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dumptruckman any idea what is wrong here? [12:01]
schu-r [schu-r!] has joined ##java [12:02]
Xophosaurus not sure =\ [12:08]
dumptruckman wrong list item separator for OS [12:11]
dumptruckman got it working [12:11]
ShekharReddy [ShekharReddy!uid132367@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [12:13]
katiex7 anyone thats read a swing book, is there a short dense code filled one that I can knock out in a couple weeks? [12:14]
dumptruckman anyone know of some kind of library/framework i can use to host a bot that can do self updates? [12:19]
aphprentice [aphprentice!uid124612@gateway/web/] has joined ##java [12:29]
JoshuaD Is there an observable stringbuffer, or something that will act like that? I have a string buffer that is updated occasionally that I'd like to display in a javafx TextArea. [12:32]
JoshuaD tried googling but came up blank [12:32]
JoshuaD not at all attached to using a string buffer. Just something I can append text to without having to tell the UI to update its display [12:33]
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dka Just a random question, if you would be on a website of a framework/librarie that look cool, but the domain is ending with ".vn" , would you download it or would you be reluctant regarding it's origin ? [01:57]
dka parted the channel: "Leaving" [01:58]
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SpiceMan I don't see how the TLD doesn't even matter [02:07]
SpiceMan *does [02:07]
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AMcBain dka, I don't think it matters. The content and such matters more. Plus with .vn you could have [02:16]
AMcBain The only problem with new TLDs is older people over the phone. They may instinctively add a ".com" after it. [02:18]
AMcBain .oO( but that's what I get for buying one of those... ) [02:19]
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russellw I'm trying out the option in Intellij to create a test, and it's talking about junit vs groovy junit vs spock vs testng. I don't suppose there is a consensus on which of those to use? [03:58]
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Maldivia russellw: junit being the most common option, but many consider testng to be better than it [04:05]
ogradyd [ogradyd!~Thunderbi@2a02:8070:88ac:21f0:ecdc:bee4:67b6:aa18] has joined ##java [04:09]
russellw Maldivia, okay, thanks [04:10]
Maldivia junit [04:11]
Maldivia Maldivia, junit is a unit testing tool for java. See [04:11]
Maldivia testng [04:11]
Maldivia Maldivia, testng is a testing framework that many consider more powerful than jUnit. For more information check out their homepage [04:11]
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dka I want to query gandi xmlrpc API using from my Springboot application [04:44]
dka is there any third party lirbary made for that? [04:44]
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psiber [psiber!psiber@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/psiber] has joined ##java [05:03]
RajRajRaj My heart said java [05:05]
RajRajRaj And some voice in my head kept saying c++ [05:05]
RajRajRaj Now when i got a job in c++ [05:06]
RajRajRaj I hate it because of people in this job [05:06]
RajRajRaj Also because i am.not that good in c++ [05:06]
RajRajRaj Or object oriented programming [05:06]
Borw3 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! [05:06]
RajRajRaj Yeah man this really sucks [05:07]
yawkat interesting [05:07]
yawkat this is all very interesting (not really) but please take it somewhere else. [05:07]
Borw3 LOL, how did you get the job? backdoor? [05:07]
RajRajRaj I spent hell amount of time comparing java and c++ [05:07]
snf_gh [snf_gh!~snf_gh@] has joined ##java [05:07]
RajRajRaj Sorry yawkat [05:07]
psiber gday all, anyone have any insights onto best method to seamlessly blend between two normalised noise functions. basically using it for terrain generation in a game and want to select between "hill noise" and "plains noise" values but without a sudden break between the two? [05:07]
RajRajRaj I thought no one is asking anything so if i could express myself here [05:08]
yawkat psiber: well... a linear transition i suppose? [05:08]
yawkat really depends on what your noise looks like [05:08]
psiber 2d simplex fields or perlin [05:09]
RajRajRaj Borw3: i got.the job coz my Friend referred me and cracked the 10 days assignment they gave me [05:09]
psiber principles should be identical [05:09]
quelqun_dautre RajRajRaj: so your friend did all the work and you ended up with the job ? [05:09]
Borw3 RajRajRaj: LOL, so back door. Got it. [05:09]
quelqun_dautre That's cheating and I hope you get fired. [05:09]
RajRajRaj It felt like i did a great job however I was not interviewed thorowly [05:09]
RajRajRaj Borw3: idk whats back door [05:10]
psiber *facepalm* [05:10]
RajRajRaj quelqun_dautre: i didnot cheat. Its just that they were easy on me coz my Friend bragged too many good things about me [05:10]
Borw3 RajRajRaj: Getting something, via sneaky/cheating means. [05:11]
RajRajRaj Borw3: how is it sneaky or cheating [05:11]
yawkat guys can you take it to #java-talk or something [05:11]
RajRajRaj Do you not get referred by your friends [05:11]
RajRajRaj yawkat: :( ok [05:11]
psiber a linear transition sounds good but the implementation of the same is giving me headaches. [05:11]
sonOfRa "I got accepted to a job despite not having the qualifications for it because a friend lied for me" [05:11]
Borw3 RajRajRaj: If your friend didn't brag, or help you, you would be jobless now. [05:11]
sonOfRa Wait, this isn't -talk, nevermind [05:12]
RajRajRaj Borw3: yes [05:12]
psiber sec and I'll post something [05:12]
yawkat psiber: whats the problem? [05:12]
sonOfRa yawkat: *crickets* :D [05:12]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "vertx-auth doesn't use current OWASP password hashing recommendation Issue #178 vert-x3/vertx-auth GitHub" [05:12]
psiber yawkat > I cant get my head around the math logic to create the smooth transition between the two field values with a nice falloff. im sure im just having a blonde moment. [05:13]
psiber let me write a sample function and pastebin it, two ticks [05:13]
yawkat psiber: well... theres lots of functions to pick from. additive, multiplicative, various falloff curves... [05:13]
yawkat sonOfRa: this is the same people that use netty in a framework. it's bound to kind of suck. [05:15]
psiber yeah. im having a blond moment. I can just use a seperate noise field to decide which other type of noise to use based on set parameters. [05:16]
psiber will try that, and do some further reading on falloff curve functions which im certain are relevant [05:21]
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devish I have a class RootCauseTable.Item, now I am passing a List <RootCauseTable.Item> and want it to be sorted by one of the attribute defined in Item class.How can I achieve this? [05:29]
Katana [Katana!~hentai@unaffiliated/katana] has joined ##java [05:29]
yawkat javadoc Comparator.comparingBy(*) [05:30]
yawkat I have no documentation for Comparator.comparingBy(*) [05:30]
devish Item is a static class inside RootCause [05:30]
Maldivia no By [05:30]
quelqun_dautre devish: yourlist.sort(Comparators.comparing(RootCauseTable.Item::getYourAttribute)) [05:31]
devish dont I need to implement comparable interface in RootCauseTable or Item? [05:33]
yawkat no [05:33]
sonOfRa getYourAttribute needs to be comparable, though, obviously [05:34]
devish Yeah, where does this Comparators class sit, I cannot find it. [05:35]
sonOfRa javadoc Comparators [05:36]
sonOfRa sonOfRa: [guava:] [05:36]
yawkat it's called Comparator* [05:36]
yawkat quelqun_dautre just misspelled it [05:36]
devish aah [05:37]
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effectnet hi [05:48]
surial hello [05:48]
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Borw3 parted the channel: [06:26]
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anna` ;D [07:12]
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dreamreal morning [07:45]
anna` Morning :) [07:46]
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matsurago morning :) [07:52]
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barteks2x Does printStackTrace of StackOverflowError show THE WHOLE stacktrace? I I can't find the actual initial calling code in the stacktrace [07:59]
barteks2x as in, the initial code that called the code that caused the infinite recursion [07:59]
dreamreal hahaha [08:01]
dreamreal um [08:01]
dreamreal it's supposed to try [08:01]
ernimril barteks2x, usually it does not include everything, yes [08:02]
barteks2x any way to force it to include everything without modifying the code? [08:02]
barteks2x One user is getting a StackOverflowError and I can't see how it actually got into the place with the infinite recursion [08:03]
barteks2x and yes, I know it will make the log exceed several MB in size [08:04]
dreamreal barteks2x: debug it. [08:04]
ernimril barteks2x, I know of no runtime flags that works [08:04]
barteks2x *if* I can get the things to work in my dev environment [08:04]
dreamreal barteks2x: do you have the source code? [08:04]
barteks2x This is interaction between 4 different things, 3 of them I have in dev environment, the fourth... I'm not sure if it will work [08:05]
barteks2x even if I didn't have source, there are decompilers [08:05]
barteks2x and the StackjOverflowError doesn't even make sense to me... [08:07]
barteks2x it seems to be just one method calling itself infinidetely, but then right at the top in the stacktrace, I see a reflective Field.get() [08:07]
ojtua_ [ojtua_!~ojtua@unaffiliated/ojtua] has joined ##java [08:08]
Maldivia for stack overflows, you can usually ignore the top ones, since those are just calls in that method that eventually leads to it calling itself [08:08]
goatish [goatish!~textual@2607:fea8:235f:f3ac:8c34:584b:5a5:be77] has joined ##java [08:09]
barteks2x let me show you what it looks like (with names changed) [08:09]
zergut [zergut!uid221522@taskhive/translator/zergut] has joined ##java [08:10]
barteks2x [08:11]
barteks2x oh... I see [08:11]
barteks2x nvm [08:11]
barteks2x \I was confused [08:11]
dreamreal found it, then? [08:12]
Maldivia to the handler recursively calls it self, and the moment the overflow happened, it was inside a lambda calling some reflective call [08:12]
Maldivia as said, you can often ignore the f irst (few) frames on overflows [08:12]
Maldivia in this case I would look to, why it calls itself, what conditions are causing it [08:13]
barteks2x I just realized what you meant by that right after I posted the link [08:13]
Blankspace [Blankspace!~AndChat18@unaffiliated/blankspace] has joined ##java [08:13]
Blankspace Hi [08:13]
barteks2x the thing is, I don't even know why it reaches that code [08:13]
Maldivia debug... breakpoints... [08:13]
Blankspace How can a beginner start learning java [08:13]
Maldivia tutorial [08:13]
Maldivia The Oracle tutorial for Java is probably your best starting point, at . Skip the Netbeans bits. Another option: - has a list of others as well. [08:13]
Bombe Blankspace, the same way a beginner starts to learn anything. [08:14]
matsurago Blankspace: read Head First Java book, is very good for beginners [08:14]
Blankspace No I mean what should a person know to kick start a career in java [08:14]
Bombe Blankspace, first of all: ask the real questions. [08:15]
Bombe Everything else is wasting everbody?s time and pissing them off. [08:15]
o] Blankspace: java programming questions, please :) [08:15]
barteks2x oh my god... that code is *awful* [08:15]
KazeFX [KazeFX!] has joined ##java [08:16]
barteks2x I still don't see how it could crash [08:17]
barteks2x but it's still awful code [08:17]
dreamreal Blankspace: learn java, that's how you kickstart a career in java [08:18]
dreamreal go read the tutorial, program, work hard, profit [08:18]
dreamreal next [08:18]
dreamreal Another satisfied customer. Next! [08:18]
wildlander [wildlander!~wildlande@unaffiliated/wildlander] has joined ##java [08:19]
Blankspace Thanks for the useful links and suggestions. [08:22]
Bombe If you really needed us to tell you _that_ you will have an? interesting life. [08:25]
Borw3 [Borw3!69150022@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [08:27]
Borw3 minwcraft [08:28]
Borw3 Borw3, what does that even *mean*? [08:28]
Borw3 minecraft [08:28]
Borw3 ##java is not here to answer your Minecraft hacking questions; it is a development enthusiast channel for questions and discussion on the topic of programming with the Java language. See #minecraft on [08:28]
barteks2x I still have no clue how the code actually got into the infinite recursion, how it's even possible given the code AND I can't debug it because in my dev environment it crashes with different exceptiopn [08:31]
somazero [somazero!] has joined ##java [08:33]
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o] barteks2x: coding is not for everyone [08:35]
dreamreal just like human interaction [08:36]
barteks2x I would be able to at least figure out what is wrong if java actually showed me the whole stacktrace [08:36]
o] bad bad java [08:36]
dreamreal barteks2x: I doubt it [08:37]
barteks2x It shouldn't even be reaching that part of code [08:37]
yawkat but it does :) [08:39]
yawkat bummer! [08:39]
Maldivia well obviously, some of your assumptions don't hold true then [08:39]
dreamreal you guys are mean [08:39]
dreamreal I was trying to figure out a way to say that without being too obvious about it [08:39]
BlueyCodingTeam [BlueyCodingTeam!bc79d8b5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [08:40]
stealth[]`` [stealth[]``!~stealth]] has joined ##java [08:46]
anna` cuteFluffyDreamreal? [08:46]
matsurago barteks2x: if debugging fails you, you can always use println() statements [08:46]
barteks2x I can't modify most of the code [08:47]
barteks2x not without log hours of setting everything up in just the right way [08:48]
matsurago can you replace recursion with a loop?^^ [08:50]
KazeFX hey guys, wondering if anyone know if its possible to find an older version of LWJGL than 2.8.2(Nov 2011), checked their website and that seemed to be the oldest they still got up :o [08:50]
dreamreal probably more fruitful than complaining on IRC for hours [08:50]
dreamreal KazeFX: ask the authors? [08:50]
yawkat KazeFX: [08:52]
yawkat yawkat's title: "Maven Repository: org.lwjgl.lwjgl lwjgl" [08:52]
badgerman [badgerman!] has joined ##java [08:52]
barteks2x matsurago, it's NOT recursion in my code. It's recursion in a library I use [08:52]
barteks2x I see what caused it now [08:52]
barteks2x but I don't see a way to fix it from my side aside of extending a monster class that isn't supposed to be inherited [08:52]
KazeFX yawkat: thank you! [08:52]
barteks2x and creating a "fake" instance [08:53]
matsurago if the library is such buggy, maybe it's better to look for an alternative? [08:53]
barteks2x I onmly use a tiny part of it, it has a GUI part. This crash is in completely irrelevant part of it [08:54]
dreamreal not really irrelevant if it's causing a crash [08:54]
dreamreal is it an open source library? [08:54]
barteks2x it is irrelevant bevcause it's not my code calling that part of it [08:54]
barteks2x it is [08:54]
dreamreal well, file an issue, first [08:55]
dreamreal record the problem [08:55]
barteks2x I still don';t know if he won't just refuse to fix it [08:55]
matsurago barteks2x: you may check if newer version is available that has the bug fixed [08:55]
dreamreal it's OPEN SOURCE [08:55]
dreamreal geez, you own it, dude [08:55]
barteks2x I' using latest snapshot [08:55]
dreamreal fix it yourself! [08:55]
dreamreal fork it if necessary! It's open source! [08:55]
dreamreal you have complete agency here! [08:55]
dreamreal whether HE fixes it or not is not relevant! [08:56]
barteks2x Forking it's a good idea because I wou;ld have to ask all users to download my specia version opf it [08:56]
dreamreal but your version WOULD WORK [08:56]
barteks2x I've been bugging the developper of that library for over a year to separate the GUI p[art of it [08:56]
dreamreal barteks2x: [08:57]
matsurago sometimes it may be fruitful to try previous versions of the lib [08:57]
dreamreal (from the channel podcast, episode 10) [08:57]
barteks2x previious versions don't have bugfixes I rely on [08:57]
dreamreal barteks2x: stop! [08:57]
dreamreal barteks2x: what library is it? [08:57]
dreamreal what url? [08:57]
Katana [Katana!~hentai@unaffiliated/katana] has joined ##java [08:58]
barteks2x at this point we are dangerously close to reaching something explicitly states to not ask about in the topic [08:58]
barteks2x so n [08:58]
dreamreal dude, we passed that long ago. [08:58]
dreamreal Note that I am an op. [08:58]
dreamreal And this is not a tech support question, not really, not at this point [08:58]
barteks2x it's a MInecraft-related library [08:58]
dreamreal this is a "do you understand how open source works" question [08:58]
barteks2x I do. But I don't see any way to fix that code [08:59]
dreamreal barteks2x: okay, fine, you still want to keep up a wall, whatever. Look, that url about open source is really relevant here [08:59]
dreamreal you're doing exactly what most open source users do [08:59]
barteks2x [08:59]
barteks2x barteks2x's title: "Overview - MalisisCore - Mods - Projects - Minecraft CurseForge" [08:59]
barteks2x there [08:59]
barteks2x oopos [08:59]
barteks2x that was suppoosed to be gihub link [08:59]
barteks2x copied wrong one [08:59]
dreamreal I do the same thing; we act like we're consumers, the author is a producer, we just get to use the author's blood, sweat, and tears because we're communists [08:59]
barteks2x [09:00]
barteks2x barteks2x's title: "GitHub - Ordinastie/MalisisCore" [09:00]
dreamreal but it's open source. That's not how open source works. [09:00]
dreamreal See? MIT license! Very permissive. You own it. [09:00]
barteks2x except I can't really because I would have to change modid to avoid strange conflicts but that woul;d also break a lot of stuff [09:01]
dreamreal Fork it, split it into GUI and non-GUI parts like you think it should be; fix the bugs; submit a patch, and if he doesn't accept it, it's all good. If you want to keep the deltas small, well, don't split it and fix the bugs. [09:01]
barteks2x so it's lot legal issues stopping me, it's technical issues [09:01]
dreamreal shrugs [09:01]
barteks2x the GUI part can't be split without major rewrite [09:01]
dreamreal Fully understood, just saying that it's yours to fix [09:01]
barteks2x and again I don't see a way to fix it at all [09:01]
dreamreal when you open source stuff, you're purposefully relinquishing a lot of ownership... and to whom? [09:01]
deavmi [deavmi!~Thunderbi@] has joined ##java [09:02]
barteks2x again, it's not about license. Forking it would just cause so many technical issues and so much more work for me that it's not worth it [09:02]
dreamreal understood. [09:02]
GenteelBen [GenteelBen!] has joined ##java [09:03]
barteks2x So I'm going to just extend the class that I really didn't want to extend and hope for the best [09:03]
[twisti] barteks2x: looks like an active project, so just fix the bug and make a PR ? [09:03]
txter [txter!~gulli@unaffiliated/gulli] has joined ##java [09:03]
barteks2x I don't know HOW to fix it [09:04]
barteks2x I don't see any way to do that [09:04]
[twisti] then pay someone to do it, learn how to do it, or live with it. those are your options. [09:04]
barteks2x I started with "how can I figure out what calls this code when all I have is StackOverflowError" and got into that... [09:06]
dreamreal barteks2x: welcome to programming! [09:07]
dreamreal "I pulled on this one thread on my sweater, now I'm naked and bought fourteen sheep" [09:07]
[twisti] id give you karma, thats putting it really well [09:15]
Borw3 Guys help, I am in eclipse Oxygen. And auto created methods/constructors have names of argX, how to give them their names in the library? [09:18]
dreamreal their... names... in the library? [09:19]
dreamreal show us? [09:19]
Borw3 dreamreal: Here: [09:21]
Borw3 Borw3's title: "Screenshot from 2018 01 20 17 07 59" [09:21]
dreamreal a screenshot? really? [09:22]
Borw3 LOL [09:22]
dreamreal What does the library use for those argument names? [09:22]
Borw3 Look at the method, the variable (Method arg1) is supposed to be (Method method) [09:23]
dreamreal Borw3: right, well, I dunno, that sounds like a question for #eclipse [09:23]
Borw3 Okay, thanks, let me go ask over there. [09:24]
dreamreal but you didn't show the signature for the method you're overriding, I assume you know what you're talking about [09:24]
matsurago [09:24]
matsurago guess that's it [09:24]
matsurago that IDE is really dumb... [09:25]
shirafuno [shirafuno!] has joined ##java [09:25]
dreamreal matsurago: why? He doesn't have an import, and I doubt spring uses his package name [09:25]
matsurago dreamreal: the signature matches perfectly [09:26]
yawkat but the class doesnt [09:26]
Maldivia dreamreal: imports are folded [09:26]
yawkat ah. [09:26]
matsurago I guess he created a package that matches those of spring [09:26]
matsurago or this [09:26]
dreamreal ah, there we go. The joys of SCREENSHOTS for code. [09:26]
yawkat but eh. #eclipse [09:27]
Maldivia well, he probably has a lib without debug symbols, thus no variable names to extract [09:27]
adminseodwn [adminseodwn!~archer@unaffiliated/remcwo9o] has joined ##java [09:27]
Borw3 matsurago: I am using Spring packages [09:27]
Maldivia Borw3: well, it's an eclipse issue, so ask in an eclipse channel [09:29]
Borw3 Maldivia: LOL, eclipse side is silent :( [09:29]
matsurago no one uses it :) [09:29]
Borw3 ( [09:29]
games_ )))) [09:29]
acidjnk [acidjnk!] has joined ##java [09:29]
games_ fuck eclipse [09:30]
Borw3 What you guys use? [09:30]
games_ intellij [09:30]
KazeFX intelliJ [09:30]
matsurago IntelliJ [09:30]
AmVarPG [AmVarPG!] has joined ##java [09:30]
Borw3 LOL, product key anyone :D [09:30]
KazeFX its free if u download community edition :) [09:30]
games_ derp [09:31]
KazeFX EE version requires a key however [09:31]
dreamreal ponders a kickban for asking for a product key... [09:31]
Maldivia Borw3: you can get your product key right here: [09:31]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Monthly and yearly plans with JetBrains Toolbox" [09:31]
Borw3 IntelliJ Community edition doesn't come with JavaEE or Spring or Vaadin, or any support for anything. :( [09:31]
dreamreal who cares, community edition is free and if you're not an ass you'll buy it if you need it [09:31]
dreamreal stop whining [09:31]
matsurago I persuaded the boss to buy a license pack for our team :) [09:31]
DLSteve [DLSteve!~DLSteve@2601:601:1301:40a8:589e:d7e6:ea15:7c40] has joined ##java [09:31]
KazeFX needing EE but not wanting to buy it is paradoxal to me :o [09:32]
Borw3 Atleast Spring support. [09:32]
[twisti] KazeFX: not everyone has a grand extra lying around [09:32]
Borw3 ( [09:32]
Maldivia KazeFX: you do know you can do EE developerment without the extra bells and whistles in Ultimate? [09:32]
KazeFX thats why i refered to community edition [09:33]
Kristjan [Kristjan!] has joined ##java [09:33]
kicked Kristjan (User is banned from this channel) [09:33]
Borw3 KazeFX: Does Community edition come with support for Spring, like editing bean context.xml files with a GUI? [09:34]
dreamreal Borw3: no, but you don't need that anyway [09:35]
matsurago you still configure spring in xml? [09:35]
dreamreal if you do, buy ultimate [09:35]
dreamreal if you need it, it's worth it [09:35]
Borw3 dreamreal: LOL, I am learning Spring, Plus xml with GUI seems faster than Class Configurations :D [09:36]
KazeFX Borw3: no sadly not [09:36]
yawkat O.o [09:36]
DLSteve I have the $20/month sub. Well worth it between InteliJ and the other IDEs I use. [09:36]
dreamreal Borw3: ... what you just said makes me wonder if programming is the right career path for you [09:36]
KazeFX Borw3: [09:36]
KazeFX KazeFX's title: "Ultimate vs. Community - Compare Editions | IntelliJ IDEA" [09:36]
upgrdman [upgrdman!~upgrdman@blender/artist/upgrdman] has joined ##java [09:37]
Borw3 dreamreal: LOL, It's the book I am using to learn Spring :D... they give examples in xml first, and Classes last, and some don't even have Class examples. :( [09:37]
m3n3chm0 [m3n3chm0!~XFCE@] has joined ##java [09:37]
dreamreal what you just said doesn't change anything for me [09:37]
Maldivia yeah, drop that book, and find something from this centiry... [09:38]
Borw3 Maldivia: Pro Spring 5 [09:38]
Maldivia [09:38]
dreamreal Maldivia: to be fair, the guides are awful [09:39]
yawkat not really. [09:39]
dreamreal yes, they are [09:39]
Borw3 They seem disorganized [09:39]
Maldivia some of them could be better, yeah [09:39]
dreamreal as an editor, I'd reject them all. They're useful, if you go mining for information, but as a roadmap or as actual guides... no [09:39]
KazeFX Borw3: web resources are always(hopefully) up to date, books are hard to patch :) so check [09:39]
matsurago Spring in Action is a great book btw [09:40]
bendem spring guides are useless for any real use. They stop before you start meeting any of the common problems [09:40]
matsurago Alos, Baeldung has some (not all) great guides on Spring configuration and usage [09:41]
DLSteve or use Dropwizard :D [09:41]
Borw3 the Spring guides seem to have no clear point of start, or where to go after what. [09:41]
dreamreal baeldung is pretty good, yeah [09:41]
bendem they are basically show offs of "hey, you can do very basic stuff without any configuration", but then stuff isn't basic, and the guides don't cover any of that [09:41]
yawkat Borw3: well, start with what you want to do. [09:41]
dreamreal eugen paraschiv is a nice guy [09:42]
yawkat spring does everything, and using it for android is quite different from using it for a REST app. [09:42]
yawkat so of course there isnt a single point to start. [09:42]
Borw3 LOL, from IDE problem to Spring issue. :D [09:42]
Borw3 ( but seriously eclipse group is so quiet., not even a single "user quit" or "user login" in last 30 minutes :( [09:44]
bendem 30 minutes of silence is hardly "quiet" [09:44]
gugah [gugah!~gugah@] has joined ##java [09:53]
julius [julius!~julius@2a01:4f8:c17:3f45::2] has joined ##java [09:53]
julius hi [09:54]
julius im looking for a way to convert music (mp3) into a timeseries, googling for "convert music to timeseries" or "mp3 to timeseries" does not show any promissing results...any hints? [09:55]
julius would be nice to have java code for this [09:55]
dreamreal time series of what [09:56]
julius the sound [09:56]
julius wait let me thing [09:56]
julius think [09:56]
royal_screwup21 julius: google harder [09:57]
dreamreal a... series of the sample, you mean? [09:57]
dreamreal sort of like a stream of bytes and words and stuff? [09:57]
minos_nl [minos_nl!] has joined ##java [10:02]
julius i would like to run sax on it: [10:02]
julius julius's title: "Symbolic Aggregate Approximation (SAX) | SAX-VSM" [10:02]
julius but im not really sure howto convert music into a simple timeseries like a temperature curve over time [10:03]
julius maybe sax is not the right tool for pattern recognition in sound [10:03]
CedricBeust [CedricBeust!~cbeust@unaffiliated/cbeust] has joined ##java [10:04]
Borw3 About ECLIPSE, nevermind.... I solved the problem, just downloaded the javaDocs :D [10:17]
WizBright [WizBright!~WizBright@] has joined ##java [10:26]
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cbot [cbot!] has joined ##java [12:54]
Wixy [Wixy!~mplabs@unaffiliated/mplabs] has joined ##java [12:59]
Wixy Is there a builtin class like this class Callback<T> { void call(T t); } ? [12:59]
Wixy Or maybe class CallMe<T, R> { R call(T t); } [01:00]
bendem Consumer and Function [01:01]
Maldivia interfaces, but otherwise :D [01:02]
Wixy cool, thanks [01:02]
Maldivia though creating your own type is always valid, Function and Consumer might not fit well for what you intend [01:04]
ernimril if you want the methods to be able to throw exceptions you will have to create your own things [01:05]
ernimril Wixy, browsing the javadoc package for java.util.function might be useful [01:05]
bendem there is always Callable, but yeah, if you need anything more specific, it won't hurt to write it [01:05]
ernimril is there a way to get the bot to show a package? [01:06]
Maldivia well, Callable is R call() [01:06]
Maldivia ie, no args [01:06]
Velgor [Velgor!] has joined ##java [01:06]
Wixy yeah, got it. Consumer is what I'm looking for [01:06]
bendem javadoc java.util.function [01:06]
bendem I have no documentation for java.util.function [01:06]
bendem not like that at least [01:06]
ernimril bendem, guess why I asked [01:07]
bendem I just don't like assuming ;) [01:07]
Maldivia source [01:07]
Maldivia ernimril, you can download my source at [01:07]
Maldivia add the support then :D [01:08]
dreamreal ernimril: what would "show a package" mean? [01:09]
Maldivia dreamreal: show this: [01:09]
dreamreal you mean the text associated with the package summary? [01:09]
Maldivia javadoc java.util.function.package-summary [01:09]
Maldivia I have no documentation for java.util.function.package-summary [01:09]
Maldivia dreamreal: yeah, that would be the javadoc for that package [01:10]
bendem I would recomment it linking to #package.description even [01:10]
dreamreal somehow doubts that's going to be very manageable from a programmatic standpoint [01:10]
dreamreal well, hey, javabot's open source! [01:10]
ernimril maybe it is time to make a second contribution... hmmm [01:11]
dreamreal dang it, why does java not have variable interpolation in strings [01:12]
dreamreal fumes and considers migrating this package to kotlin [01:12]
bendem that's a question I've been asking myself for a long time. static import format is annoying [01:12]
Borw3 [Borw3!69150022@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [01:13]
bendem and well, not performant [01:13]
dreamreal and well not what I need either :/ [01:13]
Velgor [Velgor!] has joined ##java [01:15]
katiex7 [katiex7!] has joined ##java [01:17]
ssta MessageFormat? (far from ideal - but ca nbe better than nothing) [01:18]
xs2 [xs2!~xs2@gateway/tor-sasl/xs2] has joined ##java [01:18]
bendem MessageFormat is no different, also I'm going to guess he knows about it [01:19]
bendem ) [01:19]
dracorx [dracorx!] has joined ##java [01:20]
dreamreal I'm guessing I know about it, yes [01:20]
dreamreal that's not the same as variable interpolation anyway [01:21]
geaaru [geaaru!~geaaru@] has joined ##java [01:21]
ssta true - not in the ruby sense at least [01:22]
dreamreal or the kotlin sense [01:23]
dreamreal I may port to kotlin just for variable interpolation [01:23]
dreamreal will probably shrink the code about 30% and add virtually nothing to the dependency tree worth whining about [01:23]
xs2 [xs2!~xs2@gateway/tor-sasl/xs2] has joined ##java [01:29]
hextileX [hextileX!] has joined ##java [01:30]
Remavas-Hex [Remavas-Hex!~Remavas@unaffiliated/remavas] has joined ##java [01:31]
ssta it would need support in the compiler I think (was pondering a way to hack it up with asm or similar, but I don't think you can) [01:31]
dreamreal ssta: yes, it would [01:32]
dreamreal I'm converting to kotlin, I'd rather have done that anyway [01:32]
dreamreal it's a tiny feature but worth it even so [01:33]
Borw3 parted the channel: [01:36]
dkalinowski [dkalinowski!~dkalinows@] has joined ##java [01:36]
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minionofgozer [minionofgozer!~minionofg@] has joined ##java [01:43]
ResamVi [ResamVi!] has joined ##java [01:43]
dreamreal well, crap, kotlin does it at compile-time, not dynamically [01:46]
dreamreal so interpolation is still a manual operation [01:46]
txter [txter!~gulli@unaffiliated/gulli] has joined ##java [01:47]
squeakytoy2 holy bananas in tokyo, intellij idea is 500 EUR [01:48]
squeakytoy2 thats almost a used car [01:48]
DLSteve I'd hate to see a car that costs 500 EUR [01:48]
bendem that's a *very* used car [01:49]
minos_nl [minos_nl!] has joined ##java [01:49]
squeakytoy2 a private individual cannot buy that application [01:49]
bendem interestingly enough, it's not targeted towards private individuals [01:49]
Borw3 [Borw3!69150022@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##java [01:49]
squeakytoy2 oh wait, it says [01:50]
squeakytoy2 ??149.00 [01:50]
squeakytoy2 for individual customers [01:50]
bendem it's targeted towards people making a living out of their use of it. And those can easily affort it [01:50]
squeakytoy2 i'm really sure it was 500 for individuals [01:51]
squeakytoy2 have i been wrong the whole time [01:51]
bendem yes [01:51]
DLSteve you can get it for free if you are working on open source software or have an .edu email address. [01:52]
bendem s/\.edu/educational/ [01:52]
squeakytoy2 150 is actually feasible, you guys got idea Ultimate? [01:53]
squeakytoy2 or what IDEs you use? [01:54]
bendem I have a license for the full pack for work and home use [01:54]
bendem I wouldn't call that discussion relevant for ##java tho [01:55]
Borw3 Eclipse :( [01:57]
DLSteve I have the $20/month JetBrains subscription. [01:58]
u1dzer0 [u1dzer0!] has joined ##java [02:02]
GitGideon I use IntelliJ community, it's so much better than Eclipse which is what I used before it. [02:02]
squeakytoy2 +1, i agree [02:02]
squeakytoy2 its cool that they have a suit of tools, that work and look similar [02:03]
nast [nast!~nast@] has joined ##java [02:03]
ssta work pay for ultimate for me - so yay :) (not actually sure what's there that's not in community) [02:03]
squeakytoy2 right now i have webstorm and idea community running and switching between them, same theme, same view setup, same shortcut commands [02:03]
squeakytoy2 ssta, all the web dev [02:04]
ssta looking at the list - community seems lacking Spring/Hibernate/SQL support - those are showstoppers for me in work (although for home I don't care) [02:06]
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dreamreal ssta: there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from using hibernate/SQL/Spring in community whatsoever [02:08]
dreamreal Chances are the "spring support" etc is so minor as to not matter [02:09]
k5_ [k5_!~k5@2001:16b8:2d3a:e500:f8f9:b974:b8ee:2067] has joined ##java [02:11]
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ssta either way, I think it's worth paying for (especially as long as someone else is paying the bill) [02:15]
shirafuno [shirafuno!] has joined ##java [02:16]
dreamreal shrugs. I own my own license, even though work would gladly pay for it [02:17]
kp__ [kp__!] has joined ##java [02:18]
Borw3 sighs, wish I had a license [02:19]
dreamreal buy one [02:21]
Borw3 is stingy [02:21]
Borw3 is broke [02:22]
ssta then stick to eclipse/netbeans/vim? :) [02:22]
Borw3 LOL vim :D [02:22]
dreamreal well, if you can't afford an IDEA license, use community. It's fine. [02:24]
v01d4lph4 [v01d4lph4!~silent_fr@] has joined ##java [02:27]
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svm_invictvs [svm_invictvs!~svm_invic@unaffiliated/svminvictvs/x-938456] has joined ##java [02:40]
waz or EAPs [02:42]
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