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TheChosenOne Hey for GridLayout, is it possible to merge ? [12:03]
TheChosenOne I want one long box on top and 4 grid boxes at bottom [12:04]
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dodobrain TheChosenOne, please use miglayout. [12:10]
ogradyd [ogradyd!~Thunderbi@2a02:8070:88ac:2100:82ce:2dbf:4586:9163] has joined ##java [12:11]
TheChosenOne Does it come with java standard library [12:11]
dodobrain nope, you can just add it as a dep [12:11]
dodobrain if this is some kind of assignment meant to teach you about ui layouts or whatever and you have no other choice then you may persist, otherwise: [12:13]
dodobrain totally gridbag [12:13]
dodobrain TheChosenOne, totally gridbag is [12:13]
TheChosenOne Awesome thank you, sounds like that might work [12:14]
TheChosenOne dodobrain++ [12:14]
TheChosenOne dodobrain has a karma level of 10, TheChosenOne [12:14]
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sturner Is there anyone here that has experience with CDI and is against its usage? If so, why? [12:50]
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TheChosenOne Does anyone know how to select by row number, eg what the attribute for Row number is called in Java derby ? [12:54]
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TheChosenOne Anyone know what I am doing wrong with this? I expected to get a line of string returned, however there seems to be a SQL error not sure why [01:12]
Bock [Bock!~bocaneri@about/linux/staff/sauvin] has joined ##java [01:16]
TheChosenOne Oh documents show Row_NUmber cannot be used in a where clause [01:18]
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aro i think i give up [01:27]
led1 [led1!Thunderbir@nat/ibm/x-ymqwqqkooelnjmno] has joined ##java [01:28]
aro i dont know why these scheduled tasks are not running in tomcat [01:28]
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valhalla_22 hey i am starter in this , what is difference between these two List<String> container =new ArrayList<String>() and ArrayList<String> container =new ArrayList<String>(); [01:42]
valhalla_22 is there a big difference [01:43]
Diaoer [Diaoer!] has joined ##java [01:43]
ernimril valhalla_22, one is typed to the concrete type, one is typed to the interface. In some regards no big difference. In most cases you want to use the interface type on the left hand side [01:44]
kt [kt!~kt@unaffiliated/kt2] has joined ##java [01:44]
valhalla_22 ernimril: can u elaborate on this with some real analogy like father and son type or anyshit like that , as List is parent of ArrayList [01:45]
selckin you want to dished to be done by a child you don't care if its your son or daughter [01:48]
ernimril valhalla_22, if you use List as the type you can later on change from ArrayList to LinkedList or CopyOnWriteArrayList or ... without any other changes [01:48]
valhalla_22 ernimril: sounds kool [01:48]
ernimril valhalla_22, not really, in about 99.99999% the right type is used from the start and no change is done [01:49]
valhalla_22 ok [01:49]
valhalla_22 i am from python background ,got interested in java . [01:51]
valhalla_22 i am enjoying it more becuase of its complexity . [01:53]
dreamreal Well, that's fine - Java will grow on you [01:53]
dreamreal You'll enjoy the python complexity less over time [01:54]
dreamreal ... wait. You're not saying JAVA is complex, are you? [01:54]
valhalla_22 dreamreal: java is more complex [01:56]
valhalla_22 more like permission taking before doing anything [01:57]
dreamreal it... really isn't. It's explicit, but far simpler. [01:57]
valhalla_22 how [01:57]
sunri5e [sunri5e!~sunri5e@unaffiliated/sunri5e] has joined ##java [01:57]
dreamreal how is it NOT? It demands that you specify types; it demands that everything be present and valid before running; it makes few assumptions about what you're doing or how [01:58]
valhalla_22 yeah but in python , if you want input just say raw_input() but here you design the instream properly then activate the button . [01:59]
dreamreal yes, that's SIMPLER. [01:59]
dreamreal It's more verbose, but simpler. [01:59]
valhalla_22 yeah for me too i will call it simpler . [02:00]
valhalla_22 i ahve huge interest in C and assembly and java right now java is target. [02:00]
dreamreal java's kinda neat. [02:00]
BeerLover [BeerLover!~BeerBuddy@] has joined ##java [02:01]
valhalla_22 yeah [02:01]
BSabo [BSabo!~BSaboia@2804:7f7:e282:ab1c:61ff:afe2:8164:e759] has joined ##java [02:03]
eahmedshendy [eahmedshendy!~eahmedshe@] has joined ##java [02:05]
eahmedshendy What makes this behavior of instanceof [02:05]
eahmedshendy eahmedshendy's title: "Ubuntu Pastebin" [02:05]
eahmedshendy Does this relate to object is being serialized? So this would affect the excepted behavior of instanceof [02:06]
dreamreal uh... your patientIsAvailable method always returns false no matter what the type is [02:08]
dreamreal the instanceof is working, looks like to me [02:08]
eahmedshendy But why this doesn't get printed: System.out.println("obj is type: RequestPatient"); [02:10]
dreamreal it looks like it does [02:10]
dreamreal oh, sorry, I see [02:10]
dreamreal hmm, not sure, honestly, unless you have classloader shenanigans [02:11]
an0ther [an0ther!~anonymous@unaffiliated/an0ther] has joined ##java [02:11]
eahmedshendy Does it matter if the object RequestPatient is used directly from @Component bean, or new RequestPatient()? I mean in case of 'instanceof' [02:13]
dreamreal I wouldn't think so [02:13]
eahmedshendy When I use the spring bean it works fine, but when I get an instance of RequestPatient like ... someClass.prepareRequestPatient() which is going 'return new RequestPatient()' it doesn't work [02:14]
eahmedshendy This has nothing with spring mvc, or boot, but I was trying to understand what makes instanceof returns true of the getClass() output the same class [02:15]
KindTwo [KindTwo!~KindOne@freenode/father-christmas/kindone] has joined ##java [02:16]
an0ther [an0ther!~anonymous@unaffiliated/an0ther] has joined ##java [02:17]
eahmedshendy When I removed the if check, I got this error: [02:18]
eahmedshendy java.lang.ClassCastException: medicallab.flow.submit_request.RequestPatient cannot be cast to medicallab.flow.submit_request.RequestPatient [02:18]
eahmedshendy So strange [02:18]
liste eahmedshendy: sounds like a classloader problem [02:19]
dreamreal yeah, that sounds odd [02:19]
liste you have a RequestPatient loaded by 2 different classloaders [02:19]
eahmedshendy When I used debugger, and point the cursor on the line of casting, I found the obj has the same fields with the submitted values [02:19]
liste so there's technically 2 different classes with the same name [02:19]
georgelappies [georgelappies!~georgel@] has joined ##java [02:19]
dreamreal liste: well, that's what it SOUNDS like, at least :D [02:20]
eahmedshendy liste, it might spring web flow do this [02:20]
dreamreal eahmedshendy: note that classloader is part of class types: class A, loaded by classloader CL1, is not the same as class A loaded by classloader CL2, even though the *actual A.class* might be the same file [02:20]
eahmedshendy Aha, got you [02:21]
eahmedshendy That is a clear reason why spring bean pass 'if check', but creating an instance using spring web flow doesn't pass [02:22]
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valhalla_22 what is use o private static final long serialVersionUID = -7967970066125990593L; from where we generate it ,is it good method to use such UID [02:37]
selckin serialization [02:38]
selckin Serialization is the mechanism by which objects are turned into bytes and vice versa, often for storage or transmission across a network. See (tutorial), (cheeser's blog), (the spec). Ask me about ~java serialization . [02:38]
deebo usually just IDE generated random thing when you implement serializable [02:38]
selckin that field is autogenerated by an ide [02:38]
selckin manually you start at 0, and +1 when you make a change [02:38]
selckin but to stane sane, you never ever use java serialization [02:39]
valhalla_22 if i am working on vim then we would never need this UID thing . [02:41]
yawkat it is needed for serialization. it has nothing to do with the ide [02:41]
valhalla_22 ok yawkat thanks, these stunt are never done in python :-( [02:42]
deebo isn't it just a warning if it's missing? [02:42]
yawkat they arent required in java either, but can be useful for versioning [02:42]
yawkat and you shouldnt be using java serialization anyway if you can avoid it. [02:43]
Tichodroma [Tichodroma!~lutz@fsf/member/Tichodroma] has joined ##java [02:45]
Al_nz1 Whats more widely used, Dozer or MapStruct ? [02:46]
selckin neither [02:47]
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cheeser trying [02:59]
cheeser Al_nz1, What are you trying to do? [02:59]
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Avant_Of_Eredon Hi everyone :) [03:12]
Avant_Of_Eredon [03:12]
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dreamreal what about it [03:14]
Avant_Of_Eredon Was hoping someone might have an idea for a solution :( [03:14]
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dreamreal What's the *problem* [03:15]
dreamreal I'm not looking at the url without an explanation [03:15]
cheeser it has the explanation [03:15]
selckin maybe try setting jmxremote.hostname= to your local ip (not localhost) and connecting to that, but it should work afaik [03:15]
dreamreal shrugs [03:16]
Avant_Of_Eredon TRying to connect to a server running as a service with VisualVM and failing horribly [03:16]
Avant_Of_Eredon selckin already tried that didnt help :( [03:16]
TheChosenOne [TheChosenOne!~TheChosen@] has joined ##java [03:16]
Avant_Of_Eredon what confuses me most is that I technically can see it in the VisualVM, but cant connect to it using the jmx [03:18]
selckin if you see it then you don't need the jmx [03:18]
Avant_Of_Eredon I can see it but cant monitor it [03:18]
Avant_Of_Eredon as I am getting the "Not supported for JVM" [03:19]
Avant_Of_Eredon I got as far as it may be some kind of version isue, but have no idea how to match this version [03:19]
Avant_Of_Eredon since VisualVM has different versioning then the Java itself? [03:20]
selckin sure but they also bundle it, so use it from the same version you start the server with [03:20]
Avant_Of_Eredon selckin the VisualVM has java bundled in it? [03:21]
selckin other way [03:21]
okanck_ [okanck_!~okanck@] has joined ##java [03:22]
Avant_Of_Eredon I dont understand now :(. How do I find ouut which version of VisualVM to use? [03:24]
selckin JAVA_HOME/bin/jvisualvm [03:24]
Juzzika [Juzzika!] has joined ##java [03:25]
Avant_Of_Eredon They bundle that directly into java O.o [03:25]
Avant_Of_Eredon ok, on it, thanks :) [03:25]
Stummi Just wondering, are there any real world cases of Exceptions overriding getLocalizedMessage()? [03:28]
Stummi as in, differently from getMessage() [03:28]
cheeser i've never seen it done [03:28]
Stummi okay, thanks. I think the method is strange, since I feel like localization logic is way out of scope for the Exception class [03:29]
selckin of all the libs in my projects commons-math has it, and some lucene class accepts a message in multiple languages [03:30]
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selckin and common-math docs say only the french were crazy enough to translate :) they kinda have/had wierd laws on that, still wrong place to implement it indeed [03:38]
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Avant_Of_Eredon well that didnt work either :(. Is there any way to 100% confirm what java is service using? [03:59]
somazero [somazero!~somazero@2600:8803:d000:db:d93:252c:d869:f35e] has joined ##java [03:59]
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Stummi Semantics question: There is Array.length, but List.size(). Are those interchangeable words, or do they carry some semantics I should consider, when writing some own container like interfaces? [04:04]
cheeser same semantics, mostly. [04:05]
cheeser .length is more akin to .capacity() but hardly anyone uses or cares about capacity [04:05]
Stummi But theres also String.length() [04:07]
BSab [BSab!~BSaboia@2804:7f7:e282:ab1c:61ff:afe2:8164:e759] has joined ##java [04:07]
selckin because it returns array.length in jdk1.0 when nobody though about these things yet? [04:09]
Al_nz1 ok, I have added a dependency to the build.gradle, now how do I actually get the damn thing from the repo to my project in my IDE? [04:10]
cheeser sync your IDE with your gradle file [04:10]
cheeser IDEA can be configured to do it automatically. [04:10]
cheeser eclipse faq [04:10]
cheeser I don't think so. But maybe there's a plugin... [04:10]
UxL7X [UxL7X!~UxL7X@] has joined ##java [04:12]
Al_nz1 @cheeser: perfect thanks [04:12]
Avant_Of_Eredon Is there a way to 100% make sure which java version is a service using? [04:13]
UxL7X [UxL7X!~UxL7X@] has joined ##java [04:13]
cheeser yes. check the start script. [04:13]
Avant_Of_Eredon How do I do that? [04:15]
cheeser you open the script, read it. [04:15]
Stummi Avant_Of_Eredon, can you specifiy your question? You want to find out which java version a service is using? (From where? Inside the service? Outside? Before starting?) Or you want to start a service with a very specific java version? [04:19]
BeerLove_ [BeerLove_!~BeerBuddy@] has joined ##java [04:20]
Avant_Of_Eredon Stummi I am still trying to solve this isue: [04:20]
Avant_Of_Eredon Wanted to make sure the java the service is using actually is the one I think it is [04:21]
Avant_Of_Eredon I think its supposted to be the one inside the service? [04:21]
Tichodroma Avant_Of_Eredon: You will have to find the start script/service configuration/... that starts the service. There the java version or at least the path to the java executable will be mentioned. [04:22]
Tichodroma Avant_Of_Eredon: What OS does the service run on? What kind of server does it run on, if any? [04:22]
Stummi on a linux system, the easiest way would be looking at /proc/<pid>/exe [04:22]
Avant_Of_Eredon Windows, currently trying to get it to work on Windows 10 Tichodroma [04:23]
okanck_ [okanck_!~okanck@] has joined ##java [04:23]
Tichodroma Avant_Of_Eredon: ask your Windows admin how the service is started [04:23]
Stummi on windows, the process manager should allow you to see the real path to the executable [04:23]
cagedwisdom [cagedwisdom!~X@] has joined ##java [04:23]
Stummi but well, this is going to become IT support now [04:24]
Stummi which is off topic [04:24]
cheeser indeed [04:24]
Stummi (And I really don't have any clue about windows) [04:24]
Tichodroma next [04:24]
Tichodroma Another satisfied customer. Next! [04:24]
Avant_Of_Eredon Stummi the process manager point to the java inside the service, thanks! [04:26]
Avant_Of_Eredon That means I am back at the start tho, as even when I use the same java versions it refuses to work :( [04:26]
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