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2020-01-16 »

Nick Message Date
puppy_za morning [01:35]
puppy_za well that's basically how CEO works - hire and delegate [01:36]
TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:23]
KekSi 'morning [02:45]
puppy_za hi KekSi [02:50]
puppy_za how are you? [02:50]
KekSi can't really tell.. [02:52]
KekSi stressed i guess? [02:52]
puppy_za oh? what's wrong? [02:52]
KekSi got into work yesterday at 7:25 and went home at 18:20.. [02:52]
KekSi then i made an instant soup, watched a couple of episodes of the expanse on amazon and went to bed.. i really should finish up my CV and write unsolicited job applications [02:54]
KekSi also my domain ran out and my hosting is about to run out (both of which a friend of mine used to take care of and i don't have the mental capacity to do it all myself atm.. [02:55]
KekSi t3.nano is probably going to be enough.. all it has to host is nginx, irssi & sbnc i think [02:57]
Faux Easily. [02:58]
KekSi still, i get out of work and just want peace and quiet and not have to do anything at all [02:59]
KekSi it's like i'm completely unable to do anything at all [02:59]
KekSi this hellhole is ruining me.. :( [02:59]
FabioP [FabioP!] has joined #java-talk [03:02]
Faux Armchair psychologist: you need to be less extreme about everything; less extreme at work, less extreme at partying. [03:04]
KekSi yeah.. i'm fully aware of that [03:05]
KekSi but telling me that at the exact right moment and then actually doing it is something entirely different.. [03:05]
Faux prescribes lithium. [03:06]
KekSi yeah, except the mania part of bipolar only hits when i'm already drunk [03:07]
KekSi not saying that's what i have [03:07]
KekSi because i really doubt it [03:09]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [03:09]
KekSi but that's what you'd prescribe lithium for (to take.. forever) [03:09]
puppy_za that sounds like depression phase is on [03:13]
KekSi yeah, hence the appointment at my psychologist.. that's been going for a couple of years but usually doesn't stick around for long [03:17]
puppy_za when are you seeing her again? [03:18]
KekSi february 4th [03:20]
puppy_za that's still long time away [03:22]
KekSi less than 3 weeks [03:24]
KekSi better than nothing, tbh [03:24]
puppy_za don't you have the old med or something? :p [03:26]
ron morning [04:16]
puppy_za hi ron [04:16]
ron how's life [04:35]
puppy_za good here [04:37]
puppy_za no work for 3 days now [04:37]
puppy_za well, I mean, no work while in the office [04:37]
puppy_za ron: yours? [04:38]
ron living the dream [04:38]
puppy_za that's good [04:41]
db splendid [04:43]
ron didn't say the dream is not a nightmare thouugh [04:56]
scav morning [04:57]
ron morning scav [04:57]
sonOfRa morning [04:57]
db ron, so, is it? [04:58]
ron it's always a nightmarre. [04:58]
ron rrrre [04:59]
scav if you are sad, you try to be happy, ron [05:00]
ron I'm not sad [05:00]
ron I'm indifferent [05:00]
scav simply pull yourself up by your bootstraps [05:01]
scav WHY [05:01]
scav you got so much going for you [05:01]
ron huh? [05:01]
scav i dunno - just being supportive. i obviously need better karma [05:03]
KekSi 09:26:52 < puppy_za> don't you have the old med or something? :p [05:08]
KekSi yeah i still have like 60 or so but don't want to re-start taking AD medication without a psycholgists agreement [05:08]
sonOfRa Oh hey, work wants to talk *again*. I wonder what they'll offer me this time. [05:09]
KekSi you usually do regular blood/urine tests when you start medicating with those [05:09]
puppy_za KekSi: I see [05:09]
KekSi also: regular mental health checkups (obviously) since all of those tend to come with some.. exciting.. adverse effects [05:10]
sonOfRa self medicate by microdosing LSD! [05:11]
KekSi most of them including "making things worse" and other things [05:11]
sonOfRa (don't do that) [05:11]
KekSi i wouldn't even know where to get LSD [05:11]
db the interwebs. [05:12]
KekSi besides i'm not a silicon valley hipster or have a wish to *live* for work [05:12]
db you don't need to have the wish. you just have to have the duty. [05:12]
sonOfRa No joke though, there's apparently research in big studies now on psychoactive compound as antidepressants, there was a great talk about it at 36c3 [05:12]
sonOfRa [05:12]
Faux It's super popular research with drug addicts. [05:13]
Faux I look forward to the point where this alternative medicine becomes approved medicine. [05:13]
sonOfRa Yeah, the woman holding the talk was extremely explicit about "do not try this at home" part [05:13]
Faux I know too many microdosers or addicts who justify it as THERE'S A PAPER, SAMPLE SIZE OF FOUR. [05:13]
sonOfRa yup [05:13]
Faux Guy in another channel runs a drug den in the amazon rainforest but truly believes the hallucinogens CONNECT US TO THE TREES AND LOVE ITSELF AS A PURE FORCE but had a bad trip yesterday and the day before so now believes WITCHES FROM THE OTHER VILLAGE ARE ATTACKING. [05:15]
sonOfRa They were extremely explicit about the fact that just popping pills is very much *not* going to cure your mental illnesses [05:15]
Faux This guy is a node developer. [05:15]
Faux i.e. already mentally damaged beyond reason. [05:15]
sonOfRa I chose to not-believe that story [05:15]
Faux It's not a public channel (i.e. almost everyone in it is in the meeting-in-real-life strong set with a bacon number under like 2). [05:16]
KekSi no, it should be quite obvious that the important part of that treatment is the psychologist going through it with you [05:16]
KekSi your tripsitter is more important than the medication [05:16]
Faux itym SHAMAN [05:16]
dreamreal I know people for whom psychoactive compounds have worked as antidepressants [05:16]
db ..bacon.. number..? [05:17]
dreamreal plus it sounds awesome [05:17]
sonOfRa dreamreal: yes, that's why they're doing research on it with studies, instead of just having random people pop random pills in unsupervised settings [05:17]
KekSi yes, i've read quite a bit about it during the last big depression 2.5 years ago [05:17]
Faux db: "I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows X", typically Kevin Bacon for X. [05:17]
dreamreal sonOfRa: yes, the people I know for whom it's worked have had it applied in clinical settings [05:17]
KekSi and just doing drugs is just doing drugs and won't cure shit [05:17]
db ok. [05:17]
KekSi the right questions and the correct guidance is what'll turn you around [05:17]
puppy_za or try to get yourself into the trial :p [05:18]
KekSi last i checked there weren't any in germany [05:19]
KekSi closest ones were in switzerland back then [05:20]
KekSi with a multi-year waiting list (obviously) [05:20]
puppy_za well I guess it depends on how serious it is [05:21]
puppy_za or you just need to know the right doctor [05:22]
KekSi it isn't that serious for the moment -- yes i'm feeling depressed etc but i'm not spending half the day mulling over the futility of life and that i should just kill myself [05:23]
KekSi which was my 2017 [05:23]
puppy_za eish [05:32]
puppy_za should get yourself on a watcher list :p [05:39]
KekSi why? [05:40]
KekSi like i said: it's *not* like that this time [05:40]
dreamreal Maybe puppy_za thinks you're into voyeurism [05:42]
puppy_za not that type of watchers :p [05:45]
ensamvarg [ensamvarg!] has joined #java-talk [05:45]
puppy_za a suicide watch list [05:45]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [05:46]
dreamreal I knew what you were talking about, also referenced the use of past tense for KekSi because I've been trying to pay attention to the fellow [05:53]
scav Faux: drug addicts to acid? [05:59]
scav s/to/do [06:00]
ron yawn [06:01]
scav man i really hate being bored at work - tasks you rather not do really sucks [06:19]
ron the trick is to finish them as quickly as possible [06:38]
FabioP [FabioP!] has joined #java-talk [06:38]
scav yeah, try doing anything quick with jenkins and a bunch of old groovy scripts :p [07:00]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [07:12]
AMcBain [AMcBain!] has joined #java-talk [07:26]
KekSi fucking office.. the latest version will not save any file and is adamant that it's already opened [07:34]
KekSi save under a new name [07:34]
KekSi next cmd + s "it's already opened" [07:35]
db reboot [07:36]
AMcBain Oh, CorelDRAW was doing that to me earlier tonight. At least twice it decided a file I had open and had already saved previously just fine was open by someone else and refused to let me save it under that name. Nevermind that in all likelihood the only app with it open was itself. :-/ [07:42]
AMcBain It also froze for an unnerving amount of time before every time it returned to tell me that, and I didn't want to have to redo my work. [07:43]
KekSi but it now creates folders and saves things into those [07:46]
KekSi on macos that is [07:46]
Faux just works [08:55]
db he's in denial and doesn't want to reboot [08:56]
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kamoricks The breakfast bars at work advertise themselves as "70% organic, 85% gluten free" [09:22]
puppy_za that's oddly honest [09:25]
surial kamoricks: they're joking about allergens and genetic irritants? [09:26]
surial Hey, I like making fun of antivax moron hipsters as much as the next fella, but that's a slippery slope. [09:26]
kamoricks surial: I think they're sincere. [09:26]
surial sinc.... WHAT?? [09:27]
surial Now with only 20% peanuts. That's.. fucking hell. [09:27]
surial Okay, either you have celiac disease and this breakfast bar will cause cancer and pain, or you don't, and it doesn't fucking matter. arrghhh. [09:27]
puppy_za well, water is 100% inorganic :p [09:28]
puppy_za so maybe that 30% is water [09:28]
kamoricks uhm. so. our water *is* certified organic. [09:28]
sonOfRa H20 is not an organic compound! [09:29]
puppy_za that's not what I remembered from chemistry [09:29]
sonOfRa yes yes I know that's not what organic means [09:29]
puppy_za oops [09:29]
kamoricks Tell that to Flow! [09:29]
puppy_za sonOfRa: my reply was to kamoricks's [09:29]
sonOfRa In german we call it "Biological" rather than "Organisch", which is... slightly better? [09:29]
surial organic has multiple conflicting meanings. [09:29]
surial biological is not trademarked and means nothing. [09:30]
surial biggest fucking crock of shit of the modern dietary age. [09:30]
surial in fact, there's a _BRAND_ called 'bio plus', using a very certification-looking logo. [09:30]
kamoricks sonOfRa: Would "Biological Water" work better? [09:31]
sonOfRa surial: it does in the german market, products called organic in international markets are "bio" or "biologisch" in german, and it uses the starred leaf logo, or [09:31]
sonOfRa kamoricks: I'm not sure it would [09:31]
kamoricks Sounds like pee. [09:31]
surial as far as I know, none of the shit they sell is 'biological' in any of the many utterly different ways that is interpreted. From flying high acupuncture and homeopathy horseshit, to putting a cow horn filled with dung in the field and dancing around it during the full moon, to slightly more 'useful' things such as less and/or different pesticides, if animals are involved, being nicer to them, to having some CO2 certificates [09:32]
surial to pay off your usage, to replanting everything, to simply having a schedule, to using work-impaired people on your farm. [09:32]
kamoricks (it's "Biologic" in French as well, with the same meaning in Quebec) [09:32]
puppy_za so, did you have the 70% organic energy bar? [09:33]
kamoricks of course. [09:33]
puppy_za sees kamoricks levelled up [09:35]
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kamoricks [kamoricks!a7dc942d@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined #java-talk [10:09]
sonOfRa you got a loicense for that blunt-tip knife, mate? :D [10:49]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "British company made knives with square tips after rise in knife crime - Insider" [10:49]
db so safe [10:52]
kamoricks why would criminals buy a blunt-tipped knife? [10:55]
surial kamoricks: use brai. [11:03]
surial kamoricks: whilst every so often there is truly a serial killer / psychopath / highly motivated murderer, and if you're USian, your media makes you think that's the enemy you need to be aware of... [11:03]
surial in actual fact 95%+ of all murders are committed in a fit of emotion or without forethought, and if they pull this knife out of the drawer, the odds the victim survives is a lot higher. That, or, somebody nuts who may have been thinking about it for a while but is not capable of proper rational processes, and thus, is in a similar boat, grabbing whatever is near. [11:04]
surial I have no idea what this 'uptick in knife crime' is about, but I'm sure the UK is no snowflake, and plenty of violence occurs with ad-hoc knives on hand. [11:05]
surial The fact that the casual on-hand weapon in the US is, usually, a gun, is one of the reasons why you're ~100x more likely to die out there in that barbarous weird place. [11:05]
tang^ with no (or few) guns in the UK, knives have been the weapon of choice [11:06]
db surial: [11:07]
surial Yup, and even if you really do wanna go after the psycho's, the fact that knifes are tied up with 'common' usage is problematic: I have a sharp knife right here in my kitchen. Kinda hard to colour me a criminal just because I own it. But once you have 'safe knives' as common go-to knife, even if only for personal protection (I walk around with them; maybe I'll trip), it becomes a little easier to start separating things out: [11:08]
surial Eventually, 'unsafe knives' would be harder to find and, decades later maybe, as hard to obtain as a gun is in the UK now. Obtainable, but plenty of morons who'll get nicked. [11:08]
surial Maybe knives are too easy to make and too common to ever get there, but, worth a try. [11:08]
kamoricks I don't think they actually made it safer, considering there's still two points on that knife. And also, the blade. [11:09]
surial what's your goal? To stop a motivated intelligent prepared murderer? [11:09]
surial No, this probably doesn't get the job done, no. But as I said.. you're focusing on a small amount. [11:09]
kamoricks Like, say you grabbed a knife from a drawer to hurt someone. And the knife has a blunt tip, and a sharp blade. Wouldn't you just... use the blade? [11:10]
kamoricks Is stabbing an integral component to knife crime? [11:11]
surial db: I'm kinda glad most people aren't vin diesel's stunt double with 3 weeks chereography and training :P [11:11]
db surial: tea, actually. [11:11]
surial kamoricks: you can do plenty of damage with a blunt tipped knife. but less than you think. [11:12]
surial for example, the vast majority (90%+) of untrained knife wielding criminals have pretty heavy cuts to their own fingers, whilst if I give you a knife (blunt tipped or not) and a chunk of ham to go to town on, you'll be able to do it without damaging yourself, no problem. [11:12]
surial So, apparently, being so emotional that you're going to murder a fucker makes you less coordinated somehow. fancy that. [11:12]
kamoricks I suppose if I wanted to generically hurt someone and not necessarily kill them I'd be less likely to injure in a way that would be irrepairable. [11:13]
surial It's hard to walk a mile in the shoes of that kinda crime. You either go all movie on the situation and think you're going to be a cold blooded get-the-job-done kinda character. It's hard to imagine what it'd be like if you're seeing red with rage and being out of your mind on adrenaline. [11:14]
surial it's not something your casual human often experiences; usually, never. [11:14]
surial I have no idea if this knife is 'safer'. I hope they did some research. The few things I did read? I find it highly plausible if this is your average kitchen / store bought sharpish knife available, that it has a measurable effect on death/grievous injury by knife. [11:15]
kamoricks (let's put aside that you sometimes need a sharp pointed thing in the kitchen to pry open stuff and leave that to a specialized whatever) [11:16]
db I like to think that beating someone to death with my bare fists would somehow be more rewarding in an excessive anger situation. no knife needed! [11:16]
tang^ don't use pointed things to pry open stuff... it bends the point [11:16]
sonOfRa kamoricks: please don't use your knives to pry stuff open :( [11:17]
tang^ hah [11:17]
kamoricks sonOfRa: But they're so good at it! Especially the ceramic one. [11:17]
kamoricks (joking) [11:18]
db and probably safer for everyone involved but after all I'm a software engineer and not a trained fighter [11:18]
db s/but/because/ [11:18]
sonOfRa I'd assume that murder by fist is actually really hard to achieve [11:18]
db I manhandle keyboards every day! [11:20]
tang^ thus your so soft hands [11:20]
db [11:21]
yottabyte [yottabyte!uid195082@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [11:28]
tang^ my big beef with the IT Security team getting me to update our servers is that the Rapid7 software isn't all that rapid at rechecking my servers after I've done so. [12:18]
sonOfRa nice [12:18]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Saleem Rashid on Twitter: "CVE-2020-0601"" [12:18]
Faux nice [12:18]
tang^ indeed [12:20]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [01:08]
Faux [01:12]
kamoricks [kamoricks!a7dc952d@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined #java-talk [01:13]
tang^ something for the Space Force ?? [01:14]
Faux That's the only possibility. [01:14]
kamoricks [01:15]
kamoricks kamoricks's title: "Saleem Rashid on Twitter: "CVE-2020-0601"" [01:15]
tang^ almost an hour later [01:15]
sonOfRa Looks like a KSP layout to me [01:15]
Faux <3 how Chrome is vulnerable because it falls back to the host for hostname verification. [01:15]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [01:16]
tang^ I mean, that's clearly meant to be a space platform... why would the shuttles need a fuel tank if the main body is using batteries for thrust? [01:17]
Faux I suspect the shuttles are for invading other planets. [01:17]
Faux If you have no idea what a shuttle is. [01:17]
Faux (A goer up and a glider, not a spaceplane.) [01:18]
tang^ that fuel tank is useless for the glide down and would impede landing [01:18]
Faux Where "glider" means "aerodynamic glide factor literally worse than a rock, but better than a telephone pole". [01:18]
tang^ you'd have to have it already on the ground for the return flight [01:18]
kamoricks Faux: I really love it when MITM certs have to be issued to the CT chain [01:22]
tang^ apart from the Eagle Moon Lander, has there really been much thought given to transport where the start and end is in space rather than on the planet? [01:26]
Faux We're doing a mars rock return right now. [01:27]
tang^ oh? I missed that [01:27]
Faux But the returning vehicle is tiny; <1% of the landing mass iirc. [01:27]
Faux Apparently it's only approved, not in progress; I thought it had launched. [01:28]
Faux We did look at some rocks on that asteroid, but that hardly counts as surface to space. >.> [01:29]
Faux [01:30]
Faux Faux's title: "Mars sample-return mission - Wikipedia" [01:30]
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sonOfRa Oh lmao, the bug is even easier to exploit than I thought [02:14]
sonOfRa So you know how you have to find a generator G' so that G' * k (where you can freely choose k) is Q (where Q is the public key of the cert you're spoofing)? [02:14]
sonOfRa It turns out, that if you do math [02:14]
sonOfRa You can find out that 1*Q is Q [02:15]
sonOfRa So you just use k=1 and use the cert's public key point as the base point for your attack :D [02:15]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [02:20]
kamoricks Good news is that the fix got pushed, it's independently applied and high priority, and everyone got it yesterday. If they're on Windows 10. [02:41]
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Faux I didn't get it! Becaues I haven't turned my machine on in a week. [04:12]
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tang^ eggs:basket :: irc:cloud [05:53]
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db god dammit irccloud [10:03]
db I'm having a maven issue here, so I got a profile which sets a property "foo", referenced elsewhere via ${foo}. I want to set a default value for foo, for when the profile is not activated [10:31]
db I thought it would be sufficient to set that on "global" pom level but that does seem to override the profile [10:32]
db yeah well a plugin sets the value of the property in question, which is different from setting it via <propertyname> in the pom. [10:49]
db I've solved it. nvm. [11:11]
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