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pualj [pualj!~pualj@] has joined #glassfish [02:04]
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CrummyGummy [CrummyGummy!] has joined #glassfish [09:58]
CrummyGummy Hellooo [09:58]
CrummyGummy Can any of you point me to queue management resources? I'm not sure where to start. I want to be able to pause queues and monitor queue lengths. [10:00]
CrummyGummy I'm not really sure what to search for. [10:01]
jdlee you've seen the JMS management pages in the console? [10:33]
CrummyGummy only for configuration. I'll check now. [11:14]
CrummyGummy Ok, so there is monitoring there. I can't see how to pause queues. At least I think I'm closer to the answer. [11:29]
jdlee [jdlee!~jdlee@unaffiliated/littlezoper] has joined #glassfish [11:40]
CrummyGummy any idea how to get monitoring details into zabbix? [11:42]