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chindy I wrote a jvmti agent A (in C++ and have a shared library object). In addition I have a java program P and a target program T (T and P are unrelated). is it possible to start analysing program T with the agent A from program P? at the moment what I do is essentially run the commandline "java -agentlib.... -jar T.jar" with the process builder from program P [03:56]
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yawkat sure, with the attach api [04:04]
Maldivia [04:05]
yawkat remembers his NIH days [04:06]
Maldivia chindy: in short: var vm = VirtualMachine.attach(PID); vm.loadAgentLibrary(pathToNativeAgent); vm.detach(); [04:07]
chindy yawkat: Maldivia ahh thanks that is what I was looking for! [04:08]
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chindy yawkat: Maldivia, it seems like, I need to start a process first, right? as the attach() requires a PID. But how do I start a VM and suspend it until an agent is attached? [04:30]
yawkat well... then run it with the agent? [04:32]
yawkat java -jar and all [04:32]
yawkat if you dont need live attaching whats the problem with your current approach? [04:33]
chindy it's ugly, and it does not allow for "nice" interface. [04:33]
yawkat im not aware of a nice interface for starting a whole new jvm [04:35]
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yawkat [04:39]
yawkat yawkat's title: "org.hibernate/hibernate-core/5.3.1.Final : org/hibernate/query/criteria/internal/" [04:39]
yawkat /** TODO : javadoc */ thanks hibernate [04:39]
sonOfRa D [04:40]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined ##java [04:40]
Maldivia yawkat: btw, when clicking the >> link, the titles are a bit misleading :D [04:45]
Maldivia yawkat: like clicking the ">>" next to Renderable, I would expect to see sub-types, but it says "Super type" :D [04:46]
yawkat Maldivia: the >> shows usages of that thing, and it's used as a supertype [04:57]
yawkat i guess it is misleading but it's consistent with the other usage types [04:57]
Maldivia a small "Used as" would help clear things up :D [04:58]
yawkat yea, and theres more than enough room for it. i'll add it [04:58]
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enoq [enoq!~bernhard@2a02:8388:6a87:b080:cbf6:be67:9b6d:932b] has joined ##java [05:44]
enoq why does this output: 100,10 [05:45]
Maldivia why wouldn't it? [05:46]
enoq ok, found the issue: [05:47]
enoq formatter.setCurrency(Currency.getInstance("EUR")); [05:47]
enoq is there a new api for that in 11 btw? [05:48]
enoq the api kinda looks like SimpleDateFormat [05:48]
Maldivia enoq: Locale.GERMAN vs Locale.GERMANY [05:48]
enoq Maldivia: aah, right [05:48]
Maldivia enoq: GERMAN doesn't have a "currency", GERMANY does [05:48]
Maldivia enoq: [05:54]
enoq thank you [05:56]
Aberion [Aberion!7158ec46@] has joined ##java [06:01]
enoq so locale formatting changed in java 9/10/11, for instance German abbreviations for java Day changed from Mo to Mo. [06:02]
enoq couldn't find any info about that [06:02]
enoq wondering if the same is true for formatting currency [06:02]
Aberion Thanks [06:04]
_lucifer I am using a script engine to expose a few methods. it works if only nashorn is present or graal js is present but if both are present in the classpath, i get a crash. is this expected? [06:05]
Ozymandy [Ozymandy!] has joined ##java [06:05]
mbooth lucifer: Well, what is the crash? Stack trace? Segfault? Something else? [06:06]
_lucifer [06:06]
Ozymandy I have a collection with duplicates and I need deduplicate it, but I don't want to just filter out duplicates. I need to merge them. Probably someone implemented this. I guess I can make Collector which produce this logic [06:08]
mbooth lucifer: This is being run from maven? Why not only include the graal dep when running on JDKs without nashorn? [06:08]
Maldivia new HashSet<>(collection) [06:08]
Maldivia oh merge? [06:08]
_lucifer mbooth: yes, i do that to avoid this [06:09]
_lucifer but i was wondering why this happens in the first plac [06:09]
mbooth lucifer: Seems like a question for graal project [06:11]
Maldivia for (var item: collection) { if (!set.add(item)) { set.get(item).merge(item); } ] [06:11]
_lucifer i asked there but no reply for over a week. i thought there might be someone familiar with graal here [06:11]
_lucifer (my nick is _lucifer stress on _ , you are pinging the wrong person :)) [06:12]
Maldivia Ozymandy: or beter, computeIfPresent? [06:14]
Ozymandy computeIfPresent is good as well, I just thought implements this in stream-like way [06:14]
Maldivia toMap(.... mergeFunction) [06:15]
enoq yep, just tested: applies to currency as well [06:20]
enoq java 8: ?(space)11,00 [06:20]
enoq java 11: 11,00(nobreakspace)? [06:20]
Maldivia enoq: well, what versions? [06:20]
sonOfRa nobreakspace is odd, but ? after the amount and not before is definitely more correct for a german locale [06:23]
Maldivia Ozymandy: (ab)using toMap to merge duplicates: (strings of same length considered duplicates here) [06:23]
mbooth The nobreakspace is a nice touch IMO, prevents the ? from being isolated in case of line-wrap [06:24]
sonOfRa Oh right [06:24]
Maldivia enoq: from Java 8 to Java 9, they changed from using their own locale provider to using CLDR [06:25]
Maldivia enoq: [06:25]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "JEP 252: Use CLDR Locale Data by Default" [06:25]
mbooth Using CLDR is nice, we could drop a dep on icu4j in some cases. [06:26]
Maldivia enoq: might be an interesting read for you as well [06:27]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Localization Changes in Java 9. When Date and Time broke in our project | by Ben Weidig | Better Programming | Jul, 2020 | Medium" [06:27]
enoq Maldivia: perfect, thank you [06:28]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined ##java [06:32]
Ozymandy Maldivia: Thank you [06:33]
_lucifer Maldivia: i was able to expose functions in script engine using your method but how to do that for an object. [06:36]
_lucifer engine.put("pljava_api_jar_path", pljavaApiJar); [06:36]
Maldivia the same way [06:36]
_lucifer so directly referencing pljava_api_jar_path in the script would work? [06:37]
Maldivia the example I had exposed an object, that you then called a method on, remember [06:37]
ZRocket [ZRocket!~ZRocket@] has joined ##java [06:37]
_lucifer yes i do [06:37]
_lucifer i must be making some other mistake here then, let me check my code again [06:38]
_lucifer yeah, it was some typo in the script ? [06:43]
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tona [tona!bd8dc063@] has joined ##java [07:04]
tona hello I am getting this error in java under windows 10 CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long, how could i solve it [07:05]
Maldivia make it shorter [07:05]
tona but what should I change [07:06]
dqx_ [dqx_!~dqx@unaffiliated/dqx] has joined ##java [07:06]
tona I am uisng eclipse [07:06]
tona it is under one ant.xml [07:07]
Maldivia well, it's trying to start a process, but the pathname to the program (probably java.exe?) is too long [07:07]
dreamreal heh [07:17]
dreamreal "it's too long" "make it shorter" "make what shorter?" "it" [07:18]
dreamreal morning btw [07:20]
lighterowl 05:23:15 <@dreamreal> extremism sucks no matter which direction it's in. [07:21]
lighterowl ##java : discussions about life and language. [07:21]
lighterowl hi dreamreal [07:21]
dreamreal lighterowl: everything takes place in the context of the music of the universe :) [07:22]
lighterowl dreamreal: which just happens to be Tears for Fears for me at this very moment. :) [07:22]
yawkat lighterowl [07:22]
yawkat can taste the salt [07:22]
lithium [lithium!~lithium@unaffiliated/lithium] has joined ##java [07:22]
dreamreal hey, even girl bands need fans [07:23]
dreamreal TIL Karl Marx' sister Onya invested the starting pistol. [07:37]
mbooth dreamreal: Oof [07:38]
mbooth dreamreal: Reminds me of the Irish fellow who fitted my French window: Paddy O'Doors [07:38]
dreamreal Must be related to the guy I sit on outside.... Paddy O'Furniture [07:39]
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tete_ [tete_!~John@2a02:168:859e::ff9] has joined ##java [07:44]
tete_ i have a stream (http frame) where new content is displayed. this content is html and i would like that most of it is parsed. so i use a webview where i can loadContent() and its displayed. the problem is: the content is updated all ~2-3 seconds (new messages) and i would like to only append them to the webview. anyone familiar with that or other ideas how to achieve that? [07:46]
tete_ at the moment, the complete content (i store that) is reloaded, so it takes longer and longer to parse all that [07:47]
Maldivia tete_: have javascript pull new data instead :D [07:47]
Me4502 [Me4502!~quassel@unaffiliated/me4502] has joined ##java [07:47]
dreamreal tete_: sounds like you'd have to maintain a DOM [07:47]
mbooth tete_: Yeah calling a JS function to append to the DOM might be easiest [07:48]
Anticom [Anticom!~Anticom@] has joined ##java [07:48]
tete_ ok thanks, i will check the webview component if i can manipulate the dom [07:48]
mbooth If it's a JavaFX webview, you can get direct access to the DOM with getDocument() I think [07:49]
tete_ it is javafx, yes [07:49]
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deltreey [deltreey!] has joined ##java [08:22]
deltreey so when I tested it last night, it ran in no time flat. There is no explanation except God there. It did 2 actions each across 20 ssh connections in like 3 seconds. Total change and no reason for it. [08:24]
dreamreal That's not how anything actually works [08:25]
stryek [stryek!uid332574@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [08:26]
deltreey exactly [08:26]
deltreey I literally ran the same process 1 hour before and it took 27 minutes to do one command (date) across 20 connections [08:26]
dreamreal okay [08:27]
deltreey same thing, done the same way, 3 seconds during the demo [08:27]
dreamreal but they've still not banned the scientific method or cause and effect (that's on its way, I'm sure) [08:27]
deltreey you are dumb [08:27]
dreamreal shrugs. No argument from me on that. [08:28]
deltreey i assume you've figured out from context that I'm a programmer [08:28]
dreamreal But things don't just magically change. You may not know what the differences are, but something changed. [08:28]
deltreey given that, do you think I don't have a scientific mind? [08:28]
Maldivia just because you didn't change a lot of code, doesn't mean the environment didn't change [08:28]
deltreey all of that is true [08:28]
dreamreal deltreey: *shrug* I don't know anything about you, man [08:28]
rwheadon [rwheadon!] has joined ##java [08:29]
deltreey yes, something changed [08:29]
dreamreal you are dumb! [08:29]
deltreey and I didn't change it, and I'm the only dev so [08:29]
deltreey ... [08:29]
deltreey something outside my control changed it [08:29]
deltreey the only explanation is God [08:29]
dreamreal shrugs. That was more or less my assumption from step #1. [08:29]
dreamreal But I'm dumb, so... [08:29]
deltreey I assumed the same [08:30]
deltreey just like the amazing science behind the plagues of egypt [08:30]
Maldivia well, congrats on things working now [08:30]
Maldivia next [08:30]
Maldivia Another satisfied customer. Next! [08:30]
deltreey but like the plagues of egypt: but what incredible timing though [08:30]
deltreey AWS server changes that are that drastic, minutes before my demo....that is miracle level [08:31]
Anticom [Anticom!] has joined ##java [08:31]
dreamreal region changes, I assume you didn't change the container, did the networking free up (after all, you're shared)... [08:32]
dreamreal so many things going on with AWS that it's hard to predict, even if you're talking to containers in the same region [08:32]
mbooth Predictions are frightfully hard to make, *especially* when it concerns the future. [08:33]
deltreey true enough, but Amazon would not be able to provide service to as many companies as they do if there was THAT drastic of a change in networking [08:33]
deltreey mbooth, which is what makes the book of Daniel so truly impressive [08:33]
mbooth Daniel who? [08:34]
dreamreal daniyel, from the bible [08:34]
deltreey it's a book from the old testament. The man predicted the rise and fall of about 4 nations [08:34]
dreamreal prophet, eunuch, guy who walked about with lions, etc [08:34]
mbooth Oh I never read that book for the same reason I never read Harry Potter. [08:35]
deltreey was he a eunuch? I guess it makes sense but that's not in the text dreamreal [08:35]
_lucifer lighterowl: should really change ##java topic to life and java now [08:35]
dreamreal deltreey: yes, he was a eunuch [08:35]
plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [08:35]
mbooth Fantasy as a genre is not my jam. [08:35]
deltreey as I said, it makes sense, he was a captive put in service of the king, they're usually snipped [08:35]
dreamreal it's *possible* he was not, but highly unlikely [08:35]
deltreey mbooth, you scientific? [08:36]
dreamreal mbooth: well, it's more culture/philosophy than fantasy [08:36]
mbooth I was brought up notionally C of E. Effectively no exposure to religion at all [08:36]
mbooth shrugs [08:36]
deltreey I just wanted to share with you guys that my demo went well. Thank you all for the cheers. I appreciate it. [08:37]
dreamreal gratz deltreey [08:37]
deltreey I can be a jerk programmer and argue for fun, because I enjoy it, but it wasn't my purpose [08:37]
deltreey mbooth, there's science behind and throughout religion. It's important not to make the mistake, as a scientist, of dismissing any theory without a thorough review. [08:38]
dreamreal watches deltreey wander into the weeds [08:39]
mbooth I don't claim to be a scientist [08:39]
deltreey my review ended with: it's for realz yo. dreamreal's came up the opposite which is fine [08:39]
_lucifer only that the theory has no evidence backing [08:39]
dreamreal wait what? [08:39]
dreamreal _lucifer: what's the theory in question [08:39]
deltreey as a programmer and an ego-maniac, I'm obligated to say "those who disagree with me are wrong" but meh [08:40]
_lucifer religion probably from what i guessed from deltreey 's comment to mbooth [08:40]
deltreey says the man who is so proud of it as to name himself after a key figure [08:40]
dreamreal I think the bible represents an actual history, written by people without a literal perception of the universe, and spiced heavily with a belief system that's heavily representational. how literally true you want to take it is up to you. [08:41]
_lucifer deltreey: that's from tom ellis character and to spite those who believe in the religion [08:41]
deltreey dreamreal, the book "who moved the stone" might be enjoyable to you [08:41]
dreamreal There are a lot of actual events and situations that are represented, and some that are very much told from the perspective of story. [08:41]
dreamreal remains unspited, what with not really caring if you believe or not :) [08:42]
dreamreal <-- observant jew, btw [08:42]
deltreey awesome dreamreal [08:42]
conan [conan!] has joined ##java [08:42]
deltreey apologies for dismissing you so readily [08:42]
deltreey <-- used to arguing with psycho atheists like lucifer over there. [08:43]
dreamreal I was being dismissed? [08:43]
_lucifer i don't have issues with believers but with those want to turn me into one as well :) [08:43]
dreamreal ... I didn't notice [08:43]
deltreey lucifer, you already are one. And that's on you [08:43]
dreamreal _lucifer: yeah. I went to a christian high school - was great fun [08:43]
deltreey that sound schallenging [08:43]
dreamreal oooookay, let's take this elsewhere. This is ##java. [08:43]
deltreey sorry [08:43]
deltreey back to work [08:43]
dreamreal I don't mind the religion talk, but it's not topical for here, and there's a feasible limit. [08:44]
Maldivia dreamreal: how observant of you :D [08:44]
_lucifer dreamreal: fwiw, i too went to a christian high school [08:44]
dreamreal Maldivia: I was hovering over the point for a while [08:44]
Maldivia well, I was too busy order cupcakes to ~be cheeser [08:44]
Maldivia ordering* [08:44]
Hanii [Hanii!~Hanii@2a00:23c5:c587:6d00:c0ef:1c5b:5079:c9f8] has joined ##java [08:45]
dreamreal too busy to get your verb tenses right, too, ya maroon [08:45]
mbooth Maldivia: Oof, now I want cake. I've even a *lot* less cake since I started working from home... [08:45]
mbooth s/even/eaten/ [08:45]
dreamreal you needed a lot less cake, fatso [08:46]
mbooth Heh, I have 65 kilos, thankyaverymuch [08:46]
Maldivia 65kg of cake...damn... [08:46]
dreamreal converts to american... subtract 20, divide by 2... 22.5 lbs? [08:47]
dreamreal You're a stick! [08:47]
dreamreal Like, literally! [08:47]
Maldivia dreamreal: the other way around [08:47]
dreamreal ... karma for anyone who gets that joke [08:47]
dreamreal Maldivia -- [08:47]
dreamreal maldivia has a karma level of 298, dreamreal [08:47]
Maldivia dreamreal: the other way around [08:48]
dreamreal notes that Maldivia still doesn't get the joke, but dreamreal is kind and gracious and refuses to dec karma twice [08:48]
Maldivia dreamreal: I got the joke, hence you should apply the karma the other way around :D [08:49]
dreamreal I refuse to listen to you babble [08:49]
gbobby [gbobby!~raltnoede@LINBIT/gbobby] has joined ##java [08:50]
mbooth dreamreal: Nope, gonna have to explain it to me [08:51]
dreamreal sighs [08:51]
sbalmos [sbalmos!~sbalmos@] has joined ##java [08:52]
dreamreal bob and doug mckenzie, the great white north album. They have a bit where they convert a six pack of beers to metric, by multiplying by two and adding twenty ("that's how you convert to the metric system. eh") [08:52]
dreamreal so if you have six metric beers, you ... subtract 20, -14, divide by two, you now have -7 imperial beers [08:53]
mbooth Ah, so this is a reference to some North American pop culture that never it back to the old country, gotcha [08:53]
dreamreal canadian [08:53]
dreamreal thus "the great white north" [08:53]
mbooth I trained my self to say "North American" if I'm not sure when something is American or Canadian. [08:55]
dreamreal pffffft [08:55]
dreamreal I guess we should call it the great grey north now though, don't want to be racist [08:55]
mbooth Canadians I know get (rightly ;-) upset when I call a Canadian thing American :-) [08:55]
HrBech [HrBech!~HrBech@] has joined ##java [08:57]
Maldivia but Canada is America [08:59]
Alina-malina [Alina-malina!~Alina-mal@unaffiliated/alina-malina] has joined ##java [09:02]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined ##java [09:07]
waz so confusing [09:07]
waz colloquialisms and all [09:08]
mbooth Maldivia: America is Canada's underpants [09:09]
dreamreal the GOOD kind of underpants! [09:09]
wedr [wedr!] has joined ##java [09:10]
Maldivia so you're saying, Florida is a turd hanging out of them? [09:10]
waz really large penis [09:11]
dreamreal refuses to answer that based on the code of conduct he just invented BUT THERE GOES WAZ [09:11]
waz code of conduct prohibits body parts from mention? [09:12]
_lucifer be cheeser [09:12]
_lucifer how is this java? [09:12]
dreamreal My first thought was to say that FL would be the US' big swingin' cod [09:12]
cheeser interesting [09:16]
cheeser this is all very interesting (not really) but please take it somewhere else. [09:16]
_lucifer Maldivia: what is the difference between creating bindings or putting object in script engine? [09:20]
acidjnk_new hello - in order to provide a service in a B2B scenario to very few clients, is requiring a HTTP client certificate the best way? E. g. a SOAP service with [09:30]
acidjnk_new HTTP BASIC or a security token based approach seems a bit messy here, because it requires a whole mechanism for creating, resetting, changing a password etc. Good for B2C scenarios that have something like a customer portal, registration process etc. [09:31]
firewyre [firewyre!] has joined ##java [09:31]
sbalmos what is a client certificate going to authenticate against, then, to say that a given certificate is mapped to a given user/client? [09:42]
sbalmos how are you going to create the certs, reset/renew them, manage rights assigned to the bearer of that cert, ... ? [09:43]
sbalmos (and let me tell you, I've done client certs in my B2B realm *TWICE*. Both times a total bitch PITA. Give me HTTP Basic or OAuth2) [09:43]
mbooth sbalmos: Keycloak has client cert management features. Never used it though [09:45]
deltreey_ [deltreey_!] has joined ##java [09:46]
acidjnk_new I'd let the client of the API take responsibility of obtaining the keys and just give me their public key. I'd put that in my keystore for authorised keys and configure that keystore in the application server. [09:47]
sbalmos mbooth: \_(?)_/. never tried Keycloak either, and I'm sure someone will also chime in and say just use Okta, Azure IAM, AWS IAM, etc [09:47]
sbalmos oh good geez [09:48]
acidjnk_new The application server would take care of everything, once configured to require a client cert. No code. [09:48]
flex14 [flex14!~flex14@2601:280:c780:7ea0:6198:aed6:a074:32ee] has joined ##java [09:49]
sonOfRa Client certificates are absolutely the worst way to do auth [09:49]
sonOfRa The browser support is atrocious [09:49]
sonOfRa Just use oauth [09:49]
acidjnk_new It's B2B for a web service, so no browser [09:50]
sonOfRa Okay, so use a client credentials flow [09:51]
[twisti] i feel like going bonkers. so i have a stream that is filtered via .filter(x -> { return (!foo(x) || !bar(x)); }). i have an item X that, when i print out foo(x) and bar(x), i get true, true, meaning my filter condition is false || false, meaning its false, meaning the item gets filtered. yet the item is in the resultset. HOW ? [09:52]
mbooth [twisti]: Are you sure? You might be bonkers. [09:53]
sbalmos [twisti]: you're filtering the stream, not the underlying collection the stream is from [09:54]
acidjnk_new oauth doesn't make sense to me here, because it's not a 3-party scenario (client, auth provider, service). [09:54]
sbalmos acidjnk_new: yes it does. YOU are the 2nd & 3rd party [09:54]
sonOfRa "The Client Credentials grant is used when applications request an access token to access their own resources, not on behalf of a user. [09:54]
sonOfRa " [09:54]
sonOfRa This is exactly what Client Credentials are for. [09:54]
acidjnk_new ok, thanks [09:55]
sonOfRa Configure a client in your idp (probably keycloak?), give it a client id and client secret, and allow that client to authenticate with client credentials grant [09:55]
sonOfRa Then in your service config you tell it the client_id and client_secret, fetch the token, and use that token to talk to the other service [09:55]
deltreey [deltreey!~deltreey@2607:fb90:12cb:b976:d81d:93bd:ac9f:ec31] has joined ##java [09:55]
sonOfRa Be sure to validate your audience claims! [09:55]
sbalmos sonOfRa: You and your silly IdPs. :P [09:55]
sonOfRa We all do what we gotta do for that sweet dough! [09:56]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [09:57]
acidjnk_new It requires certain things though: A way to register, change password, reset password, e. g. all through a web portal. I mean, you wouldn't just have a table in the DB that you fill by hand with INSERT for username, salt and hashed password? [09:58]
sonOfRa Huh? I thought this *wasn't* user-interactive [10:00]
sonOfRa Why would there be any usernames, salts, and passwords? [10:00]
[twisti] sbalmos: i am aware, but i dont see how that would make a difference here [10:04]
acidjnk_new So client id and client secret would be known to me (provider of the service). Is that basically the same as having an API key? [10:04]
__lunar_jetman [__lunar_jetman!dave@] has joined ##java [10:05]
kicked __lunar_jetman (Banned: this ban will expire after 365d) [10:05]
acidjnk_new Or you would use a 3rd party idp, even if there is only a single user (5 uses high estimate)? [10:08]
gbobby I thought AWT/Swing was a major PITA, but now that I need to use it, it seems to be rather on the level of lieutenant general PITA [10:09]
deltreey [deltreey!~deltreey@2607:fb90:12cb:b976:340b:4089:5dc9:9f63] has joined ##java [10:10]
mbooth gbobby: I don't recall, is that senior to a major? [10:10]
Jantz [Jantz!] has joined ##java [10:10]
acidjnk_new Funny that in the 90s, people (or at least Sun) thought that fat Java clients would be an equal part of its success. [10:11]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [10:12]
gbobby mbooth: it's a whole bunch of levels up from major [10:12]
dreamreal acidjnk_new: well, they were important to the original design... and it's not like IDEA doesn't use 'em [10:13]
mbooth gbobby: All desktop UI frameworks are a bit rubbish TBH. Do you have a favourite? [10:13]
gbobby I have a JSplitPane with two JScrollPanes left and right, and in each of those a JTable. Both JTables set up equally, with two columns that have their preferredWidth set [10:13]
gbobby so you'd think it would size the tables so that the columns fit in, then put the split pane around it and maybe size the window accordingly, or make the split pane larger to fit the window [10:14]
gbobby what it actually does is make the left table as narrow as possible, the split pane way too large and bloats the right table up so it takea all the remaining space [10:15]
gbobby two identical tables in a split pane... I mean, how hard can it be? [10:15]
Aquazi [Aquazi!uid312403@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [10:15]
gbobby whoever invented JSplitPane was obviously not intelligent enough to calculate reasonable sizes [10:15]
acidjnk_new thanks sonOfRa & others [10:16]
code-witch [code-witch!~code-witc@] has joined ##java [10:23]
xeno [xeno!~xeno@unaffiliated/xeno] has joined ##java [10:23]
gbobby mbooth: Not sure, I don't do a lot of UI programming [10:26]
gbobby From what I see result-wise in applications, most of the applications that have a UI that really works seem to use their own frameworks [10:27]
lighterowl depends on the scale of the software and what you mean by "really works", obviously. [10:27]
lighterowl I do agree that it doesn't seem possible or viable to write something like Adobe Premiere in Swing. [10:28]
dreamreal gbobby: and IDEA is still the working counterexample [10:28]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined ##java [10:28]
lighterowl but for a simple-ish text editor, maybe a Paint clone or something? Swing sounds fine. [10:29]
lighterowl I'm sure there are many more advanced software pieces that use Swing. [10:29]
gbobby As an example, PhotoShop. Quite complex UI, lots of custom panels/windows/etc., but I don't remember stumbling upon any display glitches right now [10:29]
dreamreal waits for that to matter [10:29]
gbobby I don't know what framework they use, I guess it's custom made since I have not seen the UI style used elsewhere [10:29]
gbobby apart from other Adobe applications, that is... [10:30]
lighterowl sure - for a company like Adobe it makes a lot of sense to have their own framework, because then you can have a uniform style across all applications. [10:30]
gbobby doesn't IDEA use a lot of custom code for the UI? doesn't seem pure Swing. NetBeans seems to use Swing and it has a ton of glitches [10:31]
TheBeastie [TheBeastie!] has joined ##java [10:31]
Maldivia gbobby: "custom code" -- well, what else would you have ? [10:31]
dreamreal gbobby: I don't think so, but I don't work for jetbrains [10:31]
dreamreal AFAIK it's swing, written by people who know what they're doing [10:32]
lighterowl ) [10:32]
gbobby custom code as in not using the base swing components like JPanel, JSplitPane, etc. [10:32]
cheeser it's open source. go look. [10:32]
dreamreal I'm pretty sure they use those. [10:32]
gbobby probably subclassed virtually everything [10:32]
Maldivia gbobby: it uses those, and extends those [10:32]
dreamreal watches gbobby desperately rationalize that since IDEA uses swing they HAD to have altered it severely for it to work [10:32]
gbobby well... as I said, JSplitPane isn't even smart enough to reasonable size two identical tables so that they display properly and balanced [10:33]
dreamreal gbobby: I'm betting it's how you allowed the container to render them [10:33]
dreamreal but I'm definitely not a GUI person [10:33]
mbooth dreamreal is more of a gooey person [10:33]
dreamreal ooozes just a bit [10:33]
cheeser can confirm [10:34]
gbobby If I have time, I'll try to come up with the least amount of code that reproduces the problem [10:34]
gbobby it might be NetBeans messing up, because I clicked the basic structure (JFrame, JSplitPane, JScrollPane, JTable) together in the GUI designer and then added customization for the table model [10:34]
gbobby but I rather think it's really the JSplitPane messing up, because everything is set to "default", and NetBeans didn't generate much code for it [10:35]
Maldivia so now you're talking about the gui editor, and not the gui itself? [10:36]
sbalmos I thought dreamreal oozed because he was a festering cyst that we never lanced [10:36]
dreamreal shhh [10:36]
sbalmos oops [10:36]
dreamreal and stay away from me with sharp things [10:36]
deltreey [deltreey!] has joined ##java [10:37]
Maldivia sbalmos: like this ? :D [10:38]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "RuPaul's Drag Race 11: Soju's Cyst" [10:38]
sbalmos Maldivia: I am a disciple of Dr. Lee [10:41]
Hanii [Hanii!~Hanii@2a00:23c5:c587:6d00:55e5:5e76:3e48:2874] has joined ##java [10:46]
SwiftMatt [SwiftMatt!~Objective@2601:282:4300:3e:b5c6:1e8e:2375:82d9] has joined ##java [10:50]
dmlloyd hey, could everyone who has jshell installed do me a favor and run this command: `echo 'System.out.println(System.getProperty("") + " " + System.getProperty("os.version"))' | jshell -` [10:56]
dmlloyd (your OS name will be exposed, so feel free to decline if you don't wish to share that info) [10:56]
dmlloyd just trying to get a feel for how OS versions are detected on various OSes [10:57]
rippa [rippa!] has joined ##java [10:58]
mbooth dmlloyd: Linux 5.7.10-201.fc32.x86_64 [11:00]
Maldivia dmlloyd: those are values [11:00]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "dpaste/nEwz (Plain Text)" [11:00]
sbalmos Maldivia: I think the versions are more interesting ;) [11:01]
dmlloyd heh I wonder what the os.version is on Windows 8.1 - also 8.1? 1.0? lol [11:01]
sbalmos dmlloyd: One sec [11:01]
sbalmos dmlloyd: dmlloyd: Windows 10 10.0 [11:02]
dmlloyd okay well that at least makes some sense [11:02]
sbalmos yeah, though I half-expected the build or release number, like 2004 [11:02]
_lucifer dmlloyd: Linux 5.4.0-42-generic [11:03]
dmlloyd heh what distro is that _lucifer? or is it just a hand-built kernel? [11:03]
_lucifer dmlloyd: ubuntu 20.04 [11:04]
dmlloyd ah, great [11:04]
cheeser dmlloyd: Unable to locate an executable at "/Users/julee/.sdkman/candidates/java/current/bin/jshell" (-1) [11:04]
dmlloyd heh [11:04]
sbalmos dmlloyd: Ooo, wait, wonder about WSL 2. Hang on [11:04]
Maldivia sbalmos: WSL2 is a VM, so [11:04]
Maldivia dmlloyd: WSL1: Linux / 4.4.0-19041-Microsoft [11:05]
sbalmos Maldivia: ... with an MS-built/maintained kernel [11:05]
Maldivia sbalmos: no, that's WSL1 [11:05]
sbalmos ... no... [11:05]
dmlloyd so using os.version to detect the OS version is basically a no-go in many cases [11:05]
dmlloyd at least on Linux [11:05]
Maldivia you get kernel version [11:05]
cheeser are you trying to do this from java code? [11:05]
dmlloyd yeah [11:05]
SagaciousZed My WS1 Linux 4.4.0-18362-Microsoft [11:05]
dmlloyd yes cheeser [11:05]
cheeser one sec [11:05]
dmlloyd figuring out the base OS (linux, mac, etc.) is no problem [11:06]
Maldivia dmlloyd: on mac it actually is the OS version :D [11:06]
dmlloyd figuring out the distro & version is tougher [11:06]
dmlloyd on linux anyway [11:06]
dmlloyd probably on BSD too [11:06]
dmlloyd once you compile a custom kernel, it fails [11:07]
sbalmos dmlloyd: On what? [11:07]
sbalmos ;D [11:07]
Maldivia dmlloyd: Runtime.getRuntime().exec("uname -a") [11:07]
dmlloyd that basically gives the same info Maldivia [11:07]
sbalmos dmlloyd / Maldivia: WSL2: Linux 4.19.104-microsoft-standard [11:07]
dmlloyd base OS, kernel version, and a few other useless tidbits [11:07]
Maldivia dmlloyd: so you're trying to find dist? [11:08]
dmlloyd yeah, at least for the major ones [11:08]
dmlloyd "unknown" is an acceptable option [11:08]
dmlloyd I can detect, say, Fedora from os.version if the version string contains fc##, but custom kernels might not, so even that doesn't work well [11:09]
cheeser dmlloyd: apache commons-io has a utility for that. [11:09]
cheeser SystemUtils.IS_OS_LINUX, etc. [11:09]
Maldivia dmlloyd: -- check for presence of file in /etc/ it seems :D [11:09]
dmlloyd unfortunately jboss-modules can't use any dependencies - but anyway I think they're just getting the base OS [11:09]
TheBeastie [TheBeastie!] has joined ##java [11:10]
mbooth dmlloyd: shouldn't all LSB-complaint distros contain an "/etc/os-release" file you can interrogate? [11:10]
dmlloyd ah those release files, yeah [11:10]
cheeser that's what i use for bottlerocket actually [11:10]
dmlloyd that's probably the best solution tbh [11:10]
cheeser but i'm not sure how standard that format is [11:10]
SagaciousZed found this reddit post about how neofetch does it [11:12]
Sgeo [Sgeo!] has joined ##java [11:12]
sbalmos dmlloyd: Could always look in /etc/ :D [11:13]
gbobby I found the bug. If you set the preferred size on the window containing the split pane, the split pane fails to split properly. [11:15]
junktext [junktext!junktext@fsf/member/junktext] has joined ##java [11:18]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined ##java [11:18]
enoq I'm currently diffing a server upgrade from java 8 to 11 and I have to figure out all the JVM options [11:18]
enoq these guys seem to turn off GC heuristics and set arbitrary percentages [11:19]
enoq is that a good idea? [11:19]
enoq -XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=75 -XX:+UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly -XX:+ParallelRefProcEnabled -XX:+CMSScavengeBeforeRemark [11:19]
enoq -Dsun.rmi.dgc.client.gcInterval=3600000 [11:19]
Maldivia enoq: that's where the big consultancy money is in JVM... GC JVM options! [11:20]
gbobby pastebin [11:20]
gbobby Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable classes, try . For general code and errors, use or [11:20]
enoq that's the new stuff [11:21]
enoq not everything is relevant though [11:21]
enoq and one option is duplicated xD [11:22]
mbooth enoq: Just find the change that added those flags in your source control system and read about the detailed rationale given in the commit log message. [11:22]
enoq I don't have the source :) SAP does [11:22]
enoq but good idea [11:22]
sbalmos Maldivia: There needs to be added -XX:+ConsultancyFeesPaidForThisBS=number, and none of the other extended flags get enabled unless that fee amount is above some threshold [11:22]
mbooth Oh gods, how many times. Ask SAP, you told us you have a support contract you can leverage [11:22]
cheeser ffs [11:23]
cheeser tech support [11:23]
cheeser Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [11:23]
cheeser you know this enoq [11:23]
sbalmos WhyTF are you figuring this out either? LEsse... "SAP: Do you support Java 11 with $Product_X_ver_Y?" "No? Okay, well shit..." [11:23]
Maldivia enoq: there you go, list of supported JVM flags in JDK11 [11:24]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "VM Options Explorer - JDK11 HotSpot" [11:24]
enoq Maldivia: thanks [11:24]
mbooth sbalmos: enoq's customer has a SAP contract, I don't know why they aren't on the phone to SAP on the customer's behalf [11:24]
sbalmos mbooth: That's my point [11:25]
gbobby Minimal demo case of the JSplitPane display problem for the curious: [11:25]
sbalmos mbooth: Fiddle the JVM options without explicit direction from ${largeVendor}, great way to immediately invalidate ${largeVendor} support contract [11:25]
gbobby ...aaand I'm out. I have a dog sitting session to attend to... [11:26]
mbooth gbobby: Please don't sit on the dog :-( [11:26]
gbobby D [11:26]
Maldivia gbobby: and what's wrong with that? [11:26]
gbobby I guess there was a superfluous space in my dogsitting session ;) [11:27]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^] has joined ##java [11:27]
gbobby Maldivia: The left table displays some 5 pixels wide, and the right table takes up the rest of the space [11:27]
gbobby if you remove the setPreferredSize call on the window (JFrame), it works normally [11:28]
gbobby need to run, see y'all! [11:29]
sbalmos first he's sitting on dogs, now he's running... [11:30]
fstd_ [fstd_!~fstd@unaffiliated/fisted] has joined ##java [11:36]
Maldivia too bad gbobby left... they are complaning about documented behavior :D [11:36]
cheeser that's usually the case [11:37]
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salparadise pastebin [11:50]
salparadise Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable classes, try . For general code and errors, use or [11:50]
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arcanescu [arcanescu!36ef06b9@] has joined ##java [02:27]
arcanescu - how can i filter any value < 0 to return default value and otherwise set the limit variable to whatever i pass ? [02:29]
_lucifer it is only one variable, right? [02:31]
arcanescu yes [02:31]
_lucifer use a plain if/eles [02:32]
arcanescu I did ... i thought its nicer this way ... [02:32]
_lucifer optional [02:32]
_lucifer _lucifer, optional is not something you should actually be using. In the words of the guy who added it: "You should almost never use it as a field of something or a method parameter. I think routinely using it as a return value for getters would definitely be over-use." ( ). For useful ways to deal with nulls and more on why not to use optional, [02:32]
_lucifer arcanescu: ^ [02:32]
arcanescu that link doesnt open for me [02:33]
_lucifer yeah, for me as well. seems to be broken. [02:35]
cheeser the fuck... [02:37]
cheeser why would you use Optional for that? [02:37]
arcanescu I dont know man, I got a code review comment I went ahead and used it. Coming from where someone does c++ , I dislike the thought of Optional, so unclean [02:39]
arcanescu its presence irks me. [02:39]
CookieM [CookieM!] has joined ##java [02:39]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined ##java [02:39]
_lucifer for articles like this hail optional to be solution to nulls and are the top google results [02:40]
dreamreal optional [02:41]
dreamreal dreamreal, optional is not something you should actually be using. In the words of the guy who added it: "You should almost never use it as a field of something or a method parameter. I think routinely using it as a return value for getters would definitely be over-use." ( ). For useful ways to deal with nulls and more on why not to use optional, [02:41]
arcanescu Handling Nulls Properly - burn [02:41]
arcanescu dreamreal, the liunk does not work [02:41]
dreamreal _lucifer: dzone has a long and well-regarded history in java, but the people who earned that rep are not working as java editors for the site; the actual applicable quality of some articles are not very good. [02:41]
dreamreal hrm, I think voxxed is having problems right now [02:42]
dreamreal in general, optional adds *nothing* to java code [02:42]
_lucifer the link is also incomplete [02:42]
arcanescu C# has something similar, nullable, just so you know, I hate that too [02:42]
dreamreal shrugs. We probably need to revise it. Luckily, javabot is able to accept contributions from all. [02:42]
_lucifer dreamreal: makes sense. i read dzone regularly and if i hadn't joined this irc channel i would have followed that article. [02:44]
_lucifer so how does a novice differentiate between the good and bad ones [02:45]
orbyt_ [orbyt_!~orbyt@] has joined ##java [02:45]
_lucifer ? [02:45]
ernimril lucifer, usually by being told in code review [02:45]
_lucifer ernimril: and if you are a college student then [02:46]
ernimril _lucifer, take a part time development job/internship [02:46]
dreamreal _lucifer: experience and logic. Optional doesn't add anything except a semantic DINGDINGDING that "this is a regular java reference" and "now you get to add a method call instead of just using the fscking reference like you normally would want to" [02:46]
arcanescu semantic DINGDINGDING - yes what is wrong with if/else infact if anything it is more readable [02:47]
dreamreal arcanescu: what's wrong with just using the reference [02:47]
dreamreal I mean, Optional<Integer> oFoo=null; // completely valid [02:48]
dreamreal So do you start thinking "oh I need an Optional<Optional<Foo>> just in case it's a tee-hee-nullable Optional?" [02:48]
arcanescu hah ... that is a good point [02:49]
dreamreal OR you can just use Foo foo; // done! And semantically it's just the same AND it's easier to use. [02:50]
dreamreal if it can be nullable, check - just like you would with an Optional. [02:50]
dreamreal rocket surgery it ain't. [02:50]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:d1d4:53e0:e49c:d97] has joined ##java [02:51]
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MrHall [MrHall!b52c7446@] has joined ##java [03:06]
MrHall Hi! Question, where do you put javax validators? Entities or DTOs? Im a bit confused about which is the best aproach [03:08]
dreamreal depends on what you need to validate. You can put validation requirements on fields, and hibernate will apply validation for you if it can. [03:08]
MrHall And there are many implemetantios to many layers (spring boot web and hibernate for example) [03:08]
CodeMouse92 [CodeMouse92!~JasonMc92@unaffiliated/codemouse] has joined ##java [03:09]
sbalmos differing validators on differing layers [03:10]
dreamreal ^^^^ [03:10]
MrHall Ok, i want to validate front end request body, should i validate dtos? [03:11]
dreamreal if you need to [03:12]
sbalmos yes, no, maybe? [03:12]
dreamreal I was watching Aussie Master Chef last night, some guy made a meringue and everyone cheered. Was stunned. Normally in Australia they boo meringue. [03:13]
MrHall knowledge is power :P [03:13]
MrHall Thanks guys [03:13]
sbalmos The power's out here. Someone ran into a pole. [03:14]
dreamreal Was it me? [03:16]
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sbalmos yes, no, maybe? [03:16]
sbalmos I can't validate that :( [03:16]
dreamreal I knew it! [03:16]
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ricky_clarkson I ran into a pole once, got a nasty bump on my head. [04:19]
lighterowl you sure it wasn't a Pole? [04:20]
ricky_clarkson Yep, it was a bump rather than a cut. [04:22]
lighterowl I'd laugh, but this rings too close to home. [04:23]
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