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[twisti] between java.util.Map and PostgreSQL, where exactly does redis fit ? or am i misunderstanding what its for, exactly ? [05:19]
mbooth [twisti]: How do you know you need it if you don't know what it's for? [05:20]
[twisti] im ... not aware that i need it ? do you know something i dont ? [05:21]
mbooth No, I don't know anything. You are the one asking about it :-) [05:22]
mbooth Maybe I misunderstood your question [05:22]
[twisti] because im a curious guy who likes to learn new things [05:22]
mbooth Maybe javabot knows.... [05:24]
mbooth redis [05:24]
mbooth Redis is a BSD-licensed key/value store (so a dictionary, with "Redis" allegedly meaning "REmote DIctionary Server"). It's fairly powerful as far as such things go, providing a lot of datastructures including ~hyperloglog. See also ~jedis , and Redis' home page: [05:24]
[twisti] hyperloglog [05:28]
[twisti] HyperLogLog is "an algorithm for the count-distinct problem," approximating the number of distinct elements in a multiset (which would be a List in java terms, allowing duplicates.) See for more. [05:28]
[twisti] jedis [05:28]
[twisti] [twisti], jedis is a client for ~redis, supporting synchronous and asynchronous data loss. [05:28]
[twisti] info jedis [05:29]
[twisti] jedis was added by: Faux on 08 Nov 2017 at 07:37 and has a literal value of: a client for ~redis, supporting synchronous and asynchronous data loss. [05:29]
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dreamreal morning [07:39]
dreamreal [twisti]: redis is sort of like a memcached with better structured data and a MUCH better client api; I'd choose couchbase or mongo though [07:40]
dreamreal (and for the record, at work: we chose mongo) [07:42]
qqqhhh is there a channel for a discussion about selecting the database ? [07:43]
dreamreal blinks [07:43]
dreamreal dunno [07:43]
qqqhhh i mean choosing the database [07:44]
dreamreal yes, I got that [07:44]
cheeser an oddly specific channel. maybe #databases if that exists? [07:45]
cheeser but probably the channels for the databases under consideration [07:45]
dreamreal or you can just ask this one, since a lot of people here use databases and have opinions [07:45]
cheeser well, it's a bit afield of the topic *here* [07:46]
dreamreal yeah, but it's only slightly tangential [07:47]
cheeser so are IDEs and we shunt those discussions. :) [07:48]
dreamreal mostly because of the pointless passion [07:48]
dreamreal whereas database considerations are logical only and have no emotional bias [07:49]
dreamreal duh, you moron [07:49]
qqqhhh so i want to store objects which have many fields set to null, i am using mysql and one option is to store json as a column, i do not plan to make queries on those fields, just storage and retrieval by key right now [07:54]
dreamreal mysql [07:54]
dreamreal dreamreal, mysql is a network-attached spreadsheet used by pr0n sites and other such dodgy entities across the internet. You can learn more about it at - free download of the open-source version, including JDBC drivers. See for why so many clued people despise it; see also for a more positive opinion. [07:54]
dreamreal choose virtually anything else [07:54]
dreamreal except sqlite [07:54]
dreamreal next [07:54]
dreamreal Another satisfied customer. Next! [07:54]
qqqhhh what is the most important reason not to use sqlite? [07:56]
Maldivia it sucks [07:57]
dreamreal qqqhhh: single-user database, really limited sql dialect, native implementation only [07:57]
dreamreal given that you're in ##java, native-only is an issue when there are alternatives [07:57]
dreamreal other databases are obviously native, but sqlite is effectively an embedded db; if you need embedded in a java app, you have hsql, h2, derby [07:58]
deltreey_ [deltreey_!] has joined ##java [07:59]
qqqhhh would be nice if there was some kind of lightweight key value DB built into JDK [08:00]
qqqhhh hsql is HSQLDB ? [08:01]
dreamreal hsqldb and hsql and h2 are all similar (hsql is the root project; h2, hsqldb, and hxsql are all descended from it) [08:02]
dreamreal qqqhhh: ... derby? [08:02]
dreamreal Did they take derby out of the JDK? [08:02]
mbooth dreamreal: It's "Apache Derby" now, IIRC [08:03]
dreamreal been apache derby for a long time [08:03]
fizzie "As announced in June 2015, JavaDB is no longer included in recent versions of the JDK." [08:04]
dreamreal fizzie ++ haha, well, I never saw the point in relying on it in the distribution :) [08:04]
dreamreal fizzie has a karma level of 17, dreamreal [08:04]
mbooth Oh right, I guess I got the timeline mixed up, it was Apache Derby before it was JavaDB :-o [08:05]
turlando [turlando!] has joined ##java [08:05]
dreamreal I just use h2 as a go-to-default anyway :) [08:06]
dreamreal I actually *prefer* hsqldb but everyone else likes h2; I also am not aware of updates to hsqldb (haven't been watching) [08:06]
mbooth Yeah I've used H2 before now. It's pretty ok I guess [08:06]
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turlando dreamreal I think I solved my issue by using Church encoding, but I don't like the result so much, can I show you the code? [08:09]
dreamreal is missing virtually all context here [08:09]
turlando lol, sorry, the issue about Java not doing type resolution at runtime [08:10]
dreamreal shrugs. Go for it. [08:10]
turlando here you go, sorry for bothering you, it's just I spent few days thinking about it [08:12]
dreamreal doesn't bother me at all, thank you! [08:13]
turlando PosInt.Zero zero = new PosInt.Zero(); PosInt.Seq one = new PosInt.Seq(zero); PosInt.concat(one, one); ==> Seq(Seq(Zero)) which is the expected result [08:13]
asymptotically [asymptotically!~asymptoti@gateway/tor-sasl/asymptotically] has joined ##java [08:13]
dreamreal sure [08:14]
turlando it works, but the code looks hardly understandable and not idiomatic [08:14]
dreamreal well, it's not really a common java-expressed concept [08:15]
turlando thanks for reasoning about it with me few days ago anyways [08:17]
dreamreal my pleasure [08:17]
dreamreal although I don't think I helped much [08:17]
turlando well, it helped figuring exactly what the limit was and how to work around it [08:18]
mbooth dreamreal: You are clearly did a good rubber ducky impression :-) [08:18]
dreamreal bows and quacks [08:18]
dreamreal listens for the echo [08:18]
turlando ahahah [08:19]
dreamreal [08:19]
dreamreal dreamreal's title: "Acoustics professor proves ducks do echo | Science | The Guardian" [08:19]
[twisti] i read that as "autistic" and honestly, it made more sense like that [08:21]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined ##java [08:22]
lighterowl lol [08:23]
LKoen [LKoen!] has joined ##java [08:23]
dreamreal Hey, it's fascinating: WHY does a quack echo so poorly? (I have my suspicions; doing research now.) [08:24]
lighterowl "Church encoding" sounds like something that you'd have to sacrifice a goat for before actually using it. [08:24]
deltreey [deltreey!] has joined ##java [08:25]
lighterowl or maybe a duck, given what's being discussed. ;) [08:26]
mbooth dreamreal: I never understood why people think it doesn't echo. Clearly no-one who's ever followed a canal tow path through a tunnel. [08:26]
mbooth Or under a bridge even [08:27]
turlando this ^ [08:27]
bendem what I don't understand is why people care [08:27]
dreamreal mbooth: most people don't go around going "ooo a duck, think I'll listen for its echo" so stupid rumors get started [08:27]
dreamreal bendem: schelling points [08:27]
dka I am configuring a webhook in spring, how can I deserialize the json using @RequestBody ? [08:38]
dka I have created a custom class and added an attribute of type long called v, but it keep failing deseriaizing [08:38]
bendem define "failing" [08:41]
dka org.springframework.web.HttpMediaTypeNotSupportedException: Content type 'application/octet-stream' not supported [08:42]
dreamreal um [08:42]
bendem there you go, fix your client's content-type header [08:42]
dreamreal that's not got anything to do with deserialization, that's invoking the endpoint incorrectly [08:42]
dka That's the controller class: 't echo. Clearly no-one who's ever followed a canal tow path through a tunnel. [08:42]
dka <mbooth> Or under a bridge even [08:42]
mbooth There's an echo in here [08:43]
dreamreal hahaha [08:43]
bendem nicely done [08:43]
bendem dka, whatever you meant to paste is not what you pasted [08:44]
dka sorry I am coding in a car [08:44]
stryek [stryek!uid332574@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [08:45]
dka it work with content-type application/json thanks ! [08:47]
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mbooth dka: Please watch the road, not IRC! [08:53]
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deltreey anyone know if it's possible to use a git repo as a dependency in maven? I don't really want to spin up an entire artifactory server for 1 or two internal java libraries. I'm even tempted to use git submodules to avoid it. [09:29]
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dreamreal deltreey: github can do that [09:30]
yn [yn!~yano@freenode/staff-emeritus/yano] has joined ##java [09:30]
mbooth deltreey: There's nothing special about a maven repo, it'd just a directory tree. [09:30]
dreamreal deltreey: github can do it for you, you can also use systemPath in a maven dependency [09:31]
mbooth Oh yeah I forgot about github packages: [09:34]
mbooth mbooth's title: "GitHub Packages: Your packages, at home with their code GitHub" [09:34]
deltreey dreamreal, but I'm not using github as my repo, I have an internal host [09:34]
deltreey systempath will work with git submodules.... [09:35]
deltreey mbooth, really? so I could do something super simple? [09:35]
deltreey like ftp or some crap? [09:35]
dreamreal deltreey: why not set up a local nexus server? [09:35]
mbooth deltreey: You have a fully formed maven repo already in ~/.m2/repository for example ;-) [09:36]
mbooth It's just files. [09:37]
deltreey thanks mbooth that's helpful. I think the deeper understanding will make it easier to get a server up. I've had trouble setting up nexus servers in the past but I guess it's worth another go [09:38]
mbooth deltreey: So you can just `mvn install` your library and you can use it from another project as normal. The dep will come from your local repo instead of a remote repo. [09:40]
deltreey mbooth, can you give me an example (or maybe there's a link that will explain it?) I'm trying to picture the directory structure and the commands [09:41]
Suchorski [Suchorski!~regex@unaffiliated/suchorski] has joined ##java [09:42]
mbooth deltreey: You can see the directory structure yourself. It's in ~/.m2/repository [09:42]
mbooth (I.e. it's where maven caches stuff it fetches from remote repositories.) [09:43]
mbooth It's also where maven puts stuff when you do `mvn install` -- effectively deploying into your local repo instead of a remote repo [09:44]
murd0c [murd0c!~murd0c@2800:810:492:ee:2815:2b5c:2386:d4dd] has joined ##java [09:45]
deltreey mbooth, I'm more trying to assess the rest of it. Right, how does a remote fileshare become a "repository" according to maven? [09:48]
sbalmos by having the proper directory structure [09:52]
mbooth sbalmos: There's no "becoming" it just "is" [09:52]
sbalmos mbooth: Don't tell me. ;) [09:53]
mbooth deltreey: There's no "becoming" it just "is" [09:53]
dreamreal deltreey: look at ~/.m2/repository [09:53]
dreamreal that's... .it [09:53]
mbooth sbalmos: Sorry, brain fail [09:53]
sbalmos mbooth: It's ${weekdayPrefix}day [09:53]
dmlloyd come to ##java to get away from maven for a minute, and the topic is... maven :) [09:53]
plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [09:54]
sbalmos dmlloyd: It shall haunt you for the rest of your life [09:54]
deltreey [deltreey!~deltreey@2607:fb90:4092:c664:15e7:d248:e89a:2022] has joined ##java [09:54]
Aquazi [Aquazi!uid312403@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [09:56]
mbooth deltreey: If such a directory can be accessed by a URL it can be used as a remote maven repo. There's no "becoming" a maven repo, it just "is" -- just plonk the directory on a basic file server if you like. Maven central is really no more sophisticated than this, have a browse: [09:59]
dreamreal also look up nexus and artifactory if you want to build a repo of your own [10:00]
deltreey so an ftp server works. that's what I wanted to clarify [10:00]
deltreey dreamreal, already downloaded nexus and started setting it up [10:00]
deltreey but a deeper understanding of what it's doing is important [10:00]
dreamreal nexus does quite a bit, really, being a proxy for other repos and whatnot, but *essentially* what you have is a simple filesystem presented over HTTP [10:01]
deltreey thx [10:01]
dreamreal $root/groupId/$artifactId/$version/[$components] is all it is [10:01]
dreamreal set up apache httpd or nginx to give you an endpoint over that filesystem structure and you're done [10:02]
deltreey of course, that and actually getting the files there [10:02]
dreamreal *nod* well, nexus provides a way to deploy to a remote server, etc. [10:03]
dreamreal but if you wanted you could just copy that stuff into place [10:03]
deltreey obviously the right way, and the long-term solution would be nexus, which is why I'm setting it up [10:04]
dreamreal *nod* [10:05]
dmlloyd maven still is using sha1 for checksums almost universally... [10:10]
Sheilong [Sheilong!uid293653@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [10:12]
mbooth dmlloyd: What, no more version complaints? [10:16]
dmlloyd nope, I've got versions licked [10:16]
dmlloyd figured out why the rules don't make sense [10:16]
dmlloyd [10:16]
dmlloyd dmlloyd's title: "smallrye-common/ at master smallrye/smallrye-common GitHub" [10:17]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined ##java [10:18]
dmlloyd I guess the actual interesting part is here: [10:19]
dmlloyd well it's not obvious [10:19]
dmlloyd but if we just matched an alpha part, then we pad with an invisible zero [10:19]
qqqhhh how do i download the openJDK 11 LTS binary packages? no oracle please. thanks [10:19]
dmlloyd otherwise we trim trailing zeros and match shortest-first [10:19]
mbooth dmlloyd: Crikey, DM. Seems like it could be less code if maven were just a little more sane [10:20]
dmlloyd LTS is an oracle thing qqqhhh, but you can get good OpenJDK builds from adoptopenjdk [10:20]
qqqhhh dmlloyd: thanks [10:20]
ssd532 [ssd532!uid123494@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [10:22]
qqqhhh wow the jre is just 30 MB [10:22]
dmlloyd mbooth: yeah. well I'm just happy I distilled it down to this level of simplicity - the Maven side code is many times larger & more complex [10:24]
dmlloyd with a lot of the complexity being hidden by sloppy coding [10:24]
dmlloyd secret null conditions etc. [10:24]
dmlloyd also it creates a ton of objects [10:24]
dreamreal jvm can clean all that up [10:36]
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Peste_Bubonica [Peste_Bubonica!~Peste_Bub@unaffiliated/peste-bubonica/x-4612396] has joined ##java [10:47]
white_shadow [white_shadow!~white_sha@unaffiliated/whiteshadow/x-9072] has joined ##java [10:51]
junktext [junktext!junktext@fsf/member/junktext] has joined ##java [10:58]
vecnah how can I run applets in a 64bit browser? [10:59]
ener2 [ener2!] has joined ##java [10:59]
dreamreal vecnah: with great difficulty and pain and you probably can't and stop using applets [11:00]
lighterowl vecnah: please don't [11:00]
mbooth vecnah: Step 1: Build a time machine :-) [11:01]
lighterowl to be fair, though, I don't think anyone has ... actually tried. [11:01]
dreamreal to build a time machine? [11:01]
dreamreal I use one every second [11:01]
dreamreal it moves me exactly one second into the future [11:01]
n01d [n01d!] has joined ##java [11:01]
lighterowl no, to run applets in a 64-bit browser :) [11:01]
dreamreal now theoh [11:02]
dreamreal well you should have been more covfefe [11:02]
lighterowl that reminds me, I need to work on my test covfefe. [11:04]
dreamreal hands lighterowl some covfefe [11:04]
white_shadow --- exec-maven-plugin:1.2.1:java (default-cli) @ javabot --- keeps running, how to resolve it ? Project: javabot [11:05]
dreamreal white_shadow: why would you? exec tells it to RUN THE BOT [11:05]
dreamreal and the bot keeps running until you shut it down [11:06]
white_shadow oh great [11:06]
dreamreal ... like a bot, you know? [11:06]
white_shadow now how to test it? [11:06]
dreamreal it has tests [11:06]
dreamreal lots of them [11:06]
dreamreal you don't have to run the bot to test it [11:06]
dreamreal and in fact anything you wrote for the bot would be rejected until it had tests [11:06]
mbooth white_shadow: I'm pretty sure the repo readme tells how to test it on a live server [11:07]
white_shadow yeah it does but nothing happens when i run this command: /invite tk-421 ##tk421-javabot-test [11:07]
dreamreal but you really should write tests before worrying about anything live [11:07]
white_shadow what if i want to run it rather than doing test? [11:08]
white_shadow like inviting here in this group? [11:08]
dreamreal then you get to figure out why it's not bootstrapping, I guess [11:08]
white_shadow is it possible? [11:09]
dreamreal I dunno, for that you need to ask cheeser [11:09]
dreamreal sure it's possible, it's a program [11:09]
dreamreal but why you'd not write tests first is... unclear to me [11:09]
white_shadow i don't know for what operation i should write test cases? [11:09]
dreamreal white_shadow: I thought you wanted to write a search operation? [11:10]
white_shadow yeah but only after having a clear understanding of how does it work. [11:10]
white_shadow and I'm newbie to backend development so a bit hard for me too [11:11]
white_shadow dreamreal you never invited javabot in this group? [11:13]
dreamreal ping [11:13]
dreamreal [11:13]
audiofile [audiofile!~audiofile@unaffiliated/audiofile] has joined ##java [11:13]
white_shadow pong [11:13]
javabot grabs his gasmask and runs for cover. [11:13]
mbooth botsnack [11:13]
mbooth nom nom nom. bleep bloop bleep! [11:13]
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zikani03 hello folks, just want to get an opinion. We have a multi-module maven project with modules whose versions typically remain the same, we want to add another module that may have different versioning needs (either change less freq or more freq). Would you maintain the multi-module approach or just have a separate repo for this new module? [11:43]
audiofile [audiofile!audiofile@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/audiofile] has joined ##java [11:45]
mbooth zikani03: Comes down to preference, I suppose. Does it make logical sense to have it same repo? If the new module is kinda orthogonal to the rest of them, maybe not. [11:46]
dka How can I use retrofit builder to authenticate using query string url parameter instead of authorization header? [11:52]
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audiofile I asked this before but got d/c so I'll post again: In what is the .class suffix doing? because DeviceService is an interface and later on in Line#110 they actually seem to *call a method* on the Interface using this weird initialization. what gives? =) [11:56]
audiofile audiofile's title: "ONOS-SSM/ at 9a6ba39969d483956e98026182b03952b4fea1f1 K-OpenNet/ONOS-SSM GitHub" [11:56]
mbooth audiofile: A type T's 'class' member returns an instance of Class<T> [12:00]
audiofile oh okay, but how do you apply it on a interface? [12:01]
audiofile because DeviceService is an interface here [12:01]
audiofile gimme a sec I'll pull up the docs [12:01]
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audiofile [12:01]
audiofile audiofile's title: "DeviceService (onos-docs-external 1.7.0 API)" [12:01]
dreamreal um... get is part of AbstractShellCommand [12:02]
dreamreal get returns a DeviceService, presumably, and whatever it returns WILL be a concrete instance of DeviceService, because Java [12:03]
audiofile oh WOW [12:03]
audiofile I have *never* heard of this! [12:03]
dreamreal you've... never heard of OOP? [12:04]
cheeser zikani03: separate repo [12:04]
audiofile interesting, technically is instantiating an interface? [12:04]
dreamreal I mean... how do Lists work in Java? (hint: exactly like this) [12:04]
dreamreal no [12:04]
dreamreal it isn't [12:04]
audiofile I do know a bit of oop but my java is very rusty, apologies! [12:04]
audiofile oh I see it extends AbstractShellCommand...will check that out =) [12:07]
dreamreal it ... doesn't [12:09]
zikani03 mbooth, cheeser thanks for your input; decided on separate repo - seems a more sane way to manage the versions, despite the modules being in one place making sense too [12:11]
dka How can I use retrofit with query string authrotization parameter ? Basically I want to add ?api_token=foobar to all my retrofit request? [12:11]
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kofc hi [12:18]
filpAM hi, just trying to find someone on freenode [12:18]
dreamreal you found lots of someones [12:20]
dreamreal grats [12:20]
kofc What's a good way of testing something from the catch block if the exception is re-thrown? Example service logic: try { ... } catch (Exception e) { repository.updateEntityToStatusError(...); throw new SomeException(); } ? In my test case I mock the behaviour so Exception is thrown and I'd like to test if the entity's status was updated correctly. [12:21]
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dreamreal well, look at the entity's status then [12:21]
dreamreal in your test: try { foo(); } catch(ExpectedException e) { testEntityStatus(); throw e; } [12:22]
kofc Use a try/catch in a test case? [12:22]
dreamreal sure, why not [12:22]
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kofc Looks weird and dubious to be honest, maybe this case is a good example of when to use them, I'm not sure. [12:23]
dreamreal doesn't care [12:23]
dreamreal get it working, if that's a way to get it working, use it, if you don't, it's no skin off my teeth [12:23]
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ricky_clarkson audiofile: Whenever you see '.class' in code then reflection is being used. To understand what's happening you need to find the docs/implementation of that get method. It won't be directly instantiating an interface as that is not possible. [12:44]
ricky_clarkson reflection [12:44]
ricky_clarkson audiofile, reflection is a set of APIs that allow programs to interrogate classes for field and method information. See [12:44]
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pepa can sambutei explain this? [01:02]
pepa pepa's title: "Pasteboard - Uploaded Image" [01:02]
murd0c [murd0c!~murd0c@2800:810:492:ee:2815:2b5c:2386:d4dd] has joined ##java [01:02]
pepa whats the burbose of doing [01:02]
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cheeser to stream the list through functions [01:08]
pepa why not just do list.forEach [01:11]
cheeser in that case, you'd have to ask the author [01:13]
pepa but whats the difference between doing it with stream or without stream [01:13]
cheeser probably nothing in that example [01:14]
cheeser but likely that slide is setting up a broader discussion on streams [01:14]
pepa yes later he adds a filter() [01:16]
cheeser there you go [01:16]
pepa so in order to do a filter() first you need to do a stream() ? [01:17]
dreamreal if filter() is a method on a Stream<T> then uh yes [01:17]
cheeser filter() doesn't live on List [01:17]
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pepa I think I'm confusing Stream class with stream of bytes [01:19]
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dreamreal this might be important [01:19]
pepa aportate some clearance into this @dreamreal [01:21]
dreamreal I don't know what that means [01:21]
cheeser is aportate some hogwart's thing i'm not familiar with? [01:22]
pepa aportar [01:23]
pepa give something to that maupak [01:23]
cheeser "not to ... rain ... on your parade but *waves wand* cumulonimbus! [01:23]
dreamreal remains unenlightened [01:23]
cheeser pepa: that doesn't help at all. [01:23]
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toste hello [01:31]
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kicked __lunar_jetman (Banned: this ban will expire after 365d) [01:54]
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V-Vega hi ... i maintaining a legacy/monolithic applciation ... it has a heap allocatioin size currently of 24g .. afew hours in it is at 22g resident ... my host has 96G of ram ... any considerations on how i should go about increasing? I'd like to make sure performance isnt adversely affected [02:54]
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ernimril V-Vega, "increasing"? what do you want to increase? [03:01]
V-Vega am thinking 48G [03:02]
ernimril V-Vega, how much memory an application uses depends on what it does. If you want to discuss memory sizes you need to know the data structures of the application well and understand how much memory it is supposed to use [03:02]
ernimril V-Vega, if you have upgraded the hardware you can of course try to increase the heap size, but setting the heap size too large can actually affect performance badly (due to more objects living longer/not being cleaned up and then you get long full gc pauses) [03:04]
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V-Vega enimril, yeah .. this is why i asked ...i mean .. its a vendor product .. a legacy redhat jboss instance [03:09]
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ernimril V-Vega, you can always try to give it more memory and see if anything changes. [03:10]
V-Vega will do that ... its prod, legacy and delicate ... tx [03:12]
V-Vega thanks [03:12]
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Azrael_- hi [04:33]
Azrael_- i try to center text in a pdf cell with openpdf but no matter what i try it doesn't move at all. any idea how i could accomplish this? [04:35]
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_lucifer how can I how maven invokes a report plugin ? I am currently looking through its source but it is huge and I do not know where exactly I should be looking. [11:17]
_lucifer *how can I know how [11:17]
cheeser which report? [11:26]
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_lucifer i mean in general how does maven invoke any reporting plugin [11:27]
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cheeser pfm [11:48]
cheeser _lucifer, pure fucking magic [11:48]
_lucifer ? [11:49]
_lucifer i think i have figured it out. maven seems to delegating this to a maven-site-plugin which is then responsible for invoking all report plugins [11:51]
cheeser yes [11:51]
_lucifer that should probably contain the answers I am looking for :) [11:52]
cheeser it's complicated but yes [11:53]