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waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [12:53]
nullcone [nullcone!uid11626@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [01:17]
AMcBain Ugh, really? Apparently if you have enough imports from the same package and do ctrl+space + select Idea will convert all of them to a single star import. :( [01:19]
AMcBain finds the setting that controls that and ups the limit. [01:21]
mohsen_1 [mohsen_1!uid289573@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [03:01]
AMcBain Is Idea CE really supposed to crash when you try to delete a file? :| [03:21]
mohsen_1 I wonder why youtube music skips the songs of two of my favorite singers? [04:16]
mohsen_1 AMcBain: that's clearly a bug [04:16]
AMcBain mohsen_1, yeah duh. [04:16]
AMcBain It also took me something like 4-5 tries before it opened again after the crash. [04:17]
AMcBain Once it got as far as the splash screen but then the loading bar just kept going right up to the right edge of the splash panel and it closed the splash and nothing happened. [04:17]
mohsen_1 Aren't you using the bleeding edge version? [04:18]
AMcBain No? I just downloaded the community edition from their site. [04:18]
mohsen_1 AMcBain: I'd check it out, you might've mistakenly downloaded the other one. [04:19]
AMcBain I decided to try it because I used to be an Eclipse user (but hadn't done much real Java dev in some years at least) and the UI/experience was never amazing, but it generally worked. I'd say at least with IDEA (excepting for the crash issue) I just started building my project and UI stuff was fairly straightforward to figure out things I wanted to do and stuff just kinda worked. [04:20]
AMcBain "IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3.5 (Community Edition); Build #IC-183.5912.21, built on February 26, 2019" is what the about screen says. [04:21]
AMcBain I used this page: [04:21]
AMcBain AMcBain's title: "Download IntelliJ IDEA: The Java IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrains" [04:21]
mohsen_1 AMcBain: I had never seen that behavior from idea [04:24]
AMcBain Well I dunno. I don't think it happens every time. Just the once. I asked to delete a file, it popped up to confirm, I hit enter, and the IDEA just disappeared without warning. [04:25]
arosusi [arosusi!~arosusi@] has joined #java-talk [04:25]
AMcBain When I finally got it to restart the file I'd asked to delete was gone, so there's that at least. [04:26]
AMcBain Maybe I just have a brown touch: everything I touch turns to crap. !Midas [04:28]
mohsen_1 AMcBain: downgrade to a stable version:D [04:29]
AMcBain How is that not a stable version...? It was from their own downloads page. If they're putting out betas without clearly marking them as such, they need to fix that! [04:30]
mohsen_1 AMcBain: That's probably a mistake, downgrade to another stable release. [04:36]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [04:51]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined #java-talk [05:07]
sonOfRa morning [07:09]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [07:20]
sonOfRa kid's a fucking hero [07:45]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Protestor cracks an egg over Senator Fraser Anning's head - YouTube" [07:45]
Faux I read "Dramatic moment controversial senator Fraser Anning ATTACKS a man who cracked an egg on his head" as s/Dramatic/Democratic/. [07:46]
sonOfRa heh [07:47]
Faux I'm trying to understand some flat earth conspiracy theories this morning, makes more sense than that guy. [07:48]
sonOfRa That dude is just... I don't know [07:51]
sonOfRa I guess that's the kind of senator you get elected on 19 votes [07:52]
sonOfRa because the senator that actually was elected was not australian, but british [07:52]
Faux It's just what 51.8% of the UK population believe. [07:52]
sonOfRa One of the core witnesses in the Berlusconi bunga-bunga trials died of radioactive poisoning [08:16]
YottaByte [YottaByte!~YottaByte@unaffiliated/yottabyte] has joined #java-talk [09:16]
sonOfRa Jesus, this whole NZ thing went full on Shiri's scissor (if you haven't read this: People at a memorial (in the US) for the victims saw that chelsea clinton was there, and *blamed chelsea clinton for the attacks*, because Clinto called out Ilhan Omar for perceived anti-semitic remakrs [09:23]
fotato Wat. [09:24]
sonOfRa fotato: well chelsea clinton claimed that omar effectively said "the jews are controlling the world" [09:26]
sonOfRa Calling brown people out for anti-semitism is white supremacy [09:26]
sonOfRa Hence, Chelsea Clinton is a white supremacist [09:26]
fotato Yyyyyyyyes. [09:26]
sonOfRa Hence, Chelsea Clinton is at fault for the attack. [09:26]
fotato I don?t want to live on this planet anymore. [09:26]
fotato Oh. That love death and robots series that just hit Netflix? Variable quality but most of them are good! [09:27]
fotato ?The witness? is absolutely stunning, visually [09:27]
fotato And a neat concept too [09:27]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [09:46]
sonOfRa Hey if any of you guys were planning to invade germany, now's the time [09:52]
sonOfRa For the first time ever, the report on the readiness of the german army and its equipment, is classified [09:52]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined #java-talk [10:31]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [12:48]
nullcone [nullcone!uid11626@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:05]
acuzio morning ladies [02:17]
acuzio In other news - i ended up at the hospital today [02:18]
acuzio In also other news = , VSCode is like really good [02:19]
acuzio i am fucking impressed [02:19]
fotato Are you ok [02:20]
Maldivia discovering VSCode was too much for yoy to handle? [02:30]
fotato Boner won?t go away [02:33]
fotato I should wait to see if he?s ok before joking. [02:33]
Maldivia yeah [02:49]
LordDrako [LordDrako!~LordDrako@2001:bc8:3f13:ffc2:61f9:8fc7:be3:377b] has joined #java-talk [02:49]
acuzio ta guys [03:34]
Maldivia you ok though? [03:36]
fotato He?s joking about being in hospital and waxing lyrical about vs code. He?s probably not about to die. [03:38]
fotato Nevertheless I am still concerned. [03:38]
acuzio I am not about to die but i am not joking either [03:38]
fotato ARE YOU OK [03:39]
acuzio - no just starting shaking uncontrollably earlier in the day , went to the doc [03:39]
fotato panic attack? [03:39]
acuzio fotato: am ok mate [03:39]
acuzio yes [03:39]
fotato Quit your job. [03:39]
acuzio i didnt know thats what its called [03:39]
acuzio the doc said ., its a nervous reaction and so i got a talking to ..... [03:40]
acuzio again [03:40]
fotato You need to work less. [03:41]
acuzio i dont know mate - its not that i work a lot - its just.. idont know [03:42]
acuzio lets talk about VSCode . It actually is really good - i was genuinely surprised [03:42]
fotato You work a ridiculous amount. [03:44]
fotato Note that I consider ?getting on a plane? work. [03:44]
fotato It?s been a while since I tried it but the pairing tools are ace. [03:44]
fotato You also set unreasonably high expectations for yourself and others which leads to seriously unhealthy norms [03:45]
fotato The fact that you don?t realise this is part of the problem. [03:45]
fotato [03:46]
acuzio its actually quite light weight as well [03:46]
acuzio which is not a typical MS thing [03:46]
acuzio if you see what i mean [03:47]
fotato Yes well it offloads literally everything onto plugins. [03:48]
acuzio ja [03:52]
acuzio and thats not a bad idea though [03:52]
acuzio Thank goodness She is not here. [04:00]
fotato Yeah, she?d say all the words I typed out loud and who would want that. [04:07]
AMcBain [AMcBain!] has joined #java-talk [05:39]
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