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Donic hey [05:45]
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teta I have a form with a p:commandButton. works fine. I want to add a validation but it's a pretty complex validation, needs to go the controller, then make a query, and then based on the query go one way or the other [11:26]
teta what do you suggest for this case? [11:26]
Donic no idea where the problem is [11:27]
teta Donic: ? [11:29]
Donic what is the problem? [11:29]
teta you are talking about my question? [11:30]
Donic what else? [11:30]
teta it's not a problem. I'm asking how you would do that, because I haven't done it before [11:31]
Donic ? [11:31]
Donic every commandButton has an action [11:32]
Donic or can have an action [11:32]
teta not this one [11:32]
teta <p:commandButton value="#{msgs['createRfc.changeUci.okButton']}" process="@form" update="@form" styleClass="standard-button change-mark-activated" disabled="true" oncomplete="if (!args.validationFailed) {;} checkChanges();" /> [11:32]
Donic just add your method of your wish, implement it and you're done [11:32]
teta so you would add an action to the button? [11:33]
teta I guess the other option is to add something to the form itself [11:33]
Donic yes [11:34]
teta so how do I treat the response? [11:35]
teta let's say the response is boolean [11:35]
Donic the response? to your button click? [11:38]
teta yeah I add an action, it goes to java, returns a false (boolean) which means it's not valid [11:39]
Donic what is to happen then? [11:39]
Donic user information? [11:39]
teta how do I go from there to showing a popup in the screen and stopping the processing of the form? [11:39]
Donic popup? [11:39]
Donic easy [11:40]
teta for Donic [11:40]
Donic add a panelPopup e.g. and change the render flag of it [11:40]
teta and how do I stop the processing of the form? [11:41]
teta <p:commandButton value="#{msgs['createRfc.changeUci.okButton']}" process="@form" [11:42]
Donic no idea, never used that [11:44]
Donic always action [11:44]
teta check this [11:44]
teta oncomplete="if (!args.validationFailed) {;} checkChanges();" /> [11:44]
teta args.validationFailed [11:45]
teta I wonder what is that [11:45]
Donic me2 [11:46]
teta if you wonder we are screwed [11:47]
teta you are the one who knows [11:47]
Donic why? [11:47]
teta you are the guide [11:47]
Donic no, i always keep my components simple ^^ [11:48]