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db [db!uid18678@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:42]
sonOfRa God youtube's automated copyright bullshit is bullshit [03:14]
sonOfRa Even for videos only available with direct links, aka backups, they make them *unavailable* [03:14]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [04:05]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [04:18]
[twisti] Faux, do you hate redis/jedis ? [05:29]
Faux I think it's hard to use correctly, yes. It is irreplacable in many places, though. [05:34]
Faux Just don't make any mistakes! Like with any programming. (screaming) [05:34]
[twisti] i noticed the snarky info on ~jedis :D [05:36]
Faux jedis [05:37]
Faux Faux, jedis is a client for ~redis, supporting synchronous and asynchronous data loss. [05:37]
Faux D [05:37]
Faux Yeah, redis is a bounded, non-reliable data store with no way to handle behaviour for when you hit the bound, except taking your machine down. [05:37]
fovid-19 [fovid-19!~ElmerFod@unaffiliated/elmerfod] has joined #java-talk [05:37]
Faux So you can't directly use it as a cache, or as a session store, or as a primary store. [05:38]
[twisti] so what can you use it for ? [05:38]
Faux You can use it as those things for cases where the performance/simplicity advantages outweigh the disadvantages (can't scale, sometimes loses your data, terrible failure mode). [05:39]
Faux e.g. reliability is normally good enough for a session store, and you'd have to have like 1/3rd of the planet log in at the same time to hit the bound on the session store, assuming you don't use session data. [05:41]
Faux Okay, 1/3rd of the planet is a lot of people. Make that "over a million times our best possible imagined user base if we were billionaires". [05:42]
Faux Even 1/3rd of the planet with a 128 byte session store (i.e. a uuid, a 64-bit uid, and 100% overhead from redis) is fine (<200GB ram), we could do that. [05:46]
[twisti] now i definitely want 1/3rd of the planet as a userase [05:59]
sonOfRa "The Resource Owner Password Credentials grant is omitted from this specification" [06:11]
sonOfRa Shit [06:11]
sonOfRa That's gonna be fun [06:11]
sonOfRa from the oauth 2.1 draft. [06:12]
sonOfRa Also mandatory PKCE for authorization grants [06:17]
sonOfRa Hm, are corner desks (one long one short flank) a thing, where I can "configure" which end is the long and the short one? [06:38]
sonOfRa I kinda want a new desk, but I don't want to limit my options when I inevitably move next year and then it limits how I can setup my desk because of how the desk is built [06:38]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [06:48]
db then you buy a new one. [06:55]
sonOfRa [08:15]
sonOfRa "The mode is 0777 by default, which means the widest possible access. For more information on modes, read the details on the chmod() page." [08:15]
sonOfRa Ah yes. The best possible default! [08:15]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [08:22]
fovid-19 driving directions for tomorrow's leg include "continue straight for 555 miles" [08:22]
sonOfRa fun [08:23]
Maldivia sonOfRa: it's PHP -- did you really expect sane defaults? [08:23]
fovid-19 it might be justifiable for some reason [08:23]
sonOfRa I already get annoyed at the "continue straight for ~220km" leg of my trip to visit my parents [08:23]
fovid-19 0777i'm driving from missouri to denver through kansas [08:24]
fovid-19 there appears to be.... nothing in between [08:24]
waz hah [08:31]
sonOfRa fovid-19: that's the kind of leg where you wish you'd have german non-speed-limit roads :D [08:32]
sonOfRa or a self driving car, I guess [08:33]
fovid-19 this car has radar cruise control and semi automated lane following but it gets upset if you take one hand off the wheel for too long [08:34]
fovid-19 i drove from cleveland OH to springfield IL yesterday, that felt like forever [08:35]
fovid-19 today is springfield -> kansas city MO [08:35]
whaley fovid-19: god bless you [09:04]
sonOfRa Bah. Currently looking for a new place, and so many landlords are outright (illegally so) banning the keeping of any pets [09:05]
whaley fovid-19: I've made that drive about 5 times. once you pass Kansas City there is basically nothing for 8 hours [09:05]
whaley also, on i-70 in Kansas, there are a couple of stretches of about 40 miles without a gas station or reasonable place to stop, so basically don't let your gas tank get less than 1/4 full, out of a paranoia [09:06]
fovid-19 Thanks for the heads up. CarPlay should pull your telemetry and say ?bro you need to stop for fuel otherwise you?re fucked? [09:13]
fovid-19 I?m not sure that is illegal sonOfRa [09:13]
fovid-19 like. It?s very common here. Seems like landlords are free to stipulate whatever terms up front. [09:14]
fovid-19 After all, you?re the one agreeing to them [09:14]
sonOfRa It is very illegal. [09:14]
sonOfRa Tenants have rights here. [09:14]
fovid-19 they do here too. [09:14]
fovid-19 Just don?t sign a lease that says ?no pets? [09:14]
sonOfRa Since, for most people renting is the only option, landlords aren't allowed to make unreasonable requirements, and the federal courts have decided that "no pets" is not a stipulation that is enforceable [09:15]
fovid-19 Interesting [09:15]
sonOfRa You're obviously required (as a tenant) to cover damages caused by the pets [09:15]
fovid-19 fwiw half the tenants in my prior ?no pets? building had dogs. [09:15]
Faux sonOfRa: Surely umaks! [09:16]
fovid-19 Yes. Most places allow pets with an additional deposit and charge. [09:16]
Faux umasks [09:16]
Faux And also 777 is a good option if you have o-x ~. :( [09:16]
sonOfRa Faux: oh right, probably [09:16]
puppy_za In a code review, the author of the original code asked me to explain the logic of the code he wrote. [09:27]
Faux Well, if you don't understand, the review is failed, right? [09:28]
puppy_za I do understand it, but he's asking the part that I didn't change. [09:29]
puppy_za This is why I check who wrote the code first, before I blame people's coding decisions. :p [09:30]
puppy_za "who made this stupid.... oh wait" [09:30]
Faux It's approaching the point where I'm the last editor on most files now, so I no longer get that advantage. _ [09:30]
puppy_za legacy support? [09:31]
puppy_za or do we need to worry about your job? [09:31]
deepy Faux: I've reached that point on a bunch of critical files [09:37]
Faux Nah, like, boring refactorings. Import ordering; lint warnings. Code which is critical but stable. [09:37]
deepy and I did some big git moves so if you don't diff.renameLimit=80,000 or some ridiculous number it looks like I'm the author of basically everything [09:38]
deepy and to make matters worse I'm also the author of some poor decisions based on unfortunate circumstances that we had to work around and every day those workarounds stab me in the eyes [09:39]
puppy_za when you work at a place for long enough, you will have to deal with your own legacy :p [09:44]
Faux Yeah, I've been here for ~50% of the company's life and ~99% of the live code's life. [09:45]
puppy_za incentives to write good code :) [09:46]
deepy I like dealing with legacy [09:46]
deepy the problem right now is that I've run out of legacy I'm alllowed to change [09:47]
deepy and really there's just one piece of legacy left and I really want to fix that [09:48]
puppy_za it's easy to indulge in the past :p [09:51]
deepy intellij updating indices wins against frozen minced meat applied to the bottom of the laptop [10:15]
deepy mbp now reports 60c [10:15]
sonOfRa sighs [10:21]
sonOfRa Apparently tools like snyk are too expensive for us. [10:21]
deepy owasp check not good enough? [10:23]
sonOfRa Is a) slow and b) doesn't have any nice tooling [10:23]
deepy is snyk faster though? [10:24]
sonOfRa I would expect that snyk isn't "20 minute slowdown on stale cache" slow [10:24]
Faux ( [10:26]
sonOfRa Also not completely sure, but I think the owas-dependency-check thingy is very exclusively java. [10:26]
sonOfRa But since we're doing more and more angular frontend stuff, nope js dependency checking, as well as container dependency checking would be nice. [10:27]
deepy I still think that might be a bug or something misbehaving, we've got a lot of deps and ours isn't even that slow [10:27]
deepy oh there's a good project for container dependency checking [10:28]
deepy quay's clair [10:28]
Faux They're turning it off I think. [10:29]
sonOfRa Yes, let's spend countless hours cobbling together tens of different projects that do similar things for different languages [10:29]
sonOfRa And spend countless developer hours on maintaining them all [10:29]
Faux That's my job. [10:29]
sonOfRa *exactly* [10:29]
sonOfRa We should be spending *your* hours doing this for us! [10:30]
deepy sonOfRa: honestly, just export everything and then import into sonar, 0 job creating a front-end and you probably have something similar already [10:30]
deepy try to hide all the mess so you don't have to look at it [10:34]
sonOfRa 1051785 [INFO] End database maintenance (909795 ms) <- that step just takes forever on a stale cache [10:34]
sonOfRa It takes 31 seconds on my macbook locally [10:34]
sonOfRa But 15 minutes on the server, for some reason [10:34]
deepy home folder on a network disk? [10:34]
sonOfRa no clue [10:34]
sonOfRa Might just be a multi-threaded process and the runner is limited to a single thread. [10:38]
sonOfRa My whole point being we should just spend some fucking money on this problem instead of wasting time on this problem. [10:38]
deepy If there's a nice tool that solves your problem it'd be stupid to not invest in it [10:38]
sonOfRa Oh dear [10:39]
sonOfRa [DEBUG] Connection String: 'jdbc:h2:file:/Users/simon/.m2/repository/org/owasp/dependency-check-data/4.0/odc;AUTOCOMMIT=ON;LOG=0;CACHE_SIZE=65536;' [10:39]
sonOfRa The thing does local SQL shenanigans [10:39]
deepy yes, it imports the file and its updates into a db [10:40]
IRCMonkey [IRCMonkey!~PhoenixCo@unaffiliated/alien-fx-fiend/x-2870569] has joined #java-talk [10:40]
deepy iirc it's like one file for all of it and then like weekly incremental files [10:42]
ron morning [11:25]
waz g'morning [11:38]
acuzio morning ladies [12:19]
Faux Get a job. [12:20]
acuzio I am trying Faux [12:20]
acuzio Do you have one where i can apply for ? [12:20]
Faux We are hiring for eng and tl I think! [12:22]
acuzio whats the salary ? and oh is it remote ? [12:22]
Faux The salary has five (5) digits and is remote. [12:23]
Faux The salary is also above median for full time employees. [12:23]
acuzio Do they expect Intelligence ? [12:23]
Faux On one of the node teams? [12:23]
acuzio well [12:24]
acuzio In other news, in today's meeting : "This entire thing will be over on Nov. 5th , its just an election stunt" . [12:25]
acuzio So Faux , will i fit in ? [12:27]
Faux On one of the node teams? Sure. [12:28]
acuzio whats a node team ? [12:29]
Faux A JS team. [12:29]
ron you already have a job acuzio [12:29]
acuzio yeah but this might give me a chance to work with intelligent people ron [12:30]
ron but they're poor acuzio [12:30]
ron you need posh people around you [12:30]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined #java-talk [12:32]
Diablo-D3 >5 digits [12:50]
Diablo-D3 NEEDS MORE DIGITS [12:50]
comphenix [comphenix!] has joined #java-talk [12:58]
comphenix parted the channel: [12:59]
Collaken [Collaken!] has joined #java-talk [01:01]
acuzio Even more importantly can i pay less tax [01:16]
ron depends [01:28]
ron can you make less money? [01:28]
acuzio I am the middle class and get fucked both ways - [01:30]
ron lol ok [01:30]
acuzio whats so fucking funny ? [01:30]
ron absolutely nothing [01:31]
Faux You are incredibly rich and it's hilarious. [01:31]
acuzio Faux: You dont know what incredibly rich is , as an example , Jeff Bezos made 13B (thats a Billion) in 1 day ; no you did not read that incorrectly , he made 13 billion in a single day and he pays less tax then i do. The fact that someone could think i am incredibly rich when people like him are around is fucking insane [01:33]
acuzio Every single fucking statistic shows that the top 1% of society made more money from 1990 onwards than the bottom 99%. [01:35]
acuzio I am incredibly lucky to b where i am , however Incredibly Rich i am not. [01:35]
ron we just have a different definition of 'incredible rich'. [01:36]
acuzio Thats just fucking stupid [01:36]
ron I agree, what you're saying is fucking stupid. [01:37]
acuzio And i posit that you are being intentionally fucking stupid [01:37]
acuzio I dont want to get into a fight - so i am going to leave this for now [01:37]
ron posit all you want, but you keep going back to this topic and it shows how detached you are from reality. [01:38]
acuzio ron:I dont fucking getting it , do you genuinely not see the difference between the top 1% and the rest. I am the rest. The "distance" between me and absolute poverty is less than the distance between Jeff Bezos and the next richest person on Earth. Do you not see the sheer imbalance there ? Or are you just being wilfully obtuse ? [01:39]
acuzio And the next richest person on Earth is about a million times richer than i am. Do you not see that ? [01:40]
Bombe You?re a moron who?s out of touch with reality which is quite typical for rich people. [01:41]
ron but it's not about being the richest, it's about how rich you are compared to the average. [01:41]
ron the fact that there's an imbalance in distribution of wealth, does not make you not 'incredibly rich'. [01:44]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined #java-talk [01:44]
acuzio There is nothing to say here ron , we just fundamentally disagree on what wealthy is [01:45]
ron yes, because you're extremely childish. [01:46]
ron "To be in the top 10%, you need a net worth of at least $2,079,069." - are you in the top 10% acuzio? [01:46]
acuzio No , because i look at it differently. I cannot fathom the fact that the world's richest man gets to pay less tax than me [01:46]
acuzio ron:"net worth" - no [01:46]
ron of course not. [01:47]
ron anyway, enjoy being 'middle class' and continue raging against taxes because you're definitely very miserable and everyone feels bad for you. [01:50]
acuzio yes thank you - i am not miserable but yes i do think the system is skewed. [01:51]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [02:35]
acuzio heh heh [03:00]
waz I don't feel sorry for his miserable ass [03:10]
waz it's all self inflicted [03:10]
acuzio what you talking aboutme waz ? [03:10]
ron waz++ [03:27]
ron waz has a karma level of 172, ron [03:27]
dodobrain [dodobrain!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [08:05]
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