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Nick Message Date
Jantz_ [Jantz_!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:f44b:3f50:4d79:58fa] has joined #java-talk [12:19]
Flyingdog [Flyingdog!~Ron@] has joined #java-talk [01:20]
KekSi 'morning [02:01]
dodobrain o/ [02:04]
puppy_za [puppy_za!uid277586@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:10]
ensamvarg [ensamvarg!] has joined #java-talk [02:14]
puppy_za morning [02:32]
KekSi muscle aches all over the place [02:38]
dodobrain wooo.. [02:38]
dodobrain due to exercise or injury/overwork ? [02:38]
KekSi yeah but more of a pain grimaced, sarcastic "woo" [02:38]
KekSi exercise [02:38]
dodobrain thats good man.. you should recover to a better state eventually [02:39]
KekSi kettlebells, pushups & burpees :x [02:39]
dodobrain why is it called burpees ? [02:39]
KekSi i'm aware, i've been doing this twice a week for the last 2+ years [02:39]
KekSi no idea :D [02:39]
dodobrain why not 3 times a week? [02:39]
KekSi oh, named after a guy called that, apparently [02:40]
KekSi well because i drink too much on weekends [02:40]
dodobrain theres a guy called Mr. Burpee ? [02:40]
KekSi The exercise was named in the 1930s for American physiologist Royal H. Burpee, who developed the burpee test. [02:40]
KekSi @wiki [02:40]
dodobrain what about mon/Wed/Fri ? [02:40]
dodobrain none of those days are the weekend [02:41]
dodobrain wow, i didn't know of the existence of Mr. Burpee [02:41]
dodobrain likely Dr. Burpee [02:41]
KekSi i usually go to 2 courses which happen to be on monday and thursday [02:41]
KekSi but the last couple of months i always had 2 days of muscle aches [02:41]
KekSi when i started out i went 5-7 times a week -- definitely not healthy but i was so depressed i needed that to find any sleep at all [02:42]
KekSi geez, how many different kinds of burpees are there?!? .. and which ones am i doing..!? [02:44]
KekSi ... crossfit burpee [02:45]
dodobrain if theres an 'X' and a 'crossfit X', i'll prefer to do the plain ol X [02:45]
KekSi well when you're doing it in a room with 20ppl you'll likely do what everyone else does [02:46]
KekSi difference here being that your hips and chest touch the floor rather than staying in a plank [02:46]
dodobrain and then do you do a push up before you get off the prone position? [02:47]
KekSi after reading through most of those instructions on wikipedia i'm guessing jump-over burpee (or predominantly known as "over the bar" around here) and box-jump burpee would be the other 2 i do most [02:48]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [02:48]
KekSi you sort-of have to, otherwise you'd create a hollow back and that'd hurt after a lot of repetitions [02:48]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [02:50]
KekSi yesterday was 4x 10 thruster, 10 burpees, 20 kettlebell rows followed by 4x 10 push ups, 20 lunges, 10 squat-jumps followd by 25 thrusters, 20 burpees, 15 push ups, 10 lunges [02:51]
KekSi 24kg kettlebell for all of those except burpees, pushups & squat jumps for obvious reasons [02:52]
KekSi anyway, some warmup before, some crunches and other stability things after, followed by stretching and stuff so 75min in all [02:58]
puppy_za eish [02:59]
puppy_za 75 mins [02:59]
puppy_za I get exhausted by 20 mins [02:59]
ricky_clarkson He could have named them royals. Seriously, Burpee?.. kind of relieved it has nothing to do with eructation. [03:09]
dodobrain lawl [03:11]
AMcBain I've heard the term burpee used before. It's well known. It's not a great name, I'll give you that. [03:11]
AMcBain I'd rather call them no-thank-yous. :) [03:12]
dodobrain oh, poor Dr. Burpee.. don't slag his name [03:12]
sonOfRa morning [03:12]
dodobrain hey sonOfRa [03:12]
puppy_za morning sonOfRa [03:15]
dodobrain tomorrow is a public holiday, yay [03:15]
puppy_za what holiday is it [03:15]
AMcBain dodobrain, you laugh, but Google says there's one in Arizona: :P [03:16]
AMcBain and their specialty is helping overweight people. [03:17]
dodobrain im not laughing.. *you* were the one who was ragging on Dr. Burpee [03:17]
AMcBain Well the other one is rather dead. [03:18]
AMcBain and plenty of people have odd last names. [03:18]
db [db!uid18678@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [03:45]
AMcBain "Report a problem" -> *sends me to dashboard* Er... right. :( [03:58]
apetresc [apetresc!] has joined #java-talk [04:12]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:f44b:3f50:4d79:58fa] has joined #java-talk [04:31]
mevodad [mevodad!~jottinger@unaffiliated/dreamreal] has joined #java-talk [05:20]
ensamvarg [ensamvarg!] has joined #java-talk [05:26]
KekSi 09:58:27 < AMcBain> "Report a problem" -> *sends me to dashboard* Er... right. :( [05:37]
KekSi that just means "go *help* yourself! [05:37]
sonOfRa hahaha what [05:41]
sonOfRa Automattic (wordpress) bought tumblr [05:41]
sonOfRa For... ~3million USD [05:41]
sonOfRa Yahoo bought them for 1.1billion. [05:42]
sonOfRa How to wipe out a billion dollars in value: Ban porn! [05:42]
Maldivia well, yahoo lost 300mill already when they sold it [05:43]
KekSi yup, so we finally have proof that porn makes up about 99.73% of the value of the internet [05:44]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined #java-talk [05:50]
puppy_za is anyone surprised? [05:58]
sonOfRa Yahoo/Verizon, probably [05:59]
Maldivia to rephrase my previous sentence, Tumblr had lost $300M in value already when Yahoo was sold :D [06:09]
acuzio morning ladies [06:22]
acuzio Faux: Come back from Europe .. you are mixing with the enemy [06:23]
acuzio My workmates are calling me paranoid [06:33]
acuzio or at least sending not so subtle signals [06:33]
sonOfRa I mean, yes? [06:33]
acuzio I never share any details of my setup with them however one of them twigged that i seem to login from _very_ random IP addresses and went "dude, why the fuck is your IP address showing Norway when you are in the US". [06:35]
acuzio I gave a non-committal answer. [06:35]
acuzio He being the terrier that he is , went and checked back on the logs and found that my IP is very random [06:36]
acuzio so now in the slack channel they are flooding me with "The Truth is Out There" . "Cover the room with aluminium" , "Use backlight to get the bugging devices".... etc etc [06:36]
Maldivia Just give some random reason like "I need my data to pass through EU networks for X reason" [06:37]
acuzio Its not EU only though - i have a bunch of addresses that are outside [06:38]
Maldivia didn't say the "exit point" needed to be EU, just that it had to flow through EU network :D [06:39]
acuzio aah good point :-) [06:39]
acuzio the damage is done however its all over the company social slack channel [06:40]
Maldivia acuzio: just mention the Tumblr deal, and it will quickly shift to that :D [06:41]
acuzio i think they hashed that before and someone essentially went "Yahoo is a fucking dumb company" [06:41]
Maldivia it wasn't Yahoo's fault -- blame Verizon [06:42]
acuzio really ? [06:45]
acuzio i just knew Tumblr was dead when they stopped porn on it - i mean what else did it have [06:45]
acuzio other than slightly edgy porn [06:45]
sonOfRa very edgy porn [06:48]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [06:48]
fotato I mean just generally all the porn [06:51]
fotato 06:33 <acuzio> My workmates are calling me paranoid [06:52]
fotato Today in not news [06:52]
puppy_za lol [06:52]
acuzio shakes head [06:53]
acuzio I am clearly _not_ paranoid [06:53]
sonOfRa You try very hard to hide your identity, you skip on meetings anytime anyone in here is near you, you proxy all your traffic through random locations world wide, and you#re trying to tell us you're not paranoid? [06:54]
Faux The temptation to attempt to doxx acuzio is so high. [06:55]
fotato 06:53 <acuzio> I am clearly _not_ paranoid [06:58]
acuzio sonOfRa: i fucking offered to meet fotato and told him exactly where i was and he reneged [06:58]
fotato Today in lies as bit as brexit [06:58]
fotato Big [06:58]
fotato acuzio: I didn?t renege [06:58]
acuzio hey stop calling Brexit a lie - its all about Freedom [06:58]
fotato I said no because I couldn?t make it [06:58]
acuzio Faux: are we freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yet ? [06:58]
sonOfRa acuzio: sure but I was in/near hamburg twice when you were here and you jsut went radio silent when I asked! [06:58]
fotato You chose the one day I have repeatedly told you I couldn?t make. [06:58]
fotato sonOfRa: he?s done the same. Multiple times [06:59]
acuzio sonOfRa: wait , i dont remember this. i wouldnt have gone silent [06:59]
fotato I?ve sent my number to him multiple times. [06:59]
Faux acuzio: Seriously now, this is literally your last chance, no more nazism or you're going on ignore for a month. Yes, literally all of those things you think are jokes are nazism. Linking any non-left-wing-source of "news" is nazism. Talking about death is nazism. [06:59]
acuzio fotato: i fucking didnt know that you cant make Thursday [06:59]
fotato acuzio: I can believe it because YOUVE DONE EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING THING [06:59]
fotato acuzio: I?ve told you. Multiple times. [06:59]
acuzio i triggered Faux [07:00]
acuzio alright everyone calm down [07:00]
fotato No this is him being calm [07:00]
fotato You?re being a bit of a prarnoid cunt [07:00]
fotato Your colleagues are right. Your wife is right. You need to take a look at your life and make some [07:01]
fotato Changes. [07:01]
acuzio fotato: you actually are the only one who knows who i am - you just forgot :-) [07:01]
fotato I tend not to remember people I haven?t met in person [07:01]
acuzio fair [07:01]
Faux acuzio_irl [07:01]
Faux Faux's title: "Chris Lake ft. Laura V - Changes (Official Video HQ) - YouTube" [07:01]
fotato Faux: MJ was in my head but okay [07:02]
Faux Yeah, I thought I'd get the bad dance out of the way before anyone got some good dance in. [07:03]
acuzio hey fotato , my rate of return on Vanguard is 6.24% [07:03]
acuzio what are you getting ? [07:03]
Faux You can't quote a percentage like that, it's totally meaningless. [07:04]
acuzio Rate of return over a year on an investment of 100K is 6.24% [07:04]
acuzio Rate of returns are almost always 1 year Faux [07:04]
acuzio And investment is taken in buckets of 10's or 100's [07:05]
Faux So 1yr to today? [07:05]
acuzio yeah [07:05]
acuzio 13Aug2018 to 13Aug2019 [07:06]
Faux Christ it's August. [07:06]
acuzio i know you love me but i am not Christ [07:06]
acuzio But yeah - its August [07:06]
fotato acuzio: on the property? We run between 5-10 [07:07]
fotato So like. I don?t need advice from you thanks fuck you very much [07:07]
fotato 100k? Cute. [07:08]
fotato I?m gonna be a dick because well fuck you [07:08]
fotato Ok a rich cunt, fuck off [07:08]
fotato I?m * [07:08]
Faux Christ. [07:08]
fotato Faux: I have no patience for patronising paranoid racist cunts. [07:09]
Faux patriarchical [07:09]
Faux prejudiced [07:09]
Faux panty-semetic [07:09]
fotato Figured I?d nip the alliteration in the bud [07:09]
Faux semitic apparently. [07:10]
fotato Semantic [07:10]
Faux Schemitic. [07:10]
Faux 'cos they're scheming bastards, y'see. [07:10]
fotato It doesn?t matter because I?m better than acuzio in almost every metric. [07:11]
whaley semetic [07:12]
whaley somatic [07:12]
whaley fotatic [07:12]
fotato In other news I had a long conversation with a lovely woman last night while receiving shade from a sassy black gay man it was like a sit com. [07:12]
fotato Whaletic [07:16]
Faux I'm still proud of "foterfo". It feels so right. [07:16]
fotato Look. I just don?t like dicks okay [07:17]
Faux Christ. [07:17]
fotato Hahah [07:17]
fotato Hey look I shut him up [07:21]
ensamvarg [ensamvarg!] has joined #java-talk [07:24]
KekSi why are you all so edgy and fighty today [07:24]
KekSi what's wrong? [07:24]
Faux The news from the US and the UK over the last month has been getting exponentially more shit and I think I'm done. [07:25]
Faux One of the wife's friends is moving from Canada back to France because they can't take the healthcare system being so shit. [07:25]
KekSi if you're sick i totally get it [07:26]
puppy_za is not edgy [07:27]
KekSi but imagine getting sick in the US..? like cancer or some crap? it'll cost you a fucking fortune and you're most likely a lot better and definitely cheaper off if you go literally anywhere else in the world [07:27]
KekSi for a vacation & treatment [07:27]
Faux France seems to have a different healthcare policy to even the UK; the UK will issue any approved treatment, but if you're not inside a pigeonhole you're not sick and can fuck off. [07:28]
whaley KekSi: the answer largely depends on whether or not you can already afford decent enough health insurance [07:28]
Faux So if you go in with "my belly hurts sometimes and my ear feels funny" the UK will laugh you out of the building, but France will prescribe like three drugs that are probably meaningless, just to make you feel like someone cares. [07:29]
whaley the issue of course is that "decent enough" usually means something with a premium that approaches $2k/month if you pay out of pocket [07:30]
whaley ... and I'm going to stop right there because I'm not in the mood to participate in discourse on public policy this morning [07:31]
whaley though I will say that this is a major driver as to why I work a W-2 full-time employment job instead of consulting/contracting/etc. [07:33]
KekSi well if you have 2k/month too much then it's probably a lot better to just put that money aside and in case you do get sick travel abroad and go on vacation/for treatment [07:33]
KekSi since the money you pay in a single year is probably enough to get you treated for pretty much anything that is actually treatable [07:33]
Faux Heh. [07:34]
Faux [07:34]
Faux Faux's title: "Did a Man Receive a $153,000 Hospital Bill After a Failed Selfie With a Rattlesnake?" [07:34]
Faux Just don't get ambulanced for a single drug more than once every six years. [07:34]
Faux Or give birth etc. [07:34]
whaley depends on the insurance again. the birth in my family resulted in a hospital bill of $0 [07:35]
whaley and there was surgery involved [07:35]
KekSi but yeah, no point in debating the US is completely fucked up in a lot of different ways [07:35]
Faux I'm talking about KekSi's plan. [07:36]
KekSi healthcare obviously being one of them [07:36]
whaley nods [07:36]
fotato whaley: i think correct protocol for this channel is to wait for _rial to weigh in on whatever matter he decides he is the expert on this hour and then shut up for a few hours. [07:36]
whaley fotato: hahaha [07:36]
KekSi Faux: yes, time-critical things are problematic with this plan [07:36]
whaley <3 the usage of __rial [07:36]
fotato Look I don?t want to wake him up ok [07:36]
fotato He?s like the fuckin candyman [07:37]
KekSi but in the case of giving birth you may want to think about going on vacation for 3-5 months (though that's problematic because US immigration law is fucked up aswell) [07:37]
fotato They?re thinking of ending automatic citizenship. [07:38]
fotato Or at least requiring you to be here longer than literally two minutes [07:38]
KekSi yeah maybe until the cheeto is gone, then that'll be off the table again [07:38]
fotato Not really [07:38]
whaley cheeto is a symptom, not the cause [07:39]
whaley a very acute symptom mind you, but still a symptom [07:39]
fotato Paradoxically (as an immigrant) I?m pretty okay with a country deciding who it wants in its borders. [07:39]
fotato suddenly has weird memories of those AS A CONCERNED PARENT infomercials [07:40]
KekSi the cause is terrible education, horrible income inequality (some call it capitalism), ... [07:40]
Faux Wonder which country sonOfRa plans to give birth in. [07:41]
fotato Don?t be stupid Faux dudes can?t give birth [07:42]
fotato That?s the job of the baby machines [07:42]
Faux Ssh, don't tell the baby machine. [07:42]
fotato <3 [07:42]
Faux I'm sad acuzio has left because I need some fund recommendations and want to buy the exact opposite of what he recommends. [07:42]
fotato If you want unsolicited financial advice I can shout at you some more about how much richer I am than you [07:43]
whaley Faux: hahaha [07:43]
whaley just watch Cramer and do the same thing [07:43]
fotato It won?t even be advice [07:43]
fotato I?ll just fill acuzio?s role of being a clueless twat [07:44]
sonOfRa Faux: there will be no birth giving [07:44]
sonOfRa The baby machine disagrees with the concept of babies [07:44]
sonOfRa Which is helpful, because I do, too [07:44]
fotato Your baby machine sounds faulty [07:44]
db sonOfRa: may I ask your age? just wondering [07:45]
sonOfRa 26 [07:45]
db ok good [07:45]
sonOfRa inb4 "oh you'll change your mind on babies" lecture [07:45]
Faux You have about three years until all of her friends are grugnant and her brain explodes. [07:45]
Faux You won't. [07:46]
sonOfRa oh no [07:46]
db sonOfRa: not gonna happen [07:46]
db I mean me giving you a lecture ;) [07:46]
sonOfRa heh [07:46]
db I wonder what's the point of marriage if you don't want kids and have no visa issues though, never understood that ;-) [07:48]
sonOfRa Mostly things like visitation when the other person is in a hospital [07:48]
db like we need the state to sign a paper that we love each other or something? [07:48]
Faux There's tax evasion available in some places. [07:48]
Faux Automatic wills. [07:48]
sonOfRa Because (even though our families probably wouldn't do that), that slip of paper can be "lost" [07:49]
Faux Excuse for an outrageously expensive party. [07:49]
sonOfRa The slip of paper where you write down who gets to visit you in the hospital [07:49]
sonOfRa Because if the paper is not present, the default is that only family does. [07:49]
db who gets to pull the plug [07:49]
Faux Even in the UK, where there's no direct tax benefit for medium-income people, you can e.g. transfer assets to yours spouse without paying tax. [07:49]
Faux I believe your spouse does, if you're married, otherwise it's your parents. [07:50]
db ok hm ok [07:50]
sonOfRa But yeah we're probably not getting married for the next few years. gf is planning to eventually switch to an Ausbildung instead of University [07:50]
fotato A what now [07:50]
sonOfRa If we're not married, she will get money from the state, but if we're married and the state knows how much I make, she won#t get any money [07:50]
sonOfRa apprenticeship [07:50]
Faux Ah, lame. [07:50]
Faux A friend at school's parents got tactically divorced, and one kept all the assets, so the other could get benefits for the kiddos. [07:51]
sonOfRa Because "well your spouse has money, fuck us paying for you" is what the state will say [07:51]
db justifiably so ;-) [07:52]
sonOfRa But if there is no spouse and we're just two people living together in the same apt, they can not just assume such things [07:52]
db I'm on an ICE which is going 298 km/h [07:54]
sonOfRa surprised you're able to sustain a connection strong enough for IRC [07:54]
db me too. last time that didn't work so well [07:55]
Faux mosh! [07:55]
whaley abolish ICE [07:55]
whaley oh wait, wrong ICE [07:55]
Faux abolish interrailce [07:56]
fotato Abolish abolishing [07:58]
acuzio fotato: i wasnt giving advice you fucking worthless twat... i was asking what i could do better [08:10]
fotato Be richer, duh. Fuckin poorfag [08:11]
acuzio right , i dont need this , not today [08:11]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:f44b:3f50:4d79:58fa] has joined #java-talk [08:13]
acuzio Just completely off the chart - no rhyme, no reason , just start insulting someone [08:14]
surial sonOfRa: which country is this? [08:15]
sonOfRa Germany. [08:15]
surial sonOfRa: if you live on the same address and have some clear codependent scenario going on, you're financial partners. period. [08:15]
surial kids count. owning it counts. [08:15]
surial that's dutch law. seems more sensible.. and I'm a bit surprised german law doesn't work that way. [08:16]
surial if you get a divorce and you go out of your way to claim that you aren't signed up to support each other (psosibly by renting some dirt cheap excuse and registering that place as your official address just to make it look like you do not live together) and the parent that officially doesn't have the dependents will just have to pay the alimony through the nose. Either way you can't swindle the state. [08:17]
surial I get a bit miffed when folks paint a simple picture of: Look how easy it is to defraud the state! Perhaps it is, but usually those stories are full of holes. The alternative is that I'm forced to conclude countries other than NL are evidently staffed by morons. [08:17]
db well they are. [08:18]
surial I doubt that. [08:18]
surial You know how when you look at other people's code, you see WTF everywhere? [08:19]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [08:19]
db look closer [08:19]
fotato acuzio: sure. You did literally nothing. [08:19]
surial I assume you realize your shit also stinks. [08:19]
db no doubt about that [08:19]
surial government is no different. these are large and complex systems. The concerns are bigger than you think they are. [08:19]
surial before you go claiming their shit stinks... [08:19]
sonOfRa surial: the case is essentially that because you're not actually married (and as such don't have access to marital privileges, like improved tax rates), you don't get *downsides* of being married either [08:20]
db evading taxes is serious business in Germany. [08:20]
Faux One of the funds I hold has underperformed the index since 2009. [08:20]
surial there are no downsides. [08:20]
surial legally/taxally [08:20]
sonOfRa That's simply not the case here [08:21]
surial thus there aren't any downsides to ditch. The few 'downsides' that there appear to be, such as being ineligible for support because your spouse can pay for it.. doesn't go away when you get a divorce if you have finanicial dependents. and if you didn't have said dependents there's no benefit to abuse. [08:21]
sonOfRa surial: for most social programs here, an "Eheähnliche Gemeinschaft" (marriage-like partnership) income is counted [08:24]
surial just like here. [08:24]
sonOfRa However for BaföG, which is what you get if you're in education or training, this is explicitly not the case [08:24]
surial in fact, by law there is no legal, municipal, or tax difference between that and marriage. [08:24]
surial well, there you go. fix that shit in your silly lawbooks ;P [08:25]
sonOfRa It seems deliberate, as far as I can tell [08:25]
sonOfRa In order to allow more independence for the receiving party [08:25]
surial Well, in germany and NL the blame is usually some idiotic religious bullshit that the CDA/CDU insist must remain on the books. [08:25]
surial hmm, well the intent is logical, but you should then give that to everybody regardless of marital status. [08:26]
sonOfRa Agree. But that's the kind of thing you have to consider when you get married [08:26]
sonOfRa Because this isn't 50?/monthly, this is up to 853?/mo in 2018, realistically ~500-600/mo [08:27]
surial I think in NL everybody gets this regardless of status, though I'm not 100% on that. I do know if you earn a ton of money you just get the uni fee and not the additional funds. But.. here it's a really friendly loan. [08:29]
surial Interest rate more or less equal to inflation rates, pay back only if you can, and if after 20 years or 15 or whatnot you weren't able to fully pay it off, fine, it's forgiven. [08:29]
sonOfRa It's a friendly loan here as well; but it definitely considers status (and very unfairly so) [08:30]
surial Still, if you try to cheat the system by claiming this when you don't really have any right to it, you're not exactly making out like a bandit. You're getting an idiotically nice interest rate on a loan. That's cool and all. But nothing like getting that money for free. [08:30]
sonOfRa surial: you only have to pay back 50% of the money you get in total, at a low interest rate on BaföG [08:30]
surial I dunno. Feels like this couple you nkow that cheats for this is mostly really proud of cheating the system and is making it sound a lot more impressive than it is. [08:30]
sonOfRa oh *that* was fotato [08:31]
sonOfRa oh no, it was Faux. [08:32]
sonOfRa That kind of scheme wouldn't work here either [08:34]
sonOfRa It's literally just BaföG that is special [08:34]
fotato What am I being accused of? [08:34]
sonOfRa Of me confusing you with Faux [08:35]
db being a winner [08:35]
Faux Loving dicks more than anything in the world. [08:35]
fotato How very ducking dare either of you. [08:35]
sonOfRa surial: so essentially this would be a loan of 18000 (assuming 2.5 years apprenticeship at 600?/mo), of which you have to pay back 9k?+ some interest [08:37]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [08:38]
Guest14 [Guest14!d4fb6b53@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #java-talk [08:40]
YottaByte [YottaByte!uid195082@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [08:55]
surial getting half for free is nice. Let's say you didn't get half for free. That's a loan of 18k on which you have to pay back let's say 2% instead of 5%, with additional bonuses (no risk if you go straight up broke, but this risk is already low for someone who without 'cheating' would earn enough not to qualify for this), so let's call it 1.5% vs 5% on 18k APR over 10 years. On the 5% loan you're paying about 4.5k total, but now [08:58]
surial you're paying 1500. [08:58]
surial so with all this effort you net 3k. Which is not bad, but not really impressive either. Now throw in the 'free' 9k, things change. A competent government would check the aims of the law, but perhaps they conclude the aim is still proper, so then they'd investigate fraud, and if they find the level is very low, maybe this law is fine. [08:59]
surial Unless you have some proof that this research hasn't been done or was done poorly, it's not really worth getting excited. Perhaps this couple you know, you should, you know, have a talk with them. Stop fucking up our nice country, assholes. [09:00]
sonOfRa surial: again. "That couple" is someone known to Faux, under different laws in a different country [09:04]
surial Faux is the UK, no? [09:05]
surial Dunno about you, but the government of that country really is utterly moronic, so.. write off. [09:05]
sonOfRa considering that *all* social programs *except this one* here take you into account if you live together but are not married, I would very much assume this one is intentional [09:05]
fotato i'm looking at clojure code [09:20]
fotato and thinking [09:20]
fotato man, this is really _neat_ [09:20]
sonOfRa That's how the fp weenies getcha [09:22]
sonOfRa In no time, you'll be writing haskell [09:22]
fotato nooOOOOO [09:23]
freeone3000 What's wrong with haskell? [09:30]
freeone3000 Start with an ML, like OCaml or F#, and Haskell will be perfectly grokkable. [09:31]
freeone3000 oh, clojure is also nice, it's a scheme and those are intelligble. [09:33]
freeone3000 I had a bit of an elitist streak in college so I learned sbcl over that, to the annoyance/happiness of my professor (it's what she used to punch into her cards!), so some of the syntax is weird, and it being called "homoiconic" on front page of HN unironically is really something else. scheme is good though [09:34]
ron morning [09:40]
freeone3000 morning [10:17]
freeone3000 I just discovered that the Google Pixel C has a working Ethernet driver for USB->Ethernet. [10:18]
ron your life is now complete! [10:18]
fotato darude's sandstorm is one of the best songs you can't sing along to. [10:20]
freeone3000 A bit dated. I'd have gone with Saltwater (... still dated!) or Lethal Industry (... still dated!) or something by Tame Impala (some of which have lyrics, but I couldnt' tell you them) [10:21]
fotato i sense a playlist forming. [10:21]
fotato good songs are timeless bro [10:21]
fotato i still remember one time someone was like 'dude have you heard of this new band, tah-may, impala?' [10:22]
fotato bro. tame. an impala is like, a deer. [10:22]
freeone3000 I thought it was a car. [10:22]
freeone3000 (Not really.) [10:22]
fotato hm, are deer and antelope related? [10:22]
fotato apparently not. impala are in their own family under bovidae [10:23]
fotato deer aren't even in bovidae [10:23]
fotato they're under..... Artiodactyla [10:24]
fotato god damnit taxonomists you're mixing languages again go home [10:24]
fotato wait wait no fuck i'm looking too high up [10:25]
fotato they're under cervidae, both bovidae and cervidae are both artiodactylae [10:25]
fotato there i think we're good. [10:25]
freeone3000 so deer are closer to cows than antelope? [10:30]
fotato i think they're equally far away [10:31]
freeone3000 that still seems weird, because they look different. [10:31]
fotato cows are in the bovinae subfamily [10:31]
freeone3000 but I'm not a biologist. [10:31]
fotato under bovidae [10:31]
fotato to be fair, taxonomies are basically arbitrary [10:32]
fotato have you read A Short History Of Nearly Everything? [10:32]
fotato mr. Bryson has a fun rant about them [10:32]
freeone3000 I haven't. [10:32]
fotato definitely worth reading. [10:33]
fotato i feel Bill Bryson is much better known in the UK than in the USA, which is weird since he's from Des Moines, Iowa [10:33]
freeone3000 His name exudes strong british energy. [10:33]
fotato shortening William to Bill is a decidedly american thing [10:35]
[twisti] goddamn [10:40]
[twisti] trying to update my phone and OF COURSE the newest firmware is corrupted [10:40]
ron why do you keep using shitty phones [twisti] [10:50]
[twisti] its an awesome phone [10:50]
tang^ doesn't sound like one [10:51]
fotato laughs in iphone [10:52]
ron yes, iphone is the best phone [10:52]
ron everyone knows that [10:52]
ron there were never ever ever any issues with iphones [10:53]
fotato literally none. [10:53]
fotato all features. [10:53]
ron sure, bendgate was a feature. [10:53]
tang^ stop sitting on your phones, eh [10:53]
fotato that was literally not a thing [10:53]
ron that literally was [10:54]
ron but ok! [10:54]
fotato fucking idiots are gonna be fucking idiots. [10:54]
fotato i bent my phone and it bent [10:54]
fotato shock [10:54]
ron aha [10:54]
ron sounds like a true fanboi. [10:54]
fotato guys i drove my car into a wall and now it's all crumpled [10:54]
freeone3000 what about the bit where they put the conductive antenna as a wrap-around in the case? [10:54]
fotato wtf GM [10:54]
fotato yeah OK that was dumb and apples response was dumb [10:55]
fotato i never had that phone tho so shrug? [10:55]
fotato also they did that on the iphones six through 8 and it wasn't a problem? [10:55]
fotato also 5! [10:55]
freeone3000 right, they also did it on the blackberry passport, the blackberry z30, several of the galaxy notes... [10:56]
ron never any issues. [10:56]
freeone3000 it's not inherently bad, you just gotta be careful that the human doesn't cause interference. [10:56]
fotato all features! [10:56]
ron iphone is perfect. [10:56]
fotato PERFECT. [10:56]
ron apple is amazing. [10:56]
fotato LA LA LA [10:56]
freeone3000 I dislike their developer licensing model! [10:57]
fotato isnt google's..... really similar? [10:57]
ron no [10:57]
ron it's perfect [10:57]
freeone3000 fotato: Not really. Google, you pay $25 once, and you can make as many apps as you like. [10:57]
freeone3000 Google also doesn't require a round-trip to trust a self-signed key; if the phone's in dev mode, you can sideload arbitrary apps using a dev key signed with the phone without Google's involvement. [10:58]
freeone3000 also, you don't need a ChromeBook to make an app for an Android device. [10:59]
ron lol [10:59]
ron generally speaking, all those companies are shit. [10:59]
tang^ the internet was a mistake [11:00]
tang^ and probably phones, too [11:00]
freeone3000 so good news! they were able to replace the screen and the battery [11:03]
freeone3000 bad news my power button is broke [11:03]
freeone3000 so uh [11:03]
freeone3000 time for a new phone I guess [11:03]
tang^ heh [11:04]
ron tang^: and humans [11:04]
tang^ I call do over [11:04]
fotato more glitter for sure. [11:05]
freeone3000 so since we're on phones. I want to buy a new phone. Which phone should I buy, that's available today? [11:05]
tang^ iPhone XR [11:05]
sonOfRa God that was frustrating [11:06]
sonOfRa Apparently the wildfly version that Keycloak bundles has a dumb-ass bug when adding data sources [11:07]
sonOfRa It has the xa-datasource-class-name hardcoded for all the common databases [11:07]
ron interesting [11:07]
ron sonOfRa, this is all very interesting (not really) but please take it somewhere else. [11:07]
sonOfRa So if you choose a template, it will override the one you specified in your module with the one it thinks is the right one, and then you can't register your data sources... [11:07]
sonOfRa fuck you ron <3 [11:07]
ron sonOfRa: ? [11:07]
ron tang^: are you an iphonist too? sad. [11:08]
tang^ I drank the iKoolaid [11:08]
tang^ iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro [11:09]
freeone3000 no 3.5mm jack, no swappable battery, no sd card, no *sim* card? [11:09]
tang^ my entire working environment [11:09]
freeone3000 it's like a white box of opaque plastic encompassing something I'm not allowed to touch. fuck that noise. [11:09]
tang^ mine's black [11:09]
ron tang^: very very sad [11:09]
tang^ I spent a good many years touching and fixing things myself. I got tired of that [11:10]
freeone3000 an ipad looks like a fun gaming device, it would have been my next console except I'm going to get a switch mini [11:10]
tang^ it's... decent [11:10]
tang^ I have a console for gaming [11:10]
tang^ don't really need portable gaming [11:10]
ron yes but you have a ps4... [11:11]
tang^ indeed [11:11]
tang^ I've been playing on the kid's Xbox a lot lately [11:11]
ron omg [11:12]
tang^ some nice features there... but the controller is massively annoying [11:12]
ron what have you been playing [11:12]
ron let's be bffs [11:12]
tang^ he has Just Cause 4 [11:12]
freeone3000 I think you might be the one person in the world who dislikes the Xbox controller. [11:12]
tang^ it's possible [11:12]
ron I'm very much indifferent about the controller [11:13]
tang^ the track pad on the PS4 controller is awesome [11:13]
ron it's a controller [11:13]
ron it has buttons and stuff [11:13]
ron it works [11:13]
ron I'm happy [11:13]
freeone3000 I found the PS4 controller trackpad annoying because games kept trying to use it? [11:13]
freeone3000 like it's nice as a spare button, when I remember it exists, but beyond that, nope [11:13]
tang^ I keep looking for it on the Xbox [11:13]
tang^ but it's really the batteries [11:14]
ron the what now [11:14]
freeone3000 Xbox controllers use AAs. [11:14]
tang^ controller doesn't last half a day on the xbox [11:14]
ron umm [11:14]
tang^ yeah, PS4 controllers last all day and I plug them in to charge overnight [11:14]
freeone3000 We sell a rechargable battery pack that fits in the bay and charges with the USB port, so you can get the same, but yeah, it's another $20 on top of the controller. [11:15]
freeone3000 Work has decided to provide a bin of AAs instead. [11:15]
ron I use a battery pack ¯\_(?)_/¯ [11:16]
tang^ might go that route... got the kid a recharger kit. two battery packs and a cradle [11:16]
freeone3000 I use the battery pack, at home, because it's 2019! [11:16]
fotato that sounds environmentally friendly. [11:16]
tang^ battery pack lasts half a day [11:16]
freeone3000 fotato: The used-battery bin has a leaf on it. [11:16]
tang^ and he's only got one working controller [11:16]
tang^ so we're still swapping battery packs [11:16]
ron tang^: yes, but I have two, one being charged, one in controller [11:16]
ron so ¯\_(?)_/¯ [11:17]
freeone3000 hmm. interesting. Is it a Xbox One controller, an Xbox One S controller, or the 2019 Xbox One controller? [11:17]
tang^ one [11:17]
fotato we all know leaves make things automatically environmentally friendly [11:17]
freeone3000 okay. those use Not Quite Wifi. The newer ones use bluetooth and should last a bit longer. [11:17]
tang^ hmm, he bought himself a new one controller... might be 2019 [11:17]
tang^ oh, that would be good. [11:17]
tang^ keep an eye out for when he destroys this controller [11:18]
ron break less shit [11:18]
ron speaking of [11:18]
ron hopefully the elite II controller is less shit [11:19]
fotato're%20drunk [11:20]
fotato oh i typed the message in the filename. [11:20]
tang^ now who's drunk? [11:20]
fotato you? [11:20]
tang^ not yet [11:20]
fotato disappointed in you. [11:23]
tang^ it's still early... I like to take my time these days [11:23]
Stooge [Stooge!~stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined #java-talk [11:24]
fotato i was charged $2.50 for going 13 seconds over the 45 minute free ride threshold on citibike yesterday [11:31]
fotato i was, a little peeved. [11:31]
ron I mean [11:32]
fotato what's lame is that the app doesn't communicate the seconds, just the minutes. [11:33]
fotato only the support ticket i filed had the second-accurate timestamps. [11:33]
fotato so i'm looking at a 45 min ride and thinking 'hey why was i charged' [11:33]
ron That's what you get for living on the edge. [11:34]
fotato honestly i thought i blew past 45 mins [11:34]
fotato i just wanted to know why i was charged. [11:34]
ron because you went past the 45 minutes. [11:34]
fotato by 13 seconds, which the app doesnt tell you about. [11:35]
freeone3000 it should just round up. [11:35]
freeone3000 (displaying seconds makes lots of people really uncomfortable) [11:36]
fotato or round down. [11:36]
fotato either one. [11:36]
freeone3000 it rounded down for display but up for billing, that's the problem. [11:36]
fotato right. [11:36]
ron well [11:44]
ron does the timer start at 0 or 1? [11:45]
fotato that depends. did you have sex for 2 or 3 minutes last night? [11:46]
freeone3000 ugh I keep getting recruited by people who don't know what I do [11:50]
fotato do you want to work for a hot new AI startup doing javascript frontend development? [11:51]
fotato on the blockchain? [11:51]
fotato in the cloud? [11:51]
ron using microservices and graphql [11:52]
freeone3000 see I actually do those things [11:52]
freeone3000 I get recruitment emails for a client services developer using .NET with direct client contact [11:53]
ron I get recruitments emails for WAS Java development in Arizona. [11:53]
ron though I did get a recruitment email earlier today that I'm considering replying to. [11:54]
apetresc [apetresc!] has joined #java-talk [11:54]
acuzio [acuzio!~acuzio@unaffiliated/acuzio] has joined #java-talk [12:01]
ron TIMBER! [12:17]
mevodad ron: ? [12:23]
ron mevodad: ? [12:36]
fotato My wife just gave birth today and after thanking the doctor, I pulled him aside and sheepishly asked, "How soon do you think we'll be able to have sex?" [12:37]
fotato He winked at me and said, "I'm off duty in ten minutes - meet me in the car park." [12:37]
ron fotato: congratts [12:38]
ron is it a boy or a girl? [12:38]
ron papafod [12:39]
freeone3000 [02:10]
freeone3000 oh geez [02:12]
freeone3000 uh oh [02:12]
fotato i hope you've patched these already [02:14]
freeone3000 These are the things they fixed in today's patch. [02:15]
ron TIMBER ? [02:16]
freeone3000 I'm disregarding the Windows GDI bugs because that's just the gift that keeps on giving. [02:16]
freeone3000 WMF is a mistake. [02:16]
tang^ it's not patch tuesday is it? I thought that was last week [02:24]
freeone3000 every tuesday is patch tuesday. [02:25]
tang^ did they stop with that once a month bs then? [02:27]
tang^ I start up Windows rarely enough that it's always updating on me and I don't pay attention [02:28]
freeone3000 Yeah. They made the update cadence user adjustable. [02:31]
freeone3000 Of course, THIS PARTICULAR update made lots of people mad because we overrode that. [02:31]
freeone3000 Some guys were all "You're eroding user trust for no good reason!" and then a few security guys were like "no shut up wait eight hours then post your hot take" then were all "Yeah, CVE-2019-1182." and then everyone was like "...yeah okay" [02:32]
tang^ entitled peeps gonna entitle [02:32]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [02:32]
whaley fuck yeah fotato [02:35]
fotato what'd i do [02:39]
whaley you mentioned Crosses the other day and I'm listening to that album again [02:39]
fotato thinks this is a trick [02:39]
whaley no, it's not, I am literally listening to it right now [02:40]
fotato eyes whaley [02:40]
whaley fotato: what the fuck [02:40]
fotato [02:40]
fotato fotato's title: "This Is a Trick, a song by (Crosses) on Spotify" [02:40]
fotato you dundermuffler. [02:40]
whaley like I actually remember the names of individual songs [02:40]
fotato or chino screaming THIS IS A TRICK? [02:40]
whaley I largely ignore chino's lyrics [02:41]
fotato aw. [02:41]
fotato but yeah crosses is a pretty ace album [02:46]
fotato i dont think it got enough attention [02:46]
whaley trying Stabbing Westward now [02:47]
whaley because 90s [02:47]
freeone3000 I want to buy a samsung galaxy fold but nobody will sell me it. [02:55]
ron I'll sell it to you. That'll be 50k USD. [02:57]
whaley way to step up ron [02:57]
freeone3000 the kotlin bitwise operators are words. [03:04]
freeone3000 I really don't like this. [03:04]
Faux I sometimes try and use pythonic if foo and bar { in rust 'cos of the no brackets. [03:05]
Faux I think it would be nice. [03:05]
freeone3000 oh, no, the boolean ops are && and || [03:11]
freeone3000 the bitwise ops are 'and' and 'or' [03:12]
Faux That's pretty much the opposite of what I want. [03:12]
ron whaley: can you make some specific aspects of twitter suck less [03:16]
fotato i once did a code review and was like 'this code is all fucking wrong what the fuck' [03:19]
fotato it was python code [03:20]
fotato i was reviewing it as golang [03:20]
whaley ron: yes. I am working on automating lots of cloud infrastructure related things that cause toil at the moment [03:30]
fotato can you also ban all the idiots [03:30]
whaley I can't. Sorry. [03:31]
whaley All I can suggest is that you make good use of muting people and muted words [03:31]
Faux Practically impossible to avoid politics. [03:31]
freeone3000 Can you make it so that the toggle button that makes twitter chronolgoical doesn't automatically un-toggle? [03:32]
whaley no, but you can get about 90% of it out of your home timeline if you do stuff like mute "republican, trump, brexit, boris, ak-47, mcconnell, ron" [03:32]
whaley freeone3000: it's never automatically untoggled in my experience [03:32]
freeone3000 If you don't check twitter for a week or so it goes back. [03:32]
freeone3000 Currently I'm running a refresh-bot on a chromium webservice on azure so that the cookie persists. [03:32]
Faux I use FENIX which does chronological-by-default, among other things. [03:33]
freeone3000 Really, I should move to tweetdeck, which is like twitter, but less shit. [03:33]
freeone3000 Err. But with a user interface that aligns with how I believe applications should behave. [03:33]
whaley freeone3000: interesting. That may be a feature, not a bug, since they intend for the "Home" timeline to be used as the 'we will get you caught up' kind of UI [03:34]
Faux Next you're going to tell me that it has like keybindings. [03:34]
whaley lots of tweetdeck users in the office [03:34]
Faux Did I mention that new intellij behaves way better in i3? [03:34]
freeone3000 Oh, there's a difference? [03:34]
ron whaley: yes that fix tweetdeck [03:35]
whaley ron: queue? [03:35]
ron all of it [03:36]
freeone3000 (the cropping algorithm recently changed and lots of artists are also complaining about that. my twitter feed is mostly artists.) [03:36]
freeone3000 (but like. c'mon. now it shows off your OC's boobs. who doesn't like boobs.) [03:36]
Faux The only porn account I follow is @aphyr and I'm pretty sure the cropping algorithm is not helping there. [03:37]
whaley "artists" [03:37]
freeone3000 ah, if they're already cropping out their face it'll go to midsection, yeah. [03:37]
freeone3000 whaley: People who draw porn are still artists. [03:37]
whaley the only artist I follow is ron [03:37]
Faux Typical aphyr selfie: [03:38]
freeone3000 so today I went to the paw patrol subreddit and it turns out people ship the dogs [04:01]
freeone3000 I'm trying to decide if this is weirder or less weird than shipping humans [04:01]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [04:02]
ron oops [04:03]
ron ping [04:06]
ron [04:06]
tang^ err. "ship" [04:10]
tang^ ? [04:10]
ron don't you ship your dogs tang^ [04:10]
tang^ no, I take them with me in my vehicle [04:12]
tang^ this is a usage of ship that I am unfamiliar with [04:12]
tang^ oh [04:12]
freeone3000 it is at this moment that tang^ has discovered the Internet [04:14]
tang^ no, I just went to urbandictionary since none of you losers were forthcoming with an answer [04:14]
freeone3000 k so people on the internet want these cartoon dogs to smooch [04:15]
freeone3000 is that weirder or less weird than wanting cartoon humans to smooch? [04:15]
tang^ there's probably some rule 34 stuff already done with these dogs as models [04:17]
freeone3000 Alright, my power button is broken so I made an app that locks the screen for me. [04:18]
freeone3000 And pushed it to github, 'cause that's what I do. [04:18]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [04:29]
db an app? it's not like you could just run a command from a custom launcher [04:34]
db it's an app now [04:34]
db "I'm an app developer" [04:35]
db that's the new "I program HTML" [04:35]
freeone3000 it's android. "custom launcher" is "an app". [04:44]
freeone3000 starts up, grabs device administrator, locks screen. [04:44]
freeone3000 which means I can't fingerprint-unlock, so I'm actually thinking about doing it as "change screen lock timeout to 5 seconds, show black screen for six seconds, change screen lock timeout to whatever it used to be, exit" [04:45]
freeone3000 reason I did this myself is because the android setting for "can lock the device" is also the android setting for "can completely wipe local storage" [04:50]
tang^ eesh [05:01]
fotato a bloody slack web hook is an app these days. [05:13]
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whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [06:29]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [06:31]
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