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ueb Hi there [03:13]
ueb I've got 2 critical webapps, and I'd like to prevent memory leak from one compromising the other [03:16]
ueb I did it using 2 distinct VMs, but there's an overhead for that [03:17]
ueb having 2 distinct instances of Tomcat could solve this problem? [03:18]
Maldivia ueb: it could, yes -- really depends on what kind of memory leak you have; you could also just fix it :D [03:21]
ueb Maldivia yes sure :) [03:25]
ueb it's better 2 distinct Tomcat instances to avoid this problem? [03:27]
Maldivia personally, I'm not much for the "let's deploy all our apps on this single app server" approach, so yeah -- go with distinct JVMs :D [03:33]
ueb yes, that's why I'm thinking about splitting the app server into 2 "instances", not VMs [03:58]
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[twisti] im surprised nobody suggested docker [04:24]
Maldivia [twisti]: I was assuming he started there with the multiple VMs ? [04:26]
[twisti] good point [04:27]
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ueb Hi there [05:13]
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ueb I've got 2 critical webapps, on 2 distinct VMs [05:13]
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ueb to avoid VM overhead I'd like to use a single VM, increasing Tomcat memory settings [05:13]
ueb what do you think about? [05:13]
yawkat dont do it [05:14]
ueb why? [05:14]
yawkat you save maybe a 100M. memory is cheap. the added administrative pain isnt [05:14]
ueb but I created that secondary VM only for running Tomcat [05:15]
yawkat so? [05:16]
ueb VM1 is running Tomcat1 + MySQL1, VM2 is running Tomcat2 connected to MySQL1 [05:16]
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yawkat oh you mean literally a vm. as in kvm? [05:17]
ueb yes [05:17]
yawkat then it's fine either way [05:17]
yawkat again, you save relatively little memory but the benefit for multiple vms is less as well [05:17]
ueb 2 VMware virtual machines on ESXi [05:17]
ueb what do you suggest then? [05:18]
yawkat do whatever you like [05:18]
ueb sure but what's the best thing in your opinion [05:19]
yawkat id actually prefer putting the mysql into its own vm, because mysql is more linked to the system and easier to maintain that way [05:19]
yawkat ive done both depending on mood. [05:19]
yawkat and theres always docker like [twisti] suggested [05:19]
ueb ok thanks [05:21]
ueb maybe I'll change OS for the secondary VM, from Windows XP to a minimal Debian [05:21]
yawkat xp O.o [05:22]
mbooth Windows XP! [05:22]
mbooth ueb: I see you are developing in ~2005. Wait until you see what 2020 is like :-o [05:22]
ueb hehehe [05:23]
ueb it was an old VM never destroyed :) [05:23]
ueb so open options are 1) convert VM OS 2) using a single VM setting Tomcat memory [05:26]
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ueb considering how they're linked, what's the best option in your opinion? [05:28]
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mbooth ueb: Can you imagine anyone in the world will say "yes, continue running a critical application on Windows XP in 2020" ??? [05:30]
[twisti] ueb: i very much hope that windows xp is not connected to anything network related, let alone the internet [05:31]
nsaunders windowsxp!!? good golly. what's your IP address? [05:32]
[twisti] setting up a vm should be a few minutes work at most, setting up a new docker container ought to be a matter of seconds [05:32]
Maldivia mbooth: you mean all the ATMs etc that still run XP :D [05:32]
mbooth Maldivia: They mostly run OS2 where I live :-o [05:32]
ueb yes, most ATMs still run XP :) [05:33]
ueb however, consider that it's an intranet webapp [05:33]
Maldivia mbooth: oh, and the nuclear submarines runs Windows XP for Submarines :D [05:33]
Maldivia (yes, that's an actual thing!) [05:34]
mbooth Maldivia: Somehow I doubt ueb has the same kind of special custom support agreement that the MoD has with Microsoft ;-) [05:36]
ueb docker is not possible, because on that physical server there is ESXi [05:37]
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doev Hi! [05:40]
doev Is there any tool to generate a classdiagramm of an whole java-projekt? [05:40]
mbooth uml [05:41]
mbooth doev, UML stands for the "Unified Modeling Language," a graphical notation for software development. Depending on the shop using it, it's either a useful aid or a life-consuming cult. See and the ##uml channel here on FreeNode. [05:41]
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mbooth doev: You may be able to find tools to generate UML diagrams from existing code. My question is why though? Is this a homework question? [05:42]
doev mbooth: A third party has create a system for us. We want to ask them to send us a classdiagramm to see internal struktures. I want to be sure, that there is software to generate one with minimal effort. [05:44]
yawkat why do you want to see internals? and why as uml? [05:45]
doev I think Java is high struktured and it must be possible. [05:45]
yawkat but sure, intellij ultimate can do it [05:45]
doev ceo is thinking about going to another company. I was asked to tell him what I think about this "crazy" idea. [05:46]
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Stummi doev, so, you are expected to get any useful insights on code/architecture quality from looking at a UML diagram? [05:53]
doev Stummi: yes [05:54]
Stummi uhm, well. Good luck, I think? [05:54]
doev Stummi: thank you. [05:54]
Stummi IIRC eclipse has (had?) a plugin to export a codebase as UML diagram [05:55]
Stummi but Its like 3 years ago that I used eclipse [05:55]
ueb I don't love WinXP either [05:57]
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ueb however, what's the best thing in your opinion to manage 2 critical webapps? [05:59]
ueb 1) mantain 2 VMs 2) unify on a single VM and setting Tomcat memory properly? [06:00]
doev My itension is to advice my ceo, who to start conversation with our partner. I am not member of the project, but there must be a problem. Maybe it is getting to expensive or what ever. If he thinks that he can instruct a third party to work on extensions, I have to tell him, that we need to know how well the project is struktured. We need some information about the project structure. I think asking for the source code is a face-off. [06:03]
doev sometimes I hate my job. :( [06:04]
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Maldivia doev: well, what kind of contract did you have with this 3rd party -- clauses about source code access are usually specificed explicitly there to avoid confusion in the future [06:14]
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Maldivia doev: IP rights, copyrights, etc etc, all the lawyery stuff [06:16]
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dreamreal morning [06:23]
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dreamreal [07:30]
dreamreal dreamreal's title: "GitHub - nebula-plugins/gradle-lint-plugin: A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns of misuse or deprecations in Gradle scripts." [07:30]
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dmlloyd trustin lee (the netty author) had a tool called "apiviz" that would use graphviz to add UML type hierarchy diagrams to your javadoc [08:54]
dmlloyd clickable etc. [08:54]
dmlloyd it sort of bitrotted but the fundamental idea is sound IMO [08:54]
dmlloyd visualizing an API in terms of its type hierachy is useful [08:54]
sonOfRa How do you generally order your annotations when there's more than one on a class? Alphabetically? Semantically-then-alphabetically? By length so it's more aesthetically pleasing to read? [08:55]
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sonOfRa Class in question has 6 annotations, 4 lombok-annotations and 2 mongo annotations. Currently they're ordered alphabetically, but there's so many options! [08:56]
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mbooth sonOfRa: I'd struggle to care too much, tbh [09:09]
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dreamreal is definitely struggling to care too much too [09:10]
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[twisti] by length [09:17]
[twisti] and may God forgive me for my sins [09:17]
dreamreal sonOfRa: you should use a ton of tabs and organize by those [09:21]
sonOfRa D [09:21]
sonOfRa [twisti]: yeah I feel similarly about organizing them by length. It *looks* good but makes little sense! [09:22]
dreamreal I'd organize them by importance, actually: semantically [09:22]
dreamreal so all the mongo annotations, then the JSON annotations, then... [09:22]
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ueb Hi there [09:32]
dreamreal hi [09:32]
cheeser [twisti]: i order by length, too. :) [09:34]
[twisti] ueb: are you going to ask whether to run two webapps on the same vm or different vms again ? [09:34]
tassee [tassee!] has joined ##java [09:34]
[twisti] you know the answer to that isnt going to change, right ? [09:34]
ueb [twisti] no [09:35]
cheeser "... not ... anymore?" [09:35]
ueb it's about memory leak [09:35]
dreamreal and yet you've still not asked anything :) [09:35]
cheeser give her a second [09:36]
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dreamreal starts the el timer-o :) [09:36]
ueb in your opinion the call to the following function for printing a Jasper Report could lead to a memory leak ? [09:37]
dreamreal Yes [09:37]
cheeser profiler [09:37]
cheeser ueb, A profiler is a tool to find performance bottlenecks. VisualVM is a free profiler available from (included with OpenJDK up to Java 8); JProfiler and YourKit cost money but usually have free eval periods or time-limited betas. Java Flight Recorder and Java Mission Control were recently opened sourced under OpenJDK. [09:37]
ueb the caller is: MyApplication.getInstance().stampaReport("report.jasper", id_ord, 0, true); [09:37]
dreamreal ueb: there's really no way for US to tell. Can your code lead to a memory leak? Sure. A profiler is how you'll find that out, not by asking randos on IRC [09:40]
ueb randos? [09:40]
ueb we can investigate about it.. not randos [09:41]
mbooth I mean, your IDE can warn you about potential unclosed resources. I'm sure Eclipse can do this ever since Java 7 (try-with-resources) was introduced... [09:41]
ueb however, regarding VisualVM, should I install it on the remote linux machine without downtime? [09:41]
ueb mbooth ok therefore I should install it locally for testing, correct? [09:42]
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mbooth ueb: You... Don't already use an IDE? [09:43]
ueb mbooth sure, I use Eclipse for this project [09:43]
mbooth ueb: Then I don't understand your question. [09:45]
mbooth For Visual VM, it can connect to remote JVMs [09:45]
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ueb mbooth VisualVM plugin is available to Eclipse too? [09:49]
mbooth ueb: No, VisualVM is a profiler [09:49]
ueb on its site I see Netbeans plugin [09:49]
dreamreal ueb: "randos" == random people on the internet. Us, in other words. [09:49]
banisterfiend [banisterfiend!~textual@ruby/staff/banisterfiend] has joined ##java [09:50]
ueb ok available IDE integrations are listed here [09:50]
ueb ueb's title: "VisualVM: IDE Integrations" [09:50]
dreamreal thanks! [09:51]
ueb you're welcome :) [09:52]
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kirua hi [10:00]
kirua i have the follwing issue with openjpa : is it because the entity is detached ? [10:01]
ueb56 [ueb56!] has joined ##java [10:03]
enoq we are currently using rhel 7 and openjdk 8 and are looking to upgrade to 11; is there a good way to run both jvms in parallel? [10:03]
enoq JVM_HOME? [10:03]
dreamreal kirua: ... probably? [10:03]
dreamreal enoq: sure, it's just a path [10:03]
dreamreal enoq: sdkman even makes it trivial [10:03]
freeone3000 [freeone3000!~freeone30@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined ##java [10:04]
kirua dreamreal: what's your guess ? the stacktrace is pointing towards the subclass that already exists, and there are multiple check of the hashcode of each object in that stacktrace [10:04]
enoq dreamreal: thank you [10:04]
dreamreal kirua: *shrug* Without seeing the code there's no way to tell. But it very well could be a detached entity. [10:05]
kirua the procedure to solve that kind of mistake, is to follow the stacktrace and find where the entity gets detached ? [10:05]
enoq dreamreal: so just using a different JVM_HOME environment variable in a systemd unit should be enough, right [10:05]
dreamreal JAVA_HOME, normally, but sure [10:06]
enoq my bad, right, thank you :) [10:06]
wedr Currently-in-production legacy code I'm working on contains a triple-level HashMap collection object, HashMap<A, ConcurrentHashMap<B, HashMap<C, D>>>. Tempted to refactor this. [10:06]
mbooth enoq: Java 8 and Java 11 are parallel installation right from the RHEL repositories -- I guess you didn't try it? [10:10]
mbooth s/installation/installable/ [10:10]
kirua dreamreal: can a 'em.flush()' cause an entity to be detached ? [10:22]
dreamreal it shouldn't [10:23]
ueb56 anybody here uses Jasper Reports? [10:23]
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ueb56 I see memory leaks after creating a hundred of reports [10:24]
orbyt_ [orbyt_!~orbyt@] has joined ##java [10:24]
ueb56 do you think that my code could be optimized to avoid it? [10:25]
dreamreal is it caused by your code or jasper [10:26]
ueb56 it's caused by my code using Jasper [10:29]
dreamreal sighs [10:29]
ueb56 but it's hard to say if it's strictly due to my code or Jasper.. [10:29]
dreamreal okay, so let's go with "no" then [10:29]
ueb56 looked at it? [10:30]
dreamreal nope [10:31]
dreamreal simple deduction [10:31]
ueb56 I'm trying to finally close objects or make them null [10:33]
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enoq mbooth: we don't have rights to manage our servers [11:35]
enoq we need to open tickets first and check beforehand that they won't screw up [11:35]
dreamreal hands enoq docker and/or podman [11:35]
dreamreal now you do! [11:36]
enoq yeah, we are using docker, but it's and older and buggy version [11:36]
cheeser podman++ [11:36]
dreamreal swaps it out for podman [11:36]
enoq and we need to dockerize hybris first which will be a pain [11:36]
dreamreal I actually prefer podman to docker but docker's still the standard [11:36]
enoq well, you usually work with k8s in that case I think [11:36]
enoq also I'm unsure how well podman is supported on macos [11:37]
dreamreal It's all OCI [11:37]
dreamreal you should be able to BUILD with docker and deploy with podman [11:38]
enoq right, issue would be more docker-compose [11:38]
dreamreal ("brew install podman" works, BTW - it's a cask, but still!) [11:38]
enoq oh cool, is that really podman or just some mac os app named the same [11:39]
dreamreal looks like a real podman [11:40]
enoq thank you, will take a look :) [11:41]
dreamreal for development it shouldn't matter; on OSX I'd use docker desktop (and I do.) Podman would be for the TARGET environment to run, as podman can run docker images fine (they're all OCI) [11:42]
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mbooth Do you pronounce "podman" like a super hero (like Batman) or like a surname (like Goldman-Sachs)? [12:07]
dreamreal "po-DEE-mun" [12:07]
mbooth Heh [12:07]
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arcanescu I have a string as follows str = "abc(1,2,3)" I am trying to split it so that i get [1,2,3] with the following regex Arrays.asList(str.split("\\((.*?)\\)")) ) - it seems i keep getting only 1 char [12:10]
arcanescu what would be the correct way to do this split .. [12:10]
freeone3000 arcanescu, you're splitting on everything. [12:11]
freeone3000 arcanescu, One thing you could do is instead of doing a split, do a match, such as on \d+ in that example. [12:12]
freeone3000 arcanescu, If you split on "[)(,]" you'll get "abc","1","2","3" [12:12]
arcanescu i do a match on \d+ ? and then split? [12:13]
cheeser if you match on \d+ you'd get a set of matches. there'd be nothing to split. [12:14]
dreamreal mbooth: ... just like "buh-TEEM-un" [12:15]
arcanescu so i dont understand how the split would work then ... [12:15]
dreamreal you wouldn't split, you'd just pull out the values you need [12:15]
dreamreal you'd get a list of matches and seed the array/collection/list with the results [12:16]
sonOfRa arcanescu: are you trying to parse a programming language with regexes [12:17]
arcanescu freeone3000 i start getting whitespace with v [12:21]
arcanescu "[)(,] [12:21]
arcanescu nvm ill replace them with replaceall [12:24]
dreamreal ... [12:25]
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o_david hi. currently I have a EnvironmentVarParser, SettingsFileParser and ArgumentParser that all duplicate knowledge and defaults of some settings. I'd like to centralize that into some kind of Setting class for each configurable, and ideally have some API like .get<IsDebugEnabledSetting>() or similar for accessing them. it looks like this is possible using generics (and some internal Map<Class, ..>) but I [12:31]
o_david can't find any idiomatic java that does that. is there some better method? [12:31]
o_david (the goal is to pull details of one setting into a single independent class, and remove knowledge of those settings from the central settings parsing code) [12:31]
o_david one problem with .get<...>() is that the return type of .get() would need to vary according to the value type of the setting. I don't know if that is possible in java like it is in c++ [12:33]
dreamreal configuration [12:36]
dreamreal dreamreal, what does that even *mean*? [12:36]
dreamreal hmm [12:36]
dreamreal o_david: check out [12:36]
dreamreal dreamreal's title: "GitHub - lightbend/config: configuration library for JVM languages using HOCON files" [12:36]
dreamreal or spring boot, or anything like that; lots of packages handle configuration from various places [12:37]
o_david thx [12:37]
dreamreal gah, $work left my lib to do that as a private repo :( [12:38]
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bionade24 Hi, I have a JPanel with already some images in it, but it won't let me add a GridLayout later on. It's always invisible. If I add a Button without GridLayout, I have to set a Size to make it visible. How can I solve this? Can I set the area of the GridLayout? [01:16]
ernimril bionade24, "adding a GridLayou" when already having components inside it is a bad idea [01:17]
ernimril bionade24, if you update the layout you have to call jPanel.revalidate() [01:17]
freeone3000 bionade24, What's the top-level LayoutManager you're using? Do you need a separate grid? [01:21]
bionade24 My Big Problem is that there is now other method to get my Custom Button type to not use full x space available that I'm aware of. Method is openIngameMenu() [01:24]
dreamreal bionade24: so... add a panel [01:24]
freeone3000 oh geez someone wrote a game in swing again. we should have a factoid for this, but... *sigh* [01:25]
bionade24 freeone3000: I know my teachers forces us too :( [01:25]
freeone3000 bionade24, Do not use one central ActionListener, use one ActionListener per action. [01:25]
cheeser games should be written in fx ;) [01:25]
ernimril swing works fine, sure fx has a few new features, but for trivial games it does not really matter [01:26]
freeone3000 Because now every button calls one giant statement which then has to pick which button originally spawned it and you *had this info* when you added it. One ActionListener per action. [01:26]
ernimril now one method reference per .addActionListener [01:26]
ernimril or lambda [01:26]
ernimril yikes... that code... I am glad I have no spoons nearby ... :-) [01:27]
freeone3000 Well, the intent's good. It actually does use a time-delta-based update approach for repaint. [01:27]
ernimril using Thread.yield and Thread.sleep(1) !?!? [01:28]
bionade24 ernimril: Ignore the loop, it's in early stage I switched from using timers some hours ago [01:28]
freeone3000 I said the INTENT was good! [01:28]
freeone3000 I'd... actually prefer it to be on a timer. ScheduledExecutorService.scheduleAtFixedRate(). [01:28]
ernimril bionade24, if you want help with layout a sketch of what you want is typically better than non-working code [01:29]
freeone3000 It looks like the GridLayout is being added on top of the panel in order to display a game menu... Instead of drawing it directly to the game, it's being absolutely positioned since the top-level layout is a NullLayout [01:29]
bionade24 Ok, help me everywhere. What should I use instead of Thread.yield() or Thread.sleep()? [01:29]
ernimril as said above: ScheduledExecutorService.scheduleAtFixedRate() [01:30]
bionade24 freeone3000: "The internet" said timers were unprecise [01:31]
freeone3000 bionade24, So's Thread.sleep(), in exactly the same ways for exactly the same reasons. [01:31]
freeone3000 bionade24, That's why you have the entire time-delta interpolation math! [01:31]
ernimril bionade24, all timing things are unreliable, your OS may swap out your process and keep it hibernated forever [01:31]
bionade24 ernimril: Should install Linux-RT, shouldn't I ? ;) [01:32]
freeone3000 Thread.yield() is a *weird* op, as well. What does yielding a time-slice even mean? Your delta is smaller than a quantum! [01:32]
freeone3000 Basically: You want something to happen at a fixed rate, you schedule at a fixed rate, and your time-delta code handles when it's slightly off. [01:33]
conan [conan!] has joined ##java [01:33]
orbyt_ [orbyt_!~orbyt@] has joined ##java [01:35]
freeone3000 As for the layout: Okay, the approach actual games take is to draw menus in-engine with a rendering toolkit. This is a school assignment, so too much work. You want a separate JPanel with its own LinearLayout in orientation VERTICAL (not GridLayout, which always looks like ass) -- ON THE EDT: place the JPanel arbitrarily in its parent, then call .invalidate(); .revalidate(); repaint(); yes all three, in that order. [01:35]
freeone3000 From your game loop, this will have to be handled in an EventQueue.invokeLater() to add it to the EDT task queue. [01:36]
hypc1 [hypc1!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [01:36]
freeone3000 Your top-level JPanel should also explicitly have .setLayout(null); called on it, so items don't automatically position themselves in BorderLayout.CENTER. Unless you want that. [01:36]
ernimril as always with ui, it is best to start with a sketch or two and show how you want things to look [01:37]
ernimril too hard to suggest different alternative without it [01:38]
ernimril one option for having a menu over things with swing would of course be the JLayeredPane [01:40]
conan [conan!] has joined ##java [01:41]
freeone3000 ...yes that's for sure *an* option [01:42]
freeone3000 It might actually work quite well here, for a menu on top of a game, I just remember it was a pain when I last used it. [01:42]
bionade24 Is there any Java or C++ Open Source Game engine you would suggest me to rewrite the game in after I submitted it? [01:43]
freeone3000 Unity's popular, and well-suited for small tasks like this. [01:45]
freeone3000 As for open-source... Godot, maybe? It's been making some very strong strides. [01:45]
kirua [kirua!~kirua@unaffiliated/kirua] has joined ##java [01:50]
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sl33k [sl33k!] has joined ##java [01:56]
sl33k xml [01:56]
sl33k Working with XML? Consider ~jackson, ~xstream, or ~jaxb to read and write XML. Avoid SAX (org.xml.sax) and DOM (org.w3c.dom); StAX is okay ( ), but these days most use jackson. [01:56]
sl33k jaxb [01:56]
sl33k sl33k, jaxb is short for Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB), a library to turn java objects into XML and back. Part of the java-ee umbrella. [01:56]
sl33k Hi guys. I'm stuck on how to map an Xml node i have generated from jaxb xml schema where the property name is just a field Element any; annotated with a @XmlAnyElement. [01:58]
sl33k I found it odd I'd have to implement and/or create a whole Element meself, and wondered if there was a subclass that made this trivial [01:58]
sl33k wonder also if there might be a jaxb binding that allowed me to map this to an object instead [01:59]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined ##java [01:59]
freeone3000 yes. absolutely. what object do you want it to map to? [02:01]
nickel8448 [nickel8448!~nickel844@] has joined ##java [02:02]
sl33k freeone3000: cheer. Will like it to map to one of the other generated objects from my xsd - let's say Info. [02:02]
kirua [kirua!~kirua@unaffiliated/kirua] has joined ##java [02:04]
sl33k freeone3000: from the copied xsd and what I can read it just says <xs:any minOccurs="0" processContents="lax"/> the relevant parts. This is somehow generating a JAXB bean with property: protected Element any; annotated with @XmlAnyElement that is then hard to work with [02:06]
freeone3000 xs:any is *explicitly* unspecified, that's the best jaxb can do from that schema. [02:12]
Sasazuka [Sasazuka!~Sasazuka@unaffiliated/sasazuka] has joined ##java [02:13]
dka hi all, how can I declare two bean of the same class without having the error 'The dependencies of some of the beans in the application context form a cycle:' [02:13]
freeone3000 sl33k, You can modify the code afterwards and then it'll try to map the actual XML documents to what you've supplied and error if it can't, but beware this won't be generatable from schema changes. [02:13]
sl33k freeone3000: how about if i go ahead and overwrite the xsd itself in such a way I specify the Info class it needs to be specific too or at least Object? How would that read like/ [02:15]
sl33k dka: think you can do this by naming the beans differently or specifying some more metadata. Is this spring? [02:16]
freeone3000 sl33k, it's usually xs:element or xs:sequence with corresponding names. See the other elements in the XSD as examples. [02:16]
dka yes it is spring boot 1.5.9, I have tried using @Primary on the bean and @Qualifier on the non primary, but I always end with that error [02:17]
VVD [VVD!~VVD@] has joined ##java [02:17]
sl33k freeone3000: yeah will do that. Wonder why they went with Any in the first place! Only guess I have is cos they do some hacky stuff where it looks like an xml within an Xml. If i do have to create an Element - do you know what classes would get me ther? I am currently looking at JAXBContext [02:18]
sl33k dka: i've done this recently, let me look it up for you. [02:18]
freeone3000 sl33k, cheapest way is to run parseTree() on a string [02:18]
freeone3000 xml-in-xml is usually done with nested xsds (see: SVG-in-XHTML), it's part of the spec. xs:any is used when parts of the schema are unspecified or unspecifiable. [02:19]
dka this is what I am trying: [02:19]
dreamreal sl33k: what are you trying to parse, exactly? [02:19]
sl33k dreamreal: so I am not parsing, i've copied some xsd files that generated via Jaxb in my project and one of the nodes is a JAXB bean with property: protected Element any; [02:21]
sl33k dreamreal: I don't want to deal with creating an Element ideally! This is happening cos the schema says: <xs:any minOccurs="0" processContents="lax"/>. [02:21]
dreamreal well, what does the actual XML that schema represents put in that node? [02:21]
dreamreal I know it's wacky but that's what I was trying to get you to tell me with the first question [02:22]
sl33k dreamreal: from the XML example they have given me it puts something that looks like a (this is generated by one of their other xsds), the weird thing though is that this has xmlns xmlns:xsd and looks like a String generated from a root node. [02:23]
sl33k so its like a Wrapper for two other xml outputs both any. They have represented this using Element any; as above. [02:24]
dka did you find how sl33k ? [02:27]
freeone3000 ah. you can represent this as an xs:sequence with two optional elements. [02:29]
sl33k dka: i think I just used @Qualifier [02:32]
dka how do you declare two bean in the same class? @Qualifier is for usage [02:32]
kirua [kirua!~kirua@unaffiliated/kirua] has joined ##java [02:33]
sl33k dka: in your configuration, you can just have a method that returns the beans you want. If the return time is same, you just use @Bean @Qualifer("fooVersion") public VersionInstance getFooVersion() and then same for bar! [02:34]
sl33k dka: it might also depend on version you are using, I see some of my legacy code use the @Bean(name = "fooVersion") syntax! [02:37]
amosbird [amosbird!~amosbird@2a01:111:f102:8001::1761:4cf8] has joined ##java [02:38]
dka I've tried both none of them allow me to start spring with the two [02:40]
sl33k dka: i've just seen your snippet. Use @Qualifier to bring both in for testing purpose and remove the @Primary entiredly! [02:40]
dka I can't even have the two in the same class, I have tried to use two @Configuration class [02:40]
sl33k dka: your example looks generally okay. It should ideally work. Let me see if i can recreate it within my project - if it works for me then you'd have to produce a demo app :p [02:45]
llorllale [llorllale!] has joined ##java [02:47]
dka I always get : org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCurrentlyInCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'credit': Requested bean is currently in creation: Is there an unresolvable circular reference? even if one of the two bean is created in a different class [02:48]
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sonOfRa dka: well how are you expecting to get a List<StripeProduct> autowired into the constructors if you're currently in the process of... creating exactly those beans? [02:52]
dka I am not, there's a bean @Bean public List<StripeProduct> stripeProductList() in the same config [02:53]
NotKevIn [NotKevIn!] has joined ##java [02:54]
sl33k dka: i have a spring boot 2 app and doing a test with public List<String> list1 and list2 worked fine. [02:54]
dka This is the full @Configuration class [02:54]
sl33k dka: in my test, I don't bother about the primary at all. I treat both as named beans [02:55]
sonOfRa My guess is that Spring is trying to inject *all* StripeProduct beans into that list [02:55]
dka I am not using @Primary anymore if you look at the gist [02:55]
sonOfRa And that includes the two beans you are defining there [02:55]
dka sonOfRa, was right, removing those and calling stripeProductList() instead work [02:58]
dka thanjs [02:58]
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sl33k i don't get it but well done @sonOfRa ! :D [03:05]
mizi [mizi!~mizi@2003:ec:f708:3900:4026:58ce:82d9:b5d0] has joined ##java [03:05]
sonOfRa sl33k: when you have a @Bean public Type foo(List<Type> types), then Spring will automatically try to @Autowired the List<Type>, trying to find *all* beans of that type in your applicationContext [03:06]
sonOfRa But, the method itself also returns a Bean of Type, so it is *part* of that list. Which is a circular dependency [03:06]
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sl33k sonOfRa: so line #59 was the problem? [03:13]
sonOfRa well either that or 72/77 where the list gets injected [03:13]
sonOfRa Gotta break that cycle manually [03:13]
sl33k yeah! [03:13]
oxum [oxum!~oxum@] has joined ##java [03:15]
sl33k sonOfRa: so even this snippet thats simple, is wrong as well. [03:15]
sonOfRa yeah [03:15]
sl33k and then he fixes by calling the method himself to get list. [03:16]
sl33k cheers again @sonOfRa and @dka . :) [03:16]
sl33k gives up on xml any for today! :( [03:16]
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NotKevIn I have an JavaFX ImageView and a Pane on top of it. The image has for example a resolution of 1280x720. Sine the ImageView is smaller the image gets scaled down. My problem is that I would like to put a rectangle onto the Pane, but the Pane only has the width and height of the ImageView (which has the scaled down image), hence the Recantle coordinates only fits to the scaled down version. How could I add an pane width the resolut [03:21]
NotKevIn scaled down image? [03:21]
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NotKevIn parted the channel: [06:29]
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juria_roberts if there any difference between throw new RuntimeException("message) and throw new RuntimeException("message", null) ? [07:14]
sonOfRa browse RuntimeException [07:15]
sonOfRa A reference matching 'RuntimeException' can be found at: [java.lang.RuntimeException] [07:15]
Peste_Bubonica [Peste_Bubonica!~Peste_Bub@unaffiliated/peste-bubonica/x-4612396] has joined ##java [07:16]
sonOfRa Yes [07:16]
sonOfRa cause is default-initialized to "this". In your case you're explicitly setting it to null. [07:17]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "java/14 : java.base/java/lang/" [07:17]
juria_roberts WiIl there be any difference in the stacktrace? [07:21]
dreamreal tias [07:21]
dreamreal Try it and see. You learn much more by experimentation than by asking without having even tried. [07:21]
dreamreal but in effect, no [07:21]
juria_roberts Thanks! [07:22]
Devastator I feel bad to have a class with just name as attribute, but I don't know what else I could have as attribute of Brand.. I'll let it be [07:22]
dreamreal Devastator: like a brand name? Well... what about an artificial identifier? [07:23]
Devastator dreamreal class is id and name, I guess I can call id an artificial identifier [07:23]
dreamreal what about createdAt, updatedAt? [07:24]
dreamreal id is an artificial identifier, yes [07:24]
Devastator dreamreal I want to thank you, with your help I was able to finish Customer's CRUD [07:24]
dreamreal you're welcome, I guess [07:24]
dreamreal I didn't do anything that anyone else wouldn't have or couldn't have done [07:25]
Devastator dreamreal these are some good ideas! I even want to learn how to keep track on who added a Brand and updated it, but I guess I will leave that for next version.. [07:25]
Devastator suffering programming in a nutshell.. make it work first :D [07:26]
dreamreal that is the important bit [07:26]
Devastator I'm also stumped by how much I' [07:27]
Devastator I've refactored my code since I started [07:27]
dreamreal pretty normal really in a language that enables effective refactoring [07:28]
Devastator I always thought great modelling = less refactoring, but modelling never ends and you end up just.. modelling [07:28]
dreamreal modelling's all about assumptions [07:28]
dreamreal they tend to change once you start using the model [07:28]
Devastator exactly [07:29]
Devastator as an example, I didn't put price on my Repair class yet, because I don't know yet where I'm gonna put it [07:29]
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Devastator should I leave ResponseEntity without generics for @DeleteMapping or put it like this: ResponseEntity<?>? [07:35]
ron generics is the worst. never use it. [07:35]
hypc1 [hypc1!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [07:36]
Devastator I thought generics was one of the greatest additions to Java [07:38]
cheeser no that would be 'assert' [07:39]
dreamreal java.util.Date, you idiots [07:39]
ron goto? [07:39]
dreamreal heh [07:39]
dreamreal hrmmmmm [07:39]
cheeser dreamreal: not a language feature :) [07:39]
dreamreal Even if it was I'm not sure it could top assert [07:40]
dreamreal static imports? [07:41]
dreamreal I still think assert wins the most useless award :/ [07:41]
dualfade good evening. I'm trying to write a small java app and I need a couple android libararies. I cannot seam to import them and I have the packages installed. Also. My $PATH should be set. [07:48]
ron WRONG [07:48]
dualfade what I am saying is wrong ? or someone else ? [07:49]
ricky_clarkson That's ron's full name. [07:50]
fstd_ [fstd_!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted] has joined ##java [07:51]
ron ricky_clarkson: better than what silly Americans normally think it is [07:51]
dualfade hah ok. I just got here hahahahaha [07:51]
ron android [07:51]
ron dualfade, Android is Google's OS based on Linux and a non-Java-bytecode Virtual Machine. See . Start in #android-dev if you have Android development questions - and if you use Android's API or you're running it on Android, you have an Android development question. [07:51]
dreamreal dualfade: android libraries? [07:51]
dreamreal What android libraries would these be, and why would they be used in a java app? [07:52]
dualfade yeah maybe im going about this all wrong. I decomped the binary and was trying to modify it. [07:52]
ricky_clarkson Java might be the fourth best language for Android dev at the moment ;) [07:52]
dualfade Alright let me change chans. sorry [07:53]
dualfade parted the channel: [07:54]
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dualfade @WRONG. Got it working. Thanks for the WRONG. [08:51]
dualfade ;) [08:51]
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RcHaCk hey [09:03]
zanetti [zanetti!~zanetti@2804:14c:3baa:485:bc7e:cb7c:53d6:bbe8] has joined ##java [09:03]
dualfade me ? [09:03]
RcHaCk ? [09:03]
RcHaCk sure hey dualfade [09:03]
dualfade hi hahahaha [09:04]
RcHaCk how are you? [09:04]
dualfade feeling better. just crushed that rev crypto ctf ;) [09:05]
RcHaCk nice [09:05]
dualfade took all day but it's done [09:05]
dualfade because I suuuuuucccckkkkkk at java [09:05]
RcHaCk ahh atleast its done [09:05]
dualfade true [09:05]
RcHaCk ya i havnt done too much java myself [09:05]
RcHaCk you know anything about sockets ? [09:06]
dualfade no I dont honestly. sorry. I would be zero help there [09:06]
dualfade good luck thought ;) [09:07]
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