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aragami1408 [aragami1408!~Aragami14@2402:9d80:22b:98f6:2cbe:d914:f59:930c] has joined ##java [12:00]
aragami1408 what are some common application of Multithread? [12:02]
mirrorbird [mirrorbird!~psutcliff@2a00:801:44b:8959:8d6c:276b:332b:1c71] has joined ##java [12:10]
xekz [xekz!~kexmex@unaffiliated/kexmex] has joined ##java [12:14]
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yokel [yokel!~yokel@unaffiliated/contempt] has joined ##java [12:29]
yokel [yokel!~yokel@unaffiliated/contempt] has joined ##java [12:39]
yokel [yokel!~yokel@unaffiliated/contempt] has joined ##java [12:54]
johnau processing requests to database while not holding up the ui [12:57]
jrmiah [jrmiah!] has joined ##java [01:00]
bocaneri [bocaneri!sauvin@about/linux/staff/sauvin] has joined ##java [01:10]
GoPro [GoPro!~CuriousCh@unaffiliated/bazinga/x-2527997] has joined ##java [01:11]
Jantz [Jantz!] has joined ##java [01:11]
GoPro Greetings, I have a Tomcat question [01:11]
GoPro tomcat8 can't login to host-manager nor manager. Have setup role manager-gui in tomcat-users.xml [01:11]
GoPro It wasn't answered in #tomcat [01:11]
jrmiah GoPro: can you post your configs somewhere? [01:20]
GoPro bbiab [01:22]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined ##java [01:24]
GoPro jrmiah: The key fact is that I'm trying to access the manager webgui from a different machine than the one tomcat is running on, and running into 401 security error [01:29]
wunderbar [wunderbar!] has joined ##java [01:31]
ScrambledRK [ScrambledRK!] has joined ##java [01:35]
jrmiah i guess I could set it up and test real quick - what version [01:35]
Kiminuo [Kiminuo!~mix@] has joined ##java [01:35]
GoPro tomcat is kind of a convoluted pos. Never a joy to work with. [01:36]
jrmiah i havent used anything but spring boot in a long time :) [01:36]
wunderbar [wunderbar!] has joined ##java [01:36]
jrmiah its a good question tho [01:36]
db GoPro: [01:38]
db (did you try googling it?) [01:38]
zkxs [zkxs!] has joined ##java [01:39]
db if you think tomcat is a "convoluted pos" then good luck being a java developer /micdrop [01:39]
GoPro yes, of course, was unhelpful [01:40]
GoPro I do think tomcat is a convoluted POS. Yes I do. I have worked with it for many years, but not recently [01:40]
GoPro I've been away from java for 10 years [01:40]
shinzo use jetty [01:42]
GoPro Heh, I'm done with programming. This is not a programming issue. It's a server config issue. [01:43]
dfee [dfee!] has joined ##java [01:44]
black_ant [black_ant!~antilope@unaffiliated/black-ant/x-1505394] has joined ##java [01:44]
db and you tried allowing access to the management gui and it still doesn't work? [01:45]
GoPro yes [01:46]
jackiiilong [jackiiilong!~textual@] has joined ##java [01:51]
headcr4sh [headcr4sh!] has joined ##java [01:55]
GoPro headcr4sh: Guten tag [01:55]
GoPro hahaha [01:58]
GoPro parted the channel: "Man is free if he needs to obey no person but solely the laws. ~ Immanuel Kant" [02:07]
RazielZ [RazielZ!~Raziel@unaffiliated/raziel] has joined ##java [02:16]
ChaiTRex [ChaiTRex!~ChaiTRex@gateway/tor-sasl/chaitrex] has joined ##java [02:17]
Me4502 [Me4502!~quassel@unaffiliated/me4502] has joined ##java [02:18]
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tomboy64 [tomboy64!~tomboy64@gateway/tor-sasl/tomboy64] has joined ##java [03:11]
FabioP [FabioP!] has joined ##java [03:13]
plitter is this better than a [03:21]
edwin [edwin!~edwin22@] has joined ##java [03:22]
_lucifer better in what sense? [03:24]
plitter not going through the whole collection to find an element [03:24]
_lucifer that would rather depend on your methinks [03:25]
plitter your methinks? [03:25]
immibis [immibis!] has joined ##java [03:26]
_lucifer *your data [03:27]
_lucifer the stream and other operations won't affect the time. so whatever structure suits your data [03:28]
bocaneri [bocaneri!sauvin@about/linux/staff/sauvin] has joined ##java [03:34]
nb-ben plitter: no, it doesn't know if the collection is sorted based on your predicate implementation [03:35]
nb-ben plitter: also, to perform binary search you would have to use a comparator instead of a predicate [03:36]
plitter Ok, thanks, I'm checking into Collections binary search [03:36]
nb-ben plitter: look into TreeSet [03:37]
edwin22 [edwin22!~edwin22@] has joined ##java [03:38]
nb-ben plitter: then you can use TreeSet#ceiling and TreeSet#floor [03:38]
edwin22 quit [03:39]
edwin22 parted the channel: [03:39]
plitter Hmm that looks interesting, and would solve this, but it is SortedSet that is being sent around, I guess it could be casted [03:44]
nb-ben plitter: you could use headSet and tailSet with inclusive flag, and then pick the first or last item, and test if they match [03:45]
nb-ben plitter: hmm, may be n log n actually, if the implementation actually copies instead of returning a view [03:46]
hinst [hinst!~hinst@] has joined ##java [03:46]
nb-ben no, O(n), sorry [03:46]
nb-ben "Returns a view of the portion of this set whose elements are less than (or equal to, if inclusive is true) toElement.", nope, it's O(log n). You can use this [03:47]
plitter So SortedSet<Bar> foo = new TreeSet<>(myComparator) should work? [03:48]
nb-ben plitter: uh, nevermind.. SortedSet doesn't have headSet and tailSet with inclusive flag.. It's a NavigableSet feature... [03:49]
plitter nb-ben: I beg to differ [03:50]
nb-ben ah, right, tailSet is inclusive by default [03:51]
nb-ben awesome then. [03:51]
plitter yeah :) thanks for the help :) [03:52]
nb-ben yw [03:52]
edwin22 [edwin22!~edwin22@] has joined ##java [03:54]
hussam [hussam!uid193284@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [03:57]
gryffus [gryffus!~gryffus@unaffiliated/gryffus] has joined ##java [04:06]
gryffus Hello, I have installed default Tomcat 9 (9.0.31-1~deb10u2 with Java 11.0.8+10-1~deb10u1) and I am wondering what should be my next steps to create a secure Tomcat instance (setting up SSL, users, etc) or what should be my next steps after installation. Any clues ? [04:06]
femtotones|away [femtotones|away!~audiofile@unaffiliated/audiofile] has joined ##java [04:08]
jackiiilong [jackiiilong!~textual@] has joined ##java [04:08]
jackiiilong [jackiiilong!~textual@] has joined ##java [04:15]
kristijonas [kristijonas!] has joined ##java [04:21]
kristijonas hello, i'm trying to run a java application on Debian/Linux, getting the error: "Error: JavaFX runtime components are missing, and are required to run this application" [04:22]
kristijonas openjfx is already the newest version (11.0.2+1-1). [04:22]
[twisti] tech support [04:26]
[twisti] kristijonas, Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [04:26]
kristijonas got it! [04:29]
piraye [piraye!~sevilay@] has joined ##java [04:35]
TideFN [TideFN!~TideFN@2601:cb:8001:7d90:41ea:4f47:287d:b50a] has joined ##java [04:38]
PacKetSlayer [PacKetSlayer!PacketSlay@hellomouse/member/packetslayer] has joined ##java [04:42]
momken [momken!~momken@] has joined ##java [04:42]
momken hello [04:42]
momken I want to develop a web application with Java Spring MVC framework [04:43]
momken I am currently playing with Spring in Intellij Ultimate edition [04:44]
momken I have also installed tomcat 9 from Ubuntu repositories [04:44]
momken The only problem is when I want to run my web app on the ubuntu it can't run it: [04:47]
momken It can't copy configuration files from /var/lib/tomcat9/conf There is permission denied [04:48]
momken Has anyone developed with Intellij on Ubuntu using Tomcat from Ubuntu's repositories? [04:49]
srm [srm!~Adium@unaffiliated/srm] has joined ##java [04:49]
jackiiilong [jackiiilong!~textual@] has joined ##java [04:50]
mbooth momken: Tomcat from distro repos is not really for developing on, but rather for deployment by sysadmin. Just download tomcat [04:53]
sphenxes [sphenxes!~sphenxes@] has joined ##java [04:53]
momken mbooth: I tried to download it and make a systemd service for it. But it didn't work! [04:54]
momken mbooth: I installed from repo just because it was easier [04:55]
mbooth momken: IntelliJ will be in charge of starting/stopping tomcat for development. Why do you need systemd service? [04:57]
shreerama [shreerama!~shreerama@] has joined ##java [04:59]
momken I just searched for installing tomcat for development and found a page on digital ocean. It wanted to install tomcat on ubuntu and make a service for it [05:00]
mbooth momken: Why wouldn't you follow intelliJ's own instructions? [05:02]
ChaiTRex [ChaiTRex!~ChaiTRex@gateway/tor-sasl/chaitrex] has joined ##java [05:12]
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asy [asy!~asymptoti@gateway/tor-sasl/asymptotically] has joined ##java [05:14]
yokel [yokel!~yokel@unaffiliated/contempt] has joined ##java [05:17]
shreerama parted the channel: "Leaving" [05:19]
acidjnk_new3 [acidjnk_new3!] has joined ##java [05:24]
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neckutrek [neckutrek!53f19bc6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [06:37]
escanda hi! i am on the gwt channel but there's no much people around, do you happen to know why callbacks defined in JSNI dissappear as soon as they are called? [06:38]
jackiiilong [jackiiilong!~textual@] has joined ##java [06:42]
sagax [sagax!~sagax_nb@] has joined ##java [06:45]
gryffus With Apache Tomcat 9, I still keep getting 403 Access Denied when trying to deploy a WAR via HTML "manager". What else do I need to do to be able to deploy via HTML manager, except adding my user to the "manager-gui" role? [07:03]
gryffus tomcat [17/Sep/2020:13:04:13 +0200] "POST /manager/html/upload?org.apache.catalina.filters.CSRF_NONCE=A2F14B07D968BF9AC828F76B729FD844 HTTP/2.0" 403 3446 this is what I get on logs... [07:05]
pressure679 [pressure679!~naamik@] has joined ##java [07:10]
dreamreal tech support [07:11]
dreamreal Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [07:11]
gryffus dreamreal, there is no #apache channel (invite only) :( [07:18]
czhou [czhou!~czhou@unaffiliated/czhou] has joined ##java [07:19]
dreamreal shrugs. #tomcat? StackOverflow? Forums? ... you shouldn't need to do more than add a user with proper permissions, AFAIK [07:20]
Janhouse [Janhouse!] has joined ##java [07:36]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined ##java [07:40]
odinsbane If I have List<String> list=...; Shouldn't I be able to use a method reference to split the strings? List<String[]> tokens =; [07:52]
odinsbane oh there isn't a no-arg split... [07:54]
odinsbane When I tried using a lambda, l->l.split(), I started getting errors about upper bounds of String[] and Object. Didn't catch the error about the wrong number of arguments. [07:57]
SirMangler [SirMangler!] has joined ##java [08:03]
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hussam [hussam!uid193284@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [08:14]
wunderbar intellij is not reloading changes on restart of server ... if i change something in the code try to build and restart server .. i still get the old stuff .. only when I mvn cleani nstall from command line does it reload. anyone had this issue before/ [08:19]
wunderbar ? [08:19]
dreamreal is retsarting the server redeploying the app? [08:19]
dreamreal What server is it? show us? describe more in detail what you're doing and what you expect? [08:19]
wunderbar tomcat [08:22]
wunderbar maybe it is not reloading the stuff in tomcat [08:22]
wunderbar lol, disabling the tomcat plugin seems to have worked [08:25]
wunderbar one should think you need it [08:25]
wunderbar actually .. no .. i was running a static void main which had no problems [08:25]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [08:25]
cixx hi. [08:33]
cixx in JWT context, there is "JTI" abbreviation means that JWT unique identifier. [08:33]
cixx people mention "jti" as a claim in docs [08:33]
cixx which meaning do they use for claim there [08:33]
cixx it is kind of English question but i think you know the context and can know the exact meaning [08:33]
mirrorbird [mirrorbird!~psutcliff@2a00:801:44b:8959:8d6c:276b:332b:1c71] has joined ##java [08:34]
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zalt [zalt!~devp@unaffiliated/lambda443] has joined ##java [08:40]
Cahaan [Cahaan!] has joined ##java [08:41]
dmlloyd whoever was complaining about the NPE in ProxySelector a while back: [08:42]
dmlloyd dmlloyd's title: "8252996: Thread safety problem in by dmlloyd ˇ Pull Request #184 ˇ openjdk/jdk ˇ GitHub" [08:42]
Janhouse [Janhouse!] has joined ##java [08:42]
dmlloyd also, this is really a test of how quickly a truly trivial fix can get integrated [08:42]
dmlloyd I'm going to estimate 3 days per token :) [08:43]
Aquazi [Aquazi!uid312403@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [08:46]
dmlloyd seems like a lot of back-and-forth is necessary [08:54]
Zednan Do you know, guys, how to JUnit-test an SSE endpoint? [08:59]
Zednan What client would you use? [08:59]
dmlloyd maybe restassured? [08:59]
Zednan let me check [09:00]
dmlloyd hmm maybe not [09:00]
dmlloyd they closed it as "out of scope" [09:00]
Zednan we are trying to use a jersey client. [09:00]
Janhouse [Janhouse!] has joined ##java [09:00]
dmlloyd I think the guy who closed the issue is wrong though [09:01]
dmlloyd I mean all of REST is request-response [09:01]
dmlloyd SSE is just request-wait-response-wait-response-... [09:01]
dmlloyd I suppose you could treat it like a text response in some cases [09:02]
Zednan i want to test that I receive asynchronous events upon subscription [09:02]
dmlloyd they recommend awaitility [09:02]
dmlloyd the trick with SSE is that it isn't *really* asynchronous [09:02]
dmlloyd it's just formalizing that your response may trickle in bit by bit [09:03]
plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [09:04]
czhou [czhou!~czhou@unaffiliated/czhou] has joined ##java [09:06]
Zednan i have spent the whole day trying to unit test SSE and I don't see an easy way [09:07]
momken [momken!~momken@] has joined ##java [09:09]
momken What course or tutorial do you recommend me to learn Java Spring MVC with Intellij? [09:10]
momken I live in Iran so I can't pay for courses. I need free ones [09:10]
wedr [wedr!] has joined ##java [09:11]
dreamreal baeldung, maybe [09:12]
wedr [wedr!] has joined ##java [09:13]
momken dreamreal: I found youtube courses of Selenium Express very useful [09:16]
momken [09:16]
dreamreal shrugs [09:16]
exonity01 [exonity01!uid364582@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [09:16]
Tide [Tide!~TideFN@2601:cb:8001:7d90:299f:5057:e80:a100] has joined ##java [09:19]
deltreey [deltreey!deltreey@gateway/shell/ircnow/x-mhvdxfildwedlwyg] has joined ##java [09:21]
dmlloyd having every GH comment also be sent to a mailing list is a little "extra"... [09:23]
pikapika [pikapika!] has joined ##java [09:25]
CookieM [CookieM!] has joined ##java [09:25]
CombatVet [CombatVet!~c4@gateway/tor-sasl/combatvet] has joined ##java [09:28]
momken dreamreal: The only problem of Selenium Express tutorials is that he uses Eclipse. I can't find the Intellij equivalent of its actions [09:30]
dreamreal why would it matter, use maven or gradle [09:31]
dreamreal or complain to "him" [09:31]
mbooth momken: The IDE is kinda immaterial though. The code doesn't care ;-) [09:31]
pikapika [pikapika!] has joined ##java [09:33]
pikapika [pikapika!] has joined ##java [09:34]
mbooth pikapika: Your connection is quite bouncy [09:34]
davlefou [davlefou!~davlefou@unaffiliated/davlefou] has joined ##java [09:37]
plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [09:40]
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Tabmow- [Tabmow-!~tabmow@freenode/staff-emeritus/tabmow] has joined ##java [09:43]
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ruurd [ruurd!] has joined ##java [10:08]
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AstralStorm [AstralStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [10:24]
AstralStorm Hello folks, I'm having a problem with Spring Boot integration test not running a @Scheduled task. The Application class does.have @EnableScheduling and correct @ComponentScan. [10:26]
Sgeo [Sgeo!] has joined ##java [10:27]
AstralStorm Test itself has the class with @Scheduled also listed [10:27]
muhaha [muhaha!3390631e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [10:44]
AstralStorm [AstralStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [10:45]
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femtotones|away [femtotones|away!~audiofile@unaffiliated/audiofile] has joined ##java [10:49]
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AstralStorm [AstralStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [10:55]
dmlloyd IDEA really can bog down when you have a giant switch statement [11:01]
hinst flip the switch [11:03]
CocoStorm [CocoStorm!~cocostorm@unaffiliated/marco/x-1695183] has joined ##java [11:08]
AStorm [AStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [11:11]
AstralStorm [AstralStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [11:13]
jackiiilong [jackiiilong!~textual@] has joined ##java [11:18]
dob1 [dob1!~dob1@unaffiliated/dob1] has joined ##java [11:18]
wunderbar dmlloyd idea sucks [11:18]
Maldivia dmlloyd: what are the WF plans for JEE9 ? [11:19]
wunderbar literally sitting contemplating to switch to either eclipse or netbeans [11:19]
dmlloyd lol [11:19]
wunderbar unsure which [11:19]
dmlloyd Maldivia: AFAIK the plan is to "do it" [11:19]
Hoffman intelliJ gets my vote [11:19]
Hoffman just to make your decision harder [11:19]
dmlloyd I don't know what that's going to mean in terms of package renames though [11:19]
Hoffman also I actually feel it's more polished [11:19]
Maldivia dmlloyd: JEE8 and JEE9 support in the same binary, or ? :D [11:20]
wunderbar intellij has so many bugs [11:20]
dmlloyd my thought was that we should switch to the new names and bytecode-wrangle the old names, but nobody listened to me :) [11:20]
mbooth wunderbar: JDeveloper (is that even still a thing?) [11:20]
wunderbar refactoring in java totally broken [11:20]
dmlloyd ide war [11:20]
dmlloyd notepad is teh suckz, see for further details. [11:20]
wunderbar since intellij embraced every language there is out there, they stopped developing the actual idea ... for java developer sicne 2008 little has happened [11:21]
Hoffman I prefer intelliJ but respect anyone else's decision to use what they prefer and think no less of them for choosing that :) [11:21]
wunderbar just more bugs [11:21]
mbooth Hoffman: Except Netbeans users, got it ;-) [11:21]
FabioP [FabioP!] has joined ##java [11:22]
Hoffman wunderbar: valid criticism [11:22]
wunderbar literally spent the entire day fighting with moduels bugs and shit .. .i've done that so many times in the past [11:22]
wunderbar they have 100 000 open tickets [11:22]
Zednan from the web site: "JBuilderŽ is one of the most complete and powerful Java IDE?s available with support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers" [11:22]
dmlloyd modules in IDEA are pretty painful, it is true [11:22]
Maldivia dmlloyd: so something like what TomEE is doing? where they code for one and basically bytecode replace to the other namespace -- but they do it on build time and produce two binaries [11:22]
wunderbar that'll tell you someting [11:22]
dmlloyd Maldivia: I don't think we're going with a two-binaries approach [11:23]
Hoffman wunderbar: open tickets, in my experience, is not a sign of good or bad practices alone [11:23]
Hoffman it's far easier to choose to implement a feature than to choose not to [11:23]
wunderbar Hoffman there is literally tons of bugs [11:23]
Zednan J2EE 5 is a plus for JBuilder, you must admit that [11:23]
Hoffman wunderbar: the same is true of the linux kernel, but I don't think less of it [11:24]
wunderbar refactoring barely works .. barely able to rename .. it goes and reformats my code [11:24]
Hoffman that is definitely something that would cause me to not use it, so I get you [11:24]
Hoffman you are probably more of a power user than I am :) [11:24]
wunderbar yes, and i've been contemplating switching for 8 years [11:24]
Maldivia dmlloyd: ok, thanks -- I'm just trying to prepare my 2021 calendar for adding support for the new namespace etc -- it's going to be a bitch for us as well [11:24]
wunderbar i think maybe today it is [11:24]
mbooth wunderbar: Either go download Eclipse or stop complaining. [11:24]
dreamreal wunderbar: yay! What are you switching to? [11:24]
Hoffman wunderbar: weekend project! :D [11:24]
wunderbar mbooth hehe, ook, so not netbeans ? [11:25]
mbooth wunderbar: At least with Eclipse there's people around here who can merge your bug fixes ;-) [11:25]
dreamreal at least with eclipse you get something with more than a dozen users [11:25]
wunderbar i am htinking eclipse .. mostly because i am hoping i will be able to have all my code in one idea project [11:25]
dreamreal um... an idea project in eclipse? [11:26]
wunderbar one "project" i mean .. so i can use javascript, bash and what not [11:26]
dreamreal is missing something important [11:26]
wunderbar old habit [11:26]
dreamreal wunderbar: what's preventing that in IDEA? I use IDEA for all kinds of languages [11:26]
wunderbar dreamreal yes, but there are other problems with intellij [11:26]
Zednan i hate that 'one project' per window thing [11:26]
wunderbar bugs [11:26]
wunderbar Zednan i have one giant prject for all [11:26]
wunderbar which is a problem in intellij [11:27]
dreamreal wunderbar: right, and those bugs are directly affecting you? Because I'm sure you're aware that EVERY editor has a metric ton of bugs [11:27]
wunderbar sicne it basically requires your workspace to have that code in it [11:27]
wunderbar you can not symlink properly .. it will bug out [11:27]
dreamreal um what [11:27]
Hoffman it is important to think of "I have this problem with X" as a separate topic from "I prefer Y" [11:27]
dreamreal indeed [11:27]
Zednan the only working way we found to have several projects in one 'window' is by having them all in the same repositry [11:28]
dreamreal and it's also important to think "I have X problem, is it because I do X" and not "everything is broken everywhere" [11:28]
wunderbar Zednan exactly .. symlinks dont work in intellij [11:28]
Hoffman I see a lot of times, somebody describing their issue with X, and preferring Y as a result, and it becomes an adversarial thing where instead of just evaluating the problem, it becomes a comparison between X and Y [11:28]
dreamreal Zednan: really? huh [11:28]
wunderbar it can not resolve ../ properly [11:28]
Hoffman "I have a problem with X, so I like Y" != "let's discuss which is better: X or Y" [11:28]
dreamreal where are you USING ..? [11:28]
wunderbar in maven modules [11:29]
wunderbar pointing to parent pom [11:29]
dreamreal why? [11:29]
dreamreal I mean, I use maven modules with parent poms all the time [11:29]
wunderbar yes, and you choose to place them in a hierarchy [11:29]
wunderbar i dont want to plus a directory [11:29]
dreamreal gradle and maven both work fine in IDEA, but then again, I use them fairly idiomatically [11:29]
dreamreal ah, so there's your problem, got it [11:29]
dreamreal yeah, use something different, if it works [11:30]
wunderbar i have a flat project structure [11:30]
dreamreal wunderbar: so: parent, child, child2, child3 and not parent [ child, child2, child3 ]? [11:30]
wunderbar yes [11:30]
wunderbar also children might have a child [11:30]
Zednan ??? never seen that [11:30]
dreamreal right, so you're violating idiom pretty badly, and the tools don't support that [11:30]
wunderbar but they are flat as well [11:30]
dreamreal oh, well [11:30]
wunderbar parent, parent.child, parent.child2, parent.child2.child1 [11:31]
wunderbar basically package name [11:31]
dreamreal wunderbar: that structure is supported QUITE well by maven/IDEA, gradle prefers flat structures [11:31]
wunderbar just too much plussing [11:31]
dreamreal but parent/ parent/child parent/child2 parent/child2/grandchild parent/child3 <-- works perfectly fine in maven and IDEA [11:31]
dreamreal gradle would be okay with parent/ parent/child parent/child2 parent/child2grandchild parent/child3 (it doesn't like submodules of submodules) but IDEA handles THAT fine too [11:32]
wunderbar dreamreal yes, if like zendan, you place it all in the workspace... but that prevents you from orgranizing the projects where you want .. now you have to have them in the workspace ... otherwise when you import them to intellij, it will auto group them for you into nested structures [11:32]
AStorm [AStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [11:32]
mbooth wunderbar: I have no idea what you mean by "plussing" [11:32]
wunderbar +dir, +subdir +subsubdir [11:33]
dreamreal wunderbar: right. So I don't want to say "you're doing it wrong" but you're violating idiom, and the tools are designed to support the idiom [11:33]
dmlloyd Maldivia: [11:33]
dmlloyd dmlloyd's title: "Progress on EE 9 - wildfly-dev - Jboss List Archives" [11:33]
dreamreal so it's no surprise at all that it doesn't work, and find something that works for you, you'll be happier [11:33]
wunderbar dreamreal thing is by using symlinks, intellij alsmost gets it on this point ... but fails on one area [11:33]
Maldivia dmlloyd: uhh, thank you [11:33]
dreamreal or switch to the idiom and leverage what the rest of the ecosystem does [11:33]
dmlloyd ) [11:33]
dreamreal wunderbar: I don't care [11:33]
wunderbar so I am able to get it to work .. by sacrificing somethng else .. but the problem with intellij is so much largers [11:33]
wunderbar larger [11:33]
dreamreal wunderbar: again, don't care, do what works for you [11:34]
dreamreal I don't get a puppy or a toaster if you use IDEA [11:34]
wunderbar it is not suitable for multi monitor setups. horrible splitter system [11:34]
mbooth wunderbar: Eclipse allows you have flat project presentation when you have hierachical directory structure. No idea if intelliJ has same option [11:34]
dreamreal wunderbar: works fantastically for me, but eh [11:34]
dreamreal different people do different things (I have three monitors and do quite well, thank you) [11:34]
AstralStorm [AstralStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [11:35]
wunderbar i bet you drag it across? [11:35]
wunderbar or do you pop out the windows ? [11:35]
dreamreal what "it" are you referring to? I dunno, honestly [11:35]
wunderbar you drag intellij across all three monitors ? [11:36]
dreamreal but again, I don't care if you use idea or netbeans or eclipse, do what works [11:36]
wunderbar you stretch it? [11:36]
dreamreal no, I don't [11:36]
wunderbar so you have three windwos ? [11:36]
dreamreal I actually have fifteen [11:36]
dreamreal no, fourteen, sorry, estimated [11:36]
dmlloyd I really like my big square monitors, overpriced as they were, but I think my next setup is going to be just one giant (hi-DPI) monitor - 7680x3840 minimum [11:36]
wunderbar and when you are on the 13th, and and to see the prject structure, in which one is it located ? [11:37]
dmlloyd granted it'll be few years down the line... [11:37]
Zednan Actually yesterday I was trying to make a hellow world for GWTP on IntelliJ. I couldn't make the damned IntelliJ plugin to work. Eclipse worked flawless. [11:37]
wunderbar will it become visible ? [11:37]
dreamreal GWTP? [11:37]
dmlloyd then multi-monitor issues will no longer matter to me :) [11:37]
Zednan yes... we inherited a project with that technology and I had no clue about it. [11:37]
wunderbar dmlloyd i have three 30 inch monitors .. rotated [11:37]
dreamreal dmlloyd: I finally realized that when recording, using my lowest-DPI monitor worked well for my DAW marker tracks [11:37]
wunderbar plus a fourth rotated 1920x1200 [11:37]
wunderbar the three are 2560 x 1600 [11:38]
Zednan I thought I would create a hello world with the GWTP plugin to see how it was working [11:38]
Zednan i couldn't make it run in IntelliJ [11:38]
dreamreal What is GWTP? Is it different than GWT itself? [11:38]
Zednan GWT Platform [11:38]
dreamreal hrmm [11:38]
Zednan [11:38]
Zednan it should simplify things for the graphical part of the GWT [11:38]
Zednan i say 'should' [11:39]
dreamreal What does the plugin for IDEA *do*? [11:39]
mbooth "(we pronounce it "goo-teepee")" Okay, I'm out [11:39]
wunderbar dreamreal bug out [11:39]
Zednan according to the 'tutorial' you can create a project from a template. [11:39]
dreamreal wunderbar: you use GWTP too? [11:39]
Zednan there are several templates [11:39]
dreamreal Zednan: but... wouldn't that be a maven thing? [11:39]
Zednan a HelloWorld and something else. [11:39]
Zednan no [11:39]
dreamreal oh, so it should be avoided at all costs anyway [11:40]
Zednan it's not a Maven, I couldn't get the templates loaded. [11:40]
dreamreal marks it off the list [11:40]
dreamreal soemthing that binds you to an IDE is bad, pretty much by definition [11:40]
yawkat Zednan: the point is that you could just use maven archetypes for project templates [11:40]
Zednan so I coudn't go on forwards creating my project. [11:40]
dreamreal Zednan: well, file a bug asking them to support gradle and maven [11:40]
dreamreal then the IDE no longer matters [11:40]
Zednan (trying again...) [11:41]
dreamreal the IDE shouldn't matter, period [11:41]
dreamreal I can take every damn one of my projects to eclipse without a second thought [11:41]
dreamreal If netbeans was worth a damn, I could move them to netbeans too [11:41]
jackiiilong [jackiiilong!~textual@] has joined ##java [11:41]
sherlock [sherlock!] has joined ##java [11:42]
_lucifer they have a maven archtype [11:42]
_lucifer _lucifer's title: "Create an App from the Archetype - Get Started - GWTP" [11:42]
dreamreal ^^^ Zednan tried that one? [11:42]
qbit2821 [qbit2821!] has joined ##java [11:43]
Zednan Link for GWTP archetypes is brocken :( [11:43]
_lucifer all links are broken on the webpage [11:43]
dreamreal *nod* well, fix it [11:43]
wunderbar i have been using intellij since 2008 ... then it was superior [11:44]
wunderbar but little has been done to the editor for java programmers [11:44]
wunderbar sure they now have support for eveyrthing [11:44]
_lucifer Zednan: [11:44]
wunderbar python [11:44]
Hoffman I can confirm that IDEA has focused a nonzero amount of effort on other languages [11:44]
wunderbar c#, php, android .... ... [11:44]
Hoffman I appreciate not having to pay extra for pycharm' [11:45]
Hoffman P [11:45]
wunderbar they totally forgot about the editor, ui, ux [11:45]
Hoffman but can obviously see how effort focused on Y isnt focused on X [11:45]
dreamreal Zednan: their archetype is broken, too - ApplicationView isn't complete. But the archetype "works" [11:45]
Zednan I see now I was facing same problem as this guy: [11:47]
Zednan [11:47]
Zednan But instead of 'Maven' project I was trying to create a new GWTP project [11:48]
dreamreal but.... [11:48]
Zednan And the answer was.... [11:48]
Zednan Wait [11:48]
Zednan Loading the full list of Maven archetypes seems to be quite an exertion for IntelliJ. Surprising, as I don't recall any such long delays in NetBeans. [11:48]
Zednan So wait, be patient. May take a couple minutes. Make tea, pat the dog. Wait for the fan on your computer to spin up and then quiet again. [11:48]
Hoffman _lucifer: noob here [11:49]
dreamreal first, please don't paste in ##java. Second, why would you NOT create a maven project instead. [11:49]
Hoffman what is arcbees [11:49]
dreamreal Hoffman: whoever manages that gwtp thing [11:49]
Zednan ah, sorry. I didn't know you couldn't paste here. [11:49]
Hoffman dreamreal: thanks [11:49]
dreamreal points to the topic [11:49]
Zednan can't even paste an URL? [11:49]
dreamreal points back to the topic [11:49]
_lucifer Hoffman: i also came to know the name arcbees first time today :) [11:49]
dreamreal Zednan: if you're struggling to read the topic, here's the relevant bit: "|| Paste limit is two lines; ~pastebin lists options. ||" [11:50]
dreamreal if that's not self-explanatory, feel free to ask questions [11:51]
Zednan I got that thanks. [11:51]
_lucifer dreamreal ++ [11:51]
_lucifer dreamreal has a karma level of 4, _lucifer [11:51]
mbooth Hoffman: An arcbee is 1/3600 of a hive [11:51]
Zednan LOL [11:51]
dreamreal "posting a url" can be done in... let's see, count 'em... one line. So that fits within the rule expressed by the topic. [11:52]
AStorm [AStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [11:52]
Zednan I would not create it from a Maven project since I had installed the GWTP plugin. [11:52]
dreamreal Zednan: see, that's dumb [11:52]
dreamreal build tools [11:52]
dreamreal A build tool is a tool that provides a standardized way to manage a project (compile sources, manage dependencies, et cetera). A build tool isn't an IDE and an IDE isn't a build tool, but most offer integration. Ask me about ~maven or ~gradle. Less recommended alternatives: ~ant ~sbt ~buildr ~rake ... and don't use your IDE as a build tool. [11:52]
AStorm I found the problem, it appears that CGLib used by Mockito does not clone annotations [11:52]
AStorm So, spring annotation processors do not work on SpyBean wired classes [11:53]
AStorm This includes scheduler annotation processor [11:53]
_lucifer Mockito is itself a problem? [11:54]
AStorm Yeah it is, but there are few alternatives that don't have same problems [11:55]
Zednan So could anyone, please, name the groupid, artifactid, version and repository(optional) for the GWTP archetype? [11:56]
_lucifer AStorm: i meant in context of mocks vs test doubles [11:57]
bn_work [bn_work!uid268505@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [11:57]
dqx_ [dqx_!~dqx@unaffiliated/dqx] has joined ##java [11:58]
AstralStorm [AstralStorm!~astralsto@unaffiliated/astralstorm] has joined ##java [11:58]
AstralStorm _lucifer: umm, it's more about ways to inspect if anything has been called [11:59]
AstralStorm Test doubles are even worse than spies for this, because there is no way to ensure the double matches original [11:59]
AstralStorm Spies are supposed to be identical but aren't because Mockito is buggy [11:59]
gelignite [gelignite!] has joined ##java [12:00]
_lucifer AstralStorm: you know what best for use case. i just said that for comic effect [12:01]
_lucifer dreamreal's jokes are better :) [12:02]
Maxdamantus [Maxdamantus!~Maxdamant@unaffiliated/maxdamantus] has joined ##java [12:02]
sherlock1 [sherlock1!] has joined ##java [12:02]
sherlock [sherlock!] has joined ##java [12:03]
dreamreal I'm just a better person, what can I say [12:04]
sbalmos say nothing [12:06]
_lucifer says nothing [12:06]
cheeser mocks are a code smell. don't use them. [12:06]
mindCrime_ [mindCrime_!] has joined ##java [12:07]
Kiminuo [Kiminuo!~mix@] has joined ##java [12:09]
sbalmos mocks have a certain rotten musk [12:10]
Hoffman 'rotten musk' is redundant [12:12]
pioto [pioto!~pioto@unaffiliated/pioto] has joined ##java [12:14]
sizeof_void34 [sizeof_void34!] has joined ##java [12:16]
dfee [dfee!] has joined ##java [12:18]
chilversc [chilversc!~chilversc@about/csharp/regular/KeeperOfTheSoul] has joined ##java [12:27]
dreamreal "I had a dream where I weighed less than a thousandth of a kilo. I was like 0mg!" [12:28]
Hoffman lol [12:29]
_lucifer ? [12:30]
dreamreal I'll be glad to explain that one to anyone who needs it [12:30]
wunderbar i think i am going for netbeans :/ [12:30]
dreamreal awesome! So we should go ahead and expect more complaints and a switch to... let's see... have you tried eclipse yet? in a day [12:31]
dreamreal ... asking for a friend [12:32]
wunderbar i opened it .. [12:32]
wunderbar ehe [12:32]
wunderbar hehe [12:32]
_lucifer there is bluej as well, just saying [12:32]
dreamreal there sure is [12:32]
wunderbar it is probably good, but i read a blog abut netbeans being superior .. and I am only to switch once i hope [12:32]
dreamreal everything's superior to bluej [12:32]
dreamreal and pretty much only bluej is inferior to netbeans [12:32]
dreamreal so you're aiming high here [12:33]
mbooth I mean, Netbeans is re-using all the languages server protocol tech from Eclipse, so it can't be *all* bad ;-) [12:33]
dreamreal You're basically choosing tools that work with non-idiomatic structures, as opposed to doing what works, so... you rock on [12:33]
dreamreal What *I* would suggest - and do myself - is migrate to idiomatic practices so the tooling no longer affects what I can do. But you do what works for you. [12:34]
zeden [zeden!~user@unaffiliated/zeden] has joined ##java [12:35]
wunderbar it is so much more than structure with intellij [12:35]
wunderbar it is a truly buggy software .. i can list a minimum of 30+ issues by memory [12:35]
wunderbar but I think you will be bored [12:35]
mbooth wunderbar: Did you file bugs for all of them? [12:36]
wunderbar I've filed tickets for the past 8 years .. some are still unresolved [12:36]
wunderbar many [12:36]
wunderbar mbooth they have 100 000 open tickets [12:36]
dreamreal I would be, yes, because I use IDEA for python, javascript, and java, and kotlin, and I USED to use it for Ruby and it worked really well for me for all of them. Dunno what it is about me that makes me less star-crossed than you. [12:36]
Hoffman wunderbar: well im sure you did something wrong and this is your fault somehow </s> [12:36]
wunderbar yes, you are right hoffman [12:37]
mbooth wunderbar: Yes any major project will have that many open tickets, I'm not sure what your point is [12:37]
wunderbar the problem is that the editor sucks big penis [12:37]
mbooth wunderbar: All you've done is complain, I've not seen any action from you yet ;-) [12:37]
cheeser interesting [12:37]
cheeser this is all very interesting (not really) but please take it somewhere else. [12:37]
wunderbar mbooth i've literally developed four plugins [12:37]
Hoffman I agree that bug count is more indicative of adoption than bugginess [12:37]
wunderbar with the next release of intellij they will all be broken [12:37]
Hoffman however if there are bugs that bother you then obviously they are important to you [12:37]
wunderbar Hoffman it is buggy [12:38]
wunderbar you have used it for 1 year [12:38]
cheeser take this somewhere else. [12:38]
Hoffman everything is [12:38]
wunderbar you are not an authority [12:38]
wunderbar on the topic [12:38]
Hoffman no im not [12:38]
Hoffman ) [12:38]
dreamreal oooookay [12:38]
dreamreal enough [12:38]
dreamreal thanks [12:38]
dreamreal excellent conversation! Next topic? That one's closed now. [12:38]
wunderbar you can drive a ferrari or a skoda .. the problem is that intellij has not made any progress since 2008 [12:38]
_lucifer next [12:38]
_lucifer Another satisfied customer. Next! [12:38]
wunderbar thats 12 years [12:38]
dreamreal eyes wunderbar [12:38]
kicked wunderbar (wunderbar) [12:38]
dreamreal Well, I tried to warn him [12:39]
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Hoffman [Hoffman!~Hoffman@gateway/tor-sasl/hoffman] has joined ##java [01:01]
xuxx_ [xuxx_!] has joined ##java [01:03]
xuxx_ hi, how can I know what is the type of my actual instance with inheritance ? [01:04]
headcr4sh [headcr4sh!] has joined ##java [01:04]
xuxx_ like `if (this instanceof mychild) {..}` can't work ? [01:06]
cheeser instance takes a type [01:06]
sherlock1 [sherlock1!] has joined ##java [01:07]
xuxx_ but I have this [01:07]
sherlock [sherlock!] has joined ##java [01:07]
xuxx_ Incompatible conditional operand types Addition and ConstanteEntiere [01:07]
xuxx_ (error) [01:07]
cheeser show us [01:07]
cheeser Paste the code (and any errors) in a pastebin where we can see it. See ~pastebin for options. Also see ~testcase for good examples as to how to help us help you quickly diagnose and solve problems. [01:07]
xuxx_ !paste [01:08]
xuxx_ paste [01:08]
xuxx_ Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable classes, try . For general code and errors, use or [01:08]
dreamreal xuxx_: if you're trying to see if TYPES of instances are assignable - like given class X, Y extends X, and instances X x and Y y, you can do if(y.getClass().isAssignableFrom(x.getClass()) or some variant of that [01:10]
dreamreal but why would you want this? [01:10]
ricky_clarkson xuxx_: If you're not studying, by the way, you should code in English in almost all contexts. [01:12]
ricky_clarkson I'm working with a Japanese partner whose API includes transliterated Japanese words; they never expected to work with non-Japanese people. I've even written code in Spanish before (Spanish bank wanted all docs in Spanish but code in English..) and ended up having to convert it to English. [01:14]
freeone3000 ricky_clarkson, It's a good thing they didn't realize Java code is Unicode. I've dealt with "public class ?????????" before. [01:19]
sherlock1 [sherlock1!] has joined ##java [01:28]
devish [devish!345f4b11@unaffiliated/devish] has joined ##java [01:32]
devish How can I parse 0.6177437020810514 (09/09/20 16:09:00), 0.6008869179600886 (09/09/20 16:08:00), 0.6055555555555555 (09/09/20 16:07:00) to retrieve the decimal number from this string? [01:33]
dreamreal devish: scanner should be able to do it [01:33]
devish dreamreal what condition would apply? [01:34]
dreamreal to what? [01:34]
devish number retrieval, I can get the date specifying data between ( ) but in this case I have to negate it [01:35]
dreamreal I mean, you have three sets of three tokens: read nextBigInteger(), nextString(), nextString(), repeat [01:35]
pikapika [pikapika!] has joined ##java [01:39]
xuxx_ how can I know if 4/5 is a float or an int ? [01:40]
dreamreal it's always an int [01:41]
freeone3000 xuxx_, it's an int. [01:41]
dreamreal freeone3000 ++ ^5 [01:41]
dreamreal freeone3000 has a karma level of 318, dreamreal [01:41]
xuxx_ but for the result [01:41]
freeone3000 xuxx_, Yes. Always an int. [01:41]
xuxx_ wait [01:41]
dreamreal always. [01:41]
xuxx_ ah [01:41]
dreamreal 4/5 = 0. An int. [01:41]
dreamreal 100%. [01:41]
somazero [somazero!] has joined ##java [01:41]
freeone3000 u mean 1 [01:42]
xuxx_ I have a class that represent a number with num/denum [01:42]
dreamreal 4/5? no. 0. [01:42]
dreamreal 5 goes into 4 zero times. [01:42]
freeone3000 (joking off of "100%" being 1.00 in decimal) [01:42]
dreamreal freeone3000: don't you know no math? [01:42]
sonOfRa he knows NaN maths [01:42]
dreamreal ain't payin no 'tention to yer weird cityfolk jokes [01:42]
pikapika [pikapika!] has joined ##java [01:43]
ron sonOfRa: batman? [01:43]
sonOfRa ron: not that's javascript [01:44]
ron wat [01:46]
sonOfRa yes [01:46]
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devish dreamreal: I tried this approach but it gives me only the first bigDecimal [01:52]
devish devish's title: "Java.util.Scanner.nextBigDecimal() Method - Tutorialspoint" [01:52]
devish but if I put after while loop then I get every value except 1st. Any clue? [01:53]
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wunderbar you need to do else [01:56]
wunderbar if else [01:56]
devish44 paste [01:57]
devish44 Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable classes, try . For general code and errors, use or [01:57]
ricky_clarkson freeone3000: This is a HTTP API, so they could have used Unicode. They kind of did anyway, in some name/address fields if we have latin characters we have to pass in full width ones. [01:59]
devish44 [01:59]
ricky_clarkson freeone3000: ???? ???? [01:59]
ricky_clarkson My favourite was "Can we get a dev contact?" "They don't speak English" [02:00]
ricky_clarkson so everything goes via non-technical folks [02:00]
devish44 My bad, I did not follow the example correctly. :( [02:01]
dreamreal A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "why the long face?" The horse, being a horse and thus unable to speak or comprehend the complexities of conversation, does not reply and shits on the floor. [02:01]
skape blinks [02:02]
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dreamreal You may not believe this, but 230-220*0.5 = 5! [02:04]
dreamreal (this is true) [02:04]
[twisti] but also incorrect when following commonly agreed to math axioms [02:05]
ricky_clarkson Nope. [02:05]
dreamreal [twisti]: incorrect, sir! [02:05]
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ricky_clarkson dreamreal: I think the horse example is a great analogy for how things are going with said Japanese partner. [02:07]
sonOfRa [twisti]: it's quite correct. Of course 230-220*0.5 = 5 is false though. [02:08]
dreamreal sonOfRa ++ [02:08]
dreamreal sonofra has a karma level of 210, dreamreal [02:08]
dreamreal Never trust an atom. They make up EVERYTHING. [02:13]
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dfcnvt How do you generate the requirements.txt with all those java dependencies? (For example, in python # pip freeze requirements.txt) [02:17]
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sonOfRa There's no such thing as a requirements.txt for java [02:18]
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dfcnvt Or perhaps in a similiarity manner that involves the dependencies? [02:18]
tang^ you set it up front with Maven or Gradle build files [02:19]
sonOfRa You have your pom.xml or gradle buildfiles, and when you run the build stages, the tool fetches the dependencies needed for that stage [02:19]
dreamreal dfcnvt: ^^^ pom.xml, build.gradle[.kts], done, been done that way for years now [02:20]
dfcnvt Thank you. [02:20]
dreamreal even ant can do it with ivy now [02:20]
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KamelReds how do I do a foreach on an object of one type that is a singly linked list that returns an object of another type? my code currently, which doesn't work: [04:39]
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yawkat you cant [04:41]
KamelReds I didn't think so [04:41]
KamelReds The wording on my assignment makes it sound like you can. [04:42]
KamelReds Thanks. [04:42]
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cheeser that question made no sense to me but i'll trust yawkat's answer and move on :) [04:56]
yawkat no iterable in sight, so i guess you cant :) [04:56]
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KamelReds I thought about making an iterable, but that's not in the interface and I'm trying not to get ahead of the class. [05:02]
freeone3000 uhm, why not? [05:03]
KamelReds because this professor is snippy [05:03]
KamelReds I got half the points for my comments last time because on methods that return boolean, I in the javadoc comment I put "@returns true or false if <whatever> was successful." [05:04]
xekz F JAva. Long Live SCALA [05:05]
xekz ) [05:05]
KamelReds makes sense to me, but apparently it needs more spelled out "@returns true if was successful, false if it was not". Which, whatever, fine. But half the points?! [05:05]
KamelReds One of my assignments I get a C because all my getter and setters were one line. Which apparently is not how it's done in the professional world. [05:07]
KamelReds Which is news to me, because I work in code in my day job. Just not java. [05:07]
xekz KamelReds usually people use that crap lib for get/set [05:07]
xekz wht's it called [05:07]
xekz LOMBOK [05:07]
xekz lolz [05:07]
tang^ aol [05:08]
tang^ tang^, aolbonics is using unnecessary abbreviations such as 'u', 'r', 'ur', 'thx', etc. Using this kind of abbreviation is annoying and pointless. You have a full keyboard. Please use it. If you want intelligent answers, the least you can do is speak intelligently. [05:08]
KamelReds pfffft [05:08]
xekz hahaha [05:08]
xekz so ebonics is banned too? :) [05:08]
xekz " You have a full keyboard. " that's an assumption ok? [05:09]
freeone3000 KamelReds, Style is a thing. Standard style for Java methods have a minimum of 3 lines. [05:09]
freeone3000 Seems like there's a lot of optimization of form over function, though. [05:09]
KamelReds I know it's a thing, I've just never been forced to do 3 lines for getters/setters. [05:09]
xekz why can't java have auto-generated getters and setters like .NET and Scala [05:09]
xekz that's the real question [05:09]
KamelReds Plus, how is 3 lines any better than one when it's something as simple as a getter? [05:10]
freeone3000 Consistency! [05:10]
yawkat xekz: records? [05:10]
xekz yawkat is that Java14 or something? [05:10]
xekz right right [05:10]
xekz I've been having it in Java8 with scala :) [05:11]
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freeone3000 so, scala then. [05:12]
Imk0tter hey, i'm trying to load a class with URLClassLoader that has references to a package in the .jar that the URLClassLoader is part of; i get classnotfoundexception... how can i debug this? [05:12]
yawkat cnfe is reflection [05:13]
yawkat Are you using the right classloader for the reflection [05:14]
Imk0tter [05:15]
Imk0tter maybe i have to make a reference to the imported packages in the URLClassLoader? [05:15]
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freeone3000 It looks like you're loading individual classes, instead of loading entire JARs or directories. [05:16]
Imk0tter i'm loading scripts from a /Scripts folder that references the .jar that is attempting to load them [05:17]
freeone3000 If you want the classloader you're creating to be able to load classes from a parent classloader, you need to specify the parent classloader. [05:17]
Imk0tter what do you mean by parent classloader? [05:18]
freeone3000 Imk0tter, A classloader can only load *specifically* the classes you tell it to. You're creating a new URLClassLoader, so it can only load classes from the URLs. It knows nothing of the classloader that created it, by default. [05:18]
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Imk0tter how do i know what the classloader that created it is? [05:19]
freeone3000 getClass().getClassLoader() [05:19]
freeone3000 You're creating it on line 19 [05:19]
freeone3000 new URLClassLoader(urls, getClass().getClassLoader()) will use the current class's classloader as its parent, which will allow it to "go up" and load any class that the current class does. This WILL have implications for class unloading. [05:20]
freeone3000 Basically, you have a decision: Do you want these scripts to be loaded into the current class context, and have access to all the classes as current, at the cost of not being able to unload them; or, do you want it to be isolated, and load multiple copies of a common jar? [05:22]
Imk0tter i want the classes being loaded to be able to access the classes in the .jar that is loading them [05:25]
freeone3000 Cool. Parent classloader it is. [05:25]
Imk0tter which parent classloader am i looking for? [05:25]
Imk0tter sec [05:26]
freeone3000 Imk0tter, Line 19 should read: URLClassLoader cl = new URLClassLoader(urls, getClass().getClassLoader()); [05:26]
Imk0tter [05:26]
freeone3000 That sets the parent classloader of cl to be the classloader of the class that LoadScripts() is part of. [05:26]
Imk0tter i tried that and it still didn't work [05:26]
freeone3000 Cool, what's your error message? [05:26]
Imk0tter Errorneous script: ChickenFighter.class - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ChickenFighter [05:27]
freeone3000 That's an entirely different error altogether. That means it can't load ChickenFighter, which is not the same error as previous. [05:28]
Imk0tter when i compile the script from within the .jar that is loading them, the script loads fine [05:29]
freeone3000 Yes, when you don't use the code you wrote, it works fine. [05:29]
Imk0tter how can i get a list of classes the URLClassLoader can load? [05:29]
freeone3000 That's not a thing. [05:29]
Imk0tter ok [05:30]
Imk0tter what i mean is when it's compiled from within the package it's referencing it can load [05:30]
freeone3000 Imk0tter,[],%20java.lang.ClassLoader) . Intro para says it's looking for a directory or a JAR, not an individual class. You're passing in a list of individual classes, which it can't read as JARs. [05:30]
freeone3000 Imk0tter, Your statement is saying: "When it's compiled into something visible to the standard classloader, the classloader delegation is able to find it from my classloader". Yes. [05:31]
freeone3000 Imk0tter, The graph is searched *top-down* - if the bootstrap or main classloaders find the class, the URLClassLoader doesn't look. [05:32]
Imk0tter maybe it's how the script is being compiled [05:32]
freeone3000 It is likely not how the script is bieng compiled. It is because you are specifying .class files instead of a directory. [05:32]
freeone3000 Imk0tter, "urls = new URL[] { f.toURI().toURL() };" goes before line 19. The removal of dead code is left as an exercise to the reader. [05:34]
freeone3000 Imk0tter, Please keep it in the channel. [05:42]
Imk0tter i sent you a PM to a link of two class files [05:43]
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Imk0tter one of them loads without the paren't classloader being referenced by the URLClassLoader and the other one doesn't [05:43]
freeone3000 Imk0tter, Right. is a third-party filelocker site, and the class files don't contain anything meaningful. So what's relevant here is one is class version 57 and one is class version 52. What java version are you running? [05:44]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: " - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free" [05:44]
Imk0tter 1.8 [05:48]
freeone3000 57 [05:48]
freeone3000 freeone3000, 57 is the class file format version number of class files emitted when using -target 13. You will need Java 13 or higher to run these. [05:48]
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Imk0tter yeah it works now freeone3000 [05:51]
Imk0tter just had to compile it with the right version [05:51]
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Maldivia 59 [07:00]
Maldivia Maldivia, what does that even *mean*? [07:00]
Maldivia 59 is the class file format version number of class files emitted when using -target 15. You will need Java 15 or higher to run these. [07:00]
Maldivia OK, Maldivia. [07:00]
Maldivia no, 59 is the class file format version number of class files emitted when using --release 15. You will need Java 15 or higher to run these. [07:00]
Maldivia OK, Maldivia. [07:00]
shalok If the same class appears in multiple jars in the classpath, will the class in the first jar be used or the last jar specified in the classpath? [07:09]
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Maldivia depends on the classloader -- assuming standard java app classloader, then it will be first found, so first on classpath [07:11]
cheeser i wish jar would preindex class files and store the metadata in META-INF [07:32]
cheeser there's no reason to scan them at every startup [07:32]
Imk0tter with javax.swing i have a JPanel variable that gets initialized at startup but during operation i set the JPanel variable to a new JPanel object [07:41]
Imk0tter is there anything i have to do to update the JFrame that the JPanel is part of? [07:41]
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Imk0tter err apparently that won't work [07:46]
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ricky_clarkson Imk0tter: As an example: panel = new JPanel(); frame.add(panel); panel = new JPanel(); [07:50]
ricky_clarkson The JFrame does not know about the second JPanel [07:50]
ricky_clarkson You would need to add it (and probably remove the original, depending on your needs) [07:50]
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devish dreamreal++ [10:55]
devish dreamreal has a karma level of 5, devish [10:55]
devish lol, when did that happen... [10:55]
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db random acts of kindness? [11:07]
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devish nothing is irrational [11:15]
cheeser pi is. [11:27]
devish Then it would get eaten. [11:29]
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