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dreamreal morning [07:01]
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Ammar__ Hi, is eclipse 4.6 the latest that can run on xp 32bit? [07:29]
dreamreal no clue, TIAS, good luck [07:30]
dreamreal and: ouch. XP AND 32-bit... 32 bit is still present on embedded devices like the pi but then you have linux, not windows. And Windows 10 is free (and 64-bit), so you're stuck on ancient hardware. [07:30]
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mbooth Actual modern r-pi's are 64bit now :-) [07:31]
mbooth armv8, IIRC [07:31]
dreamreal only certain models [07:31]
dreamreal the pi0 is still 32 [07:31]
dreamreal has four pis on his desk [07:32]
dreamreal the pi4 is pretty nice, though, I gotta say [07:32]
mbooth Sure, the one on my desk is armv8 [07:32]
mbooth shrugs [07:32]
dreamreal yeah. pi ARm assignments are really annoying, though: the pi0 reports as an armv7 but it's an armv6 with some arm7 instructions [07:33]
mbooth But for real though, Eclipse dropped 32bit platforms literally *years* ago now [07:33]
mbooth Ammar__: And you should too ;-) [07:34]
Ammar__ I can't drop 32bit. It' [07:35]
Ammar__ it's my personel machine [07:35]
Ammar__ I'm stuck with it. [07:35]
mbooth Ammar__: Note that you can still develop for 32bit platforms from a 64bit machine. [07:35]
Ammar__ Im developping from it, not for it. [07:36]
mbooth Then I recommend you spend £100 on a laptop from the last decade [07:36]
dreamreal I was trying to avoid that, because some regions may make that very difficult [07:37]
dreamreal but that's the right solution anyway: go to a local pawn shop and pick up a beater laptop, it'll be 64-bit and better than your XP thing [07:37]
dreamreal shoot, buy a pi4, the 8gb version is not only 64 bit but will run eclipse and idea fine [07:38]
dreamreal video performance won't be great, but it's quite functional [07:38]
mbooth True, and what's an pi cost? 25 quid? [07:38]
dreamreal I don't use your weirdo UK conventions [07:38]
Ammar__ Everyone dropped 32 years ago. But perhaps one day an alien ship will launch an attack that only 32bit machines will survive XD. I wonder if such an attack is theoritically plausible :? [07:39]
dreamreal and you can't just buy a pi4 and expect it to work well - you actually need to get a case that has a fan and a heat sink, too :) [07:39]
dreamreal Ammar__: yes, but acting as if it's going to happen because it's theoretically possible and therefore hamstringing yourself for the world in which you live is... "unwise" [07:39]
mbooth Ammar__: I take it you didn't see that 1996 documentary "Independence Day" [07:40]
dreamreal I love the pi4 but man that thing runs hot. We're actually shifting over to an onlogic quadcore; it's a lot more pricy but "looks the part" [07:40]
dpl [dpl!] has joined ##java [07:40]
dreamreal Independence Day cut scenes that woudl have helped with that plot cavern, too, and I really kinda wish they'd included it [07:41]
Ammar__ Im stuck with this machine for now and can't afford to buy a new one and you guys are just rubbing salt in wound instead of just telling which version is the latest for xp 32bit *sigh* [07:41]
Ammar__ anyway [07:42]
dreamreal Ammar__: considering that none of us run 32-bit OSes (or run Eclipse on them, in the case of the pi0)... and haven't done so for YEARS, none of us know [07:42]
dreamreal I told you to try it and see, which is my best advice for you [07:42]
mbooth Ammar__: Well it's easy to find out, just look through the historical downloads until you find one for Windows 32bit.... [07:42]
mbooth Ammar__: I'm not going to read the website out to you ;-) [07:42]
dreamreal and we've tried to offer you options that get you out of the 1990s [07:43]
dreamreal hmm, actually, idea might run on XP, as long as you have a 32-bit JVM... [07:43]
dreamreal are there recent i386 JVMs? [07:43]
mbooth Yeah I think AdoptOpenJDK still ships 32bit JVMs for Windows [07:45]
dreamreal well, there you might have a path, and it's with an IDE that's better than eclipse anyway [07:45]
mbooth Better than a *years* old Eclipse, maybe ;-) [07:46]
dreamreal or even the most recent Eclipse. :) [07:46]
mbooth -o [07:47]
mbooth -( [07:47]
mbooth -( [07:47]
dreamreal nobody cares about your hurt feelings, you wuss [07:47]
mbooth Heh [07:47]
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Ammar__ the problem is the website isn't listing the requirment in an easy to navigate way [07:50]
Ammar__ What I need is an eclipse that support java 7 [07:51]
Ammar__ because 8 can't ran on my machine [07:51]
norias [norias!] has joined ##java [07:51]
dreamreal this is the universe telling you something, I think [07:51]
mbooth Ammar__: It seems unlikely that you can't run java 8 [07:51]
dreamreal and as mbooth pointed out, apparently adoptopenjdk has 386 builds [07:51]
mbooth Ammar__: You can even get Java 11 from adoptopenjdk if you want something vaguely modern [07:52]
Ammar__ tried to run zulu builds for openjdk but it didn't work for me [07:52]
mbooth Ammar__: Well, Eclips is not tested with zulu -- use openjdk builds [07:53]
mbooth Ammar__: Also I don't see what problem you have with the website. Here's the list of past releases: [07:54]
mbooth mbooth's title: "Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) Releases | Eclipse Packages" [07:54]
mbooth Newest is at the top. Go down until you find one with Windows 32 downloads [07:54]
dreamreal this is starting to veer into tech support from 2004 [07:54]
Ammar__ GFX: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset 256 Mb, SCREEN: Écran Plug-and-Play, 1280 x 1024 @ 32 bit, 60 Hz [07:55]
dreamreal sighs [07:55]
Ammar__ mbooth the problem running on 32 doesn't mean it can run on xp [07:57]
dreamreal .. which is the universe telling you to stop running XP [07:58]
Ammar__ xp is a second layer to the problem [07:58]
dreamreal sorry, but this is not our problem [07:58]
mbooth Ammar__: Have you actually tried it? Or are you wasting our time by speculating? [07:58]
hussam [hussam!~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam] has joined ##java [07:58]
Ammar__ I tried it [07:58]
dreamreal We get that you may not be able to upgrade your hardware, but that, too, is not our problem [07:58]
Ammar__ and why everyone is so edgy? [07:58]
dreamreal a pi4 is around $100 USD, and it's going to be far better than whatever you're running [07:58]
mbooth Ammar__: Good, you can tell us the error then [07:58]
Ammar__ If you don't want to help just ignore the question. It's IRC 101. [07:59]
Ammar__ Sorry to waste your time guys [07:59]
dreamreal Ammar__: um, edgy? Bloody hell we've entertained this nonsense for 30 minutes [07:59]
Ammar__ parted the channel: "Closing Window" [07:59]
dreamreal we WERE helping [07:59]
mbooth Ammar__: FFS, I'm asking what error you get so I can help [07:59]
mbooth Too late [07:59]
dreamreal and we're edgy! [07:59]
superhanz2 [superhanz2!] has joined ##java [07:59]
mbooth dreamreal: Careful, don't want to cut ourselves on that edge! [08:00]
dreamreal "All the choices I make are terrible" "Yes" "Why you gotta be so edgy" [08:00]
superhanz2 This is not a question, just something I've noticed, and would be interested to hear comments on [08:00]
superhanz2 I have started unit testing and it completely changes how I program [08:00]
superhanz2 I am decomposing my code into lots of smaller functions [08:00]
dreamreal superhanz2: you're right it's not a question [08:00]
superhanz2 so they are more amenable to being unit tested individually [08:00]
dreamreal enter [08:00]
dreamreal Enter is not punctuation. Please don't press your Enter or Return key until you're finished typing your question, sentence, or idea. It is annoying to see that and hard to follow. [08:00]
superhanz2 just wondering if you noticed this [08:01]
dreamreal superhanz2: yes, it's pretty common for TDD [08:01]
superhanz2 hmm okay thats good [08:01]
dreamreal how come [08:03]
superhanz2 oh im just relieved to know im not doing something that is frowned upon [08:04]
superhanz2 if decomposing into lots of smaller atomised functions is the way to test better, then I thats good cos its what I'm doing (although it does look a lot uglier) [08:05]
dreamreal working > pretty and honestly testable components are a fantastic way to get to working AND when you start introducing errors with a larger team and your tests catch them early and isolate exactly where... [08:06]
superhanz2 this is first time iv felt i need to properly use unit testing [08:07]
superhanz2 rather than just using the IDE debugger [08:08]
superhanz2 or print statements [08:08]
superhanz2 and is interesting that already my code style is changing [08:08]
dreamreal wipes a tear from his eye. I'm not crying at watching someone become a Real Developer. YOU are! ... and it's allergies [08:08]
dreamreal and I stubbed my toe [08:08]
recursiveNode when you have a Java project with maven (pom.xml) can you add something simple into pom.xml to build a docker image whenever you package your project? [08:08]
dreamreal yes [08:09]
dreamreal next [08:09]
dreamreal Another satisfied customer. Next! [08:09]
md_5 [md_5!~md_5@mcdevs/trusted/md-5] has joined ##java [08:09]
recursiveNode next customer: what can you add into pom.xml to build a docker image from your project? [08:10]
dreamreal you can google. Holy smokes, dude. Or dudette. [08:10]
dreamreal lmgtfy maven build docker image [08:10]
dreamreal [08:10]
recursiveNode that's why I'm here. Google results weren't easy to digest [08:10]
dreamreal oh, I see. In that case, I'm actually impressed - usually the ability to parse basic english is required for programmers. [08:11]
recursiveNode so, I thought you may have a better insight, like the maven addon name that you personally recommend [08:11]
dreamreal [08:11]
dreamreal I don't have one, because I don't build docker images from maven, but hey [08:11]
recursiveNode but if you don't use it personally, and don't dockerize your projects with maven, then I'm gonna have to torture myself with something I can only compare to "crash testing" [08:12]
dreamreal You'd be doing that anyway, wouldn't you [08:12]
recursiveNode no, I wouldn't [08:12]
Haxxa [Haxxa!] has joined ##java [08:12]
dreamreal how so? You'd be relying on someone else's expertise and trying it to to see what it did [08:13]
recursiveNode I could have found somebody who dockerizes their Java projects with pom.xml and has a simple, elegant solution [08:13]
dreamreal That's old but seems reasonably elegant, simple, and current given that more recent articles suggest the same process [08:14]
dreamreal recursiveNode: BTW, the attitude you get is largely a result of you haranguing the channel with fairly basic questions all the time [08:14]
dreamreal we get a lot nicer as you get a lot smarter, it's just the way of things [08:14]
dreamreal as it is, the first thought we have - and it's unfortunate and largely unavoidable - is "oh, no.. that person again" [08:15]
recursiveNode that's good to know [08:16]
dreamreal I hope you mean that, because it's fixable [08:17]
dreamreal I mean, we're aware of it, and we do TRY, but we're also human [click] *whirrr* BZZZZ *clank* [08:17]
recursiveNode if the problem is my questions are too basic, and at the same time others lack the experience with Kubernetes and Docker to answer from their experience, isn't the problem the lack of experience of others to answer basic questions? [08:22]
dreamreal no [08:23]
dreamreal that's not how reality works. Nobody OWES you an answer. You owe yourself the effort to learn the same way you're apparently demanding THEY have learned for you. [08:23]
dreamreal If we can look up things that should work for you, given a minor delta at most, then you have the ability to have done so yourself. Your logic works... but it's actually reversed. You, having the problem, should consider it your DUTY to learn so you can serve as the resource for the great unwashed (i.e., us.) [08:25]
recursiveNode didn't I mention that I could google and have googled, however the results incl. don't offer a simple, elegant solution? [08:26]
dreamreal That's what you're asking us to do FOR YOU except it's apparently not a problem we've had, or else we'd have solved it already. And basic question after basic question? I mean... come on, the boat's right there, pull yourself into it. [08:26]
recursiveNode I confess I'm having an information overload [08:26]
Pajus [Pajus!~Pajus@unaffiliated/pajus] has joined ##java [08:26]
recursiveNode infoxication :) [08:26]
dreamreal recursiveNode: that link actually says "hey, use this plugin, then run mvm deploy" [08:26]
dreamreal that's how tools work [08:26]
dreamreal you configure the tool, which is what most of that page is doing, then RUN THE TOOL [08:27]
recursiveNode OK, I'll skip the article and figure out the plugin name from it, and then search for the maven plugin itself. It'll hopefully have a quick and elegant few lines. [08:27]
recursiveNode thanks [08:27]
dreamreal good luck [08:27]
recursiveNode my information overload is from long and complex research papers and long and wordy articles [08:28]
ranran8888 [ranran8888!6d40b154@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [08:28]
dreamreal trying to care, sometimes docker can be a pain and so can maven [08:28]
dreamreal we actually use a tool to build a multiplatform docker image, buildx is fantastic and easy [08:28]
dreamreal if I was building a jvm image (a likely prospect in the near future) I'd use buildx and multistage to do it [08:29]
recursiveNode in the article, they use the exec-maven-plugin to basically execute "docker build ." or something like that. I thought there would be somebody using a docker plugin in maven, instead. [08:29]
dreamreal [08:30]
dreamreal dreamreal's title: "GitHub - fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin: Maven plugin for running and creating Docker images" [08:30]
dreamreal I'd still use buildx and a multistage build, though [08:33]
dreamreal there are certainly issues with that, but such is life [08:33]
bolovanos__ [bolovanos__!~bolovanos@unaffiliated/bolovanos] has joined ##java [08:33]
dpl [dpl!] has joined ##java [08:35]
recursiveNode dreamreal thank you so much. That's better than 100 articles. The fabric8 suite has been discontinued: but the Docker Maven Plugin stays active. [08:40]
recursiveNode recursiveNode's title: "fabric8: open source Integrated Development Platform for Kubernetes" [08:40]
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superhanz2 Hey again, I do have a question, which is very nooby, but how do I get intellij to recognise my unit tests? I have created one JUnit test (see very standard stuff) and then unsure how to run it [09:46]
superhanz2 I do Ctrl-Shift F10 [09:46]
dreamreal if your project is set up properly, it should be able to create a run profile for you [09:48]
dreamreal On OSX here so I'm not sure what ^-shift-f10 is supposed to do offhand [09:48]
dreamreal (right click on your tests and "run as" should be available, too, which will create a run profile) [09:49]
superhanz2 thanks [09:49]
superhanz2 I'm looking into what this run profile is, and if I have set mine up [09:50]
dreamreal well, look at the upper right hand side of your IDE window, you'll see a dropdown with run configurations right by a green triangle [09:51]
superhanz2 annoyingly right clicking on my test doesn't provide a run as, I think you need a main method for that? Or is this something else [09:51]
dreamreal no, you don't [09:51]
dreamreal it should be able to determine that it's a test automatically [09:51]
dreamreal does maven run your tests correctly? [09:52]
superhanz2 ugh I'm now trying to get my menu bar back... i disabled it a few weeks ago and now pain in the ass to get it back [09:52]
superhanz2 wait i'll just take a mo figuring this one out *facepalm* [09:52]
dreamreal ... [09:52]
superhanz2 okay that took embarassingly long [09:55]
superhanz2 now iv got my menu bar back [09:55]
superhanz2 ah i see the run configurations [09:56]
superhanz2 brilliant [09:56]
dreamreal do you use maven, or gradle? [09:56]
dreamreal (or neither?) [09:57]
superhanz2 I don't think either [09:57]
dreamreal okay, stop that [09:57]
dreamreal seriously [09:57]
dreamreal build tool [09:57]
dreamreal A build tool is a tool that provides a standardized way to manage a project (compile sources, manage dependencies, et cetera). A build tool isn't an IDE and an IDE isn't a build tool, but most offer integration. Ask me about ~maven or ~gradle. Less recommended alternatives: ~ant ~sbt ~buildr ~rake ... and don't use your IDE as a build tool. [09:57]
superhanz2 hmm it is a bit late for me to implement this [09:57]
superhanz2 but thanks, I'll check it out for projects in the future [09:57]
dreamreal it is not [09:58]
superhanz2 is it easy to implement? [09:58]
dreamreal how many dependencies do you have? [09:58]
superhanz2 hmm I have about 4 external libraries [09:58]
dreamreal how many times did you cycle through the "add jar" to get that to work? [09:58]
superhanz2 5 maybe including JUnit [09:58]
dreamreal okay, so the difficulty is going to be about like making a fist and hitting yourself in the face, and it'll hurt a lot less (ten minutes? twelve?) [09:59]
superhanz2 I downloaded the Jar files and pointed to them [09:59]
dreamreal see, that's DUMB [09:59]
dreamreal what dependencies? [09:59]
dreamreal you already have junit. Which version? jupiter is a giant ecosystem these days, so... 3? [10:00]
superhanz2 hmm something called jfreechart for charting, MASON which is an agent based model framework, a physics engine for it, and some others that I need to get it to work [10:00]
dreamreal right. See, you've already done more work than you should. [10:00]
dreamreal you should build a build file - again, maven or gradle - and include EXACTLY what you need. MASON, jfreechart, junit, the physics engine. The "some others" are implied. [10:01]
superhanz2 hmm okay I'll look into MAVEn [10:01]
superhanz2 *maven [10:01]
dreamreal You don't HAVE to add them if you don't want to, because MASON/jfreechart/junit/whatever will have them as transitive dependencies, and they're included automatically. [10:01]
dreamreal And what's more, when it comes time for you to go "hey, dreamreal or someone else, I'm having trouble with my project" the people you ask are no longer dependent on your specific IDE configuration: they'd build using the tool TOO and get everything they need from that. [10:02]
superhanz2 okay sounds like I should first try using a build tool and then think about how to run the unit tests? Or rather, using the build tool will make running this tests easier to figure out? [10:03]
dreamreal "here's my pom.xml, here's my four classes, go to town" as opposed to "here's my four classes, you need to download these 12 jars and create a config and include these jars in that order and then blah blah blah good luck" [10:03]
dreamreal the build tool KNOWS how to run the tests. You put them in the right location - src/test/java - and include a testing lib like junit, and it does the rest. [10:03]
superhanz2 which tool is easier to use? Maven or Gradle? If I am going to implement one? [10:04]
dreamreal your "deliverable classes" go in src/main/java. Your tests go in src/test/java. [10:04]
dreamreal depends on what you need. gradle is easier if you do NOTHING nonstandard. [10:04]
superhanz2 what do you mean by that? [10:04]
dreamreal if you have a standard project with build dependencies and testing dependencies and you have no custom processes you need to undergo, gradle is easier. [10:05]
ranran8888 [ranran8888!6d40b154@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [10:06]
dreamreal gradle and maven both use convention and configuration to do your builds. Gradle's configuration tends to be simpler, and gradle gives you the ability to control your build imperatively, which maven does not. [10:07]
dreamreal That means you can literally control your build more with gradle... but doing so is nontrivial. Just because you HAVE rope doesn't mean you need to make a noose to hang yourself with. [10:07]
w0x12ef [w0x12ef!~textual@] has joined ##java [10:07]
dreamreal But in terms of which one is "quicker to start with" I'd say gradle. [10:08]
superhanz2 okay I'll explore Gradle [10:08]
superhanz2 thanks [10:08]
dreamreal (personally I use maven over gradle, because I don't want morons saying "... but I can do X, Y, and Z!" Why yes, moron, you can. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, and I don't always trust you to not do stupid stuff.) [10:09]
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superhanz2 fwiw I found reason why tests weren't showing up [10:19]
dreamreal yes? [10:19]
superhanz2 I needed to make the test class public.. which for some reason IntelliJ didn't do, despite me using their own test creation mechanism [10:19]
dreamreal nods [10:20]
dreamreal file a bug, I guess [10:20]
dreamreal they update pretty regularly [10:20]
superhanz2 I will still try implementing Maven or Gradle. Not right now, because I have a imminent deadline [10:20]
dreamreal jwz not using a build tool [10:20]
dreamreal Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use not using a build tool!" Now they have two problems. [10:20]
dreamreal bleagh [10:20]
dreamreal superhanz2: I get it, but that's still pretty dumb [10:21]
dreamreal but do what works for you [10:21]
LKoen [LKoen!] has joined ##java [10:22]
superhanz2 yeah I mean you have persuaded me to check it out at some point, but I am just trying to get some code to show my supervisor [10:24]
dreamreal if your supervisor is competent a build tool will be more impressive... and replicable. But again, do what works for you. [10:25]
_lucifer oh this is not for an academic assignment? [10:25]
superhanz2 maybe after I meet him, I can take some time out to implement a build tool... worse case would be trying to implement a build tool, run into a problem, and then spend the rest of the day trying to go back to what I had before [10:25]
superhanz2 im just using the code to generate animations that I sent to him as a .mp4 [10:26]
dreamreal well, you already HAVE a working project: create a NEW project, starting with letting IDEA create your build.gradle, and add your dependencies and copy your source over. It should be a five minute operation. [10:26]
superhanz2 when i share it with him, a build tool would be goo didea [10:26]
superhanz2 5 minute operation :o okay thats tempting [10:26]
dreamreal Then stop using your IDEA-driven project once your gradle project works (again, five minutes) and everyone, including you, profits. [10:26]
superhanz2 if it really is as easy as you make out i'll give it a go [10:27]
dreamreal and you'll also be able to transfer the "how to build tool" knowledge between proje..cts... [10:27]
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data909 Hi, what is the best setup/workflow for developing Java rest api on backend for more developers, git?github?docker? Dont depend on IDE and have same develompent conditions(environment) [11:02]
_lucifer why not depend on IDE???? [11:03]
mbooth I read it as "do not depend on developers all having the same IDE" [11:04]
mbooth Which is fine, it doesn't matter language you are programming, you should be using a IDE-agnostic build tool. [11:07]
hussam [hussam!~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam] has joined ##java [11:07]
mbooth For Java, your choices are essentially maven or gradle [11:07]
mbooth And yes, source control should also be considered mandatory (again, this is not java-specific) [11:08]
mbooth Maybe I'm missing something that makes data909's question about Java :-) [11:08]
data909 So lets choose spring-boot with maven, init git repo. Then every developer must install same java version or can be used docker ? what are best practices ? [11:11]
orbyt_ [orbyt_!~orbyt@] has joined ##java [11:13]
mbooth data909: Well, you probably have a minimum version of Java that you want to support, so all your devs should have at least *that* version or newer. Of course the devs should have the tools installed they need to do the jobs, this is not "best practices" more like "the bare minimum practices" [11:13]
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dreamreal data909: errrr I don't understand the line of questioning [11:30]
dreamreal most of what you're asking is largely self-evident and idiomatic [11:30]
dreamreal ... if it's not, then this sounds like a bean-counter's line of questioning: "I've heard tell of people using docker to build java, hahahaha, that's surely the right way to go [click whirrr]" (developers with at least one month's experience in the industry start weeping and preparing CVs) [11:31]
dreamreal not having your builds be IDE-dependent (i.e., maven or gradle) is also self-evident, esp when you factor in that a given developer will be most efficient with a random IDE [11:32]
dreamreal dictating an IDE is generally a stupid practice [11:32]
dreamreal (eliminating programmers who're stupid enough to use NO ide at all is also fairly idiomatic and an easy litmus test; some super-efficient programmers are fine without an IDE but they're also people you'd know and recognize immediately and you'd know that they're the exception) [11:33]
dreamreal when PvdL walks in and says "I need a job, I use vi to program java and c++" you nod and say "right this way, sir" [11:34]
dreamreal but when John Q. Public walks in and says "I'm pretty good with Java, I use vi for everything" it's safe to assume he's a liar or he's not efficient enough to care about him [11:34]
DunceCotus vi for vendetta [11:43]
Diablo-D3 tbf saying vi doesnt even mean anything anymore [11:43]
Diablo-D3 vim/nvim are just text editors with a userbase and development community than any other individual text editor or ide... and also ate all their tools, too [11:44]
mbooth Pro-tip: Don't eat your tools. It'll make you core dump. [11:49]
Diablo-D3 even the atom and vscode guys got screwed... we can now use LSPs everywhere else [11:50]
mbooth Except intelliJ, who for some reason are against LSP [11:51]
mbooth It was funny in the last in-person FOSDEM, in the IDE room, every single talk was about LSP or DAP, execpt for the talk by the intelliJ folks [11:52]
mbooth The entire eco-system moves one way, IntelliJ refusing to budge :-) [11:52]
mbooth Hell even netbeans was excited to announce their support for LSP-driven language support! [11:54]
plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [11:54]
mbooth (Not that netbeans is any kind of weather vane...) [11:54]
Burkuf parted the channel: [11:54]
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data909 Im new to java, in javascript/nodejs and other interpreted languages(php) you can install just git and docker, and you run whole ecosystem(nodejs, build tools) in container, which is IDE independent. Just make changes in source code, with live changes in containers volume. But this is in interpreted world. I want to know how it is java. Best tools, methods, tips... [12:07]
Diablo-D3 mbooth: they cant really stop lsp [12:08]
Diablo-D3 someone is just gonna code a plugin for it, and intellij plugins can do all the things lsps provide [12:08]
Diablo-D3 its not like vim got native lsp support, its just plugins [12:08]
Diablo-D3 nvim is actually growing native support, but its not finished yet, so everyone uses the same plugins [12:08]
mbooth Diablo-D3: Yeah I know all that, I'm just saying, it's funny they are the only people not endorsing it, like they actively want to be left in the dust [12:09]
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xuxx Hi, I use HttpClient from Apache. I do a get request and I receive a response in json format. My problem is that I'm only able to get the response content as a string. How can i work with this reponse to access to elements like with a json ? [12:50]
_lucifer pass the string to a json library like jackson which will parse it for you. [12:51]
xuxx _lucifer, so I can't get it in JSON directly ? [12:52]
_lucifer xuxx, the API javadoc would probably tell you whether you can get a Json object. [12:55]
Rashad [Rashad!~textual@2a01:9700:14a8:8d00:9192:ceed:da2a:aa94] has joined ##java [12:55]
cheeser you'll have to run it through jackson. the client isn't going to convert that for you. [01:03]
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dreamreal xuxx: what .... do you think JSON is? [01:26]
dreamreal xuxx: the content you get back from HTTP *is a string* [01:26]
xuxx dreamreal, yes mb by using python I thougth it was a dict [01:27]
dreamreal if you want it in some kind of JSON node structure, or a class structure, you're going to have to parse it. Jackson can give you a Map<String, Object> if you want - that's "JSON", more or less. Or it can give you an actual class populated from the JSON which is a lot more useful. [01:27]
xuxx dreamreal, yup I did it with jackson [01:27]
dreamreal xuxx: Jackson can parse it as a Map<String, Object> which is pretty much what python and node would give you [01:27]
xuxx it's all good now [01:28]
xuxx ty ! [01:28]
dreamreal You're welcome [01:28]
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xuxx is it possible to store the content of a file as a byte[] ? [02:00]
dreamreal of course [02:05]
dreamreal that's what files are [02:05]
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haijuno I'm working on a library for Java that uses Unix shell commands in an object oriented fashion to pipe together shell commands. I just started so I wanted to find out if anything like that already exists before I spend too much time on it [07:29]
haijuno Example:"filename").grep("hello").sort().uniq(); [07:30]
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Territoriojoven [07:43]
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justmondris hello i need help [08:13]
justmondris i have a model that contains a user object and other fields [08:13]
justmondris and i want to make it to a dto [08:13]
justmondris how do i map the user.first and user.last along side with other objects to the dto [08:14]
justmondris ? [08:14]
justmondris using modelMapper() [08:14]
justmondris ? [08:14]
justmondris *other fields [08:15]
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justmondris please is any one there? [08:27]
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