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acuzio morning ladies [05:49]
Faux Morning acuzio. [05:50]
acuzio Faux: [05:50]
Faux Are you ready to share the masterwork you've been working on, while avoiding us, or is it still a secret? Also, pub? [05:51]
acuzio Faux: well, there is no masterwork, i went to the March , i also am campaigning for the LD's , and have got a deposit to pay for a flat in India (its freaking expensive) [05:54]
acuzio So thats really it [05:54]
Faux Moving, or just colocating? [05:55]
acuzio colocating i guess [05:55]
Faux Ouch. [05:55]
acuzio just having a place there to rent out and may be to spend some time there during the Winters [05:55]
acuzio I am angling for a role that lets me go to Asia-Pac and I want to keep India as the base for that , this is like a 3-year plan [05:56]
acuzio Oh , i wrote some code using Terraform ; seems tolerable [05:57]
Faux New role in the same place? [05:57]
acuzio Or may be different role in a new place but right now i havent moved [05:58]
acuzio My plan is to have a role where i can spend time in Asia as well for a block of time just like i do now in NYC and LDN [05:59]
acuzio The guy who was doing that role in this company was shuttling between Asia and EU [06:00]
Faux Sounds like the worst possible thing to me, tbh. [06:00]
acuzio And quite literally died [06:00]
Faux Yeah. [06:00]
acuzio of a heart attack [06:00]
Faux I mean, I'm glad it wasn't suicide. [06:01]
acuzio My thinking is to have something where i can actually live there for 3 months, live here for 3 months , live in US for 3 months and i guess the rest of the time in and around [06:01]
acuzio And then at some point just pick one location and retire - [06:03]
Faux I know it's a bit of an old topic, but a job which allows you to work only 6mo or 9mo a year also meets that requirement. Or a job which allows you to work remote 3mo a year. [06:04]
acuzio SI - [06:04]
acuzio I cant seem to find that kind of a job [06:04]
acuzio I will never work 6 or 9 months in a year cause you know its me [06:04]
acuzio But a Remote job where i just can write code for long periods of time would be ideal [06:05]
acuzio And get paid ;; getting paid is important [06:08]
fotato Terraform? I know this. [06:32]
fotato I wouldn?t call it ?code? per se. [06:33]
fotato More like oh Christ what the fuck this fucking fuck. [06:34]
sonOfRa morning [06:41]
ensamvarg_ [ensamvarg_!] has joined #java-talk [06:55]
sonOfRa Oh dear, police taking down Die Partei posters again. This always ends well for them [06:56]
sonOfRa This time it was "Nazis kill" posters, hung up prior to a nazi protest in Bielefeld. "Nazis töten", the german translation can also be interpreted as "kill nazis", and so now the police have taken them down and are investigating Die Partei for inciting murder [06:57]
Bombe Well, they have to investigate, of course, but it?s rather facepalmey. [07:04]
sonOfRa I don't know, there's not much to investigate, given the context [07:05]
sonOfRa Nazi demo happening on the anniversary of the november progroms, and a party known for satiric approaches hangs up a poster saying "Nazis kill" [07:06]
Bombe I?m well aware of the full context. :) [07:07]
acuzio Wasnt there a German town that said they have a Nazi problem ? [07:14]
acuzio and asked for help [07:14]
sonOfRa Yeah, Dresden. [07:15]
sonOfRa acuzio: you missed all the fun of me getting my electronics stolen by the police! [07:16]
acuzio sonOfRa: wait, what [07:17]
acuzio Are you in Dresden ? [07:17]
sonOfRa Nah, Bremen. [07:17]
sonOfRa the tl;dr: I used to host a DHT bootstrap node for Tox, a decentralized chat network [07:17]
sonOfRa The IP of that node was compiled into many Tox clients because it was reliable for a good long time, and so basically everyone that used a tox client connected to my node. [07:18]
sonOfRa A suspect in a criminal investigation apparently also connected to my node, which, in the eyes of the cops made me a witness in the case, and so they took all my electronics from me [07:18]
sonOfRa I have my stuff back now, because I had a lawyer immediately file a complaint. They want us to retract the complaint now that my stuff is back, but we're not doing that [07:19]
acuzio holy [07:20]
sonOfRa They're claiming the search *wasn't* illegal, but why else would the police be in such a hurry to return my stuff the day after the complaint arrived at the court that signed the search warrant? [07:20]
acuzio sonOfRa: this sounds serious [07:20]
acuzio BTW - i do know Tox , i have used it , though i dont host any nodes for it [07:21]
sonOfRa I used to write code for tox but I stopped, the project kinda died [07:22]
Faux ^ cause and effect [07:22]
sonOfRa And since I was writing code I was also hosting the node [07:22]
sonOfRa Faux: eh, I was only working on java bindings and stuff like that, not on the core stuff [07:22]
sonOfRa acuzio: yeah. It was of course, a Bavarian police agency that had me searched; they're known for going overboard with everything [07:23]
acuzio fucking hell [07:23]
sonOfRa The cops that performed the search here in Bremen were visibly uncomfortable [07:23]
acuzio i dont know at what time this becomes criminal [07:24]
sonOfRa basically never [07:24]
sonOfRa Neither the cops, nor the judge, nor the DA have any consequences to fear [07:25]
acuzio in some senses what you have gone thru is already criminal but the chances of any of the cops going to court is close to fucking zero [07:25]
sonOfRa Which is why they *do* stuff like this in the first place [07:25]
acuzio true [07:25]
sonOfRa Also in Germany, there's no bans on evidence gathered from illegal searches [07:25]
acuzio Wait - .. what > [07:25]
sonOfRa So if they *had* found anything, even in no relation to the case at hand, they could have used it against me [07:25]
sonOfRa acuzio: US is basically the only country that does that [07:26]
acuzio honestly i thought that an illegal search yielding evidence in anything is inadmissable almost everywhere in EU [07:26]
sonOfRa nope [07:27]
sonOfRa Evidence bans only happen very rarely, and on a case by case basis. No blanket bans at all [07:27]
acuzio so someone comes to my house illegaly searches and finds my weed - can they now submit it as evidence [07:27]
sonOfRa Which is another reason tehy conduct searches like that [07:27]
sonOfRa acuzio: aye [07:27]
acuzio Are you sure ? [07:27]
acuzio That sounds fycking draconian [07:27]
acuzio Is it one of those in practice and on the statute book things ? [07:28]
acuzio In practice this never happening type things [07:28]
sonOfRa No this definitely happens [07:28]
acuzio shakes his head [07:28]
acuzio Well , in police overreach i was at AMS yesterday and flying back - the whole fucking airport was in lockdown mode with strip searches for everyone in the normal queue cause 2 days ago there had been an incident [07:29]
acuzio no one even thought it merited any complaint - people were queuing 3 hours early - [07:30]
acuzio But hey [07:30]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [07:34]
sonOfRa I mean, at airports I get it to a certain degree even though at this point it's fucking theater [07:37]
sonOfRa Butknocking at someone's door at 630 in the morning and taking all their stuff is another level [07:37]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [07:40]
acuzio no question about that [07:41]
Bombe Hmm, buttknocking! [07:42]
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Faux Literally going to add another slack api client to our codebase. [08:03]
sonOfRa <3 [08:49]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Terrible Maps on Twitter: """ [08:49]
Faux D [08:58]
db chuckle. [09:53]
acuzio Fucking Slack [10:05]
Faux Amen. [10:17]
acuzio So for 2 weeks I worked on 1 account (almost never happens) and we looked at the cost of going from a monolithic on-prem deployed platform to the latest hotness [10:25]
acuzio K8s , on the cloud , burst capacity , private vpc the whole shebang [10:25]
acuzio There is no cost saving - .. like none [10:26]
acuzio I am not sure why i was so surprised [10:27]
Faux Do you have, like, burst? We run at like 20x for three hours a day during batch processing. [10:28]
Faux I would much rather run *just* the batch processing in the butt, but there's something to be said for everything being consistent. [10:29]
Faux But also I was just debugging this service, which has been set up to use 0.1 cores, limit of 0.2 cores, and to scale up to four copies when the load reaches 0.07 cpu cores. [10:29]
db I know all these words [10:31]
acuzio Faux: The client does have burst requirements but the cost of optimizing for the burst overwhelms the lost revenue due to delayed transactions [10:32]
acuzio The other bigger problem is we dont actually know how much revenue is being lost due to delayed transactions [10:33]
Faux Haha. [10:33]
acuzio well - yeah , how do you figure that out - thats really opportunity cost isnt it [10:34]
Faux I think we lose ~3% of requests, and take >30s to handle another 3%. [10:34]
acuzio And how many CTO's are there who are going to fucking shell out millions to completely overhaul their infrastructure to cater for some ambiguous "opportunity" cost metric [10:35]
Faux The biggest win for us, ignoring node being terrible, is that you actually have service boundaries, even if they're bad, unlike in a monolithic java codebase. [10:36]
acuzio And when i look data volumes and them being on EC2 , mate , EC2 is not fcking cheap [10:36]
Faux Far from it. [10:36]
acuzio Faux: Ok , thats a win but thats a win due to _bad_ programming in Java rather than anything else [10:36]
acuzio Java doesnt preclude you from writing simple, self-composable programs that have clear boundaries [10:37]
Faux Yeah, but it doesn't stop you from massively fucking it up, either, whereas 1,500 microservices does. [10:37]
Faux I would accept multiple libraries, but Java is bad at that because it doesn't have package managers that support versioning. :( [10:38]
dreamreal poins at jpms [10:38]
Faux And because running or buying a registry is a nightmare. [10:38]
dreamreal points at osgi [10:38]
db can't follow [10:39]
Faux Yeah, osgi is half way there. [10:39]
Faux But there's no tooling and I've never seen it used in the wild. \o/ [10:39]
dreamreal Faux: there's this "eclipse" thing... [10:39]
dreamreal bnd [10:39]
dreamreal dreamreal, what does that even *mean*? [10:39]
Faux A wankfest, not a commercial product, yes. [10:39]
dreamreal errrrr.... [10:40]
Faux I have used and debugged bnd. It is not a tool. [10:40]
Faux It is a menace. [10:40]
dreamreal yeah, bnd isn't fantastic. But JPMS is ALSO orthogonal to osgi (which is, BTW, used in the wild outside of eclipse) [10:40]
Faux I think we pay $7/mo. [10:40]
dreamreal okay [10:42]
db how can I tap into this? [10:44]
Faux db: Both of us are ranters. What do you want to know? [10:44]
Faux Just stood on my phone while looking for it, in the dark. Modern smartphones are amazing. [10:46]
db not easy to answer this question, give me some time [10:47]
db how do you text on IRC while standing on your phone, in the dark? [10:57]
Faux I was not using my phone for IRC. [10:59]
db "ok google!" [11:00]
Faux I have it disabled because I am paranoid. [11:00]
db hey.. siri?! [11:02]
Faux The wife has it disabled because she listens to my stories. [11:03]
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db that leaves my question unanswered [11:25]
Faux Alas. [11:25]
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