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recursiveNode Hey, do you have any example of a Java 9+ project that uses and contains multiple modules? Should there be a multi-module pom.xml used as well? [05:32]
Maldivia recursiveNode: generally, yes [05:35]
Maldivia recursiveNode: -- example [05:35]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Multi-Module Maven Application with Java Modules | Baeldung" [05:35]
recursiveNode Maldivia should this example use not only the JDK9+, but also a multi-module pom.xml? Will it work? [05:36]
recursiveNode recursiveNode's title: "examples/chapter3/easytext-threemodules/src/easytext.analysis at master java9-modularity/examples GitHub" [05:36]
Maldivia recursiveNode: well, the linked thing is not a maven project, so -- remember, your module-info file is for runtime and compile time; maven is a build tool, meaning it only cares about compile time [05:38]
recursiveNode Maldivia THANKS A LOT!!! [05:39]
recursiveNode I'll use the example you've provided. [05:39]
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recursiveNode Maldivia would you know if it's OK to implement behavior inside domain entities? Like, if I have an entity DebitCard is it OK to implement a few methods that work with DebitCard directly inside that entity? Or do I have to always create a separate Service and keep anemic entities (= with no methods apart from get/set)? [05:42]
Maldivia really depends on how pedantic the rest of the team is :D [05:43]
recursiveNode Maldivia like for DebitCard, a behavior I'd want to implement is "validateNumber()", for example [05:44]
recursiveNode Maldivia like for DebitCard, a behavior I'd want to implement is "validateNumbers()", for example [05:44]
Maldivia recursiveNode: well, that sounds like something you would use bean validation for [05:44]
Maldivia bean validation [05:44]
Maldivia Bean Validation is a Java specification which allows you to specify constraints on your bean properties and validate those, such as @NotNull, @Size, @Min. See for the spec or for the reference implementation. [05:44]
recursiveNode Maldivia validateNumbers will need to iterate through each digit and make a checksum. At the end, it will test the checksum for validity. There is no bean validator for that yet, butI can code one. [05:45]
recursiveNode Maldivia thx for suggesting a hibernate validator [05:45]
Maldivia I'm aware of how mod10 algorithm works :D [05:46]
Maldivia but yeah, you would use a custom validator for it [05:46]
recursiveNode hahah, you know it already :) [05:46]
Maldivia recursiveNode: :D [05:48]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "CreditCardNumber (Hibernate Validator 5.1.3.Final)" [05:48]
Maldivia recursiveNode: so hibernate validator has a validator for mod10 :D [05:48]
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recursiveNode wow, I had no idea. Thx a lot. Indeed, they have it. [05:49]
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dreamreal morning [08:12]
dreamreal Maldivia: yo [08:13]
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olle Which data belongs to which behaviour, normally? [08:34]
Bombe olle, yes. [08:34]
olle ^^ [08:35]
_lucifer olle, your question does not make sense. [08:36]
Bombe I thought I made that clear! [08:36]
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olle At which point do you move behaviour to a separate class? E.g. point.draw(surface) ---> pointdrawer.draw(point, surface) [08:38]
mbooth At some point [08:39]
olle mmmm [08:39]
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Bombe Yeah, there's not really a hard rule for that, and personal preference is also important. [08:50]
olle Sad [08:50]
Bombe Yes and no. :) [08:50]
olle No science D: [08:50]
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olle Team quality guideline will be short. "Personal preference." :d [08:54]
sbalmos Team quality guideline will be "what the senior/architect/lead decides" [08:58]
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dreamreal sbalmos wins that one, although hopefully the senior/architect/lead factors in what the team thinks [09:00]
dreamreal but there's no hard and fast "oh yeah, this is THE RULE" [09:00]
Maldivia dreamreal: yo [09:00]
dreamreal Maldivia: pm? [09:00]
Maldivia sure [09:00]
dreamreal thanks. [09:01]
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olle lead dev should based his/her arguments on science, optimally [09:02]
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ScrambledRK ah man, I could immediately jump into another rage hearing "factors in what the team thinks", good lord are "we" bad at this. Its one god given commandment after the other in my "team". Everybody fighting for themselves and blaming each other. I like the domain I am working in and its really interesting (technically) but everything human related is a train wreck. :( [09:04]
mbooth olle: Your question is too vague and there's too much context missing to give you answer, it's a combination of architect, project, and situation dependent factors. [09:04]
olle ScrambledRK: Being a dev is like playing in an orchestra :) [09:04]
olle Where everyone is the conductor... ;) [09:05]
dreamreal ScrambledRK: that sounds like your leadership isn't good at what they do [09:05]
ScrambledRK hahaha :D [09:05]
dreamreal my team is pretty good at that: we discuss, everyone gets to plant a tentpole, the team lead says "oh wait who's the lead here" and makes the decision and everybody does that [09:05]
dreamreal everyone gets heard but the fact is we all have to row in the same direction [09:06]
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ScrambledRK Jeha the leadership is pretty much non existent. Its just a distant third party that dictates how we are supposed to work and the rest is just chaos and underlying anger [09:06]
dreamreal see, that's the problem, not the humans :) [09:07]
ScrambledRK Nobody feels responsible to pick up that missing leader role or feels qualified to do so; and if they try, it starts hailing sticks and stones from the sky :( [09:07]
dreamreal them someone needs to tell "the sky" what the problem is and take over anyway [09:08]
ScrambledRK Jeha I agree, but it gets to the point where people whisper jumping ship :[ [09:08]
mbooth So let them? [09:08]
dreamreal a dev team is like a ... trireme, or a sweep craft - everyone has to row in the same direction, although the analogy breaks down a LITTLE because not everyone has to have the same pace [09:09]
mbooth TBH, more people should jump ship more often, but very few are willing to admit there is no loyalty in business [09:09]
dreamreal but in general everyone HAS to be working for the same goal, and that means NOT doing your own damn thing to the detriment of the team [09:10]
dreamreal basecamp ++ [09:10]
dreamreal basecamp has a karma level of 1, dreamreal [09:10]
dreamreal They'll pay for it but kudos to them for putting a stake in the ground [09:10]
mbooth mmm steak [09:11]
olle What about this one: A class should have state OR (effectful) dependencies, but not both. [09:11]
dreamreal As soon as a company's main mission is to be woke, that company's carrying a disease. be woke all you like; mostly, be kind instead, would be my advice, but whatever. But the *company* has a different mission. [09:11]
dreamreal olle: What is all of this for? This sounds broken [09:12]
ScrambledRK Hmmm, well for now its a rather miserable atmosphere but lets see. Thank you guys though, appreciate it! [09:12]
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dreamreal ScrambledRK: I'd find natural leaders and encourage them to strengthen that role, and I'd ALSO tell upper management this is a problem and to support $LEADER_TYPE_PERSON [09:13]
dreamreal oh, the boats are called shells, not sweep craft (I KNEW I was making up the latter term but didn't know the former, was a best guess) [09:13]
mbooth olle: Who are these rules for? School children? [09:14]
sbalmos dreamreal: I'm decidedly not woke. I like being asleep. Sleep = good. [09:16]
ScrambledRK Its more or less a turf war though. There are actual gangs hating on each other. With separate distinct chat-rooms, dissing the other groups. I am rather new and a bit in between, but I think I'm no longer perceived as new or neutral. Its such a drag. [09:16]
ScrambledRK And the crazy thing is, these are not young people. They are all well above 40, acting like children :S [09:16]
cheeser none of this is on topic here. [09:17]
sbalmos dammit, the architect/lead/senior has spoken [09:17]
ScrambledRK true, and can't be solved here :( [09:17]
sbalmos digs up his tentpole [09:17]
sbalmos dreamreal: sorry digging up the tentpole just dropped the tent on you [09:17]
mbooth What an ... intents ... conversation [09:19]
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olle mbooth: school children what? [09:20]
olle dreamreal: working on quality guide for the team [09:20]
mbooth olle: I mean, who needs such micromanagement that you need to define what is allowed to go in a class? [09:21]
mbooth Is it children? [09:21]
olle mbooth: obviously not [09:21]
olle but big legacy project [09:21]
mbooth olle: But you don't want your engineers to solve problems in the way they think is best? [09:22]
mbooth Or... [09:22]
olle Maybe if at least half of them had a degree... [09:22]
mbooth Fuck off, I know plenty of great engineers without degrees, that's just being elitist [09:23]
olle Recently started to read about design patterm rot and grime, pretty instructive. [09:24]
olle And also related to mixing stuff that are not semantically related. [09:25]
olle mbooth: Well, I assume those are not juniors, still. :) [09:27]
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dmlloyd I don't have a degree [09:44]
ofir [ofir!] has joined ##java [09:46]
ofir hi, does anyone know a common way to add 3rd party packages to Java? [09:46]
cheeser maven [09:46]
Diablo-D3 thats an ambiguous question [09:47]
ofir I want to add to my Android app [09:47]
mbooth ofir: As normal maven/gradle deps, usually [09:47]
ofir in Android Studio :) [09:47]
yawkat android [09:47]
yawkat Android is Google's OS based on Linux and a non-Java-bytecode Virtual Machine. See . Start in #android-dev if you have Android development questions - and if you use Android's API or you're running it on Android, you have an Android development question. [09:47]
ofir if I were to build it outside the IDE, I would use "maven install protobuf" or something like that? [09:48]
mbooth maven [09:48]
mbooth ofir, Maven is a software management tool that can compile, test, package, and deploy your project, with plugins for everything you can think of. See and ; also see ~build tools for more options. [09:48]
cheeser well, you're on android so you're using gradle mostly likely [09:48]
Diablo-D3 ofir: you sound like you're from other languages; no, java doesn't have the braindead concept known as a "package manager", in the sense of what cpan, npm, etc are [09:48]
mbooth gradle [09:48]
mbooth ofir, Gradle is a build tool written in Groovy and provides a Groovy or Kotlin DSL that enables you to perform dependency management and imperative build scripting. See for more; also see ~build tools for more options. [09:48]
ofir Diablo-D3: I am coming from other languages, mostly Python and C/C++ [09:49]
ofir where I would use "pip/conda" and apt/apt-get (respectively) to satisfy dependencies [09:50]
ofir sorry if I'm being noob here guys, I'm really just starting to get my hands dirty [09:50]
Diablo-D3 pip is another one of those broken package managers [09:50]
mbooth ofir: Well, start by reading the maven and/or gradle links above [09:51]
ofir I will thanks [09:51]
Diablo-D3 apt-get is the right way, in a sense, because its separates the concerns of package management as a part of distribution and software development [09:51]
ofir but generally speaking, Gradle is the GNU Make equivalent for orchestrating the build? [09:51]
ofir or it does other/additional things? [09:51]
cheeser so much more [09:51]
Diablo-D3 maven and gradle are make-like, just less screwy. [09:52]
mbooth ofir: As the factoid mentions above, it also does, amongst other things, dep management -- it's a project lifecycle tool really [09:52]
ofir compile, test, package and deploy [09:52]
ofir doesn't say anything about satisfying 3rd party dependencies, so each to his own here? [09:53]
ofir i.e. if you have a dependency on a 3rd party you need to obtain/build the .jar and add the (class)path to the Gradle build recipe? [09:53]
mbooth ofir: No, add the coordinates for the dep and gradle will fetch it for you [09:54]
mbooth Hence "dep management" [09:54]
sbalmos dependencies are recursive [09:54]
ofir mbooth: gotcha thanks! [09:55]
mbooth ofir: Just read the docs ;-) [09:55]
mbooth I'm not going to type it all here for you [09:55]
ofir sure thing, just wanted to get the general idea in my head =D [09:55]
ofir and I will find the specifics by myself [09:55]
ofir thanks for the help guys [09:55]
sbalmos woo, someone who actually will do the work for themselves. A rarity. :o [09:56]
sbalmos we may actually let you stay around for longer than 5 minutes. ;) [09:56]
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ofir lol [09:57]
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ofir bsod, damn [10:01]
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ofir I needed just one line: implementation "" [10:32]
ofir and apparently it is very important where you put it, there's a build.gradle for the Project and one for the Module: app [10:33]
mbooth ? [10:33]
ofir the internet is flooded with: compile "" [10:34]
ofir but IDEA doesn't like compile, apparently a missing plugin or something like that [10:34]
Sheilong [Sheilong!uid293653@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [10:35]
ofir considering that this is widely used internally within Google, and both Android and protobuf is owned by Google I'm very surprised that there is no blog post / GitHub repo with at least one example. [10:35]
mbooth ofir: Why? Adding a dep to a gradle project is not specific to the dep you are adding.... [10:37]
ADG1089 [ADG1089!~aditya@] has joined ##java [10:37]
ofir because the devil is in the details and a working sample is very helpful to get started if you're new to this [10:38]
mbooth I can't imagine there are *no* intro to gradle blog posts [10:39]
ofir just one simple example, if you have: buildscript { dependencies { implementation <something> } } } [10:41]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined ##java [10:41]
ofir this is not equivalent to dependencies { } in the app gradle build file, although the comment says that the former is "common to all sub-projects/modules [10:41]
ofir but anyhow it's probably just me whining and being lazy, in theory one should rtfm [10:42]
ofir sometimes in practices one also has to deliver =D [10:43]
mbooth ofir: You're a programmer? You should know that reading is 50% of the job. Scratching your head is the other 50%. And actually writing code is the final 10%. Add another 5% for time figuring out how many % adds up to 100. [10:45]
ofir yeah you're right [10:45]
ofir and writing tests and debugging... [10:46]
ofir this is a side project for school, I have no intentions whatsoever in becoming an Android app / Java developer, just doing the bare minimum to get sh*t done [10:46]
[twisti] theres no time for that, we need to ship that feature yesterday, we can add tests and debugging when theres not so much to do [10:46]
mbooth [twisti]: <narrator> There's never not so much to do </narrator> [10:47]
[twisti] ;) [10:47]
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ofir cheeser: the "so much more" is amazing [10:51]
ofir the fact that I had to add just one line and it'd obtain/fetch the deps is brilliant [10:51]
Diablo-D3 welcome to the promised land [10:52]
ofir =) [10:52]
binarycreations [binarycreations!] has joined ##java [11:18]
ron ofir: you are gold [11:22]
ofir I am? [11:22]
ron ???? [11:23]
dmlloyd this is a long shot I suppose, but has anyone seen a problem with OpenJDK 11 (adopt) on Mac where throws RuntimeException("Input/output error")? [11:30]
dmlloyd for now I'm working around it but.. ugh [11:32]
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Maldivia dmlloyd: what annoys me about that, is that it doesn't saw anything about it being able to throw that [12:10]
dmlloyd yeah. it's literally `RuntimeException` [12:11]
dmlloyd that's about as nonspecific as you can possibly get [12:11]
dmlloyd it turns out that there are at least half a dozen `RuntimeException` that can be thrown from that method on mac [12:12]
dmlloyd but I was unable to find where, in the source, that particular one could be thrown from [12:13]
Maldivia it literally says "Input/output error" ? [12:15]
mbooth Maldivia: Love a vague error message. Who doesn't enjoy stabbing about the dark? [12:17]
Maldivia throw new Exception("Exception!") [12:18]
mbooth Gives me PTSD of Oracle error messages.... "Cause: Self-evident. Solution: Obvious" [12:18]
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StyXman I have a bunch of java processes running on openjdk 11. they all have a random port open, but testing with jconsole it seems it's no JMX, which is OK, as we supposedly configured them so JMX is on a fixed port. question is: what could it be or, better, how can I find out what are they? [12:23]
mbooth StyXman: How did you determine it has random ports open? [12:23]
StyXman netstat -tpln [12:25]
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StyXman the rest are not in the output: [12:26]
StyXman StyXman's title: "dpaste/tBaj (Plain Code)" [12:26]
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Maldivia dmlloyd: re Input/output error -- that's the output of getLastErrorString :D [12:26]
_lucifer StyXman: running `jps` may help [12:27]
dmlloyd so useful! [12:27]
StyXman _lucifer: ack [12:27]
StyXman _lucifer: sorry, I destroyed the cluster, so it's going to take me 15m to bring it up again. what's that supposed to give me? [12:28]
StyXman I want to know why those ports are open and/or what's listening there [12:29]
Maldivia StyXman: well, you might have code that opens it :D [12:29]
mbooth StyXman: Are they webapps? Webapps do a lot of listening ;-) [12:30]
StyXman yes, I understand, I wonder what else in openjdk-11 can be opening it if it's not JMX [12:30]
Maldivia StyXman: debug port [12:30]
StyXman we recently migrated to 11 and probably we missed a new feature [12:30]
Maldivia StyXman: did you try curl http://localhost:port/ ? [12:30]
StyXman mbooth: yes, but not on random ports [12:30]
StyXman Maldivia: yes, even with telnet [12:30]
_lucifer [12:30]
Jantz_ [Jantz_!] has joined ##java [12:30]
StyXman _lucifer: and data node is? [12:31]
StyXman (yes, it looks promising!) [12:31]
_lucifer datanode is run by yarn. [12:31]
_lucifer its from a hadoop yarn cluster [12:31]
StyXman ok, but it's a class name? [12:31]
Maldivia jps reports the main class by default, as far as I remember [12:32]
StyXman hmm [12:32]
StyXman would not help us much, we know what is each process [12:32]
StyXman we just don't know why 'suddenly' tehy have an extra random port [12:33]
StyXman and it's not JMX, which we fixed to specific ports [12:33]
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xuxx hello [01:39]
xuxx I want to install the java card development kit on linux [01:39]
xuxx Isn't that possible ? [01:39]
cheeser tech support [01:39]
cheeser Hello, ##java is not a technical support channel for your Java apps or virtual machines; it's a development channel for enthusiasts to discuss programming with the Java language. Please ask the vendor of your software for support if you're having trouble with it. [01:39]
hussam [hussam!~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam] has joined ##java [01:39]
xuxx cheeser: where should I go then ? [01:40]
cheeser the web site? [01:40]
xuxx cheeser: I already read the info [01:43]
xuxx if i'm asking it's because i'm stuck [01:43]
cheeser i get that. but we don't do that here. [01:43]
xuxx k [01:43]
DoofusCanadensis java card? is that still around? [01:44]
ruurd [ruurd!~ruurd@2a02:a460:19a:1:cd8d:d451:d57e:4170] has joined ##java [01:44]
dreamreal not really [01:45]
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DoofusCanadensis eww, it talks about applets [01:45]
sbalmos not even ringing a bell [01:45]
xuxx DoofusCanadensis: yes [01:46]
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DoofusCanadensis I will go wash my mouth out with soap for uttering that word [01:47]
juuandyy [juuandyy!~juuandyy@] has joined ##java [01:49]
sbalmos please don't utter the word SOAP again either [01:51]
dreamreal SOAP SOAP SOAP [01:51]
sbalmos dreamreal: Wash your mouth out with cREST [01:52]
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DoofusCanadensis snrk [01:56]
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xuxx cheeser: can I ask about maven or not too ? [02:10]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined ##java [02:12]
ricky_clarkson xuxx: Generally, yes, as it pertains to Java development. If you're asking where to download it or how to edit your PATH to include it or something, you may be below the bar for this channel [02:12]
ricky_clarkson [02:13]
xuxx ricky_clarkson: I'm asking so tell me if that's ok [02:16]
mbooth ask [02:16]
mbooth xuxx, The Ask To Ask protocol wastes more bandwidth than any version of the Ask protocol, so just ask your question. [02:16]
xuxx I have a pom.xml with a <file>${env.JC_CLASSIC_HOME}/lib/api_classic.jar</fil>. When I do `mvn initialize`, it tells me that the file doesn't exist. But I have the right env variable and it's the right path [02:17]
xuxx Any idea on how to find the problem ? [02:18]
ge0rgios [ge0rgios!~george@unaffiliated/anaphaxeton] has joined ##java [02:24]
dreamreal What's the context of that? Is that a systempath for a dependency? [02:25]
xuxx dreamreal: yes it's for a dependency [02:25]
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xuxx So I used the hardcoded path and it works but not withe ${env.} [02:34]
xuxx Unlucky [02:34]
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noobiewan hey friends, let's say I have this expressiong myObject.getObject2().getObject3(), is there a way or library that would allow me to use a path to access a nested object? For instance mapper.path(myObject, 'object2.object3') ? [02:54]
[twisti] noobiewan: possibly, but ive not come across one, because that usually isnt something you should be wanting in the first place [02:58]
[twisti] if you explain why you want it maybe we can provide better help [02:59]
noobiewan I found this, I think that's what I want [03:00]
dreamreal ognl [03:00]
dreamreal Object Graph Navigation Library is an expression language that can navigate an object graph (go figure). See . Think of similarity to dot-prop in other languages, except better. [03:00]
dreamreal el [03:00]
dreamreal dreamreal, what does that even *mean*? [03:00]
dreamreal yes, there are plenty of object graph traversal libs [03:00]
dreamreal ognl is a little passe, I forget the name of the current "right one" [03:00]
noobiewan thanks I will take a look [03:01]
cheeser mvel! [03:02]
dreamreal mvel [03:02]
dreamreal dreamreal, mvel is MVEL is a powerful expression language for Java-based applications. It provides a plethora of features and is suited for everything from the smallest property binding and extraction, to full blown scripts. [03:02]
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sbalmos graphql! [03:05]
sbalmos oh wait... [03:05]
[twisti] dreamreal: dead link [03:06]
[twisti] wait, codehaus ? wasnt that shut down completely ? [03:06]
dreamreal someone fix it [03:06]
sbalmos fix codehaus? [03:06]
sbalmos uhm [03:06]
[twisti] no, mvel is MVEL is a powerful expression language for Java-based applications. It provides a plethora of features and is suited for everything from the smallest property binding and extraction, to full blown scripts. [03:07]
[twisti] OK, [twisti]. [03:07]
dreamreal hands [twisti] <reply> [03:08]
[twisti] no, mvel is <reply>MVEL is a powerful expression language for Java-based applications. It provides a plethora of features and is suited for everything from the smallest property binding and extraction, to full blown scripts. [03:08]
[twisti] OK, [twisti]. [03:08]
paddyez [paddyez!~Patrick-E@wikipedia/paddyez] has joined ##java [03:08]
[twisti] i was just htinking of that [03:08]
[twisti] their github seems pretty ... unprofessional, i guess ? lackluster, even [03:08]
Diablo-D3 mvel [03:08]
Diablo-D3 MVEL is a powerful expression language for Java-based applications. It provides a plethora of features and is suited for everything from the smallest property binding and extraction, to full blown scripts. [03:08]
[twisti] i would not trust a repo that looked like this [03:09]
[twisti] [twisti]'s title: "GitHub - mvel/mvel: MVEL (MVFLEX Expression Language)" [03:09]
Diablo-D3 there is a decided lack of readme [03:09]
dreamreal most of the expression languages (spring el, etc) can do it [03:10]
dreamreal mvel and ognl are kinda old school [03:10]
Diablo-D3 who even names these things [03:10]
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sbalmos You prefer Spring Cloud UgghaUgghaWonky 0.1 ? [03:21]
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kirua hi [06:02]
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cheeser irony++ [06:57]
cheeser irony has a karma level of 120, cheeser [06:57]
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MarkB2 I need a hint. I ..think.. it's a Java networking problem.. but an ignorance on my part. [more] [10:18]
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MarkB2 I have two computers. Computer 1 is a conventional home computer wired to a Comcast router. I've arranged for Computer A to be "known" to the net via NoIP. [10:19]
MarkB2 Computer 2 is connected through the same router but VPN'ed to a work network. It works; I can access files there. [10:20]
MarkB2 There's a C program running on Computer 1 that binds to a port on the machine. upnpc was used to set up a port forwarding in the Comcast router. That program seems to work okay. [10:21]
MarkB2 Computer 2 has Java installed and I'm using the Eclipse IDE. [10:22]
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MarkB2 I can start Computer 2, a short Java program to look up an IP address, open address + port number, and try to make the connection. [10:23]
MarkB2 Computer 2 can ping Computer 1 using the No-IP name of Computer 1. [10:23]
MarkB2 Computer 2 (the Java program) tries to open the connection and errors out with "Connection refused." [10:24]
haijuno [haijuno!~haijuno@2600:1700:3db0:2540:9592:eaf1:c6e9:a434] has joined ##java [10:25]
MarkB2 Computer 1's program can be single-stepped and everything runs. The bind() completes, there's a listen(), and then it drops into a while-loop using select() to handle connection attempts. [10:27]
MarkB2 I can start the Java program on Computer 2. Have single-stepped it to where it looks up the WAN-side address of Computer 1 and it comes up with some weird 10.x.y.z address. All I can think of is the VPN system is mapping the DNS-assigned name to something else... but since I can ping Computer 1 from Computer 2 I figure the mapping is just confusing the issue somewhere and that packets are really arriving at Computer 1. [10:30]
MarkB2 Java has Socket(ip, port). Is the second argument supposed to have its bytes swapped? [10:32]
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db no. the port is a simple integer. [10:52]
db this is almost certainly a networking issue [10:52]
db I suggest you trace that connection attempt and see where it goes [10:53]
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MarkB2 db: Hello. Apologies.. am trying to trace the network issue now. I've gotta be doing something so obviously wrong that I'm not seeing it. [11:14]
MarkB2 I'm about ready to fire up a second laptop, put it on my the local LAN, and see if it'll connect. [11:14]
cheeser run all the apps on one laptop and carry on with your dev work. [11:15]
MarkB2 I'm eventually going to get started on a thing called "HLA" which has to be one of the messiest simulation frameworks I've ever looked at. [11:15]
MarkB2 It's got "federates", "federations", all kinds of wild stuff. IEEE 1516 (I think). [11:16]
MarkB2 The idea behind my current messing around is to have TWO IDE's up and running so that I can get control of a distributed simulation (the HLA) thing. [11:17]
MarkB2 At work I have both a desktop and the laptop (the one I have at hand). I must be making the same mistake there that I am here... for I can't get the two machines to TCP-connect to each other. [11:18]
MarkB2 In that case, though, I'm using TCP addresses, not DNS names. [11:19]
MarkB2 I just started the "listener" side of this against TCP port 57344. Then launched Firefox and gave it and it refused to connect. [11:20]
MarkB2 It's gotta be something downright dumb. [11:20]
luxemboye [luxemboye!~luxemboye@gateway/tor-sasl/luxemboye] has joined ##java [11:25]
MarkB2 Aha. I've just created a connection from a virtual world (Second Life) to Computer 1 using the DNS-name for Computer 1 . So that works. [11:26]
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