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studyzombie parted the channel: [12:03]
KekSi 'morning [01:27]
KekSi <3 [01:40]
KekSi KekSi's title: "Worakls Orchestra live @ Chteau La Coste for Cercle - YouTube" [01:40]
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sonOfRa gf got a justworks for work [02:45]
sonOfRa Did an update, now her account (the only account on the device) is no longer an admin [02:45]
sonOfRa justworks [02:45]
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KekSi gg wp no re [02:52]
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sonOfRa yay, new headphones getting here in 3 hours or so \o/ [03:40]
sonOfRa I hope the bluetooth dongle I ordered works on linugs. [03:40]
KekSi lol [03:56]
sonOfRa Infocom published a lot (all?) of their games to github! [04:03]
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sonOfRa God damn the catholics take their relics seriously [04:32]
sonOfRa Apparently the chaplain of the fire brigade (along with a few other firefighters) actually ran into the burning cathedral last night to get the Crown of Thorns and the Blessed Sacrament [04:34]
Faux | [04:35]
Faux just 3d print a new one [04:35]
Faux -- HN last night [04:35]
sonOfRa but it looks like they have pretty good plans in place for a fire in notre dame [04:36]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Michael ... .-.. .- ...- .. - -.-. .... on Twitter: "The fire department in Paris followed a protocol: Save the people, save the art, save the altar, save what furniture you can, then focus on the structure, in that order. They know what can be rebuilt and what can't."" [04:36]
Faux "This is what happens when you maintain civilisation." Imagine trying to explain that sentence to some Americans. [04:37]
sonOfRa I find it amazing that they have oaks planted at versailles [04:42]
sonOfRa For the sole reason of replacing oak beams in notre dame [04:42]
enoq [enoq!~enoq@2a02:8388:6a87:b080:649f:9456:c1b1:28e4] has joined #java-talk [04:43]
Faux I am not too surprised, they probably forgot to stop farming oaks, and the price of big ass bits of oak probably hasn't gone down. [04:44]
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acuzio morning ladies [05:02]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [05:04]
Faux acuzio: What's happened with Brexit? Is it now not done? [05:06]
Faux Power (and internet) keeps going out in the office. RIP zoom meetings / slack meetings / etc. [05:12]
sonOfRa sounds like a good day to me [05:13]
sonOfRa dear god I hate the german wikipedia people [06:10]
sonOfRa "Großbrand" (literally large fire) is, by whomever, defined as a fire where at least 3 of a certain kind of fire hose were used [06:12]
sonOfRa So categorizing the notre dame fire as a großbrand is clearly wrong, because the paris fire brigade doesn't even have that kind of fire hose!1!! [06:12]
Faux D [06:12]
Faux Do we even have any evidence that it was fire? Not some kind of plasma. [06:12]
Faux Sunspots. [06:12]
Faux One of the trump nazis was asking (just asking! I don't actually believe this! It's worth thinking about though, isn't it?) how we would feel if MUSSIES DID IT. [06:13]
sonOfRa Oh, another wikipedia dude has reverted the removal of Großbrand, because that definition is only used in Germany and it doesn't make sense to use the same definition in france, so it IS a großbrand! [06:17]
sonOfRa Did I mention how much I hate the german wikipedia community? [06:17]
Faux One of the CS people I like arguing with loves falling back to that "it's mooooore nuuuuaaanced than thaaaat" argument I used the other day. [06:18]
Faux [06:18]
Faux Faux's title: "wint on Twitter: "drunk driving may kill a lot of people, but it also helps a lot of people get to work on time, so, it;s impossible to say if its bad or not,"" [06:18]
Faux $2,666/mo that guy gets on patreon. [06:19]
sonOfRa his tweets are art [06:20]
sonOfRa all of them [06:20]
Faux I would choose to rescue them, not the crown of thorns, yes. [06:21]
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Guest58790 parted the channel: [06:33]
fotato [fotato!sid41913@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [06:34]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [06:46]
sonOfRa Headphones work! [06:47]
sonOfRa And they sound nice. Only thing not working (yet) is the microphone, but that might be linux' fault [06:47]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [06:48]
acuzio So one piece of good news is that my investment is now 6.24% up ., [06:54]
fotato NOBODY CARES [06:54]
acuzio I do [06:54]
fotato the else was implied. [06:54]
acuzio sonOfRa: what did you buy? [06:55]
sonOfRa The sony. [06:55]
acuzio +1 [06:55]
sonOfRa Right now I'm having a bit of trouble using the microphone on linux with the USB dongle I bought [06:55]
acuzio I havent managed to get my bluetooth to work on Linuxso tahts that [06:55]
sonOfRa D [06:55]
acuzio I just use it with the phone and i am happy with that [06:55]
sonOfRa The *output* works, but input isn't doing its thing [06:55]
acuzio nowt works in my case [06:55]
sonOfRa I specifically bought them for use with my PC. Important thing is they work on windows, so I'll reboot and see [06:56]
sonOfRa hahaha it looks like the dongle is useless [07:00]
sonOfRa When I select the microphone as a communication device, sound switches off [07:00]
Faux I've been told that I sound like a roboto when using my headphones for phone calls. I didn't even realise they had a mic. I guess I wish they didn't. [07:01]
sonOfRa Ugh this might actually be the headphones, not the dongle [07:05]
sonOfRa It's somehow *two* devices under windows, one "headphones" and one "hands free", and it switches to hands free with the microphone [07:06]
sonOfRa Yep, it's the headphones [07:10]
sonOfRa [07:10]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling: Elektronik" [07:10]
sonOfRa "Can I use this under windows to use skype or similar and listen to music?" [07:10]
sonOfRa Official answer: Nope. [07:10]
sonOfRa And the audio quality is *abysmal* if I just set it to headset mode for regular audio [07:10]
sonOfRa Back into the box it goes [07:10]
fotato bleh [07:12]
fotato that's unfortunate [07:12]
KekSi 310EUR?!? [07:13]
KekSi why would you buy bluetooth headsets in that price bracket when you can get *actually good* sound..!? [07:13]
sonOfRa The headphones are great [07:14]
sonOfRa I was hoping to also use them as a headset [07:14]
fotato KekSi: they're widely regarded to be the best hedphones currently on the market. [07:16]
KekSi got me a pair of AKG K701 a couple of years ago [07:16]
fotato k [07:16]
KekSi and i still love them [07:16]
fotato k [07:16]
sonOfRa Jesus those look like someone told someone to design the most ridiculous headphones for pretentious people [07:17]
fotato akg haven't really changed their design much [07:17]
KekSi they're open cups though so not really what you're looking for if you *need* noise cancellation [07:17]
fotato they're good but most of their models are pretty hard to drive [07:17]
fotato so you end up spending as much again on a dac/amp [07:17]
fotato also: CABLE [07:18]
Faux So they're at 0/5 for his requirements? [07:18]
fotato FUCK CABLES [07:18]
Faux I can't even possibly imagine why he didn't buy them. [07:18]
fotato yes, exactly what Faux said. [07:18]
fotato (they also dont have a mic ololol) [07:18]
Faux 0/6 [07:18]
fotato sonOfRa: you'll probably want to buy one of those stupid gaming headsets which dont switch to a potato codec when in voice mode and use proprietary dongles. [07:19]
fotato i dont think normie headphones have caught on yet here. [07:20]
sonOfRa That's what I had before, but the mics are generally not detachable, and I look like an ass walking around with that outside [07:20]
fotato yeah, so, my solution here is that i ended up with two pairs of headphones [07:20]
fotato i know it's not much of one. [07:21]
fotato tbh i keep a pair of shitty apple earphones i found... somewhere... at my desk for conference calls, my beyerdynamic DT880s plugged into a dac/amp for music, and my airpods in my pocket for commuting. so my solution really involves three pairs. [07:22]
KekSi did you try 770s vs 880s vs 990s? [07:26]
KekSi i know this is highly personal taste - just curious why you went with 880s [07:26]
Faux I use the mic on my webcam or phone so don't have to deal with headphone mics. [07:26]
fotato no, i bought the 880s because there was a deal on at the time and the price made it pointless to compare. [07:27]
KekSi ok [07:28]
fotato then everyone picks up on your typing, Faux [07:28]
KekSi i have a cheap table-microphone (haven't used it in ages) [07:28]
KekSi which was still a lot better than pretty much anyone elses microphone sadly [07:29]
sonOfRa Idea [07:29]
Faux fotato: The webcam mic is about as far away from the keyboard as possible! [07:29]
sonOfRa Going to check if I can use Virtual Audio Cable to trick the headphones [07:29]
fotato i assume the headphones are switching to low latency potato codec for calls. [07:29]
fotato i forgot what the actual name is. my airpods do the same. [07:29]
Faux AAaaaaaaaaAAAAAA BLUETOOTH [07:30]
fotato lost count of the number of times someone has said 'you sound like shit' when on my aipods. [07:30]
Faux you should buy some fake airpods at $5/piece. [07:31]
fotato i'd hate to think how they'd cope with the shitfest that is NY [07:31]
fotato tempted to buy and try [07:31]
fotato jesus $5, i could buy like 20 pairs and throw them at cunts on the subway [07:32]
Faux $3.20 in lots of 4. [07:33]
Faux Faux's title: "6mai Factory I7s Tws Bluetooth Wireless Earphone With Charging Box - Buy Earphone With Charging Box,I7s Tws Earphone,I7s Tws Product on" [07:33]
KekSi probably sound exactly the same as earpods aswell [07:33]
Faux Comes with a usb micro cable, bet you couldn't get one of those in a shop here for that price. [07:33]
fotato HIGHLY DOUBTFUL [07:33]
Faux Ah, $3+$3 shipping each. [07:33]
fotato 'lol everyone lets rag on apple products this is still cool right' [07:34]
Faux (bt version 4.2 wireless earbuds ,when call phone only one earbuds can work ) [07:35]
fotato futurephones. [07:36]
Faux Times of charge headphones:2-3 times [07:36]
Faux <3 <3 [07:36]
Faux I have no idea what they mean, and I can't read it as anything except "these will survive charging around two or three times, then fail". [07:37]
fotato I could see that being a mistranslation of ?hours? [07:37]
Faux Headphone charging time:Approx 1 hours [07:38]
Faux Charging box Charging Time: 1-2 Hours [07:38]
fotato Maybe it means they last 2-3 hours playback [07:38]
KekSi because a hour is a time [07:39]
fotato See: mistranslation. [07:39]
fotato Or maybe it means you can charge them from the case 2-3 times. [07:39]
Faux Oh! Yes, that would make sense. [07:39]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [07:41]
acuzio big fucking issue with SPA , there are no direct links [08:00]
acuzio So all internal links point to one fucking top-level link [08:00]
acuzio fucking useless for what i want [08:00]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [08:03]
Faux 5F [08:08]
Faux sigh juice [08:08]
Faux I don't think I've been to anywhere that could be SPA. [08:09]
Faux Unless you mean an actual spa. [08:09]
sonOfRa SAP maybe? [08:09]
sonOfRa ugh. Reading amazon reviews for other similar headphones, it looks like they all work the same way, so they're all not really suitable for what I wanna do. Guess I gotta buy a gaming headset. [08:10]
sonOfRa hahaha they all pretend to have "7.1" surround sound [08:11]
fotato Single page applications. [08:16]
fotato sonOfRa: did you check out any claypool Lennon delirium? [08:16]
sonOfRa I did not. [08:18]
sonOfRa Will do so now, with the new headphones! [08:18]
fotato Hehe. [08:30]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [08:47]
yottabyte [yottabyte!48008896@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #java-talk [08:47]
sonOfRa drat. Headphone range (or maybe the bluetooth dongle) isn't *quite* enough to reach the bathroom. [08:56]
surial newer buildings make that much worse. (Assuming capable, modern build styles. Freely translated: If you're american, bwahaha don't worry that paper you call a wall aint stopping shit). [08:57]
surial sonOfRa: when I have my bt headset connected to the macbook, the range is slightly less than when connected to a nokia 6.1 (which is a budget-ish a1 phone). [08:57]
surial So, based on anecdotal evidence n=1, apparently the device you're connected to can have quite some impact. [08:58]
sonOfRa I'm just going to switch spotify to my phone when heading to the crapper! [08:58]
surial tada :P [08:58]
surial move the crapper closer :P [08:58]
sonOfRa have to re-pair between phone and pc, but oh well. [08:59]
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steven__ [steven__!] has joined #java-talk [09:00]
freeone3000 sonOfRa: Bose QCs actually can keep two pairs at once. [09:27]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [09:27]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [09:28]
freeone3000 Ah, but you don't want to switch to headset mode when you need to take a call. [09:30]
steven__ [steven__!] has joined #java-talk [09:33]
fotato sonOfRa: why not stay paired to phone and use the Spotify connect playback stuff on desktop? [09:35]
fotato God I love this song [09:37]
fotato fotato's title: "Smile Real Big, a song by Cbdb on Spotify" [09:37]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [09:38]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [09:53]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [10:00]
sonOfRa fotato: yeah probably the best way [10:09]
sonOfRa Just gotta pick a gaming headset now [10:09]
aqd [aqd!] has joined #java-talk [10:18]
freeone3000 Bidding on An Art [10:23]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "Commence the Endgame - Original Oil Painting from Magic: The Gathering | eBay" [10:23]
fotato maybe dont cover all your walls in nerd art. [10:25]
sonOfRa Definitely cover all your walls in nerd art [10:26]
fotato says the guy who has like four phish screen prints on his wall. [10:26]
sonOfRa Attract all the hot nerd girls. [10:26]
freeone3000 It's an oil panting, it's *classy* [10:26]
fotato well it's nice to have an opinion. [10:26]
sonOfRa god damn it [10:26]
sonOfRa 5th times I've reached for the code for volume adjustment [10:26]
steven__ [steven__!] has joined #java-talk [10:26]
sonOfRa This is going to take a while to get used to [10:26]
fotato the .... code? [10:26]
sonOfRa cord [10:27]
sonOfRa why did I write code [10:27]
fotato har [10:27]
sonOfRa Oh the ambient sound mode is weird [10:29]
fotato it's so you dont fuck yourself while talking. [10:30]
sonOfRa I can't really tell the difference between "ambient sound off" and "noise cancelling" [10:30]
sonOfRa Maybe it's too quiet in here? [10:30]
fotato talk. [10:30]
fotato oh wait, yeah maybe [10:31]
fotato get on a plane and see what happens :D [10:31]
sonOfRa ugh [10:31]
sonOfRa But yeah, talking shows it a bit [10:31]
fotato (i fucking LOVE my bose cans for flights) [10:31]
fotato (sometimes i dont even listen to anything, just have them on my head to cancel out the drone) [10:32]
sonOfRa Ambient sound mode is a bit odd, my keyboard almost sounds... louder? [10:32]
fotato heh, it probably has a weird EQ curve to exaggerate speech [10:32]
freeone3000 aaaaand outbid [10:36]
freeone3000 sonOfRa: Which headphones for "ambient sound"? [10:36]
sonOfRa the sonys [10:36]
freeone3000 Okay. So there are three modes: Noise Cancelling, no noise cancelling, Noise Amplifying [10:36]
sonOfRa They have Ambient Sound/No Ambient Sound/Noise Cancelling as modes [10:36]
freeone3000 The last mode takes the noise cancelling waveform and inverts it, so you get double the noise. [10:37]
freeone3000 The headphones call this "ambient sound" but they are incorrect. [10:37]
sonOfRa Explains why my keyboard sounds louder with that than with the headphones off [10:39]
fotato spoilers for GoT s08e01 [10:42]
fotato but otherwise hilarious [10:43]
sonOfRa good thing I *just* watched ep01 while on my break :D [10:45]
fotato > STOP TRYING TO FIX THINGS. For all your proclaimed love of literature, you sure a fuck can't read a room. [10:46]
fotato <3 [10:46]
sonOfRa >i remember it being breathtaking [10:47]
sonOfRa heh [10:47]
sonOfRa >the fuck is happening its so dark [10:52]
sonOfRa I thought that was just because the lighting in my living room was bad [10:52]
Faux I can't believe there's an irc link I'm not going to click. [10:53]
Faux This breaks my ~6 year run. [10:54]
fotato are you watching GoT, Faux ? [11:00]
Faux I watched the first five-ish seasons I feel like I should bother to finish it. [11:01]
fotato it's not bad. [11:01]
Faux Maybe I'll wait until it's over so I can chain watch it like god intended. [11:01]
fotato it's only 6 eps [11:01]
sonOfRa If you start at season 1 again now, you can probably safely start now [11:01]
fotato well he has like 2.5 seasons to watch before [11:02]
fotato he'll probably be fine to binge watch now. [11:02]
Faux I'll brew up some cold brew. [11:03]
Faux Just the dust, mind, and only for a minute. [11:03]
Faux I have an entity named "chunk" and I have named the chunk helper the "chonk" and haven't stopped laughing. [11:04]
Faux oh lawd he brewin [11:04]
Faux I have the wurst css bug in my chonker. [11:05]
fotato i drank the last of my cold brew this morning, and i forgot to put a new batch on to steep [11:05]
ron wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [11:06]
fotato i wont have caffeine tomorrow morning. [11:06]
fotato wait i have one tablet left over. [11:06]
fotato i've had it with these motherfucking rons on these motherfucking planes. [11:06]
ron hey fotato [11:07]
ron I GOTTA PEEEEEEE [11:08]
fotato i've had it with these motherfucking ron snakes on these motherfucking planes. [11:15]
ron fotato: ? [11:16]
ron has acuzio bitched today? [11:18]
Faux acuzio: What's happened with Brexit? Is it now not done? [11:19]
fotato what are you Talking about ,. ? [11:19]
ron did you see the brexit spice girls thingie [11:20]
steven__ [steven__!] has joined #java-talk [11:20]
fotato the spice girls lost their relevancy like 15 years ago. [11:21]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@] has joined #java-talk [11:21]
ron that's part of the joke [11:23]
Faux like the uk lost its relevancy during brexit [11:23]
steven__ [steven__!] has joined #java-talk [11:26]
fotato you lost your relevancy during motherxit [11:27]
fotato momxit? [11:27]
ron mothexit [11:28]
ron autimatically imagining a moth exit [11:28]
ron I'm hungry what should I eat [11:29]
fotato all the dicks. [11:29]
ron meh [11:29]
steven__ [steven__!] has joined #java-talk [11:30]
ron yo steven__ yo, fix yo damn connection yo [11:30]
fotato also, nice tail gurl. [11:30]
ron got a song stuck in my head [11:31]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [11:31]
fotato is it about whales [11:31]
fotato or attractive, tall men [11:31]
ron no [11:32]
ron it's garbage [11:32]
fotato you're only happy when it rains? [11:32]
ron ?? [11:33]
ron er [11:33]
ron no [11:33]
fotato TERRORIST WRITING [11:33]
fotato AND HE'S ON A PLANE [11:33]
ron what's funny is that actually ended up being a real word [11:33]
ron and it's the name of the letter used to write it [11:34]
fotato was it 'death to america' [11:34]
ron I think it's the only letter that uses only its own letter to write its name [11:35]
ron ah, no, there's another one [11:35]
ron ?? [11:37]
ron in case yoyu were curious [11:37]
ron really the people with airpods look like dumb fucks [11:39]
fotato at least they can take them out and stop looking like dumb fucks. whereas you.... [11:40]
ron yes but I dno't make fun of people about things they can't control [11:41]
fotato really ron [11:42]
ron really [11:43]
tang^ I saw somebody with their earpod tucked behind their ear like a cigarette the other day [11:43]
ron tang^: did that make them look any less like dumb fucks? [11:43]
tang^ no [11:43]
fotato heh, if only there were a convenient place to put it where it would be safe and also recharge. [11:43]
ron fotato: in their butthole? [11:44]
fotato if my butthole could recharge things it would be seeing a lot more use. [11:44]
ron it could charge things if you shove a buttery in it [11:45]
ron err [11:45]
ron battery [11:45]
fotato a buttery what [11:45]
ron a buttery battery [11:45]
ron a buttery butt battery [11:45]
ron then you can have electrifying poop [11:46]
ron I have a prediction to the finale of GoT [11:46]
tang^ hah [11:46]
ron everyone dies, and a cute puppy takes the throne [11:47]
ron I feel very confident in this flight because the pilot is sitting like one row in front of me [11:48]
fotato i feel very confident in you. [11:51]
ron is it because of my sexy shirt? [11:52]
fotato no, it's short sleeved. [11:53]
ron there are plenty of people on the plane with short sleeved shirts [11:53]
fotato i mean, i have some sort sleeved shirts, they work in a casual look. [11:56]
fotato and at least yours doesn't tent around your arms. [11:56]
fotato which is just The Worst. [11:56]
fotato but rolled up long sleeve > short sleeved. [11:56]
ron in this shirt it actually does tent around my arms [11:57]
fotato BURN IT [11:57]
ron noodle arms [11:58]
fotato found a pic of ron [11:58]
fotato haha, best page title: [11:58]
fotato fotato's title: "8 Male Garments That I, A Woman Who Is More Attractive Than You, Am Repulsed By | Erica's Funtime Jamboree Bloghouse" [11:58]
fotato listed alongside such hits as bedazzled jeans and straw cowboy hats. [11:59]
ron that picture is pretty much me [12:01]
ron fotato: wow, that text... she sounds like an awesome person. [12:03]
fotato yeah what a bitch. [12:04]
tang^ hawt [12:05]
ron tang^: I have an image in my head as to what you might look like [12:06]
tang^ ooo, do share [12:06]
fotato dont ask ron to share what's in his head. it's a scary place. [12:07]
ron ^^ truth [12:07]
ron tang^: show us your picture [12:08]
sonOfRa hah :D [12:08]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Eric Lawrence on Twitter: "Umm... how do I sign out of Windows? I click sign out, it goes back to the login screen, and Windows is all like, "Oh, hai, Eric's face, lemme log you right in.""" [12:08]
ron sonOfRa: that's not tang^'s picture [12:09]
ron "have you tried disabling your face?" [12:09]
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tang^!An70TjTfRYyRhp0s9aZZ2nrdHe6azA [01:23]
tang^ tang^'s title: "Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online." [01:23]
fotato you look like someone i'd have fun getting quite drunk with, tang^ [01:24]
tang^ once upon a time, yes [01:24]
fotato ah, you dont drink? [01:25]
tang^ not so much these days [01:37]
freeone3000 Huh. One of my keycaps just cracked. [02:13]
fotato fingers of steel. [02:13]
freeone3000 It's been my work keyboard for about six years. [02:14]
fotato 6 years is a good run! [02:14]
fotato i have a swatch of the different cherry keys on my desk. it's fantastic to fiddle with while thinking [02:16]
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fotato that and the foreverspin spinning top i inherited from a former boss. [02:22]
freeone3000 Ooh. Cool [02:28]
freeone3000 Augh. I am spending more time fighting with scope binding in javascript than I think is really worth the supposed benefits of the js scope binding system. [02:58]
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ron tang^: you look _nothing_ like what I'd imagined [03:24]
fotato i just assume everyone here is a well trained chatbot until presented with evidence otherwise. [03:27]
fotato like, i know ron and Faux are real. [03:30]
fotato the others? who knows! [03:30]
ron do you tho [03:30]
Faux He's seen our dicks. [03:30]
fotato you've been sending me sexy selfies all day ron. [03:30]
ron not with myy face [03:30]
ron also [03:30]
ron don't you know that whaley is real as well? [03:30]
fotato i forgot about whaley! [03:30]
fotato whaley: I AM SORRY [03:30]
whaley ron: don't tell fotato I'm actually an android [03:31]
ron fotato: and don't forget acuzio. surely you've met him after so many times you've scheduled to meet. [03:32]
fotato i also forgot about grug [03:32]
fotato oh, yes, how could i forget about all the good times i've had with acuzio [03:32]
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ron yes you did forget about grug [03:34]
ron you are such a horrible person [03:34]
ron forgetting about everyone [03:34]
fotato i am literally worse than hitler. [03:39]
fotato Faux: i haven't seen your dick. [03:39]
Faux PM [03:39]
ron wait what [03:40]
Faux ron: PM [03:40]
ron how did you not see Faux's dick [03:40]
fotato confirming that i still haven't seen Faux's dick. [03:45]
ron I find that really difficult to believe [03:47]
ron maybe I should chew gum [03:48]
fotato will... that help you believe it more? [03:49]
tang^ something about a pulsating jaw line [03:49]
ron no but maybe it'll make me believe I'm less hungry [03:49]
fotato chewing stimulates hunger. [03:49]
ron yes but it has sugar in it [03:50]
fotato ur sweet enough for me bb [03:51]
ron I had to find special gum with sugar. those are hard to find these days. [03:52]
Faux Juicy Fruit. [03:52]
fotato it's sugar free now. [03:52]
Faux RUINED [03:52]
fotato wait, i might be wrong [03:53]
ron should I go and stand in line to board [03:53]
tang^ happens often enough [03:53]
tang^ aww, wth [03:54]
Faux 7 * 5 = 14 packs!!! [03:54]
fotato tang^: shut up, you adorable sparkly princess you. [03:55]
Faux thanks for the size helper image there Amazon. [03:56]
ron ok, going to stand in line. will be back later. [03:56]
fotato WE WILL MISS YOU [03:56]
ron lies. [03:56]
fotato i miss you all the time tbh. not one of the rocks i've thrown has hit you. [03:57]
Faux If ronno's plane goes to Maccas you're going to be really sad now. [03:59]
fotato maccas? [04:00]
Faux Restaurant chain; cause of the 737 crashes. [04:01]
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fotato i.... what. [04:01]
Faux Unrelated. [04:02]
Faux Allegedegly. [04:02]
Faux Allegedophagus. [04:02]
fotato i'm so confused. [04:03]
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