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Nick Message Date
whaley +1 to Green & Blacks. Also an honorable mention goes to Alter Eco [12:07]
whaley Theo's is good if you want some off the wall stuff [12:08]
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KekSi 'morning [01:27]
scav [01:55]
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[twisti] lol [03:29]
fotato Sad lol [03:59]
scav it would be funny if it was not so damn sad [04:02]
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fotato A bit like your face. [04:11]
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scav wow wow wooooow fotato [09:40]
freeone3000 MAGIC: Wow. Sometimes flavor is just on point. [09:56]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "Ragefire Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) #270 Scryfall Magic Card Search" [09:56]
freeone3000 And uh. They're... running short on names. [09:56]
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freeone3000 mm there's something wrong with this floorplan but I can't put my finger on it. [10:40]
freeone3000 ah. It's the way the bathroom is disconnected from any bedroom, the way the balcony is situated, and that you have 600 sq ft and a third of it is closets. [10:44]
freeone3000 seriously. do better, montreal. [10:44]
fotato Seems like a perfectly cromulent layout for an apt with only one bathroom. [10:46]
fotato I would murder for that closet space. [10:46]
freeone3000 You don't have to kill anybody, just pay $500,000. [10:47]
freeone3000 Yeah, the one-bathroom thing is really throwing me off. I'd really prefer a bathroom attached to the master and then a half-bath for guests? [10:47]
fotato Yeah but like then they?re coming into your bedroom to shower if they stay? [10:48]
fotato $500,000 in NYC? Hahahahhahahahaha. [10:48]
fotato Ahahahahahahaha [10:48]
fotato Ha [10:48]
freeone3000 Well, and move to Montreal. Where the high today is... [10:48]
freeone3000 weather montreal [10:48]
freeone3000 Weather for Montreal, Bahamas | null F (null C) | humidity at null | null | 10:27 AM [10:48]
freeone3000 weather montreal, quebec [10:48]
freeone3000 Weather for Montreal, Quebec | 0 F (-18 C) feels like -23 F (-31 C) | humidity at 60% | Overcast | 10:48 AM [10:48]
freeone3000 NYC condos I've seen some weird stuff. Kitchen showers. Bed-bath-rooms. Crimes against architecture. [10:51]
freeone3000 Honestly the second bedroom is useless. If I could have anything, I'd want a 1 br 1.5 ba with a unified living room and dining room, separate kitchen, separate entryway. [10:51]
freeone3000 But unless I want to move somewhere else, I don't actually get to draw up what where I want to live looks like. [10:52]
freeone3000 (of course, this same $500,000 in Nacodoches could get me 3 acres, a built-to-order house, and a Ferrari 451 with the leftovers.) [10:52]
freeone3000 mm. nevermind. yep, that looks good. [10:54]
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fotato ?Useless? [10:57]
fotato That second bedroom is probably as large as my current apt. [10:57]
freeone3000 10 ft by 9 feet. [11:01]
tang^ that's the second bedroom? [11:02]
fotato Oh ok. My bedroom is about 10x8 [11:03]
fotato It?s.... usable. [11:03]
tang^ that would be a tiny apartment [11:03]
fotato I have a small desk in there and some hanging storage. [11:03]
freeone3000 ooh, and that one's only $250,000. [11:07]
scav 'cromulent' - the fuck fotato [11:09]
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fotato It?s a humorous word, scav [11:26]
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tang^ it's a perfectly cromulent word [11:56]
fotato They?re good words, scab [12:11]
scav rude [12:11]
scav i would expect that i would be less surprised by the amount of bad developers the more experience i get. weirdly enough its the other way around... [12:13]
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freeone3000 full set spoiler! [12:27]
surial freeone3000: Justiciar's Portal is my kinda card. [12:32]
freeone3000 It's an interesting resto effect. Theatre of Horrors is my favorite non-flagship card. [12:34]
freeone3000 Rakdos is just looking like such FUN. [12:35]
surial Who doesn't like ToH though? [12:35]
bobek_ [bobek_!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined #java-talk [12:36]
surial though, I bet it plays worse than it reads. [12:36]
surial If you're already capable of dinging the opponent you're basically winning. The cards help a ton to ensure that your opponent won't stabilize in time, but you did also take off a turn to cast this thing. As with many rakdos cards, it's got a whiff of win-more. Still slamming it in draft, but I foresee lost games because that's just not what you needed, more than you'd think. [12:37]
freeone3000 If it was 'until end of turn' I'd agree with you, but I think if you're in a situation where you can cast it but can't use it, it means you have no enablers in the entire deck. [12:37]
freeone3000 You get the card advantage ping or no, so you can accumulate cards until it's worth using a one-shot ping effect to cast one. [12:37]
surial oh, shit, I forgot about the R3 ability. Yeah, nevermind. [12:39]
surial Even if you somehow ended up trying to stabilize, eventually that'll do it, and you're still slowing the opponent down because if they attack such that you get to attack back even if only to unlock one of your bombs that ToH exiled, they can't. And mind games will ensue too. I retract my comment. [12:40]
surial note, to use the ping to cast spells from under it, you need R3+the mana cost of the spell, no? So only cheap removal, practically speaking. More of a laaate game plan. But that's exactly what it needed. [12:41]
freeone3000 there's a *lot* of cheap removal, since the damage also counts for spectacle [12:41]
surial yeah, that's a good point. [12:41]
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fotato Nerds. [01:04]
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Faux Nerds? [01:20]
Faux [01:20]
fotato <3 [01:20]
fotato I hope Ron?s not dead. [01:20]
freeone3000 AGDQ. "YOTE", the past-tense of "YEET". [01:26]
fotato Nooo [01:44]
freeone3000 we need to properly conjugate new verbs! [01:49]
fotato But it?s yeeted [01:52]
freeone3000 yeeted sounds weird. I like yote. [01:53]
fotato Yeet already sounds weird. [02:02]
fotato I don?t really know why you?d want to make it less so [02:03]
freeone3000 Probably the best meme out of this year's AGDQ [02:06]
freeone3000 "Chat is cute" is fine. "ORB" is absurd and wonderful. [02:07]
freeone3000 But sort of peaked during the Celeste run. [02:07]
freeone3000 3:25:00 estimate for Pokemon Gold glitchless. Ew. Why. [02:08]
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