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Donic moin [01:28]
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Donic hi Stooge [06:51]
Stooge hi Donic [06:52]
Stooge ran 5 km a week ago [06:53]
Stooge leg hurt for 2-3 days after :< [06:53]
Stooge but i didn't use my most comfy shoes [06:53]
Stooge learned to ski in 10h with instructor [06:53]
Stooge skied for like 50-100 km ;P [06:54]
Stooge spent 5 days at ski resort in bulgaria [06:59]
Stooge strippers bars + restaurants [06:59]
Stooge all paid from my manager [06:59]
Donic whoa [07:00]
Donic did your leg really hurt? [07:01]
Stooge just the foot after running [07:03]
Stooge its chronical injury [07:03]
Donic uh [07:03]
Stooge also i was running with my friends that run marathons and was happy i am able to catch up with them [07:04]
Donic already chronical at your young age? [07:04]
Stooge and was thinking its gonna be my fastest run but [07:04]
Stooge turns out it was my slowest :p [07:04]
Stooge 28 mins for 5km [07:04]
Stooge i had full belly from a free breakfast at a hotel tho :D [07:04]
Stooge ate all i could without puking [07:05]
Donic uh [07:05]
Donic that is bad idea :D [07:05]
Stooge i got plantaar fasciitis i told you already :p [07:05]
Stooge well the run was 1h after eating [07:05]
Donic that is chronical? [07:05]
Stooge and i walked 50 mins [07:05]
Donic lol [07:05]
Stooge yeah for me it is [07:05]
Stooge walked 50 mins before the run [07:05]
Stooge 5 years already having the issue with my leg :p [07:05]
Stooge its not too bad [07:06]
Donic all you can eat 1h before a run - there aren't many worse ideas :D [07:07]
Stooge it was top hotel breakfast [07:08]
Stooge the best things one can find to eat for breakfast [07:08]
Stooge i survived the run :p [07:08]
Stooge wasn't too bad on my belly [07:08]
Donic then you didn't eat enough :D [07:14]
Donic yeah, it is kind of dilemma. in a top hotel of course you want to eat premium and a lot, otoh if you want to run 1h after breakfast, that is absolutely contrary ^^ [07:15]
Stooge all went well :) [07:19]
Stooge how have you been Donic? [07:24]
Donic just walking [07:29]
Donic but i am in therapy now [07:32]
Stooge Donic what kind of therapy? [07:32]
Donic physiotherapy [07:32]
Stooge what kind of injury did you get? :s [07:34]
Donic still ITBS [07:34]
Donic since january 7th [07:35]
Donic overload :-/ [07:35]
Stooge < [07:36]
Donic running went well in december, was at 40-50-60-70 km a week [07:36]
Donic then first week in january 91 km. but running felt well [07:36]
Donic but "the day after" :-/ [07:37]
Stooge ( [07:37]
Stooge you had no pain while running [07:37]
Stooge just the day after? [07:37]
Stooge what is the therapy like? [07:37]
Stooge you do stretching and massage? [07:38]
Donic yes, the pain started the day after my peak week [07:38]
Donic I hope to be able to save my marathon end of april [07:38]
Donic massage [07:38]
Donic I will run tomorrow to provoke the hurt for wednesday so that the physio can locate the cause [07:39]
Donic my next physio is on wednesday [07:39]
Stooge there are some exercises to do and then i can run longer without pain but i am lazy to do those for long period of time [07:39]
Stooge hmm [07:39]
Stooge sounds weird [07:39]
Stooge they should be able to locate it [07:39]
Stooge just by seeing you move [07:40]
Stooge some muscle imbalance or something [07:40]
Donic yes, but after few days the hurt disappears [07:40]
Stooge k just don't make it chronical :D [07:40]
Stooge its better this way :) [07:40]
Donic no, want to finally get rid off that [07:40]
Stooge mine appears too easily :P though its better than years ago [07:40]
Donic o.O [07:41]
Stooge well i went to 2 physio therapists here and in Bulgaria [07:41]
Stooge didn't get fixed :p [07:41]
Donic for itbs I have heard resting and recovery durations starting from 8 wekks over 7 months up to 2 years :o [07:41]
Donic *weeks [07:41]
Stooge < [07:41]
Stooge damn [07:41]
Stooge this is bad [07:41]
Donic is an old broken man ^^ [07:41]
Donic got drugs for that too [07:42]
Stooge for the inflamation? [07:42]
Donic yes [07:42]
Donic and, as another proof for the old broken man: I have a tennis elbow too (again) [07:43]
Stooge what is the cause of it? [07:43]
Stooge never had that [07:43]
Donic I had an evil one 5-6 years ago [07:43]
Donic tennis elbow? overload. usually at the age between 35-45 [07:44]
Donic caused by keyboard and mouse activities and playing table tennis [07:44]
Donic get medical ultransonics for my tennis elbow [07:45]
Stooge i have ache in the tumb that can go up to the back [07:45]
Donic last time it helped a lot [07:45]
Stooge the ache is from the chat on my phone [07:45]
Stooge trying to reduce the chatting on my phone :< [07:46]
Donic uh [07:46]
Donic generation head-down ^^ [07:46]
Donic 2-3 weeks ago I walked fast (about 8:10 min/km) and after 2.7 km I felt the ITBS. not hurting, but I felt it. last friday I walked a bit slower (9:10 min/km) for 4.4 km and nothing happened. keep your fingers crossed, that when I will run tomorrow (3-5 km in slow pace), my itbs will stay quiet also on wednesday on ;) [07:48]
Stooge good luck [08:22]
acidjnk [acidjnk!] has joined ##jsf [09:43]
Donic how can a mysql update complain about a duplicate key, Stooge? [10:32]
Stooge Donic if you update a column that has unique value [10:38]
Stooge and try to set a value that already exists [10:39]
Donic ah [10:39]
Donic either the dataset has wrong values or the method is called twice with the same values. will check that tomorrow, time to go home now, am already 45mins over ^^ [10:41]
Stooge gl;] [10:41]
Donic cu tomorrow [10:41]
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cofeineSunshine hi [05:32]