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Styil can someone take a look at my code and help me figure out what is going wrong here, am getting a cannot find symbol error [12:54]
Styil [12:54]
scpketer 'cannot find symbol' are literally highlit in your IDE [12:54]
Styil Its saying it cannot find TPair(N, T) for grammar.put(Parser.TPair(Token.N.S, Token.T.leftBrace), Arrays.asList despite TPair(N, T) being defined right above it [12:55]
scpketer well, at very least your paste lacks two last closing brackets. [12:55]
Styil yea I didnt paste the full class [12:56]
scpketer know Java has 'new' keyword? [12:56]
scpketer maybe it has to be 'new TPair(...)'? [12:57]
Styil surprisingly that fixed it [12:57]
cheeser not surprising at all [12:57]
scpketer yeah, because that's how you construct objects in java [12:57]
cheeser in the future, try not to paraphrase/omit code and include the actual error message/stacktrace [12:58]
Styil ah, I wrote similar code before but didnt run [12:58]
Styil thought I did and it compiled successfully, my mistake [12:58]
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nova99 If anyone's familiar with groovy, does final not work for top level variables? [01:25]
nova99 final def x = 5 [01:25]
nova99 x = 6 [01:25]
nova99 works without problem [01:25]
cheeser try a groovy channel [01:26]
nova99 groovy channel's dead, nice try [01:26]
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nova99 if you know the answer then say it, otherwise shut the fuck up [01:26]
scpketer this one technically is, too [01:26]
cheeser this is a java channel so it's off topic here. [01:26]
kicked nova99 (Banned: this ban will expire after 30d) [01:26]
scpketer ... [01:26]
cheeser real dim bulb on that one [01:26]
scpketer guess that wasn't their first case of offtopic here? [01:27]
cheeser it was likely their last. i don't recall ever seeing that user before. [01:28]
scpketer me neither [01:28]
cheeser but no one tells an op to stfu and gets to stay [01:28]
scpketer heh, fair point [01:28]
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Styil can someone elaborate on when I have to override equals and hashcode when using hashmaps [02:17]
Styil am using a wrapper class to have two variables be the key in a hashmap and im confused on why I cant get values out of the hashmap [02:17]
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jgowdy Hi, if anyone is familiar with using JNI (not JNA), is it possible to call an unmodified third party .so without having some kind of binary shim? [03:46]
jgowdy In C# for example, you can p/invoke into any .so as long as your native function declaration/symbol matches what the loader finds in the specified library [03:47]
jgowdy There's no compiling a C shim to bridge the call [03:47]
jgowdy It seems like JNI only wants to call specially compiled .so files with functions marked JNIEXPORT [03:49]
yawkat not possible without additional libs [03:50]
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chewb how am i suppossed to test 70 lines long method that modifies state all that uses some stream to filter list based on parameters and then get returned value based on this filtered list? [04:33]
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_lucifer chewb: like you test any other method? [04:45]
chewb how? am i supposed to know every object inside that method uses? [04:45]
beatbrot357615 [beatbrot357615!] has joined ##java [04:47]
_lucifer no, you pass to it the input and check its return value [04:47]
funeral [funeral!~Funeral@2a01:799:7e0:1000::c89] has joined ##java [04:48]
chewb its not that simple, because returned value is complex object whose fields are values that depend on input values, but not transformated by some methods in the process [04:51]
chewb value set for object is often many times modified through lifetime of method [04:52]
_lucifer and you want to check each modification ? [04:52]
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Albright Why do declarations of static methods in interfaces require a body? And why does that body seem to be invoked instead of the actual method in my class that implements it? [05:00]
scpketer because you can't override static methods. [05:00]
Albright Hmm. [05:02]
jgowdy static methods aren't virtual, because there's no object pointer and thus no vtable [05:02]
Albright Let me reframe my problem then. I'm getting ResultSet instances from the database and I'm trying to call a method on my model classes to instantiate from the ResultSet. Maybe posting some code will make this clearer? [05:05]
Albright [05:06]
Albright Maybe that pattern isn't a good one - I'm open to suggestions to do things a radically different way. [05:06]
deavmi [deavmi!~tbk@2a04:5b81:2010::33] has joined ##java [05:08]
yawkat that cant work anyway [05:08]
yawkat erasure [05:08]
yawkat yawkat, type erasure is the notion that all generics info *FROM INSTANCES* is gone at runtime [the 'String' in List<?> x = new ArrayList<String>();], as well as generics info being irrelevant for method signatures [void foo(List<Integer> x) and void foo(List<String> x) cannot co-exist in the same class, as they have the same classfile signature]. [05:08]
yawkat also dont use arrays of objects [05:08]
yawkat probably should just pass a factory instance instead [05:09]
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chewb ok, so method i want to test takes as argument service object that returns some objects from db, how to mock it if i dont have database [06:17]
chewb for example service that returns getAttributes() == ('A','B',....), or ('A','A') [06:18]
chewb oh i was wrong [06:24]
chewb its not service, its data object [06:24]
chewb so i cant construct it [06:25]
chewb how to "simulate" data object with certain attribute? [06:25]
chewb should i do something like @Mock service, when(service.getAttributeById('id')).return(attribute)? [06:30]
scpketer has anybody else had Stream#iterator()#hasNext() throwing IllegalStateException? [06:49]
scpketer my stream is the result of Files.walk(...) [06:49]
scpketer [06:50]
scpketer scpketer's title: " - View paste DB0Yj" [06:50]
beatbrot357615 [beatbrot357615!] has joined ##java [06:51]
chewb my problem is: method i want to test adds some attribute to non-empty list on certain conditions. I dont have database accesss. How do i know this list already does not have this element inside, even before condition appears in code? [06:53]
Gerula [Gerula!~Gerula@unaffiliated/gerula] has joined ##java [06:53]
chewb i mean asserting that list contains some element if parameter==x may be wrong because this list already cand have this element inside before condition [06:54]
ScrambledRK no idea, but I may throw some stupid ideas out: maybe the stream iterator is one of those that fetches the next() entry in advance? maybe it is so utterly virtual that it doesn't even have a filtered list but just skips entries until it finds one matching the filter criteria (and then maps and filters again) ... maybe it doesn't fancy that it ends up with a final "null" after filter().map().filter() because the last filter doesn't allow [06:55]
ScrambledRK or null values? [06:55]
chewb oh i was wrong [06:55]
ScrambledRK chewb: awww x) [06:55]
beatbrot357615 [beatbrot357615!] has joined ##java [06:55]
chewb in condition there is filter on this list, so i can assume if condition was true that list will contain only certain elements [06:55]
fingo [fingo!~fingo@2a01:4f8:161:354e::2] has joined ##java [06:56]
ScrambledRK oh wait that was scpketer not you chewb ... so my convoluted reasoning is still up \o/ [06:57]
chewb mockito how to write this thenReturn? [07:01]
chewb if any of attributes of request is x then return all such requests [07:02]
chris64 [chris64!~chris@unaffiliated/chris64] has joined ##java [07:09]
scpketer I see a lot of null values in iterator's fields in my debugger [07:16]
scpketer maybe that's what's wrong. [07:17]
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scpketer alright, I've resolved my issue [07:31]
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wunderbar what is the best tools for manipulating images? cropping, making backgrounds transparent ala photoshop? I am considering using ImageMagick from terminal somehow [08:04]
dreamreal wunderbar: are you doing it from the terminal? [08:04]
wunderbar not sure how great that is though but alwasy come up [08:04]
wunderbar dreamreal it is an option if not to unintrusive [08:04]
scpketer ...are you sure this is the right channel? [08:04]
wunderbar scpketer i will be executing from java .. but perhaps there is better options already [08:05]
dreamreal shrugs. If you know how to do those things with imagemagick, do it with imagemagick. How is this java? [08:05]
dreamreal There's also jmagick (a java wrapper for imagemagick) but I don't know how current it is, and then there's always java2d [08:05]
scpketer well, I, uh... believe there were image manipulation classes in Java stdlib? [08:05]
dreamreal scpketer: there are, but he might not know how to do it programmatically [08:06]
scpketer really... [08:06]
scpketer literally the first google search result [08:06]
dreamreal yes [08:06]
dreamreal the only question is about the background [08:06]
wunderbar [08:12]
dreamreal java2d is actually really good at doing image manipulations but if he knows how to do it with imagemagick and can't figure it out with java2d... better to do it than not, yeah? [08:13]
scpketer well... yeah? [08:13]
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xuxx_ hi, I have a class that represent a symbolic variable (like x, y, z). I would like to represent a symbolic constant like pi. Should I create a new class pi ? [08:23]
dreamreal xuxx_: how do we know? [08:23]
somazero [somazero!~somazero@2600:8805:b00:dc5::1a36] has joined ##java [08:23]
dreamreal xuxx_: I mean, it'd be an extension of the symbolic ref, with a constant value unless you're trying to warp physics [08:24]
dreamreal be adventurous! TRY it! That's how you learn [08:24]
xuxx_ dreamreal: that was what I thougth [08:25]
SGautam [SGautam!~GautamS@unaffiliated/gautams] has joined ##java [08:26]
wunderbar xuxx_ Math.PI ? [08:26]
dreamreal wunderbar: he's trying to build a symbolic expression evaluator [08:26]
dreamreal or maybe an optimizer, i dunno [08:27]
dreamreal solved problems but he's trying to write it (or, I guess, *they*... I don't know xuxx_' gender) [08:27]
dreamreal I'm too old to always remember the new-fangled ways to address people, back in the day if you didn't know you used masculine refs, now you use the plural form instead [08:28]
dreamreal I try to remember but alas, perfection eludes me [08:28]
wunderbar it [08:28]
dreamreal no [08:29]
dreamreal "it" is funny but I prefer actually being polite if I can [08:29]
wunderbar hehe [08:29]
wunderbar sweden invented "hen" a couple of years ago [08:29]
wunderbar han / hon [08:30]
wunderbar became hen [08:30]
dreamreal Tried in the US too and failed [08:30]
dreamreal Personally, I thought the old way worked fine, esp in contexts where the assumption was generally predictable without being offensive [08:30]
dreamreal but the rules for offense changed, plus... honestly, in STEM that comes off as pretty aggressive and exclusive [08:31]
xuxx [xuxx!] has joined ##java [08:38]
xuxx Is there a way to display only 4 numbers after the . for a double ? [08:39]
_lucifer yes, look at string formatting [08:43]
xuxx _lucifer: Should I transforme the double into a str ? [08:43]
_lucifer When you try to display it will get converted according to the format string you specify. no need to do manually [08:44]
_lucifer xuxx: [08:45]
_lucifer _lucifer's title: "Formatting (The Java? Tutorials > Essential Classes > Basic I/O)" [08:45]
xuxx _lucifer: oh ok [08:45]
_lucifer look at this one as well, xuxx [08:46]
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chindy [chindy!~quassel@] has joined ##java [08:56]
chindy Is it possible to obtain the reference of an object reference (in string or long or whatever it is)? Considering that System.identityHash() exists it should somehow be possible to get something like System.identity(), right? [08:58]
yawkat no [09:06]
yawkat identityHashCode is not related to the memory address [09:06]
yawkat what would you do with a ref anyways [09:07]
dreamreal chindy: what are you trying to accomplish? [09:09]
chindy yawkat, dreamreal: just curiosity [09:11]
perrier-jouet [perrier-jouet!] has joined ##java [09:13]
chindy so is there a way of obtaining the memory address? [09:16]
dreamreal no [09:17]
dreamreal because it's not fixed anyway [09:17]
dreamreal what would you do with it? [09:17]
chindy okay. this is what I thought. where can I find the standard documentation stating that this is not fixed? [09:17]
dreamreal ummmm JVM spec and basic knowledge of java memory [09:18]
dreamreal it has a GC, the GC moves stuff around ALL THE TIME [09:18]
yawkat documentation usually doesnt state when something isnt the case [09:19]
yawkat the standards dont mention this, it's simply unspecified [09:19]
dreamreal chindy: basically, unless you specifically create circumstances, by the time an object's been around for one second it's been moved about in memory many times [09:20]
dreamreal it's not really very difficult to create the circumstances that prevent moving it, but it's also not accidental very often [09:21]
zeeba [zeeba!~zeeba@] has joined ##java [09:23]
chindy Okay, say I want to prove the fact that references in java can change all the time. How can I do that? Basically I want a program that says: Object x = new something(); print(; System.gc(); print( and hopefully see how id changes after gc [09:32]
chindy Essentially how would I experimentally with a java example show: "it's simply unspecified" [09:33]
chindy dreamreal: yawkat [09:33]
yawkat [09:34]
yawkat yawkat's title: "Garbage-First Garbage Collector" [09:34]
yawkat "G1 copies objects from one or more regions of the heap to a single region on the heap, and in the process both compacts and frees up memory" [09:34]
yawkat the memory address is intentionally not exposed, you wont easily get access to it. [09:35]
yawkat maybe using unsafe, but probably not. [09:35]
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dreamreal chindy: plus it depends on the runtime [10:04]
dreamreal you can run java in such a way that it's constant [10:04]
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kicked __lunar_jetman (Banned: this ban will expire after 365d) [10:59]
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henistein dreamreal are you there? How can I add jar library in my java file without maven? [11:38]
henistein I added import file.*; in the java file [11:39]
ernimril classpath [11:39]
ernimril henistein, The classpath tells Java or the compiler which jar files and folders to search for classes and resources. Use the -cp/-classpath run-time options to specify the classpath (does NOT work with -jar!). Also see [cheeser's blog], [], or for more information. [11:39]
henistein I did it [11:39]
TideFN [TideFN!~TideFN@2601:cb:8280:9520:39c6:703b:3b4f:9a8d] has joined ##java [11:39]
henistein and it still says that no package found [11:40]
ernimril henistein, what did you do? [11:40]
Devastator I hate CORS [11:40]
henistein I have a and I want to turn that into a jar file, so I can use it later as a library [11:41]
henistein jar cvf jars/library.jar [11:42]
henistein I did it [11:42]
henistein and I got a library.jar as I wanted to [11:42]
ernimril henistein, *sigh* you failed the first course in java [11:42]
ernimril henistein, you use classes when you run [11:42]
ernimril henistein, so compile your code to classes first, then pack it to jars [11:43]
ernimril first cup [11:43]
ernimril henistein, A friendly web page to get you started with Java programming: [11:43]
henistein wait [11:43]
xdeadbeef [xdeadbeef!~deadbeef@unaffiliated/xdeadbeef] has joined ##java [11:43]
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henistein jar cvf jars/library.jar library.class [11:43]
henistein right? [11:43]
ernimril henistein, and if you want to make it nice for others then please use some package [11:44]
homma [homma!~homma@unaffiliated/homma] has joined ##java [11:45]
henistein it still does not work [11:46]
henistein now I do: javac -cp library.jar [11:46]
henistein and it says: error: package library does not exist [11:46]
henistein I am using a function in from library.jar [11:47]
ernimril henistein, *sigh* you are not one for reading up on things we ask you to read up on [11:47]
ernimril packages [11:47]
ernimril henistein, packages is ; also see [11:47]
ernimril henistein, jars should contain class files, not java files and the package structure have to be correct [11:48]
henistein I used just the class to create the jar file [11:49]
xdeadbeef [xdeadbeef!~deadbeef@unaffiliated/xdeadbeef] has joined ##java [11:50]
ernimril henistein, yes, you failed the package handling [11:50]
henistein oh [11:50]
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henistein so I added: package jars.library; [12:02]
henistein on my [12:02]
henistein and then import jars.library.*; [12:03]
henistein and now I have access to all classes from library.jar right? [12:03]
ernimril henistein, is the jar directory structure correct? does it match the package structure? [12:05]
henistein my jar is on /jars/library.jar [12:06]
henistein so I guess it is [12:06]
ernimril henistein, no, is the jar internal directory structure correct? [12:06]
henistein in my library.jar I have just the class I need and some meta-inf folder [12:07]
ernimril henistein, so not correct then [12:07]
ernimril henistein, so you failed to understand the classpath and package tutorials [12:07]
ernimril henistein, did you actually read them? [12:07]
henistein yes I did... [12:08]
henistein I have to use specific names? [12:09]
henistein in example from the link you sent they have: package java.awt.event; [12:09]
ernimril henistein, no, you can use whatever names you want for your packages (well, actually you cant use "java.") [12:10]
ernimril henistein, what packages are the classes you want the library to contain in? [12:10]
henistein I have a folder called jars which contains the library.jar, my library.jar contains a name.class and a meta-inf folder [12:13]
henistein so I did package jars.library; [12:13]
henistein on my [12:13]
henistein I am really not understanding, I am trying to adapt the example from the link to my situation [12:14]
ernimril henistein, *sigh* it is just impossible to talk to you, you do not care what question I ask you answer like a politician. [12:14]
henistein I do not know what you are asking me? =( [12:15]
henistein I am trying to tell everything what I have [12:15]
henistein what do you need to know? [12:15]
ernimril enter [12:16]
ernimril henistein, Enter is not punctuation. Please don't press your Enter or Return key until you're finished typing your question, sentence, or idea. It is annoying to see that and hard to follow. [12:16]
ernimril henistein, the first you want is to create a library jar that you and other can use? yes or no? [12:16]
scpketer [scpketer!~scpketer@unaffiliated/scpketer] has joined ##java [12:16]
henistein yes [12:16]
ernimril henistein, so you have some java sources that you want to compile and put in the jar [12:17]
henistein yes [12:17]
ernimril henistein, so what does the package lines in the files say? [12:17]
henistein I have just a file which I want to turn into a jar, that file is already compiled so I have a name.class and it must be transformed in a library.jar. it is what I understand by "package lines" [12:22]
ernimril henistein, so why did you say "yes" when I asked about that above? [12:23]
ernimril henistein, if you have class-files then you still need to know what package they are for if you want to pack them into a jar [12:23]
ernimril henistein, now, who is stupid enough to just give you classes and not give you a jar instead? [12:24]
henistein ok so I have my class file inside a jars folder [12:25]
mizi [mizi!] has joined ##java [12:26]
ernimril henistein, *sigh*. I give up, [12:27]
henistein ok no problem [12:27]
ernimril henistein, come back when you have figured out what package the classes are in [12:27]
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cheeser sounds like a basic java tutorial is in order [12:31]
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Devastator yay, I think I fixed my cors issue in spring security [12:47]
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greentree47 am i able to assign a static variable to something as well as pass it in to another method on the same line [01:05]
cheeser tias [01:08]
cheeser Try it and see. You learn much more by experimentation than by asking without having even tried. [01:08]
greentree47 well im about to but was jw if any1 knew [01:08]
cheeser aolbonics [01:09]
cheeser cheeser, aolbonics is using unnecessary abbreviations such as 'u', 'r', 'ur', 'thx', etc. Using this kind of abbreviation is annoying and pointless. You have a full keyboard. Please use it. If you want intelligent answers, the least you can do is speak intelligently. [01:09]
greentree47 oh come on man [01:09]
greentree47 dont be such a boomer... [01:09]
cheeser i'm not a boomer [01:09]
greentree47 ok boomer [01:10]
kicked greentree47 (Banned: <connection lost> this ban will expire after 3d) [01:10]
tang^ gosh [01:10]
Devastator that was fast [01:14]
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cheeser sadly i ran out of fucks to give to them. [01:15]
Devastator s/sadly/happily :D [01:21]
Devastator well, the only thing I have to deal now is try another jwt library, the one I'm using uses Date :/ [01:22]
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scpketer oh man I gotta love that op who bans people using abbreviations [01:27]
Sheilong [Sheilong!uid293653@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [01:28]
_lucifer it was not abbreviations but the arrogance probably [01:28]
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cheeser \_(?)_/ [01:37]
cheeser i appreciate the love, though. it's nice to be appreciated. [01:38]
scpketer thanks for keeping irc clean heh [01:39]
_lucifer +1, the rules may seem harsh at the first site but are necessary [01:40]
_lucifer *sight [01:42]
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servus hey [03:12]
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xekz Hi. anyone with experience with spring boot + mongo? I Have some questions on # of connections and pools [07:14]
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xekz ello [07:29]
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cheeser anyone [07:59]
cheeser xekz, Chances are someone has, so why not just ask your question and save some time? If someone knows the answer and wants/has time to help, perhaps they will. [07:59]
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cheeser or not [08:57]
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DrSchultzCL Hello everyone, I am glad to join this community. Cheers! [09:46]
LtHummus hello [09:51]
LtHummus and welcome [09:51]
DrSchultzCL Thanks LtHummus [09:54]
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