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[twisti] this channel has been boring today [02:24]
Faux You ruined it! [02:26]
[twisti] i didnt want it to run for 24 hours [02:26]
[twisti] that would have prob given us bad karma [02:26]
Faux I've been talking incessantly about RURT, you should probably be happy. [02:26]
Faux Maybe a bit of TS thrown in. [02:26]
fotato It?s almost like people have lives. [02:27]
[twisti] whats rurt [02:27]
fotato And are enjoying their weekend [02:27]
fotato RUST [02:27]
Faux RURT [02:27]
[twisti] yeah, but people like that arent here [02:27]
fotato YURT [02:27]
Faux Keys are right next to each other. [02:27]
[twisti] to me RUST will forever be that game where naked people kill each other with rocks [02:27]
fotato SPURT [02:27]
fotato that?s just your average Thursday night. [02:28]
Faux [02:28]
[twisti] what layout is that [02:28]
fotato [twisti]: I went on a brewery crawl in Brooklyn last night! [02:28]
fotato We got about four places in before giving up. [02:29]
[twisti] yay [02:29]
Faux rurt the layout [02:29]
Faux [twisti]: Colemak. [02:29]
fotato Someone i used to work with was complaining about slow typists yesterday [02:29]
fotato I pointed out the irony in his using qwerty [02:29]
fotato Or a sensible keyboard. [02:30]
[twisti] i just realized that we are soon going to lose the opportunity to ever to actual research into keyboard layout performance [02:30]
Faux It's not hard to break a hundred whippums using QWERTY. [02:30]
fotato He?s at 89 [02:30]
[twisti] are you one of those dwo-"i dont know how studies work"-rak fanbois ? [02:30]
fotato Colemak > dvorzhack [02:31]
Faux Colemak was designed to address some deficiencies identified in Dvorak. [02:31]
fotato (I use qwerty because I?m a basic bitch) [02:31]
Faux Most reasonable records are held on colemak or slight variations. [02:31]
[twisti] we need to quickly do some double blind studies on african tribesmen or whatever before everyone in the world has used whatsapp and gotten used to querty [02:31]
Faux I actually use this. [02:32]
Faux Faux's title: "Ergodox EZ Configurator" [02:32]
fotato The bbc micros had an alphabetic keyboard right? Am I misremembering? [02:32]
Faux Christ. [02:32]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:a5a8:fd6f:a9b7:9430] has joined #java-talk [02:33]
lucidian does the ergonomic-ness of a keyboard layout depend on the language that you're writing? [02:47]
Faux Yes. But letter frequency doesn't vary too much between languages. [03:15]
Faux Precise ordering might change, but there's practically no languages where x is more common than e. [03:15]
Faux of course wikipedia have an autism chart. [03:16]
Faux Colemak homerow is arstdhneio which is at least nine of the top ten for every language they list, and [03:19]
Faux Turns out human languages suck. [03:19]
lucidian Faux: aha, thanks! that's really interesting [03:27]
lucidian something I wonder is: what is the optimal keyboard layout for if you're typing on a phone by moving your finger around instead of pressing each individual letter? [03:28]
Faux Much of keyboard design research is about whether humans are better at typing runs (like QWER), or better at using one hand then the other (like typing QPQPQPQPQ). [03:28]
lucidian Faux: huh. has the research shown anything conclusive? [03:28]
Faux I believe colemak is partially optimised for flipping after a short run, so typing qw op qw op qw op or something like that. [03:29]
Faux Colemak is bad for swipe typing, because most words are typed by draging backwards and forwards over the homerow, which gives the swipe thing very little information, and you get garbage. :) [03:30]
lucidian Faux: that makes sense [03:31]
Faux I believe most people don't use swipe keyboards these days, and hammer inaccurately at the keys. [03:32]
lucidian I swipe type in qwerty when using my phone, and I always notice how suboptimal it is that 's' and 'd' are right next to each other, since those frequently come at the end of a verb and it's not easy to predict which I was trying to type [03:32]
Faux Which works *really well* 'cos people have put a load of effort into it. [03:32]
lucidian I still do swipe typing but I also try to avoid typing on my phone whenever possible =X [03:32]
Faux Can you not infer verb endings from one or two words of context in most cases? [03:33]
Faux I mean, if you're not white and living in silicon valley then fuck you, basically, so you have to consider that rule when it comes to how well a keyboard is working. [03:34]
Faux Faux's title: "Chris West (Faux) on Twitter: ""Hey, fellow SV worker, what is that unit system that literally everyone else in the world (apart from us) uses for drinks? I think it's.. uh.. grams of lemonade?""" [03:34]
Faux Dutch is really killing it with 19% of all letters being 'e'. [03:38]
lucidian Faux: not necessarily, ime? in a sentence that starts with something like "if she pushe[s/d] the button..." it is pretty difficult to tell given teh context up until that point so far [03:38]
Faux True. [03:38]
lucidian and also the 'e' being right there next to the 's' and 'd' makes it even worse [03:39]
lucidian so you can't even use the 'e' to necessarily distinguish between "if she pick[s/ed] up the groceries..." [03:39]
lucidian wow that is a lot of 'e's in Dutch [03:39]
Faux That's an argument for grouping all your common consonants (arstd) and all your vowels (neio). ;) [03:40]
Psybur [Psybur!~Psybur@unaffiliated/psybur] has joined #java-talk [03:40]
lucidian Faux: wait what? I don't get it :P in what world is 'a' a consonant and 'n' a vowel? [03:41]
Faux Ssh. [03:41]
Faux Close enough. [03:41]
lucidian anyway, I think that, for swipe typing, if you have two letters that frequently appear in the same environment, you'd want to space them out a lot on the keyboard [03:44]
lucidian allllmost got hired to work on language modeling for phone typing, but turned down that job for a different one in a nicer location [03:44]
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Faux I would probably enjoy that, too. [03:50]
grim001 [grim001!] has joined #java-talk [05:42]
surial lucidian: except spacing them out improves clarity but reduces speed. [05:50]
surial not that simple. [05:50]
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lucidian surial: huh, that's a good point [06:32]
games [games!sid99242@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [07:28]
games [07:28]
games games's title: "JUnit Parameterized Test" [07:28]
surial sounds like something for ##java. [07:29]
surial games: ^^ [07:29]
surial games: also, you should probably read IRC channel topics. They can contain some useful pointers. [07:29]
games oh wow [07:30]
games BUT [07:30]
games could you explain the meaning of "java" in the name of this channel? [07:30]
surial It's for ##java regulars to talk about things that aren't java. [07:30]
games that should be in the topic [07:31]
surial It does say 'see ##java about java stuff'. [07:31]
games but that doesnt really explain what the channel is about [07:32]
surial it's about everything EXCEPT java. [07:33]
games one could read the topic, as i did, and still be unaware of what's appropriate to post. [07:33]
surial ... no, what the fuck>? [07:33]
surial It says: java stuff goes to ##java. [07:33]
surial you must be a blast at parties. [07:34]
surial "Let's just pick random arguments for funsies!" [07:34]
surial So there is ONE thing that the channel topic tells you about appropriateness of topics: java isn't. [07:34]
surial what IS? Yes, the topic isn't speciifc (turns out, anything but java is on topic). [07:34]
fotato Can we talk about something other than not talking about java please. [07:36]
surial is 'don't mention java!' on topic... hmmm.. quite a conundrum. [07:36]
fotato I?m getting a string knights who say Ni vibe rn [07:38]
fotato Strong* [07:38]
AMcBain Can you bring me a shrubbery? [07:38]
fotato There are some who call me ...Tim? [07:40]
fotato OMG you guys the monty python movies are all on Netflix [08:04]
surial I saw that flying by yesterday and was kinda tempted. [08:16]
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