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G3nka1 when do I do mvn clean install and when do I do mvn install? generally [01:09]
G3nka1 this didn't help me much [01:09]
buzzLightBeer parted the channel: [01:10]
liste G3nka1: when you need to clean stuff from target/ you need clean [01:17]
liste eg. if you've removed source files [01:17]
G3nka1 I see, but if I added a print statement lets say, do I need to clean target and build new jar for this print statement to work? [01:18]
G3nka1 liste, [01:18]
yawkat no [01:18]
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G3nka1 usually when would you want to clean target? delete existing jars and create new ones [01:20]
G3nka1 in what situation [01:20]
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liste G3nka1: for example, when you've removed source files and don't want them to end up in the .jar/.war [01:21]
G3nka1 ah I see, minute code changes need not be built from clean then [01:22]
G3nka1 thanks liste [01:22]
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liste does Java use system proxy settings by default? [02:33]
liste oh nvm, apparently I need to configure it separately [02:35]
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olspookishmagus Oracle JRE 9.0.1, eh? [03:34]
selckin old spook eh? [03:35]
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olspookishmagus selckin: kinda: [03:36]
olspookishmagus boogedy boogedy boogedy boo [03:36]
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olspookishmagus and no x86 binaries here: [03:38]
olspookishmagus olspookishmagus's title: "Java SE Runtime Environment 9 - Downloads" [03:38]
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selckin try a sentance [03:40]
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olspookishmagus Well I guess Oracle will no longer offer x86 binaries, so I might go ahead and predict some turbulence there. [03:41]
olspookishmagus Let me get buckled and prepare for a bumpy ride. [03:41]
yawkat O.o [03:41]
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deepy There's x86 servers? [05:06]
liste legacy is a curious thing [05:11]
cofeineSunshine hahahha [05:12]
cofeineSunshine nailed [05:12]
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cheeser there were no x86 binaries for 8 either. no big deal [05:28]
selckin maybe other people providing openjdk x86 builds if you need them [05:29]
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cheeser [05:30]
cheeser cheeser's title: "Java-9-openjdk(x86-32) Download (RPM)" [05:30]
cheeser go go gadget google! [05:30]
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Squarism what is the shortest way of creating a set of 2 values? [05:40]
liste Squarism: java.util.Set ? [05:40]
Squarism how do you write it [05:41]
[DO] [[DO]!~jtdoncas@unaffiliated/jtdoncas] has joined ##java [05:41]
Squarism new HashSet(Arrays.asList(A,B)) [05:41]
Squarism ? [05:41]
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Squarism not very concise [05:41]
Squarism haskell: S.fromList [A,B] [05:42]
liste Squarism: Guava's ImmutableSet.of [05:42]
Squarism scala: Set(A,B) [05:42]
Squarism ok ok. Thought people dropped that ofter java 8 [05:42]
liste Squarism: or Java 9's Set.of [05:42]
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Squarism liste, ok thanks [05:44]
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localh0st Morning, I've got question: I'm using Scribe library to work with OAuth tokens. It works perfectly on my computer if I'll run the methods with JUnit, but it's not working when application is deployed on my computer using tomcat, it's failing on callback redirect from to https://localhost:7000/oauth/redirect . It doesn't throw any [05:51]
localh0st localh0st's title: "Authorize | LinkedIn" [05:51]
localh0st exception, SOAP call retruns only java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException [05:51]
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cheeser localh0st: your callback url can't be https://localhost:xxxx [06:17]
jockej hello. Is it possible to debug a junit4 test case with jdb? I can run it, but it donesn't stop on any breakpoint, it just runs until the end [06:18]
liste jockej: how are you running the test? [06:19]
jockej Ive tried different ways. Both with java and jdb [06:20]
sonOfRa Generally a junit4 test case is just any other method being run [06:20]
jockej jdb -classpath ".:dependency/hamcrest-core-1.3.jar:dependency/junit-4.12.jar:classes:test-classes" org.junit.runner.JUnitCore TestClass [06:21]
neredsenvy [neredsenvy!59d4a218@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [06:21]
jockej I tried running it like that, and also to run it via meghanada-mode in Emacs [06:21]
jockej it "works", it just doesn't stop on breakpoints [06:22]
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sonOfRa How are you setting them? [06:24]
neredsenvy I have a fresh Gradle project imported in IDEA. I open one of my classes and I get a bunch of "Could not resolve symbol" for spring framework. However when I look at External Libraries I do have the package available one example is: Gradle: org.spring...:spring-data-commons. [06:24]
sonOfRa Also jesus christ use a good debugger, like intellij IDEA or whatever's built into eclipse, and not jdb [06:24]
neredsenvy The IDE does offer a fix: Add library however clicking this does nothing. The library is already included it's just that error dissapears. [06:25]
neredsenvy I tried Invalidate cache/Restart but no go any ideas ? [06:25]
jockej sonOfRa: I set them with stop at "TestClass:200" or "stop in SomeClass.someMethod(byte[])" [06:27]
jockej sonOfRa: I want to be able to run it through Emacs :) Also, there's no "project" set up for either Eclipse or Intellij, so I don't think they'd work? [06:28]
sonOfRa Well generally you'd use maven or gradle to set up your project, and then it's all independent of your IDE [06:28]
sonOfRa Thing is: You're probably the only person among 530 in this channel who uses emacs. And also the only person who uses jdb [06:29]
localh0st cheeser: it has to be, but as I see there is another problem [06:30]
localh0st In fact it's not the problem with redirect but with and .getPage() method, it just stops without exception... [06:31]
localh0st localh0st's title: "WebClient (HtmlUnit 2.28 API)" [06:31]
jockej sonOfRa: That's what I feared :) We have maven, but this java-code is "embedded" in an Eclipse C-project [06:31]
jockej and Eclipse doesn't seem to like multiple languages in one project [06:32]
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liste jockej: open the Java parts with another Eclipse instance? [06:34]
liste I often have multiple eclipses open at the same time [06:34]
jockej liste: I have, but there are no "debug configurations" and what not [06:36]
liste jockej: is it an Eclipse for Java Developers? [06:37]
jockej liste: yes, but with the CDT plugin installed also [06:38]
liste jockej: you can switch to Java perspective from the top right corner [06:39]
code_zombie [code_zombie!~code_zomb@2605:a601:aa1:5c00:7c21:7422:38c:34b5] has joined ##java [06:40]
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jockej oh, right. Thanks [06:41]
jockej but I still can't debug [06:44]
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dreamreal nnmorning [07:33]
kirua hi [07:34]
kirua I have been asked to move a static method to another class. Is it a good idea to have a public class with a private constructor and a protected static method ? [07:34]
yawkat why protected [07:35]
dreamreal what are you making it a protected static method for [07:35]
dreamreal kirua: and the answer to ALL of these questions is always "yes, do it, see how well it works for you" [07:35]
dreamreal and if it works like gangbusters, you just won [07:35]
kirua yeah but it would also work to set all methodes and attributes public, but its not a good practice [07:36]
dreamreal sure it is, if it works for what you need [07:36]
dreamreal do what works, that's THE answer in programming [07:36]
liste protected is in general only useful with inheritance [07:36]
dreamreal make it work, make it fast, make it pretty [07:36]
bendem and THE answer to clients is "it depends" [07:37]
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dar10s how should i make a visitor class so the IDE helps with the process. I seem to dislike how Java has Ide's like eclipse, IJ, android studio. but when doing patterns they are not very helpful unless you build them step by step in a particular order [08:47]
G3nka1 [G3nka1!~hubatrix@unaffiliated/hubatrix] has joined ##java [08:47]
socoro Hi, does anybody know if I can somehow force log4j2 to skip my class `LoggerWrapper` when detecting location for debug message (i.e. skip a frame from stack trace)? [08:48]
mdrabe [mdrabe!Matt@nat/ibm/x-fxxrqmnodkhvsmye] has joined ##java [08:49]
yawkat dar10s: what exactly is the ide supposed to do? [08:49]
yawkat and what do you mean by "doing patterns"? [08:49]
Avascar [Avascar!4b53c4d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [08:50]
Avascar Hi guys real quick question SO I'm using stream to get the average number of a double array but the output I get is "Optional Double[the average number]", but I really just want the number by itself. How do I do that? [08:52]
d0048 [d0048!~Thunderbi@unaffiliated/d0048] has joined ##java [08:52]
htamas yourVariable.get() [08:53]
selckin extract the result from the optional and print it, or print that it failed on empty optional [08:53]
dar10s just building out the pattern and having some smart sense, autocomplete, less red Errors... as I work out the base of the visitor pattern ? [08:54]
yawkat dar10s: there is no "base" to the visitor pattern [08:54]
yawkat and your ide should do auto completion of code regardless of patterns [08:54]
dar10s ok ... well there is no base , but they do follow a set pattern' [08:54]
easzero [easzero!~quassel@2a02:908:4c4:f300:9cdd:6e85:1b20:d850] has joined ##java [08:54]
Avascar How do I extract the result exactly? [08:55]
yawkat using get, like htamas said. [08:55]
selckin after you check it has a value [08:55]
yawkat dar10s: sure, but it's not something an ide can help you with. theres no point [08:55]
dar10s I just think I type the enums first and maybe I should make the interfaces first , so this process would be quicker [08:55]
GenteelBen [GenteelBen!] has joined ##java [08:55]
yawkat the enums? [08:55]
htamas dar10s you literally have to make 2 interfaces and then override them in the classes you want to visit [08:56]
danrik [danrik!~jc@unaffiliated/ddsss] has joined ##java [08:56]
htamas override 1* [08:56]
yawkat hell you dont even need the visiteable interface. [08:57]
selckin you have the Visistable and Vistor, so class NewClass implements Visible { have ide auto generate void visit(Visitor v) { write v.visit(this); tell ide to generate the method in the vistor interface } } [08:57]
M_Kay [M_Kay!] has joined ##java [08:58]
cofeineSunshine [08:58]
cheeser eyes cofeineSunshine [08:58]
yawkat "visitor pattern" can be literally one interface with one method. or you could even use something like Consumer... [08:58]
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Avascar Hi guys so I tried doing what you said and it ended up breaking everything so I googled one of the errors and managed to find .getAsDouble(), so I did that and it works just fine [09:01]
Avascar So in a sense I must thank you guys for helping me! [09:02]
whoever [whoever!~Popeye@unaffiliated/whoever] has joined ##java [09:02]
yawkat oh it was OptionalDouble, not Optional<Double>. [09:02]
Avascar Ah yes yes. I'm only a beginner so I don't know the difference [09:02]
Avascar Anyway thanks guys [09:02]
selckin javadoc optionaldouble [09:02]
selckin selckin: [JDK: java.util.OptionalDouble] [09:02]
Avascar Thx for that too, I'm out [09:03]
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selckin not knowing how to check the methods on a type seems so unlikely to me these days, guess thats not helpfull [09:04]
whoever hi all, i am stuck what would be the best data type to store equivelants ie: 28mm = 1 inch, 12 inches = 1 food, 3 feet = 1 yard , would a map be best ? [09:06]
dreamreal it could be but I'd make my own [09:06]
LordDrako [LordDrako!~drako@] has joined ##java [09:06]
yawkat eats 1 food [09:07]
dreamreal yawkat: playing nethack again, are we? :) [09:07]
yawkat whoever: could go the TimeUnit route... [09:07]
yawkat yawkat's title: "GC: TimeUnit - java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit (.java) - GrepCode Enum Source" [09:07]
yawkat with invaluable constant names. [09:07]
whoever yawkat: thank you, for some reason i was thinking that there may already be a defind class already, but looks like it would need to be imported from the wild [09:12]
whoever parted the channel: [09:12]
rorro [rorro!] has joined ##java [09:13]
Stummi TIL: You can break out of labeled blocks, which are not loops: [09:15]
Stummi Stummi's title: "Untitled - Java Snippet -" [09:15]
yawkat Out of ifs too iirc. [09:16]
yawkat Out of all statements in fact. [09:16]
davidbowlby [davidbowlby!] has joined ##java [09:16]
jcbitter [jcbitter!~jcbitter@] has joined ##java [09:16]
selckin secret goto statements [09:16]
Stummi yawkat, right, so maybe "even blocks without statement" is a better wording? [09:16]
Stummi I learned that by stumbling the Date.parse method: [09:17]
Stummi Stummi's title: "GC: Date - java.util.Date (.java) - GrepCode Class Source" [09:17]
yawkat Stummi: well even this works [09:17]
yawkat yawkat's title: "javap pastebin" [09:17]
Stummi +over [09:17]
plarsen [plarsen!~plarsen@redhat/jboss/pdpc.professional.plarsen] has joined ##java [09:17]
yawkat no block here :) [09:17]
nast [nast!~nast@] has joined ##java [09:18]
yawkat oh god [09:18]
yawkat that method [09:18]
Stummi yep [09:18]
selckin alan bateman suggesting to drop security manager [09:19]
selckin you guys use one? what for? [09:20]
dreamreal everyone uses one [09:21]
dreamreal it's part of the JVM [09:21]
selckin he says you don't, but it has overhead to check if you do [09:22]
selckin or i read it wrong [09:22]
dreamreal uh... you do [09:22]
dreamreal it's not an option [09:22]
selckin permit-all and not using is kinda the same [09:22]
dreamreal the default security manager is pretty lax, but you have one. It's one reason reflection is so slow, for example: security checks to see if you can use it ("you can!") [09:22]
dreamreal not really [09:23]
selckin what does the default one do ? [09:23]
dreamreal checks security permissions [09:23]
selckin what does the default one not allow? [09:23]
dreamreal it's just generally set to "allow pretty much everything" [09:23]
marlinc [marlinc!] has joined ##java [09:23]
dreamreal there are some RMI things that aren't enabled by default [09:23]
yawkat dreamreal: you can totally have a null securitymanager [09:24]
cheeser totes. [09:24]
dmlloyd [dmlloyd!~dmlloyd@redhat/jboss/dmlloyd] has joined ##java [09:24]
dreamreal of course you can [09:25]
dreamreal but you have to set it [09:25]
selckin does that remove the overhead? [09:26]
Pip [Pip!~Pip@unaffiliated/pip] has joined ##java [09:27]
Devastator [Devastator!~Devastato@unaffiliated/devastator] has joined ##java [09:29]
mirk0 [mirk0!~mirk0@unaffiliated/-mirko-/x-2946915] has joined ##java [09:29]
patarr [patarr!~patarr@unaffiliated/patarr] has joined ##java [09:30]
yawkat it's the default [09:33]
DLSteve [DLSteve!~DLSteve@] has joined ##java [09:33]
freeone3000 [freeone3000!a7dc94e7@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined ##java [09:33]
yawkat [09:33]
greatabyss2 [greatabyss2!] has joined ##java [09:34]
selckin looks at dreamreal [09:34]
itsiffy [itsiffy!54c3c0c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [09:34]
Es0teric [Es0teric!] has joined ##java [09:35]
odinsbane are you saying it is null because ideone uses a null one? [09:35]
yawkat well, it's the default :D [09:36]
G3nka1 [G3nka1!~hubatrix@unaffiliated/hubatrix] has joined ##java [09:38]
itsiffy Hi! i've got a small question, I've made a text file with the name 'test', this file contains String1\nString2\nString3\n. (\n is new line) ... now I'm trying to read the strings entered in that file into my java program with the following code [09:38]
itsiffy itsiffy's title: "Gyazo - b032a041d85a143d33f16bffd2ff7eb6.png" [09:38]
itsiffy [09:38]
itsiffy Now, when I run, the results come out like String1\n\nString2\n\nString3\n\n [09:38]
itsiffy i dont know why it comes out with duplicating the \n [09:38]
odinsbane You're adding a [09:39]
itsiffy and, when I use a arr.get(1) - it'll just print a \n (blank next line) [09:39]
odinsbane \n [09:39]
GraysonBriggs [GraysonBriggs!ce337ee2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined ##java [09:39]
odinsbane "println" means, print the string, and a line ending. [09:40]
itsiffy ah, so nothing is wrong with my array v_v [09:41]
yawkat javadoc Files.readAllLines(*) [09:42]
yawkat yawkat: [JDK: java.nio.file.Files.readAllLines(Path, Charset)]; [JDK: java.nio.file.Files.readAllLines(Path)] [09:42]
[DO] [[DO]!~jtdoncas@unaffiliated/jtdoncas] has joined ##java [09:43]
Zalabinsky [Zalabinsky!] has joined ##java [09:44]
Gustavo6046 [Gustavo6046!~Gustavo60@unaffiliated/gustavo6046] has joined ##java [09:44]
odinsbane Well, there is a lot missing from your image. `test` for example. or an array. [09:45]
itsiffy the array comes from a text file 'test.text' which contains 3 lines ; String1 (enter) String2 (enter) String3 (enter) [09:45]
itsiffy which gets imported from the first image [09:46]
yawkat odinsbane: test is the first image [09:46]
odinsbane oh, it's a class. [09:47]
itsiffy yeah [09:47]
itsiffy I wanted to use a class for reading, and one for writing [09:48]
yawkat naming [09:48]
yawkat conventions is "ThisIsAClassName, thisIsAVariableOrMethodName, THIS_IS_A_CONSTANT_NAME,". To camelcase an acronym, do DvdPlayer, not DVDPlayer. Also see and [09:48]
tlaxkit [tlaxkit!~hexchat@] has joined ##java [09:49]
itsiffy seemingly, the code imports it as - read first line -> enter into List(0) -> enter into List(1) <blank> [09:49]
schu-r [schu-r!] has joined ##java [09:49]
itsiffy read second line -> enter into List (2) -> enter into List(3) <blank> [09:49]
SwiftMatt [SwiftMatt!~Objective@2601:282:4300:3e:f443:d32a:f039:2fbe] has joined ##java [09:50]
odinsbane The examples you pasted used println, so you were getting an extra line. Did you switch that the print? [09:51]
odinsbane Do you have a debugger? [09:52]
itsiffy [09:52]
itsiffy the blank comes from inside the array for some reason [09:52]
odinsbane So your List has a length of 6? [09:53]
itsiffy if I do arr.get(1) - it returns as a blank [09:53]
odinsbane itsiffy: you don't have an array. [09:53]
qrest [qrest!~qrestlove@2605:6000:eb4a:ef00:454f:112b:9095:f0ea] has joined ##java [09:57]
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gugah [gugah!~gugah@] has joined ##java [10:02]
dreamreal submit [10:08]
dreamreal Link for accepted for ##java. [10:08]
Anthaas_ [Anthaas_!~Anthaas@unaffiliated/anthaas] has joined ##java [10:10]
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jonp [jonp!~jonp@about/csharp/mono/jonp] has joined ##java [10:13]
patarr Hello. I am trying to understand the semantics of volatile and was hoping someone could confirm my understanding. If thread A writes to variables x, y, and z (in that order) with only z being volatile, will other threads see the updated values of x and y if they read z first? But if they read x, y, and then z it would be invalid? [10:14]
freeone3000 patarr: Define 'invalid'. [10:15]
odinsbane patarr: what do you think there would be any guarantee on x, or y? [10:15]
patarr Because I read that when reading a volatile, you are guaranteed to read the updated value of the volatile and all the others that were written before it [10:16]
yawkat patarr: yes, assuming z is read after z is written by the first thread. [10:16]
rippa [rippa!] has joined ##java [10:16]
patarr yawkat: then I think my understanding is correct. Much appreciated! [10:16]
yawkat it's called piggybacking and is a thing that can easily be done wrong [10:16]
patarr yawkat: I have a use case for which it may be required. The use case is an executor in which one can submit runnables with "keys", and all work items with the same key will be executed serially in the order provided. But those changes need to be visible to all threads. [10:17]
svm_invictvs [svm_invictvs!~svm_invic@unaffiliated/svminvictvs/x-938456] has joined ##java [10:17]
bolovanos [bolovanos!~bolovanos@] has joined ##java [10:18]
yawkat yes, it is one solution of achieving HB relations between tasks. [10:19]
yawkat do note that only those two ops are ordered. if you do two writes and then a read, there is only a HB order between the last write and the read. [10:20]
odinsbane "all the others that were written before it." There isn't a guarantee on the order, so even though x, y, z were ordered in your code, only z is guarateed to have a write order. [10:20]
yawkat odinsbane: when observing the value written to z from another thread, the values in x and y are also guaranteed to be visible, by HB order. [10:21]
patarr So the JVM could reorder the writes to x and y in whatever order it wants, but because there is a synchronization primitive that comes after, those "happen before" the write to the volatile z, yes? [10:22]
yawkat i dont think the relation between the writes x/y and z are called HB-ordered. the HB-order is between the volatile write and read. [10:23]
patarr So this brings me to my other thought. Let's say the executor operates on a singleton class within the application that stores some kind of business state. The usual map of things, or some lists, etc. The instance of this class can be provided as the key, so the operations on it will be serialized. But how about the visibility of those maps to the rest of the application? [10:24]
yawkat oh, yes it is. nevermind. [10:24]
yawkat patarr: in such scenarios you typically dont operate on the "singleton state" from outside the executor while tasks are queued. [10:25]
patarr yawkat: but presumably you read from it [10:25]
yawkat no. [10:25]
patarr Why no? [10:25]
yawkat no, you dont typically read from state that is written to concurrently without synchronization. [10:26]
patarr Well then, let's say there's a hard requirement to not operate on that singleton outside of tasks within that serialized executor. Does this mean that all of the collections, fields, etc within that singleton do not have to be the threadsafe variants? [10:26]
patarr yawkat: right. That's what I was worried about. You would essentially have to use the same lock the serializing executor system uses if you wanted to read it right? And if that lock is not accessible, then you're out of luck. [10:27]
yawkat correct. the typical thing here is to guarantee that only one task at a time "owns" the singleton, with HB-orders between different tasks. [10:28]
yawkat basically, a mutex, but higher level. [10:28]
yawkat you can in fact do exactly this with a mutex. you get the same guarantees. [10:28]
patarr So it's a different architecture than writing a singeleton in which all the members are threadsafe, the methods are synchronized in such a way that many threads can try executing operations at different times, but the state will always be valid. [10:29]
Pupeno [Pupeno!~pupeno@pdpc/supporter/active/pupeno] has joined ##java [10:29]
dreamreal cheeser: is there a timed facility in the bot? [10:29]
cheeser for? [10:29]
conan [conan!~conan@] has joined ##java [10:29]
yawkat patarr: yes. [10:29]
M_Kay [M_Kay!] has joined ##java [10:29]
patarr yawkat: yeah, I think there probably won't be any volatiles. Most likely synchronization on the singleton class. [10:29]
dreamreal well, I was thinking about the links being put in the channel on inactivity [10:29]
cheeser there's an ExecutorService or two in play [10:29]
cheeser oh, no. nothing like that. [10:30]
dreamreal so if fifteen minutes pass with no traffic, it'd pick a link a random and put it in the channel - is it a bad thing for an operation to CONTAIN an executor service? [10:30]
yawkat patarr: a ReentrantLock is good for this. you can use tryLock, and when it fails you know you fucked up somewhere (instead of blocking for a while and you wont notice) [10:30]
patarr yawkat: can you explain that a bit more for me? [10:30]
bakwods_ parted the channel: [10:30]
yawkat patarr: well. the thing that can happen is that by accident your code runs two tasks on the singleton concurrently. to prevent that, you guard each task with a lock.tryLock() and lock.unlock at the end. if tryLock returns false (locking failed) you know a task is currently running - this shouldnt happen so you know somethings broken somewhere. as an added extra, you get HB ordering. [10:31]
backes [backes!] has joined ##java [10:36]
dave0x6d [dave0x6d!uid190567@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [10:37]
patarr yawkat: well couldn't that be a common scenario where a cached thread pool operates on a queue? Thread 1 picks up work item 1 and starts processing it. Meanwhile, Thread 2 picks up item 2 and does a tryLock and fails. [10:37]
Colt [Colt!] has joined ##java [10:37]
backes Hey, I made a small spring RESTful API which accepts some JSON and processes it. How can I also accept https connections? [10:37]
yawkat patarr: well in that case you dont have unsynchronized shared state. [10:37]
Es0teric [Es0teric!] has joined ##java [10:37]
dreamreal backes: you don't - let the container handle the transport [10:38]
patarr I suppose some kind of thread pinning scheme could be devised... I'm concerned about how bad for performance it would be if all the threads without work will continuously try grabbing work items just to throw them back. [10:38]
upgrdman [upgrdman!~upgrdman@blender/artist/upgrdman] has joined ##java [10:39]
backes dreamreal: and how do I configure that? Note that I wrote this during the weekend and haven't used spring before [10:39]
sbeex [sbeex!~sbeex@] has joined ##java [10:39]
dreamreal backes: well, what container are you using [10:40]
troker [troker!] has joined ##java [10:41]
[DO] [[DO]!~jtdoncas@unaffiliated/jtdoncas] has joined ##java [10:44]
Anthaas [Anthaas!~Anthaas@unaffiliated/anthaas] has joined ##java [10:46]
backes dreamreal: I guess Tomcat(?) I used the Spring Initializer with the "Web" dependency [10:47]
schu-r backes: [10:48]
backes so spring boot is my container? [10:49]
backes I'll give that a try, thank you [10:49]
cheeser no. spring-boot is not a container [10:49]
schu-r backes: I dont know, because i dont know your application. Spring is not the Container, but it can manage the Container underneth. [10:50]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined ##java [10:51]
sunri5e [sunri5e!~sunri5e@unaffiliated/sunri5e] has joined ##java [10:55]
GraysonB_ [GraysonB_!] has joined ##java [10:58]
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neredsenvy [neredsenvy!59d4a218@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [10:59]
GraysonBriggs [GraysonBriggs!] has joined ##java [11:00]
neredsenvy Can anyone help me out with this 'could not resolve symbol Controller' error from IDEA. IDE offers a fix: Add plugin spring-context however when I check External Libraries I can already see this under libraries : / [11:01]
dreamreal neredsenvy: reimport the maven pom [11:01]
neredsenvy using Gradle [11:02]
dreamreal (or get IDEA to refresh the gradle build, if you... yeah) [11:02]
dsardari [dsardari!~dsardari@] has joined ##java [11:02]
baudejogos neredsenvy: also look for the IRC channel for intellij or idea [11:05]
kevinde [kevinde!b2755c58@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [11:06]
mipesom [mipesom!] has joined ##java [11:11]
solars [solars!5473f702@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [11:14]
solars quick question, I want to set a json node to null with jackson: ((ObjectNode) json).put("referrer", null); but get put is ambiguous both method put(java.lang.String,java.lang.Boolean) in com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode and method put(java.lang.String,byte[]) in com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode match [11:15]
solars how can I do this? [11:15]
Cu5tosLimen [Cu5tosLimen!~CustosLim@unaffiliated/cust0slim3n] has joined ##java [11:16]
Cu5tosLimen hi - is there something like guava's Forwarding* classes in apache commons collections ? [11:17]
aQaTL [aQaTL!~aQaTL@] has joined ##java [11:21]
dreamreal Cu5tosLimen: chances are that the apache docs would show it if so [11:23]
dreamreal what does Forwarding* do? [11:23]
Cu5tosLimen dreamreal, they forward method calls to delegate() method - so you have ForwardingQueue which forwards all queue methods to calls to delegate() that returns a queue object [11:24]
Cu5tosLimen [11:24]
Cu5tosLimen Cu5tosLimen's title: "Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java HEAD-jre-SNAPSHOT API" [11:24]
dreamreal well, look for an equivalent in apache commons collections. But why not use the Guava classes? [11:26]
neoncontrails [neoncontrails!~neoncontr@2600:1702:850:9ed0:cc42:6c8c:9e0c:2002] has joined ##java [11:26]
Cu5tosLimen dreamreal, I am going to now - cos I could not find something similar in commons-collections - but at the moment the project is not using guava so wanted to avoid adding it if I did not have to [11:27]
dreamreal meh, guava's one of those libraries that is close to a default dependency IMO. I understand, but I'd have zero qualms about adding it, a lot like I'd start off with a dependency on slf4j without a single worry about it [11:28]
teta [teta!c6b8e7fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [11:29]
teta I have a form with a p:commandButton. works fine. I want to add a validation but it's a pretty complex validation, needs to go the controller, then make a query, and then based on the query go one way or the other [17:26] <teta> what do you suggest for this case? [11:29]
teta this is in primefaces [11:30]
freeone3000 do that? maybe ajax it. [11:30]
Anthaas_ [Anthaas_!~Anthaas@unaffiliated/anthaas] has joined ##java [11:31]
Gurkenglas [Gurkenglas!] has joined ##java [11:31]
svm_invictvs [svm_invictvs!~svm_invic@unaffiliated/svminvictvs/x-938456] has joined ##java [11:33]
yawkat solars: putNull [11:35]
Colt [Colt!] has joined ##java [11:36]
Sheilong [Sheilong!~user@unaffiliated/sheilong] has joined ##java [11:43]
Sheilong I can't access jsp pages from the servlet due path issue, and backwards, how could I fix it? [11:44]
Anthaas [Anthaas!~Anthaas@unaffiliated/anthaas] has joined ##java [11:44]
dreamreal what have you tried, what happens [11:45]
dreamreal what "servlet due path issue" [11:45]
[DO] [[DO]!~jtdoncas@unaffiliated/jtdoncas] has joined ##java [11:46]
itsiffy [itsiffy!54c3c0c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [11:46]
Sheilong When I access the jsp page directly it only redirects to the servlet whether I add the follwoing code to the the form <%= request.getContextPath() %>/SomethingServlet [11:47]
mirk0 [mirk0!~mirk0@unaffiliated/-mirko-/x-2946915] has joined ##java [11:47]
dreamreal I don't quite understand - you SHOULD be adding the context path in the JSP if you're wanting to access a servlet [11:48]
Sheilong After pass through the servlet If I click on a link to navigate to another page it don't get the right path [11:48]
dreamreal well, the servlet would have to have the correct path to go back to the JSP as well [11:48]
schu-r [schu-r!] has joined ##java [11:49]
itsiffy Is there a way to split an arrayList into a 2D arrayList? I was looking at the forEach command, but i don't quite understand the syntax :/ , basically I want to split each element of an array of String[] in an String[][] by using a regex "," [11:50]
k3vin-Com I'm trying to compile a java app that has many dependencies using javac.. I tried using the classpath option and specifying the "lib" folder that's part of the project.. I know all of the needed *.jar files reside there.. but it doesn't seem to satisfy the build requirements (the import.*.. statements don't resolve.. can anybody tell me how to point classpath at a folder using a wildcard? ...or am [11:50]
k3vin-Com going about this all wrong? [11:50]
k3vin-Com using javac -cp <path to *.jars> <.java file> [11:51]
yawkat maven [11:51]
yawkat yawkat, maven is a software management tool that can compile, test, package, and deploy your project, with plugins for everything you can think of. See and [11:51]
CppCon [CppCon!cpp@nat/google/x-jqxdjxxdliqwuxaf] has joined ##java [11:52]
k3vin-Com well.. this is actually part of a larger java project.. the rest of it compiles using ant.. I just wanted to be able to target a single java file to test calls and new procedures in.. [11:54]
Sheilong dreamreal: Yes, but it is not really working. [11:55]
mirk0 [mirk0!~mirk0@unaffiliated/-mirko-/x-2946915] has joined ##java [11:56]
freeone3000 k3vin-Com: Then you want to build a new ant-task to build that file with the rest of your dependencies. [11:56]
freeone3000 Or, really, maven. Since that's what's maven's really good at. [11:56]
dreamreal Sheilong: okay, so do it properly? [11:57]
Beanzilla [Beanzilla!~Beanzilla@unaffiliated/beanzilla] has joined ##java [11:57]
cyberz [cyberz!] has joined ##java [11:57]
dreamreal k3vin-Com: why are you not using maven or gradle? [11:57]
dreamreal or sbt? [11:57]
yawkat heh [11:57]
dreamreal yawkat: shush, I'm trying what humans call "being funny" [11:58]
k3vin-Com yawkat : freenode3000 : dreamreal : OK, thanks for the help, I'll look in to those. [11:58]
k3vin-Com dreamreal: it's an eclipse project.. [11:58]
dreamreal k3vin-Com: does that change anything? [11:58]
ogradyd [ogradyd!~Thunderbi@2a02:8070:88ac:21f0:ecdc:bee4:67b6:aa18] has joined ##java [11:58]
dreamreal k3vin-Com: (hint: it does not. Use maven.) [11:58]
Colt [Colt!] has joined ##java [11:59]
k3vin-Com I learned java a looong time ago.. but I'm now getting into the pool and I'm just trying to figure out where all the ladders are :-P [11:59]
dreamreal k3vin-Com: sure. Use maven or gradle. Avoid SBT. That was a joke. [12:00]
k3vin-Com dreamreal: lol on sbt.. I kinda caught it.. I'll do some reading, thanks for the point in the right direction. [12:03]
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Anticom [Anticom!~Anticom@2001:41b8:9bf:fdc2:2dcc:b0e0:c8dc:e632] has joined ##java [12:06]
Colt [Colt!] has joined ##java [12:09]
Yamakaja_ Mhm, i was wondering about a habit of mine which is getting a bit annoying: I prefer to use fast indexes and avoid linear lookup times pretty much whenever possible. That is, if i have a relation between two things, and that relation also needs to work backwards (While maintaining the original objects) i just create two HashMaps to avoid iterating [12:10]
Yamakaja_ through the map elements. (Even if that would be like 100 max). Is there a point is this technique or should i worry less about that stuff and just iterate over my collections if i really need to? (In my current situation i can decide between yet another index and iteration in a situation that will not happen all that frequently) [12:10]
yawkat if there is a significant code overhead to a potentially more scaleable solution, dont bother before you need it. [12:12]
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xXLabRatXx Hello [12:29]
dreamreal hi [12:30]
Yamakaja hi [12:31]
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k3vin-Com .MaxValue! [12:31]
Yamakaja Mhm? [12:32]
xXLabRatXx quick question - does anyone know any lists/sites that have a list of intermediate or semi-advanced programming ideas? i looked around but everything i found was dead simple [12:32]
k3vin-Com sorry.. that was a pretty nerdy hello.. [12:32]
Yamakaja Try this if you're into games [12:32]
dreamreal k3vin-Com: I appreciated it personally [12:33]
k3vin-Com dreamreal: eggsellent [12:33]
xXLabRatXx k3vin-Com: eggsellent? my grandmother said that all the time when i was young! [12:34]
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k3vin-Com xXLabRatXx: sounds like granny was pretty kew.. [12:43]
xXLabRatXx k3vin-Com: indeed she was [12:44]
raynold ahh it's a wonderful day [12:48]
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SwiftMatt Why do a ton of people on this page say that Random should be outside of the method? [12:50]
SwiftMatt [12:50]
Anticom Hi all. I'm using to extract the first capute group. However if the pattern doesn't match i'm getting an IllegalStateException. How is this done properly with the least performance overhead? [12:51]
[twisti] SwiftMatt: because new Random makes a new random, and then gives it a seed. so every loop, you make a new random, and set it to produce the same random number sequence. and then you are surprised that its the same number. [12:52]
SwiftMatt That's the code of the person who asked the question [12:53]
[twisti] ok, so replace 'you' with 'he' in my answer [12:53]
SwiftMatt what if the random was inside the method but the no-arg constructor was called? [12:53]
[twisti] then it would be seeded with the microsecond, which in a loop that tight would be the same microsecond for every iteration [12:54]
[twisti] the real question is why would you WANT to have it inside the loop ? its slow, wasteful and doesnt produce good randoms. there is no advantage at all. [12:54]
SwiftMatt so you're saying there is a loop [12:55]
SwiftMatt outside the method call [12:55]
[twisti] what ? [12:56]
SwiftMatt I mean.... what loop were you referring to [12:56]
yawkat facepalms [12:56]
yawkat for every SO question theres a dumb answer... [12:56]
[twisti] he says "Everytime I give a seed and try to generate 100 numbers, they all are the same. Please help." [12:57]
SwiftMatt what is dumb about that Yamakaja [12:57]
[twisti] clearly, there is a loop going on [12:57]
SwiftMatt right so that is why I said [12:57]
SwiftMatt you were saying there is a loop outside the method call [12:57]
[twisti] im not saying that, he is [12:57]
Yamakaja SwiftMatt pinged the wrong person :P [12:57]
SwiftMatt ok [12:57]
SwiftMatt I did [12:57]
yawkat strictly worse than new Random() [12:59]
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kikero Hi there! [12:59]
dreamreal hi [01:00]
Yamakaja SwiftMatt there are a couple things with that. System.currentTimeMillis is limited by the normal system clock time resolution - which isn't all that high (Definitely not ms). For cryptographic purposes that'd be REALLY easy to brute force [01:00]
SwiftMatt ok [01:00]
kikero I have a Float.floatToRawIntBits(-10) which is -1054867456 and the unsigned representation of this value as a long 3240099840L [01:00]
yawkat well for crypto, Random sucks anyway [01:00]
yawkat but it's just not good seeding [01:00]
Yamakaja What about SecureRandom? [01:00]
kikero Java doesn't seem to support unsigned integers by default [01:01]
yawkat that is secure. [01:01]
kikero How can I show that the two are equal? [01:01]
kikero i.e. convert 3240099840L to -1054867456 [01:01]
Yamakaja Uhm, try | 0 on the long [01:01]
yawkat Yamakaja: that does absolutely nothing. [01:02]
Yamakaja Then you can try | 0L on the int :P [01:02]
yawkat oh, this is an int. [01:02]
yawkat just cast both to int [01:02]
yawkat done [01:02]
kikero (int) 3240099840L is indeed -1054867456 [01:03]
kikero how can I change -1054867456 to 3240099840L though? [01:03]
Yamakaja | 0L [01:03]
kikero I am sorry, I've asked the wrong question [01:03]
yawkat & 0xffffffffL [01:04]
kikero thanks a lot yawkat [01:04]
Yamakaja Yeah .. my solution converts to long first - whopsie [01:04]
kikero why's that though? [01:05]
Yamakaja Because i'm using bit operators on different types, the lower type is "upgraded" [01:05]
kikero oh, ok [01:05]
yawkat well | 0 does nothing anyway [01:06]
Yamakaja Well, yeah ... i thought it might prevent java from applying it's conversions xD [01:06]
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