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acuzio morning ladies [05:11]
acuzio i dont know whats happening with my lenses -i am seeing trailing shadows [05:12]
acuzio constantly [05:12]
[twisti] im pretty sure our trainee has spent this whole week writing unit tests that test themselves [05:14]
Faux I get comedy slewing on red/blue contrasts. Especially amusing with diffs. [05:14]
Faux That's literally what people believe TDD is! [05:14]
Faux I know, I used to work with a guy who had published a book about TDD. [05:14]
Faux So angry. [05:14]
sonOfRa Faux: huh. I get that too. [05:15]
sonOfRa Is that a thing everyone gets, or are my eyes more broken than I previously believed? [05:15]
Faux It's an effect caused by the thickness of my glasses, I believe? [05:15]
[twisti] yeah mine too [05:15]
sonOfRa makes sense [05:16]
[twisti] and hes not doing TDD, hes just writing test code that tests nothing but itself [05:16]
sonOfRa -5.5 -5.75 is relatively thick [05:16]
Faux Interestingly I've never been able to photo this effect, which I don't really understand. [05:16]
Faux It's super cool with the poor quality RGB LED strips because you can prism out the colour components by turning your head. [05:16]
acuzio I fired someone who was writing test code that test the test. My recommendation was "We are trying to get work done here, if you want to wank, get some other job" [05:23]
Faux Nice mentoring, acuzio. [05:26]
sonOfRa Faux: oh man yeah I thought I was going crazy when I noticed that [05:29]
sonOfRa fucking hell, some right wing nutter shot up mosques in new zealand, killing over 40 people [05:35]
acuzio sonOfRa: i used to think NZ is a paradise , clearly not [05:37]
acuzio Faux: i dont have time to mentor - you hit the ground running and are expected to manage on your own ; we are not a team that needs 5 year olds. [05:37]
Faux NZ has quite a few issues, mostly to do with being an irrelevant island nation that is dependent on its neighbours. [05:37]
acuzio Come to me when you have a problem else just get on with it and i will make sure that you get comped handsomely thats it [05:38]
Faux Sounds like hell. [05:38]
Faux Why would anyone put up with that? [05:38]
sonOfRa They must pay literally millions for anyone to put up with that bullshit [05:39]
Faux Millions of yen/gbp2022, yes! [05:41]
[twisti] sonOfRa: im at -9.5 and -10.0 [05:43]
sonOfRa jesus [05:44]
Faux [twisti]: Legally blind! [05:44]
[twisti] my left eye can officially attend a weiterfuehrende schule [05:44]
sonOfRa Glasbausteine! [05:44]
Faux I think I'm on the way between -6 and -7. [05:44]
Faux I'm old though so it's okay. [05:44]
[twisti] additionally i got a -1.75 torus thing that i dont understand but which means that my left contact lens actually has an "up" direction [05:44]
[twisti] its weighed down on the bottom [05:44]
Faux "It's fuckin' fucked, m888." [05:45]
[twisti] makes it so i cant really watch TV lying on my side [05:45]
sonOfRa can't do that eithe rbecause glasses, I fucking hate contact lenses [05:45]
acuzio sonOfRa: Faux: some people like that environment. i give complete freedom, i trust you to do the right thing, my job is to ensure that the team gets maximum compensation for teh work they do and i will back to the hilt outside the group [05:52]
acuzio Why is this a bad thing? [05:52]
sonOfRa Because you're working yourself and others to illness [05:53]
Faux It encourages short term design/corner cutting, and hence reduces long-term efficiency? It only attracts nutjobs? [05:53]
sonOfRa You're viewing yourself and your coworkers as disposable sacks of meat [05:53]
sonOfRa And treating yourself (and apparently them) like it [05:54]
Faux They are, though. There's plenty of people who will do anything for money! /me writes some more node. [05:54]
acuzio a) we are not comped on code , we are comped on revenue and sometimes both are not the same. b) i give the folks complete liberty to earn as much or as little as they want. they control their calendar , i dont c) i have their backs if shit hits the fan., however i cant spend time holding their hands. they are adults, they can do it themselves [06:01]
sonOfRa I'm sorry, but this mentality is why you're so miserable all the fucking time [06:02]
acuzio sonOfRa: i am sure you are right -i dont know how else to do it [06:02]
fotato Properly. [06:03]
sonOfRa Quit. Take on a normal fucking job [06:03]
sonOfRa Or do like Faux. Work free-lance for things you actually enjoy rather than working yourself to death and flying across the world every week [06:03]
fotato Gtfo of fintech [06:03]
Faux node [06:03]
Faux node [06:03]
sonOfRa By the way, didn't they promote you to some kind of manager position and they made some promises to you? [06:06]
sonOfRa Have those promises been met? I recall you giving them some time to meet them, but wanting to quit if they don't meet them. [06:06]
sonOfRa Hahaha [06:12]
sonOfRa Axel Voss, the guy who is "leading" the copyright reform in the EP [06:13]
Faux They are doing a pretty poor job at knowing what they are doing. Still paying, though. :( [06:13]
sonOfRa "We have to consider if businesses like youtube should even exist" [06:13]
fotato Um. [06:13]
Faux They literally just profit from other people's work!!! [06:13]
sonOfRa !!1! [06:13]
Faux Basically theft. [06:13]
sonOfRa Literally armed robbery [06:13]
sonOfRa In germany, copyright infringement got coined as "Robbery copy" by the lobbyists [06:14]
sonOfRa Literally trying to put copyright infringement on the same level of crime as putting a gun to someone's head and stealing their money [06:14]
fotato We should put gps trackers on all YouTube videos. [06:15]
AMcBain "Your money or this copy of Atlas Shrugged gets a slug!" [06:15]
Faux Two Penis Hospital is on FREE WEEKEND on Steam, steamplay. [06:47]
sonOfRa Right wing terrorist kills over 40 people in mosques. Step 2, australian politician says this: [07:00]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Senator Fraser Anning on Twitter: "Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?"" [07:00]
Faux D [07:01]
Faux I think we're going to have to suspend Brexit in commiseration with the empire. [07:02]
sonOfRa Oh that guy swallowed *all* of the red pills [07:03]
sonOfRa Rest of his twitter is effectively the same [07:03]
fotato What. The fuck. [07:11]
fotato Stop this timeline I want to get off. [07:11]
sonOfRa Holy shit [07:12]
sonOfRa That dude got elected to be a senator with 19 votes [07:12]
sonOfRa Not 19000 [07:12]
sonOfRa 19 [07:12]
sonOfRa And he's apparently called for "a final solution to the muslim problem" [07:12]
Faux Treating them as if they were people? [07:12]
Faux That'd be a good solution. [07:12]
Faux Kinda worked for women and HP Lovecraft's cat. [07:13]
sonOfRa No no he wants to have a popular vote [07:13]
sonOfRa And then shipem all off to muslim city [07:13]
Faux That's what will happen when they get invaded by China. [07:13]
sonOfRa Oh dear. Apparently the fuck livestreamed this thing, and his opening line was "subscribe to pewdiepie" [07:24]
sonOfRa alright, no more news today [07:25]
sonOfRa Fuck this [07:25]
Faux \o/ [07:25]
Faux sonOfRa: But you'll miss the third attempt at a final vote on the least popular government motion in living memory. [07:25]
sonOfRa I'll survive [07:25]
Faux FULL SATIRE [07:25]
sonOfRa time for video games! [07:28]
sonOfRa Total War: Warhammer 2 [07:28]
sonOfRa FOR THE EMPRAH! [07:29]
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ableto parted the channel: [08:59]
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freeone3000's first article not about the shooting is "The magic of mushrooms" [09:39]
freeone3000 mate it's not even a slow news day. [09:39]
Faux It's about this thing called "brexit" here. Anyone heard of it? [09:40]
sonOfRa I think it's a monty python sketch, no? [09:41]
Faux Must be, based on the story. [09:41]
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freeone3000 Okay so Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel II Lost Butterfly was EVEN BETTER than I thought and I need to find more anime friends IRL [09:54]
freeone3000 'cause I can be all SABER ALTER VERSUS BERSERKER and they're all "I'm glad you had a good time." [09:54]
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fotato who is lunch and what are they making in the kitchen? [11:32]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [11:54]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [12:19]
freeone3000 Honestly I hope some EU rando just decides "no, no extension, you had two years" [12:41]
freeone3000 like Bulgaria [12:41]
whaley and they cite Parkinson's Law [12:49]
freeone3000 Psychadelic Wizard, of the Cult of the Dead Cow, currently running for President. [12:54]
sonOfRa Huh, who turned out to be a dead cow? [12:59]
sonOfRa Beto? [12:59]
freeone3000 sonOfRa: Yeah. [12:59]
sonOfRa hah [12:59]
freeone3000 He's so hip and cool! He called long distance and pirated software as a teenager!@ [12:59]
freeone3000 Though a lot of people not from texas are concerned about the DUI conviction. [01:00]
freeone3000 Which is... uh... I mean. They're not *objectively* wrong. But the reason he shared this voluntarily, at large, in an interview, is that Texas doesn't consider it major, it's like... it's not even like graffiti, it's like, jaywalking. Which uhm. Yeah, Texas alcohol culture is shit. [01:00]
[twisti] is calling long distance an achievement now ? [01:03]
freeone3000 [twisti]: Let's see you try. [01:03]
[twisti] because im totally running for president then [01:03]
[twisti] i called long distance just this week [01:03]
freeone3000 With like, a different rate? Because I don't think I can even get charged long distance for anything. [01:03]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [01:03]
[twisti] it was cross countries, so yeah [01:04]
freeone3000 Huh. [01:04]
freeone3000 I mean, you could be qualified for President, sure. [01:04]
[twisti] neat [01:04]
whaley didn't GWB have a DWI/DUI conviction at some point? [01:05]
whaley too many TLA, sorry [01:05]
freeone3000 Yeah. Again, Texas. Pretty much every adult I know has had it at some point. It's a $300 fine and a "don't do that". [01:06]
freeone3000 I think they actually have increased penalties? But society hasn't really caught up. [01:06]
waz Beto was a hit n run too [01:07]
whaley we should get Beto and Brett Kavanaugh together [01:08]
surial One can wax rhapsodic about how he fucked up in his younger years and got behind the wheel drunk. The other can reminisce about raping that lady. 2 buds having a brewski. [01:24]
surial They can share tips. Like 'Well I never hid the fact that I did any of that', or 'haha fucking idiot just lie about it even in the face of overwhelming evidence, then join the party that trusts some blowhards over reality'. Oof. American politics' fucked-upness really is getting to me lately. [01:25]
freeone3000 I really don't think rape and DWI are even close to comparable. [01:26]
waz I don't tend to wax at all on politics [01:26]
waz I have many friends who have no clue if I'm conservative or liberal and we talk a lot. [01:27]
Faux tests lower-right. \$/ [01:27]
surial freeone3000: .. that was the point, yes. [01:28]
surial 'rape you are still lying about' and 'DWI you never lied about', btw. [01:28]
[twisti] rape ? [01:33]
sonOfRa [twisti]: kavanaugh. [01:35]
[twisti] oh that guy, i didnt follow that one very closely [01:36]
[twisti] personally i like the direction that tv show went, designated survivor [01:36]
[twisti] where just just killed the entirety of the established political system and started fresh [01:37]
fotato waz: so, what are you [01:37]
acuzio sonOfRa: i have had some promises that have been kept however i have some time to go before the time run outs [01:37]
waz me? curious [01:37]
acuzio fotato: ask me what i am ? [01:37]
fotato no. [01:38]
waz acuzio raving crazy man? [01:38]
acuzio waz: i am not raving , [01:38]
acuzio I am possibly crazy [01:38]
acuzio though i dont know how [01:39]
fotato disagree, agree. [01:39]
fotato not quite as raving as.... another person here, but certainly well on the way. [01:39]
[twisti] waz: bicurious ? ( ?° ?? ?°) [01:39]
fotato chrome has started rendering the lenny face really badly [01:40]
[twisti] its a good thing we are on irc and not on the web then [01:41]
fotato um [01:42]
fotato [01:42]
[twisti] sux2bu [01:43]
[twisti] ¯\_(?)_/¯ [01:43]
fotato nah, it's awesome. [01:43]
whaley freeone3000: you're correct. One act kills a ton more people per year than the other [01:52]
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acuzio So gin cocktails are awesome ] [02:49]
acuzio Was talking on the phone , The Kid walks in - goes "Stop swearing" [02:49]
acuzio now i feel fucking bad [02:50]
fotato french 75, french 110 [02:50]
acuzio What ? [02:50]
fotato well the french 75 anyway [02:50]
fotato they're cocktails [02:51]
fotato one has gin in them [02:51]
acuzio I went to a pub here that does old style cocktails [02:51]
fotato gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar [02:51]
fotato it's one of the oldest cocktails. [02:51]
acuzio One of these pubs mate : [02:52]
acuzio Village pubs [02:52]
fotato yes? [02:53]
acuzio yes [02:53]
fotato are you telling me they dont have the fixings for a french 75? [02:53]
fotato because if so, leave that place. [02:53]
fotato it's not a good cocktail place. [02:53]
acuzio dont know i didnt ask them [02:53]
acuzio i asked them whats the best cocktail [02:53]
acuzio she said - "Big Boy Hendricks" [02:53]
fotato i might be getting the name of the french 110 wrong. it's basically the same as a 75 except s/gin/cognac/ + bitters. [02:53]
fotato yeah so [02:54]
fotato you fell for marketing [02:54]
fotato gg. [02:54]
acuzio mate i dont know i just had something [02:54]
acuzio it was good [02:54]
acuzio it had strawberries and stuff [02:54]
acuzio leaves and shit [02:55]
fotato it's so cute you think that's old style. [02:55]
fotato enjoy your ponced up GnT. [02:55]
acuzio i had already them mate [02:56]
acuzio [3~like during lunch [02:56]
acuzio We went out [02:56]
acuzio - wanted to use the car [02:56]
fotato .... [02:56]
fotato i sincerely hope you didnt drive back [02:56]
acuzio nope She wouldnt let me [02:56]
fotato fucking good. [02:56]
acuzio I dont like driving [02:57]
acuzio holy smokes "Cult of the Dead Cow" - Beto was part of that group [03:00]
acuzio 0xdeadbeef [03:00]
acuzio This was my youth - anyone knows "Back Orifice 2000" [03:01]
acuzio If nothing else , the guy is fucking cool [03:03]
fotato You are on irc. [03:04]
acuzio yes? [03:05]
surial acuzio: .... we know about these things. [03:14]
acuzio oh [03:25]
acuzio i just came to know [03:25]
ron what did acuzio learn now? [03:30]
Faux That the CDC was a thing. [03:30]
sonOfRa No, that beto was part of the cdc [03:32]
sonOfRa or is, rather [03:32]
sonOfRa Which, to be fair, I only learned, like, 2 hours ago [03:32]
Faux Yeah. [03:32]
ron who is beto and why does it matter that he's part of the center for disease control? [03:32]
Faux <3 [03:32]
Faux I like it when ron pretends to not know what we're talking about. [03:32]
Faux It's cute, but we know ron is romniscent. [03:33]
ron Faux: in this specific case, I really have no idea who beto is. nor what the cult of the dead cow is. [03:33]
freeone3000 ron: They were hackers in the good ol' days, back when "gay" was a thing people called their friends and girls were asked for pictures of their tits as a joke. [03:34]
acuzio CDC was part of my youth [03:35]
acuzio so hence why i got excited [03:35]
freeone3000 ron: Beto O'Rourke, aka Psychadelic Warlord, is in the Democratic Primary for United States President. [03:35]
ron I'm somewhat not surprised that acuzio has something to do with the center of disease control. like, being a disease and such. [03:35]
freeone3000 Cult of the Dead Cow. [03:36]
ron freeone3000: ok. not sure I find any of that interesting. [03:36]
ron I really like acuzio though and find him very interesting. [03:38]
acuzio ron: i love you too mate [03:40]
ron then why the fuck don't you ever show it?! [03:40]
acuzio sends his love to ron [03:41]
ron pfft [03:41]
ron words words [03:41]
sonOfRa get a room, you two! [03:43]
ron don't tell me what to do [03:43]
ron you're not the boss of me [03:43]
ron I'm the boss of me [03:43]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [03:44]
ron so an awesome person just @here'd in the all-company channel on slack. gj. [03:53]
sonOfRa they should get an award [03:55]
sonOfRa And a raise [03:55]
fotato That?s nice, dear. [03:55]
ron yes [03:55]
fotato weather nyc [03:55]
fotato We cannot locate nyc. The weather operation only supports places on Earth; thank you, come again. [03:55]
fotato Oh. [03:55]
fotato It?s like 70f [03:55]
fotato waz: are you still here [03:55]
waz Just took off [03:56]
waz crazy warm [03:56]
fotato So weird [03:56]
ron it's like 3C here [03:56]
fotato It?ll be back to that tomorrow. [03:56]
ron so... 37F? [03:56]
fotato I dunno. [03:57]
fotato 9/-1 [03:57]
D9 [D9!~Ron@] has joined #java-talk [04:02]
freeone3000 oh good, US has revoked visas of all ICC investigators [04:25]
freeone3000 "no soldier should live in fear of unjust prosecution for actions taken to protect this great nation" [04:26]
acuzio say what ? [04:26]
freeone3000 acuzio: [04:26]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "US bars entry to International Criminal Court investigators" [04:26]
acuzio WTF is happenig [04:29]
acuzio the guy in NZ live streamed the video ?? [04:29]
freeone3000 subscribe to pewdiepie! [04:29]
acuzio we are truly living in the age of fucking trolls [04:29]
acuzio and memes [04:29]
ron acuzio: yes, you are a troll AND a meme! [04:33]
waz in other news rockets hitting Tel Aviv, serious escalation :( [04:38]
ron I'm not seeing anything in the news... [04:41]
waz hrmm, where did I see that [04:42]
waz checking [04:42]
waz waz's title: "News - Original Signal" [04:42]
waz where I usually get news [04:42]
ron there were rockets yesterday [04:43]
fotato At least when the nukes hit I?ll just stop existing. Y?all enjoy your slow painful deaths. [04:45]
freeone3000 "Why is this webszite so slow, it's literally just text on a background, ajvascript is out of control" . wait a second. I'm building. [04:45]
freeone3000 fotato: Nobody's going to nuke montreal. [04:45]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [04:45]
freeone3000 We're too french. [04:45]
fotato Hi whaley. We are talking about the French being unnukable [04:45]
fotato I think. [04:46]
waz yep [04:48]
fotato waz: the Rome Round pie iron thingy is totally worth buying btw [04:50]
fotato Makes really nice toasted sammiches [04:50]
fotato And camping friendly. Buy the long handled version. [04:51]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [04:52]
fotato >remember, the S in IoT stands for Security. [05:06]
waz haha [05:08]
sakhd [sakhd!~sakhd@] has joined #java-talk [06:30]
redzombie [redzombie!uid103377@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [06:50]
enoq [enoq!~enoq@2a02:8388:6a87:b080:649f:9456:c1b1:28e4] has joined #java-talk [07:38]
acuzio dudes whats that app that sends your receipt back to you via email [08:02]
acuzio you go to the store, swipe card and it sends the receipt back [08:02]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [08:07]
whaley fotato: incroyable! [08:07]
fotato thats not an app acuzio [08:09]
fotato it's POS software [08:09]
fotato mostly square but others do it [08:09]
fotato once you register you email once it'll always email you [08:09]
whaley ( [08:18]
whaley fotato: want to play Words with Friends? [08:19]
acuzio fotato: thats it - do you know what name it sends receipts under [08:20]
fotato what is this, 2010? [08:20]
fotato it'll be as if the vendor sent them [08:20]
fotato maybe with 'via square' tacked on [08:20]
fotato whaley: not right now man [08:21]
acuzio I am missing so many receipts [08:23]
acuzio fuck man [08:23]
fotato most sensiblke expense systenms will accept credit card statements [08:24]
fotato something tells me you wont have enrolled your email with anyone's POS system, acuzio [08:24]
fotato call it a hunch [08:24]
whaley fotato: I'm lonely [08:28]
fotato me too thanks [08:28]
whaley fotato: my wife went upstairs to binge television and I'm left with pizza, beer, an d irc [08:28]
fotato i'm alone at home and feeling every single day of the exactly two years i've spent here [08:29]
fotato i should watch a movie or something [08:30]
whaley I want to watch Mary Queen of Scots [08:33]
whaley because I fucking love the British Isles and all of the crazy shit you lot have done to each other over the years [08:33]
whaley and fish pie [08:34]
whaley and cask ale [08:34]
whaley and Andy Murray [08:34]
whaley and Judy Murray [08:34]
whaley and the fucking Queen, God bless her [08:34]
fotato brexit. [08:34]
whaley (fuck Jamie Murray and Kyle Edmond, fucking wankers) [08:34]
whaley (also, fuck David Beckham, he is not the Cristiano Ronaldo class) [08:35]
whaley (also, fuck the Brexit) [08:35]
whaley (and fuck the David Cameron) [08:35]
whaley (and fuck Tony Blair for actually ceding to the Tories) [08:35]
whaley (and fuck my parens) [08:35]
fotato drunk whaley is fun! [08:35]
whaley (also, fuck lisp) [08:35]
fotato i dont wanna fuck your parents. [08:36]
fotato or david cameron tbh [08:36]
fotato tony blair is a solid maybe [08:36]
whaley only swine want to fuck DAvid Cameron [08:36]
whaley or get fucked by David Cameron, I forget which way it worked [08:36]
fotato who knows. [08:37]
whaley I am so expat'ing to GB once the pound takes a huge shit [08:37]
fotato dont make me sad [08:38]
whaley or rather, after it takes a bigger shit [08:38]
fotato dont make me sadder [08:38]
whaley fotato: don't you get paid in dollars? [08:38]
fotato i do [08:38]
fotato but i have the majority of my savings in the UK [08:38]
whaley nods [08:38]
fotato and a house about to be sold. [08:38]
whaley can I buy it? [08:38]
fotato it's not in londo [08:39]
fotato n [08:39]
fotato you dont want it [08:39]
whaley that's fine [08:39]
fotato it's also currently a 5-unit HMO [08:39]
whaley wait, what? You own a complex? [08:39]
fotato it's not a 'complex' [08:39]
whaley what is an HMO? [08:39]
whaley (that is a health insurance term in the US) [08:39]
fotato [08:40]
whaley ahh, rooms being rented out individually and sharing common locations [08:40]
fotato yes [08:41]
whaley that seems virtually nonexistent in the US [08:41]
fotato you have them [08:41]
fotato they're halfway homes [08:41]
fotato HMOs are typically rented by local councils to house at-risk people [08:41]
whaley nods [08:41]
whaley in any event, the Mrs. wants to take the money from $currentGig earned over a number of years and go expat either in Espaņa or Great Britain (probably somewhere in the Edinburgh area of Scotland) [08:43]
whaley I'm going to go have another beer [08:43]
fotato ok [08:44]
fotato i'm drinking dale's [08:44]
whaley <3 oskar blues [08:44]
fotato i'll be glad not to have to pester the managing agency for my fucking rent every. fucking. month. [08:44]
fotato they're such dicks [08:44]
fotato i'm spending all my money from $currentgig on a shoebox in manhattan [08:45]
fotato sadness. [08:45]
whaley I've managed to live within 50 miles of an Oskar Blues brewery for the last 9 years [08:45]
fotato that's awesome [08:45]
whaley fotato: :( [08:47]
whaley fotato: in reality, how far are you from a green card? [08:47]
fotato it's been filed. [08:48]
fotato i dont know. [08:48]
whaley just so you can actually move around the country [08:48]
fotato 6 months? [08:48]
fotato 10? [08:48]
whaley whose back do I need to break? [08:48]
fotato america's [08:48]
fotato this just hit netflix [08:48]
fotato fotato's title: "TV Review: 'Love, Death & Robots' and the Rise of NSFW Netflix | WIRED" [08:48]
whaley besides ron, that fucking jabroni [08:48]
fotato i think i'll watch one [08:48]
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