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acuzio morning ladies [05:05]
acuzio awfully quiet in here [05:05]
acuzio whats happening [05:05]
AMcBain acuzio, apparently nothing? :) [05:16]
AMcBain I should have gone to bed at least 2 hours ago, but it's a weekend in the middle of a pandemic. It's not like I have anything better to do. :-/ [05:17]
Faux Family coming over to visit The Bump. Pray for my soul. [05:18]
AMcBain ( [05:27]
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AMcBain Hmm. New HDD arrived in a sealed antistatic bag and matches what I ordered... but the rest of the package was a reused cardboard box (they didn't even remove the previous sender/recipient's addresses!) and a bunch of bubble wrap around that. [05:31]
AMcBain I guess I can hope they don't just have a stock of A-S bags and a heat sealer. :P [05:31]
AMcBain Eh, I can test it later once I'm ready for it with some utility program to read the SMART data and such. [05:34]
AMcBain hahaha, there's three versions of CrystalDisk and two of them just add Anime images to the app. :P [05:36]
Faux Classic tweakers. [05:42]
acuzio Faux:All the best - also a suggestion , refrain from calling the Fauxlet as "The Bump" when they are over [05:48]
acuzio AMcBain:I ended up buying the Koolertron yesterday [05:48]
acuzio The macro keypad [05:49]
AMcBain Is this for doing streaming stuff or? I've seen people buy them to control items during recording, etc. [05:50]
AMcBain or editing. I think one of the LTT editors has two full-size keyboards just dedicated to macros. [05:50]
acuzio AMcBain:Streaming ;; i probly have todo recording as well at some point - something that i am resisting at this point ; yeah Tarn has two full size keyboards [05:51]
AMcBain I got a small one that I intended to assemble and flash. 6 keys, just to use with OBS, but then I moved, and didn't go on to record anything more than my first three videos making it kinda moot. I still have the pieces so some day perhaps I'll complete it. [05:52]
AMcBain Part of wanting it was the programs I was going to be recording using had a bazillion key combinations area set, so I had to make the OBS ones for start/stop/switch/etc. long and obscure to avoid clashes. :( [05:56]
Faux acuzio: Anything is better than giving away the name. [06:09]
AMcBain They might suggest a gender reveal party and other suburban-y stuff? :P [06:11]
AMcBain thinks those are stupid, with the exception of the one recentlyish for a kid that announced being non-binary. [06:12]
acuzio Faux:So its not Fauxlet ? [06:30]
acuzio AMcBain:Yeah OBS is freakingly complex with key combos - i do a lot of "Explanation" streamings and have started doing PoCs and hackathons as well - and those are 3 hour "streams" i.e. Zoom meetings with OBS [06:31]
acuzio My plan was _not_ to do those but i had no option - [06:32]
acuzio They need to be done [06:32]
AMcBain I didn't find it to be that complicated, just I had to set complicated ones to avoid those in the program I was recording myself doing stuff in. [06:32]
AMcBain Two Ctrl+Xs enter, only one wins! [06:33]
acuzio heh [06:33]
acuzio I have 16 scenes, about 30 sources (some purely decorative) , 3 cams , 3 audio streams (incld. Mic) and the 3 hour streams i run have had some of the best responses we have ever had [06:34]
acuzio so its kinda working but the prep time i put into it is insane [06:34]
acuzio And i am always fucking tinkering with it - the KB combos will hopefully make the switches a little easier - i am almost reaching a point of stabilising the setup currently [06:35]
acuzio Question AMcBain What are you using to Stream ? [06:36]
acuzio As in what O.S ? [06:36]
AMcBain Oh, I don't really stream. I just used OSB on Windows to record a couple instructional videos for the local makerspace. [06:36]
AMcBain There's some others I could probably also make, but I'd do a similar setup. [06:36]
acuzio Ah ok - ., cause one of the things i learnt "belatedly" was Zoom/Meet/Jitsi/Hangouts/Teams/<insert meeting software> + OBS dont really work as well for streaming. And this is complicated when you are on Linux (like most things) [06:38]
acuzio I started _not_ wanting to do this shit and now i am the internal expert on this [06:38]
AMcBain Ah. Yeah I wasn't trying to do that, and since it was all personal the other end point if I did stream would probably be YouTube, Twitch or whatever, though I don't intend to do that ever. :) [06:39]
AMcBain There's also nothing I could really record anyway that probably hasn't already been done by someone else so not much point out of anything for the local space (things specific to it), assuming it makes it out of this. :-/ [06:40]
acuzio Yeah YT, Twitch or whatever is fine - its that specific Meeting software + OBS combo thats a problem , primarily due to audio ; OBS doesnt really output Audio , you can "monitor" The audio but then that brings in a whole heap of other problems [06:40]
AMcBain OK, I see. Yeah, I didn't need audio back out since I was just recording for later upload. [06:41]
acuzio Yeah, which is why is Recording is easier ; [06:41]
acuzio You can mix it in Post [06:41]
AMcBain I just uploaded it as is. I just recorded over and over until I got a good enough / perfect take. In the future I think I'll just write down an outline and if I screw up just address it and move on, so short of really bad background noises I don't have to do it again. [06:42]
AMcBain I started over way too many times. :( [06:43]
AMcBain but even if I'd post-edited any of it, it still wouldn't have fixed my real problem: my voice sounds like what everyone else does when they want to imitate someone being annoying. [06:44]
acuzio heh ; so there is something called Real Time Audio processing and i can tell you that its a freaking _big_ difference [06:46]
acuzio Noise Suppression + Noise Gate + Compression + Eq and you get a radio voice , if you play around enough with it - It can also be done in Audacity btw [06:47]
acuzio You dont need Adobe <wahtever> ; i do it in real time with hardware but its doable in Software as well [06:47]
acuzio AMcBain: [06:47]
acuzio ^^ [06:47]
AMcBain I don't need a radio voice, just a re-addition of the bass I hear when I speak would be fine. The existing recordings just make me realize I sound like that to everyone and can't understand why they'd hold a conversation with me ever. [06:47]
AMcBain through-bone bass or whatever that is. [06:48]
acuzio What Mic do you have ? [06:48]
acuzio That makes a difference - [06:48]
AMcBain I have a Snowball iCE. I've gotten some OK stuff out of it. It's definitely better than say a phone, generic (or even most branded) webcam, etc. [06:49]
acuzio I have Audio Recording Engineer for a mate who started me off on this in Mar , I got a AT2035 - [06:50]
AMcBain I mostly got it because I heard it was decent, moderately good at not picking background noise, and it could be had from Best Buy for which I had a gift card I didn't otherwise know what to do with. :P [06:50]
AMcBain heh, that AT2035 is 3x what I spent on the Snowball. Well deserved, I'd expect. [06:51]
acuzio So Snowball ICE is a good mic for what it does ; i highly recommend 2 things a_ Bring the mic closer b_ Use Audacity to enhance the Highs and a little bit of the lows in post [06:51]
acuzio AT 2035 is a XLR Condenser mic and aye its a lot more expensive - the drawback is that condenser mics pick up keyboard noise and thats something i am desperately trying to avoid - i reduce a lot of it via Noise Gates , however most times the mic still picks up some bits of the KB noise , if we are going to be stuck indoors for the rest of the year then i might go for one of these : EV RE20 [06:54]
acuzio RE-Series [06:54]
acuzio A drawback i have in my mental makeup is the freaking need to get everything "exactly" right - and i think Faux mentioned that about me sometime back , the 80/20 rule ; [06:56]
acuzio I have spent ungodly amounts of time on voice and camera setups for what it seems is very miniscule gains but thats just a borked circuit inside me i think [06:57]
AMcBain Well I'd probably care more if I was doing it more often. :) [06:58]
AMcBain I spend a bunch of time on small things I laser sometimes that people say after I point out a mistake or whatever that they wouldn't have noticed. [06:58]
acuzio I am doing it at least twice in a week - its become the primary mode of selling for us [06:58]
acuzio Well , on the plus side of doing this , i got given the "MVP" award for the first quarter , which has a _money_ component to it that the HMRC and Uncle SAM promptly took away [07:01]
acuzio I paid ungodly amount of tax last month - i do mean ungodly [07:01]
AMcBain Ah, bummer. I should head off to sleep. Reyn's Messe du Dimanche finished which means it's 4am. :( [07:02]
AMcBain Ah... why both? Unless you're a US citizen first... I know the US is the only country that keeps up taxes for people living outside the US. [07:02]
acuzio I am a US citizen by birth so [07:03]
acuzio there is that [07:03]
AMcBain Ah, bummer. (heh) [07:03]
acuzio indeed :-) [07:03]
acuzio Au Revoir AMcBain get some sleep [07:03]
AMcBain Yeah, thanks. Reyn's stream is worth listening to, but maybe not worth staying up for (it's always accidental on my part). [07:03]
acuzio What/ who is Reyn and whats the link ? [07:04]
AMcBain Reyn Ouewehand. :) Bought an old church and turned it into a studio. Streams to Facebook twice(?) a week. Once during the week and Sundays, iirc. [07:04]
acuzio Streams what ? [07:04]
acuzio I *dont* have FB [07:06]
AMcBain Oh, sorry. He plays the piano with pieces he's written and sometimes does a piece on the fly based on the key and time signature suggested in the comments. Also occasionally does his own accompaniment by having the piano loop while he switches to an electronic keyboard. [07:06]
AMcBain I think this is the page where the streams I tune into are: [07:07]
AMcBain AMcBain's title: "REYN - Home | Facebook" [07:07]
acuzio Churches are fantastic for Streaming Studios due to the acoustics , the reverb works out really well [07:07]
AMcBain Yeah plus all the other rooms you can set up for smaller things or mini recording rooms, etc. Not sure what all he's done to the church, but he's got a few videos of him playing oldschool game music remixes/covers inside the main hall. [07:08]
AMcBain [07:08]
AMcBain AMcBain's title: "Reyn vs Martin Galway - Wizball" [07:08]
acuzio Sounds fantastic BTW , in my last "stream" i ended up playing Cowboy Bebop music as the background , freaked everyone out :-) [07:08]
AMcBain hahaha [07:09]
acuzio Right, better go and get some more coffee [07:09]
acuzio laters AMcBain [07:09]
acuzio (get some sleep) [07:09]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [07:37]
acuzio Yeah this is no good [10:03]
acuzio I was as usual perving on Sarah Silverman - Yasmeen sees it and goes "Yeah, that woman has some body on her" ; for some reason now i feel awkward [10:04]
Diablo-D3 what [10:38]
Faux Threesome. [10:40]
Diablo-D3 also, why would you perv on sarah silverman [10:55]
Diablo-D3 shes funny, sure, but, well, thats all she has [10:56]
Diablo-D3 I'd rather enjoy her as a comedian, not as someone to perv on. [10:56]
acuzio dude shes hot [11:10]
acuzio shes smart, shes funny with a great rack and just a beautiful ass [11:10]
acuzio and in jeans ooooooh boy [11:11]
waz you can't do both? [11:15]
acuzio ??? [11:16]
acuzio whatever happened to that ghoul - Ann Coulter [11:29]
ricky_clarkson Sarah Silverman will turn 50 later this year. [12:00]
acuzio oh nice ... [12:00]
ricky_clarkson I suppose you're into Madonna and Sharon Stone too. ;) [12:00]
acuzio well Sharon Stone during the Basic Instinct days [12:01]
acuzio but now , no [12:01]
acuzio For some reason Jewish and Asian women are awesome till a certain age and then the change is dramatic - hot hot hot hot and then bang grandma [12:02]
acuzio jewish girls also get hotter earlier =- i saw that growing up in NY , sudden hotness [12:18]
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[twisti] or usb power splitters a thing ? [01:17]
Faux [twisti]? Most USB hubs are just dumb power splitters. [01:49]
[twisti] facepalms [01:52]
[twisti] duh [01:52]
[twisti] to be fair, i was thinking pretty 'remote' from my desktop; im working on my cars navigation system setup [01:53]
Faux USB power is just all common'd together in most applications, except e.g. power bricks which can do fast charging for certain devices. [01:57]
Faux That's probably not even true any more, because most stuff can do fast charging. [01:58]
[twisti] i have a crappy old car without AC, so im trying to build a fan into the mount for the navigation thingy so it doesnt get so incredibly hot [01:59]
Faux Do you have a "cigarette lighter" 12V supply? Most case-fan style things are 12V. Although I guess you've just got a crappy usb-fan-on-a-stick. [02:00]
Faux if that's brushless I'll eat my hat. [02:01]
Faux Faux's title: "EasyAcc USB Desk Fan 6Inch Desktop Silent Fan Air Circulator 2 Speeds 360 Rotation Brushless Motor Noiseless for Home and Office Laptop Notebook PC Desk Table Fan - Metal Black: Computers & Accessories" [02:01]
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ricky_clarkson I got something like that some years ago when I was in an enclosed office with 3 other people, one of whom was a belcher. [05:12]
ricky_clarkson I wouldn't expect it to do much in a car. [05:12]
Faux I don't expect much of the AC in our car. Perhaps mostly because I get in a 60C furnace car then drive it for 15 minutes and turn it off. [05:29]
Faux (Cheap, modern car.) [05:30]
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fovid-19 So. You also have a really underpowered car. This matters. [09:58]
dodobrain what underpowered car are we talking about? [10:03]
fovid-19 directs dodobrain to the logs [10:10]
dodobrain bah.. [10:11]
dodobrain lawl [10:14]
dodobrain if i get the contract im chasing, i'll prolly buy a car [10:14]
fovid-19 I will be buying a car soon. [10:16]
dodobrain what are you looking at buying? [10:17]
fovid-19 Honestly not sure. [10:17]
dodobrain if it goes through im looking at vw polo or toyota yaris or mazda3 [10:18]
fovid-19 I need an AWD and would prefer a manual [10:18]
fovid-19 but the inventory in Colorado is kinda crappy. [10:18]
fovid-19 Mazda CX-5 maybe. [10:18]
fovid-19 Subaru Outback is looking likely. Maybe a crosstrek but sigh underpowered. [10:19]
fovid-19 Polo good. Consider the Skoda equivalent. Fabia? [10:19]
KekSi [KekSi!] has joined #java-talk [10:20]
dodobrain sure. [10:20]
dodobrain a few years back i wanted to buy a fabia montecarlo grrr [10:21]
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