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Xhunter [12:21]
Xhunter I get an error when doing event.getSource() == button . Can someone please help me ? [12:22]
cheeser maybe share the error. i'm guessing symbol not found? [12:24]
cheeser (don't make us guess ... ) [12:24]
Xhunter I solved it lol [12:24]
cheeser ffs [12:25]
cheeser well, glad you got it sorted. [12:25]
cheeser mv cheeser /dev/bed [12:25]
Xhunter I need to declare button outside of main [12:25]
Xhunter cheeser thx for replying man [12:26]
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Xhunter How comes we're able to initialize EventHandler when it's an Interface ? [12:42]
Xhunter using the new keyword [12:43]
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shan hi guys, trying to get my stupid project to run and it compiles fine but it won't run, exits out with a classnotfoundexception even though i have openjfx installed and ALL the JavaFX modules in my build.gradle [12:51]
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ScrambledRK and the classnotfoundexception is ... = [12:57]
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_lucifer Xhunter: that is creating an anonymous class [01:17]
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Xhunter _lucifer <3 thx bro u saved me alot of headaches now I just gotta go read about anonymous classes [01:27]
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homma hi, Is there any problem when I write a java program to be compiled with openjdk according to the oraclejdk documentation? [02:27]
homma no JavaFx invovled [02:31]
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infiniator parted the channel: [02:33]
[twisti] no [02:59]
sonOfRa even with javafx involved! [03:00]
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homma thanks [03:14]
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Maldivia homma: hint: OracleJDK is basically just Oracle-branded OpenJDK [03:39]
Maldivia also, there is a spec, meaning any java program should be able to run on any JVM, assuming you don't use internal stuff that is specific to that JVM (but in this case, see above) [03:40]
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dob1 after a check if I am on linux I would like to call kill command via ProcessBuilder, can I do this ProcessBuilder p = new ProcessBuilder("killall", "-u", "$USER", processName); p.start() ? [04:45]
zikani03 [zikani03!~zikani03@] has joined ##java [04:47]
dob1 I don't understand the difference between the constructor of ProcessBuilder and ProcessBuilder.command [04:49]
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lesshaste which color should comments be in in an IDE? I am trying to choose colors [04:59]
[twisti] dob1: .command is a setter. new ProcessBuilder is a constructor [05:00]
[twisti] lesshaste: download a theme or randomly pick your own [05:00]
lesshaste [twisti], I am color blind and am doing this for someone else so I really just need a name or color code [05:00]
[twisti] dob1: that being said, you may want to look at zt-exec [05:01]
[twisti] lesshaste: then just download a theme and be done with it [05:01]
[twisti] why are you changing the default color of things if youre colorblind and its not for you anyways ? [05:01]
[twisti] just leave them at whatever the IDEs default color is [05:02]
lesshaste I am making a presentation [05:02]
lesshaste where I want to have code [05:02]
lesshaste with comments in it [05:02]
lesshaste the presentation is for someone else [05:02]
[twisti] and youve decided that the default comment color is bad and can be improved by picking the random suggestion of a random person on irc ... why ? [05:02]
lesshaste #d4922f maybe? [05:02]
[twisti] but hey, if it helps you, #123456 [05:02]
[twisti] sure, #d4922f is fine too [05:03]
lesshaste [twisti], perhaps I will ask someone else :) [05:03]
[twisti] if someone gives you a suggestion for a comment color without knowing your theme and ide's other colors itll be worth about as much as #123456 [05:03]
[twisti] this seems like trolling, its hard to imagine someone being serious with a question like this, so im out [05:04]
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lesshaste parted the channel: "Leaving" [05:05]
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ScrambledRK lol [05:23]
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roxlu hi [06:22]
roxlu This is probably not the best channel but I'm not sure where I should/can ask otherwise ... [06:23]
roxlu I've just updated android studio on my Arch Linux PC and when I want to start it, I get "...does not override anything [Plugin:]...". Does someone has an idea how to debug/fix this? [06:23]
roxlu I've pasted the more verbose output here: [06:23]
_lucifer roxlu: #android-dev [06:25]
roxlu thanks [06:32]
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shan ScrambledRK: there are different kinds of ClassNotFoundExceptions? [08:24]
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shan hi guys, trying to get my stupid project to run and it compiles fine but it won't run, exits out with a classnotfoundexception even though i have openjfx installed and ALL the JavaFX modules in my build.gradle [08:26]
shan I added the exception output to the gist [08:26]
shan it can't find the JavaFX textinputdialog [08:26]
shan i am on JDK 14 [08:26]
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Maldivia shan: sure you have the dependencies in your build classpath... but not your runtime classpath [08:31]
ScrambledRK shan: no, but it should at least point towards the missing class [08:31]
ScrambledRK Maldivia: I think its the other way around actually ... build is successful but tests/running doesn't work - also the stacktrace shows the BuildinClassLoader to fail ... [08:32]
ScrambledRK so I'd have guessed he is missing the classes at runtime [08:33]
Maldivia ScrambledRK: and what did I say? [08:33]
ScrambledRK "but not your runtime classpath" ... "but not" :S [08:33]
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dreamreal morning [08:44]
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dmlloyd I sure wish that HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap had a method like `T get(int hashCode, Predicate<T> equaller)` or something like that [10:40]
dmlloyd so you can look up a key without having to create an instance of the key [10:40]
Maldivia map.get(new Object() { public int hashCode() { return hashCode; } public boolean equals(Object other) { return equaller.test(other); } }); [10:42]
Maldivia D [10:42]
dmlloyd only works if they do equals the right direction [10:42]
Maldivia true [10:43]
dmlloyd also if it's stored in a TreeNode you're stuck... [10:45]
dmlloyd just tried to whip up an impl and it was dead simple - until I got to TreeNode [10:45]
Maldivia implement Comparable as well then [10:49]
cheeser ha. nice. [10:51]
dmlloyd that definitely won't work if it goes in the wrong direction [10:51]
cheeser it's true what They say about a layer of abstraction solving all problems. [10:51]
dmlloyd Comparable was a mistake IMO, they should have stuck with comparators [10:52]
dmlloyd same with equals() [10:52]
dmlloyd why make it possible to have an asymmetry like that [10:52]
cheeser agreed. [10:54]
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shan Maldivia: hwo do i add the javafx to my runtime classpath [11:31]
shan alternatively how do i make a fat jatr [11:31]
shan i copied a fatjar task off the internet but that one failed too [11:31]
shan error message incoming [11:31]
dreamreal how are you running the app [11:33]
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nbro anyone here familiar with the "kickforward style"? [11:43]
dfee [dfee!] has joined ##java [11:43]
dreamreal anyone [11:44]
dreamreal Chances are someone has, so why not just ask your question and save some time? If someone knows the answer and wants/has time to help, perhaps they will. [11:44]
nbro ... [11:44]
scpketer yes, just ask. [11:44]
shan dreamreal: tried with java -jar and with ./gradlew run [11:44]
LaSombra [LaSombra!lasombra@unaffiliated/lasombra] has joined ##java [11:44]
shan i just realised the error is different with gradlew [11:45]
nbro changes are that I will not lose my time if anyone has no experience with it [11:45]
nbro *chances [11:45]
dreamreal nbro: well, funny thing about development: people might know ALL about it but not by that name [11:45]
shan dreamreal: [11:47]
shan shan's title: "exception deets - Pastery" [11:47]
dreamreal shan: are you getting different errors between the two [11:48]
shan yes [11:48]
shan java -jar fails with the classnotfoudn [11:48]
cheeser nbro: you're wasting time now quibbling about it. perhaps someone is familiar with the concept under another name? maybe they know it but don't want to commit to answering until they know the extent to which they are committing their time. [11:48]
dreamreal well, it sounds like your classpaths are being built differently and with different components [11:48]
shan (the error is in the bottom of the github gist) [11:48]
cheeser if it's a quickie maybe they'd be happy to answer. but if it's protracted, perhaps they don't have the time/energy for it. [11:49]
dreamreal what github gist [11:49]
shan dreamreal: but whai i am using gradle for both builds [11:49]
dreamreal oh well [11:49]
shan dreamreal: see message above, one sec [11:49]
shan [11:49]
dreamreal I only see the url [11:49]
shan " hi guys, trying to get my stupid project to run and it compiles fine but it won't run, exits out with a classnotfoundexception even though i have openjfx installed and ALL the JavaFX modules in my build.gradle" [11:49]
cheeser next [11:50]
cheeser Another satisfied customer. Next! [11:50]
TideFN [TideFN!~TideFN@2601:cb:8280:9520:90aa:8b3:cdda:602f] has joined ##java [11:50]
dreamreal shan: I don't know enough about the javafx plugin in gradle [11:50]
shan ;_; [11:51]
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birkoff how do one compare two java instances of the same class for the values of variables declared ? [12:31]
sonOfRa birkoff: you override equals in your class [12:33]
vpathak [vpathak!] has joined ##java [12:34]
sonOfRa and hashcode. If you override one of equals and hashcode, you should always override the other (and consistently!) [12:34]
dreamreal equals [12:34]
dreamreal See for an explanation (covers hashcode too) [12:34]
_lucifer and maybe implement a Comparator/Comparable (if you need ordering) [12:35]
birkoff what's the difference between equals and Comparable ? [12:39]
cheeser one is a method and one is an interface [12:40]
_lucifer exactly what the name suggests, equals is checking for equality and comparable is for saying greater, less or equal [12:40]
_lucifer yeah that too ? [12:40]
birkoff I have to override equals even if all I need is to check equality for all variables ? [12:43]
sonOfRa Yes. [12:43]
sonOfRa lombok [12:44]
sonOfRa sonOfRa, lombok is a tooling (compiler and IDE) plugin that removes boilerplate. For example, it adds getters, setters, equals, hashCode, builders, etc for you. Works in eclipse, intellij, netbeans, javac, maven, ant, etc. [12:44]
sonOfRa Doesn't hurt to do it once or twice yourself (and by yourself I mean click on generate equals in your IDE) [12:44]
dreamreal birkoff: well, what does equality mean *in the general sense*? [12:44]
birkoff what would instance1 == instance2 or instance1.equals(instance2) do without alteration ? [12:44]
sonOfRa The same thing, unless instance1 is null, in which case the latter would throw NPE [12:45]
_lucifer check if the two variable refer to the same obbect [12:45]
birkoff _lucifer: so it wouldn't work for checking that the values of variables are the same ? [12:45]
sonOfRa It would not. [12:45]
_lucifer nope [12:45]
cheeser == is always a value comparison of the operands. in this case, it compares two reference values and that has nothing to do with object state. [12:46]
dreamreal birkoff: imagine a class describing state: class State { String name; State status; Timestamp ts; } [12:47]
dreamreal it's conceivable that you'd only care about name and status for equality, yeah? [12:47]
upgrdman [upgrdman!~upgrdman@blender/artist/upgrdman] has joined ##java [12:50]
__lunar_jetman [__lunar_jetman!dave@] has joined ##java [12:56]
kicked __lunar_jetman (Banned: this ban will expire after 365d) [12:56]
banisterfiend [banisterfiend!~textual@ruby/staff/banisterfiend] has joined ##java [12:57]
birkoff not sure what state means dreamreal . if my class only declares String and Float variables for example, would then == or equals be enough ? [12:59]
sonOfRa No. Just == is *never* going to compare the values inside your class. [12:59]
sonOfRa There is no sensible way for java to guess what you *want* to compare. [12:59]
birkoff but .equals would ? [01:00]
sonOfRa Yes, because you implement equals yourself, and tell it *what to compare* [01:00]
sonOfRa by default, .equals does the same thing that == does (compare if it is *the same reference*). [01:01]
sonOfRa But once you implement it, calls to .equals will do what you implemented. == will still compare reference equality. No operator overloading for ==. [01:01]
dqx [dqx!~dqx@unaffiliated/dqx] has joined ##java [01:02]
birkoff is equals + hashCode faster than compareTo ? [01:12]
Maldivia they don't do the same,so [01:12]
Maldivia and depends on implementation [01:12]
dreamreal birkoff: ... [01:14]
dreamreal birkoff: look, what are you trying to do [01:14]
birkoff find out if two instances of the same class are equal [01:15]
Maldivia then .equals [01:15]
birkoff compareTo does that too doesn't it [01:15]
dreamreal okay, and what does equality mean to you [01:15]
dreamreal it CAN but it does not [01:15]
murd0c [murd0c!~murd0c@2800:810:492:ee:fca2:d337:6ec5:b6ec] has joined ##java [01:15]
birkoff it does more [01:15]
dreamreal foo.compareTo(foo) == 0, NOT true [01:15]
dreamreal ... and that's assuming your compareTo is written satisfactorily [01:16]
i-make-robots [i-make-robots!~i-make-ro@] has joined ##java [01:16]
dreamreal birkoff: if you're trying to compare objects to each other *for equality* then write a fucking equals() like every other java coder on the planet except the really stupid ones [01:17]
i-make-robots hey java. I'm trying to write some classes out with ObjectOutputStream and ObjectInputStream. Write seems fine, does X units. Read says "I see X units" and on the last item read gets a premature EOF. I flush() before I close the output stream, so... wtf did I miss? [01:17]
wad [wad!] has joined ##java [01:18]
dreamreal i-make-robots: how are you writing them? Single object, set of objects written individually, what [01:18]
dreamreal and how are you reading them [01:18]
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wad Question: What's a good, fast way to right-shift if I don't want negative values? I don't want to pad with 1s in the most significant bits. assertEquals((byte) 0x0F, (byte) 0xFF >> 4); [01:22]
paddyez [paddyez!~Patrick-E@wikipedia/paddyez] has joined ##java [01:23]
wad Expect 15, got -1. -_- [01:23]
Maldivia wad: >>> [01:23]
dreamreal wouldn't that be >>>? [01:23]
wad huh. Checking. [01:25]
Maldivia wad: >> sign extends, >>> doesn't [01:25]
wad There we go then! :-D Thanks! [01:25]
dreamreal operators [01:26]
dreamreal dreamreal, operators is [01:26]
wad Haha, now I get: Expected 15, Actual 268435455 [01:26]
wad Maybe I need to add a mask. [01:28]
i-make-robots dreamreal - whereverpossible, writeObject(). in the object that fails I had to make a custom write() that uses writeObject() and writeDouble() for sub-elements. [01:28]
i-make-robots er... in the *class* that fails. [01:28]
LKoen [LKoen!~LKoen@] has joined ##java [01:30]
Maldivia i-make-robots: so do you have a matching custom read? [01:34]
zalt__ [zalt__!~devp@unaffiliated/lambda443] has joined ##java [01:37]
Maldivia wad: bitwise operators work on in, so you're basically taking your int 0xff casting it to byte and then automatically casting it to int, meaning, so you have -1 as byte, meaning you get 0xffffffff [01:40]
Maldivia what you want is (byte)(0xff >>> 4) [01:40]
Maldivia or perhaps (0xff >>> 4) & 0xff [01:41]
wad Ah... so the JVM automatically casts everything to `int` anyway? [01:42]
cliluw [cliluw!~cliluw@unaffiliated/cliluw] has joined ##java [01:43]
dreamreal no, it has rules [01:43]
wad This is some pretty-low-level code, was wonting to squeeze better performance by using `byte`, but if it doesn't matter, I'll just use `int`, then... [01:43]
dreamreal did you profile? [01:43]
wad ... for stuff that uses bitwize. [01:44]
dreamreal That'd be the thing to do first [01:44]
code-witch [code-witch!~code-witc@] has joined ##java [01:44]
wad Haven't got to that step yet, still building the basics. Will definitely profile, once I get it working. [01:44]
dreamreal do it simply, then profile, in java [01:44]
dreamreal always [01:44]
wad thumbs-up:: [01:44]
Maldivia wad: <- might surprise you :) [01:46]
i-make-robots Maldivia - the parent class writes out the number of elements and then each element in turn. when reading, it gets the right count from file, but on reading the last element fails with EOF. no idea why this is happening. Trying a few other methods rn. [01:47]
Maldivia wad: as said, all bitwise operators works on ints (or longs), doing it with byte will cause a lot of conversion -- at least in the bytecode, what the jit does it different [01:47]
tang^ 'ccording to javap, byte and int end up generating identical assembly calls [01:53]
shan ok so [01:57]
Maldivia because there is no such thing as a byte in bytecode [01:57]
shan apparently you can't build javafx apps with gradle [01:57]
Maldivia yes you can shan [01:57]
karab44 [karab44!karab44@unaffiliated/karab44] has joined ##java [01:57]
tang^ sure you can [01:58]
shan Maldivia: a stackoverflow answer i found links to an oracle page that says to use an Ant script or something called javafxpackager [01:58]
Maldivia shan: [01:58]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Getting Started with JavaFX" [01:58]
tang^ try the current documentation, then [01:59]
shan Maldivia: that's the guide i used to set up my build.gradle [01:59]
Vurtatoo [Vurtatoo!~Vurtatoo@] has joined ##java [01:59]
tang^ notes the "report a problem" link at the bottom of that page [01:59]
tang^ if those docs aren't giving you a runnable project, guess what you need to do? [02:00]
Maldivia shan: well, then read on, the next page tells you how to run and make a jlink image [02:00]
Maldivia also how to build a fat jar [02:02]
Maldivia none of which was present in your Gradle build script you linked yesterday [02:02]
shan Maldivia: i tried all the stuff in that tutorial already ;_; [02:05]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined ##java [02:06]
tang^ did you share your build.gradle after trying everything and not having a successful build/run? [02:07]
shan ... no because i removed the non working stuff [02:09]
tang^ and it's still not working? [02:09]
tang^ you haven't removed enough [02:10]
tang^ more realistically, you should all all the non-working stuff back in and share that [02:10]
shan ill be back in a little while after trying some more shit [02:11]
shan also is gradle written in Java [02:12]
tang^ yes [02:12]
dreamreal Gradle's still groovy, isn't it? [02:13]
tang^ [02:13]
tang^ tang^'s title: "GitHub - gradle/gradle: Adaptable, fast automation for all" [02:13]
scpketer [scpketer!~scpketer@unaffiliated/scpketer] has joined ##java [02:13]
tang^ sorry, no, Gradle is Groovy [02:13]
scpketer gradle is kotlin [02:13]
scpketer one of dsls, at least [02:13]
Maldivia mostly kotlin these days, yeah [02:13]
tang^ well, according to GitHub classifiers, Gradle is Groovy [02:14]
dreamreal interesting [02:14]
tang^ shrug: [02:14]
dreamreal Gradle was groovy's last crowning achievement, too [02:14]
scpketer i mean, does anybody even use groovy outside of build.gradle? [02:14]
tang^ Jenkins does [02:14]
scpketer i never heard of any projects with it [02:14]
dreamreal it's still part of some rules engines, isn't it? [02:15]
tang^ for now, anyway [02:15]
dreamreal and grails is still around [02:15]
Maldivia ... for some reason [02:15]
dreamreal I wasn't trying to judge [02:16]
Maldivia ... for some reason [02:18]
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Peste_Bubonica [Peste_Bubonica!~Peste_Bub@unaffiliated/peste-bubonica/x-4612396] has joined ##java [02:31]
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scoutmasterst [scoutmasterst!] has joined ##java [02:40]
birkoff is it possible to make a variable final after previous assertion/assignment ? [02:43]
troulouliou_div2 [troulouliou_div2!~troulouli@unaffiliated/troulouliou-div2/x-0271439] has joined ##java [02:44]
immibis [immibis!~immibis@] has joined ##java [02:44]
Maldivia why? [02:49]
Maldivia final means assignable only once [02:49]
dreamreal birkoff: this is getting dangerously close to "you need to read the tutorial instead of flailing" territory [02:50]
birkoff please see [02:50]
birkoff sorry, please see [02:50]
birkoff no need for #L6 though [02:51]
dreamreal why not just final Integer someint; if(x.equals("1")) { someint=30; } else { someint=60; } [02:51]
Maldivia well, then reassign to a final to use in a lambda/inner class [02:51]
dreamreal and note that you have an error on line 5 [02:51]
Maldivia final int someother = someint; and then use that [02:52]
dreamreal birkoff: but really sometime soon do the java tutorial, you're ... missing some base-level info you shouldn't be missing [02:53]
shan [shan!~shan@unaffiliated/jasatso1301] has joined ##java [02:55]
shan lol [02:55]
birkoff dreamreal: that didn't work first, but now it does, weird [02:55]
shan my laptop turned offf [02:55]
dreamreal "weird" [02:56]
birkoff it would complain a later occurrence of someint wasn't declared [02:56]
birkoff assigned* [02:57]
birkoff that's what I've seen [02:57]
dreamreal depends on the flow and how it's done, but the rules are consistent and knowable [02:57]
birkoff I knew that too [02:57]
chewb [chewb!] has joined ##java [02:59]
chewb can i ask about maven here? [02:59]
Maldivia ask [02:59]
Maldivia The Ask To Ask protocol wastes more bandwidth than any version of the Ask protocol, so just ask your question. [02:59]
dreamreal the only way we can really stop you is to ban you, which ... I guess is in fact an option [03:00]
chewb dreamreal so i am not allowed to ask it? Maldivia has diiferent opinion [03:00]
dreamreal you don't read so good, do you? [03:00]
Maldivia chewb: by now you could have already asked your question, got sent somewhere else if not appropriate for here, or gotten the answer [03:01]
Maldivia instead you've wasted several minutes [03:02]
dreamreal I don't think they'd have gotten the answer, unless it was put veerrrrrry simply [03:02]
chewb basically in my maven file i have url to private repository on nexus. I can access it through browser, but maven compile ends up with Unauthorized error [03:03]
chewb i also made standalone.xml with user password that are good [03:03]
Maldivia I usually have use/pwd in .m2/settings.xml [03:05]
Maldivia (no idea what standalone.xml is) [03:07]
cheeser chewb: that private repo will have configuration docs with it. read those please. [03:07]
chewb Maldivia thank you that may be problem [03:08]
cheeser s/may be/is/ [03:08]
beatbrot3576153 [beatbrot3576153!] has joined ##java [03:09]
shan is Java's casting the same as C's "trust me bro" casting? [03:11]
shan or does it still do SOME checking? [03:11]
cheeser you're going to have to be a bit more explicit in your question. [03:11]
dreamreal tias [03:11]
dreamreal Try it and see. You learn much more by experimentation than by asking without having even tried. [03:11]
cheeser tias [03:11]
cheeser Try it and see. You learn much more by experimentation than by asking without having even tried. [03:11]
cheeser DDD [03:11]
dreamreal shan: you've... asked about casts before, haven't you? [03:12]
dreamreal Maybe it was someone else [03:12]
shan i don't think so [03:12]
Maldivia cce [03:12]
Maldivia Maldivia, what does that even *mean*? [03:12]
Maldivia javadoc ClassCastException [03:12]
Maldivia Maldivia: [JDK: java.lang.ClassCastException] [03:12]
shan basically does type casting throw safety out of the window like in C or is it a bit saner [03:12]
cheeser try it. [03:12]
cheeser and see. [03:12]
dreamreal java doesn't cast all that much, it has explicit conversion rules that are knowable and known, but you can't just implicitly cast types around except in specific ways [03:13]
shan ah [03:13]
shan yeah ClassCastException seems to indicate what i am thinking of isn't possible [03:13]
dreamreal well, uh, what are you thinking of [03:13]
dreamreal I feel like you're dancing around something that isn't worth dancing around [03:13]
shan dreamreal: im not, it is just a silly doubt [03:14]
dreamreal then why do you care [03:14]
shan dreamreal: do you never have silly questions that come from sitting on the toilet thinking about random stuf [03:14]
cheeser all the time. but then i test them myself. [03:15]
dreamreal all the time. But then I try it and see, or I apply it in ways that the questions have a point, or I forget them [03:15]
shan also i finally managed to get it to build [03:15]
shan im convinced that cheeser and dreamreal are the same person with memory loss problems [03:15]
HotCoffee Great. Build is the first step to next failure. [03:15]
dreamreal not a chance. He's far prettier and I'm way smarter. [03:16]
shan shots fired [03:16]
Maldivia truth can hurt just as much as bullets [03:17]
cheeser dreamreal: agreed. i'm smoking and you just look like a doll left in the oven. [03:17]
dreamreal oooo I've improved! [03:17]
dreamreal Normally I'm what little troll children are afraid is living under THEIR beds [03:17]
shan i can't read this channel's vibe [03:17]
shan it makes me nervous [03:18]
cheeser it's generally lassez faire with a side of get fucked. [03:18]
dreamreal shan: we're really nice, in general, but that can depend on how smart you are, over time [03:18]
shan 0 [03:18]
shan so im fucked [03:18]
dreamreal be smart, and we'll stay nice; remain an idiot and our patience wears thin [03:18]
shan i'll just leave now [03:18]
shan 3 [03:19]
dreamreal being smart doesn't mean knowing a lot, it means having the right attitude about stuff [03:19]
dreamreal funny thing: having the right attitude helps you learn stuff so you get smarter whether you intend to or not [03:19]
cheeser yeah. put in your own effort and we're genuinely happy to help you over any humps. keep asking stupid questions without any attempt to do your own digging and we get cranky. [03:19]
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chewb wow this is really pretty [03:32]
chewb this shan guy must be pretty talented [03:32]
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SwiftMatt [SwiftMatt!] has joined ##java [03:48]
i-make-robots Thanks everyone for the serialization help. Found some of the culprits, now writing junit tests to make sure it stays fixed. [03:56]
i-make-robots well... to raise the odds. [03:56]
SwiftMatt [SwiftMatt!] has joined ##java [03:56]
i-make-robots especially dreamreal, who always seems to be there for everyone. you the best. [03:56]
_lucifer dreamreal ++ [03:57]
_lucifer dreamreal has a karma level of 9, _lucifer [03:57]
i-make-robots dreamreal ++ [03:57]
i-make-robots dreamreal has a karma level of 10, i-make-robots [03:57]
cheeser testing++ [03:57]
_lucifer i-make-robots: you are one of the few people who share that opinion ;) [03:58]
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i-make-robots lucifer or one of the few who just learned about the karma system. [04:06]
kevin-oculus [kevin-oculus!] has joined ##java [04:16]
dreamreal karma dreamreal [04:16]
dreamreal you have no karma, dreamreal [04:16]
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Inline [Inline!~Inline@2a02:908:1252:7a80:104a:4386:1341:a06d] has joined ##java [04:18]
chewb based dreamreal [04:24]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@2604:3d09:47c:f970:4dbe:b981:ed9c:7531] has joined ##java [04:34]
shinzo Which library is normally recommended for consuming SOAP services? [04:40]
squirrel i have a question about aspectj (or maybe gradle) that is also related to android, please forgive me about that last part. i've got some aspject that i'm weaving in my project using this function in my `build.gradle`: . it works fine, but it holds onto some jars, e.g.: which makes it impossible to reuse gradle daemon, as some of these jars get recreated by [04:43]
squirrel other parts of gradle. is there a way to make ajc clean up after itself? or something? [04:43]
yottabyte I want to export an environmental variable from java so I can run a command through ProcessBuilder. I tried setting it via processBuilder.environment().put but it's just not working. does anyone know how I can do it? [04:43]
murd0c [murd0c!~murd0c@2800:810:492:ee:fca2:d337:6ec5:b6ec] has joined ##java [04:44]
dreamreal show us [04:46]
dreamreal Paste the code (and any errors) in a pastebin where we can see it. See ~pastebin for options. Also see ~testcase for good examples as to how to help us help you quickly diagnose and solve problems. [04:46]
Maldivia yottabyte: remember process builder is not a shell, so if you list arguments like $HOME, it's that literal string and will not resolve to the env var [04:52]
ruurd In addition to that yottabyte remember that that kind of manipulation of the environment only influences subprocess of the one doing the manipulation. [04:53]
Maldivia (yes, taking a guess here, from something I saw earlier today, but not sure if it was you asking) [04:53]
dreamreal without code it don't matter, nothing to see here [04:53]
yottabyte I'm doing something like this: [04:54]
Maldivia that should work [04:54]
yottabyte so when do do export OMP_THREAD_LIMIT=1; in command line and then run tesseract, it works, it's extremely fast. when I do it through java, it's VERY slow, because that OMP_THREAD_LIMIT isn't being respected. when I run it through command line without that export it's just as slow [04:55]
Maldivia yottabyte: create a simple script that call printenv and run that instead to verify if the env vars are there [04:55]
yottabyte so I want to run "export OMP_THREAD_LIMIT=1" in java explicitly [04:55]
dreamreal ... what Maldivia said [04:55]
dreamreal it may be that doing the command() before the environment() affects the sequencing [04:56]
yottabyte it doesn't, because I know the TESSDATA_PREFIX is being respected (it needs to be there) [04:56]
yottabyte call printenv when? [04:56]
Maldivia make a script file, like, and call that instead of tesseract [04:57]
Maldivia so you can see what the env for the subprocess is [04:57]
yottabyte should the include the tesseract command? [04:59]
Maldivia that's up to you... you just want to debug right now, right? [04:59]
dreamreal doesn't matter, you're looking for the contents of the environment to help I'mma let Maldivia carry this one [04:59]
Maldivia well, debug it then... you're trying to verify if the env vars are set or not right now, so verify that [05:00]
Maldivia a script with printenv in it was just the easiest way I could think of to verify [05:02]
shan chewb: hi, thanks for taking the time to go through my portfolio :P [05:04]
SwiftMatt [SwiftMatt!] has joined ##java [05:04]
chewb this is some cute anime girl [05:30]
chewb i thought this python visual novel library how you make it run on web [05:30]
chewb are you frontend developer? [05:30]
cheeser let's take this elsewhere [05:32]
codymj [codymj!~codymj@2605:e000:1906:d53b:cc97:24fc:f833:4dd4] has joined ##java [05:32]
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squirrel if i can import and run a class in gradle (, how can i find out its classpath? i want to run it in a separate process. javaexec {} seems to work but i need to specify the correct classpath [05:43]
cheeser you should be able to reference that cp via a gradle variable. [05:43]
Maldivia squirrel: so you want to run the ajc tool ? [05:43]
cheeser something tied off the sourceset, iirc [05:43]
squirrel Maldivia: yes [05:43]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined ##java [05:45]
Maldivia squirrel: based on the package name, this artifact would be a good guess: [05:45]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Maven Repository: org.aspectj aspectjtools" [05:45]
sdwrage [sdwrage!~textual@] has joined ##java [05:46]
squirrel cheeser: i should think so but i have no idea which one it could be [05:48]
squirrel Maldivia: yeah, this is the jar i need, but i just don't know how to get its location [05:49]
squirrel physically it's located in `C:\Users\me\.gradle\caches\modules-2\files-2.1\org.aspectj\aspectjtools\1.9.5\dfca1edabdca4f262d7f7c45cd8e11e6b88b9f6`, if i specify this it works [05:50]
shinzo parted the channel: [05:55]
HotCoffee parted the channel: [06:00]
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ruurd ugh. [06:35]
ruurd hates gradle [06:36]
acidjnk_new What do you think is best practice here: A REST service has a URL parameter, e. g. /customerInfo/{customerId}. Now that provided ID is wrong. Should it be a plain 404, not found, as opposed to if the paramter were in the body? Or in either case a 400 with a JSON error body? [06:39]
Sgeo [Sgeo!] has joined ##java [06:40]
orbyt_ [orbyt_!~orbyt@] has joined ##java [06:41]
ruurd No. [06:41]
ruurd nonononono [06:41]
ruurd If it cannot find it 404 [06:41]
ruurd You're asking for a resource that is not there, right? So return a 404 [06:42]
ruurd It's not a bad request because it matches your API amirite? [06:43]
ruurd And is customerInfo really a different resource from customer here? [06:44]
cheeser make sense [06:45]
cheeser make: *** No rule to make target `sense'. Stop. [06:45]
squirrel ...i tried `new File(Main.class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource().getLocation().toURI()).getPath()` and this finds another `aspectjtools-1.9.5.jar` but this jar is different from the other one and doesn't work, causing `java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.gradle.internal.classpath.Instrumented` [06:46]
cheeser dear lord. [06:47]
cheeser still trying to exec from gradle? [06:47]
squirrel yup [06:47]
squirrel i wasted so much time on this i probably should just do what people on SO do and set up a hotkey to kill java processes [06:48]
tang^ why would anybody need a hotkey to kill java processes? [06:49]
tang^ wouldn't you just do it right? [06:49]
squirrel ?do it right?? [06:50]
cheeser solid advice [06:59]
acidjnk_new thanks ruurd [07:07]
reynir [reynir!~reynir@unaffiliated/reynir] has joined ##java [07:13]
wedr squirrel, by making the aspectjtools be a dependency library instead of directly loading it from a file. [07:14]
wedr And don't look up its classpath [07:14]
birkoff parted the channel: "WeeChat 2.9" [07:15]
wedr bah, squirrel left. Was about to suggest trying out Runtime.getRuntime().exec() instead of using gradle to do this. [07:16]
wedr P [07:16]
squirrel [07:17]
squirrel i have it as a dependency.. [07:17]
squirrel squirrel's title: "weechat-android/build.gradle at master ubergeek42/weechat-android GitHub" [07:17]
squirrel but javaexec {} needs the full path, doesn't it? [07:19]
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kicked greentree47 (Banned: <connection lost> this ban will expire after 3d) [07:39]
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wedr squirrel, the Runtime.exec() doesn't need full path [07:53]
squirrel but Runtime.exec() runs will have to start with java itself? [08:02]
cheeser iirc, javaexec{} takes class information not executables. it runs the java class in the same JVM. iow, it doesn't fork. [08:24]
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squirrel so maybe i solved it. i couldn't get the path of buildscript dependencies, but i had actual app dependencies. since i only need weaving in the debug build, i changed `debugImplementation 'org.aspectj:aspectjrt:1.9.6'` to `debugImplementation "org.aspectj:aspectjtools:$aspectj_version"`, had to do it for all subprojects though [08:47]
squirrel now lines 26-30 here work [08:47]
squirrel also asked on gradle forums just in case [08:49]
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