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2019-01-13 »

Nick Message Date
AMcBain Local city is letting someone hold a tarot class at the community center. Comments are from people who think this is wrong, crap about separation of church and state, and taking religious exception to this. [12:48]
AMcBain Tarot is about as religious as trying to find Jesus in an 8-ball. [12:48]
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fotato In other news people continue to be stupid [03:49]
fotato [03:49]
fotato fotato's title: "Utah teen attempts 'Bird Box Challenge,' crashes car while eyes are covered | KUTV" [03:49]
AMcBain | [03:53]
acuzio morning ladies [04:21]
acuzio Yeah , this "promotion" is not looking like a good thing, i am managing a team of folks who are "technical" and last coded in the year 2000. The one technical guy i got out of it , who is a considered a serious techie wrote some Ansible scripts./ [04:22]
fotato We?re hiring. [04:23]
fotato You?ll get to mostly stay in nyc too [04:23]
acuzio I dont get how the whole fucking automation thing is now considered programming. Thats something you do in _addition_ to writing you know actual code [04:24]
acuzio fotato: tempting mate , mind you i am a terrible employee [04:24]
fotato You?d fit right in. [04:24]
acuzio I also wear the same sort of clothes everyday and some people even say that my jeans have never been washed , which is true [04:24]
acuzio and i have a permanent scowl on my face ., the last time i smiled someone was sure i was having a heart attack [04:25]
acuzio BTW , why the fuck are you awake ? [04:25]
fotato You should occasionally wash your jeans. [04:25]
fotato Because I?m not in New York. [04:25]
fotato I haven?t been for a week. [04:25]
acuzio Wait, where are you ? [04:25]
fotato Currently? Dublin [04:26]
acuzio I am planning to get my jeans washed this week - on a cycle [04:26]
acuzio fotato: really ? [04:26]
fotato I was in Belfast until yesterday. [04:26]
acuzio What are you doing ? looking at the remnants of the UK ? [04:26]
fotato Use dark woolite and a delicate cycle. [04:26]
fotato Ireland is not part of the UK. [04:26]
acuzio Belfast ?? [04:26]
fotato Yes okay belfast is NI [04:26]
acuzio not for long from the looks of it [04:27]
fotato No I had to do some visa bullshit [04:27]
acuzio Oh , right. [04:27]
fotato All sorted now [04:27]
fotato Flying back Monday. Spending a weekend getting very drunk first. [04:27]
acuzio Yeah, Her brother had to do something like that as well [04:27]
acuzio Porterhouse in Dublin [04:27]
fotato Went last night [04:28]
fotato Meeting a friend for the day today [04:28]
acuzio or if you are planning on going skeezy, i suggest going to Swords (outside Dublin), opposite the Mc.D and parallel to the Premier Inn you can find a big club that will be full of young girls wearing impossibly short skirts and tall heels [04:29]
Faux ^ if ever there was a chance acuzio would actually show up to an event, it would be one there. [04:29]
acuzio yes thanks Faux [04:30]
acuzio i mean in seriously fotato , i have never seen anything like it. neither in LDN or NYC. For some bizarro reason in this part of Ireland you get this [04:31]
acuzio Re: Work , Looks like at some point i will have to fire a few of them, i am not sure if i have been given this team with that as an implicit requirement [04:31]
acuzio s/requirement/expectation [04:32]
acuzio 50+ year old guys who have never programmed in 15 years in a Solution Engineering role ??? How the fuck is that ok ? [04:32]
Faux 'cos we don't fire people 'cos of labour. [04:33]
fotato acuzio: sounds like a great place to play STD bingo [04:33]
fotato Also there?s basically no chance I?ll go there. [04:34]
Faux acuzio: Do they have lots of young but fashionable guys in short skirts and heels, too? Asking for a friend. [04:34]
fotato ?Opposite the mcd and parallel to the premier inn? is a strong indicator for the kind of crowd that goes there. It also might be the trashiest thing acuzio has ever said. [04:35]
acuzio Yeah one of teh guy is in France , its fucking going to be impossible to fire him [04:35]
acuzio Faux: and no, no guys as far as i know [04:35]
fotato I got a shipping notification about my passport the day after I picked it up from the courier office [04:36]
fotato Good work, US consulate. [04:36]
acuzio fotato: i found myself on the outskirts of Dublin for some really bizarro reason at some point in my life a few years ago (5 now) and this was just unbelievable really [04:36]
fotato Hope you got laid [04:36]
acuzio no , i didnt [04:36]
Faux "bizarro reason" "needed to get laid" [04:37]
fotato ?My dick was doing this weird thing? [04:37]
acuzio and i just parked myself at the Mc.D taking vodka shots out of a bottle straight [04:37]
fotato Christ. [04:37]
fotato Why are all my friends so fucked up. [04:37]
fotato (Lol ?friends?) [04:38]
acuzio and i was the "normal" one there [04:38]
Faux I don't think acuzio counts as a friend if you don't even know his name. [04:38]
Faux Haha, he says, with about 10% confidence he could write down fotato's name. [04:38]
fotato He has my number tho! [04:38]
acuzio There were mom and daughter both equally drunk , staggering in and out. it was fucking insane [04:38]
Faux Fuck yeah, I got it right. [04:38]
fotato P sure I found out acuzio?s name once [04:38]
fotato And then forgot because I never actually had to use it [04:39]
fotato Faux: surname too? [04:39]
Faux Yup. [04:39]
fotato ?? [04:39]
acuzio fotato: Yuo are probly the only one here who did get my name and the place i worked at once [04:39]
Faux Your middle name is "Fod" according to my contacts database, not sure if that is accurate. [04:39]
fotato Yep. Forgot both. [04:39]
fotato I don?t have a middle name. [04:39]
acuzio i am planning to spend the next week completely off the grid writing code, working out, sleeping on time and repeating the cycle. [04:40]
acuzio Last week has been mental , She now knows signs and is laying out rules. [04:41]
acuzio I dont like to take too many meds cause it makes me "half-awake" like state and then to wake myself up i take Nurofen or something and thats no good [04:41]
acuzio Sometimes i think that its a good thing i dont have kids cause my genes are just fucked up - [04:42]
Faux acuzio is going to discover "self care". [04:43]
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AMcBain Darn. I was going to show him I'd figured out how to engrave shot glasses. ;P [05:05]
AMcBain Well, considering the time I should stop promoting bad habits and disappear. Zz. :) [05:13]
acuzio -0 [06:11]
acuzio -) [06:11]
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acuzio I love shot glasses [06:13]
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acuzio At some point in my life i am going to learn how to use vim properly - if nothing else just to look cool - and oh yeah shell scripting [06:29]
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surial acuzio: proper use of vim is probably.. apt-get remove vim [11:30]
surial P [11:30]
surial alternatively, proper use is to just remember that :q! gets you out. [11:30]
sonOfRa vim is fine for... editing config files [11:47]
sonOfRa And that's about it [11:47]
Addax I know someone who programs almost exclusively in it, java and python and everything else I've seen him use [11:52]
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gitness Addax: I know someone who programmed from scratch a debugger for vim [02:40]
Addax gitness: *nod* [02:43]
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fotato surial++ [04:36]
fotato surial has a karma level of 492, fotato [04:36]
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