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TomyWork [TomyWork!~tomy@] has joined #apache-activemq [12:46]
TomyWork hi [12:46]
TomyWork I want to attach my shell to a topic. is there some commandline tool to do that? [12:46]
TomyWork i know i can browse a queue, but can i subscribe to a topic easily? [12:47]
TomyWork akin to "redis-cli subscribe mytopic" in redis [12:47]
bigon [bigon!bigon@unaffiliated/bigon] has joined #apache-activemq [12:48]
bigon hi [12:48]
bigon I see "WARN [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server] AMQ222138: Local Member is not set at on ClusterConnection ClusterConnectionIm..." on my amq cluster with static connectors [12:49]
bigon an idea? [12:49]
TomyWork google says [12:49]
TomyWork TomyWork's title: "ActiveMQ - User - Artemis 2.5.0 - Problems with colocated scaledown" [12:49]
TomyWork bigon looks like the user posting the question got it solved in the end. maybe read through that and see if it applies to your situation. I have no idea and I can't help you. I literally just typed "AMQ222138" into google :) [12:52]
bigon we have a problem with udp ATM, so I'm changing my config to static connectors [12:53]
bigon and now I hit this... [12:53]
TomyWork " It looks like the issues were related to Artemis somehow not always having a complete cluster topology after a sequence of shutdown/scaledown and failback. I changed the cluster connections to use udp discovery/broadcast groups instead of static tcp connectors. This seems to have been a workaround for the underlying issue. " [12:55]
bigon I read that [12:55]
bigon and UDP is giving us also a LOT of issues [12:55]
TomyWork I assume you're already working on addressing those? [12:59]
bigon by removing UDP/multicast discovery entirely [01:00]
TomyWork I take that as a no :) [01:01]
TomyWork what are the UDP issues you are seeing? [01:02]
bigon (well I'm in contact with RH support and they don't find anything TBH) [01:03]
bigon random disconnections [01:03]
bigon basically [01:03]
TomyWork RH? redhat? [01:03]
bigon yes [01:03]
bigon the slave is promoted as master for $reasons and then we get both the master and slave running and then splitbrains [01:04]
TomyWork i have absolutely no idea how activemq's clustering works, but can't you employ a quorum of floor(n/2)+1? [01:05]
TomyWork that would prevent cluster splits since the smaller half would stop considering itself viable [01:06]
bigon indeed in theory it's that [01:06]
bigon but in practice, it's not working and backup server are being promote and never demoted as expected [01:06]
bigon (got also a lot of "AMQ222161: Group Handler timed-out waiting for sendCondition" [01:06]
TomyWork so you have a cluster of 2? [01:06]
bigon I've multiple test setup and we have one with 2 master nodes (2 backup) and on with 3 masters (3 backups) [01:07]
bigon same issues everywhere [01:07]
TomyWork do you need to queue messages for the disconnects to appear? [01:09]
TomyWork bigon do you think packet loss could be an issue? [01:11]
TomyWork there's that, if you want to rule out packet loss as an issue :) [01:12]
TomyWork there's also [01:14]
TomyWork TomyWork's title: "Ubuntu Manpage: udptunnel - Tunnel UDP packets over a TCP connection" [01:14]
bigon I see the multicast packages comming through even when the problem appears [01:17]
bigon so i don't think this related [01:17]
TomyWork what if one is missing? [01:17]
TomyWork would you notice? [01:17]
bigon obviously not, but I would expect that a protocol using UDP would be resilient to 1 packet being dropped [01:19]
bigon the master election is retrying multiple time [01:19]
bigon (5 times if I'm not wrong) [01:19]
TomyWork i would expect that too [01:20]
TomyWork but expectations are not always met :) [01:20]
TomyWork oh well [01:20]
dejanb [dejanb!] has joined #apache-activemq [01:27]
bigon I feek that there is some communication in cluster not working [01:48]
bigon feel* [01:49]
bigon [01:49]
bigon [01:54]
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