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Nick Message Date
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deepy truncated error messages are the best [07:17]
deepy "IO Unable to read " [07:18]
Faux Hah. [07:18]
sonOfRa try writing instead! [07:28]
Faux [07:29]
Faux Haskell News so good. [07:32]
Faux Faux's title: "Sorry for my ignorance, but my impression was that in the native spaces the cons... | Hacker News" [07:32]
[twisti] nasal demons ? [07:36]
Faux I have no idea. [07:38]
TimeTrap [TimeTrap!~TimeTrap@2601:44:c500:65f4:65d4:304e:2823:a2f3] has joined #java-talk [08:10]
acuzio morning ladies [08:54]
acuzio fuck SAP Concur [08:54]
sonOfRa s/Concur// [08:56]
acuzio I dont know the rest of SAP but all i am trying to do is book flight tickets [08:56]
acuzio and it is fucking hard [08:58]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [08:59]
acuzio Multi-city hops fail [09:01]
acuzio Credit card saving - fail [09:02]
acuzio Flight search - fail [09:02]
fotato You should quit [09:11]
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acuzio fotato: mate ., come onm [11:23]
acuzio come on [11:23]
acuzio any good coffee grinder that people can recommend ? [11:36]
acuzio Not coffee beans or powder but grinderr [11:36]
Faux I have a reasonable grinder but if you don't buy a burr grinder people will laugh at you even though they are dumb. [11:57]
Faux So you should do that. [11:57]
nullcone [nullcone!uid11626@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [12:08]
acuzio This one is what i am planning to buy: De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder [12:46]
acuzio Looks good enough and seems quite cheap [12:46]
acuzio so there [12:46]
acuzio Seems simple enough to use as well [12:48]
acuzio Put beans, on , beans converted to coffee - Off [12:48]
acuzio Done [12:48]
acuzio BTW , Is the UK now "free" and with full sovereignty [12:48]
Faux ..? [12:55]
fotato The wirecutter has a ?best coffee grinder? article. [01:07]
fotato Faux: burr grinders are the only way to get a consistent grind. Blade grinders generate too much heat and dust. [01:08]
fotato Which is probably fine if you?re cold brewing and like dregs. [01:08]
Faux If only I could have forseen and shutdown this conversation. [01:08]
fotato But if you are hot brewing I hope you like it bitter. [01:09]
fotato I love you too Faux. [01:09]
fotato You?re my favourite autist [01:09]
fotato anyway I just get mine ground by the shop. [01:10]
acuzio Faux: Whats happened with Brexit? Is it now not done ? [01:22]
Faux Pretty sure it hasn't changed since you last asked me that question. [01:22]
Faux I am impressed with your complete obliviousness, though! [01:22]
Faux < acuzio> I was too high to remember. [01:23]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [01:28]
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fotato <acuzio> what? [01:37]
fotato real talk. [01:43]
acuzio what ? [02:17]
acuzio [02:18]
acuzio acuzio's title: "GitHub - ngortheone/org-rs: org-mode parser rewrite in Rust" [02:18]
acuzio Faux: ^^^ [02:18]
fotato 13:37 <fotato> <acuzio> what? [02:20]
mohsen_1 [mohsen_1!uid289573@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:40]
mohsen_1 hi [02:41]
mohsen_1 do you know a vps provider that accepts prepaid cards? [02:41]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [02:42]
acuzio not in Pakistan my friend [03:02]
mohsen_1 acuzio: I'm from Iran, jerkie [03:03]
acuzio so thats even worse [03:03]
acuzio BTW , has anyone got recommendation for a good mystery movie , in any language [03:04]
acuzio may be something made in the last 2 years [03:05]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined #java-talk [03:05]
mohsen_1 visa cards are accepted everywhere [03:11]
surial they aren't accepted in many parts of western europe. [03:12]
mohsen_1 *almost everywhere [03:13]
Faux You can't get them in the UK, because they're only used by terrorists. [03:16]
fotato acuzio: zodiac, black dahlia, shutter island, usual suspects [03:20]
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