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Nick Message Date
KekSi 'morning [01:28]
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sonOfRa good morning [04:21]
sonOfRa Man, I wanna go to kennedy space center again [04:21]
sonOfRa I went there when I was three years old but don't remember anything really :( [04:21]
acuzio morning ladies [04:32]
sonOfRa acuzio. [04:33]
sonOfRa parted the channel: [04:34]
sonOfRa [sonOfRa!sonOfRa@unaffiliated/sonofra] has joined #java-talk [04:34]
[twisti] did the + bother you [04:58]
sonOfRa yes [04:59]
Faux `voice sonOfRa [04:59]
sonOfRa don't you dare [04:59]
sonOfRa fuck [04:59]
Faux D [04:59]
Faux Actualol. [04:59]
sonOfRa oh well [04:59]
sonOfRa thank you [05:00]
[twisti] youre like dreamreal with his karma [05:00]
[twisti] brazenly pretending you dont care [05:00]
[twisti] you little rebel, you [05:00]
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grug Faux: want to come see me do a tech talk tonight? free food and booze [05:45]
Faux I'm a bit sick for booze, I think. [05:49]
sonOfRa booze is a disinfectant [05:49]
sonOfRa That will work! [05:50]
waz [05:58]
waz waz's title: "America, Hell Yeah | Facebook" [05:58]
sakhd_ [sakhd_!~sakhd@] has joined #java-talk [06:49]
sonOfRa [twisti]: haha apparently gitlab now has a milestone for the junit view in the pipeline [07:11]
sonOfRa Q4'19... [07:11]
[twisti] ouch [07:20]
sonOfRa this is cool! [07:30]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "ESEA Hardware Cheats - Update" [07:30]
Lengsdorfer2 [Lengsdorfer2!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [07:57]
dreamreal [twisti]: BTW, I don't brazenly pretend like I don't care about karma. I publicly care about it. I just don't want it. [08:03]
fotato waz: that group has ?hell? in the description, ?heck? in the URL, and a use of ?fuck? in its post. This is the weirdest escalation I?ve seen. [08:42]
sonOfRa oh nice, australia passed their decryption bill [08:52]
sonOfRa tl;dr: Software developers can be forced to implement backdoors, and if they refuse, go to jail [08:53]
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yottabyte [yottabyte!48008896@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #java-talk [09:01]
[twisti] just wow [09:06]
Faux [09:07]
Faux Faux's title: "Alfie John on Twitter: "One of the ways #AABill gets access to systems is by commandeering employees of companies to write backdoors. But theyre not even allowed to tell their employer, or face jail time. I went through the mechanics of this, and realised how out of touch Canberra is..."" [09:07]
sonOfRa "because there?s no JIRA ticket for the change." [09:08]
sonOfRa Ah but [09:08]
sonOfRa JIRA is atlassian [09:08]
sonOfRa Which is australian [09:08]
sonOfRa Which they will backdoor too! [09:08]
sonOfRa With a backdoor-AI which will fix this! [09:08]
[twisti] maybe they can get help from the friendly german law enforcment with their experience with the bundestrojaner [09:12]
sonOfRa oh this is far worse than just that! [09:13]
sonOfRa They don't want a trojan they can install somewhere, they want *every software* to be a trojan [09:13]
[twisti] i know, im just saying [09:14]
acuzio sonOfRa: [09:17]
acuzio slept, ran for 45 minutes, had heavy breakfast, now i am set for the day i think [09:18]
acuzio and its already 15:20 [09:18]
KekSi right, and i still havent done any work :D [09:19]
acuzio She is making goat curry today [09:25]
KekSi ? [09:34]
ultraod [ultraod!~ultraod@] has joined #java-talk [09:47]
acuzio not sure what the emoji is ... KekSi [09:49]
acuzio BTW , fotato , Japan Blue has got some really nice tapered jeans [09:49]
sonOfRa drooling face. [09:49]
fotato that's nice acuzio [09:50]
fotato i'm looking for a good pair of grey jeans. [09:50]
redbison [redbison!redbison@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/redbison] has joined #java-talk [10:10]
selckin git would make it difficult, back in svn just find the admin [10:15]
selckin build pipelines probably quite vulnerable tho [10:16]
Faux IntelliJ has decided it doesn't like the gradle file in this module for some reason (possibly because it's .kts in one branch and not in the other). Getting close to nuking .idea/ and trying again. :| [10:16]
selckin have you tried turning it off and on again [10:19]
Faux First thing I tried! [10:21]
Faux Almost rebooted earlier because Spotify wasn't playing music, turned out I'd just pressed the mute button. [10:21]
selckin switching brances with diff gradle config in the same intellij project confusing it? [10:21]
Faux Almost certainly. [10:25]
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Stooge [Stooge!~stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined #java-talk [10:27]
selckin myeah that could be confusing [10:35]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@] has joined #java-talk [10:58]
selckin so the internet tells me you can see stars in the sky at night and sometimes even colors in cloud like shapes, wonder if i can find the closest place in the world were that is possible, don't i've seen more then 3 bright spots in the sky in my life [11:02]
ron morning [11:03]
tang^ selckin: that does involve traveling outside of a city [11:04]
selckin [11:05]
tang^ ouch... in your case, that could be quite the drive [11:05]
selckin wonder if i need blue, or green will do [11:06]
tang^ I think even yellow will do [11:06]
tang^ you'll see more than you have been seeing anyway [11:06]
selckin i wanna see the colors, probably need to figure out the right time of year, or is that not everywhere in the world [11:07]
tang^ it's year round and generally you'll want to go north rather than south [11:07]
tang^ the lights are focused around the north and south poles and the north pole is closer to you [11:07]
tang^ [11:09]
tang^ can help decide when they'll be peaking [11:09]
bendem yeah, Brussels/Flanders sucks at nightsky [11:12]
tang^ There's a few darksky locations near me [11:12]
tang^ up to 4 hours drive away for true dark sky [11:12]
tang^ but even 15 minutes outside Calgary is enough to let you see the night sky [11:13]
bendem Used to live near Verviers where walking 30 minutes would get me far away from lights, worth the trip really [11:13]
bendem [11:13]
tang^ so yellow/orange is sufficient [11:14]
tang^ if you're in brussels, maybe head out to wavre or tienen would be enough [11:15]
ron I can actually raise my left arm! \o/ [11:15]
selckin don't think orange is enough [11:15]
tang^ judging from bendem's link, orange is about a 30 minute walk [11:16]
bendem I'm way zoomed in, I should provide the scale [11:16]
selckin i'm more near ghent NW of brussels, gonna try schoondijke this weekend maybe, north by the sea [11:16]
tang^ I did find verviers in selckin's link though [11:17]
tang^ I could be wrong on my assumption of scale [11:17]
bendem [11:17]
bendem there [11:17]
selckin if that doesn't work, then its france to the green! [11:17]
tang^ bendem: is that where you walked to? [11:18]
bendem that's where I walked from [11:18]
tang^ how far a walk is the highway? [11:18]
bendem went to the top right corner of the popup [11:18]
tang^ around Belleveau? [11:18]
bendem in about 30 minutes [11:18]
tang^ oh the popup [11:19]
tang^ so you were in yellow at that point [11:19]
bendem yeah, a had to walk a bit to get away from the street, but not very far [11:20]
bendem I always went there when I couldn't sleep [11:21]
tang^ so with the site, that spot is just under 3.9 ratio [11:22]
selckin trying a 2.11 tomorro night, only 1h drive! [11:23]
tang^ the area nw of ghent around schoondijke is around 2.11 [11:23]
selckin aye there [11:23]
tang^ [11:26]
tang^ This is what I have available... lots of blue [11:26]
tang^ I live in that hot spot just east of Calgary [11:27]
selckin nice [11:27]
tang^ 3 hours south east is Cypress hills which is a dedicated Dark Sky site... The work extra hard to keep light pollution down in the town in the provincial park [11:27]
tang^ ratio there is 0.1 [11:28]
tang^ plus you're elevated on a flat prairie so the horizon to horizon view is amazing [11:28]
tang^ the north american light map is pretty neat [11:31]
tang^ the US looks split down the middle with most of its light pollution on the east half [11:31]
tang^ in Canada the pollution goes north the further west you go until you hit the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia [11:32]
selckin 5h, 7h, 8h and 12h drive to closest 'International Dark Sky Association' sites [11:32]
tang^ that would be worth a day or weekend trip [11:32]
tang^ err, weekend trip if it's 5 hours... you probably won't want to drive back the same day [11:35]
selckin and get through that big podcast backlog on the drive [11:36]
tang^ heh [11:45]
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ron how about instead of remastering games you actually work on new games [01:37]
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Faux Edge story was true, I will eat my hat. [01:43]
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sonOfRa Baking christmas cookies! These ones have cornflakes for extra crunch, and chocolate chips [03:03]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Shared album - Simon Levermann - Google Photos" [03:03]
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fotato lol bitcoin [03:42]
fotato sonOfRa: are you the blond one or the brown haird one [03:43]
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sonOfRa The blonde one [03:48]
sonOfRa That photo is ooooold [03:48]
sonOfRa That's me when I graduated [03:48]
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enoq seems like everyones going crazy with their tech stack [04:14]
enoq serverless and tons of nosql [04:14]
enoq people are bored out of their mind [04:15]
fotato sonOfRa: hope you learned how to tie a tie properly since. [04:16]
enoq people held presentations today [04:17]
enoq [04:17]
sonOfRa fotato: jesus that knot IS terrible [04:25]
sonOfRa I probably retied it drunk, I already knew how to tie a tie then [04:25]
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