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acuzio morning ladies [06:16]
acuzio Faux: I dont know what the aforementioned client is going to do , whatever they do is going to be a massive undertaking , however in other places i have seen Microservices based architecture using Java being used quite extensively and successfully [06:18]
Faux My claim was that microservices, despite all of their disadvantages, can help cover problems caused by bad package managers and bad developers, so are advantageous even if they are more expensive. [06:20]
Faux And slower. [06:20]
acuzio Ok thats fair [06:25]
acuzio Having said that , i have always developed using a "microservices" architecture before the term was popular ; we just called it Development using small, composed programs, sharing their API's via an embedded Jetty and RPC interface. [06:27]
acuzio The big change was containerisation [06:28]
acuzio s/was/is [06:28]
Faux Yeah, containerisation adds nothing if your build system isn't bad at sharing machines (e.g. static links or understands loading and versioning, like java/go/rust/node, but not like python/ruby/etc.). [06:35]
acuzio yeah - ., and i am still a fan of getting smart, tightly knit group developers and letting them decide [06:37]
waz acuzio ++ [06:38]
waz acuzio has a karma level of 50, waz [06:38]
Faux I guess you need your developers also not to be bad. [06:39]
Faux It is infrequent that we end up with no ability to build a component on everyone's machines, which has been unusual even at previous java shops, for example. [06:40]
acuzio Ja - hence my point [06:43]
acuzio So , one of the most successful teams that i have worked with i.e. multiple million dollar exits, all write code in Java, their automation is essentially push/pull on github, the entire bootstrap is via shell scripts using systemctl extensively and thats it really [06:46]
sonOfRa morning [07:09]
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acuzio morning indeed [08:27]
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Ashley55 parted the channel: [08:36]
acuzio Faux: Am i right in thinking that the UK only does Paper ballots ? [09:11]
Faux acuzio: Including by post? Afaik yet. [10:12]
Faux yes [10:12]
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sonOfRa Man, planet zoo is looking really nice. Kinda wanna get it [11:43]
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