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white_shadow I am trying to build javabot project but it is stuck here "exec-maven-plugin:1.2.1:java (default-cli) @ javabot ---" for last 15 minutes [12:18]
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Maldivia white_shadow: exec.... that means it's running, or something is [04:16]
ruurd Well... [04:21]
ruurd ps axu? [04:21]
white_shadow Maldivia so how do i check if its running? [04:37]
white_shadow I tried by running invite command on it but nothing happened [04:37]
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dreamreal morning [06:29]
A47 morning [06:31]
dreamreal npm-check [06:37]
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waz yawns [07:52]
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qqqhhh hello is there a zero copy string split operation ? in my app i do a lot of parsing but the splits do the majority of allocations and i want to minimize them. thanks. [08:15]
qqqhhh i have used JFR recordings with JMC to analyze this [08:17]
dreamreal qqqhhh: no [08:19]
dreamreal are the allocations causing a problem? [08:19]
qqqhhh i want to reduce the gc pressure , JMC has this warrning The JVM was paused for 100 % of the time during 104,286 ms starting at 1. 8. 2020 9:19:47. The time spent performing garbage collection may be reduced by increasing the heap size or by trying to reduce allocation. [08:21]
dreamreal and that's caused by String.split()? [08:21]
qqqhhh yes [08:21]
dreamreal Yikes, what the heck are you doing with those strings [08:22]
qqqhhh splitting very long strings [08:22]
qqqhhh those are mikrotik API responses and they contain many fields [08:22]
dreamreal and then holding on to the split strings forever? [08:22]
qqqhhh no after parsing they are GCd [08:22]
dreamreal that the standard pattern for that would be eden GC, and eden GC tends to be super-duper-fast [08:23]
qqqhhh yes they do not survive long but after around 5 hours there is around 220GB allocations [08:23]
qqqhhh 2GB heap [08:23]
dreamreal well, I don't know the access pattern here, nor am I familiar with mikrotik, but ordinarily short-lived GCs shouldn't be something you notice or care about [08:25]
dreamreal hrmmm [08:25]
qqqhhh this is the stack trace [08:25]
qqqhhh byte[] java.util.Arrays.copyOfRange(byte[], int, int) 355830 [08:25]
qqqhhh String java.lang.String.substring(int, int) 132957 [08:25]
qqqhhh String[] java.lang.String.split(String, int) 103657 [08:25]
qqqhhh String java.lang.StringLatin1.newString(byte[], int, int) 268054 [08:25]
qqqhhh String[] java.lang.String.split(String) 103657 [08:25]
qqqhhh Response aab.mikrotik.api.MikrotikAPIConnector.parseData(LinkedList) 103247 [08:25]
qqqhhh Response aab.mikrotik.api.MikrotikAPIConnector.executeQuery(Query) 103247 [08:25]
qqqhhh void 88726 [08:25]
dreamreal please don't paste in ##java [08:25]
qqqhhh sorry [08:25]
qqqhhh i thought multiline was in single message [08:25]
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dreamreal I don't know of a zero-copy split for java strings, but that doesn't mean there isn't one [08:30]
dreamreal why are you using linkedlist? [08:30]
qqqhhh a lot of inserts and only sequential loop [08:30]
qqqhhh unpredictable size [08:30]
qqqhhh linked list of lines [08:31]
dreamreal inserting at the beginning or the end only? [08:31]
qqqhhh yes [08:31]
dreamreal still causes heap disruption, but eh [08:31]
dreamreal at least you're avoiding the worst of it [08:31]
qqqhhh i thought about doing many things into an arraylist [08:31]
qqqhhh but there is much other work for refactoring [08:31]
dreamreal arraylist pretty much always beats a linkedlist except for insertions at the beginning of the list [08:31]
qqqhhh no just at the end [08:32]
dreamreal and then the heap disruption is usually more severe than the cost of inserts [08:32]
dreamreal arraylist will nearly always beat linkedlist for appends [08:32]
qqqhhh even if it has to do many resizes ? [08:32]
ernimril ArrayDeque will probably be better than the linked list here though [08:32]
dreamreal qqqhhh: the resizes drop in number *really* quickly [08:33]
dreamreal it's not like it says "oh, you have a list of 10, you want to add to it, let me add 1 to the number of slots" [08:33]
dreamreal if memory serves, it's size + size >> 1, but it changes by version, it might be different now [08:33]
qqqhhh yes its 2 times, maybe i will compute the average or median size and take that aas initial capacity [08:34]
ernimril qqqhhh, String.substring used to be zero-copy (as in sharing the same char[] behind the scenes), but they changed that because it kept too many long strings in memory for too many people [08:34]
dreamreal qqqhhh: it's size+size now? [08:35]
qqqhhh i do not know exactly, just vaguely remember that it is doubling [08:35]
dreamreal I don't think it EVER doubled [08:36]
ernimril qqqhhh, using String.split heavily is slow, consider indexOf + substring yourself if you are really doing lots of split [08:36]
__lunar_jetman [__lunar_jetman!dave@] has joined ##java [08:37]
kicked __lunar_jetman (Banned: this ban will expire after 365d) [08:37]
qqqhhh each line does only one split but it is very long hundreds of characters maybe thousands [08:37]
ernimril qqqhhh, split does regex and builds a String[] without knowing in advance how large that array needs to be [08:37]
ernimril qqqhhh, what are you splitting on? single char or complex regex? [08:37]
qqqhhh single char [08:37]
qqqhhh result can be 2 parts or 3 parts [08:38]
ernimril qqqhhh, so replace that with an indexOf loop and see what happens [08:38]
dreamreal and yeah, it's still size=size + size >> 1 in java 14 [08:39]
qqqhhh the thing is there will be always an copy because of the new string instance [08:39]
dreamreal <-- the bit where that happens [08:39]
dreamreal dreamreal's title: "java/14 : java.base/java/util/" [08:39]
qqqhhh i see, so then 3 times the size ? [08:40]
dreamreal no... 1.5 [08:40]
dreamreal size = size + size >> 1 [08:40]
qqqhhh yes i was not sure [08:40]
qqqhhh is there a way to make a zero copy substring ? [08:40]
sphenxes [sphenxes!~sphenxes@] has joined ##java [08:41]
qqqhhh i read about CharBuffer.wrap but that does a copy too seemingly [08:41]
ernimril qqqhhh, you can build your own string alternative if you really need it [08:41]
qqqhhh yes i thought about that ,seems overkill [08:41]
ernimril qqqhhh, but again, consider skipping split for an indexof loop, it may give you what you need [08:42]
ernimril qqqhhh, also, this is also something that is trivial to write a test case for and benchmark that, jmh may be helpful [08:43]
ernimril jmh [08:43]
ernimril JMH is a micro benchmarking harness written in Java for the JVM, see [08:43]
qqqhhh i will try it but i think the substring does a copy [08:45]
qqqhhh it makes sense to not keep a reference to the bigger parent string - undersstandably causes leaks [08:46]
qqqhhh just this part does around 30% of allocations [08:47]
qqqhhh but thanks for clarifying [08:48]
ernimril qqqhhh, Your best bet right now is to 1) try a few of the things we have suggested, 2) create a test case and use jmh to optimize it [08:49]
qqqhhh i jmh hard to use ? i do not know it yet, i use eclipse [08:50]
ernimril no, it is easy to use [08:50]
qqqhhh in the last days,thanks to JMC i managed to reduce allocation rate from 150MB/s to 60MB/s [08:51]
code-witch [code-witch!~code-witc@] has joined ##java [09:00]
qqqhhh ah maven, not exactly my type [09:01]
qqqhhh i will try the indexof solution [09:03]
Kol how do i point to the jetbrains repository so i can include this in my gradle project? right now my build.gradle has `repositories { mavenCentral() }` [09:20]
Kol [09:21]
Kol Kol's title: "Maven Repository: org.jetbrains markdown 0.1.45" [09:21]
SwiftMatt [SwiftMatt!] has joined ##java [09:22]
dreamreal well [09:23]
dreamreal Kol: [09:23]
Kol thx [09:25]
dreamreal thank google [09:25]
qqqhhh <ernimril> thanks i did the indexof solution, now my top allocator is string.replace :D [09:39]
qqqhhh <ernimril> but that is a different part that is not mikrotik api parsing [09:40]
ernimril qqqhhh, ok, probably good :-) [09:40]
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qqqhhh <ernimril> now down to 40MB/s average allocation rate [10:10]
ernimril qqqhhh, nice to hear [10:10]
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audiofile what's a good way to loop over an IP range? [12:26]
audiofile I have two IP addresses in strings [12:26]
audiofile *Strings [12:26]
cheeser well, talk it through... [12:33]
cheeser what have you tried? [12:33]
ricky_clarkson2 Sounds like the question might really be about subnets. You need the IPv4 address segment plus a number of bits for the netmask. Two IP addresses won't cut it, you could infer a subnet but get a different one (narrower) than you were intending. [12:37]
ricky_clarkson2 and I've no idea if/how subnets apply to IPv6 [12:37]
cheeser well, if the variance is only in the 4th quartet, it's trivial. [12:37]
Cahaan [Cahaan!] has joined ##java [12:38]
ricky_clarkson2 , int ipSegment = 1 <<< 24 | 1 <<< 16 | 1 <<< 8; int netMaskInverted = some bit formula to get binary 0000.. 1111111; loop from ipSegment to ipSegment + netMask [12:41]
_lucifer [_lucifer!sid308373@musicbrainz/user/amCap1712] has joined ##java [12:41]
ricky_clarkson2 and be very careful about negative numbers ruining your loop [12:42]
cristian_c sorry [12:44]
cristian_c is this the right channel for discussions about jad and jar? [12:44]
cristian_c any ide? [12:44]
cristian_c *ideas [12:44]
ernimril cristian_c, jad and jar, sure. Ideas, not so much, probably better to take such in their respective channels [12:49]
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cheeser we don't really do decompliation conversations here, no. [01:00]
junktext [junktext!junktext@fsf/member/junktext] has joined ##java [01:09]
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audiofile cheeser I discovered guava covers all of this including converting from string to inetaddress and incrementing as well :) [01:25]
audiofile thanks [01:25]
palasso [palasso!~palasso@unaffiliated/palasso] has joined ##java [01:26]
escanda [escanda!4f93c066@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [01:26]
escanda hey there! :) how is that there's no bsd kqueue nio implementation? [01:27]
escanda (in openjdk) [01:27]
ernimril escanda, probably because nobody stepped up to implement it [01:27]
cheeser probably a question for the openjdk irc channel [01:27]
cheeser audiofile: great! good luck. [01:28]
escanda interesting :) it would be cool I think. besides there's no aio support for linux neither [01:28]
escanda (from what I gathered from a quick glance at the sources) [01:28]
escanda perhaps xnio implements that part [01:29]
escanda i am going to take a look [01:29]
escanda nope [01:31]
audiofile uhh, is jre version != java version? [01:33]
dreamreal it's the same [01:33]
cristian_c ernimril: ok [01:33]
audiofile how do they mention jre 23.5 here? [01:33]
audiofile audiofile's title: "UseGuavaInYourBuild google/guava Wiki GitHub" [01:33]
cheeser there is no (separate) jre after 8 [01:33]
cheeser 23.5 is probably the guava version [01:34]
audiofile oooh okay! [01:34]
escanda ernimril I think the issue is bigger since it could require an impl specific folder and some more than nio's impl [01:34]
audiofile can I skip that if I want latest version? [01:34]
audiofile skip that subtag [01:34]
cheeser \_(?)_/ [01:34]
fizzie Yeah, it's just called "23.5-jre" with the "jre" there to distinguish it from the Android-specific build. [01:34]
ernimril well, some distributions have jre, adoptopenjdk is one such place [01:34]
white_shadow I am trying to build javabot project but it is stuck here "exec-maven-plugin:1.2.1:java (default-cli) @ javabot ---" for last 15 minutes [01:34]
audiofile ah ok [01:34]
audiofile ty! [01:34]
cheeser hrm. that might be the call out to git. it shouldn't take any noticeable time. kill it and restart the build [01:35]
cristian_c in order to install a jar aplication, a jad file is needed [01:35]
cheeser tech support [01:36]
cheeser Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [01:36]
cristian_c so, I've created a 1 kb jad file using the manifest parameters [01:36]
sizeof_void34 [sizeof_void34!] has joined ##java [01:37]
Sgeo [Sgeo!] has joined ##java [01:37]
escanda cristian_c is it working so far? [01:37]
cristian_c but when I try to install the jar application, selecting the jad file, I get jar info and then I see he following message: 'not valid JAD descriptor' [01:38]
cheeser tech support [01:38]
cheeser cristian_c, Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [01:38]
cristian_c escanda: I don't know [01:38]
escanda cristian_c you might want to check out what a jad file and instead run the jar as is [01:38]
cristian_c cheeser: I just have to make a question yet [01:39]
audiofile what is the meta build tool right now for jav [01:39]
audiofile *java. is it maven? [01:39]
cristian_c escanda: it's not possible to install an application without a jad file [01:39]
cheeser maven and gradle are the most popular. [01:39]
cheeser cristian_c: this is not the forum for help installing your app [01:39]
audiofile ah, I've seen gradle a fair bit when I messed around with android applications =) [01:39]
cristian_c cheeser: I've not made a question yet [01:40]
audiofile was the most popular kid in my class when I fixed a guy's gradle build issues [01:40]
white_shadow cheeser tried many times but same happens [01:40]
cheeser i know you haven't, cristian_c [01:40]
cristian_c cheeser: so, you don't know what question I have yet [01:40]
Ragnor [Ragnor!] has joined ##java [01:40]
cheeser cristian_c: is this your code? are you writing this project? [01:41]
Ischwitch [Ischwitch!~Ingvix@] has joined ##java [01:41]
cristian_c cheeser: I've crrated the jad file [01:41]
cheeser cristian_c: is this your code? are you writing this project? [01:41]
cheeser or are you trying to get some random 3rd party app to work? [01:41]
cristian_c I need to create the jad properly, I mean [01:41]
cheeser you could try asking an actual question for starters. [01:42]
cristian_c I couldntry to make a question [01:43]
cheeser eh? [01:43]
cristian_c *I could try to make a question [01:43]
cristian_c btw, my questiin is composed in such way: exactky, what does 'not valid descriptor' mean? and what is a good way to create a jad file without making mistakes? [01:45]
cheeser it means your descriptor is wrong. [01:46]
cristian_c and in order to better answer my questions: what resources I could read/study in order to get this target? [01:46]
cheeser when you talk about "jad files" what's the context? what consumes these files? [01:46]
cristian_c a jar application, if I0ve got the question [01:47]
cheeser "a jar application" is meaningless. [01:48]
cristian_c I0ve tried some method last week in order to generate the jad file (by hand or by a tool, so I've crested the fike in some ways) [01:48]
yawkat It's a java me thing I think [01:48]
yawkat me [01:48]
yawkat yawkat, what does that even *mean*? [01:48]
cristian_c jar archive [01:48]
yawkat java me [01:49]
yawkat yawkat, what does that even *mean*? [01:49]
yawkat ( [01:49]
cristian_c yawkat: kava me? [01:49]
cristian_c *java [01:49]
cheeser cristian_c: what are you working with exactly? you've given exactly 0 details beyond "a jad file" [01:49]
cheeser show us [01:49]
cheeser Paste the code (and any errors) in a pastebin where we can see it. See ~pastebin for options. Also see ~testcase for good examples as to how to help us help you quickly diagnose and solve problems. [01:49]
cristian_c yeah, I've thought to pastebin the jad file [01:49]
cristian_c it0s jut a manifest [01:50]
cheeser and what consumes this jad file? [01:50]
escanda cristian_c, jad files are only for java me apps, you probably just got a jar file you can run using: `java -jar <filepath>` [01:51]
cristian_c it's about midlet [01:51]
escanda oh, then you need a jad file... sorry to hear that [01:52]
cristian_c so, couldnI trymto run by commabd line? [01:52]
cheeser ffs, cristian_c [01:52]
cheeser you really need to learn how to ask for help [01:52]
cristian_c [01:54]
dreamreal cristian_c: unlikely unless you have a jme emulator [01:54]
dreamreal but this isn't a good java me channel [01:54]
dreamreal tech support [01:55]
dreamreal Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [01:55]
cheeser and now we come full circle [01:55]
cheeser cristian_c: as i said 20 minutes, talk to the vendor of your app (or midlet in this case) [01:55]
cristian_c so, not executing the code by java -jar command, dreamreal , I suppose [01:56]
dreamreal it's not a jar [01:56]
dreamreal not a real one. It's not for a jre. [01:56]
cristian_c dreamreal: anyway, I've asked if jad-jar discussions were allowed, before askingnin this channel [01:57]
cristian_c and answer was yes [01:57]
cheeser was it now? because that's not how I remember that going. [01:57]
cheeser oh, i see ernimril's response now. [01:57]
dreamreal you can ask anything you want. But getting answers is different. [01:57]
cristian_c cheeser: abput creating jad files, do iou mean? [01:58]
cristian_c *about [01:58]
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cristian_c dreamreal: do you mean java micro edition? [02:00]
dreamreal yes, that's what would run midlets. [02:00]
cristian_c oh [02:00]
cristian_c ok [02:00]
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cristian_c dreamreal: I suppose jme and j2me are not very differnt [02:03]
cristian_c maybe java version [02:04]
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cheeser they're the same thing [02:04]
dreamreal JME is a rebranded j2me [02:04]
cristian_c ok, there is a proper channel for java micro developement, I've fpund [02:05]
cristian_c *found [02:05]
cristian_c ##j2me, I mean [02:05]
dreamreal huzzah, can you stop spamming us about it? [02:05]
cristian_c (in freenode) [02:05]
cristian_c dreamreal: ? [02:06]
dreamreal if you cut the number of lines you type by eight, the amount of actual useful relevant information would be ... the same [02:06]
cristian_c ok, so all the previousminformation in onemline is not spam [02:07]
dreamreal it still wouldn't be really very relevant but it'd be fewer lines [02:07]
cristian_c I've just looked for one of ypur suggestions, ao it seem so, ok [02:09]
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cristian_c dreamreal: btw, jar start properly on j2me emulator (auto-converted?!) [02:35]
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audiofile hi, i have following code but each iteration takes ~15s to run. Why is it so slow? I hope it's not performing dns lookups for *that* [05:54]
audiofile audiofile's title: "db/QaDn9 -" [05:54]
fizzie If you mean "I hope it's not performing DNS lookups for 15 seconds", that's a fair enough hope -- but maybe it's some sort of DNS misconfiguration, and it's taking 15 seconds to time out and give up. [05:58]
fizzie If you mean "I hope it's not performing DNS lookups for getHostName()", that's not a reasonable hope, because a DNS lookup is what it's documented to do, when the InetAddress was created without a hostname. [05:58]
fizzie (Well, a result "based on the system configured name lookup service", to be exact.) [05:59]
audiofile yeah I was thinking #2 [06:14]
audiofile my bad, sorry [06:14]
audiofile how can I check if one inetaddress is less than another one (not equality check) [06:20]
audiofile audiofile's title: "db/Z1i6I -" [06:20]
audiofile oh ignore that ^ [06:29]
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kenalex hello everyone [07:07]
kenalex is the book "Java Concurrency in Practice" still relevant to learning mutithreading and concurrency in java ? [07:09]
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terabyte Hi, I'm using a processbuilder to execute a command. I'm gonna give the exact command as it would appear on a shell, I can't seem to get the processBuilder to assemble it properly. That is, executing the cmdarray works fine on a shell but not on a processbuilder... [07:25]
terabyte How should the --extra-args parameter and its 2 key=value values be passed? ansible-playbook -i thisworksfine.ini --extra-args 'key1=value1 key2=value2' site.yml [07:27]
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terabyte i've tried passing ["--extra-args", "'key1=value1 key2=value2'"], but no luck also ["--extra-args", "key1","value1", "key2","value2"] different kind of failure, first one without single quotes doesn't work either. [07:29]
terabyte from the docs an example command should be issued like this ` ansible-playbook release.yml --extra-vars "version=1.23.45 other_variable=foo" ` it all works fine with the java processbuilder until i try to use the extra-vars parameters, it doesn't seem to pass them propertly. [07:32]
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kankles i have a list of elements and i need to mimic rate limiting api. [07:36]
kankles is thread.sleep good enough? [07:37]
kankles or is there some other way to get n elements per second? [07:37]
dreamreal *shrug* there's also a way to run things on schedule [07:43]
dreamreal like "in a second" [07:43]
dreamreal so are you writing guava or something? [07:44]
kankles no, just unit testing [07:46]
dreamreal well, guava's throttling works and has tests [07:46]
kankles so theres some utility for returning elements from a list at some interval? [07:47]
dreamreal there's a utility for limiting requests over time [07:47]
dreamreal i.e., a throttle, and you are more than able to use that to limit ... anything, including returning elements from a list [07:48]
kankles ya, this could work. [07:51]
kankles is there anything in particular wrong with just thread.sleep ? [07:51]
dreamreal nah [07:52]
dreamreal it's just that you don't have to test throttling :) [07:52]
kankles cool. thanks. [07:53]
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terabyte kankles i once did a thing using blocking queues where i periodically consumed freeing up space according to a formula and made the calling api block waiting for a slot. [08:10]
terabyte the rate description was "100,000 per 24 hours" (not n per second), so making space every 30 seconds worked. [08:10]
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wenxin hey folks. i am very new to java . i just encountered a very simple question. i had already installed jdk and jre. when i typed javac in terminal , i got the message:'javac' not found [10:40]
wenxin and i still get the message :this path is not pointing to a jdk' from vscode [10:41]
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audiofile hullo, I'm curious what this line means [11:11]
audiofile audiofile's title: "ONOS-SSM/ at 9a6ba39969d483956e98026182b03952b4fea1f1 K-OpenNet/ONOS-SSM GitHub" [11:11]
audiofile for reference, it is an interface [11:11]
audiofile audiofile's title: "DeviceService (onos-docs-external 1.7.0 API)" [11:11]
audiofile how can you call a function from an interface? shouldn't you be able to call only from classes which implement that interface methods? [11:11]
audiofile I know I'm missing something here [11:12]
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BT40 I , need help from u guys [11:49]
BT40 I am getting this error in linux terminal [11:50]
BT40 Error: Could not find or load main class [11:50]
BT40 i have checked manually, the class exists. The syntax is recommended by oraclre, still getting error [11:50]
BT40 please guide [11:50]
BT40 Tried changing directory of the jar package, still getting same error. -verbose parameters is also providing no additional info for troubleshooting [11:51]
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