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waterCreature with cron scheduler, if the springboot app hit exception at some point, would it be able to do the next job it's supposed to do when cron schedule is up? [03:16]
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Maldivia waterCreature: it would be really shitty if it couldn't [05:16]
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Stummi Maven question: this page ( ) implies that using a property for <version>, is supported (and encouraged) since 3.5.0, however when I do that get a warning that this feature is not supported and may be removed in future and then break my builds. So, what to do with that information? [06:14]
Stummi Stummi's title: "Maven Maven CI Friendly Versions" [06:14]
Stummi " 'version' contains an expression but should be a constant. @${version}" [06:15]
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[twisti] Stummi: ${revision}, ${sha1} and ${changelist} are special values that act like essentially hard coding them [06:27]
[twisti] its not a generic property support [06:27]
[twisti] the page you linked even specifically says "A note about the used properties. You can only use those named ${revision}, ${sha1} and/or ${changelist} and not other named properties" [06:28]
Stummi ah, right, missed that. thanks [06:30]
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x6e69636f hi guys, any Linux users ? Should I uninstall OpenJDK 10 before I install OpenJDK 11 ? [06:41]
Addax they can live alongside each other well. But there's no point to having 10 if you have 11. [06:42]
x6e69636f yes [06:43]
x6e69636f thanks Addax [06:43]
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Maldivia (unless you need both explicitly) [06:44]
x6e69636f I should upgrade my knowledge ... any good resource to learn changes from Java7/8 to 11 ? [06:44]
Maldivia x6e69636f: language level, API level, JVM level, or? [06:45]
Maldivia MANY things has happened :D [06:45]
x6e69636f language level first, I know they added a lot of functionnal stuff [06:46]
Addax not in 11 [06:46]
Maldivia at a language level, modules were added in Java 9, and var keyword was added in 10/11 - that's about it on a language level [06:46]
Addax oh, compared to 8 [06:46]
Maldivia (switch expressions in 12 as a buggy preview feature) [06:47]
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x6e69636f ok [06:48]
x6e69636f and lambdas ? [06:48]
Maldivia was in 8 [06:48]
Maldivia and sorry, 'var' is not a keyword, it's a reserved type name [06:49]
x6e69636f ok I'm wold [06:49]
x6e69636f old* [06:49]
x6e69636f I mean, I'm late [06:49]
x6e69636f ok I found an article in French listing all new stuff since 7 [06:50]
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Stummi x6e69636f, java takes it quite serious to be self contained. In the best case your "java installation" is just a) the extracted directory laying somewhere b) JAVA_HOME pointing to said directory c) making sure your scripts are picking up the correct java installation. Either by calling $JAVA_HOME/bin/java or symlinking the bins of the installation you want to use into your PATH [06:59]
Stummi (or adding $JAVA_HOME/bin) to your path [06:59]
Stummi (For my self I made a compromise by creating wrapper scripts at /usr/local/bin/java* which just calls their $JAVA_HOME/bin/java* counterparts [07:00]
Maldivia I have aliases in place to update JAVA_HOME to the correct paths (like jdk11), as well as aliases for calling them directly as well (like java11) -- and I know many other in my team has either scripts or aliases in place to do the same [07:02]
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HC|Carl !xws-security [07:23]
surial xws-security [07:24]
surial surial, what does that even *mean*? [07:24]
surial HC|Carl: our repository of facts has no idea what that is. [07:24]
x6e69636f that's weird, on my Ubuntu laptop, "java --version" outputs "openjdk version "10.0.2" 2018-07-17" but I have no clue where it's located despite running "find / -name java-10*" [07:24]
surial I would be tempted to believe this means you made it up :P [07:24]
x6e69636f I do however have java-11 installed [07:24]
surial x6e69636f: probably because it'd be openjdk-10 or whatnot. [07:24]
x6e69636f and apt-get only knows this one [07:24]
surial x6e69636f: what does 'which java' print? I assume /usr/local/bin/java or /usr/bin/java [07:24]
cheeser tech support [07:25]
cheeser Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [07:25]
surial x6e69636f: the update-alternatives system that apt-based systems usually ship with is capable of adopting JDK installations beyond what apt offers. [07:25]
HC|Carl surial i did not :) it's a (very) old dependency (2008) which provides soap ws security abilities [07:25]
x6e69636f ok ok, sorry tech support javabot [07:25]
Addax x6e69636f: ubuntu 18.04 doesn't have java 11 even though the package says that's what it is. [07:25]
HC|Carl the question i have is what to replace it with [07:25]
x6e69636f ah ? [07:25]
Addax You'll have to upgrade to 18.10 or manually install java 11. [07:25]
surial HC|Carl: ooof, yeah that's been consigned to history. [07:26]
surial HC|Carl: as in, the entire notion of soap. [07:26]
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Addax cleanliness be damned and all [07:26]
Maldivia wasn't it 18.04 that had openjdk11 in its repos, that was actaully a 10 ? [07:26]
Addax but yeah, soap is kinda funny [07:26]
surial HC|Carl: Perhaps the best way forward is to just name a few properties this thing has. Unless someone here knows what xws-security is? [07:26]
HC|Carl surial: i know [07:26]
Addax Maldivia: exactly what I just said :) [07:26]
Maldivia Addax: ah yeah, just had to reread D: [07:27]
Addax D [07:27]
x6e69636f Addax: ok thanks ... ! [07:27]
x6e69636f I'm 18.04 indeed [07:27]
Addax you're welcome, and the lesson, as always, is "avoid ubuntu" :) [07:28]
x6e69636f ahah, small troll [07:28]
x6e69636f what would you use instead ? [07:28]
Addax nah, I run ubuntu and a number of other distributions. I far, far, far prefer fedora [07:29]
x6e69636f ok I should give it a try someday [07:29]
Addax fedora, centos, debian, ubuntu <-- my preferences in general order, although the machine I'm IRCing from is indeed ubuntu 18.10 [07:29]
x6e69636f but as a non-sysadmin I find ubuntu quite easy to use and find docs easily so far [07:30]
x6e69636f ok [07:30]
Addax sure, sure. Which version of java is oenjdk11, again? [07:30]
HC|Carl no problem guys, i'll search further on the interwebz. which me luck; i'm about to enter the gates of hell [07:30]
x6e69636f Addax: what do you mean ? OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 10.0.2+13-Ubuntu-1ubuntu0.18.04.4) [07:31]
Addax x6e69636f: I win. :) [07:31]
Addax ubuntu [07:31]
Addax Ubuntu, huh? See; try #ubuntu-java. Note that "ubuntu" is an ancient African word meaning "I can't configure Debian" - with an alternative meaning of "I'm not smart enough to run Fedora." (If you're trying to install: sudo apt install default-jdk) [07:31]
Addax hmm, that factoid's wrong [07:31]
x6e69636f haha [07:31]
Addax forget ubuntu [07:31]
Addax I forgot about ubuntu, Addax. [07:31]
v01d4lph4 [v01d4lph4!~v01d4lph4@] has joined ##java [07:32]
Addax ubuntu is <reply>Ubuntu, eh? See; try #ubuntu-java. Note that "ubuntu" is an ancient African word meaning "I can't configure Debian", with an alternative meaning of "I'm not smart enough to have chosen Fedora." (If you're trying to get java 11: update to 18.10, or install java 11 manually.) [07:32]
Addax OK, Addax. [07:32]
Addax ubuntu [07:32]
Addax Ubuntu, eh? See; try #ubuntu-java. Note that "ubuntu" is an ancient African word meaning "I can't configure Debian", with an alternative meaning of "I'm not smart enough to have chosen Fedora." (If you're trying to get java 11: update to 18.10, or install java 11 manually.) [07:32]
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dka_ hi [08:44]
Addax hi [08:44]
kessius ircs java, the spring-boot not send command "insert into ... " for postgresql , someone can help me --> [08:44]
kessius kessius's title: "ircs (1) - Google Drive" [08:44]
Addax that drive link is a downloadable ... thing, no way I'm pulling something down when I don't know what it is [08:45]
surial kessius: please use a pastebin site like for this. [08:45]
dka_ In gradle, I am using that snippet , I want to aggregate all javadoc but I need to exclude the main application package [08:47]
dka_ dka_'s title: "Add a bit of configurability for subproject selection Issue #5 nebula-plugins/gradle-aggregate-javadocs-plugin GitHub" [08:47]
dka_ How can I console.log(objects) within this task? I have no clue whats inside objects [08:47]
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kessius surial, but pastbin much span [08:50]
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surial kessius: okay, don't use the site, and find help at another channel instead. Nobody's holding a gun to your head. [08:51]
Addax pastebin [08:51]
Addax Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable main-classes, try . For general code and errors, use for instance or [08:51]
kessius g, ok [08:52]
kessius kessius, what does that even *mean*? [08:52]
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gemini2019 are you a bot [09:00]
gemini2019 are you an idiot? [09:00]
gemini2019 Touche. [09:00]
kessius javabot surial, the spring-boot not send command "insert into ... " for postgresql , someone can help me --> [09:00]
Addax kessius: what does your debugger show you [09:02]
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Stooge Hello, I am trying to extend the class log4j.Logger so I can override some of its methods to include user info for debug. [09:05]
Stooge However on line 7 I get runtime exception [09:05]
Stooge cannot cast Logger to my class. But my class extends logger so why not? [09:06]
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kessius ircs Addax, someone can help me, because does not it show ??? insert into... bd [09:07]
Addax does it actually do the insert [09:09]
kessius people, i can use the joptionpanel for see , how one debugger [09:11]
Addax kessius: are you using an IDE like eclipse, netbeans, IDEA? [09:11]
kessius Addasx, yes eclipse [09:14]
Addax well, google how to set a breakpoint in your code, and how to use eclipse's debugger. It has a very good debugger built-in and free. [09:14]
Addax There is absolutely no reason you should use an optionpane or anything like that to debug in java. [09:14]
gemini2019 D/q [09:17]
surial Stooge: you seem to misunderstand how java works on a rather fundamental level. [09:18]
surial Stooge: The cast operation, as in: return (SOME_TYPE) someExpression; [09:18]
surial Stooge: is used for 2 utterly unrelated things. They have absolutely no overlap in meaning, it just looks the same. [09:18]
enoq [enoq!~enoq@2a02:8388:6a87:b080:3f30:9f7d:611e:7eef] has joined ##java [09:19]
surial Stooge: if SOME_TYPE is primitive (so, int, long, double, etc), then it converts the expression to the stated type if at all possible. Example: int x = (int) 3.5; // this converts 3.5 to 3. [09:19]
surial Stooge: but if SOME_TYPE is not primitive, then the cast operation is 'type assertion': _THE OPERATION DOES NOTHING_, other than assert that the expression is of the stated type. If your assertion is correct, nothing happens (other than that javac will stop complaining). If your assertion is incorrect, you get a ClassCastException. [09:19]
surial This operation cannot convert ANYTHING. [09:20]
surial You have an apache logger here, and evidently you believe that casting an instance of apache's Logger to your logger somehow converts it. Not how java wokrs. [09:20]
surial Stooge: your implementation must at least involve 'new Logger()', where Logger refers to your class (I'd name it something else if I were you, now you've made things rather confusing). [09:21]
acidjnk [acidjnk!] has joined ##java [09:22]
Stooge surial thanks [09:23]
Addax Stooge: just out of interest, what was the message with the runtimeexception? [09:23]
Stooge Addax classcast exception? [09:24]
surial Addax: ClassCastException: Cannot cast <apachepkg>.Logger to <stooge's package>.Logger [09:24]
Addax nods [09:24]
surial yes, 'cast', because for some fucking reason that message is perpetuating the confusion stemming from the fact that 'cast' is a syntactic concept which does 2 things about as related to each other as guns and grandmas. [09:24]
surial I guess trying to fuck with the name 'ClassCastException' wouldn't be backwards compatible, but surely fixing the message ought to help. I'd file a bug report, but, oracle. [09:25]
Addax surial: did he say that in channel or did you derive it from the code? [09:25]
surial Addax: I jumped to the conclusion, based on the nature of the complaint, the code, and the in-my-own-words description of this error by Stooge: "cannot cast Logger to my class." [09:26]
surial But, good point. [09:26]
surial goes off, checking what JDK12 actually uses for a message on these kinds of errors. [09:26]
surial Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.lang.String cannot be cast to class java.lang.Integer (java.lang.String and java.lang.Integer are in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap') [09:27]
surial kudos on the module stuff. But a few demerits on not getting rid of the ambiguity of the term 'cast', I guess. [09:27]
Addax Stooge: so... that message should have been making it clear that although your class is a log4j logger, a log4j logger is not your class [09:27]
Stooge Addax yes, if I wasn't retarded. :) [09:28]
Addax hey, i know the feeling [09:28]
Stooge I work for almost 8 years with java now. :P [09:28]
surial Addax: To defend the confusion here: The obvious (to me) explanation is: Stooge was under the (incorrect) impression that a 'class cast' operation will attempt to convert an instance to be of some other class type. You and I would immediately conclude that converting runtime objects from one type to another is a bewildering and probably impossible concept given how the java memory model works, but that takes some more advanced [09:28]
surial java knowledge to realize. [09:28]
Addax ... yeah, let's go with that [09:29]
surial Addax: Once you make the first mistake of thinking that class cast operations can convert objects, then that error message doesn't help you in the slightest and seems to be indicative of fundamental issues with the JDK. Hence why I'd advocate for an alternative message: "ClassCastException: Cast operation asserts that an an instance of type java.lang.String is a java.lang.Integer, but it is not. [09:30]
ovalseven8 [ovalseven8!~ovalseven@unaffiliated/ovalseven8] has joined ##java [09:30]
surial that should at least give you an off-chance to realize that you've misinterpreted what casts do. Ordinarily I'd say there is no defending fundamental misunderstanding with an error message, except, for primitives, cast operations really DO convert stuff, and the vast majority of tutorials out there both [A] start with that type conversion thing and then proceed to [B] conflate the notion of type assertions with type coercion [09:31]
surial later in the tutorial. It's not oracle's job to fix the world on this either, but they ARE the language shepherd of note, and a simple adjustment to the message should at least help alleviate the state of affairs a little. I guess I'd like to see oracle take their role as shepherd, and in particular how the community (including those damned tutorials that fucked this up) is part of the greater whole. [09:31]
surial i.e. surial shut the fuck up and file that bug report already. fine, fine. You've convinced me with your eloquent and pointed silence. [09:32]
ovalseven8 Question: I have this method in my 'Matrix' class. It should read in the matrix. It works, but only for one matrix. Meaning, if I do "m1.input()" it works, but it won't work if there's a second call like "m2.input()" afterwards. I do not get the chance to type in. Can someone help me? [09:32]
ovalseven8 [09:32]
Addax ovalseven8: when you close the reader, closes. [09:32]
ovalseven8 Addax, What's the workaround? [09:33]
surial ovalseven8: don't close the reader. [09:33]
Addax don't close the re... [09:33]
Addax dang it [09:33]
surial ovalseven8: this code is also a quant mix of relatively new-style java and extremely old style java. [09:33]
ovalseven8 surial, I do not close the reader explicitly [09:33]
surial ovalseven8: maybe address that? [09:33]
surial yeah, I'm not sure why Addax thought so either. possibly buffer.liens().forEach is doing it, but, I kinda doubt that. [09:34]
Addax ovalseven8: doesn't matter. [09:34]
DrowningElysium [DrowningElysium!uid190788@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [09:34]
Addax When your method goes out of scope, the reader gets closed. [09:34]
surial Addax: does it? [09:34]
Addax it should, yes. [09:34]
surial Addax: buffer.lines.forEach terminates? [09:34]
Addax part of the cleanup for readers. [09:34]
Addax surial: he probably hits ^D [09:35]
surial what the fuck are you on about? I'm very confused. [09:35]
Addax surial: he said he makes a *second call* [09:35]
Addax so clearly it's terminating somewhere, somehow [09:35]
ovalseven8 Addax, Yeah, I hid ^D [09:35]
surial DOesn't ^D just close entirely? [09:35]
Addax so that's what the fuck I'm going on about [09:35]
Addax his problem is: is being closed [09:35]
Addax ^D is definitely a poor choice for him to use to indicate that a given matrix is done [09:36]
surial You clearly know something I don't. [09:36]
surial Addax: which bit is doing it? [09:36]
ovalseven8 Is there a alternative key to indicate I am done with input? [09:36]
Addax surial: That wasn't his question! ^D is doing it, though. [09:36]
surial Addax: Is it buffer.lines().forEach() somehow leading to the stream being closed, that triggering the buffer being closed, which would indeed fold down to closing [09:36]
Addax ovalseven8: sure, any arbitrary input you can parse would work [09:36]
Addax mail uses . [09:36]
surial ah, okay, yup, I'm there again. [09:37]
ovalseven8 Addax, So does it mean ^D is my problem and the method itself is fine? [09:37]
Addax ovalseven8: no [09:37]
surial ovalseven8: well, yes, but no. [09:37]
surial ovalseven8: ^D is the problem. [09:37]
Addax because when and if your method terminates... you'll end up with the buffer being closed :) [09:37]
surial ovalseven8: the method is fine.. except ther eis no way to terminate it, which means your only way out is to close (with ^D). [09:37]
surial ovalseven8: .. which is fine, unless you'd like to enter anything else, in which case it isn't, but right now, with this method, there's no way out of the hole. [09:37]
Addax pass in a scanner. Have an arbitrary "end of matrix" signal that doesn't result in the scanner being closed. [09:38]
surial ovalseven8: here's what I'd do: [09:38]
surial ovalseven8: [1] Use generics properly, it's List<Integer> list = ...., and you don't have to use integer.valueOf, just pass the int straight in. [09:38]
surial (That's just a nitpick but it bothers me). [09:38]
surial then the real solutoin: [2] forget buffer.lines() and all that. make a scanner: Scanner s = new Scanner(; s.useDelimiter("\n"); [09:38]
surial now you can call .next() to pick up another line. [09:38]
surial so, just loop: [09:38]
surial while (true) { String[] stringsOfLine =" "); ... do the rest here ... } [09:39]
surial and now, if you read the input that indicates 'next!', then just break. [09:39]
surial for example: [09:39]
surial if (stringsOfLine.length == 1 && stringsOfLine[0].equalsIgnoreCase("DONE")) break; [09:39]
surial or, hell, instead of break, you can probably just straight up 'return;' if you prefer. [09:40]
viju [viju!~viju@] has joined ##java [09:40]
ovalseven8 surial, Integer(string) is deprecated [09:41]
surial ovalseven8: no, just straight into the list. [09:41]
surial oh, cripes, sorry, I've confused myself, nevermind. [09:42]
surial But, if you're using scanner, you can call .nextInt() which immediately gives you an int. [09:42]
surial at which point: integersOfLine.add(scanner.nextInt()); replaces both lines 15 and 16. [09:42]
surial except.. fuck, sorry, I'm all over the place with this. Please disregard all my nitpicking about the Integer.valueOf stuff, leave it in. [09:43]
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kaniki [kaniki!~K4N1K1@] has joined ##java [10:05]
kaniki hi [10:05]
esro [esro!] has joined ##java [10:05]
Addax hi [10:06]
Nik05 [Nik05!~Nik05@unaffiliated/nik05] has joined ##java [10:07]
kaniki how to do a @manytomany and add custom columns like date or ... [10:07]
kaniki and use the jparepository for the creted entity between the two [10:08]
Addax Create an intermediate object and do a OneToMany:intermediate:ManyToOne [10:09]
kaniki addax thanks for your answer I've tried it but I get problems, for example I have a table called user and other table called group the relation between them is manytomany so when I did the onetomany and onetomany and new entity called membre this entity has both primary keys (user, groupe) I added them to membre and I did user.members.add(membre) and groupe.members.add(membre) and when I save the [10:16]
kaniki or with group I got problems [10:16]
Crash1hd [Crash1hd!~Crash1hd@unaffiliated/crash1hd] has joined ##java [10:18]
Addax show us [10:19]
Addax Paste the code (and any errors) in a pastebin where we can see it. See ~pastebin for options. Also see ~testcase for good examples as to how to help us help you quickly diagnose and solve problems. [10:19]
dka_ I am generating a javadoc, and want to expose it under /javadoc [10:19]
dka_ When I go on it, I have an error saying 404 , but I can see the javadoc layout [10:19]
dka_ how can I set the javadoc base path ? [10:19]
Pieter12345 [Pieter12345!~Pieter123@] has joined ##java [10:21]
goldstar [goldstar!~adm@unaffiliated/goldstar] has joined ##java [10:23]
NYTimes [10:23]
NYTimes NYTimes, what does that even *mean*? [10:23]
dka_ [10:24]
dka_ Building the javadoc work fine, I can see the index.html properly, but when I do try to host it under /javadoc online, then I get 404 everywhere, as in the screenshot. [10:24]
surial dka_: your webserver settings. [10:24]
surial dka_: as in, learn them. [10:24]
surial dka_: try loading /javadoc/index.html [10:24]
dka_ it is surial [10:24]
surial that'll work. So now tell your webbrowser to alias /javadoc to /javadoc/index.html. [10:25]
dka_ don't you see the layout ? [10:25]
surial dka_: and you expected us to figure out what you've messed up in your webserver settings based on that screenshot? [10:25]
surial dka_: rightclick on one of those 404s and check out the URL. [10:25]
dka_ surial, I have not messed up anything [10:25]
surial Then figure out which setting in your webserver you've fucked up to make that not work. [10:25]
surial yes you have. [10:25]
dka_ I am doing static exposal of my folder [10:25]
dka_ No i dont [10:25]
surial ... [10:25]
dka_ you are assuming wrong [10:25]
surial I run webservers with javadoc on them. [10:25]
surial you toss the output into a dir and serve it. works great. [10:25]
dka_ I run static webserver I do not configure anything [10:25]
surial doesn't work for you -> you fucked up a setting. [10:26]
surial one way or another we can't help you with no further input other than a ascreenshot with '404' on it. [10:26]
Addax alternately, you don't know what settings to use [10:26]
Addax point your webserver to the javadoc dir, done [10:26]
dka_ I am using serve, it is a local webserver that can be run using `serve`, the exposition of this folder is static, I just place the javadoc folder into it [10:26]
cheeser tech support [10:26]
cheeser Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [10:26]
dka_ I believe it is missing a <base href="http://mysite" /> or some build configuration for javadoc [10:26]
Addax if you don't know how to do that, well, copy your javadoc to a directory your webserver knows about. And if you don't know about THAT, well, figure out which webserver you're using and learn. [10:27]
dka_ I dont believe the server is causing issue here, not at all [10:27]
Addax okay. [10:27]
surial dka_: you don't need to add anything to the HTML such as bases. [10:27]
surial dka_: we do believe that. [10:27]
dka_ fair enough [10:27]
Addax surial: not me! I'm absolutely sure dka_ knows his own system at this point, and since he knows his own system, he should... be about fixing whatever's wrong [10:27]
dka_ So the javadoc can be drop on anypath on a well configured server and it should work? No configuration needed during the build ? [10:27]
Addax yep [10:28]
cheeser the magic of relative paths. [10:28]
cheeser now, as this is not a java question, please consult a forum for you webserver [10:28]
dka_ Well, it's hosted at http://localhost:5000/javadoc but it try to load and it fail [10:29]
cheeser eyes dka_ [10:29]
dka_ I thing this is due to the doc, not to the server, 100%, can we agree on that? [10:29]
Addax no [10:29]
Addax we can't [10:29]
Addax what happens when you go to localhost:5000 instead of [10:29]
dka_ Well, how does ajax query is doing it on the website, and a vhost server configuration can change that? Except rerouting ? [10:30]
Addax okay, don't answer, it's all good [10:30]
dka_ same [10:30]
dka_ localhost = in this configuration [10:30]
Addax no [10:30]
kicked dka_ (dka_) [10:30]
dka_ [dka_!] has joined ##java [10:30]
dka_ O [10:30]
Addax and are not the same. [10:30]
cheeser eyes Addax [10:30]
surial Can we all 100% agree on that kick? [10:30]
Addax dka_: this is a serve problem. It is not a java problem. [10:30]
dka_ I know, different iface, one loop back, one normal. I mean it is not the issue here too. It behave the same in this configuration [10:31]
surial dka_: javadoc produces a bunch of files. dump em in a dir, serve it as a webserver, works fine. That's where the java-relatedness of this question ends, and the 'serve'-related part of it starts. [10:31]
surial Maybe /join ##serve will help. [10:31]
surial dka_: and yes we are all 100% agreed on that [10:31]
Addax I'm not! I'm 101% agreed on that. [10:32]
surial dka_: for funsies, go to the dir, and just open file:// etc. even that will mostly work. Couple of search things will fail to due browser limits on SOP rules there. [10:34]
dka_ Replacing <frame src="overview-frame.html" name="packageListFrame" title="All Packages"> with <frame src="javadoc/overview-frame.html" name="packageListFrame" title="All Packages"> [10:35]
dka_ does the trick. I believe this can be done at build dime. [10:36]
cheeser dka_: enough already [10:36]
stryek [stryek!uid332574@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [10:38]
Diablo-D3 somebody doesnt have their base set right? [10:41]
dka_ y [10:41]
Diablo-D3 dka_: also, stop being so damned offtopic [10:42]
kicked Diablo-D3 (Diablo-D3) [10:44]
Diablo-D3 [Diablo-D3!] has joined ##java [10:44]
cheeser Diablo-D3: you're not an op. stfu. [10:44]
dka_ true [10:45]
Diablo-D3 cheeser: you are, though. hint hint. [10:46]
kicked Diablo-D3 (Banned: this ban will expire after 3d) [10:46]
cheeser next [10:46]
cheeser Another satisfied customer. Next! [10:46]
dka_ 100% agree. Now can I see this superbe vhost configuration for exposing javadoc under any sub path without having to prepare a different build ? I am just curious how the view can fetch the resource that way. I 'd like to see it live [10:47]
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NoirX hi all [10:51]
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Addax hi [10:54]
wodencafe [wodencafe!] has joined ##java [10:57]
waz hey! [10:58]
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NoirX is there any resources online available for java 11 , oca study [11:24]
rippa [rippa!] has joined ##java [11:25]
alureon [alureon!~alureon@unaffiliated/proxa] has joined ##java [11:26]
Addax ocap [11:31]
Addax Addax, what does that even *mean*? [11:31]
Addax oca [11:31]
Addax Addax, what does that even *mean*? [11:31]
upgrdman [upgrdman!~upgrdman@blender/artist/upgrdman] has joined ##java [11:31]
cheeser so 'oca' is literally meaningless! [11:32]
Addax oca is <reply>This is typically the "Oracle Certified Associate" - woo, it has meaning at last! - but it's effectively worthless unless you're actually trying to stuff your resume somehow. [11:32]
Addax OK, Addax. [11:32]
NoirX yes [11:33]
waz NoirX if I see OCA on a resume I'm unlikely to call that candidate in for an interview [11:35]
n35xdxb0_ [n35xdxb0_!] has joined ##java [11:35]
NoirX waz that wont demotivate me to pass the exam, i appreciated though the pdfs of java i coud understand oop what i got stuck with while trying learning c++ [11:39]
Addax your persistence is admirable. Your ability to find things, as well as your skill at choosing meaningful goals, is not [11:39]
n35xdxb0_ [n35xdxb0_!] has joined ##java [11:39]
tang^ it seems there are parts of the world that do still believe in certs... [11:41]
NoirX i am a java beginner and doing my best [11:41]
Maldivia tang^: ssl certs, sure [11:41]
tang^ heh [11:41]
sbeex [sbeex!~sbeex@] has joined ##java [11:41]
tang^ NoirX: and the channel experts are saying that you're spending time going in the wrong direction... learn java, don't bother with the cert [11:42]
ron but it is true, there are parts of the world that still believe in certs. [11:42]
NoirX absolutly, u never get called for interview without required degrees and expercience which is more important [11:42]
Regon [Regon!~Regon@unaffiliated/regon] has joined ##java [11:42]
Maldivia look at the job listings for where you want to work... if they list certs there, then... [11:42]
NoirX ok [11:43]
Maldivia and degrees are not always a must either :D [11:43]
conan [conan!~conan@] has joined ##java [11:43]
Maldivia if you know your shit and you can prove it, a degree means nothing [11:43]
sbeex [JPA] I have an entity which extends a @MappedSupperClass. This entity User extends BaseEntity need to override attribute id because the db column is not "id" but "user_id" and for strong reason we won't rename the db column. Is it possible with JPA/Hibernate to do that ? [11:43]
sbeex I managed to get it working at insert but when I query entities back it returns me an empty list :/ [11:44]
Maldivia sbeex: tried annotating the setter? @Column(name="user_id") public void setId(.... ? [11:45]
NoirX i missed chance with my linux sysadmin cert, coz of experienceless, i noticed java jobmarket here is very bussy so decided to try java [11:45]
bolovanos [bolovanos!] has joined ##java [11:46]
Maldivia wait, should be the getter [11:46]
sbeex Maldivia: even if I use attribute annotations ? [11:48]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined ##java [11:49]
sbeex ok tested -> still empty list >< [11:51]
Maldivia try adding @AttributeOverride(name="id", column = @Column(name="user_id")) on classlevel [11:52]
alureon [alureon!~alureon@unaffiliated/proxa] has joined ##java [11:54]
Maldivia sbeex: [11:56]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "AttributeOverride (Java(TM) EE 8 Specification APIs)" [11:56]
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sbeex Maldivia: yes that's what I did.. [12:12]
sbeex I used it with @Embedded sometimes ago it worked like a charm but at class level for mapped super class it seems it's another story [12:12]
Maldivia sbeex: example 1 on the javadoc seems to be basically what you want? [12:13]
sbeex yes well in fact in my case the mappedsuperclass declare a column id="ID" [12:14]
sbeex because for all our new entities we would like to have it called ID [12:14]
bolovanos [bolovanos!] has joined ##java [12:14]
sbeex i think this is maybe the cause of the probleme [12:14]
Maldivia well, this is exactly what this should be for... [12:15]
sbeex I agree with you :/ [12:15]
sbeex Ill check again line by line the example to get sure I'm fully compliant.. [12:16]
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sbeex Maldivia: the only diff was the protected I had private but no change.. [12:39]
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DaPinkOne I'm trying to turn an int into a 2 byte uint16(unsigned short), does java not have this? [03:18]
cheeser the only unsigned numeric type is char [03:18]
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freeone3000 so, yes? [03:35]
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bluezone DaPinkOne: there's only short but that's signed [04:00]
bluezone bluezone's title: "Primitive Data Types (The Java Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Language Basics)" [04:00]
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bluezone DaPinkOne: why do you need to do that ? [04:03]
nonconvergent Other than my patience and sanity, is there a cost to casting, both down and up? Particularly when a library returns a object as one its superclasses when you need its subclass's methods. [04:05]
cheeser having implemented wire level protocol support in java, it's not terrible, no. [04:05]
cheeser use an int, mask away the bits you don't want and you're fine [04:06]
cheeser you could even use a short and just ignore the sign in some cases. [04:06]
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nonconvergent The codebase I work on makes heavy use of casting and not a lot of explicit type casting. Roll of the dice how they'll actually handle the class cast exception. [04:07]
tomorrow1_ Hi, maybe it's me getting old, but the Spring framework looks like a lot of hype to me [04:08]
Addax tomorrow1_: great. Do you have a blog? [04:08]
nonconvergent Is hype good or bad? [04:08]
tomorrow1_ Especially the Spring Boot thingy [04:08]
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tomorrow1_ Addax: no [04:08]
Addax tomorrow1_: well, hmm. Create one on medium? [04:08]
tomorrow1_ why? [04:08]
Addax Because that's where this kinda belongs unless you have a question [04:08]
Addax your legions of adoring fans are missing out on wisdom like "spring boot looks like a lot of hype to me" [04:09]
tomorrow1_ Well, actually my question is if anyone uses this stuff in production. [04:09]
Addax yes [04:09]
Addax they do [04:09]
Addax and quite a bit [04:09]
tomorrow1_ No need to be so passive agressive [04:09]
tomorrow1_ Do you work for Pivotal [04:09]
Addax no [04:09]
Addax Passive/aggressive? You asked a question, and I answered it. [04:10]
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Addax I work for an AI company that has about 70 siloed apps, with spring boot the de facto standard for those apps when they use java (which is often). [04:11]
bluezone tomorrow1_: you're in the wrong channel if you want to chat with civilized people [04:11]
Addax bluezone: no, he's in the wrong channel if he expects to be treated like a moron [04:11]
tomorrow1_ My issue with this stuff is that there's a lot of automagic [04:12]
bluezone you mean not treated like a moron? [04:12]
Addax If he really needs coddling, he needs to go to his blog [04:12]
Addax bluezone: No. if he expects to have kid gloves used, if he expects to be coddled, if he expects people to not take stupid statements for what they are... this isn't the channel for him [04:12]
Addax tomorrow1_: *shrug* yeah, spring's docs tend to be wildly inconsistent in quality [04:13]
ricky_clarkson void foo() { try { } catch (Exception e) { throw e; } } - why does this compile without foo() needing throws Exception? If this is new, what version of Java did it come in? [04:13]
bluezone Addax: what you are describing is the kind of logic people use here to justify acting in an uncivilized manner [04:14]
tomorrow1_ And when something goes wrong, the errors are not straight forward. [04:14]
Addax bluezone: it's also used to justify not wasting time on stupidity. [04:14]
tomorrow1_ Addax: what benefit does Spring Boot give you in your case? [04:14]
freeone3000 ricky_clarkson: You're allowed to catch unchecked exceptions and superclasses of unchecked exceptions to allow for overwide catches [04:14]
Addax tomorrow1_: heh. Spring aficianados would tell you that the exception handling is MORE straightforward. [04:14]
ricky_clarkson freeone3000: That's fine, but I'm rethrowing without needing to declare a throws clause. [04:15]
ricky_clarkson freeone3000: If I add throw new IOException() in that try block, compilation fails without a throws clause. [04:15]
Addax tomorrow1_: It's really easy to crank up a container with metrics and many default services. Once you know what to do, it's trivially easy to work within spring boot's constraints. Is that worth it? ... I dunno. [04:15]
ricky_clarkson freeone3000: It seems like good behavior, I was just unaware of it and wonder if it's new. [04:15]
bluezone I haven't done anything with spring in a very long time. From what i've heard though, spring boot is just a faster way to get setup and it's your responsibility to customize it to your needs as time goes by [04:16]
Addax bluezone: indeed. It does a lot of stuff people were doing by convention, and it also embeds a servlet engine depending on which flavor of boot you use. [04:17]
Addax (... for example.) [04:17]
Addax In development, spring boot makes testing things a lot easier than vanilla spring, too. [04:17]
bluezone no need to setup tomcat? I'm in :) [04:18]
Addax also see: dropwizard, quarkus, vert.x [04:18]
tomorrow1_ So far, I see the embedded tomcat and the default metrics as an advantage [04:18]
Addax tomorrow1_: plus the tribal knowledge of spring is very deep and wide [04:18]
whaley QUARKUS [04:18]
tomorrow1_ But I think the dependency injection stuff is actually not that great [04:19]
tomorrow1_ The cognitive load increases [04:19]
deavmiHome [deavmiHome!~deavmi@] has joined ##java [04:19]
Addax dependency injection *increases* cognitive load? hm [04:20]
ricky_clarkson When it doesn't work, yes. [04:20]
Addax I'd think the opposite [04:20]
tomorrow1_ Addax: yes, because it's not explicit [04:20]
Addax but... it kinda is [04:20]
freeone3000 It's not. IDEA has a Guice dependency graph visualizer, but it's not clear where something comes from or what makes it, which is the point of DI, but is also the downfall, as normal traces don't apply [04:22]
Addax hasn't had that problem very often, dunno why [04:22]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:79ce:f399:9480:8f58] has joined ##java [04:24]
bluezone I was always using xml files back in the day for DI lol [04:24]
tomorrow1_ You could argue that if you inject something, you only need to care about the interface, but it's not straightforward to figure out the implementation that's injected [04:24]
wordsToLiveBy [wordsToLiveBy!~wordsToLi@unaffiliated/wordstoliveby] has joined ##java [04:26]
tomorrow1_ Also, I've seen a lot of coworkers spending a lot of time dealing with spring-related configuration problems. It reminds me of when I had to deal with weblogic issues. [04:27]
cheeser yes. software can be complex. [04:27]
bluezone just switch to ABAP and all your problems will be solved [04:28]
ricky_clarkson I prefer constructor injection, but I know that the last time I used that there was a temptation to create some Context object rather than have n constructor parameters and have to pass them around. [04:28]
ricky_clarkson That Context object eventually starts to look like a Map<Class<?>, Provider<?>>, which is.. basically.. Guice. [04:28]
tomorrow1_ So my intention was to survey this channel if you guys used this stuff regularly, because I know some of you are pros [04:29]
ricky_clarkson I think if you can resist the urge to make a Context then constructor injection is better, as you can tell what's really needed. But day-to-day I use Guice. [04:29]
tomorrow1_ Here it's a bit of a bubble and lots of noobs, myself included [04:29]
tomorrow1_ So it's hard to see the forest for the trees [04:30]
conan [conan!] has joined ##java [04:31]
tomorrow1_ I'm worried that if we use a lot of spring, there might be a problem with technical debt down the line [04:31]
SmearedBeard [SmearedBeard!~SmearedBe@unaffiliated/smearedbeard] has joined ##java [04:32]
tomorrow1_ Like all those folks that jumped to make webapps with Angular.js [04:32]
tomorrow1_ I wisely stayed behind with my vanilla javascript [04:32]
ricky_clarkson I haven't used Spring much, but it doesn't seem to be going away, and even less if you can stick to annotations like @Inject so it's compatible with other DI tools. [04:33]
Addax tomorrow1_: at this point, technical debt to spring is pretty much a ground floor [04:33]
cheeser if you write code, you'll have tech debt [04:33]
cheeser welcome to programming [04:33]
ricky_clarkson If you have Spring-specific config files then yeah, you may have issues. [04:33]
Addax cheeser ++ [04:33]
Addax cheeser has a karma level of 1,486, Addax [04:33]
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nevada1 Are there any Java libraries that allow things like automatically sending keycodes? (e.g. have a window of a game open and make it press W a few times) [04:57]
cheeser robot [04:57]
cheeser cheeser, what does that even *mean*? [04:57]
cheeser javadoc java.awt.Robot [04:57]
cheeser cheeser: [JDK: java.awt.Robot] [04:57]
cheeser but seriously, stop cheating. :) [04:57]
nevada1 Hahaha. [04:57]
nevada1 Thanks. [04:57]
paddyez [paddyez!~paddyez@wikipedia/paddyez] has joined ##java [05:01]
nevada1 Here I thought Java wouldn't be of help. I thought I'd need to either use C# or C++ with WinApi for that kind of stuff. [05:02]
nevada1 It warms my heart. [05:02]
cheeser hopefully it won't help :D [05:02]
Addax eh, depends on which game really :) [05:05]
nevada1 Actually the only goal I had in mind was to make it run WoW and automatically login with my credentials just for the sake of it. [05:07]
nevada1 Automating a simple task. [05:07]
yawkat how to get banned 101 [05:09]
nevada1 It's on a private server, no harm done. [05:09]
bluezone vanilla ? [05:19]
nevada1 It's just some all-GM server. [05:19]
bluezone oh [05:20]
nevada1 "Cheating" wouldn't bring me anything I don't already have, I'm just looking for automation. [05:20]
bluezone game cheating is fun way to learn about computers, like memory editing in cheat engine [05:21]
tassee [tassee!~tasse@] has joined ##java [05:21]
bluezone shows you all the assembly code and such, the more sophisticated parts are difficult [05:21]
tomorrow1_ [tomorrow1_!] has joined ##java [05:33]
freeone3000 winapi would make it a ton easier. [05:34]
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ricky_clarkson cheeser: nevada1: Would Robot let you send keystrokes to a non-Java app? My guess is no. [06:30]
DaPinkOne is it possible to hardcore an array without assigning it a variable name; for use as an function argument, for example [06:30]
DaPinkOne *hardcode [06:31]
ricky_clarkson array literal [06:31]
ricky_clarkson ricky_clarkson, what does that even *mean*? [06:31]
ricky_clarkson nfi [06:31]
ricky_clarkson new String[]{"array", "literal"} [06:31]
nevada1 ricky_clarkson, of course, it does so indiscriminately of the type of program. I just run the program with a Runtime object and then use a Robot object with keyPress() after a certain delay. I've successfully logged in like that. It doesn't send the key to a particular app, just the one in focus. [06:33]
ricky_clarkson Nice. [06:33]
DaPinkOne ricky_clarkson: thanks, that does appear to have worked. [06:35]
[rg] [[rg]!] has joined ##java [06:40]
nevada1 It would be neat if I could send it keys without being in focus, but that's probably beyond the scope of Robot. [06:41]
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tomorrow1_ It's impossible to do trunk-based development with Java since you can have only one version of a dependency in your classloader [06:46]
bankai_ [bankai_!~bankai@unaffiliated/bankai/x-6544441] has joined ##java [06:53]
freeone3000 ricky_clarkson: It synthesizes platform events, literally mouse movements and keystrokes. [06:56]
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SJr Anyone have any thoughts or tips on debugging how an JPA query gets converted from JPQL to SQL. In particular I have a problem where a DELETE <ent> WHERE <ent>.x = foo <ent>.y.z = bar gets converted to DELETE <ent>, y FROM <ent>. INNER JOIN y , which fails because it's trying to delete entries in table y as well. [07:01]
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peaceguy screen bash [07:06]
peaceguy sorry [07:06]
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chibby0ne parted the channel: "Leaving" [07:12]
Squarism what is the long term plan for java switch statements. Will there be sum types and true pattern matching in the future? [07:18]
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[rg] whats this? [07:22]
[rg] Squarism: what are sum types? [07:22]
Squarism A type that has mulitple named constructors [07:23]
Squarism one simple is : Either a b = Left a | Right b [07:24]
[rg] yeah i dont see switch changing [07:24]
[rg] was modeled after c++ switch [07:24]
Squarism Left | Right are the constructors [07:24]
[rg] that hasnt changed either [07:25]
Squarism ...and Either is the type [07:25]
[rg] parted the channel: [07:28]
fizzie Presumably they wouldn't have done up JEP 325 "switch expressions" as a full-fledged preview feature if there was no chance of making switch diverge from its C++ roots. [07:31]
SJr Squarism what is the difference between a sum type and just general pattern matching semantics. That example is I assume derived from Scala, but you can do almost all of it in Java now, the only thing is the pattern matching part which is just a getClass() match and an extractor. [07:40]
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Squarism im not an expert on this but in those languages that ive tried that had sum types, pattern matching gets very clean/clear. Once you tried it its clear its a killer feature. So, i thought that because of the popularity of kotlin dataclasses and that, that maybe oracle have a grander future plan [07:47]
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cheeser ricky_clarkson: i doubt it, tbh [08:45]
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theWhisper_ hello [09:26]
theWhisper_ so i am trying to run a game but i have no clue what is the java used to design it or how to build it. yes i am very new to java [09:26]
arcsin [arcsin!~alureon@unaffiliated/proxa] has joined ##java [09:26]
theWhisper_ [09:27]
theWhisper_ theWhisper_'s title: "GitHub - BennyQBD/Wolfenstein3DClone: thebennybox Wolfenstein 3D clone from the tutorial" [09:27]
theWhisper_ yeah that one [09:27]
theWhisper_ how i build this? [09:27]
PowaBanga [PowaBanga!~PowaBanga@unaffiliated/powabanga] has joined ##java [09:27]
ron whoever wrote that project didn't exactly make it easy to run. [09:28]
ron or build. [09:28]
theWhisper_ hmm [09:28]
theWhisper_ so there is no way around? [09:28]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:79ce:f399:9480:8f58] has joined ##java [09:28]
theWhisper_ he has youtuibeseries explaining all the steps involved [09:28]
theWhisper_ but i supposed i was going to see the end result with at least a readme [09:29]
theWhisper_ ? [09:36]
theWhisper_ channel is too quiet [09:36]
theWhisper_ an7yoen here? [09:43]
Sasazuka [Sasazuka!~Sasazuka@unaffiliated/sasazuka] has joined ##java [09:46]
theWhisper_ jeez for being the most used programming languague irc very quiet [09:46]
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sgt_chuckles I'm trying to parse some XLM data using XmlPullParserFactory, but my app keeps crashing whenever it reaches an XML tag with a an embedded url [10:36]
sgt_chuckles are there any good XML parsing libraries I can use in Android? [10:37]
codebam [codebam!codebam@gateway/vpn/mullvad/codebam] has joined ##java [10:40]
cheeser try #android-dev [10:41]
cheeser xml parsers [10:41]
cheeser Working with XML? Consider ~jackson, ~xstream, or ~jaxb to read and write XML. Avoid SAX (org.xml.sax) and DOM (org.w3c.dom); StAX is okay ( ), but these days most use jackson. [10:41]
cheeser those are the java answers. if they don't work on android, your question doesn't belong here. [10:41]
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[rg] is it bad to use the swing timer if not doing swing stuff? [11:07]
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cheeser quartz [11:10]
cheeser cheeser, quartz is An open source job scheduling system. Jobs can be defined as standard Java components or EJBs. You can find more info at or see for a core java solution. [11:10]
cheeser but "it depends" [11:10]
cheeser javadoc java.util.Timer [11:10]
cheeser cheeser: [JDK: java.util.Timer] [11:10]
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[rg] ok, using awt for a game and not sure if I should go with swing timer or just use the util.Timer [11:11]
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DaPinkOne i'm trying to send my eclipse project to github via team->share project, but it dies with an error "Internal error occurred. [11:39]
DaPinkOne Illegal char <:> at index 44: /home/dap/git/YourSweeper-Java-Project-/.git: [11:39]
DaPinkOne that project is long gone, months ago, and on a different system. any ideas how i could figure out exactly what's going on here? [11:40]
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cheeser try #eclipse [11:43]
DaPinkOne will do [11:44]
[rg] parted the channel: [11:46]
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