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2020-07-02 »

Nick Message Date
Samian hi [01:09]
Samian anyone know of a channel about social skills? [01:09]
dodobrain what social skills? [01:17]
Samian about improving social skills [01:20]
Samian about what to say in such and such situation [01:20]
Samian anything everything on socializing [01:21]
dodobrain you can hang out in offtopic channels. some of them might have useful chatter in this regard [01:22]
dodobrain or perhaps you can initiate such in offtopic channels.. [01:22]
dodobrain dunno of any specific channels though [01:22]
dodobrain have a look at the channel list on freenode [01:22]
dodobrain there might be something [01:22]
Samian dodobrain that's what I've been doing [01:24]
Samian hanging out in offtopic channels [01:24]
dodobrain searching for 'social' in channel name and topic brings up 113 channels on freenode [01:25]
dodobrain none of them really stand out for this specific purpose. [01:25]
dodobrain theres a ##social.. but no idea what the heck they do there [01:25]
ricky_clarkson Samian: Maybe some of the reddit 'am I the asshole/AITA', 'relationshipadvice', etc., subreddits might work. Or, y'know, put a mask on and get into some social situations to practice. :) [02:03]
ricky_clarkson Samian: There are also books, though generally focused on getting ahead professionally, like 'How to win friends and influence people'. [02:04]
ricky_clarkson I should read one. <lazy cat meme/> [02:05]
TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:31]
devish Corona is really helping introverts [02:34]
Samian does this look cool? [02:54]
scav are those bacteria? [03:13]
sonOfRa morning [03:18]
Samian scav no they're french fries [03:19]
sl33k [sl33k!] has joined #java-talk [03:19]
scav same shit then [03:19]
Samian lol [03:19]
Samian the square in the middle is the reflection of the light above on the belt [03:20]
scav "french, bacteria" - trump supporter, probably [03:20]
scav except they don't believe in bacteria or viruses (unless the virus is muslim) [03:20]
Diablo-D3 they dont believe in the french either [03:23]
sl33k [sl33k!] has joined #java-talk [03:27]
sonOfRa 18 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 583 deletions(-) [03:29]
sonOfRa yisss [03:29]
ricky_clarkson you beat me, 60, 353, 444.. [03:31]
scav you guys... work? [04:02]
sonOfRa occasionally [04:02]
puppy_za morning [04:09]
sonOfRa sup [04:09]
[twisti] okay, i need some god damn nerd power [04:09]
puppy_za also casually working :p [04:09]
puppy_za [twisti]: by the grey skull? [04:10]
[twisti] so im building a docker container that as part of its normal business is used to ssh into a remote system and do stuff [04:10]
[twisti] here i thought it would be enough to puke the private key into ~/.ssh/id_rsa and go nuts [04:10]
[twisti] but im getting this bizarre error message: load pubkey "/root/.ssh/id_rsa": invalid format [04:11]
[twisti] a) why is it trying to load the PUBLIC key at all ? i didnt provide one, because why would i ? [04:11]
[twisti] b) why is it trying to read the public key from that file [04:11]
[twisti] c) why is it still working [04:11]
[twisti] any ideas ? [04:11]
puppy_za I thought is the pub key store [04:12]
sonOfRa what does the ssh config look like? [04:12]
[twisti] the error is super misleading in the logs, and i just know that if i dont fix it now, six months from now itll lead to a week of debugging [04:12]
Faux [twisti]: I guess it means "error trying to transmute private key into public key", which is the first thing it does. [04:12]
sonOfRa ^ [04:12]
[twisti] sonOfRa: alpine default. no config or special settings other than the host fingerprints [04:12]
Faux (Shit UX, though.) [04:13]
[twisti] ah, that would make sense [04:13]
sonOfRa The first step of the authentication is presenting the server with the public key [04:13]
sonOfRa And if the server says "yes this is a good public key", the client needs to present the private key [04:13]
[twisti] the weird thing is that i tried with two different keys, a 4k bit rsa and a 521 bit ecdsa [04:13]
[twisti] im nearly certain that this kind of thing used to work without me generating a public key on the docker image [04:14]
Faux I'd be very surprised if anything from >5y ago didn't support 4k rsa. [04:14]
sonOfRa can you ssh -vvvv from the container? [04:14]
sonOfRa not sure how many vs you need. [04:14]
sonOfRa All the vs. [04:14]
Faux (Does alpine ship dropbear or something like that?) [04:14]
sonOfRa They've shipped openssh for years. Maybe the base image is *ancient*? [04:15]
sonOfRa They definitely used to ship dropbear at some poin [04:16]
devish [devish!345f4b1e@unaffiliated/devish] has joined #java-talk [04:16]
Faux faux@astoria:~% ssh-add ~/a.glsl [04:16]
Faux Error loading key "/home/faux/a.glsl": invalid format [04:16]
[twisti] the base image is docker:git, so not that ancient [04:17]
[twisti] ill do the vvvv [04:17]
Faux Load key "/etc/passwd": bad permissions [04:17]
Faux <3 [04:17]
sonOfRa D [04:17]
[twisti] Faux: best change permissions on that [04:18]
Faux # ssh -i a [04:18]
Faux Load key "a": invalid format [04:18]
Faux ..for an empty file on alpine:latest. [04:18]
Faux After `apk add openssh-client`, maybe you can pick something else. [04:18]
sonOfRa also run a checksum on the key inside the container, as well as the key outside the container and see if something fucked it [04:20]
Faux docker:git has *newer* openssh than alpine:latest. [04:20]
Faux Ah, I haven't pulled, never mind. [04:21]
[twisti] OpenSSH_8.3p1, OpenSSL 1.1.1g 21 Apr 2020 [04:21]
[twisti] seems recent enough to me [04:21]
Faux Yeah. On 8.3 I get the same error for /etc/shadow. Your key is bad. :) [04:21]
[twisti] i made a pastebin, but since im clueless and this is work stuff, i dont feel comfortable pasting it in the logged channel. you guys mind if i pm you ? [04:23]
devish looks like ##java is silent [04:23]
[twisti] i can give you the private key too, i generated it just for testing [04:23]
Faux [twisti]: Go ahead. [04:23]
devish I am having connection not being closed for rest calls . This exception have a response.close() also I am retrying after 3 seconds of interval, 4 times but none of them seems to workany suggestions? [04:23]
devish devish's title: "java - Resteasy Client keeping connection allocated after a method throws an Exception - Stack Overflow" [04:23]
Faux (At any time.) [04:23]
Faux devish: Not how it works. [04:23]
devish Alright. [04:24]
[twisti] Faux: sent [04:24]
[twisti] the ##linux guys claimed the key was bad also, but like i said, i tried with two different keys, generated on different systems, and i CAN LOG IN with the key. its just that i get the strange error about it not being a public key, which is not surprising, since it is not actually a public key [04:26]
sonOfRa I'm guessing copying it from your host to the container does *something* [04:26]
sonOfRa hence the suggestion to shell into the container, and compare checksums between the key inside the container and the key on the host you're copying it from [04:27]
scav fuck you atlassian [04:28]
Faux I think your key is wrapped wrong; ssh-keygen generates different headers/footers for non-RSA keys for me; "BEGIN EC PRIVATE KEY" vs. "BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY". I think openssh is just trying to tell you your key isn't quite right, but it is cryptographically fine? Weird. [04:28]
sonOfRa scav: did ya lose some data on bitbucket? [04:29]
scav i have two accounts, and i click the one that has access to my client, and it keeps telling me "other account you did not click on does not have access" - like.. i know. thats why i specifically asked for the other one [04:29]
scav sonOfRa: yep [04:29]
sonOfRa F [04:29]
scav the client uses all their products [04:30]
sonOfRa Oh right today was mercurial deletion day [04:30]
Faux But I'm otherwise stumped. [04:30]
sonOfRa Hope noone here had mercurial repos on bitbucket, because they're gone now! [04:30]
scav fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you [04:30]
Faux possibly here. Such a reassuring comment. [04:33]
Faux Faux's title: "openssh-portable/ssh.c at 14beca57ac92d62830c42444c26ba861812dc837 openssh/openssh-portable GitHub" [04:33]
scav I like how Go's mux whatever http stuff is almost as badly designed as the rest of the language [04:36]
dodobrain [dodobrain!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [04:37]
scav I have never stepped this much with a debugger before, not even when trying to figure out wtf Spring does [04:38]
sonOfRa Is it just me or are retros always just... weird [04:42]
Faux What format? Blind? [04:42]
sonOfRa Yeah we have this weird board where everyone fills in columns, and then I guess we go over them? It was like this at former-former job too. Haven't done this in a while, and it's the first retro at new job [04:43]
Faux I think it works okay. We do the board filling blind; i.e. everyone tries to write stuff down, and then we can discuss more things multiple people have written down. [04:44]
Faux Also can shame people who aren't adding things. [04:44]
sonOfRa I added like 3 things and I can see the board is filling up and other people are clearly adding more but oh well :D [04:45]
Faux Off slackops, this works by everyone privately writing postits then getting people to stick up on a wall, and people yelling SNAP if they have a similar issue. [04:45]
sonOfRa I can't see *what* they're adding, just *that* [04:45]
Faux Ah! The shaming works. [04:46]
[twisti] sorry, was called into a meeting. checksum of my private key is identical on host and docker [04:53]
[twisti] Faux: changing "BEGIN EC PRIVATE KEY" to "BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY" makes it invalid both as private and public key [04:54]
Faux Yeah. They are different formats, which is what it's "complaining" about. [04:55]
Faux It's not just the header needed to convert it. [04:55]
Faux c.f. png vs. jpg. [04:55]
[twisti] ah, okay. ill see about converting it [04:55]
Faux How are you generating it? [04:56]
Faux Modern ssh-keygen dtrt. [04:56]
[twisti] ssh-keygen -t ecdsa -b 521 [04:56]
Faux That writes the format I expect here. [04:57]
[twisti] so then wtf [04:59]
sonOfRa did you verify that the key in the container is actually the key on the host? [04:59]
[twisti] yes [04:59]
sonOfRa hm [05:00]
[twisti] but the container doesnt have the public key [05:00]
sonOfRa Is ~/.ssh/ *writable*? [05:00]
sonOfRa Maybe it's trying to write the pubkey to the FS and is failing, and that's the error? [05:00]
[twisti] is it SUPPOSED to be ? [05:01]
sonOfRa no idea [05:01]
[twisti] besides, im root [05:01]
[twisti] if i copy in the public key, it works [05:01]
sonOfRa You can give a directory permissions so root can't write to it. [05:02]
[twisti] now /root/.ssh is a+rwX. still no joy. [05:03]
sonOfRa That may be *too* much [05:03]
[twisti] this is so fucking bizarre [05:03]
[twisti] well i can still ssh to the host [05:03]
sonOfRa .ssh/ itself should be rwx------ [05:04]
[twisti] thats what it was [05:04]
sonOfRa private keys should be rw------- [05:04]
sonOfRa Odd. [05:04]
acuzio morning ladies [05:08]
acuzio Faux:so do you have a "Statement" dress for Saturday [05:18]
Faux We're shopping for one-off outfits for the wife's sister's wedding, which probably will be cancelled. [05:19]
Faux Kill me. [05:19]
acuzio Faux: What the fuck is a One-Off outfit and why is your sister's wedding getting cancelled ? [05:19]
db a one-off outfit is that shirt and jacket I bought for my first job interview [05:20]
scav Faux: don't you have a suit? [05:21]
acuzio Oh you mean the suits and jacket i have in my closet [05:21]
sonOfRa *suits* [05:22]
sonOfRa Why would you own multiple suits [05:22]
scav i actually have multiple ones, i used to think it mattered [05:22]
scav all of them fairly expensive [05:22]
acuzio Same here [05:22]
db it matters to you [05:22]
scav i wear it for christmas and constitution day [05:23]
scav s/it/one [05:23]
scav thats it [05:23]
acuzio my most expensive piece of clothing is a 2K [05:23]
db my life is almost entirely devoid of situations where wearing a suit would be considered appropriate [05:23]
scav i usually wore hoodies for job interviews, and i got the jobs [05:23]
Faux I have a suit, it's called my wedding suit because I wear it only at weddings. I wore it at my own wedding. [05:23]
acuzio 3 full suits and I have Jackets as well [05:25]
acuzio And now when i say that i think thats utterly stupid [05:25]
Faux I'm observing a sprint planning for the first time in like a year and I'm on hour one of four and I'm already considering just outright quitting software engineering. [05:26]
db if it makes you happy, it is not stupid, acuzio [05:26]
sonOfRa If I wear a suit to my wedding at all, it's probably going to be the one I already have, yeah. [05:26]
acuzio Faux:WTF is sprint planning ? [05:26]
acuzio And db why ? [05:27]
db acuzio: what do you think why? [05:27]
acuzio I dont know db [05:27]
db acuzio: well why would you think it is stupid? I figured because you might think there is no good reason to own so many suits? and my idea was that if it makes you happy, that is a good enough reason. [05:28]
db now you know. [05:28]
acuzio Thats a good way of looking at it [05:29]
scav Faux: four hours? seriously? damn thats *AGILE* [05:29]
sonOfRa Wanted to get an expensive suit when I last bought one but they lied to me about it being able to get done on time, presumably because I looked like I couldn't afford it :D [05:29]
sonOfRa Assholes. [05:29]
Faux acuzio: ... [05:29]
acuzio what ? [05:29]
Faux I'm not even going to answer. [05:29]
scav lol [05:30]
acuzio The fuck - ., what did i do ? [05:30]
scav oh no.... Go orm. [05:30]
scav WHY [05:30]
sonOfRa Called them in advance, "can you get it done by X" "yes totally, come in monday" [05:30]
scav sonOfRa: you still don't look like you can afford it [05:30]
sonOfRa Came in monday, "need it by then" "nah can't get that done" [05:30]
sonOfRa Called them the week after that just because I *suspected* them lying to me "yeah sure we can get it done by then" [05:30]
dodobrain lawl [05:32]
dodobrain you should have jusrt recorded the conversation on the phone and played it back to them when you went there next time and they told you it couldnt be done [05:32]
sonOfRa And just... why? I was gonna spend somewhere north of a thousand euros on a fucking suit, guess you don't want my money? [05:32]
sonOfRa Ended up buying a suit off the peg for like 400 and brought it to a tailor for refitting, works just fine, too. [05:33]
dodobrain i've got a couple of suits. 1 i wore for my own now expired wedding. the other i wore to my brother's wedding [05:33]
dodobrain thats it [05:33]
dodobrain havent worn them on more than 1 occasion [05:33]
acuzio I got a suit stitched in HK , less expensive than the one in Savile Row but great fitting [05:34]
dodobrain come to think of it, my original wedding suit prolly is ill fitting to me now and needs adjustment [05:34]
dodobrain havent even taken it out of its protective case/cover/thingo in donkey years [05:34]
dodobrain prolly around 10 years me thinks [05:34]
dodobrain yeah i've heard of the HK suits [05:34]
dodobrain theres a few "famous" HK suit makers that come around to .au every year [05:35]
dodobrain they get it done super fast and the fit is really good is what i've heard [05:35]
acuzio This is true [05:35]
scav i just cba. give me a Hugo Boss and fit it for me and i'm good [05:36]
dodobrain hugo boss make suits ? [05:36]
scav its the same approach i have to buying apple products - i just cba to make all the decisions myself [05:36]
dodobrain oh wait.. i remember something.. [05:36]
scav dodobrain: yeah, they had to do something once nazi uniforms went out of fashion :D [05:37]
dodobrain i wore the jacket from my suit i wore to my brother's wedding to an endofyear dinner party from one of my offices [05:37]
[twisti] sonOfRa / Faux: so you guys out of ideas or things to try ? [05:37]
dodobrain things to try on/for ? [05:38]
Faux Yeah, I'm stuck on "the warning is because you generated your key wrong, but it's not harmful". No idea how you generated your key wrong, or how to convert keys. [05:38]
dodobrain so youre mounting your ssh dir as a volume ? [05:39]
acuzio dodobrain:I found why and how they do this , its essentially a group of Indian tailors who basically learnt their trade (in terms of speed and measuring) in the by-lanes of old Delhi and then taken it forward [05:39]
[twisti] dodobrain: i put a private key in my docker container, and when i connect to a remote host i get this warning: load pubkey "/root/.ssh/id_rsa": invalid format [05:40]
dodobrain really? so the chinese suit makers are making use of indian tailors ? [05:40]
dodobrain [twisti], try running an ssh-agent on the docker container and adding the key with ssh-add [05:41]
dodobrain and check if the key shows up in ssh-add -l [05:41]
Diablo-D3 man [05:42]
Diablo-D3 I think Im going to buy a torque wrench [05:42]
[twisti] dodobrain: success! that way it works without warning! thank you! [05:42]
acuzio dodobrain:yes in the majority - the top shop that does this is called "Raja Fashion" in Tsim Sha Tsui [05:43]
dodobrain sweet.. what happens if you go direct to the indian tailors? [05:43]
dodobrain perhaps they dont know how to make good fits and can do only when clearly instructed? [05:44]
dodobrain a friend of mine got a suit made in indonesia. we went to the tailor/suit_guy at 10 pm at night. he had the suit ready and delivered at 5am [05:45]
dodobrain [twisti], yay. now i dont feel so bad about the day.. i've actually solved a problem! [05:45]
dodobrain theres 4 hrs left in the dat to midnight [05:46]
dodobrain lawl [05:46]
acuzio dodobrain:I have had 3 people who have gone into this specific tailor and all go its fantastic . [05:46]
dodobrain whole day was a waste.. people arguing about whether migration scripts should be pushed into the git repos or not [05:46]
acuzio And in this specific case the tailor and the measurer and all were Indian [05:46]
acuzio the first time i got a suit done was actually at their shop in Tsim Sha Tsui [05:47]
dodobrain makes a note to use "Raja Fashion in Tsim Sha Tsui" when im next in hk and for whatever odd reason i need a suit made [05:48]
dodobrain how much did it cost? i know its all based off the cloth quality and such [05:48]
acuzio In other news, I love HK specifically Tsim Sha Tsui street walking down from the Sheraton at the bottom straight down , there is something really great about that street [05:48]
dodobrain wait, are you in hk now ? [05:48]
acuzio No , I am in London [05:49]
acuzio I travel and HK / China are in my patch [05:49]
dodobrain noice [05:50]
scav is there some kind of Go developers mantra to create a ton of super tiny functions that barely do anything but call other functions that in turn barely do anything but call the next function? [05:59]
scav i see it everywhere, in examples, blogs, git and so forth. it just seems a bit weird [06:00]
Faux Java is famous for that, not Go! [06:00]
scav Go [06:02]
Diablo-D3 thats really c++ disease [06:03]
scav I must have spent too much time in Haskell and lately Rust, because who ever started this trend i forgot about it [06:03]
scav obviously Haskell has short functions, but it makes sense and there is no magical mutations going on you don't know of [06:04]
Diablo-D3 haskell makes sense of how you write that kind of shit [06:05]
Diablo-D3 but what they're bitching about isnt the _size_ [06:05]
Diablo-D3 its the _uselessness_ because its just layers and layers and layers of abstractions [06:05]
Diablo-D3 c++ nor java invented FooFactoryFactoryFactoryFactories. [06:05]
scav you forgot an Abstract in there, you silly boy [06:05]
dodobrain haha [06:06]
Diablo-D3 true, that would have made the punchline better [06:06]
scav and true [06:07]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [06:08]
Diablo-D3 but yeah, layers and layers and layers suck in any language [06:11]
Diablo-D3 theres rarely a time where that makes sense [06:11]
scav wish i did not care about language design or paid any attention to developments surrounding language design. must be awesome to be oblivious to these things in todays industry [06:34]
Nitrousoxide [Nitrousoxide!~quassel@unaffiliated/nitrousoxide] has joined #java-talk [06:36]
Diablo-D3 well its why Im confused on why people use new languages [06:42]
Diablo-D3 since compilers have become nigh universal [06:42]
Diablo-D3 and any new technique is quickly stolen [06:42]
Diablo-D3 the only last frontier is ergonomics [06:43]
Diablo-D3 the only languages left standing is java (since most still alive legacy code bases are java), kotlin (lets you use java, but with vastly improved ergonomics), and rust (exists to do one thing well, and that is kill C) [06:43]
Diablo-D3 if you're not using one of those languages, your code has real reason to be written in the first place [06:44]
Diablo-D3 you're just dooming yourself to rewrite it in a different language in the future [06:44]
Nitrousoxide Diablo-D3 what is rust specifically designed to do well [06:48]
Diablo-D3 kill C, I thought I was clear about that [06:48]
Nitrousoxide lol [06:48]
Nitrousoxide Alright fair enough [06:48]
Nitrousoxide I only read a few messages, sorry [06:48]
Diablo-D3 you didnt even read the entire line :( [06:49]
Nitrousoxide Oh shit [06:50]
Nitrousoxide Idk how I interpretted that wrong. I thought you meant it's doing that one thing well and it's killing see [06:51]
Nitrousoxide C [06:51]
Nitrousoxide sorry im tired af [06:51]
Bombe Kill the sea! [06:59]
Bombe Whales fuck in it! [07:00]
Bombe NUKE IT FROM ORBIT [07:00]
Faux rust [07:00]
scav did someone mention rust? [07:35]
sonOfRa RUST [07:41]
dodobrain what are the chances of rust actually killing off c? [07:45]
dodobrain i dont see people rushing to it as much as the rust people would like them to be [07:45]
Maldivia the chance... rusty [07:46]
dodobrain i should prolly have another quick read through k&r2 for fun [07:46]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [07:48]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [07:51]
scav the chance is big [07:55]
scav holy shit [08:06]
scav scav's title: "Nikola Corp | Nikola Badger" [08:06]
dodobrain i dunno.. are these rendered images supposed to convey that this model is real and not vapourware ? [08:10]
scav "Nikola Badger EV pickup will debut at Nikola World 2020 in December" [08:11]
scav rendered or not, looks pretty cool and i have put it on my list of "cars i want" [08:11]
dodobrain oh, did you register interest? [08:23]
dodobrain what exacty does that entail? do they want a deposit or just name/contact details [08:23]
acuzio Had a _big_ fight with the fucking VP Sales [08:23]
dodobrain is that the old guy within the covid infestation ? [08:24]
acuzio No he is the guy who doesnt want to pay more for this guy cause the guy is out of band [08:25]
acuzio I am like dude the guy is quite literally doing 2 people's job and he is fantastic and we should defnly get him. [08:25]
acuzio fuck the fucking "out of band" [08:26]
Faux oh my god coworkers [08:26]
acuzio I wish they were not there [08:27]
acuzio I have to admit Covid has done a good thing cause i dont have to see most of them [08:28]
acuzio like ever [08:28]
acuzio And oh Faux btw are you happy that - you cant actually travel to 30 countries without a visa [08:29]
acuzio TIL that Missisippi had a confederate symbol on their flag [08:31]
sonOfRa The georgia flag also *is* the confederate flag (just not the battle flag) [08:32]
sonOfRa compare [08:33]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "File:Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg - Wikipedia" [08:33]
acuzio Such a sad thing to do , its our history, we should most definitely not do that [08:33]
sonOfRa acuzio: remember, there were good people on both sides, or something like that! [08:34]
devish [devish!345f4b0e@unaffiliated/devish] has joined #java-talk [08:35]
acuzio sonOfRa:Good people on both sides and lets not forget in the words of a hero of our times "Do you know how expensive slaves were?" [08:35]
fovid-19 there were good people on both sides of yo MOMMA last night. [08:38]
sonOfRa ooooooh [08:39]
acuzio well i hope so fovid-19 i mean shes quite old and if she can still get it , well more power to her [08:39]
fovid-19 i would like to see someone use that as a serious retort to any 'good sides' argument to see what happens [08:39]
fovid-19 s/good/both/ [08:40]
acuzio Legacy [08:40]
scav dodobrain: you pay a deposit and then you get prioritised when orders open up and the deposit is also returned to you (or rather goes into the price you pay) [08:40]
dodobrain acuzio, so im guessing you now need a visa to go into eu? [08:42]
dodobrain im not following the brexit crap since long ago [08:42]
fovid-19 guh, i really should get my greek passport [08:42]
dodobrain is that in addition to your existing passport ? [08:42]
acuzio dodobrain:I am an American and have a British passport as well - so i am assuming that now i will need my American passport to go into France [08:43]
Faux fucukcafuafkuf [08:43]
fovid-19 dodobrain: yes [08:43]
devish parted the channel: [08:43]
acuzio what happened Faux , did your new passport have the right color ? [08:43]
fovid-19 i hold dual nationality but i have no documentation to prove this - that's all in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ?Beware of the Leopard.' [08:44]
fovid-19 in greece [08:44]
dodobrain acuzio, perhaps he ust realised that he forgot to apply for that visa for an upcoming travel? [08:45]
acuzio or may be he is just getting ready to fuck [08:45]
dodobrain at this time? [08:45]
acuzio wait , there is a time on the clock where it says "Time to Fuck" [08:46]
dodobrain not really.. [08:46]
dodobrain i assumed hes working today and its lunch time there [08:46]
dodobrain so maybe a more productive lunch break then [08:46]
acuzio Well yeah [08:46]
acuzio BTW its Milf hour now [08:48]
scav its way past lunch, even in that country i don't even remember the name of anymore [08:48]
scav Erglan? [08:49]
scav Eigland? [08:49]
scav Something along those lines? [08:49]
acuzio scav:its actually called "Fucked Up White People" country [08:49]
scav FUWP [08:50]
acuzio yeah - , they also have a bigger country across The Atlantic [08:50]
scav as a white minority on a global scale, i would prefer if you colour shamed me less [08:51]
acuzio s/country/cousin [08:51]
dodobrain lawl [08:51]
acuzio scav:Your preference is taken note off [08:52]
scav thank you [08:52]
scav [08:52]
scav scav's title: "Stone on Twitter: "Target has a try it on mirror so you can see how you look in different colored masks before you buy. Do not try it on!"" [08:52]
Faux "I changed the default for this shared account which loads of services run as without telling anyone for minor convenience for me." So far we've found three major outages it caused, hope there's not more! [08:59]
acuzio Faux:stop working - [09:00]
acuzio Its actually MILF hour outside [09:00]
Faux's raining. [09:00]
acuzio Is it ,, its not raining here , i guess we havent caught up there are a bunch of Milves with their sprogs and their dogs who go out for a walk - [09:02]
acuzio I look forward to it everyday - its the highlight of my day [09:03]
acuzio the uniform is tight jeans, low cut tops, mostly blonde [09:03]
acuzio me gusta [09:03]
acuzio during the 1 week of summer ,jeans were replaced with see thru dresses or short shorts -., i wasnt complaining [09:04]
scav weather bergen norway [09:04]
scav Weather for Bergen, Norway | 58 F (14 C) | humidity at 58 | scattered clouds | Wed, 1 Jul 2020 15:04:57 +0200 [09:04]
scav apparently not raining here either [09:05]
scav aaaand acuzio is back to his old self, i like it :) [09:05]
acuzio what [09:09]
acuzio I am a very responsible, concerned and totally not pervy guy [09:09]
scav hehe [09:27]
Nitrousoxide [Nitrousoxide!~quassel@unaffiliated/nitrousoxide] has joined #java-talk [09:58]
sonOfRa Sometimes kibana is really nice [10:33]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined #java-talk [10:35]
sonOfRa <3 using features that are marked as "Unimplemented" in the official documentation, but just work. Presumably they just forgot to remove the notice? [10:41]
scav heheh [10:45]
scav i love how robust the error handling of Go is [10:45]
scav this compiles, and works just fine (besides the fact it will never succeed) [10:45]
scav return &result, errors.New("oh no not really an error") [10:45]
scav Genercis? Hah! get the fuck outta here! [10:45]
acuzio Kibana _and_ Grafana are both awesome [10:56]
acuzio In other news, I think She knows my Milf perv routine [10:57]
acuzio I mean its not neccesarily a major secret but still - [10:59]
acuzio She saw me closing the curtain windows (which i rarely do) post the Milves having walked across and said "All gone.." smirked and walked away [11:00]
sonOfRa I mean, it's probably hard to not notice? [11:02]
acuzio As i am getting older i am realising that women are just naturally smarter than men [11:06]
ron acuzio: maybe you should realize that you're a dumb fuck :) [11:11]
acuzio yes thank you ron [11:11]
scav as you get older, all women also automatically gets hotter, regardless of age (i mean perhaps within reason) [11:16]
acuzio fair point scav [11:20]
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ricky_clarkson scav: Presumably your age, not theirs. [01:34]
scav ricky_clarkson: both i would say. when i was 20 a 40 year old woman was like a fossil, now that i am 35? not so much [01:58]
ricky_clarkson Eventually 20yos might look less hot, as you age. Not sure I'm looking forward to that. [02:17]
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