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AMcBain [AMcBain!] has joined #java-talk [12:19]
KekSi 'morning [01:33]
db morning/ [01:44]
KekSi i'm so fucking tired... couldn't sleep.. went to bed before 11 and got up again at 1:40.. back to bed at 2:40 but still couldn't sleep just yet.. the 7am alarm just woke me up and i feel like shit.. [01:48]
Bombe Sucks. :/ [01:51]
KekSi haven't had trouble falling asleep since about november 2017 or so.. haven't needed more than 5-10min in months [01:53]
db what's the reason? [01:55]
KekSi no idea.. neighborhood dispute about my motorbike parking spot, uncertain unplanned vacation (hopefully) next week, the breakup a couple of weeks ago, shitty times at work, ... you name it [01:57]
db I'd say it's the breakup or shitty times at work. the rest seems like non-issues. [01:59]
TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:17]
puppy_za [puppy_za!uid277586@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:24]
KekSi yeah but still bit of anxiety popping up there [02:43]
KekSi the other things were the more time-consuming things tbh [02:44]
freakabcd [freakabcd!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [02:57]
scav i fucking hate MDC logging, everytime you use anything without a fixed thread it all breaks [03:10]
scav Like, passing that context to every place anything executed? Yea.h.... [03:10]
Faux We're using it at work but because node is bad you get a 20% global performance penalty for doing the extra work to fake tls. [03:12]
sonOfRa morning [03:28]
Stooge [Stooge!~stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined #java-talk [03:40]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [03:51]
efwe scav: what logging framework do you have and which execution-framework? ind log4j2 you can maybe try log4j2.isThreadContextMapInheritable or something? [03:51]
puppy_za morning [03:52]
efwe scav: the point is, that there are ThreadLocal and InheritableThreadLocal but i do not know if this works in your execution-environment. [03:53]
scav I could, but I have no idea where what is executed. [03:57]
efwe ah ok.i thought you have something like a 'target platform' e.g. wildlfy or spring or whatever where you can test it. [03:58]
Faux scav's code does run in a deterministic place and container, he just doesn't understand it. That's what he's saying. [03:59]
scav What I mean was the framework does magic. I [04:01]
puppy_za I would like to have a magic framework too [04:05]
juanrgar [juanrgar!~juanrgar@] has joined #java-talk [04:11]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [04:15]
sonOfRa scav: haha apparently dev1ce had more hours in dota2 in the 2 weeks before the major than he did in cs [04:36]
sonOfRa he's just *that good* [04:36]
scav maybe that is why he *is* that good. his playstyle was super chill and relaxed :p [04:46]
sonOfRa Yo, anyone have remote job offers for me? Might have to switch jobs if current job wants to stay at the future pay numbers they presented me with [05:21]
Faux We're hiring devrel as explicitly remote, or analysts/researchers/data/nodebois with an office association (but remote is possible). [05:23]
sonOfRa Eh. Kinda need explicitly remote currently and I don't even know what the hell devrel is supposed to do [05:26]
Faux is supposed to be good. [05:27]
Faux Faux's title: "We Work Remotely: Remote jobs in design, programming, marketing and more" [05:27]
sonOfRa [twisti] yawkat KekSi Stummi Bombe any of your companies hiring remote people? [05:29]
sonOfRa Faux: thanks, taking a look [05:29]
yawkat "company" :D [05:30]
[twisti] sorry, nope [05:30]
[twisti] but you could come and move to the beautiful aachen [05:30]
KekSi i don't think we hire fully remote [05:30]
KekSi i mean i can ask but i doubt it [05:30]
yawkat maybe i can get you a TA job ;) [05:30]
sonOfRa yawkat: oh I thought you were done with college :D [05:30]
KekSi we do have a team in india if you like it warm, tho :D [05:30]
sonOfRa Not gonna move outside bremen the next 3-ish years, gf is doing an apprenticeship and I'm not gonna go long-distance [05:31]
[twisti] this is a nice way to headline a paragraph [05:32]
[twisti] "Dependencies: Like bricks, but flammable" [05:32]
KekSi how young is she? i somehow thought you were in your 30s [05:32]
sonOfRa 25, I'm 26 [05:32]
[twisti] children! [05:32]
[twisti] are you even allowed to work at your age ? [05:33]
sonOfRa heh [05:33]
puppy_za is it time to clean the chimney, sir? [05:33]
KekSi hmm and she's starting an apprenticeship at this age? that takes balls to go down to such a low salary :/ [05:33]
puppy_za well it depends on her industry [05:36]
sonOfRa Currently still in college but going to drop out because she realized she doesn't want to work in that field at all later [05:36]
Bombe sonOfRa, only 50% remote here? [05:44]
KekSi so.. why not finish a degree and get a different job? [05:44]
Bombe Also, I just started here so I?m very cautious with getting anybody else to work here. [05:44]
KekSi that's a massively better idea than starting an apprenticeship [05:45]
sonOfRa ah well yeah [05:45]
sonOfRa Doing something you don't enjoy at all which won't really find you a job with what you want to do is really not a massively better idea [05:45]
KekSi depends on how far along you are [05:45]
KekSi switching majors is always an option and in a lot of jobs just having literally any degree is better than an apprenticeship [05:46]
KekSi even if you aren't interested working in the field [05:47]
KekSi a bsc typically just says "knows how to learn shit" [05:47]
KekSi a msc means "knows how to learn shit by themselves" [05:47]
puppy_za yeah [05:47]
KekSi and a phd/dr means "knows how to find new shit by themselves" [05:47]
Faux And two years of job experience means "isn't usless". [05:48]
KekSi pretty much, yea [05:48]
Faux US-LESS [05:48]
puppy_za that brings the question: what does she study? [05:48]
KekSi but in general: you *must* have a job beside university [05:48]
KekSi otherwise it means "studied worthless crap and is incapable of working" [05:48]
sonOfRa communication and media sciences [05:49]
KekSi since knowing how to learn something does not necessarily mean you're going to be any good [05:49]
KekSi that is even a very broad subject with a LOT of different jobs in tons of different fields [05:50]
sonOfRa In any case: You're not going to convince her via IRC that this is not a correct decision. It's not like your arguments are unknown to her, they were taken into account in the decision. [05:50]
sonOfRa Also: sunk cost fallacy. [05:50]
KekSi well the sunk cost fallacy will obviously lead me to ask "how much" time was sunk [05:51]
Faux GCE dicker support doesn't support exposing ports. Classic microservices. [05:51]
Faux You don't need networking or storage, rite?? [05:51]
sonOfRa In any case, it doesn't matter, and I'm not going to discuss this here any further [05:51]
KekSi 25 still seems reasonable and you could be done with a MSc [05:51]
Faux isn't commenting on sonOfRa's thing because it's not appropriate to do so, not because he doesn't care. [05:51]
scav But this is the internet, who does she think she is not coming to us for advice before making decisions on her won regarding her own life!?! [05:52]
KekSi well i was just offering input from a possibly different perspective as i've studied for way too long and am in a hiring position [05:53]
KekSi especially jobs with the state pay a *lot* better with any sort of degree (that includes almost-entirely self-contained fields like egyptology and whatever where you study to go for a doctorate to teach and not to actually get a job) [05:57]
KekSi in the sense that you'll never get as high on the ladder without a degree [05:57]
KekSi anyhow, my 2cents [05:57]
scav say that to bill gates [05:58]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [06:05]
javango [javango!~javango@] has joined #java-talk [06:08]
Faux My favourite thing about cloud networking is it's hard to tell if something is slow or blocked; been waiting 20s for ssh. 30s. [06:16]
puppy_za Faux and now? [06:32]
sonOfRa connection timed out because ssh stops trying eventually! [06:32]
Faux It turned out the instance hadn't booted but was reporting healthy anyway, because that's exactly what "healthy" means. [06:32]
Faux Instance Failed Successfully. [06:32]
puppy_za a dead horse is not a bad horse :p [06:37]
dreamreal Today's world suicide prevention day, I hope the world doesn't commit suicide today [06:39]
dreamreal for that matter, I hope people in the world don't commit suicide either, but it's not "people suicide prevention day" [06:40]
Faux I wondered why I was listening to Kosheen - Slip'n'Slide. [06:40]
dreamreal meanwhile I'm listening to the intellectually-inspired-and-inspiring "Run Run Away" [06:42]
dreamreal I'm pretty sure my band, had it become what I wanted it to be, would have been a cross between Pink Floyd, Rush, and Slade [06:42]
puppy_za or Baby Shark [06:43]
dreamreal I don't know what that is, so I don't know how accurate that might be [06:44]
puppy_za baby shar-shar-shar-shark [06:44]
dreamreal still got nothing [06:44]
puppy_za it's a kiddie song on youtube. 3.39b views [06:45]
dreamreal well, I'm certainly willing to cop to a certain amount of inanity (see: Slade) but... that doesn't sound anything like me [06:46]
puppy_za it's an audio meme [06:46]
dreamreal Okay, I'm still not familiar with it, I'm sorry [06:47]
puppy_za that's fine [06:47]
enoq [enoq!~enoq@2a02:8388:6a87:b080:649f:9456:c1b1:28e4] has joined #java-talk [06:57]
KekSi re from lunch break [07:06]
KekSi and i've had just about enough to eat to .. just fall asleep while sitting up [07:06]
KekSi 24min to next meeting, then another at 2 and another at 3.. i'd prefer to just call it a day just now and go back to sleep for a couple of hours.. [07:07]
puppy_za still meeting that Japanese lady? [07:11]
puppy_za +with [07:11]
KekSi yes but she's in malta on vacation [07:11]
KekSi and when she gets back i'll be in the US on vacation so not going to see her for a month i suppose [07:11]
puppy_za oh [07:11]
puppy_za thought that you couldn't sleep because of her [07:12]
KekSi nah, that was all the nights on the weekend but she went to the airport right after clubbing & sex and flew off to malta :p [07:12]
KekSi had a stupid dispute about my motorbike parking yesterday -- one of the security guys of the big building next door told me the city would tow me tomorrow (meaning today) if i parked there [07:13]
KekSi made it sound like it was a tipp because he knew about this beforehand [07:14]
KekSi i called the traffic control ~2h later and asked if it was ok to park there and he asked whether i'm the owner of the black sports bike [07:14]
KekSi turns out the security ppl tried to have me towed twice and they checked and determined that my parking there was totally fine [07:15]
KekSi which was sort-of in front of a restaurant so i went in there to ask who was complaining about my parking: them or the security ppl [07:16]
KekSi first they said it was the security ppl, then admitted that more ppl would park there if i did that [07:16]
KekSi but (since i studied geoinformatics & surveying) i checked the city planning maps and the restaurant's outside tables are actually in the public area where i'm parking (which is still a couple of metres from the boundary of their plot) [07:18]
KekSi long story short this annoyed the crap out of me and i'm fed up with this passive-aggressive bullshit, they made it sound like they'd do something to my bike and if they do i'm going to put up some big posters in front of their shop [07:19]
KekSi asshats [07:19]
puppy_za report it then [07:20]
puppy_za "What if other people want to put their tables outside too? We can't have that" [07:21]
KekSi also they're regularly parking illegaly with their delivery cars [07:21]
KekSi i've never complained about any of that [07:21]
KekSi and i really don't want this to escalate [07:21]
KekSi but if you mess with me be prepared to live with the consequences [07:22]
puppy_za well, I would say, take a photo with GPS location. [07:22]
puppy_za and over a period. [07:22]
KekSi [07:23]
KekSi [07:23]
KekSi [07:23]
KekSi like this? [07:23]
KekSi oh well.. meetings.. bbl -.- [07:24]
db oh, a Maschendrahtzaun dispute [07:37]
fotato I mean I see a perfectly fine space between the other two bikes. [07:38]
db seems the answer is obvious, you can park there [07:38]
fotato But also that. [07:38]
fotato Shrug. [07:38]
puppy_za shops tend to think that they can use the public space as theirs [07:42]
db in Thailand, we got this ;-) [07:53]
Faux nice [07:53]
Faux Faux's title: "rustc_mir: buffer -Zdump-mir output instead of pestering the kernel constantly. by eddyb Pull Request #64344 rust-lang/rust GitHub" [07:53]
Faux db: Wat, why? [07:53]
db parking for "big bikes" [07:54]
db most people have scooters. [07:54]
puppy_za wheel-cramped? :p [07:54]
puppy_za that's an unusual punishment. [07:54]
db yeah ah whatever ;( [07:54]
sonOfRa Faux: nice [07:54]
db in reality you might be looked at with dismay [07:55]
Faux me_irl [08:43]
Faux Faux's title: "Honest Status Page on Twitter: "Sorry for the long duration of that service interruption. Everyone knew how to fix it, but not how to fix it in kubernetes."" [08:43]
fotato I think whaley posted that a while back [08:47]
Faux I post it every time it ruins my day. [08:48]
fotato My experience with k8s has been pretty decent. [08:49]
fotato As long as you?ve got good observability tools I don?t really see the fuss. It?s no different from any other computers as cattle system. [08:49]
Faux I am still trying to make my service run okay; 'cos k8s makes the service literally 10x slower than a real computer, and >3x slower than the cheapest gce instance. [08:51]
Faux Current issue is that containers inside k8s can connect to the service outside k8s, but if you ask k8s to make a connection from a container to outside (e.g. for its owned nginxes) it just says no. [08:52]
Faux 3x slower means any request that takes over 9 seconds will hit the proxy timeout. 10x slower means any request which takes over 2s will hit the proxy timeout. [08:53]
sonOfRa The solution to this obvious [08:54]
sonOfRa Increase all the timeouts. [08:54]
Faux Some of the requests take 29s on the 10x faster machine. >.> [08:54]
sonOfRa D [08:55]
fotato I?ve never seen anything like that. [09:20]
Faux Yeah. Neither have our k8s people. But they can't fix it. [09:20]
fotato -( [09:21]
Faux And I can't fix it, because THE CLOUD means we don't have access to anything. [09:21]
Faux So... I complain, and I hack around it, and I host the stuff on and then people complain, and I come back to trying to hack around it, and.. [09:21]
fotato Squats after 12 day hiatus. My ass. My legs. [09:22]
Faux My pussy and my crack. [09:22]
fotato MY PUS- damnit. [09:23]
puppy_za too slow [09:25]
sonOfRa Interesting. Powerwolf (metal band) is releasing... a board game? Looks to be a team-based strategy game [09:27]
freeone3000 is it about werewolves? [09:28]
Faux ..are they naked and cute? And all guys? [09:29]
fotato No it?s a about powerwolves DUH [09:29]
sonOfRa Yes, you are werewolves trying to enter a strigoi (vampire) fortress to kill the two strigoi inside. [09:29]
sonOfRa The werewolves are the band members [09:30]
freeone3000 The k8s observability tools all kind of suck. I'm running into an issue with an internal tool and we've found and fixed five errors in the *reporting* which should allow us to see what the actual issue is. [09:41]
Bombe It?s all Frickelscheiße. [09:42]
apetresc [apetresc!] has joined #java-talk [09:45]
ron morning [09:56]
ron sort of [09:56]
KekSi yes the other space down there is free but i've also had my rear indicator lights ripped off 3 times in the 1 year of owning my bike [09:56]
KekSi [09:56]
KekSi thats why i fitted those metal frames around the rear indicators [09:57]
Faux Can't believe car servicing is so expensive. [09:57]
Faux Should just throw it in the sea and buy a bike. [09:57]
freeone3000 What are you getting serviced? [09:57]
Faux It's 2yo so they want to change the oil and the gearbox oil and etc. [09:58]
Faux It's done 32Mm which is also the threshold for that. [09:58]
KekSi 500gbp+? [09:59]
KekSi KekSi, what does that even *mean*? [09:59]
Faux I'm hoping if I take it to a proper dealer they will change the update the firmware on the clock so it understands daylight savings. [09:59]
Faux Which is an outrageous bug. Just saying. [09:59]
KekSi yup and probably a wontfix [09:59]
ron why do adults eat cereal [09:59]
freeone3000 the clock in my last car was analog. [09:59]
Faux The clock sets itself off gps, even though the car doesn't have a nav system. [10:00]
Faux And supports timezones. [10:00]
Faux But not DST. [10:00]
Bombe That?s normal. [10:03]
Bombe My old Mercedes also couldn?t do that. [10:03]
Bombe Because why would a device for 30k? even be supposed to do that? [10:03]
Bombe That?s crazy talk. [10:03]
ron hmm [10:05]
ron I _think_ my car adjusts to dst [10:05]
ron but don't remember [10:05]
freeone3000 DST is confusing and complicated. [10:06]
freeone3000 Honestly I'm surprised national time signals don't use DST oh wait they do [10:06]
freeone3000 hold on then why do none of my appliances do DST? do they not accept the national time signal? oh right, canada doesn't have one, we piggyback off the american. but the american one should reach me, right? [10:06]
puppy_za DST is subjected to laws, which can change in a short period of time (like, weeks) [10:07]
freeone3000 [10:07]
freeone3000 oh right, the WWVB coverage area is "fuck montreal" [10:07]
puppy_za honestly I feel that DST should be abolished [10:08]
freeone3000 No! I want my thirty minutes of sunlight in winter! [10:09]
puppy_za people should adjust their timetable, rather than the clock. [10:09]
freeone3000 ...that's the same fucking thing [10:09]
puppy_za it will affect different parts of the code [10:11]
freeone3000 it'll affect the code the same way, because the weird-ass patchwork of policies will persist only now it's a policy layer adjustment instead of a data source adjustment, so it's going to be even MORE inconsistent [10:12]
puppy_za or we can just abolish DST :) [10:14]
freeone3000 I like having sun in winter, but also, I like having sunset before 10pm in summer. [10:14]
puppy_za shrugs [10:15]
Bombe Spoiler: the sun will also shine in winter if DST is abolished. [10:16]
puppy_za on that note, I don't know why Australia needs DST [10:18]
freeone3000 Bombe: Montreal has five and a half hours of sunlight in december. [10:22]
Bombe freeone3000, and it will be 5.5 hours without DST. [10:23]
freeone3000 I would like at least half of one of those hours to not be while I'm at work. [10:23]
Bombe Then go to work differently. [10:23]
Bombe Don?t blame it on the sunshine! [10:23]
freeone3000 but then I'll be working off-hours from everybody else [10:23]
Bombe Fuck everyone else. [10:23]
freeone3000 we'd have to make everyone go to work differently [10:23]
Bombe Perfect! [10:23]
freeone3000 but that would cause the businesses to have to open differently, to accomodate the different working schedules [10:23]
Bombe Sounds lovely. [10:24]
freeone3000 so then transit would have to run differently, because then people would be open adn businesses would be open differently [10:24]
freeone3000 and THIS IS WHAT DST IS [10:24]
puppy_za well, DST doesn't help people in Lapland anyway [10:24]
freeone3000 oh no most places are fucked. but if you're on east-coast north america it's pretty excellent. [10:24]
puppy_za we abolished DST and we survived :) [10:25]
Bombe Yeah, well, you?re in America, then, you?re fucked by default. [10:25]
puppy_za I believe in you, Canada! [10:25]
freeone3000 no we get like no sunlight we need what we can get the closest thing to a decent winter is in vancouver [10:25]
puppy_za but ... you work indoor for 8 hours [10:27]
Bombe Details. [10:28]
freeone3000 puppy_za: Yes and this doesn't help! [10:28]
puppy_za if you believe in free market, there should be companies who will let their employees go home early in winter! [10:30]
puppy_za but frankly, if shifting the timetable is equivalent to shifting the clock, then why can't business shift the timetable. In south africa, working hours are different for week days and weekend anyway. [10:31]
Faux FUCK THE CLOUD [10:38]
db [10:39]
ron Faux: so in your terms, that's fuck the butt, right? [10:39]
Faux Yes. [10:39]
Stooge [Stooge!~stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined #java-talk [10:39]
freeone3000 People don't work weekends in Montreal. [10:40]
ron so everything's shut down in weekends in Montreal? [10:40]
fotato dont be stupid, they have sub-people to run the shops and cafes [10:40]
ron duh [10:41]
tang^ that would be nice, though [10:42]
tang^ shut down all the shops [10:42]
fotato that happens in germany [10:43]
fotato no sunday [10:43]
fotato *on [10:43]
puppy_za "no sunday" will cause a riot [10:44]
ron happens in Isarel on saturdays [10:45]
ron Israel* [10:45]
ron not that it's _all_ shut down, but the vast majority is [10:45]
puppy_za How does the humanity survive this long? [10:46]
tang^ now, get the internet and radio and tv to also shut down once a week [10:47]
tang^ make everybody socialize locally again [10:47]
fotato they stay at home and read the torah, duh [10:47]
freeone3000 Happens in Montreal on sundays, and holidays, and after like 3pm on a saturday too. [10:47]
freeone3000 like some people are open? [10:47]
ron tang^: we have that once a year in Israel, doesn't work [10:47]
ron then again it's technically a dayy of fasting so that may be why [10:47]
tang^ everybody's hungry and don't know what to do with their attention [10:48]
fotato HANGRY [10:51]
puppy_za ok I am going home [10:53]
ron I don't have tto take this [10:58]
ron fuck this fucking fucked up keyboard [11:00]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [11:21]
fotato whaley! [11:21]
sonOfRa I can't fucking stop laughing [11:21]
sonOfRa These rubber chickens will never not amuse me [11:21]
whaley ( [11:21]
fotato the fire and the flames one was the best. [11:22]
fotato [11:23]
fotato fotato's title: "Through the fire and Chicken - YouTube" [11:23]
Faux Oooh, big k8s breakthrough. [11:31]
Faux If you set two unrelated numbers to the same thing you trigger FAST MODE and get a 100% speedup. [11:31]
freeone3000 [11:32]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' ( Cover By Big Marvel ) - YouTube" [11:32]
freeone3000 he also has a cover with a honda odyssey, which is better but not on theme [11:32]
whaley waz++ [11:36]
whaley waz has a karma level of 155, whaley [11:36]
sonOfRa Faux: so only a 250% slowdown! [11:37]
Faux Yeah. [11:38]
sonOfRa woo! [11:38]
Faux It'll be fun when we do some more tuning and might be under 100% slower than gce. [11:38]
sonOfRa woo caffeine! [11:42]
ron now that II'm in HQ, I refuse to click on any of the links you share [11:43]
sonOfRa coward. [11:44]
freeone3000 so F# is pretty great [11:44]
kupi [kupi!uid212005@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [11:50]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [12:05]
Stooge [Stooge!stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined #java-talk [12:06]
YottaByte [YottaByte!~YottaByte@unaffiliated/yottabyte] has joined #java-talk [12:12]
sonOfRa hahaha [12:16]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Latest News - Stocks and Securities Forecasting | Treadwell Stanton DuPont" [12:16]
sonOfRa "Treadwell Stanton DuPont today announced its researchers quietly broke the SHA-256 hashing algorithm over a year ago" [12:17]
sonOfRa They claim a full preimage attack on sha256 but they won't tell us how they did it! [12:17]
sonOfRa Ah they want to use it to sell expensive bitcoin miners [12:19]
Faux In other news, git has finished its migration to sha2 today. [12:20]
sonOfRa I'm about 100% certain that this is fraudulent [12:20]
Faux checkmate. [12:20]
Faux Faux's title: "Whale Alert on Twitter: "94,504 #BTC (1,018,147,922 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet Tx: "" [12:20]
sonOfRa While the exploit won?t be detailed here, it does take quite some computing power to achieve, overlapping into the quantum computing realm. So much, in fact, that combinatorial optimization is used, along with a fully connected/coupled 32,768-bit scale, 256-bit gradation solution space, which translates to a maximum of 1.158x1077 gradations of large-scale, precision parallel processing. [12:20]
sonOfRa fraaaauuuuud [12:20]
Faux If they have preimage, they can share some clashing documents, right? Like, lots of clashing documents. [12:21]
Faux It might give it away. [12:21]
Faux I guess. [12:21]
Faux How hard would it be to rediscover the sha1 thing given the pdfs? [12:22]
Faux Or the fixed algorithm? I didn't read it in detail. [12:22]
fotato that's a lot of money. [12:22]
sonOfRa Guessing these guys want to short a lot of bitcoin and are tryint to stir up a panic with this "news" [12:24]
Faux I assume the global banking transaction volume totallydwarfs that, it's just weird seeing it. [12:28]
Faux Within the UK, bank-to-bank transfers is £5T/yr, so >13 £1bn transactions per day. [12:30]
fotato not in a single transaction though [12:31]
Faux No, but the btc thing is probably from one acccount to another within an exchange, not a payment. [12:31]
Faux That £5T is only outside banks. [12:31]
Faux (It's actually just the BACS+FP number, for anyone who knows what that means.) [12:33]
fotato still remember the time i went into a bank to move a decent chunk of money. staff demeanour went from 'can i help you .... sir?' to 'step this way sir would you like some coffee' pretty fucking quickly. [12:33]
fotato RICH PRIVILEGE [12:33]
Faux I'm still listed as Rich with my bank, which I don't understand because I don't meet their requirements. [12:34]
Faux (£5k/mo deposit.) [12:34]
freeone3000 yep. This happens surprisingly regular with me - they pull up my file and if I need anything other than a simple deposit or withdrawl, I get a seat with padding, a coffee/hot chocholate, and a Banker, not a teller. [12:35]
fotato it's pretty fun. [12:35]
Faux sonOfRa: [12:35]
fotato um. [12:36]
Faux I can't believe freeone3000 missed an opportunity to tell me that £5k/mo isn't very much. [12:36]
Faux And/or that we ran acuzio off. [12:36]
freeone3000 Faux: I mean it's about what hits my bank account? [12:36]
fotato it's more than i make! .... in the UK. [12:36]
fotato TFW i think i actually make more than freeone3000 now. [12:36]
sonOfRa Faux: jesus christ [12:36]
freeone3000 once you take off tax and ESSP and RRSP and automatic deductions I don't actually live off that much cash flow. [12:36]
fotato yeah where did acuzio go? [12:37]
fotato he's not in here anymore [12:37]
Faux We told him to fuck off about brexit and he fucked off. [12:37]
freeone3000 50% of my income is tax and 25% is savings [12:37]
Faux freeone3000: Yeah, deductions are before deposit here. [12:37]
fotato ....or on freenode [12:37]
Faux He was idle 2 days when I last checked on him, multiple weeks after he left, so he must have other friends. [12:37]
fotato does he still want all british people to die? [12:37]
Faux Or talk to the reasonable people from here somewhere else. [12:37]
fotato TicketMaster send NEW ACTIVITY alerts fully 24hrs after the new activity. [12:38]
fotato it's a bit disconcerting. [12:38]
fotato >11:44 (54 minutes ago) [12:39]
fotato >When: September 9, 2019 at 11:56 AM [12:39]
karstensrage [karstensrage!~karstensr@unaffiliated/karstensrage] has joined #java-talk [01:03]
fotato wait, the apple watch _didnt_ already have a built in compass? [01:40]
ron only gps [01:41]
ron a compass requires more space [01:41]
fotato oooh, ceramic. [01:43]
ron oooh whogivesafuck [01:43]
fotato me? [01:44]
ron do you fod [01:45]
ron do you [01:45]
fotato i have a ceramic watch [01:46]
fotato it's a nice material for watches to be made from [01:47]
fotato so yeah [01:47]
freeone3000 why does a compass require more space? [01:47]
fotato i sorta do? [01:47]
freeone3000 wait is this a non-gps compass? [01:47]
fotato i think so. [01:47]
freeone3000 huh. aight. [01:47]
freeone3000 might as well include an fm tuner but aight. [01:47]
fotato gps is only on the cellular model i think [01:47]
ron wait [01:48]
fotato i think. [01:48]
ron will it being ceramic make you buy the watch? [01:48]
fotato no, but if i get a watch it will probably be the ceramic model. [01:48]
fotato i still think it's pretty ugly. [01:48]
ron you mean a square watch is ugly? [01:48]
fotato it's not square [01:49]
fotato it's a weird rounded rectangle. [01:49]
ron a square with round edges? [01:50]
fotato no [01:50]
fotato it's a rounded _rectangle_ [01:50]
ron they changed the shape? [01:50]
fotato it was never a square. [01:50]
ron are you really being a pedantiic ass right now? [01:50]
fotato no [01:50]
fotato it's not a fucking square. [01:50]
ron because regardless, it's a fugly shape [01:50]
ron yes, but I don't cost that much. [01:51]
fotato ayyyyy wide angle lens on the new phones [01:52]
ron Oh. Em. Gee. [01:53]
fotato it's funny how phone companies accidentally became camera companies. [01:53]
tang^ and the camera companies are losing sales rapidly because of that [01:56]
ron even though they are still not really comparable [01:57]
ron not talking about point-n-shoot. [01:57]
ron hmpf, so not used to being in an office. hate sitting all the time. [01:58]
fotato get up and move around? [02:00]
tang^ stand up and shake dat ass [02:00]
fotato not too hard [02:01]
ron I am, but everyone's sitting down and it's driving me nuts [02:01]
tang^ ahh, they're just losers [02:04]
ron I know [02:04]
YottaByte [YottaByte!~YottaByte@unaffiliated/yottabyte] has joined #java-talk [03:31]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [03:50]
freeone3000 most cameras used to be point-n-shoots. I really tried to buy a point-and-shoot earlier this year and couldn't. [03:56]
freeone3000 there was a $500 unibody DSLR with no lens attachments. [03:56]
freeone3000 I guess a lot of people aren't really THAT into photography and kind of just want to be able to quickly take pictures of people they like and things they think are pretty? [03:57]
freeone3000 Oh. The iPhone has the triple-camera system from the Galaxy Note 10+. [03:57]
freeone3000 same time-of-flight system too [03:57]
freeone3000 that's surprisingly similar... [03:58]
fotato only, you know, doesnt suck :D [04:05]
fotato was the reverse charging a lie? [04:06]
fotato it's a bit frustrating that it's still lightning. [04:07]
surial freeone3000: there's no point to a non-DSLR anymore. [04:08]
fotato lies. [04:08]
fotato utter fucking lies. [04:08]
fotato high end PnS cameras still _vastly_ outperform phones [04:08]
surial freeone3000: I have a pretty recent (5 years old, cost over $1000 back then) nikon and my fucking basement priced android phone outclasses it easily. [04:08]
fotato nope. [04:08]
fotato load up the full res. [04:09]
fotato print some shots. [04:09]
fotato use it in low light. [04:09]
surial The only way I can make an actual camera beat a phone is if I fuck around with it: Put it on a stand and configure for 1 second shuttertime to photograph at night, or shove a zoom lens on that thing. [04:09]
fotato do not confuse 'good enough' with 'better' [04:09]
surial the sensor is like 20x bigger than my phone and the glass is way better but without going ape in photoshop, the phone's smarts will outclass it every time. Sooo, the point of a non-phone camera seems to be that I can stick all sorts of intesting glass bits on the front. [04:10]
surial Which gets us back to: That point and shoot is useless, unless it's a 'point and shoot with a big zoom lens on it', which is probably just not worth doing, might as well just go with lens-less body, and sell it as a kit (body + a nice portrait one-stop lens and a zoom lens). [04:10]
fotato have you considered that you might just suck at photography? [04:11]
freeone3000 most people suck at photography [04:11]
surial Yes. That's not it. [04:11]
fotato freeone3000: truth. [04:11]
surial I make a decent enough framed etc picture with the phone. Then I repeat it with the nikon. [04:11]
freeone3000 I know *I* suck at photography, which is why I use Bixby Autobalance [04:11]
fotato i think surial you're confusing ability to zoom in on shit with image quality. [04:11]
surial then I compare the two nearly identical pictures. The phone's version is just nicer. If I shop the nikon shot I can get it.. about as good as the phone. Can't really say it's any better. [04:12]
surial no, I'm not. [04:12]
surial I'm saying: _IF_ the lens is not hard-stopping the phone from even taking the shot, then the phone outdoes a medium/low quality body/glass setup. [04:12]
surial of course if you try to take a shot of a bird half a kilometer out, your phone is basically not going to be able to do it at all, whereas if you have half a kilo worth of zoom on there even a shitfuck 10 year old camera at least will give you something. My point is: The benefit of a separate camera is that you can put a good lens on it. The phones, even though they have far smaller sensors, are doing a better job at the [04:14]
surial rest. So, if you go out of your way to buy a camera body, if it's a cheapish one with the lens stuck on it.. there is no point to this. your phone will outdo it, or at least equal it. Hence why you can ONLY buy lensless bodies. [04:14]
fotato you are wrong, but you are free to carry on believing this. [04:14]
freeone3000 and now there's three lenses, a 1x stop for portraits, a 0.5x stop for landscapes, and a 2x optical zoom [04:15]
fotato yeah, i'm excited for the wide angle. [04:15]
fotato i've been using the pano to fake wide angle for landscapes for a while [04:15]
freeone3000 it's kind of useful but you end up having to crop after [04:15]
freeone3000 which I guess isn't really a problem problem? [04:16]
surial yes, I'm wrong, and so are allll the PnS camera makers who went out of business. eyeroll. [04:16]
fotato surial: once again, do not confuse good enough with better. [04:16]
fotato freeone3000: i mean my photography style favours wider angles [04:16]
fotato the widest lens i own on my full frame stuff is 55mm. [04:16]
fotato wider angles do cool things with perspective, it's not just 'lol cropping' [04:18]
fotato that's actually pretty hard to illustrate, but like, you know that shot in Jaws where the protagonist appears to move toward the camera? [04:20]
fotato they do that by zooming while moving the camera on a dolly. the change in focal length changes the relative amounts of fore/background and you get that illusion [04:21]
fotato [04:21]
fotato fotato's title: "Jaws beach scene - Push Pull - YouTube" [04:21]
enoq [enoq!~enoq@2a02:8388:6a87:b080:649f:9456:c1b1:28e4] has joined #java-talk [04:23]
tang^ "Children! Can we knock it off, please?" [04:35]
tang^ A thing I just yelled out at the office [04:36]
freeone3000 had a good set where they showed that off, it's a full perspective change. but like. 1.0x is fine? [04:36]
fotato shrug, it's different. i believe the regular lens is something like a 28mm equivalent. 16mm is _cool_. [04:37]
fotato that url requires login. [04:39]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [04:55]
whaley [whaley!~whaley@] has joined #java-talk [05:20]
fotato whaley! [05:58]
whaley \o/ [05:58]
fotato WHA LEY! [05:58]
whaley having a shit day, but I'm going to do the \o/ emote anyway [05:58]
fotato are you going to greensky bluegrass at RR this week? [05:59]
fotato aw, i'm sorry to hear that. [05:59]
whaley fotato: I can't do anything fun any longer [06:03]
fotato F [06:04]
whaley I did make it to the gym three days in a row using FITFOD [06:04]
fotato nice! [06:04]
whaley and am sore in every single targeted muscle group, so that's nice [06:05]
fotato fitfod def enables you to work out more frequently [06:05]
dreamreal what is fitfod? [06:06]
fotato [06:07]
fotato i like how the landing page shows the muscles that everyone wants to be big all maxed out. [06:07]
fotato (these people are..... misguided but w/e MARKETING!) [06:08]
whaley I kind of like how the workouts have a bit of randomization into what lifts you actually perform [06:11]
whaley when left to my own planning, I become very uncreative [06:11]
whaley basically, I've been some variation of about the same 20 lifts in roughly the same order for the last 15 years [06:11]
fotato yeah [06:14]
fotato that's what i appreciate about it [06:14]
fotato a little variety around core lifts [06:15]
fotato and you can always add lifts you want [06:15]
freakabcd [freakabcd!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [06:48]
freeone3000 The android version still isn't out. [06:51]
tang^ that's okay. that one's for lesser mortals [06:51]
fotato There?s a beta. [07:08]
YottaByte [YottaByte!~YottaByte@unaffiliated/yottabyte] has joined #java-talk [07:36]
dodobrain o/ [08:49]
db [db!uid18678@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [09:03]
db morgen. [09:56]
db err, morning. [09:56]
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