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zombieman hello everyone ive been stuck on this problem i could use some insite on how i should go anout this [12:58]
zombieman sorry for the misspellings i hit enter before spell check im trying to run a task at a 2pm every day as a service in android studio using java but i cant figure out how to set a timer that will trigger by time and not ever so and so milliseconds [01:00]
zombieman what i have tried so far was create a timer that takes the current time and subtracts the time that i want it it trigger and use that diffrence in milliseconds to trigger it but it doesnt seem like its working [01:02]
ChaiTRex zombieman: Sorry, we don't help with Android stuff here, but #android-dev is a better channel for that. [01:04]
zombieman thank you for a pointer in the right direction [01:04]
ChaiTRex zombieman: No problem. [01:05]
zombieman i hope everyone has a good night or day what ever timezone you are in lol [01:05]
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sabocat [sabocat!~Tomas@2601:600:9c00:ac00:9155:4c74:d016:83b4] has joined ##java [01:36]
sabocat What is the best class to represent a date of the year, without year data (e.g., April 21, any year)? [01:36]
BilldaCat [BilldaCat!] has joined ##java [01:39]
cader Can someone tell me if my first FOSS pull request is okay? [01:44]
cader [01:44]
cader cader's title: "SOLR-13209 NullPointerException from call in by CaderHancock Pull Request #933 apache/lucene-solr GitHub" [01:44]
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CuriousMind Hello. I am trying to understand this sentence from my textbook [01:52]
CuriousMind "Since, to a client, a servlet that generates HTML looks exactly like a regular Web page, it [01:52]
CuriousMind Is this basically saying that a HTML validator can validate any html document unless it has a form? [01:53]
myke i don't see it saying anything about forms [01:54]
CuriousMind My textbook:, 3.5 ; 11/29 ; 3.5 Simple HTML-Building Utilities ; pg 2 sen 3 [01:55]
CuriousMind myke I see [01:55]
myke i don't really understand your question [01:59]
myke it's saying the browser doesn't care that your html comes from a servlet instead of a conventional web server [01:59]
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[twisti] CuriousMind: that seems INCREDIBLY old and outdated [02:24]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined ##java [02:26]
[twisti] Lol it uses Netscape [02:28]
[twisti] You're reading a book teaching the equivalent of Windows 95, CuriousMind [02:29]
[twisti] As for what it's saying: these tools are fed a URL, so if your page is only visible when someone sends POST data to it, they won't be able to see it [02:30]
[twisti] But if you manually copy and paste the HTML they could validate it just fine [02:31]
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x6e69636f yawkat hey, bendem made me discover your javap web tool yesterday, it's awesome ! [04:11]
yawkat Thanks. Also check out [04:21]
TomyWork for a second there i thought you had written a browser in java [04:32]
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mitch0 yo [04:33]
mitch0 is there a setting in idea to force single-line method to be on different lines? like foo() {\n\treturn 0;\n} instead of foo { return 0; } [04:34]
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sonOfRa is it actually a single line, or is it just compressing it for viewability? [04:38]
mitch0 dunno. how to turn that off then? :) [04:38]
mitch0 probably found it. thanks for the hint ;) [04:39]
sonOfRa when you click on the braces, does it expand? If so, it's just viewability-compressed [04:39]
mitch0 yeah, that was it [04:39]
mitch0 thanks [04:39]
mitch0 was driving me nuts ;) [04:39]
x6e69636f yawkat I did ! Pretty cool too [04:43]
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surial Heh, okay, challenge; Using a scanner, ensure that repeated calls on .next() will return in order '52', '+', and '8', given the input string: "52+8". [05:25]
enoq [enoq!] has joined ##java [05:29]
sonOfRa Do you want a general expression parser, or just +? [05:34]
sonOfRa Also multiple arguments? [05:34]
atslash [atslash!] has joined ##java [05:35]
surial sonOfRa: let's say that the input consists of numbers and +, -, *, and / only. There is need to deal with priorities or parens. [05:35]
surial If there had been, the only available answer is 'dafuq you using scanner for you idiot'. [05:35]
surial there is NO need to deal with operator precedence or parens, I meant to say. [05:36]
sonOfRa does "read the full line from the user *using a scanner* and then throw it into an expression parser library" a valid answer? [05:36]
sonOfRa Technically correct. The *best* kind of correct [05:36]
acidjnk_new useDelimiter(Pattern.compile("(?=\\+)|(?<=\\+)")) [05:36]
surial sonOfRa: heh. Let's say no. [05:39]
surial acidjnk_new: that's where I went at first too... [05:39]
surial but then... [05:39]
surial scanner.useDelimiter("\\b"); [05:39]
surial works great. [05:39]
acidjnk_new can't believe we didn't think of that first! [05:39]
Stummi but, why though? [05:40]
acidjnk_new As a punishment, we have to read "mastering regular expressions" again. It's on the channel book list, I hope? [05:40]
surial Stummi: Presumably, 'because tokenizing inputs on a single delimiting concept IS the ONE job scanner DOES do well, and if you can get away with it, it does look very very simple'? HOw often 'tokenize something on a single delimiting concept' comes up.. \_(?)_/ [05:41]
acidjnk_new It's not, and from "General Programming Books", I have only read "Design Patterns". [05:42]
sonOfRa surial how about "9+-3" [05:42]
sonOfRa no negative numbers? [05:42]
surial let's say no. [05:42]
surial but, nice job on shooting this full of holes, I admit I just made up the 'oh right no negative numbers' rule :P [05:43]
surial sonOfRa woke up with the proper skeptical hat. [05:43]
surial surial, what does that even *mean*? [05:43]
surial sonOfRa++ woke up with the proper skeptical hat. [05:43]
surial sonofra has a karma level of 166, surial [05:43]
mitch0 surial: 1+0.5? [05:43]
Stummi surial, then again, I assume the big picture here is "parsing of mathematical expression", for which I am pretty sure do libraries exist [05:43]
surial nah, floating point is not part of the deal. [05:43]
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Avaray [Avaray!] has joined ##java [05:52]
earthy still, why not get an antlr parser somewhere? too much of a cannon for that mosquito? [05:53]
mbooth earthy: There must surely already be an infix-expression parser library without having to roll one's own grammar.... [05:59]
dreamreal surial: atthe risk of the gods of irony striking me down... what's this for? [06:02]
acidjnk_new I made one long ago, last decade, when I first read about Interpreter Pattern, as an exercise: [06:02]
acidjnk_new The lexer is not part of the API doc though. Maybe it's a package-private class? [06:03]
dreamreal algebra [06:04]
dreamreal There are many algebraic expression evaluators for Java, including the built-in javascript interpreter; also see , , (all open source), and (commercial), among others [06:04]
led1 [led1!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [06:04]
sbeex [sbeex!~sbeex@] has joined ##java [06:04]
surial dreamreal: someone's homework exercise. Scanner didn't seem like it would fit, but apparently it was part of the exercise. Which got me thinking.. does whatever moron designed this dumbfuck question really want them to, what? Shove a lookahead/lookbehind regexp in there? [06:08]
surial I still have no idea if THIS voodoo magic is what was intended either, mind. [06:08]
royal_screwup21 [royal_screwup21!89de72f2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [06:10]
dreamreal surial: *nod* my son - in college - had a similar exercise but had the use of an "algebra library" ... that had an API straight from java 1.4 and, well, required the user to compensate for the use of unary minus [06:12]
dreamreal (you had to *manually convert* every unary minus to "(0-term)" before submitting to the library) [06:13]
dreamreal and switching away from the library to something actually workable was not allowed [06:14]
dreamreal (Adding insult to injury, the "library" was a class provided in source... and submitting the project in workable, compilable form meant that the students got flagged for plagiarism, since that class was copied across N project submissions) [06:15]
dreamreal anyway, off to take my son to school [06:16]
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mitch0 mysql is crap [06:24]
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surial mitch0: water is wet. [06:27]
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bendem water++ [07:12]
bendem water has a karma level of 2, bendem [07:12]
bendem mysql++ [07:12]
bendem mysql has a karma level of -316, bendem [07:12]
bendem mysql-- [07:12]
bendem mysql has a karma level of -317, bendem [07:12]
bendem wrong way around [07:13]
bendem mysql-- [07:13]
bendem mysql has a karma level of -318, bendem [07:13]
sa02irc [sa02irc!] has joined ##java [07:13]
acidjnk_new There was some drame with a new subreddit "waterniggas", advertising water as a beverage. They were banned and had to rename to "hydrobros". [07:13]
DrowningElysium [DrowningElysium!uid190788@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [07:14]
acidjnk_new water++ [07:14]
acidjnk_new water has a karma level of 3, acidjnk_new [07:14]
deathcap [deathcap!~user@unaffiliated/deathcap] has joined ##java [07:19]
acidjnk_new Did I understand correctly that Spring proxies are used only when explicitly configured? When I have a breakpoint in a Spring bean and look at the stack trace, it shows plain and simple my own method as previous stack trace element, while in an EJB, there are typically all sorts of container generated classes. [07:20]
DrowningElysium parted the channel: [07:24]
esro [esro!] has joined ##java [07:27]
Bombe Is there a question in there that you haven?t already answered? [07:27]
x256 [x256!~Jace@2001:638:60f:1000:6d00:b918:27:41f2] has joined ##java [07:27]
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x256 Log4j2 prints (non-critical) warnings directly to stdout at class-load time (from a static block) ... [07:28]
x256 That's just great if you have a console program that tries to output some actual data to stdout. [07:30]
enoq [enoq!] has joined ##java [07:36]
dreamreal x256: who needs logstash when you have stdout [07:36]
deathcap While we're complaining: I hate how SWT actually allocates system graphics resources when you have to deal with the Color class. I'm trying to port an editor write an editor for gradient colorscales and just keeping all of the data as java.awt.Color until I actually have to draw it just to avoid the headache. [07:37]
deathcap *ahem, i need a proofreader on here. [07:37]
progart [progart!~kamee@] has joined ##java [07:37]
dreamreal deathcap: it's IRC, there are no proofreaders [07:37]
deathcap Or maybe I could just read what I type before I hit enter lol. [07:38]
dreamreal even there: it's IRC! Some clients don't make proofreading easy. I use a console client with a single-line buffer... and proofreading's a pain and the benefit of proofreading is limited [07:38]
mbooth deathcap: If you use display.getSystemColor() then you don't have to care about system resources IIRC [07:38]
mbooth deathcap: That way you don't need to make sure things are disposed properly (SWT does it) [07:39]
deathcap I need a bit more fine control over the RGB values though. [07:40]
mbooth Do you really? ;-) [07:40]
deathcap In this case...yes, I do. The component in question is a color wheel with a brightness slider. [07:40]
enoq is there a way to ignore a select result in a typed query [07:43]
dreamreal what do you mean? [07:43]
enoq postgres complains that order by criteria must appear in the select distinct clause [07:43]
enoq my criterium is ORDER BY distance(l.geoLocation, :currentLocation) ASC [07:43]
enoq so I'd have to do something like SELECT DISTINCT l, distance(l.geoLocation, :currentLocation) FROM LocationEntity l [07:43]
dreamreal okay? [07:44]
deathcap So the entire point is to fine tune RGB values in a class that has a bunch of GradientColorscale type classes that contain a sorted list of colors and numeric values to interpolate between. Which is frustrating...cause maybe I just want a class that has red, green, blue vals without dealing with actual graphics resources. grumble grumble grumble. [07:44]
enoq but then hibernate complains with "Cannot create TypedQuery for query with more than one return using requested result type " [07:44]
grumble grumble grumble grumble? [07:44]
dreamreal enoq: that sounds... wrong. What's the declaration of the query? [07:44]
deathcap beetlequicing at it's finest. [07:44]
deathcap juicing [07:44]
dreamreal deathcap: he's gonna summon himself? :) [07:45]
enoq my basic issue is that hibernate does not reduce multiple results from left outer joins [07:45]
dreamreal enoq: that error message sounds grammatically incorrect and unclear anyway, you might be filing an issue even after you solve this [07:45]
enoq this basically [07:45]
dreamreal enoq: what's the declaration of the query? [07:45]
mbooth deathcap: I feel like you store things in a list of int[3]s until you're ready to commit :-) [07:45]
mbooth That's all you want right? A 3-tuple? [07:46]
spuz [spuz!6dee4b8e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [07:46]
enoq dreamreal [07:46]
mbooth Thuple? [07:46]
mbooth Thruple? [07:46]
dreamreal mbooth: we call those "tuples" -- in scala they're Tuple3 though! [07:46]
dreamreal enoq: that's not java. What does the *java* code look like? [07:46]
mbooth dreamreal: No-one cares about scala :-p [07:47]
enoq dreamreal [07:47]
deathcap Pretty much. java.awt.Color does exactly what I need. Differentiating between it and gets cumbersome though. [07:47]
dreamreal mbooth: thank god for that. I was just amused by Tuple2, Tuple3, Tuple..22 [07:47]
deathcap So maybe I'll utilize my Tuple3<A,B,C> [07:47]
enoq dreamreal not java but close enough I guess [07:48]
dreamreal enoq: you really should ask in kotlin BUT... LocationEntity has c, sp, b, sc, d in it too? The query seems to say otherwise [07:48]
Gazooo [Gazooo!~Gazooo@] has joined ##java [07:49]
mbooth dreamreal: Who could possibly need more than 22 items in a tuple! Also 640kb of memory should be enough for anyone! [07:49]
enoq dreamreal yes, but those aren't selected, just used for fetch joins [07:49]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [07:49]
dreamreal enoq: I'm wondering if that's not the problem [07:49]
deathcap Can generics be more than one character? I've never tried. [07:49]
dreamreal enoq: also, consider asking #hibernate or #hibernate-dev [07:49]
dreamreal deathcap: yes [07:49]
enoq dreamreal good call [07:49]
deathcap Good, so I can make Tuples with an arity greater than 26 if i feel like being an ass to people maintaining my codebase, this is good. [07:50]
dreamreal I didn't even look at the code thinking "wait, this is kotlin!" until you pointed it out :) [07:50]
enoq the basic issues is that postgres says that ordering + distinct is undefined [07:50]
enoq if the ordering criterium does not appear in the select clause [07:50]
dreamreal enoq: right, and that might be affecting the return value, which would be an array of Any, not a LocationEntity [07:51]
dreamreal (first element in that array would be the LocationEntity) [07:51]
dreamreal enoq: although I'd have to try the query in the console to see what it was returning. I don't think this is a HIBERNATE problem, I think it's a quirk of postgresql, but... then again, I'm looking at the code from over here [07:52]
enoq exactly, so I need to either: generate the sql statement with the order by clause and somehow ignore it or find out how to use .setResultTransformer(Criteria.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY) on a JPQL query [07:52]
dreamreal enoq: what I'd do first is literally run the query in psql and see what was being returned [07:52]
Peste_Bubonica [Peste_Bubonica!~Peste_Bub@unaffiliated/peste-bubonica/x-4612396] has joined ##java [07:52]
dreamreal if the column count > 0 (or it doesn't match the LocationEntity correctly) then I'd mutate the typedquery [07:52]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [07:52]
dreamreal (create a holder object, manipulate the Array<Any?>, whatever -- and note that this is still Kotlin so the types don't quite match ##java topic) [07:53]
royal_screwup21 [royal_screwup21!89de72f2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [07:58]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [08:01]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined ##java [08:05]
enoq dreamreal found the solution: .setHint("hibernate.query.passDistinctThrough", false) [08:08]
dreamreal enoq: document it! [08:08]
dreamreal Other people might need to know! [08:08]
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enoq dreamreal ad docs: we have regular internal breaks where we rant about "weird stuff that hibernate/jpa does" [08:52]
enoq compared to other ORMs [08:52]
dreamreal enoq: hey, makes perfect sense to me :) [08:53]
dreamreal I do the same internally [08:53]
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sbalmos dreamreal: Except your "internally" is with yourself [09:06]
whoever hi all [09:06]
whoever I am tring to change terminal text color with ansi and the output is just giving the literal str, can someone assist ? here is my str - System.out.println("\u001B31;1m "+"hello world!"); [09:08]
whoever output - 31;1m hello world! [09:08]
whoever (there should be an artifact infront of the 3) [09:09]
dreamreal sbalmos: this is true, that's what "internally" would mean [09:09]
dreamreal whoever: we've... told you this multiple times [09:09]
dreamreal please stop asking [09:10]
dreamreal lanterna [09:10]
dreamreal dreamreal, lanterna is a pure-java TUI library for curses-like interfaces. [09:10]
sbalmos dreamreal: as opposed to "internally" inside a company [09:10]
dreamreal I do it in the company too but eh [09:10]
dreamreal whoever: use lanterna, charva, jcurses, *whatever* but please stop asking in ##java [09:11]
whoever dreamreal: you have told me this? when [09:12]
whoever I have been haveing nick problems [09:12]
whoever so there were times the screen wasn't updateing on my end [09:13]
dreamreal shrugs. [09:13]
whoever *me does the same to because I really don't remember this [09:14]
yawkat logs [09:14]
yawkat channel logs can be found at (Select the channel from the list on the left-hand side.) [09:14]
mbooth whoever: Then you've just learned that after asking a question, you should check back for answers ;-) [09:15]
whoever dreamreal: but thanks the anster [09:15]
dreamreal whoever: anyway, now you know. lanterna, charva, jcurses. DOn't emit ansi codes. [09:15]
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SJr Trying to release a fat jar of embedded tomcat and it's war file dependencies. I have the maven assembler plugin creating a jar file that has everything in (including some unexploded war files). Unfortunately these war files have a version name on them, and so I'm not sure how to find them at runtime given the default Java class cloader. Thoughts? [09:19]
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dreamreal SJr: context can map them to a specific deterministic path [09:22]
SJr context? [09:22]
SJr Oh do you mean the Context class loader [09:23]
dreamreal no [09:24]
dreamreal I mean the tomcat contexts, where it maps request paths to wars [09:24]
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SJr Ah let me clarify my question, I have a fat jar where in the fat jar I have "lib/some-dependency-<SOME_VERSION>.war", I don't know what that version is at runtime. I need to find it somehow. [09:26]
Diablo-D3 does the dep have an api to ask it? [09:27]
SJr Nope. [09:27]
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SJr I'm specifically trying to invoke Tomcat.addWebapp(String contextPath, URL source), where the second argument is the source war. [09:28]
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SJr I guess I have a URL class loader and can regex match it. [09:29]
dreamreal SJr: hmm, can context.xml not live in the .war too? [09:29]
SJr The outer package is a jar, not a war. Anything I put in the war has to be found manually. [09:30]
dreamreal SJr: [09:30]
dreamreal dreamreal's title: "Apache Tomcat 8 Configuration Reference (8.0.53) - The Context Container" [09:30]
dreamreal hmm [09:30]
dreamreal maybe a more difficult problem. Why not use something like boot, then? [09:30]
SJr legacy :) [09:30]
Diablo-D3 why would you put a war as a dep in a jar? [09:30]
SJr To take one step forward towards a cleaner deployment. [09:31]
Diablo-D3 no I mean, cant you just make a fat war? [09:31]
cheeser a ... *fat* war? [09:31]
SJr I have several war files that need to be embedded, and they weren't originally designed for this. [09:31]
SJr There is only one main war, and then a bunch of small little ones. [09:31]
sbalmos That's... an EAR... [09:32]
Diablo-D3 cheeser: an international war. [09:32]
Diablo-D3 oh right, ears exist [09:32]
dreamreal ergh... [09:32]
cheeser tomcat doesn't support ears, afaik [09:32]
dreamreal and you're using tomcat for this? [09:32]
sbalmos cheeser: corerct [09:32]
SJr Embedded Tomcat, which means I have an API. [09:32]
sbalmos oh good geez... [09:32]
Diablo-D3 this is increasingly becoming a trainwreck [09:32]
SJr lol [09:33]
cheeser sbalmos: have you moved to canada? [09:33]
sbalmos cheeser: why'd you think that, ya hoser? [09:33]
SJr Diablo-D3 that has already happened, I'm unpacking the train wreck, and the first step still leaves a train wreck. [09:33]
Diablo-D3 you're adding more train to the wreck. [09:34]
sbalmos SJr: Step one - derail [09:34]
SJr It's amazing you can make that deduction without knowing the current state of the system, or what this is replacing. [09:35]
SJr I guess inference is a better word. [09:35]
Diablo-D3 so you're using a jar to deploy a set of versioned wars [09:36]
earthy sounds like a plan. :) [09:36]
Diablo-D3 I wonder if you can use tomee here [09:37]
SJr I'm using a jar to deploy a set of versioned wars, that was being deployed together anyway just as a bunch of random artifacts in a random hand rolled docker container with a bunch of random tomcat configuration rolled into it. [09:38]
Diablo-D3 yikes [09:39]
SJr Instead of having a docker entry point script, read the wars, unzip them, make manual changes, make changes to the tomcat xml configurations using sed, etc... All of that is just being done in Java in way less lines of code. [09:39]
Diablo-D3 so... switch to an actual ee container? [09:39]
Diablo-D3 that seems like the sanest fix [09:39]
Diablo-D3 swap tomee for tom, deploy as an ear, should work exactly as before since its still tom underneath [09:40]
SJr I haven't looked at that option, or know exactly what problem it would solve. If we can get rid of these tiny small additional wars we need, then we can just have a fat war, like jenkins uses and switch to jetty. [09:40]
Diablo-D3 hrrm [09:41]
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dob1 hi, there is a library to "render" html to text? for example I have <br><br>test I want \n\ntest [10:11]
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dob1 I think I am using the wrong terms, but hope it is clear [10:12]
deathcap You can put html in JLabels [10:14]
deathcap I'm not sure how complicated you're able to get with it though. [10:14]
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dob1 deathcap, and setText() and getText() ? [10:15]
deathcap Well "getText()" would just return the HTML string. [10:15]
dob1 ? [10:16]
deathcap Never used it. [10:17]
mbooth dob1: What is the purpose of rendering it? What's the problem you're trying to solve? [10:18]
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dob1 mbooth, It's a bit long :) [10:18]
sonOfRa Does it end with "what I want is a browser, but I want to implement one myself"? [10:20]
dob1 mbooth, I am exporting my google calendar via an ics file, then I want to import it in another program that read ics file. The problem is that, if you try, you will see how google calendar export the DESCRIPTION data [10:20]
dob1 sonOfRa, no :) [10:21]
dob1 so my idea was, get a library to manipulate ics files (and I found one) and fix it as I want [10:21]
Tichodroma can you make a paste of a sample DESCRIPTION? [10:22]
dob1 this is a part <br><br>foobar foobar foobar<br><br><br><p><span>< [10:24]
dob1 span>-<span>&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\; [10:24]
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Tichodroma can you make a *paste* of a *complete* DESCRIPTION? [10:25]
lawsa I'm writing a unit test of a class annotated with @Transactional. I would like to make sure transactions are committed in a certain way. Is it possible to mock this with mockito? [10:25]
dob1 Tichodroma, there are private data, I can't sorry [10:25]
Tichodroma then remove that [10:25]
Tichodroma lawsa: mocking is for collaborators of the sut. Which collaborator do you want to mock? [10:27]
dob1 [10:27]
lawsa Tichodroma: I'm not sure. I guess TransactionTemplate? [10:28]
Tichodroma dob1: and the expected output would be "\n\ntext1\n\text2, istruzioni\n\n\n5\n\n\n<somemail@mail.invalid>"? [10:30]
dob1 Tichodroma, yes [10:30]
lawsa Tichodroma: But maybe that's not a "collaborator". [10:31]
Tichodroma replacing the "<br>" with "\n" should be simple [10:31]
enoq where can I view pre-releases like rc1 on maven? [10:31]
dob1 Tichodroma, well I was not thinking do to this with regular expressions [10:31]
dob1 or substitutions [10:31]
cheeser rc1s should be maven central, enoq [10:31]
enoq for instance [10:32]
enoq enoq's title: "Maven Repository: org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-test" [10:32]
enoq is there a separate flag that I have to toggle on that site? [10:32]
Tichodroma AFAIK Maven Central only contains releases [10:32]
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enoq so go for jcenter instead? [10:33]
cheeser Tichodroma: rc1 *is* a release. [10:33]
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cheeser central doesn't host -SNAPSHOT builds. [10:34]
Tichodroma release candidate? [10:34]
cheeser yeah [10:34]
cheeser enoq: what version are you trying to get? [10:35]
enoq rc1 [10:35]
enoq spring boot 2.2 [10:35]
cheeser ok. [10:35]
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cheeser [10:37]
cheeser cheeser's title: "Maven Repository: org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-test 2.2.0.RC1" [10:37]
enoq thank you [10:37]
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whoever hey cheeser is there a reason java quit accepting ansi color escape sequances? they now show up as litteral strings [10:48]
dreamreal whoever: java is not relevant for that whatsoever [10:48]
dreamreal it's up to the rendering terminal [10:48]
whoever dreamreal: i thought it was a language dependent not the rendering terminal [10:49]
cheeser nope [10:49]
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sbeex_ hi guys, does scala 2.12 mean java12 2.13 java 13 or its just a hazard ? [11:08]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined ##java [11:09]
cheeser try ##scala [11:09]
sbeex_ I try to migrate projects to java13 and have to figure out which deps I have to use and some of them are based on scala [11:09]
cheeser so ask a scala forum [11:09]
sbeex_ great [11:10]
sbeex_ thank [11:10]
sbeex_ you [11:10]
CuriousMind Hello, I have two questions. 1) What is the purpose of nesting doGet() in doPost? 2) What is a real-life example when that is used? [11:12]
cheeser show us [11:12]
cheeser Paste the code (and any errors) in a pastebin where we can see it. See ~pastebin for options. Also see ~testcase for good examples as to how to help us help you quickly diagnose and solve problems. [11:12]
CuriousMind Here is what my textbook says: "Now, if you have a servlet that needs to handle both POST and GET requests identically, you may be tempted to override service directly rather than implementing [11:12]
surial CuriousMind: what does 'nesting' mean to you in this context? [11:13]
led_dark_1 [led_dark_1!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [11:13]
surial CuriousMind: java doesn't allow putting methods in methods so if I take your statement literally, all I can say is: "There is no purpose; it would not compile". [11:13]
surial hence, I don't think I understand what you are implying. [11:13]
cheeser i *think* it means delegating to one from the other but ... [11:14]
surial CuriousMind: About that textbook senstence, well, finish it. Surely the rest is useful. [11:14]
surial for example, I bet it mentions that the default implementation of HEAD is a little different and you surely cannot deal with that one the same way you deal with either GET or POST. [11:14]
CuriousMind I see [11:14]
CuriousMind Uploaded file: [11:16]
CuriousMind doGet() is in the doPost() method. Maybe I not seeing this correctly? [11:17]
surial CuriousMind: so, the book EXACTLY explains. [11:17]
surial CuriousMind: yes. [11:17]
[twisti-alt] CuriousMind: did you see what i answered you yesterday ? you are working with INCREDIBLY old material, most of which is hilariously outdated [11:17]
surial I was gonna get to that, too. [11:17]
[twisti-alt] surial: it calls it "J2EE by Sun Microsystems" [11:18]
surial CuriousMind: a POST request comes in to the web server. The web server attempts to figure out which code to run to deal with it and because you are evidently living in the goddamn stoneage, you're using straight servlets, so your servlet it is. [11:18]
CuriousMind twisti-alt no sorry [11:18]
surial CuriousMind: this book is at least 15 years old, and it shows. World moved on from this. [11:18]
surial CuriousMind: parts are still relevant, specifically this one: [11:18]
[twisti-alt] it even uses netscape in examples [11:18]
[twisti-alt] you are learning the equivalent of windows 95 [11:18]
cheeser i still use netscape... [11:19]
CuriousMind surial yes I see [11:19]
[twisti-alt] you should throw the book away and get something from this decade at least [11:19]
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surial CuriousMind: Your service() method is aclled. if you don't explicitly write one, there is a default implementation. This one checks which HTTP command is used and then calls doPost, doGet, doHead, etc. If you want both doPost and doGet to do the same thing, you COULD just take all the code you wrote in doGet, and copy/paste it into doPost. But now you have the same code repeated in 2 methods. That's annoying; if you fix a bug in [11:19]
surial one, you have to remember to fix it in the other. [11:19]
surial CuriousMind: instead, in the example in this book, let's say a POST comes in. it goes to the service method, you did not override it so that method will call your doPost method, which you DID override. That method is thus executed to handle the POST. And what does the method do? It calls doGet(), and that's all it does. [11:20]
CuriousMind im reading surial [11:20]
CuriousMind give me a second please [11:21]
lawsa I think I figured out the answer to my question about testing Spring transactions with Mockito. Since I'm not starting a Spring Context, no AOP proxying will be done, so there is no transaction handling. I don't desire to start a Spring Context, so I can't do this testing, and that is fine. [11:22]
CuriousMind you're saying that I didn't override the service method, but I did override the doPost method? [11:22]
CuriousMind surial [11:23]
whoever dreamreal: so the reason why i thaught my issue was a java issue was I never uninstalle my IDE and only moved a few projects around and ANSI escape quit working no warning of a plugin beeing uninstalled , but it was the plugin [11:26]
whoever just thought I would fill you in on the end result [11:26]
surial CuriousMind: Who is talking about 'you'? I'm talking about the snippet in the book you pasted a picture of. [11:26]
surial CuriousMind: did you read it> [11:26]
surial I'm not sure what more we can add, really. [11:26]
CuriousMind i know i know [11:26]
CuriousMind Yes I did [11:27]
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CuriousMind ok that's fine surial, thanks for explaining [11:27]
surial CuriousMind: the snippet does not override the service method, and the surronding text is explicitly telling you: Even though you may be tempted, do NOT override the service method. [11:27]
CuriousMind i see [11:28]
CuriousMind I think everything is initialized in the service method right [11:28]
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surial CuriousMind: 'everything' isnt a particularly technically relevant term here. the service method does some basic stuff (such as setting the last-modified header), and will figure out which of the many doX methods to call to finish the job. That's.. really all it does. [11:47]
surial you're having a hard time dealing with a somewhat simple bit of advice on using a library which is very outdated, from a book that is even more outdated than that. [11:48]
surial Feels like there's a long road ahead :( [11:48]
CuriousMind Yuuup [11:48]
CuriousMind ;( [11:48]
CuriousMind sniffles [11:48]
CuriousMind Thank you for the explanation lol [11:49]
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gizmore how do i copy a map, jsondecode(jsonencode(map))? [01:08]
gizmore really? [01:08]
cheeser what? [01:09]
gizmore i have a map<string, Obj> [01:09]
gizmore i want to copy it [01:09]
gizmore deep copy? [01:10]
cheeser javadoc HashMap [01:10]
cheeser cheeser: [JDK: java.util.HashMap] [01:10]
dreamreal if that's what you need, sure [01:10]
gizmore how to deep copy it? [01:10]
cheeser you'll have to do that manually. [01:10]
dreamreal iterate through every key, put the key and its value in a new map [01:10]
cheeser or serialize out to json and back [01:10]
cheeser e.g. [01:10]
gizmore cheeser: yeah. abusejson [01:11]
dreamreal yeah, don't [01:11]
cheeser xml is a better choice here I think. [01:11]
dreamreal I mean, do it if that's what floats your boat, but... [01:11]
dreamreal toml! [01:11]
gizmore D [01:11]
cheeser actually... [01:11]
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ricky_clarkson Make a SOAP RPC to loopback. [01:19]
cheeser writes an amazon lambda for that. [01:19]
dreamreal jitterbugs to the idea of issuing a lambda call ... so you can deep copy a map [01:20]
cheeser DCaaS [01:21]
dreamreal probably be pretty fast as long as you copied enough maps to keep the lambda present *and* the network calls weren't too horribly expensive, right? [01:22]
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kupi does lowering the interval of async profiler make the result more accurate? [02:29]
kupi also does installing debug symbols increase the accuracy of measuring the time of my methods? (not the jvm ones) [02:30]
dreamreal uhhhh [02:31]
kupi lol [02:31]
dreamreal A) I don't know, I wouldn't think so, and B) no [02:33]
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madflavor kupi: is your time measuring method smart enough to ignore debug pauses ? [07:05]
kupi i don't debug when I measure [07:06]
kupi but idk [07:06]
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very_sneaky hey guys, i've got a weird timezone issue with mysql and JPA. I'm inserting Java Date objects which are being converted to My [09:20]
very_sneaky MySQL DATETIME objects [09:20]
very_sneaky when it's inserted, it appears to be doing it correctly by converting the time as a local time to UTC under the hood, but when my JPA repository queries it, it's being returned as a UTC datetime, i.e. `"datetime":"2019-08-20T11:00:00.000+0000"` instead of `"datetime":"2019-08-20T21:00:00.000"` [09:22]
very_sneaky what i'm reading about MySQL DATETIME columns is that it's supposed to return the datetime in local time, not utc, so i'm not sure what's going on or what JPA might be doing. anybody have any ideas? [09:22]
very_sneaky this isn't functionally an issue, i've got unit tests that are failing though because what's inserted isn't what's retrieved [09:24]
Diablo-D3 its normalizing your data [09:27]
Diablo-D3 so you should be asking java date for the utc transformation, storing that, and then comparing the stored version to the transformed version [09:28]
Diablo-D3 or tell mysql to give you datetimes back in your preferred timezone, but eh, normalizing to utc is generally the intended behavior [09:29]
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very_sneaky Diablo-D3: so I should change my @Entity setter to something like this? [09:32]
very_sneaky hmm, that's going to do the same thing [09:34]
very_sneaky you're basically just saying i should pass it UTC datetime's to begin with [09:34]
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dreamreal ew, don't store text fields [09:51]
dreamreal store temporal fields, use ZonedDateTime [09:51]
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very_sneaky dreamreal: text fields? [09:54]
dreamreal just looking at that method [09:55]
dreamreal it's not text but geez [09:55]
very_sneaky dreamreal: i'm writing manual sql atm to set an initial state for my h2 database to run tests against [09:56]
dreamreal very_sneaky: *nod* (BTW, you could always programmatically generate your data, then dump the script) [09:56]
very_sneaky do you know how to specify the datetime field in this statement: `INSERT INTO channels(name, datetime, visibility, archived) VALUES ('SEPT', '2019-08-20 21:00:00', 1, false);` to use UTC rather than my local tz? [09:56]
very_sneaky atm my issue it's that *that* is being converted to UTC in the db, and so it's output is unpredictable depending on where the server is that runs the tests [09:57]
dreamreal [09:57]
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dreamreal hmm [09:57]
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very_sneaky hmmm, that helps with formatting i guess, but how does that address tz? [09:58]
dreamreal Not sure yet, I'd have to play [09:58]
very_sneaky i tried the sql functions `CONVERT_TZ('2015-05-06 12:34:56','+00:00','SYSTEM')`, but that sends everything haywire [09:59]
dreamreal [10:00]
very_sneaky seems like the thread you linked answers that though; it's interpreted by h2 not sql [10:00]
very_sneaky dreamreal: i could kiss you [10:03]
very_sneaky thanks for that [10:03]
very_sneaky that's where i was going wrong, didn't realise h2 only supported TIMESTAMP, so i was looking for DATETIME solutions [10:03]
dreamreal please don't, but I'm glad you're making progress [10:03]
very_sneaky ) [10:04]
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sshine hi. what are my options for setting classpath? java -classpath, CLASSPATH, is there a .classpath file I can set for a project? [11:24]
cheeser not for the jvm, no [11:26]
sshine okay, thanks. [11:28]
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