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jdlee edburns: Facelets is shown in a Kotlin post: :P [10:42]
[sarrri] [2a01:238:4329:1400:d20b:3dde:63aa:b36f] has joined #glassfish [10:45]
edburns jdlee: Thanks for sharing that. That's pretty funny. [11:07]
jdlee edburns: yeah, I had to do a double take :P [11:07]
edburns jdlee: Are you using Kotlin? [11:07]
jdlee i'm not currently, but I'd like to learn it [11:08]
jdlee my brother's done some with it. he seems to like it [11:08]
edburns jdlee: Hey here's some news that may be of interest. Ryan Lubke came back to Oracle, back to work on Grizzly for Dhiru. [11:12]
pdurbin edburns: he's awesome. fixed a bug for me: [11:13]
_Tenchi_ lol [11:13]
javabot pdurbin's title: [GRIZZLY-1787] Streaming data via AJP causes OOME - JIRA [11:13]
_Tenchi_ was funny when a grizzly ticket went to him and i thought wow... i could SWEAR he left oracle [11:14]
edburns Wow, he hit the ground running. [11:14]
_Tenchi_ hopefully he'll come back to irc ;) [11:14]
jdlee edburns: yeah, he told me that was going to happen. good for him and grizzly [11:14]
jdlee _Tenchi_: i passed that along to him ;) [11:15]
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rlubke pdurbin: I?m not sub?d to the glassfish user?s list yet, but we?ll be integrating 2.3.22 into the GF trunk, so it *should* be picked up. [03:16]
pdurbin rlubke: oh! hi! you must have seen somehow :) [03:17]
javabot pdurbin's title: Glassfish Project: Archive Project Kenai [03:17]
pdurbin rlubke: I really appreciate the bug fix. Thanks again. [03:17]
rlubke I?m cc?d to a thread that?s being sent to IQSS/dataverse. [03:17]
rlubke You?re welcome. [03:17]
pdurbin right. cool [03:18]
pdurbin _Tenchi_: looks like rlubke came back to IRC, like you wanted! :) [03:18]
_Tenchi_ rlubke: greetings :D [03:19]
_Tenchi_ pdurbin: i dunno if you saw it... but they are committing fixes to make domain1 the default domain [03:19]
rlubke Howdy [03:19]
pdurbin _Tenchi_: yep. you mean [03:19]
javabot pdurbin's title: Don't make me think about payaradomain vs. domain1 (have `asadmin start-domain` "just work") Issue #349 payara/Payara GitHub [03:20]
_Tenchi_ yep [03:20]
_Tenchi_ rlubke: you're gonna be fulltime on grizzly? [03:20]
rlubke _Tenchi_: More or less :) [03:21]
_Tenchi_ lucky dog ;) [03:21]
_Tenchi_ rlubke: reading about how undertow will have load balancer capabilities... i think to myself... mmmmm grizzly should have that [03:21]
_Tenchi_ we don't want to deal with haproxy and friends anymore [03:22]
rlubke Should log an issue if you already haven?t. [03:23]
_Tenchi_ im still gathering my own requirements [03:23]
_Tenchi_ but definitely plan to [03:23]
_Tenchi_ log something [03:23]
rlubke Great! [03:23]
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whartung I thought domain1 was the default domain [04:41]
whartung what's undertow _Tenchi_ [04:41]
_Tenchi_ whartung: yeah... in payara, they added a 2nd domain called payaradomain... which has tweaked config out of the box... high memory settings, removal of -client jvm param, etc [04:42]
_Tenchi_ whartung: the problem is that they ship their app server with 2 domains... [04:42]
whartung ah [04:42]
whartung taht would frustrate me [04:43]
_Tenchi_ whartung: when there is more than one domain... you have to specify which domain you want with the asadmin commands [04:43]
_Tenchi_ so... before, you just typed asadmin start-domain or stop-domain or whatever [04:43]
_Tenchi_ in payara, when they bundled the 2nd domain... all the suddent those commands equired you also specify the domain... [04:43]
whartung yea [04:43]
_Tenchi_ people were annoyed, and pdurbin actually filed an issue against hahahaha [04:43]
whartung :) [04:44]
whartung I think I'm sorta used to using domain1 [04:44]
whartung I usually have more than one domain [04:44]
_Tenchi_ and surprisingly, they said oh yep we can make it so that domain1 will actually be the default domain [04:44]
whartung I love domains! :) [04:44]
whartung yea, shouldn't be hard [04:44]
_Tenchi_ so they made changes so that domain1 would be used if none is specified [04:44]
_Tenchi_ but yeah, i like domains too... [04:45]
_Tenchi_ all of my provisioning stuff specifies the domain no matter what... but i imagine a lot of people have deployment scripts that assume only one domain [04:45]
_Tenchi_ so... if they tried to drop in payara as a replacement for glassfish... they'd have to make changes to their infrastructure that assumed a single domain [04:46]
whartung yea [04:46]
DrPc [] has joined #glassfish [04:46]
_Tenchi_ when i made that comment, there was at least one other person that spoke up and said they had to make changes to their stuff with the new version of payara that shipped with 2 domains :) [04:46]
_Tenchi_ the fact that they picked that issue up and addressed it quickly makes me think they're actually serious when they talk about being a drop-in replacement for glassfish [04:47]
_Tenchi_ and undertow is jboss's thing [04:47]
DrPc [] has joined #glassfish [04:48]
whartung like grizzly? [04:48]
_Tenchi_ yeah [04:48]
_Tenchi_ to replacement tomcat [04:48]
whartung ok [04:48]
_Tenchi_ [04:48]
_Tenchi_ pretty exciting stuff [04:49]
_Tenchi_ modern server on modern codebase with modern features [04:49]
_Tenchi_ http/2 stuff :) [04:49]
whartung nice [04:50]
whartung I recently used the JDK HTTP Server in my ldap server. [04:50]
whartung just to host an endpoint for metrics [04:50]
whartung using the Dropwizard Metrics lib [04:51]
_Tenchi_ i was excited about it when they first released it but never got around to actually using it heh [04:51]
_Tenchi_ i still have a bunch of jettys around for doing simple things [04:51]
whartung well yea, you have to actively not use the tools you're used to using (i.e. GF), and why do that? [04:51]
whartung yea, zakly [04:52]
whartung "Oh now I can use non-blocking I/O to serve up my 200 bytes of JSON twice a day!" [04:52]
_Tenchi_ and my plan was to try out the java httpd when the jetty stuff needed maintenance [04:52]
_Tenchi_ haha [04:52]
whartung back in 1.6, Java HTTPD was drek. [04:52]
whartung could get more than 5 TPS out of it [04:52]
whartung there was something just flat fundamentally wrong with it [04:53]
whartung *couldn't [04:53]
whartung it's much better now. [04:53]
_Tenchi_ actually my jetty's push out firmware updates and stuff over http [04:53]
whartung cool [04:55]
bin_005_e_q [] has joined #glassfish [05:05]
DrPc [] has joined #glassfish [05:29]
jdlee rlubke: gasp! you're here! :P [05:30]
rlubke jdlee: Yep! [05:31]
whartung so who is rlubke ? GF team guy/gal/buildserver irc bot? [05:38]
jdlee whartung: i'll answer because he's too modest: grizzly guy currently. spent years on mojarra. [05:44]
whartung oh ok [05:44]
jdlee ugly as sin, but pretty sharp :P [05:44]
whartung face for blogging... [05:44]
jdlee yup :) [05:44]
whartung nice to know these peope exist and aren't just bots Oracle deploys to AWS to do the work. [05:45]
rlubke looks up from his AWS console [05:48]
rlubke What? [05:48]
jdlee heh [05:52]
pdurbin _Tenchi_: some people will open an issue for anything [06:16]
whartung that's what the Won't Fix tag is for [06:16]
whartung What's so funny about that [06:16]
whartung I opened an issue for netbeans [06:17]
whartung long ago [06:17]
whartung it actually gained traction [06:17]
whartung I think they fixed it, like, 4 years later [06:17]
_Tenchi_ pdurbin: while others are too damn lazy to file an issue or bug report and would rather migrate to a completely different platform [06:17]
whartung and it didn't do what I wanted at all lol [06:17]
_Tenchi_ whartung: hahaha [06:17]
_Tenchi_ that's classic [06:17]
_Tenchi_ i'm interested in seeing if arquillian ever merges my pull request for https support for glassfish embedded [06:18]
whartung I read al ittle about WebSphere Liberty, have you seen it? [06:20]
_Tenchi_ i've heard of it but havent looked at it yet [06:25]
_Tenchi_ actually i wonder if arquillian wont look at my pull request unless i file an issue in their jira [06:26]
whartung well the interesting thing is that they seem to highlight their OSGi architecture, talking about Apache Aries, and such. Aries apparently has JTA and JPA OSGI-ified. [06:27]
whartung GF is all OSGI-ified, and you can (in theory) even do EJBs as OSGi (hybrid OSGi and EJB applications). [06:27]
whartung which is pretty neat [06:27]
_Tenchi_ yeah the initial versions of glassfish even had documentation for it [06:27]
whartung but, I think OSGi is quieting down with the mad rush to "micro services" and itty bitty idiot savant http servers [06:28]
whartung yea there's a doc floating around about it [06:28]
_Tenchi_ and it's still in there... but nobody talks about it much [06:28]
_Tenchi_ i think it's just not promoted as a suppoer feature at this point [06:28]
_Tenchi_ supported feature [06:29]
_Tenchi_ well... i think docker containers have taken over the "container" idea that was traditionally held by appservers, OSGi, etc [06:30]
whartung yea [06:30]
whartung OSGi is the penultimate of [06:30]
whartung "DLL Hell" I think [06:30]
_Tenchi_ ever worked with docker? [06:31]
whartung just seems the management of the modules is more work than the problem it sovles [06:31]
_Tenchi_ or developed a system of microservices? [06:31]
_Tenchi_ it's the same shit [06:31]
_Tenchi_ excuse my french [06:31]
_Tenchi_ but hey it's after 5pm on the east coast, office hours here are over :) [06:31]
_Tenchi_ but with docker and microserivce shit you still have the hell of linking all this shit together, orchestrating it, etc, etc [06:31]
whartung no, I understand the concept of docker, seeing the whole concept rise from the world of chroot() and jails and containers and vms and yada yada yada [06:32]
whartung yea, microservices (MS) are kind of "lol wut" to me [06:32]
whartung MS are great because Remote EJBs were so awesome! [06:32]
_Tenchi_ it's just a different name for age old problems [06:32]
_Tenchi_ hahahaha [06:32]
_Tenchi_ yes, exactly! [06:32]
whartung "YOU JUST DON'T GET IT GRANDPA!" [06:33]
_Tenchi_ it's just now we are speaking HTTP instead of IIOP [06:33]
whartung yea, ok [06:33]
_Tenchi_ "but how do we propagate transactions over http?" [06:33]
whartung "wut?" [06:34]
_Tenchi_ dude! you're such a dinosaur!!!! you don't do transactions across microservices [06:34]
_Tenchi_ everything is isolated, small scope, self-contained... incrementally extensible! [06:34]
whartung yea! [06:34]
_Tenchi_ transactions are an antipattern [06:34]
whartung suck it! [06:34]
whartung I like writing rollback logic just as much as I like writing units tests making sure parameter 7 is a string... [06:35]
whartung I saw a post recently talking "no, no, not microservices, you want messaging?" [06:36]
whartung messaging to microservices [06:36]
whartung /facepalm [06:36]
whartung "yea, ok" [06:36]
_Tenchi_ so i was faling asleep and checked my messages on my phone [06:37]
_Tenchi_ opened up google+ [06:37]
_Tenchi_ saw a video interview of somebody interviewing somebdy else about microservices [06:37]
_Tenchi_ and it was such a sad sad sad interview, i had to stop it out of embarrassment [06:37]
whartung :) how so? [06:37]
_Tenchi_ but it bothered me so much i couldn't sleep for another 20 minutes [06:37]
_Tenchi_ let me find the link and i'll PM you :D [06:38]
_Tenchi_ cant find it... maybe they pulled it down because it sucked so bad [06:39]
whartung heh [06:41]
_Tenchi_ enjoy... maybe you can make it through more than 6 minutes [06:42]
whartung maybe micro services are "DevOps" path to job security... [06:43]
_Tenchi_ hehe possibly [06:48]
whartung better to have 50 zabbix graphs than one [06:50]
whartung what's funny [06:51]
_Tenchi_ as a manager, it gives you justification to hire more people [06:51]
whartung is that the growth of "microservices" is coming more from the basic tenet that node doesn't multi-task very well. [06:51]
_Tenchi_ one for each microservice [06:51]
whartung "oh crap, we need more node instances..." [06:51]
pdurbin When I first heard of Docker I didn't think, "Oh, like a Java app server." [08:24]
_Tenchi_ pdurbin: no, but i've seen people asserting that thanks to docker and the "cointainer movement" that app servers are obsolete [09:16]
pdurbin old school at least :) [09:19]