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[twisti] [04:21]
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Faux DEVIL HORNS [10:29]
waz [12:23]
waz waz's title: "TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks" [12:23]
scav Rust.So fast. [04:26]
fotato RUST [04:30]
scav I really don't understand how people can make a living off of doing frontend work. Almost every single tech they have to work with sucks [04:46]
Faux They are mentally ill. It's okay. [04:49]
Faux It's not even a disability. [04:49]
Faux We're moving to voo on graphql; send help. [04:49]
fotato The fuck is cool [04:49]
fotato The fuck is voo [04:49]
fotato Fucking iOS [04:49]
Faux Give me 48-96h and I'll register for this joke. [04:55]
Faux DNS is a travesty. [04:55]
fotato THE FUCK IS VOO [04:55]
fotato The first page of google is stocks [04:56]
scav We already had the graphql debate in the bank ? I used my seniority and killed it before it managed to spread [04:57]
fotato Graphql seems okay [04:58]
fotato I dunno [04:58]
scav I have yet to find a compelling use case for it, and I tried [04:58]
fotato I mean it?s designed around a pretty specific use case. [05:05]
scav It is? [05:12]
scav EXPLAIN [05:13]
fotato eyes scav [05:22]
scav I am serious, if I missed something I would very much like to know, because from where I stand the alternatives are just as good (and people are familiar with them) [05:23]
fotato I?m a little buzzed from killing time at the bar next door while my laundry does the cleaning thing at the laundromat, and on a phone [05:25]
fotato There are alternatives? [05:25]
scav Yes, a well defined API which exposes the functionality the developer of the API decided to expose [05:37]
Faux I need a stance on graphql. [05:37]
scav Remember to add a sweet webscale nosql database to it while you are at it [05:39]
Faux We use nodejs as our database. [05:42]
Faux It's fast because it's async. [05:43]
Faux Writes are banned. [05:43]
fotato That?s. i [05:51]
fotato What [05:51]
fotato No you?re all being dumb [05:51]
fotato But no [05:51]
fotato Argh hang on let me be more sober and at home [05:51]
Faux (We actually do that.) [05:52]
fotato Then just ducking use redis [05:52]
Faux Unfortunately kubernetes and CLOUD introduces about 15ms of latency between a process and another process on the same physical machine so we can't do that. [05:53]
Faux Also Redis is a terrible, terrible data model for most usecases. [05:53]
fotato It?s a key value store. [05:53]
fotato It?s great for when you need a key value store. [05:53]
Faux Yes. That's why we don't use Redis, and use nodejs. [05:53]
fotato Christ I hate computers. [05:54]
fotato My first act as tech lead will be to burn all the computers. [05:54]
scav we use redis a lot [06:10]
scav as a k/v store [06:10]
scav but we use java as well, so we are probably no where near the speed of NODEJS to justify such a majestic and fast k/v store [06:11]
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