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ravahs Can I use UDT in Oracle DB inside a java program? If so, how? [02:57]
mitch0 udt? [02:58]
ravahs user defined datatype mitch0 [02:58]
mitch0 ah [02:58]
ravahs mitch0: any idea? [03:00]
mitch0 yeah, google [03:00]
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robdrake duckduckgo [03:19]
robdrake don't become a data product [03:20]
robdrake I'm off the soapbox [03:20]
mitch0 yeah, use bing for all I care [03:21]
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Squarism In a typical java project you often need some directory to place different templates / configuration files used when deploying the application (in different scenarios). Is there some defacto standard name for such directory of your typical java project? [03:33]
selckin not really maybe like docs or examples [03:35]
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mitch0 Squarism: etc [03:58]
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amichair Hi, does anyone know why RMI runs an explicit System.gc() every hour? I understand why a gc is needed to free its resources, but why does it have to be explicit, and not wait for the gc to do its thing naturally? [04:04]
selckin because it was made in the 90s and you shouldn't be using it [04:05]
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amichair selckin: I'm not using it explicitly, but the container is (maybe for jmx or something). But that's a different question... [04:07]
selckin if the system is idle and there is notting going on, gc can also not run for long times, and then remote objects can not be gc'ed and the remote be notified probably, stuff like that [04:07]
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selckin -XX:+DisableExplicitGC is popular [04:08]
amichair selckin: and why does that matter? can't it be collected a week later along with the rest of the application's dead objects? [04:09]
amichair selckin: yeah I saw that, but that might affect other things like NIO using System.gc when it really does run out of memory in some cases, etc. [04:09]
amichair selckin: I'm thinking of just disabling the RMI one... there's no setting for that, but I suppose I can increase the timeout to a ridiculous value [04:10]
amichair selckin: can u think of any downside to that? [04:10]
amichair selckin: if I understand u correctly, it's basically needed not for the local JVM, but for potentially allowing to free up memory in a remote JVM? [04:11]
amichair so if there's no real RMI going on (no remote), there are no consequences to disabling this? [04:12]
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amichair selckin: or alternatively, if the application has a lot of gc activity anyway, then the timer is unnecessary as well? [04:15]
selckin this seems to be one of the features that needs it [04:18]
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pastramimami Why does: [04:35]
pastramimami farenheit = (celcius * 9/5) + 32; work, but [04:35]
pastramimami farenheit = (celcius * (9/5)) + 32; not work? When entering test values, the second expression gives the wrong answer. The brackets around the value 9/5 seem to cause the program to ignore that value, and instead add my farenheit value directly to 32. Why does java ignore the 9/5 when it's in brackets? [04:35]
selckin change it to 9.0/5.0 [04:36]
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selckin (9/6) as int is 1, celcius is a double or float, so in celcius * 9 * 5 thzy get converted to double/Float first [04:37]
pastramimami oh, thank you! [04:38]
amichair pastramimami: you can write 9d to make the literal 9 a double instead of the default int type, if u really want the parentheses... [04:39]
amichair or the 5 a 5d [04:39]
amichair or both [04:39]
amichair (but only one is required, the other will be converted to double too during calculation) [04:39]
pastramimami Thank you, I didn't know about the 'd' thing [04:40]
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karoshi Have I used 'final' appropriately here? It runs fine against testcases. So you should use final whereever you can - right? Just that the source file and none of my peers are really using them -- [05:07]
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yawkat final on locals is unnecessary [05:09]
yawkat it has no effect [05:09]
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karoshi yawkat: ty [05:12]
karoshi yawkat: So basically I dont need any of them? [05:13]
yawkat the ones on the fields should remain [05:13]
karoshi or only on the extended classes? [05:14]
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karoshi yawkat: The 2 I have to get rid of magic numbers? (WEAK_ATTACK_VALUE / DODGE_ATTACK_VALUE) ? [05:14]
yawkat yes [05:14]
bsaboia I am trying to use UUID as a primary key for a model. I am using Hibernate. I have a MyModelRepository, which extends CrudRepository<MyModel, UUID>. That allows me to do myModelRepository.findById(uuid); but I got this exception while trying to execute the findById: Could not read entity state from ResultSet : EntityKey[com.example.model.myModel#59f6384b-988d-4f49-bc7e-e5c69eea3fe4]] [05:14]
yawkat three [05:14]
karoshi thx [05:14]
bsaboia any suggestions? [05:15]
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karoshi yawkat: Why is my checkstyle saying [Parameter type should be final. [FinalParameters]] - is it just being dumb? [05:29]
yawkat řes [05:29]
yawkat turn that off [05:29]
karoshi ok thx [05:30]
yawkat style [05:30]
yawkat conventions is "ThisIsAClassName, thisIsAVariableOrMethodName, THIS_IS_A_CONSTANT_NAME,". To camelcase an acronym, do DvdPlayer, not DVDPlayer. Also see and [05:30]
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nb-ben I'm about to have a discussion regarding implementation of a few backend services, I've been asked to talk about why I think that we should do it in Java and not in TypeScript. I have some points in mind, but I'm sure to find some that I've left behind after I'm done with it. What points would you guys raise? [06:30]
Tichodroma availability of competent programmers; stability of libraries [06:30]
nb-ben yes, these I have written [06:31]
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[twisti] mature gigantic ecosystem, tool support [06:31]
nb-ben easy to find developers with large-scale production experience, great mature tooling and libraries [06:34]
Tichodroma not a target as fast moving as the JS ecosystem. That's a pro in my book. [06:35]
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Maldivia Java does not have a "left-pad" package :D [06:36]
nb-ben is starting jleftpad repository [06:37]
nb-ben yes, that's good. It mostly falls under stability, ecosystem maturity, and programmer availability [06:38]
Stummi Maldivia, good thing, literally every library existing in the java world has a StringUtil/StringTools/StringUtility class! [06:39]
Maldivia Stummi: well, if there is no left-pad, then you can't remove it either and cause builds across the world to stop working :D [06:39]
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dreamreal nb-ben: honestly, if your team is willing to consider typescript vs java, go typescript. You've already lost; might as well go all the way. [06:44]
enleth parted the channel: [06:44]
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nb-ben the situation is quite different, I actually was reluctant to do this, but seeing as they lost all of their web people very early, there's only me now [06:46]
dreamreal quite different from what [06:48]
nb-ben from them positively wanting TypeScript [06:48]
[twisti] speaking of left-pad, could something like that happen with sonatype ? [06:48]
nb-ben it's just that they have some minor existing stuff which they were looking to refactor heavily [06:48]
[twisti] someone throwing a hissy fit and breaking every build of everything [06:48]
nb-ben existing TypeScript projects [06:48]
dreamreal [twisti]: I don't think so, no [06:49]
dreamreal [twisti]: repositories don't have a propagating delete. You could distribute a breaking build and not tell everyone... so people who used the latest version might break. But people who used a known-good version, they'd shrug and move on. [06:49]
nb-ben I'm scheduled to leave at the end of completing some functionality and then providing support/bugfixes for a few months, so I'd rather rewrite the thing in Java instead of basically rewriting it in TypeScript [06:50]
Tichodroma do they have the knowledge to operate the system as a node(?) server? [06:50]
nb-ben and looks like they want that too, hence asking me to give some points for it [06:51]
dendazen [dendazen!] has joined ##java [06:53]
whaley typescript vs. java is the wrong conversation. node.js ecosystem vs. jvm ecosystem is the right conversation. I think this is what you are really saying, but I think it's important to draw that distinction [06:53]
Tichodroma +1 [06:54]
[twisti] dreamreal: whats the process if you accidentally published something with your credentials or whatever ? [06:54]
nb-ben whaley: yes, that's true. [06:54]
dreamreal [twisti]: you'd do another release and fix it. [06:55]
[twisti] dreamreal: how would another release fix that ? you cant overwrite existing releases unless they are snapshots [06:56]
nb-ben Tichodroma: they'll hire someone during the support time [06:56]
dreamreal [twisti]: how would releasing a broken release *break* it? [06:57]
whaley just from personal experience, don't do both if you can help it :D [06:57]
dreamreal [twisti]: it's not leftpad :) [06:57]
[twisti] dreamreal: im asking about the process of REMOVING a release that contains, for example, credentials or other information you dont want out there (ignoring for a second the futility of trying to close pandoras box) [06:58]
dreamreal [twisti]: I'm not sure, that'd be a tough thing to handle given java's ecosystem. There may be a way, but I don't know it. [06:58]
nb-ben whaley: engineering-wise that would be a mistake, but business-wise, if they want an investment they need to have something to show :) [06:58]
dreamreal I want to say something smarmy like "this is why you follow idiom, you moron" but that's not helpful regardless of how true it is [06:59]
dreamreal okay, gotta jet [06:59]
nb-ben [twisti]: even if you do manage to remove the release, you should consider that information leaked [07:00]
[twisti] dreamreal: im going to publish something containing the harry potter ebooks and see what happens :D [07:00]
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dreamreal [twisti]: you do that [07:20]
sonOfRa cheeser: update on the gradle releases plugin! It works! It's a bit wonky with multi-module projects, (every android project is multi module for some reason, even if it's just one module) [07:22]
sonOfRa With the gradle versions and use-latest-versions plugins, you can even automatically update your (in-house) dependencies from their snapshot version to release versions before you pull the trigger on the actual release [07:23]
[twisti] its been forever since i used jvisualvm - how do you get the hierarchical view of cpu profiling ? i can see the problem is in a library i use, but im not sure whats calling the offending method, since im not calling it directly [07:24]
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nikitasius hi folks, is it true what key-mapping (TreeMap) isn't efficient on mobile platforms and parsing is different then normal? [08:03]
Maldivia android [08:04]
Maldivia Android is Google's OS based on Linux and a non-Java-bytecode Virtual Machine. See . Start in #android-dev if you have Android development questions - and if you use Android's API or you're running it on Android, you have an Android development question. [08:04]
Maldivia nikitasius: that sounds something very Android specific, so ask there [08:04]
ShekharReddy [ShekharReddy!uid132367@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [08:05]
nikitasius Maldivia: yep i asked on #android-dev too, but cause it's related to Java and here are mostly experienced people, i tried my chance for this. [08:08]
yawkat android performance is very much android-specific, so not relevant here [08:08]
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enoq hi, what do I use if I want something like Python's argparse in spring boot [08:30]
H-K [H-K!] has joined ##java [08:30]
yawkat jcommander [08:30]
yawkat JCommander is a command line option parser for Java. You define a class where each field annotated with @Parameter represents a command line option of some sort, and JCommander takes care of the parsing, setting the properties in this class as appropriate. Open source. [08:30]
enoq something that will print out usage and do the mapping [08:30]
enoq thank you [08:30]
Maldivia you using spring boot for CLI app -- if so the ApplicationRunner interface and ApplicationARguments interface is already there [08:32]
enoq Maldivia can you define additional arguments in a type safe way? [08:33]
enoq for application runner [08:33]
Maldivia type safe? how can arguments be anything by string :D [08:34]
Maldivia hehe [08:34]
Maldivia have only used it myself for simple demo thing, so don't know if you can deserialize it to a bean [08:35]
Maldivia but I would assume so, it's Spring after all [08:35]
Maldivia if I remember correctly though, simply doing @Value("${some.arg}") annotation on a bean, then it will inject what you applied as --some.arg=foo argument [08:37]
t2mkn [t2mkn!~t2mkn@] has joined ##java [08:37]
yawkat not sure about help text though [08:37]
Maldivia ah yeah, help text [08:37]