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jelmd1 [jelmd1!] has joined #glassfish [01:02]
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Caterpillar [Caterpillar!~caterpill@unaffiliated/caterpillar] has joined #glassfish [09:32]
Caterpillar (Linux) is it possible to add a flag to command "$ ./asadmin start-domain domain1" in order to force the usage of a specific JDK? [09:47]
Caterpillar has anybody ever experienced this when starting glassfish? [10:07]
Caterpillar Caterpillar's title: "startup issue in 5.1.0 Issue #22736 eclipse-ee4j/glassfish GitHub" [10:07]
Caterpillar I also tried this solution but things get worse [10:08]
Caterpillar Caterpillar's title: "java - Glassfish not starting due to endorsed.dirs error - Stack Overflow" [10:08]
acidjnk [acidjnk!] has joined #glassfish [11:42]
whartung Caterpillar: the jdk is set by the asenv configuration. You can?t (readily) specify a jdk for one asadmin command vs another one [12:20]
_Tenchi_ Caterpillar: you're referring to alpn errors? [02:32]
_Tenchi_ Caterpillar: in order to get around that you need to hack your jdk :/ [02:33]
_Tenchi_ or hack glassfish rather [02:34]
_Tenchi_ it's a messy thing where a grizzly bundles some classes from the jdk... and glassfish bundles grizzly... and basically couples it to specific versions of the jdk [02:35]
_Tenchi_ so if you use a different jdk... you have to basically take the jdk you want to use nd take those files and rebundle them into grizzly yourself [02:35]
_Tenchi_ it's a messy thing [02:35]
whartung very glassfish [02:38]
_Tenchi_ haha [02:41]
_Tenchi_ sadly accurate [02:42]
_Tenchi_ but... i have to say.... i was surprised by the fact that i worked on a project about a decade ago with glassfish [02:43]
_Tenchi_ i had to delay the project a few weeks but the client couldn't wait and had to transfer it to some one else [02:44]
_Tenchi_ they "finished" it and delivered the final code and a few weeks later i deployed it [02:44]
_Tenchi_ it ran on glassfish2... and it's been running for a decade [02:45]
whartung yup [02:45]
_Tenchi_ security vulnerabilities and all haha [02:45]
whartung si [02:45]
whartung no the stuff actually works. It?s just hard to keep up with the modern day changes. [02:45]
whartung but yea, that code on solaris 8 on that Sun 480 ? it?s still going! :) [02:45]
_Tenchi_ since i didn't deliver the code, i refused to do any more work on it until they established a new project for me to audit the code and make sure everything was maintainable... which they put off for 10 years now [02:46]
whartung did they recenlty call back? [02:46]
_Tenchi_ well... finally they want to do something with it again... yeah haha [02:46]
_Tenchi_ so i tried to set their expectations... guys, this is glassfish2 on solaris... not binary compatible with modern linux, etc etc etc [02:47]
_Tenchi_ well... after 3 weeks of searching around trying to find glassfish2 binaries and java6 for linux and trying to run it with that... i was able to give up [02:48]
_Tenchi_ glassfish2 won't run on centos7... just throws glibc errors hehe [02:48]
whartung lunch bbl [02:49]
_Tenchi_ anyway... i figured id test to see what happened if i just tried to deploy on payara5 [02:49]
_Tenchi_ well... it worked with one trivial code change [02:49]
_Tenchi_ i was baffled hah [02:49]
_Tenchi_ the code change is that i had to take a jar file that was bundled into an ear file and move it from the root of the ear into a lib dir in the ear... [02:50]
_Tenchi_ but other than that... everything worked haha [02:50]
whartung nice! [03:31]
pdurbin _Tenchi_: You just upgraded from Glassfish 2 to Payara 5? I'm so jealous. [05:24]
_Tenchi_ haha yeah [05:24]
_Tenchi_ crusty jsf+jsp app... no primefaces, no cdi... just old ejbs [05:24]
_Tenchi_ no jax-ws/java-rs [05:24]
_Tenchi_ there are a bunch of things they jammed into the app after i handed it off... tomahawk components, apache dependencies and whatnot, but it all seems to work in payara5 haha [05:25]
pdurbin Lucky duck. [05:25]
_Tenchi_ image uploads, image galleries, whatever javascript cruft they coded into the jsp pages [05:25]
_Tenchi_ probably lots of JSP taglibrary crap [05:26]
pdurbin And now you get all the microprofile goodies I want... config, metrics. [05:26]
_Tenchi_ i dunno, i'm not doing anything with the project, just moved it to AWS... i'm not touching the code [05:30]
_Tenchi_ i was just amazed that it all seems to work by just dumping it into payara5 [05:30]
pdurbin We're still stuck on Glassfish 4. :( [05:36]