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walbo Hey I have a big string that I refactored to a function for readability. It doesn?t need to be a function, what would be a better way to put this string as ? [12:40]
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walbo Did anyone respond I disconnected [01:10]
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kofc Hello [02:07]
kofc I'm running a spring integration application which polls a DB at regular intervals and gets a list of entities. This list is split and each message is passed to another flow which has a handler to do some business logic on the message. Sometimes an exception is thrown and the work done by the handler is rolled back (what I want), but unfortunately [02:09]
kofc the subsequent processing of the other messages is halted. Does anyone know if I can continue processing the other messages even if an exception was thrown? I cannot catch this because it's from spring JPA and does some rollback. [02:09]
g00s [g00s!~g00s@unaffiliated/g00s] has joined ##java [02:10]
lighterowl is there a way to get the name of a variable at compile time? I currently do something like "throw new FooException(myVar, "myVar")", is there a way to generate the second parameter automagically? [02:11]
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_lucifer lighterowl: code gen with annotation processor or reflection maybe [02:38]
lighterowl _lucifer: bleh, not worth the effort. thanks though! :) [02:38]
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_lucifer ah, ok :) [02:49]
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_lucifer lighterowl: is their a single exception or you want to do this for multiple ones [02:50]
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lighterowl _lucifer: single one ... so far. ;) [02:54]
_lucifer maybe extend the exception you want to do this for, override the method and use reflection in it to obtain the variable name and pass the variable and the name to the method with the required signature [02:55]
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lighterowl um, but does that apply to local variables too? [02:56]
_lucifer no i don't think so [02:56]
lighterowl ah [02:56]
lighterowl well then it's certainly not worth the effort in this case [02:56]
_lucifer probably yeah but maybe someone else has done this already or knows a better way [02:58]
lighterowl sure [02:58]
kofc parted the channel: [02:59]
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Intelo Hi [03:02]
Intelo WHy not just do unit(frontend,backend) and e2e(frontend) and skip endpoint/integration tests (at backend). As e2e covers endpoint tests like get/post/etc [03:03]
white_shadow anyone know how to link mongodb with your project while using IntellijIdea? [03:04]
_lucifer link in the sense? [03:05]
Intelo white_shadow: never use mongo [03:05]
[twisti] Intelo: please dont confuse people with stupid things like that if you have nothing helpful to contribute [03:05]
lighterowl o [03:05]
white_shadow I have cloned one repo, and it uses mongodb. Now I have downloaded mongodb from their official website but I am not getting how to link it with intellijidea ? [03:06]
white_shadow _lucifer [03:06]
white_shadow I am very new to backend development [03:06]
Intelo white_shadow: never use mongo because usually you are ok with sql, if not, use couchdb or some other saner one. Few problems with mongo is it does not have rollback, not acid compliant, no master-master replication [03:07]
Intelo [twisti]: is this version ok now? [03:07]
_lucifer white_shadow: does this help [03:07]
_lucifer _lucifer's title: "Connect to MongoDB Data in IntelliJ" [03:07]
Intelo [twisti]: you were quite quick to type 'stupid' word without knowing I might be typing more info. [03:08]
[twisti] Intelo: your or my subjective judgement of it really isnt the point. you may not like mongodb, but its hugely popular, and there is zero added value to the channel if people just randomly discourage others from whatever technologies they happen to dislike [03:08]
Intelo [twisti]: subjective? I stated facts. [03:09]
lighterowl [twisti]: never use junit [03:09]
[twisti] you said "never use mongo" [03:09]
lighterowl ;D [03:09]
Intelo popularity isn't a logic to adapt [03:09]
[twisti] lighterowl: never use spring [03:09]
lighterowl [twisti]: never use openjdk [03:09]
lighterowl oh I feel we can do this for hours ;) [03:09]
Intelo [twisti]: as I showed facts backing up the disliking. [03:09]
white_shadow _lucifer no [03:09]
_lucifer white_shadow: ah, was the wrong link. but anyways you are using ultimate or community? [03:11]
white_shadow community [03:12]
white_shadow well you can buy me ultimate, I won't mind :p [03:12]
_lucifer intellij probably supports mongo but as their website says db/sql tools are only included in ultimate [03:13]
_lucifer myself on community as well :) [03:13]
_lucifer though i can probably get ultimate as a student ;) [03:13]
yawkat Intelo: "facts" like lacking acid-compliance. great work [03:16]
_lucifer but if you only want the application to run, white_shadow just add the mongodb jar to classpath [03:16]
Intelo yawkat: yes. Was that appreciation or sarcasism? [03:17]
yawkat sarcasm [03:17]
Intelo yawkat: mongo is acid compliant at document level. How do you imaging ACID in a multi query transaction with no rollback? [03:19]
Intelo waits [03:19]
yawkat Intelo: your premise is wrong. mongo has multi-document transactions with rollback that are ACID. [03:21]
Intelo yawkat: mongo has rollbacks? since when? any docs you can share? Maybe I can recommend it to a banking system [03:22]
white_shadow _lucifer from where to get the jar, i downloaded the setup of like some 250mb [03:22]
yawkat use the google my friend! youre the one that claimed it didnt. [03:22]
Intelo yawkat: also, you might soon say that mongo has master-master replication. Good to know, can you share that too [03:22]
Intelo yawkat: claiming an absence of something need no docs. Claiming a feature does. You can refer doc [03:23]
yawkat lmgtfy mongo acid [03:23]
yawkat [03:23]
Intelo yawkat: what made you think I cannot google? [03:23]
yawkat your idiotic statement [03:24]
Intelo slaps yawkat very hard [03:24]
Maldivia hmm.... [03:25]
_lucifer white_shadow: maven central has that [03:25]
white_shadow ok [03:25]
_lucifer but you need to setup your database and all yourself white_shadow. the jar will just allow you to connect to the database from your application [03:26]
Intelo MongoDB 4.0 will add support for multi-document transactions, making it the only database to combine the speed, flexibility, and power of the document model with ACID data integrity guarantees. Updated: May 22, 2019 [03:26]
Intelo Intelo's title: "MongoDB Drops ACID | MongoDB Blog" [03:26]
_lucifer white_shadow: if you are familiar with some other database provider, the overall setup will have similar steps [03:28]
white_shadow ok [03:28]
white_shadow let me try [03:28]
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devid parted the channel: [06:13]
devid [devid!d949817e@] has joined ##java [06:19]
devid guys, if i want to develop an online fintech website that has financial companies as clients and want to use artificial intelligence to analyze data or suggest portfolios, is it best if i constraint myself to Django / Tensorflow or can i use something like Java Spring / Tensorflow ? [06:19]
mbooth devid: Your question is, essentially, "should I build a website with Python or Java?" and you are asking in a Java channel, so I'm not sure what you expect as an answer... [06:22]
LiftLeft [LiftLeft!~LiftLeft@2001:19f0:5c01:755:5400:2ff:fe62:b1d9] has joined ##java [06:22]
mbooth devid: Yes, of course you can build a website with Java/Spring. [06:23]
sonOfRa AI for stocks sound like a fun way to destroy people's life savings :D [06:24]
devid sonOfRa i took that as an example from a company i saw on the internet but honestly i think you are right :D :D [06:25]
sonOfRa The culpability has to be a nightmare. Are there like, limitations on giving "financial advice" like there are for "legal advice" in most jurisdictions? [06:26]
devid sonOfRa: have a look this is the website [06:27]
sonOfRa Oh god that is even *worse*. That's credit score management on steroids to deprive even more people of... whatever they might need credit for [06:27]
mbooth sonOfRa: Yes, at least in the UK, giving financial advice is tightly regulated. [06:29]
sonOfRa I guess "an AI did it, nobody is liable" is just the next level "it's a software bug, whoops, ain't a thing we can do about that" [06:29]
sonOfRa constrains himself from veering even further off-topic [06:30]
hinst [hinst!] has joined ##java [06:30]
devid well let's say i built a website with Spring. Can i add AI reccommender systems into it easily ? Or anything related to deep learning in the backend (say extracting information from pictures from the database) ? [06:36]
mbooth devid: Why do you think you can't just use any library you want? [06:36]
mbooth Does it have a Java API? Then yeah, you can use it [06:36]
mbooth Even if it doesn't have a Java API, you can still use it ;-) [06:37]
mbooth What the library does is kinda irrelevant [06:37]
devid mbooth beacuse Tensorflow's API for Java is experimental [06:37]
mbooth devid: So? [06:38]
mbooth "Can i add <a random library> into it easily?" -- The answer is yes [06:38]
devid mbooth it also requires pretrained models in Python first, then you can use them in Java [06:39]
mbooth Good [06:39]
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sonOfRa Generally, the strength of Java is that there is a library for just about everything [06:40]
sonOfRa And that you can easily integrate just about every library into your project [06:41]
mbooth devid: But if you really want to use python, why ask a Java channel? ;-) [06:42]
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devid mbooth honestly i want to use Java Spring, i rarely see an eterprise solution using Django. I was just not clear if that imposes limitations to using AI solutions in the website, since Tensorflow API full support is for Python only (yet) [06:46]
mbooth devid: Well, you can answer this yourself. Does the Java API support all the function you want to use? [06:48]
mbooth devid: Your original question, "can I use easily use a library in a spring app?" is overwhelmingly, yes of course you can :-) [06:48]
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mbooth devid: If the specific library you want to use has some functionality missing, consider contributing that missing part or using a different library. [06:49]
mbooth Finding out if someone already wrote a library to do what you need to do is like half of programming ;-) [06:50]
devid mbooth yes it really is :D [06:52]
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dreamreal morning [07:30]
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turlando Hello everyone [07:50]
dreamreal hi [07:50]
Peste_Bubonica [Peste_Bubonica!~Peste_Bub@unaffiliated/peste-bubonica/x-4612396] has joined ##java [07:54]
turlando Suppose I have an interface I<T> with a method T f(I<? extends T>, I<? extends T>). I have a class C where I implement this interface as follows: T f(A a, A b), T f(B a, B b), T f(A a, B b), T f(B a, A b), where A and B both extend C. Of course the compiler fails saying that "C is not abstract and does not override abstract method f(I<? extends T>, I<? extends T>) in I" [07:55]
turlando Any clue? Is that even doable in Java? [07:55]
yawkat No, java does not have dynamic dispatch on parameter types [07:56]
yawkat / multiple dispatch [07:57]
turlando Thanks for your reply yawkat. I thought that type erasure wouldn't allow me to do that but I wanted to be sure. [07:58]
yawkat Nothing to do with erasure [07:58]
turlando Is there any known workaround that could help emulate the behavior? [07:58]
Maldivia instanceof :D [07:59]
dreamreal you could write the method to ... yeah, that [07:59]
yawkat You have three methods where the method is supposed to be selected based on runtime type. Not possible in java, with or without generics [07:59]
yawkat You can just put three methods in the interface and let the selection happen statically [07:59]
turlando > You can just put three methods in the interface and let the selection happen statically. Do you mean I have to code the permutation os argument types in the interface? Sorry for being a noob in Java [08:01]
yawkat yes [08:03]
yawkat well, it's one solution, another is instanceof. which is better depends on actual use case [08:03]
dreamreal turlando: why are you trying to do this? [08:04]
lighterowl [lighterowl!] has joined ##java [08:13]
turlando thanks a lot yawkat [08:14]
turlando dreamreal just for exercise. My bachelor includes an OOP class (no pun intended) using Java. I wanted to convert an easy Haskell example to Java [08:16]
lighterowl o [08:16]
dreamreal well, now you see why different languages exist [08:18]
turlando yawkat Sorry to bother you again, but letting the compiler do static selection means that I can't have generic types A and B passed to the interface method unless I pollute the interface type definition with A and B, right? [08:24]
sbalmos [sbalmos!~sbalmos@] has joined ##java [08:35]
sbalmos Went into a major rathole yesterday reading into Keycloak. I was trying to imagine how to do row/object/instance-level access control, and only thing I could come up with was creating Resources in keycloak for every entity instance. Seemed like that would end up being massive overhead. [08:39]
sbalmos I guess keycloak for the authn and still-pretty-coarse authz of role-based stuff, but then still keep Spring Security ACL or Shiro or such, local to each service, for the object-level permissions [08:40]
mbooth Hey I just found javabot in another channel, can it be invited to join channels by users? Or is it controled by some config? [08:42]
dreamreal by some config [08:42]
sbalmos dreamreal: I simultaneously like, and hate, these all-day ratholes I go into. [08:46]
dreamreal maybe that's god telling you're actually a rat [08:48]
ludocode [ludocode!] has joined ##java [08:48]
sbalmos sure, why not [08:48]
dreamreal D [08:48]
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mbooth yak shaving [09:35]
mbooth mbooth, what does that even *mean*? [09:35]
mbooth Bah [09:35]
dmlloyd baaaaaaaaah [09:35]
dreamreal the question is... how appropriate was that response [09:35]
dmlloyd ? [09:36]
galex-713 [galex-713!] has joined ##java [09:36]
sbalmos Are you going to shave the yak so you can pull its wool over someone's eyes? [09:36]
dmlloyd I'm not sure it's wool, technically speaking [09:36]
dmlloyd ox hair, more like [09:37]
sbalmos dmlloyd: WOrk with me here! It's Friday! [09:37]
dmlloyd work? on a friday? you must be crazy [09:37]
mbooth alias git friday="git commit -am 'So long suckers!' && git push -f && logout" [09:39]
dreamreal left off -n [09:39]
dreamreal you moron [09:39]
white_shadow [white_shadow!~white_sha@unaffiliated/whiteshadow/x-9072] has joined ##java [09:40]
bendem more like `git config alias.friday` [09:40]
mbooth dreamreal: It's always amateur hour here ;-) [09:40]
bendem alias git friday= is not a thing [09:40]
dreamreal heh [09:40]
dreamreal mbooth: -n IS amateur hour! [09:41]
dreamreal ... that said, I used it myself this morning. Verify failed on a really simple lint check, fixed the *order of imports* and said "screw it, -n that puppy" [09:41]
dreamreal I can't deploy that module until someone else delivers something to me, so it'll get a chance to be verified later [09:42]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined ##java [09:43]
mbooth yak shaving is <reply>Any seemingly pointless activity which is actually necessary to solve a problem which solves a problem which... java.lang.StackOverflowError [09:45]
mbooth OK, mbooth. [09:45]
dreamreal mbooth: ideally that'd be an Operation in javabot, that actually caused a stackoverflow (echoing the error in the channel) and then killed the bot (and restarted it) [09:46]
mbooth 'ideally' [09:46]
dreamreal "'ideally'" [09:46]
KidBeta_ [KidBeta_!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined ##java [09:46]
dreamreal `'"ideally'"` [09:46]
mbooth (`'"ideally'"`) [09:46]
dreamreal aw, you balanced the quotes again :( [09:47]
ludocode [ludocode!] has joined ##java [09:51]
sbalmos console.log(`${ideal}` + "ly" + '') [09:52]
junktext [junktext!junktext@fsf/member/junktext] has joined ##java [09:52]
dreamreal should have used colors, too, but left the actual colors import out [09:54]
dreamreal it's JS, who's going to notice [09:54]
SwiftMatt [SwiftMatt!~Objective@2601:282:4300:3e:5412:e6fe:7382:8618] has joined ##java [09:58]
sbalmos dreamreal: I'm not that good. I leave that to the frontend people. Hell if I know CSS color codes [09:59]
dreamreal there's a module for it, which is handy, but JS' error checking is beyond abysmal [10:00]
dreamreal I trust python more than JS [10:01]
sbalmos TypeScript baby! [10:01]
sbalmos solves world hungre! [10:01]
dreamreal that doesn't fix the exception propagation, and plus having ONE module in TS is no guarantee that other modules are anything similar [10:01]
dreamreal We have a project that uses nodejs native promises, q, bluebird, and something else, I forget the name... and that's pretty normal" [10:02]
dreamreal Like... THEY ALL DO THE SAME THING [10:02]
murd0c [murd0c!~murd0c@2800:810:492:ee:e988:6d39:6aa2:80cf] has joined ##java [10:02]
cheeser interesting [10:03]
cheeser this is all very interesting (not really) but please take it somewhere else. [10:03]
dreamreal takes it to a different corner of ##java just to annoy cheeser [10:03]
sbalmos cheeser: Screw you hippie! It's Friday! [10:04]
Diablo-D3 dreamreal: thats what I hate about js [10:04]
Diablo-D3 well node [10:04]
dreamreal be cheeser [10:04]
dreamreal that's very interesting, but what's that got to do with java? [10:04]
cheeser Diablo-D3: stfu [10:04]
dmlloyd ? [10:05]
Diablo-D3 at least let me finish my 50 page novel on why java is better than javascript [10:05]
kicked Diablo-D3 (Diablo-D3) [10:05]
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sbalmos huh... I wonder if there's some ordering to how Validators are evaluated. I've got a DTO String field with a @NotBlank and a custom validator. The @NotBlank is supposed to catch nulls and empty strings, yet the custom validator is apparently still getting nulls [11:24]
stoked [stoked!] has joined ##java [11:24]
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ron sbalmos: yes [11:26]
stoked parted the channel: [11:26]
sbalmos ron: I'm listening. ;) [11:26]
b3h3m0th [b3h3m0th!uid26288@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [11:27]
ron sbalmos: oh, I dunno, just saying there's an order. even if it's random. [11:28]
ron but now that I actually read what you wrote, why would you expect the custom validator to not get nulls? [11:29]
ron I'd expect validators to not short circuit (might as well get a list of all problems, not just the first one encountered) [11:30]
mbooth "there's an order. even if it's random." Technically correct, the best kind of correct. [11:30]
sbalmos ron: I would. It helps writing the custom validators if the value can be guaranteed to be otherwise valid from the standard validators (I know, a lot of assumptions and such in there) [11:31]
ron sbalmos: possibly stupid assumptions? [11:32]
sbalmos ron: e.g. The custom validator doesn't have to redo the work of @NotBlank [11:32]
ron you should @NotBlank your own validator! [11:32]
kindling [kindling!drZWwKjr@unaffiliated/kindling] has joined ##java [11:33]
sbalmos *smack* [11:33]
sbalmos Anyway, I think I found it. @Validated with some @GroupSequence and grouping interface definitions [11:34]
ron hot [11:34]
sbalmos [11:34]
ron eew spring [11:34]
sbalmos ron: [11:36]
sbalmos sbalmos's title: "Grouping Javax Validation Constraints | Baeldung" [11:36]
sbalmos P [11:36]
ron sbalmos: oh no, don't confuse my responses with caring :D [11:36]
sbalmos ron: Yeah yeah, I know better [11:40]
sbalmos But I bet dreamreal cares. He always cares. [11:40]
ron sbalmos: ? [11:40]
sbalmos dreamreal: Right? [11:40]
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b3h3m0th `mvn spring-boot:run` is just building my app, not running it. [11:56]
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white_shadow Hi I am getting this error while building up javabot project: Error in custom provider, java.lang.RuntimeException: The configuration elements needs to be defined in your configuration: [javabot.url, javadoc.jdk.file, javabot.password] [01:14]
Arimil [Arimil!] has joined ##java [01:15]
cheeser so add those to your configuration file [01:19]
white_shadow can you please show me your config file so that i can compare? [01:21]
dreamreal the has it all [01:22]
dreamreal so copy that to, as one might presume to do [01:22]
cheeser *my* config has a live password in it so no. :) [01:23]
mindCrime [mindCrime!] has joined ##java [01:24]
Peste_Bubonica [Peste_Bubonica!~Peste_Bub@unaffiliated/peste-bubonica/x-4612396] has joined ##java [01:28]
white_shadow ok [01:30]
white_shadow my project only has so should i manually create [01:32]
_lucifer yes, white_shadow [01:32]
dreamreal sighs [01:34]
dreamreal white_shadow: it really makes a pocketful of your hair, but I won't tell me [01:34]
white_shadow i didn't get you [01:34]
white_shadow Please elaborate [01:34]
dreamreal Mountain, leave his eyes. I know, I been drooling. Wonder how I did my hair that grew so low... [01:35]
white_shadow are you a barber too or what are you trying to say? [01:35]
Renari [Renari!] has joined ##java [01:36]
dreamreal [01:36]
white_shadow Shakespeare? [01:36]
white_shadow _lucifer it worked thanks [01:38]
white_shadow _lucifer++ [01:38]
white_shadow _lucifer has a karma level of 1, white_shadow [01:38]
white_shadow dreamreal-- [01:38]
white_shadow dreamreal has a karma level of -1, white_shadow [01:38]
dreamreal ponders [01:38]
dreamreal So wait... I tell you what to do, you do it, it works, and I LOSE karma? [01:39]
dreamreal and _lucifer, who told you the same thing I did, GETS karma? [01:40]
dreamreal (to be clear: I'm more amused than anything else.) [01:41]
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sbalmos dreamreal-- [01:44]
sbalmos dreamreal has a karma level of -2, sbalmos [01:44]
sbalmos P [01:44]
dreamreal bows [01:44]
dreamreal That led zeppelin thing is kinda interesting, I do wonder how long the token chains were though [01:44]
dreamreal It LOOKS like they were two tokens long [01:45]
sbalmos heh [01:45]
dreamreal At three the lyrics would have made a little more sense, I think [01:45]
ron sbalmos: noticed how dreamreal completely ignored you? [01:47]
cheeser if only there were a separate channel you both inhabitated where you could discuss this... [01:47]
dreamreal I'm on IRC already [01:47]
dreamreal what other channels are there? [01:48]
turlando An attribute a has a type A. B and C subclass A. I can assign a value of B and C to a. A method get is the accessor for a and its return type is A. I have a function f with multiple signatures: for A, for B and for C. When I pass an object B to f everything works. If a method calls get and pass the result to f it tries to call the function for A and not for the real type. It seems it loses type information. Is it a way to fix this? [01:48]
_lucifer white_shadow: you should really thanks cheeser and dreamreal. i just told you what they had told earlier [01:48]
sbalmos cheeser: My life is centered in ##java [01:49]
dmlloyd turlando: I don't think that is what is actually happening. Can you pastebin some example code? [01:49]
dreamreal turlando: no, because the TYPE is A. yawkat already told you dynamic dispatch wasn't part of the process. You can introspect the ACTUAL type in the method call and handle it appropriately, or dispatch to a callback in A in and of itself. [01:49]
turlando thanks dreamreal, sorry for the redundant question. I tried to rework the code in a different shape but I eventually ended in the very same issue [01:51]
sphenxes [sphenxes!~sphenxes@] has joined ##java [01:51]
turlando dmlloyd I could if you want but i think dreamreal already got it right [01:51]
turlando dreamreal: >dispatch to a callback in A in and of itself. Basically you mean something like a visitor? [01:53]
dreamreal no: class A { doStuffWithSelf() {} } then A a=new B(); ... then doSomethingWithA() { a.doStuffWithSelf(); } [01:54]
dreamreal if it's a B, it'll go to B's doStuffWithSelf(), if C, then C's, etc etc etc [01:54]
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turlando dreamreal I don't think I understand it completely. Let me show the code. This is the implementation using static methods and this is using instance methods My test case is: PosInt.Zero zero = new PosInt.Zero(); PosInt.Seq one = new PosInt.Seq(zero); PosInt.concat(one, one) OR one.concat(one) both yield java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException [02:07]
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beaky [beaky!~beaky@2a03:b0c0:0:1010::17cf:7003] has joined ##java [02:10]
dreamreal that's because the TYPE is PosInt [02:10]
dreamreal always [02:10]
dreamreal actually, it might not be, I'd have to check the rules for resolution there [02:11]
Lindrian [Lindrian!~Lindrian@unaffiliated/lindrian] has joined ##java [02:13]
turlando thanks dreamreal. I'm trying as hard as I can to give as much information as possible to the type checker [02:15]
Chuguniy [Chuguniy!~Chuguniy@] has joined ##java [02:18]
turlando Compared to the question I posted earlier this evening I removed all the unnecessary complexity such as interfaces or so and I tried to shrink the test case as much as possible [02:18]
dreamreal what exactly are you trying to do [02:21]
turlando dreamreal nothing really useful, it's just an exercise. What I'm trying to do is porting the following code to Java, nothing more, nothing less: The test case is: [02:26]
turlando <> is concat [02:27]
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stickyboy I am trying to deserialize JSON to a class using GSON but my source JSON has an element "3166-1" and I don't know how to handle that as a variable name in the class. [02:44]
stickyboy I temporarily renamed that element to "countries" and I can deserialize it OK, but I don't want to have to modify my source JSON. [02:46]
_lucifer use a serializedname annotation [02:46]
stickyboy _lucifer: Oohhh yes... thank you. I remember seeing that once (sorry I'm new to Java). Let me look it up. [02:47]
dreamreal _lucifer ++ [02:47]
dreamreal _lucifer has a karma level of 2, dreamreal [02:47]
stickyboy Wow, it works. w00t [02:51]
ludocode [ludocode!] has joined ##java [02:51]
stickyboy _lucifer++ [02:51]
dreamreal needs the tilde [02:51]
stickyboy _lucifer++ [02:51]
stickyboy _lucifer has a karma level of 3, stickyboy [02:51]
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stickyboy Java takes a lot of work... but it kinda feels good. [02:55]
dreamreal it takes more *typing* but not more work [02:57]
dreamreal java's so explicit that it's easy to figure out what it's doing, because you damn well told it to do it [02:57]
stickyboy So explicit... [02:58]
murd0c [murd0c!~murd0c@2800:810:492:ee:e988:6d39:6aa2:80cf] has joined ##java [02:58]
stickyboy There are so many data structure types in Java. I'm so confused. :P [02:58]
dreamreal objects and primitives? There're TWO! [02:58]
sbalmos Don't look at C/C++/Rust/etc then [02:58]
stickyboy I will ask for help in a bit when I'm trying to iterate over some stuff soon. [02:59]
stickyboy And dreamreal I'm using IntelliJ now. Makes it much easier. [02:59]
stickyboy Also I extracted my small project out of its larger project so my mvn package takes 1.8 seconds instead of 1.30 minutes. [02:59]
sbalmos probably 1.2 of those 1.3 minutes is NPM trying to figure out what the hell to do [03:00]
stickyboy sbalmos: How did you know... [03:01]
AmVarPG [AmVarPG!] has joined ##java [03:01]
stickyboy NPM yes, and *gasp* Ruby SASS. [03:01]
sbalmos I is psychic. Ask dreamreal. He knows. [03:01]
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stickyboy I was very pleasantly pleased that the mvn getting started guide gave me a functioning project in like one minute. Copy the jar to my project lib and done. [03:02]
stickyboy Eventually I'll have to figure out how to incorporate my small project back into the larger project... [03:03]
stickyboy I'm using some BufferedReader's. Should I explicitly close them after I'm done reading from them? [03:08]
Bombe Absolutely. [03:08]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined ##java [03:09]
Bombe try-with-resources [03:09]
Bombe stickyboy, try-with-resources is a way of using resources without having to remember to close them - [03:09]
ernimril stickyboy, if you open them you close them. [03:09]
ernimril stickyboy, if you did not open you should most probably not close them [03:09]
stickyboy Bombe: Cool. Sounds like Python's "with open()...:" that closes the file handle when leaving the scope. [03:10]
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sbalmos It's apparently too much to ask someone to follow field name case sensitivity when I give them a sample CSV template and say "Follow this format *exactly*" [03:50]
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