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aro I have an XML file in a String, how do i load that into XmlMapper [01:05]
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aro I am trying to add a bean to my controller, but i get this error: Error creating bean with name 'mapRoute': Lookup method resolution failed; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to introspect Class [01:45]
aro my others seem to load fine [01:45]
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mib_mib hi all - whats the most efficient way to read a large (1gb) entire stream into a byte array in memory? [02:42]
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thornekey hi im trying to regex using java Pattern. Can someone help me figure out why it wont work. I need to capture the text inside this [02:48]
thornekey as you can see the reg needs to not worry about the id [02:48]
thornekey and get the inner text at the end of the html tag. [02:49]
thornekey and then it needs to stop just before the start of the last tag [02:49]
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mib_mib thornekey: there are parsers for html text - any reason you aren't using those? they would work better than trying to use regexes [02:57]
thornekey its not just 1 line of text i want to get in that inner part. its quite a bit of data. [02:59]
thornekey i just want to extract the raw inner JS (using Java) [02:59]
thornekey i have a raw HTML (with JS) string [03:00]
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Bombe HTML parsers would still be a better tool for the job. [03:07]
thornekey ok so it can do somethign like this. [03:07]
thornekey will i be able to find this specific element : <div id="myDiv" class="myClass" id="_random id every time so have to ignore_"> [03:08]
thornekey and its children? [03:08]
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mib_mib probably yah [03:12]
mib_mib much simpler in other languages, but java is just as fine i guess [03:12]
mib_mib thornekey: [03:13]
Bombe Of course it can. jSoup can use selectors to find nodes in your DOM. [03:18]
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thornekey ok cool ill give it a shot :) [03:30]
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thornekey seems that jsoup wants to use online pages. i try to parse it just a html string that ive made up and it msgs looks like ur trying to access : like its tryna cnnect rather than just scrape offline html string [03:52]
yawkat no [03:52]
yawkat youre holding it wrong [03:52]
thornekey thought so [03:53]
thornekey is what ive tried [03:54]
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yawkat works fine for me [04:00]
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UNIm95 Hello. I have question about sonatype nexus. How can i block possibility of publishing packages through nexus to Maven? [04:49]
UNIm95 Nexus is working in Proxy mode? [04:49]
Maldivia sounds like a question for sonatype's support [04:50]
Siamaster Hi, I have a very very odd problem when sending an http multipart request from java [04:51]
Siamaster I've tried sending the same request through postman and javascript and there I have no problems [04:51]
Siamaster but in Java, no matter what http client I use, I get the same problem [04:52]
Maldivia Siamaster: well, you've still to actually say what that problem is :D [04:52]
Siamaster Right now I'm trying apache components : [04:52]
yawkat hands Siamaster wireshark [04:52]
Siamaster wireshark is too complicated for me, But I tried using fiddler and I didn't get it [04:53]
crackin [crackin!~crackin@] has joined ##java [04:53]
Siamaster as soon as I include the part "body" in my request [04:53]
Siamaster the real server I'm trying to connect to will respond with 500 [04:53]
gregf_ [gregf_!557336c9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [04:53]
Siamaster If I post empty or anything else that doesn't include the "body" key, I will get 400 which is expected [04:54]
Maldivia well ,does it expect a a body param? [04:54]
immibis probably seeing the two different requests from the different platforms will help you figure it out immediately [04:54]
Siamaster yes [04:54]
thornekey i dont think wireshark is complicated. plus theres lots to read on it. [04:54]
Siamaster lucky you [04:54]
Siamaster P [04:54]
Maldivia Siamaster: does it actually require a body= something in the http request body? [04:54]
Siamaster I will learn it some time [04:55]
Maldivia Siamaster: because that's what you're doing right now [04:55]
Siamaster yes it does.. and that's why I'm getting 500 just if I use body [04:55]
immibis reading HTTPS with wireshark is surely complicated [04:55]
immibis IIRC wireshark has the ability to decrypt TLS, given the right keys, but getting those keys out of your application is an ordeal [04:55]
thornekey my class was forced to use it back in second year of operating sys and networking *shrieeeekkkk* [04:56]
toytoy [toytoy!~toytoy@unaffiliated/t0yt0y] has joined ##java [04:56]
Siamaster I was even thinking that perhaps "body" is reserved some how in Java so I created my own endpoint in Spring that requires body too but that worked [04:56]
immibis is fiddler a MITM tool? [04:56]
Maldivia immibis: yes [04:56]
immibis or, just log the request on your own test endpoint, from the two different clients, and see what's different between them [04:56]
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Siamaster the endpoint actually expects body and image (which is actually a list of images) but sending incomplete request always returns 400 in both Postman and when using Javascript [04:57]
Maldivia Siamaster: well, dump the request, compare -- the easiest thing [04:58]
Siamaster but in Java, as soon I include "body" I get 500 from the server, if I only include "image" I get 400 which is correct again [04:58]
Siamaster I tried logging but how do you mean I should dump the request? [04:58]
Maldivia Siamaster: in a terminal: nc -l 8080 -- then try to send the request to "http://localhost:8080/whatever" -- then you should see teh full HTTP request in your terminal window [05:00]
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Siamaster_ sorry, I opened fiddler and connection was lost [05:02]
Siamaster_ so how do you suggest I should dump the request? [05:02]
Siamaster_ I'm having problems with fiddler since it's an https call [05:03]
Siamaster_ I set fiddler to decrypt but I just get "tunnels to" then can't see request [05:03]
Maldivia Siamaster: in a terminal: nc -l 8080 -- then try to send the request to "http://localhost:8080/whatever" -- then you should see teh full HTTP request in your terminal window [05:04]
Maldivia (or an equivalent tool on Windows) [05:05]
selckin apache httpclient will also let you configure logging to fully dump both request & response [05:05]
Siamaster_ ok ty! [05:05]
Siamaster_ I'm on ubuntu [05:06]
Siamaster_ But fiddler runs great on linux now with mono :) [05:06]
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Siamaster_ selckin I did that and couldn't see the problem [05:06]
selckin okhttp is easier to use [05:06]
Siamaster_ hmm I haven't tried that one [05:06]
Siamaster_ ty [05:06]
selckin Siamaster_: well make them identical to the ones that work [05:06]
Siamaster_ nothing works from Java so I can't tell [05:07]
Siamaster_ and it seems identical to one from Postman and javascript when using requestinterceptors [05:07]
selckin did you read the error the server sends back from your example? [05:14]
selckin body of the reply, you don't print it, but the client logs it [05:14]
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shangul [shangul!~shangul@unaffiliated/shangul] has joined ##java [05:19]
Siamaster_ Yes I posted to localhost and monitored with nc -l [05:19]
Siamaster_ and I found some differences in my java request from my postman and javascript [05:20]
Siamaster_ But I don't know how to correct them, it seems very detailed [05:20]
Siamaster_ [05:20]
Siamaster_ forexample, for boundary, in java, I get : boundary=DN4MKgnoV72GhSC-Gfg1pwYA5i5Vhd4x57mr [05:21]
Maldivia boundry is correct [05:21]
Siamaster_ whereas in Post and Javascript I get numbers, boundary=--------------------------437164754069355998906866 or boundary=--------------------------748884262877382252338846 [05:21]
Maldivia that's just suppose to be a "random" string that doesn't occur in the actual data [05:21]
learningc [learningc!] has joined ##java [05:21]
Siamaster_ aha [05:21]
yawkat are you actually a legitimate user of this api? [05:22]
Siamaster_ could it be the extra content-type parameters that occur in the java request? Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit [05:23]
yawkat guesses user agent [05:23]
Siamaster_ yawkat I'm trying to compare the requests. In the end I'm using a different endpoint [05:23]
Siamaster_ so you mean the server is I'm trying to use don't like User-Agent: Apache-HttpClient/4.5.6 (Java/1.8.0_171)? [05:24]
fanhako [fanhako!~fanhako@] has joined ##java [05:24]
yawkat yes. if the api isnt public, it's common to block java user agents. [05:24]
Siamaster_ it's public [05:24]
Siamaster_ it likes javascript and postman [05:24]
keepLearning512 [keepLearning512!~keepLearn@] has joined ##java [05:25]
Siamaster_ I tried httppost.setHeader("User-Agent", " PostmanRuntime/7.4.0"); got same result [05:27]
selckin Siamaster_: MultipartEntityBuilder.create().setMode(HttpMultipartMode.BROWSER_COMPATIBLE) with your example and the error messages start being friendlier [05:28]
selckin it doesn't like Content-Type inside the multipart [05:28]
deavmi [deavmi!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [05:29]
Siamaster_ selckin thanks a lot, using Browser_compatible now returns 400 [05:29]
Siamaster_ aha [05:29]
Siamaster_ <3 [05:29]
Siamaster_ I would never have figured it out. Have spend like 5 hours [05:29]
Siamaster_ thanks everyone! [05:29]
yawkat selckin++ [05:31]
yawkat selckin has a karma level of 89, yawkat [05:31]
selckin also sounds like you still haven't read/seen the body of the error [05:35]
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Siamaster_ not from Java, but I'm figuring it out now. Just need to find a way to mimic Browser_compatible with Springs restclient [05:43]
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MrFrank Hi, I have a problem building with gradle [06:26]
MrFrank It says "Error: Program type already present: javax.annotation.CheckReturnValue" [06:26]
MrFrank I tried gradlew app:dependencies but can't find any javax.annotation [06:26]
yawkat can you show your gradle config [06:27]
MrFrank sure [06:27]
MrFrank [06:27]
yawkat android [06:27]
yawkat Android is Google's OS based on Linux and a non-Java-bytecode Virtual Machine. See . Start in #android-dev if you have Android development questions - and if you use Android's API or you're running it on Android, you have an Android development question. [06:27]
Maldivia Andriod... but a hint: probably one/some of those libraries bundled those annotation classes [06:28]
yawkat yea, android has odd packaging that might not eat all java libraries [06:28]
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[twisti] MrFrank: try gradle app:dependencies [07:02]
[twisti] oh sorry, 5 minute rule [07:02]
[twisti] javax.annotation.CheckReturnValue is jsr-305, so probably checkstyle dependency [07:03]
bakwods_ [bakwods_!~zikani@] has joined ##java [07:06]
yawkat [07:07]
yawkat "Bitch Bend sensitivity" [07:07]
[twisti] jesus [07:14]
Maldivia "Calamity! q is too big." -- I like that replacement :D [07:16]
ma1uta Why? [07:16]
yawkat "calamity" is used way too rarely [07:17]
sonOfRa When using swagger's ApiResponse(code = 200, message = "Something something") does that imply the server will send "200 Something something", or is the message just there to document in what case HTTP 200 will be sent? [07:19]
ma1uta I hope this pr will be declined. [07:19]
yawkat sonOfRa: id guess the latter [07:19]
[twisti] id guess the former [07:19]
sonOfRa D [07:19]
ma1uta Latter [07:19]
sonOfRa Because the http standard doesn't really say that "200 OK" must be. it just says that 200 is OK, and the words after it can be anything you like, really [07:20]
[twisti] its beyond common to receive api answers as code+message bundles [07:20]
ma1uta `message` means semantic but not message which will be sent in response. [07:20]
[twisti] its confusing because you are thinking of HTTP 200. but think of HTTP 500 instead, and the fact that there are details in the message make a lot more sense [07:21]
[twisti] im just guessing though, i havent touched swagger in like two years [07:21]
learningc [learningc!] has joined ##java [07:22]
yawkat "Additionally, more swear words can be found primarily in two locations: [...] hb-private.hh's "Common Region for Access Protection" type, whose acronym is used in several places both inside that file, and other files. (No doubt the author is very pleased with themselves.) " [07:25]
sonOfRa Thing is that in Spring, HttpStatus is an enum, and the "OK" part is hard-coded. So no real way to change the status line [07:25]
sonOfRa I'm not talking about the *response body*, but the response status, which in http consists first of the numerical code and then a string, but the string isn't actually standardized, it's just normally the meaning of the status code, but in words [07:26]
yawkat it's fixed in very many applications and you should not rely on it being changeable or accessible, so i doubt swagger would expose it [07:28]
Maldivia I think I'll start referring to checked exceptions as "wretched" from now on :D [07:28]
sonOfRa Which might be "HTTP/1.1 500 server dun goofd" or "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error" [07:28]
sonOfRa yawkat: that makes sense, yeah. I guess I'll interpret that message part as documentation for the reader then [07:30]
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Dirkos Don't know if this is the right forum but in Intelij im trying to set: es.set.netty.runtime.available.processors as argument for my debugger since Elasticsearch requires it. In my gradle output i see it reflecting properly as: "14:17:37: Executing task 'bootRun -Des.set.netty.runtime.available.processors=false" but the app keeps crashing there [08:20]
Dirkos Any ideas or am i just doing something wrong maybe? Set the value as: Run > Configurations > VM options [08:20]
Maldivia Dirkos: bootRun -- that looks like you're setting it as a property for gradle and not for the app your running? [08:21]
Dirkos Maldivia: yeah well no idea how to set it for the app then [08:21]
Dirkos its a VM option right? Atleast according the debug menu [08:21]
Maldivia Dirkos: add it in your gradle conf instead [08:23]
Maldivia Dirkos: [08:23]
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Dirkos Maldivia: then it works, thanks [08:30]
Pauldron [Pauldron!3ecc5f06@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [08:41]
Pauldron which paste bin type of app do you use to post code on [08:41]
plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [08:41]
Maldivia pastebin [08:41]
Maldivia Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable main-classes, try . For general code and errors, use for instance or [08:41]
Maldivia Pauldron: anything that isn't annoying, littered with ads, etc [08:42]
Pauldron right [08:42]
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Pauldron parted the channel: [08:43]
dreamreal interesting *java* question he had there. [08:44]
spuz pastebin [08:45]
spuz Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable main-classes, try . For general code and errors, use for instance or [08:45]
spuz hmm hastebin does not appear to work... [08:48]
dreamreal Comes up for me [08:48]
dreamreal but feel free to fix the factoid if you think it's wrong [08:48]
spuz it comes up, but I cannot save [08:49]
spuz eventually it pops up with "Something went wrong" [08:49]
spuz does not appear to work without a github account either... [08:49]
dreamreal hastebin does seem to be having problems. gist needing github makes perfect sense. but hastebin not working... meh [08:50]
dreamreal fix the factoid [08:50]
spuz I don't know of any good pastebins [08:51]
dreamreal, [08:51]
Maldivia yeah, hastebin sometimes have some issues, but I personally like it, since it's clean and simple [08:52]
dreamreal "clean and simple" needs to defer to "working" though :) [08:52]
spuz Is it good practice to use contains on a Set that contains items that do not implement hashCode and equals? I.e. : [08:53]
spuz I suppose there is no guarantee that getFoos(items) returns instances contained in items... [08:53]
dreamreal spuz: does it WORK when you do that? [08:53]
Maldivia spuz: assuming it's the exact same instance, that will work just fine then [08:54]
spuz dreamreal: yeah it works [08:54]
Maldivia dreamreal: my goto paste sites are hastebin and ghostbin :D [08:54]
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dreamreal I don't know that I have go-to paste sites [08:55]
marataziat Is there any alternatives to -Xbootclasspath/p ? [08:56]
Maldivia marataziat: for Java 9+, you can patch modules instead [08:56]
yawkat no? [08:56]
yawkat oh you mean for past 8? [08:56]
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marataziat maldivia: Which argument need I use? [08:59]
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Maldivia --patch-modulee [09:01]
Maldivia ehh, single [09:01]
Maldivia e [09:01]
sonOfRa I have a hibernate entity, which I'm saving via a spring repository (entitymanager under the hood, I assume). The entity has a List of child entities, which I'm not saving separately, but using CascadeType.ALL to automatically save when the root entity is saved. However, when the *child* entity fails validation, instead of just bubbling the ConstraintViolationException up the stack, I'm now getting a hibernate AssertionFailure because the ID of the [09:04]
sonOfRa child instance is null, which is not allowed [09:04]
sonOfRa I have exception handlers for the constraintviolation, but it seems odd to try to handle Hibernate AssertionFailures. Is there some way to either suppress this or some other thing that I'm doing wrong here? [09:05]
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neredsenvy pastebin [09:56]
neredsenvy Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable main-classes, try . For general code and errors, use for instance or [09:56]
sonOfRa Above issue is solved, was some silly transaction nonsense that only happened in my tests [09:58]
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neiluj It's been some time I realized dealing with null values is exhausting... is there a way to never deal with them in Java [10:06]
neiluj moreover it's bad design because objects should never have an incomplete state [10:06]
neiluj hey o/ [10:08]
cheeser depends on where the nulls are [10:08]
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cheeser and what constitutes a "complete" state [10:08]
neiluj in an attribute of an object I mean [10:09]
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sonOfRa Lombok's nonnull or notnull annotation (I can never remember) inserts null checks automatically to make things fail early [10:09]
sonOfRa That helps [10:09]
neiluj by a complete state I mean all attributes are set, so that my object is completely determined [10:09]
sonOfRa Or you can use kotlin! [10:09]
neiluj because I'm tired to always assume my object could be null, or some of its attributes [10:10]
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neredsenvy I have a job-task class . Tasks notify Job's as they are finished. Tasks are updated from different threads. For the most time the code works however at times the code runs into a deadlock on either of the two lines I commented. [10:10]
neredsenvy Is this because I'm accessing the class variables directly ? [10:11]
neredsenvy Should I use synchronized getters ? [10:11]
cheeser neredsenvy: then use constructors to ensure every field is set [10:12]
ernimril neredsenvy, if you already get deadlock then adding more locks will most probably only cause you more problems [10:12]
neiluj hum, notnull annotations will save my time! [10:12]
ernimril neredsenvy, if you get deadlocks, then grab some full thread dumps and figure out what is the cause of the deadlock and rework your locking so that it actually is correct [10:13]
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neredsenvy ernimril: Well I did and the stacktrace points to both isCompleted methods. [10:15]
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ernimril neredsenvy, too little information for us to say anything [10:16]
ernimril neredsenvy, do you have a full thread dump? [10:16]