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Nick Message Date
acidjnk [acidjnk!] has joined ##jsf [01:47]
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Donic moin [01:56]
Stooge [Stooge!~stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined ##jsf [07:46]
Stooge yo Donic ;3 [07:47]
Donic hey Stooge [07:47]
Stooge started to visit expensive kinesitherapist [07:47]
Stooge he can't come up with what's exactly wrong with me [07:47]
Stooge but doing some exercises for ankles etc... [07:48]
Stooge and seems to be ok [07:48]
Stooge ofc i could do all of htese alone but now i am having more discipline and focus on those... [07:48]
Stooge will see how it goes [07:48]
Stooge also he is always saying if you want to buy [07:48]
Stooge to run* [07:48]
Stooge buy runner shoeshmm [07:48]
Donic of course [07:51]
Stooge hmm yeah but those are like 100+ euro? [07:51]
Stooge no? [07:51]
Stooge i haven't been looking much tho [07:51]
Stooge maybe some discounts [07:51]
Stooge but what's the cheapest i can go? [07:51]
Donic if you run in aerobic shoes, you harm your feet and run into injuries, hurts etc. [07:51]
Stooge normally it was fine in the past [07:52]
Stooge i mean i dind't run super often in the past [07:52]
Stooge but my legs were solid :D [07:52]
Donic Stooge: don't go for "cheap as possible" [07:52]
Stooge but with the age or idk what ... [07:52]
Stooge Donic cheap but a brand? [07:52]
Stooge its what i mean [07:52]
Donic there is only one important point about it: go to a serious specialized dealer [07:52]
Donic he will analyze your running style and find suitable shoes [07:53]
Donic there is no "buy asics, they are fine" [07:53]
Donic or "guy xyz runs in brookes, so I buy brookes too" [07:54]
Donic the shoes have to fit to your feet anatomy/physics and your running style [07:54]
Stooge I see thanks about the advice [08:04]
Stooge hmm [08:04]
Stooge i am not in a rush to start running tho [08:04]
Stooge for now ill be happy to recover my ankle fully [08:04]
Donic good [08:15]
Donic what about your muscle gaining? [08:15]
Stooge hmm not much [08:20]
Stooge mostly cutting fat [08:20]
Stooge also my calves are really weak [08:20]
Stooge and i never trained them because i got issues wtih [08:20]
Stooge my feet [08:20]
Stooge annnnnnd now the kine tells me to train them slowly [08:20]
Stooge so i think it will work out well [08:21]
Donic probably [08:23]
Donic don't exaggerate [08:23]
Donic be patient [08:23]
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