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KekSi 'morning [01:34]
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[twisti] moin [03:28]
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acuzio morning ladies [04:48]
Faux Top of the 'node to you, acuzio. [04:48]
acuzio Great news to start the day ., the GBP has lost 18% since the referendum [04:49]
acuzio Faux: [04:49]
Faux Yup. That means that my dollar-priced assets, and your donkey-priced assets, have gained 18%! [04:49]
acuzio Except my properties in London [04:50]
Faux Well, they have lost nothing, in gbp! [04:50]
Faux "my properties in london" giggling. [04:51]
acuzio Actually they have , the property market has dropped and additionally i need to fucking take the money out [04:51]
Faux I don't think the property market has actually dropped yet, by anyone's standard. Growth might have slowed, or even stalled. [04:53]
Faux Dec 2018 they're reporting an actual fall of 1.7%, wow! [04:54]
KekSi should've gotten property in dublin then [04:54]
KekSi that's gone through the roof [04:55]
acuzio KekSi: yes , i had the opportunity to buy a property in 2016 and didnt take on the offer [04:58]
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acuzio In other "good" news , your debit cards issued in the UK will stop working in the EU in case of a no-deal Brexit on March 29 [05:04]
acuzio and my insurance provider has moved outside the UK [05:09]
AMcBain I'm not sure how a many people thought this was going to end well. The same people probably also thought their politicians were doing a bad job before, so how'd they think they'd do a good job after? [05:16]
Faux a worse job but with no muslims [05:16]
Faux so it's okay [05:16]
AMcBain Don't forget the blue passports. [05:18]
Faux We lost interest in those when we realised that it was possible for things to happen outside the UK even after brexit. [05:19]
acuzio What people dont realise is that there are a whole host of countries that are literally looking to strip mine the UK assets [05:20]
AMcBain Isn't as brain drain already happening? [05:20]
acuzio Brain drain is accelerating . yes [05:21]
AMcBain Also yes, I know I'm one to talk... we shot ourselves in the foot and blamed someone else for giving us an itchy trigger finger. [05:21]
Faux It's okay, though. When we ban all the muslims and indians and polish, there'll be more demand for skilled workers for some reason. [05:21]
acuzio Here is another statistic : FOlks who are exporting to Asia have already "Brexited" , cause it takes 6 weeks to reach them and the point of no return has been crossed [05:21]
AMcBain Faux, Leaving jobs that probably even the people complaining about "the others" don't want. [05:22]
Faux So salaries will rise, and people.. who.. are somehow better than muslims.. that were born here.. because they were born here longer ago.. will come flooding back? [05:22]
acuzio Yeah exactly that Faux [05:22]
Faux Should probably delete my genetic data from PG&E before the government realises I'm only like 400 years British. [05:23]
acuzio Another statistic to be "proud" of : 75% of ex-pats living in the EU above the age of 60 who dont want to return to the UK voted LEAVE [05:23]
acuzio This is incomprehensible to me [05:24]
AMcBain "Surely voting to leave won't affect my ability to live where I like." [05:24]
Faux Yeah because a BREXIT DEAL means all positives and no negatives from my personal perspective acuzio. [05:24]
Faux It's literally what DEAL means. [05:24]
acuzio Most of them have dual or are going to take on the other country nationality calling themselves "Proudly" British while in Spain or France (for the most part) [05:25]
acuzio Its incredible [05:25]
AMcBain Someone I know locally tried to tell me that the people who voted leave weren't influenced by what they read/saw in their news, and that it wasn't about getting the foreigners out. Yet from my perspective (and one 'friend' through Facebook) that was quite a factor. [05:26]
acuzio That was the only factor [05:26]
acuzio Its the same thing like Trump , not everyone who supported Trump is a Racist however they voted with the Racists [05:27]
Faux One of the angriest nutjobs I know, who is British and lives in Europe, wants the housing market to crash so he can buy the house he deserves in London. [05:27]
AMcBain Anecdote for anecdote but I don't understand how that guy could think that everyone who voted did so with a clear factual view of everything and not be influenced by being bigoted or people with fake numbers on the side of a bus. Some people admitted afterwards they voted leave because they didn't actually think it would win! [05:27]
Faux If you push the russians and muslims out, the housing market will crash. [05:27]
Faux WIN WIN [05:27]
AMcBain Faux, oh lorg. :( [05:27]
Faux The lorg can't save you now, AMcBain. [05:28]
AMcBain I'm not even sure what a lorg is. Hopefully there's no definition I don't know on Urban Dictionary or something. [05:29]
acuzio AMcBain: Its a really large constituency who wanted to give a middle finger and thought , hey lets vote leave cause anyway its not going to win [05:29]
AMcBain acuzio, yeah a different person local to me admitted they voted trump and then had to defend themselves as to how they weren't a racist. So no, maybe they directly weren't, but as you say they voted for a guy with policies that kinda were. [05:29]
acuzio ^^^^ this is the Leave and Trump voter [05:29]
AMcBain wasn't the one who attacked them for being racist and wouldn't have, they just were fairly public on Facebook. [05:30]
Faux Some of the wife's friends didn't vote because they thought it was a constituency-based vote and, because they are in a pro-racism borough, they thought there was no point voting because fptp is fucked. [05:30]
AMcBain Ugh, that reminds me. I have to send back in this form... the local county or whatever decided my signature didn't match my own signature and since the snow and crap I won't get it back in time basically voided my ballot. [05:31]
AMcBain It's not a super important vote, but it involves the local schools and I'd rather not live around a bunch of idiots, so... [05:31]
AMcBain I type all the time, I use shitty inaccurate touchscreens at stores to sign or fingers, and I hardly write anything. Then to complain my signature drifted. Woo! Congrats guys! [05:32]
[twisti] i think if you vote for someone who is racist against a race that isnt your own, you implicitly say "i only care about bad things happening to my own race", and i think thats racist even if otherwise you arent [05:33]
AMcBain One of the local towns here had a few people comment on a Facebook post about something fairly benign at the community center and claiming it shouldn't be here because the town "is conservative." Totally ignoring that in the past 8 years or whatever the local population has gotten rather less so... [05:36]
AMcBain Even weirder you might say. :) [05:36]
AMcBain I don't really want a house over there (city council is a bunch of terrible people) but maybe I should reconsider just for spite if there's a nice reasonably priced house there and no HOA. Just be the guy on the block with a hotpink, neon green, and black house with a Klingon flag out front. [05:38]
Faux yiss [05:40]
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ableto parted the channel: [08:48]
mohsen_1 [mohsen_1!uid289573@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [09:05]
freeone3000 ah, so @bestofnextdoor people [09:10]
[twisti] some of the republican news coverage of trump things use the same toddler language that trump uses [09:16]
[twisti] "On bla bla, President Trump gave the very good SOTU speech. ... the speech was very good, maybe the best." [09:17]
freeone3000 This is a negotiating technique known as mimicry. [09:17]
Psybur [Psybur!~Psybur@unaffiliated/psybur] has joined #java-talk [09:21]
freeone3000 oh. the Microsoft Connector Shuttle is not running in Seattle today. How nice I got an email telling me that. [09:21]
freeone3000 They, apprarenttly, got over an inch of snow. [09:22]
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ron Addax: started watching the good place [10:10]
Addax ron: it's an excellent show [10:13]
ron Addax: yes, it's just not... 'a comedy' :) [10:14]
Addax not a traditional one, no. How far have you gotten? [10:14]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:8c4a:385f:5ecf:6544] has joined #java-talk [10:21]
ron Addax: mid season 2 [10:23]
Addax It gets a little more esoteric in s2/s3 [10:23]
ron yeah, s2 is very different than s1 [10:24]
ron for obvious reasons [10:24]
Addax s3's way different too [10:24]
Addax they went from exploration to demonstration to actually making a statement of sorts [10:24]
Addax really quite elegant [10:25]
ron I won't be seeing s3 until next year. started too late with s1/s2 and I think the early episodes of s3 are no longer on hulu, so will have to wait for netflix [10:25]
Addax *nod* [10:26]
Addax there's always bittorrent... [10:26]
ron surprisingly, ever since I moved to the US I don't 'get' tv shows and movies anymore. [10:26]
freeone3000 Everyone keeps saying I need to finish season 1. Does it become less awkward? [10:26]
Addax freeone3000: *awkward?* [10:27]
Addax How is S1 awkward? [10:27]
ron freeone3000: without spoilers, you need to finish s1 to... get into it. [10:27]
freeone3000 Addax: Everything is just disconcertingly phrased and everyone is obviously fake and take actions outside of normal social bounds [10:27]
Addax freeone3000: ... it's a very conceited show. You kinda need to hit the end of S1 - or have a lot of experience with plays about philosophy - to really get it [10:28]
Addax maybe not a LOT of experience with plays about philosophy, but once you see it, the art will (well, probably) impress the crap out of you [10:29]
Addax trying hard not to spoil it more than I already have [10:29]
freeone3000 Like. I have a fairly clear idea that, besides the frozen yogurt places, everything is actually structured to make it the absolute worst for everyone. That nonpracticing "buddhist" "monk" who has to fake a vow of silence? The setup of the main character? Chandi, who is annoyingly indicisive to the point where I don't believe he's a professor of anything, being forced into a dilemma situation? They're secretly in the Bad Place. [10:30]
Addax okay? [10:30]
freeone3000 But it seems like they're going to keep up the facade for an entire 10 epsidoes. [10:30]
freeone3000 When do they start being genuine? [10:31]
Addax they're being genuine the whole time. just genuine about what, though [10:31]
freeone3000 Alright. Thanks. [10:31]
Addax the thing is: that doesn't detract from how good it is. I understand your observation, but I would assert that the pacing and what they're doing are right on point [10:33]
Collaken [Collaken!] has joined #java-talk [10:34]
freeone3000 Have you guys seen ? [10:48]
Addax I have not, I wonder why the bot didn't give us the title... oh [10:50]
Faux I like how they believe their system is pretty secure against people who can get shell. [11:04]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [11:05]
Faux With a boring Java webapp, i.e. web -> nginx -> java -> postgres -> replicas, code exec on the Java box gets you everything except.. changing already committed votes? [11:07]
Faux (Assuming continuous archiving and no code exec on postgres.) [11:07]
freeone3000 that's still 5000 CHF [11:07]
freeone3000 or 3574 in real money [11:08]
Faux In the architecture I've presented, it gets you the second-top tier trivially. [11:08]
Faux 20_000. [11:09]
Addax is java part of the threat vector? [11:09]
Faux I understand that they are not using the architecture I have presented. [11:09]
Faux There was a dicker escape published 18h ago btw. [11:10]
Faux For anyone who thinks they understand multi-tenant. [11:10]
freeone3000 huh? people are running a daemon as root, then running code under the daemon, and expecting it to have a security barrier? [11:12]
Faux Yes, freeone3000. Yes they are. [11:12]
freeone3000 "Cookies taste good, they release all sorts of chemicals in our bodies and they channel your inner child. Here at Vaadin, we love cookies on our website. Type cookiemonster to find out more or accept to accept." [11:20]
[twisti] cookies cause autism [11:25]
Addax freeone3000: I saw that earlier today myself, thought it was kinda cute while being annoying [11:25]
freeone3000 I'm worried that they ruined their legally mandated disclaimer text by being deliberately misleading. [11:25]
freeone3000 No reasonable person would think that IDEA's website was talking about physical cookies. These guys literally are talking about physical cookies, until they aren't. Blargh. [11:26]
Addax it's almost like they expect web developers to have context about what "cookies" might mean [11:28]
freeone3000 look if warning labels were made for reasonable people they wouldn't go on the sun visor of every car with an airbag [11:29]
freeone3000 or on dishwashers [11:29]
freeone3000 or on *buckets* [11:29]
Addax so we need to wait for a legal challenge to vaadin's warning, then we can take up pitchforks and go after them for being morons [11:30]
surial vaadin warning? [11:32]
Addax surial: about the use of cookies on their site [11:32]
surial it's funny. [11:33]
Addax BUT SO WRONG [11:33]
Addax ... right? I mean, they talk about cookies in two different unrelated contexts and everything [11:33]
Addax they're lying liars who lie [11:33]
surial IANAL, but, if you don't set any cookies except the one you set to track login, you do NOT need a cookie warning. [11:34]
surial if you have any ads that set cookies, you 100% must. Anything else is up for debate. [11:34]
freeone3000 vaadin's website doesn't have advertisements or a login mechanism, so. [11:35]
surial it does. [11:35]
surial login button right at the top right. [11:35]
freeone3000 okay, I stand corrected. [11:35]
freeone3000 vaadin's webiste *shouldn't* have a login mechanism. [11:35]
waz friend removed the warning labels on his mercedes, next service visit when he picked it up they had installed new ones [11:35]
surial but it has no ads, so, presumably, my point is: You don't need ANY cookie thing. If you set a cookie even if they don't log in for some reason, you MIGHT, but I'd just re-engineer the site to not need it. [11:35]
ron yalla vaadin [11:35]
ron vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin vaadin !111!!!!!one!!! [11:35]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@] has joined #java-talk [11:36]
waz why shouldn't it? They sell a pro version [11:36]
waz seems like you'd need a login for that [11:36]
ron too bad javabot can't invoke itself. sad. [11:38]
Addax ron: it can. It just doesn't. :) [11:38]
waz smart bot [11:38]
ron wel, yeah [11:38]
ron well [11:38]
ron can't type [11:38]
ron yay [11:38]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [12:23]
ron After about 3 years, I've decided to try utilizing my standing desk [12:30]
freeone3000 did it manage to unplug everything on the way up? [12:31]
ron no, because everything is plugged up anyway [12:33]
Addax I like standing desks myself, but my desk has to accomodate a lot of equipment; most standing desks that I've seen are too small, I'd need two of them [12:41]
ron I have almost nothing [12:42]
Addax I have two laptops (17", 15") and two 27" displays, plus speakers (monitors, but not displays!), plus A/D equipment [12:43]
Addax plus the A/D stuff has to connect to controllers on the floor, so cables WOULD be a concern [12:44]
Addax when I travel to my office, I use the standing desk and love it, though [12:44]
tang^ you probably want those cable snakes to preset your cable length to fit [12:45]
Addax that could work, yeah. I wonder if my office would let me req two standing desks for home... [12:46]
Addax actually, they might [12:46]
Addax RIght now I use my family's old dining room table [12:46]
tang^ something like this: [12:46]
tang^ tang^'s title: "Cable-Snake CUBE, Cable Management, sit to stand desks | OE Elsafe" [12:46]
ron I have a 15" laptop, 1 24" display that I don't use and... an ampersand. [12:46]
Addax tang^: that's pretty nice [12:47]
ron tang^: yeah, thanks for sharing. looking to improve the cable chaos [12:47]
Addax tang^ ++ [12:48]
Addax tang^ has a karma level of 18, Addax [12:48]
ron I'm considering getting a balance board but still not 100% convinced [12:50]
Addax the exercise thing? [12:51]
lucidian my office has balance boards and they're great [12:54]
lucidian absurdly expensive though. (we have these ones: [12:54]
lucidian lucidian's title: "Balance Boards & Standing Desk Accessories | FluidStance" [12:54]
ron sort of. when standing for a long time, they can help with small movements and help with NEATs which given that I work from home, I'm in great need of that [12:55]
ron lucidian: that's what I'm thinking of getting. got a gift card from work, so thinking of using it for that. [12:55]
ron but it's fucking expensive, yes [12:55]
Addax yeah, cool [12:55]
Addax WHOA those are expensive [12:55]
Addax you can get a workable plastic one from wal-mart for under $40 [12:56]
ron yes, but there's also something about design [12:56]
ron I may get a cheap one to see if I use it, and then opt for the more expensive version [12:56]
Addax well, you're probably staring at the things under your feet, sure [12:56]
lucidian ron: if you do that, I'll be really curious to hear how the fluidstance one compares to the cheaper one [12:57]
waz Addax you can get a huge standing desk at [12:57]
Addax ron: [12:57]
ron Addax: I just have a thing for well-designed things. it's a curse. [12:58]
waz I'm pretty much under doc orders to not use a standing desk [12:58]
Addax I have one of those in my house, and I regularly abuse the crap out of it. It's cheap and plastic and ... cheap, and plastic... but works [12:58]
Addax waz: I thought you had a treadmill *and* a standing desk [12:58]
ron waz: how come? [12:58]
waz I do, but I use the treadmill, I don't stand [12:59]
waz walking is the key [12:59]
waz ron luck of genetics, compromised circulation in my legs. Just standing is bad for that, walking is massively good for it [12:59]
waz plus I burn a shit ton of calories [01:00]
ron gotcha [01:00]
fotato I bet waz is shredded. [01:00]
fotato Wazler Durden [01:00]
waz sitting isn't much better than standing [01:00]
waz fotato I do look like I've been through a shredder [01:00]
fotato Rule 1: don?t talk about #java-talk club [01:01]
fotato Heh ok [01:01]
ron oh fotato is alive [01:01]
fotato Hi [01:01]
fotato I?m at lunch. [01:01]
fotato You have another three minutes of my inanities. [01:01]
waz down 30 lbs since I bought the treadmill desk [01:01]
waz but that's due to many things including the desk [01:01]
fotato Right. [01:01]
waz just went out and bought a bunch of pants since I'm down 3 inches in the waist [01:02]
waz note that pre losing that weight my doc called me skinny [01:02]
fotato [01:02]
fotato Found a pic of waz [01:03]
waz grizzly [01:03]
ron sulfuric acid tank? two face?! [01:04]
ron "this is a friendly reminder" [01:04]
ron fuck you it's not [01:04]
fmccann [fmccann!] has joined #java-talk [01:31]
fotato ron: thats joker [01:45]
fotato did waz mean 'grisly' or that he's more grizzly. [01:45]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [01:50]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [01:53]
ron fotato: yes [01:55]
fotato inclusiveor [01:56]
ron tactical visor activated [01:57]
freeone3000 "Hi, what's the fully-qualified name of my laptop?" "Is your laptop with you?" "No, it's in the office." "Where are you?" "Australia." [02:00]
ron is the office in Australia? [02:04]
tang^ guessing: no [02:05]
ron time to open an office in Australia [02:05]
ron problem solved [02:05]
ron next [02:05]
ron Another satisfied customer. Next! [02:05]
freeone3000 We have an office in australia! [02:08]
freeone3000 That's where he is. [02:08]
freeone3000 However, his laptop is sitting about ten feet from me. [02:08]
ron yay [02:09]
freeone3000 Well, kind-of. These are MSR, red-asset-tag, double-biometric-and-smartcard laptops, so I can't actually, y'know, log into it. [02:09]
ron so? [02:10]
freeone3000 so I cannot get him his fully-qualified network name, despite having all the elements required within arm's reach. [02:11]
ron so? [02:11]
freeone3000 I want to be useful! [02:12]
ron so? [02:12]
freeone3000 I don't understand! I want to be useful! How do I be useful? [02:22]
ron by telling him he's a fucking moron [02:22]
Addax plant a tree [02:22]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [02:26]
freeone3000 Ah, the biennial desk cleaning, precipitated by the biennial spilling of the coffee. [03:11]
sonOfRa good evening [03:11]
Faux freeone3000: sippycup [03:11]
Faux sonOfRa: sippyevening [03:11]
freeone3000 yeah, yeah, I'll just get one of those leakproof travel thermoses and drink it at my desk like I'm three. [03:13]
Faux Make sure you get an vacuum insulated one. [03:13]
Faux So you can keep your drink at temperature for longer. [03:13]
tang^ I have a Stanley model [03:15]
freeone3000 I don't want my drink at temperature, I want my drink room temperature but for some reason the coffeemaker makes it hot. [03:15]
Faux I have an extensive coffee heat dissipation system, after which I dump ice into the coffee, then keep it at ice temperatures. [03:16]
fotato i make cold brew so it's always cold. [04:01]
Faux Such motivation. [04:02]
fotato (i dont in winter tho) [04:02]
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sonOfRa new civ 6 expansions looks pretty neat [04:31]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - New Features Explained - YouTube" [04:31]
colypso [colypso!~colypso@] has joined #java-talk [04:31]
Faux Is that the one you have to buy so the game starts on Win10? [04:31]
sonOfRa Huh? [04:32]
sonOfRa It's not out yet so probably no? [04:32]
Faux Heh. [04:32]
Faux They shipped a fucked update and then were telling people the only way to fix their game crashing on start was to buy the DLC. [04:33]
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ron scav? o_O [08:08]
fotato Hi ronno [08:09]
ron hello [08:11]
fotato My day was shit. [08:12]
fotato How was yours [08:12]
ron passable [08:12]
fotato Cool [08:12]
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