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2019-02-13 »

Nick Message Date
acidjnk [acidjnk!] has joined ##jsf [02:39]
Donic [Donic!] has joined ##jsf [04:13]
Donic [Donic!~idc@unaffiliated/donic] has joined ##jsf [04:13]
Donic moin [04:15]
Stooge [Stooge!~stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined ##jsf [04:52]
Donic hey Stooge [05:35]
Stooge hi [05:35]
fjuma [fjuma!] has joined ##jsf [09:27]
fjuma [fjuma!~fjuma@redhat/jboss/fjuma] has joined ##jsf [09:27]
Donic today I will finally run, Stooge. don't think that my problems are gone, will see tomorrow [09:42]
Stooge gl [09:53]
Donic dunno what to hope ^^ [09:59]
Donic a) no hurts tomorrow: good for me probably, otoh the PT can't make anything [09:59]
Donic b) hurts and PT can find out the problem -> not good for me because the hurt would still be there [10:00]
Stooge yeah such is life :D [10:52]
Donic ) [10:56]
Stooge just called my ISP wanting to change to another ISP becaues this one is cehaper and lower speed [11:18]
Stooge they offered me 50% price reduction for one year :D [11:18]
Stooge and the high speed i ahve now [11:18]
Donic then you will have to change again after one year ;) [11:19]
Donic otherwise the price will rise significantly?! [11:19]
Stooge yeah :D [11:21]
Stooge 2x again [11:21]
Stooge but she said they might have new offers yb then :) [11:21]
Stooge i wanted to stay a month without internet [11:21]
Stooge to teach my brother to do something else than stay at the pc :\ [11:21]
Donic o.O [11:21]
Donic cu tomorrow [11:27]
taxon [taxon!] has joined ##jsf [05:32]