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mbenson [apache/committer/mbenson] has joined ##jsf [12:37]
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zentrum [] has joined ##jsf [08:48]
zentrum morning [08:48]
zentrum hmm, topic is a little bit outdated? => Mojarra 2.2.13 ( 20160203-1910 unable to get svn info) [08:48]
zentrum but thats not why im here ;) [08:53]
zentrum <h:inputText p:placeholder="my text!"/> does not show me the placeholder? [08:53]
zentrum I know for sure, it has been working in the past [08:54]
zentrum its not working with 2.2.13 and 2.2.8-15 and TBH i do not have any idea, why [09:02]
zentrum hmm, <h:inputText p:title="my text!"/> generates <input type="text" name="j_idt5:j_idt6" title="my text"> [09:12]
zentrum <h:inputText p:placeholder="Test"/> generates <input type="text" name="j_idt5:j_idt6"> [09:13]
pdurbin jdlee sets the topic [09:14]
zentrum pdurbin: yepp, saw it [09:16]
zentrum pdurbin: do you have a jsf app available ATM? ;) [09:17]
pdurbin zentrum: [09:17]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "GitHub - IQSS/dataverse: A data repository framework to share and publish research data." [09:17]
zentrum [09:18]
zentrum just to double check, theres nothing wrong with my setup?!? [09:19]
zentrum i just do not know, why the placeholder is not there in the rendered html [09:20]
ktwo if youre using 2.2 you can use passtrough to set any html attributes [09:23]
ktwo usually done with pt: prefix [09:23]
zentrum ktwo: made this one: xmlns:p="" [09:25]
zentrum and then <h:inputText p:placeholder="test"/> [09:25]
zentrum ktwo: the weird thing is, p:title renders title, p:placeholder renders nothing [09:26]
pdurbin we tend to use xmlns:p to mean primefaces [09:26]
jdlee pdurbin: did i miss a release? [09:26]
pdurbin jdlee: thanks for updating the topic [09:28]
zentrum pdurbin: makes no difference, I changed it to pt: [09:28]
pdurbin I wonder where edburns went. [09:28]
zentrum is there something else i have to take care of using the passthrogh? [09:29]
zentrum [09:30]
pdurbin zentrum: we just use "placeholder" by itself: [09:33]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "dataverse/dataverse_header.xhtml at v4.3.1 IQSS/dataverse GitHub" [09:33]
jdlee pdurbin: certainly. feel free to nudge me if I miss something :) [09:38]
jdlee pdurbin: tbh, i'm not sure ed's doing much on JSF these days. i think it's mainly manfred [09:38]
pdurbin jdlee: gotcha. I was thinking about Ed because I saw this somewhat sad tweet from him the other day: [09:41]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "edburns on Twitter: "@waxpancake I hope so. There are a lot of @jsf_spec haters and lovers out there."" [09:41]
pdurbin which was a reply to "A reminder to everyone making stuff: For every random jerk trashing you online, there are thousands of people that quietly love you." [09:42]
jdlee +1 [09:43]
zentrum pdurbin: the line you mentioned is not a jsf component [09:43]
zentrum its just the plain html input tag [09:44]
nanoz [] has joined ##jsf [09:46]
nanoz [unaffiliated/nanoz] has joined ##jsf [09:46]
pdurbin zentrum: yeah, so just use plain html. works fine [09:47]
zentrum hmm, not for me unfortunately [09:48]
zentrum damn! [09:49]
zentrum what a nasty bug!!! [09:49]
zentrum i reproduced it and solved it [09:50]
pdurbin oh good [09:50]
zentrum thats awful! [09:51]
zentrum hmm, it makes a difference whether you use passthrough via ui:include or not... [09:59]
zentrum [10:00]
javabot title for the url from zentrum: "[JAVASERVERFACES-4136] passthrough is not handled correctly - JIRA" [10:00]
pdurbin zentrum: you're saying that ui:include is required to use passthrough [10:03]
pdurbin jdlee: jira on is going away, right? Do you know where bug tracking for JSF will happen in the future? [10:04]
zentrum pdurbin: looks like [10:09]
pdurbin weird [10:09]
zentrum i never run into the problem so far as im doing a heavy templating, but now, i tried to work without a template for a small PoC [10:10]
os890 [] has joined ##jsf [10:19]
jdlee pdurbin: i don't know what's going to happen with all of the GF sites. Oracle's been pretty opaque on that [10:23]
jdlee (in case you missed it, i'm not with oracle anymore :) [10:24]
pdurbin :) [10:24]
pdurbin jdlee: I know, but if you hear anything, please let us know [10:24]
jdlee ok. :) certainly [10:26]
jdlee i'm on the JUG leaders' list. there's been a bit of discussion there, but nothing real helpful [10:26]
zentrum glassfish 4.1.1 was also a quite bad release... [10:27]
zentrum needed to update more or less _every_ component being used by glassfish [10:28]
jdlee zentrum: payara? ;) [10:28]
jdlee tbh, i would not suggest running vanilla GF anymore. pains me to say that, but it's the truth [10:29]
pdurbin "many regression bugs in GlassFish 4.1.1" [10:32]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "Glassfish Project: Archive Project Kenai" [10:32]
pdurbin jdlee: we took a swing at switching to Payara: [10:48]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "IllegalStateException: Not inside a request scope Issue #532 payara/Payara GitHub" [10:48]
jdlee interesting [10:49]
pdurbin jdlee: if you have any ideas on how to move that issue forward, please let me know (or leave a comment) [10:57]
jdlee ok. i'll have to read more carefully. gotta head to a soccer game ;) [10:58]
pdurbin no rush :) [11:00]
zentrum did never look into payara [11:02]
zentrum but im building my glassfish since 2.x by myself [11:02]
zentrum jdlee: the baseline of the oracle message was glassfish remains the reference implementation? [11:05]
zentrum personally, i do not like jboss/wildfly and tomee, maybe i have to switch back to weblogic? [11:06]
zentrum from another POV, most of the components needed for a state of the art container are already there [11:06]
zentrum .oO[ maybe, someone knows an alternative to Weld, guava and so on ;) ] [11:08]
pdurbin zentrum: I've never used wildfly or tomee but why don't you like them? [11:10]
pdurbin check out [11:16]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "Josh Juneau on Twitter: "The Payara-5 branch in the Github repository will include new features for #JavaEE8. #Payara #JavaEE #GlassFish"" [11:16]
zentrum pdurbin: the classloader was a mess for quite a long time in JBoss... [11:17]
zentrum the modules and libraries had priority compared to the bundled libs... [11:18]
zentrum which is quite bad as jboss relied heavily on apache libs, which means the transitive dependencies are more or less half of the internet ;) [11:19]
zentrum .oO[ one of the things, why i loved primefaces, one jar, nothing else...] [11:19]
zentrum dont know, whether its still the same [11:20]
pdurbin zentrum: and tomee? what's wrong with it? [11:21]
zentrum too late, less mature what i tested so far [11:27]
zentrum do not know whether javaee is still alive or already dead, i really love the whole javaee, doing that since ejb 1.0, where i had to write my own container as there was nothing there :) [11:28]
longbeach [] has joined ##jsf [11:35]
pdurbin so tomee needs to mature a bit. makes sense. it's new [11:39]
pdurbin zentrum: you should listen to the podcast mentioned at [11:39]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "James Gosling on Oracle, Once Again - DZone Java" [11:39]
pdurbin that article has some nice quotes. here's the episode itself: [11:40]
zentrum will listen to it [11:45]
pdurbin Oracle is "struggling to get a D on Java EE," Gosling said. This is an update to [11:45]
javabot title for the url from pdurbin: "James Gosling grades Oracle's handling of Sun's technology | InfoWorld" [11:45]
zentrum fear myself do build webapps with nodejs or some other strange/weird things in the future... [11:45]
pdurbin heh [11:46]
zentrum javaee over so much in the container you do not have to deal with ... [11:46]
pdurbin zentrum: what are the best features of the container from your perspective? [11:46]
zentrum everything, if you need it. but the good thing is, IF you need it, its there for free [11:47]
zentrum im using more or less everything, EJB, JMS, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JTA, JTS, JPA, JSF, Websockets.... [11:48]
pdurbin all the features, ok :) [11:48]
zentrum not to forget JAAS, JCA, JACC.... [11:49]
pdurbin :) [11:49]
zentrum and all the JavaSE features... [11:50]
zentrum JAXB, APT, Corba... [11:50]
zentrum is quite old :( [11:51]
zentrum two weeks ago i changed my JAX-RS stuff to CORBA, amazing performance improvement :D [11:51]
pdurbin huh [11:52]
pdurbin everyone complains about CORBA. I hope you aren't pulling my leg [11:53]
pdurbin zentrum: there's more than nodejs out there. Have you considered anything else? [01:09]
rxo [2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe91:1375] has joined ##jsf [02:14]
jdlee zentrum: yes. GF is the RI [02:54]
_Tenchi_ zentrum: i was reading backlog and thought wow this dude's been doing jee as long as i have... if he remembers jboss unified classloader haha [03:24]
_Tenchi_ lol reading backlog [03:25]
_Tenchi_ i was reading the scrollback... but i think all knew what i mnean [03:25]
pdurbin all knew [03:48]
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