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brunoais [brunoais!] has joined ##jsf [01:54]
Donic [Donic!] has joined ##jsf [02:56]
Donic hi [02:58]
acidjnk22 [acidjnk22!] has joined ##jsf [03:42]
georgelappies [georgelappies!~georgel@] has joined ##jsf [05:35]
Donic any suggestion for me how to handle window-closing by [x] instead of using my button? window.onbeforeunload in js does not work :-/ [05:46]
Donic the idea behind: i want a certain window to be opened only once. so i store a property into a session field to check whether this window is already opened [05:50]
Donic so when i close that window with CLOSE button, i remove that session field entry [05:50]
Donic the user of course can ignore the close button and close that window by the usual [x]. in this case i want to remove that session field entry too, but window.onbeforeunload does not trigger [05:52]
la00 [la00!515a3742@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##jsf [06:44]
acidjnk hello [07:20]
acidjnk In JSF 2.2.7, an @EJB-injection seems to work inside a @FacesConverter. It shouldn't according to spec, afaik. But in 2.2.9+, it does not anymore. (And I heard it's coming back in 2.3.). Anyone know about that phenomenon in 2.2.7? [07:21]
fjuma [fjuma!~fjuma@redhat/jboss/fjuma] has joined ##jsf [09:34]
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