28]
Diablo-D3 that makes me sad [03:28]
Addax meanwhile if someone at work offers a groovy solution I'll make them change it once I stop laughing at them [03:29]
Foxfir3 That is harsh man :D [03:29]
Addax is it really? [03:29]
sbalmos Reality is harsh [03:29]
tona parted the channel: [03:30]
sbalmos Unfortunately, if it was a Scala solution, Addax would never stop laughing. You'd have to remove it just for sheer desire for peace and quiet to return in your life [03:30]
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Diablo-D3 sbalmos++ [03:47]
Diablo-D3 sbalmos has a karma level of 81, Diablo-D3 [03:47]
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morphyeys [morphyeys!2e0a08e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [03:57]
morphyeys hello guys! [03:57]
morphyeys for what the spring framework can be used [03:57]
sbalmos bouncing up and down, slinking down stairs, suspending your car... [03:58]
sonOfRa Collecting tree blossoms! [04:03]
Addax morphyeys: makes a car's ride smoother, too, by absorbing bumps and stuff [04:03]
Addax also good for weather, planting crops, and the like [04:04]
morphyeys impressive [04:04]
Addax pretty flexible eh [04:04]
sonOfRa Good one. [04:04]
Addax smashing! [04:05]
morphyeys stunning [04:05]
Addax holistically copacetic! [04:05]
Addax morphyeys: why do you ask [04:06]
morphyeys I've used to be a php developer [04:06]
morphyeys but I want to switch to Java or something [04:06]
Addax and... [04:07]
morphyeys and I want to learn and become better and I didn't do anything for a long time and I've become noob [04:07]
Addax well, do the tutorial, it shouldn't take long to get your sea legs, and if you need spring, well, it's trivial [04:07]
Addax spring [04:08]
Addax Addax, spring is the Eclipse of frameworks - always a way to do something in there, even if it's not any better than whatever alternatives exist. Originally a dependency injection framework with lots of knobby bits that help replace parts of JavaEE. See [04:08]
morphyeys Addax: which tutorial and why I don't like OOP that much I can't get it [04:08]
Addax I take it grammar is also a strong suit not of yours or punctuation [04:08]
Addax if OOP is not something you're comfortable with, you need to not be using java [04:09]
morphyeys well it's not that bad, but I am not used to it [04:10]
Addax do the tutorial, then, and get used to it [04:10]
Addax java relies on it very heavily [04:10]
morphyeys Addax: are you talking about this one ? [04:11]
Addax tutorial [04:11]
Addax The Oracle tutorial for Java is probably your best starting point, at . Skip the Netbeans bits. Another option: - has a list of others as well. [04:11]
Addax so apparently yes [04:11]
morphyeys Addax: from where I can learn the best practices and see some examples? [04:14]
Addax the tutorial is good for that [04:15]
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v01d4lph4 [v01d4lph4!~v01d4lph4@2401:4900:2ee7:e71b:80bc:1c3:c6e3:2ad1] has joined ##java [04:18]
morphyeys Addax: thanks, is it easy to get used to OOP and to start using only classes and so on 0 procedural code? [04:19]
Addax yes [04:22]
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badSophia i will learn java instead of golang [05:31]
badSophia 8 [05:31]
badSophia 8) [05:31]
cheeser slow claps [05:31]
kegster [kegster!~kegster@unaffiliated/kegster] has joined ##java [05:32]
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BoldErea Can anyone explain to me what does this comment mean ? [05:35]
BoldErea BoldErea's title: "java.lang.RuntimeException: model.pmml.ser (Android) Issue #3 jpmml/jpmml-android GitHub" [05:35]
BoldErea Basically I have a file model.xml and I want to create a serealized version of it modeL.xml.ser as indicated in the above comment [05:35]
BoldErea I am not sure how to use ObjectOutputStream for that [05:35]
cheeser you should hit up #android-dev for that. [05:35]
svm_invictvs [svm_invictvs!~svm_invic@unaffiliated/svminvictvs/x-938456] has joined ##java [05:36]
BoldErea but ObjectOutputStream is a standard Java serialization [05:38]
Addax are you running this in java? [05:38]
BoldErea nop [05:39]
Addax then it's not a java question [05:39]
Addax #android-dev is teh right channel [05:39]
satifant [satifant!~sati@unaffiliated/satifant] has joined ##java [05:39]
BoldErea ok [05:40]
cheeser also, when asking how to build android artifacts, there are sure to be nuances we couldn't care less about because this is a java channel and not an android channel. [05:41]
cheeser we'd give you some advice, you'd say that doesn't work on android, we'd bury you in the back yard and pretend we never met. [05:41]
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badSophia when i use nextInt()? [06:25]
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thomas123 hello guys, i'm trying to use the owasp Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) to prevent SQL Injection into my tool. When I do `String safeInput = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForSQL(MySQLCodec, input);' IntelliJ says that there is an expected expression at MySQLCodec ... any idea what I am doing wrong? [06:49]
freeone3000 thomas123: MySQLCodec appears to be a class name. You cannot pass a class name as a function parameter. [06:51]
thomas123 ohh ok [06:51]
thomas123 i'll try something else [06:51]
thomas123 have an ide [06:52]
freeone3000 Did you mean to create an instance of that class? [06:52]
thomas123 freeone3000, well I was using this link, and saw encodeForSQL and then tried to implement [06:52]
thomas123 thomas123's title: "Encoder (ESAPI 2.0.1 API)" [06:52]
freeone3000 Yes, you meant to pass an instance of that class. [06:53]
thomas123 yep I fixed it to be like this. Still a beginner with Java, I assume that this is correct in terms of code (it works and does escape special characters) [06:59]
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hazward Hello, has anyone used WireMock ( before? I'm trying to understand how requests are matched to the stub mappings but I can't seem to understand how it works? I'm trying to re-implement something similar (the process of matching a request with a stub) in another language [08:56]
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_genuser_ hello folks. I'm work on a file that has an integer value written to it. The writer application is done in c#. it's just write the byte[] representing the integer. I can read it in java but I can't write back a integer as a little-endian value. any help would appreciated. [09:13]
_genuser_ for reading, I'm using: byte[] version = new byte[4];; ByteBuffer b = ByteBuffer.allocate(4).put(version).order(ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN); b.rewind(); ver = b.getInt(); [09:13]
_genuser_ for writing I'm trying the following but it's writing garbage: ByteBuffer b = ByteBuffer.allocate(4).order(ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN).putInt(version); b.rewind(); writer.write(b.array()); [09:14]
fizzie That looks overcomplicated, though didn't exactly pick up why it would be wrong. In any case, simpler to use a FileChannel, then you can read to / write from the ByteBuffer, without hassling around with a byte[4]. [09:31]
_genuser_ fizzie: so use FileChannel and pass in a ByteBuffer to read for reading in a little-endian int value? [09:33]
_genuser_ mainly did byte[4] just to ensure both programming languages use 4 values for int incase one of them has a different default at some other point. [09:34]
fizzie Given a ByteBuffer b (with a capacity >= 4, position of 0 and the right byte order) and FileChannel out, the writing operation should be `b.putInt(version); b.flip(); out.write(b);` [09:34]
_genuser_ fizzie: makes sense. let me go and change around the code and proof it out, then I can change the rest of the code to sit in line wiht FileChannel. [09:35]
fizzie I mean, it should be *possible* to just use the ByteBuffer to get a byte[4] with the right bytes, if that fits the surroundings better. Probably inspecting what the "garbage" bytes exactly were might give some hints about what was wrong. [09:37]
introom [introom!introom@unaffiliated/introom] has joined ##java [09:37]
_genuser_ I'll break point a little bit more and change things around and inspect a little more. but it's good to have an alternative method. [09:37]
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matlabnewbie hi all, i have a small matlab question i know this is not right channel but in matlab channel no one seems to reply, so can i ask here? [11:00]
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