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Nick Message Date
selckin seems like 2 million people received their railpass today on the name of 'null' [12:18]
tang^ oops [12:18]
AMcBain Some developer is buying a loooot of donuts or the equivalent. [12:19]
AMcBain doesn't actually believe the donuts thing actually incentivizes making less mistakes. [12:20]
selckin the tweets of people not understanding is the most fun [12:20]
selckin aren't the donuts because you're staying late? [12:20]
AMcBain I was always told it was the person who broke the build who bought them. [12:21]
tang^ because the rest are probably going to be fixing their mistake [12:21]
selckin ah that version, going outside, taking a break, being shamed, spending money, gifts for the colleages, could work in the olden days [12:22]
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sonOfRa morning [03:23]
sonOfRa oooh, this is gonna work well [03:25]
sonOfRa Getting a translator for technical documentation because the french refuse to read our english technical doc [03:26]
[twisti] god damn im turning into a tech retard [03:33]
[twisti] a program just asked me to set up a pin, and i shit you not, i started entering my goddaughters birthday date [03:34]
AMcBain hibernate-- [03:44]
AMcBain hibernate has a karma level of -31, AMcBain [03:44]
AMcBain hibernate-- [03:44]
AMcBain hibernate has a karma level of -32, AMcBain [03:44]
AMcBain I mean I know I decremented it the other day, but it continues to be a turd. [03:44]
[twisti] would you like to trade with me ? [03:51]
[twisti] doctrine-------------- [03:51]
[twisti] [twisti], what does that even *mean*? [03:51]
AMcBain I'm not sure what that is, so maybe not. I'm rethinking my idea and I think I have a way to do it that avoids the nastiness I introduced. [03:55]
sonOfRa doctrine is hibernate [04:08]
sonOfRa But for php [04:08]
AMcBain Ah. Well describing it as Hibernate but for... means it's probably about as good. :P [04:09]
sonOfRa Indeed [04:10]
AMcBain I think I might have fixed the Hibernate problem but now H2 is complaining. :( [04:11]
AMcBain was probably right to drop this feature back when he only had the UI side complete. [04:11]
AMcBain Ah. That was my fault. I still think they could have had a far better error message for that. [04:14]
[twisti] no its actually worse than hibernate [04:14]
[twisti] everything in php is 'like x in java, but worse' [04:14]
AMcBain heh [04:14]
[twisti] to be fair, these days its not MUCH worse [04:14]
AMcBain PHP seems like it will always be a perpetual punching bag. [04:15]
AMcBain So I hear, actually. [04:15]
[twisti] just worse enough to make you notice that its the cheap copy [04:15]
[twisti] but good enough that theres no chance of convincing someone who weighs effort vs worth that converting a project from php to java is worth it [04:15]
AMcBain Yeahh, sure. [04:16]
AMcBain s/h// [04:16]
AMcBain (er, no sarcasm intended in that.) [04:16]
[twisti] d/h/ bro [04:16]
AMcBain If I ever use the word "bro" it means I've been replaced by someone or thing pretending to be me, or I 100% died inside the day before and you should ask me if I'm OK. [04:18]
db you mean except when you use it in quotes, right? [04:20]
db ARE YOU OK??? [04:20]
AMcBain Geezus the people in here... :P [04:20]
[twisti] bro, if it helps, i use it ironically [04:28]
k5__ [k5__!~k5@2001:16b8:2d7c:4c00:d9a8:b6d6:2abc:212e] has joined #java-talk [04:32]
AMcBain Ooo. Air quality is now *only* 307. [04:43]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [04:43]
Faux 307 air quality units. [04:43]
AMcBain Awfulness Points [04:46]
puppy_za maybe hibernate until the air clears [04:47]
AMcBain I actually probably would except work might be unhappy with me. [04:47]
puppy_za oh right [04:53]
puppy_za are you not working from home? [04:53]
AMcBain No, I am. [04:54]
AMcBain but if I don't do my work that's bad. [04:54]
puppy_za true [05:02]
puppy_za oh well [05:02]
puppy_za BladeRunner is happening so I guess it's time to get replicants [05:02]
acidjnk_new2 [acidjnk_new2!] has joined #java-talk [05:31]
sonOfRa TIL that if you put a gun in your suitcase in the US, you're allowed (actually, forced) to use real locks, rather than shitty TSA locks [05:54]
sonOfRa That's a wonderful hack. [05:54]
db "you wouldn't believe this simple trick to avoid using TSA locks" [05:55]
selckin then google lockpicklawyer tsa approved gun locks [05:55]
db sonOfRa: try that out and tell us how it went at the security check [05:55]
selckin and and laugh and he opens them with a knife [05:55]
sonOfRa Oh you can't do it in non-US [05:55]
db sonOfRa: try that out in the US and tell us how it went at the security check [05:56]
sonOfRa As a non-citizen, not sure. As a citizen, it is your right to have a firearm, and if you are transporting it in a plane, you are legally required to properly lock it [05:56]
AMcBain Yeah this hack has been around a while. Just buy a starter pistol that fires blanks or some such. [05:58]
AMcBain but it may not be worth the hassle. [05:58]
db a right to have a firearm doesn't necessarily include the right to have a firearm on an airplane [05:58]
sonOfRa db: not in carry-on. Only in the baggage. [05:58]
AMcBain Technically no, but since the founding fathers are kinda dead we can only guess at that they meant based on context and any letters they wrote/left. [05:59]
AMcBain So many people have expanded this to "You can restrict my ability to have a gun. Period." [05:59]
selckin founding fathers surely predicted the current world and are best the judge, just like the monks wriitng the holy books 2000 years ago, pinacle of human morality, nobody can improve on it [06:01]
AMcBain Yeah that's also part of it. I don't completely buy into the "let's time travel and bring the founding father's back so we can ask them" attempted mind reading philosophy. [06:01]
AMcBain but it's funny because there's plenty of absolutionists who do feel if we could do that we should, and try to make judgments based on that, but in some cases really only when it's convenient for them. :P [06:02]
AMcBain but if we were that literal, then I could get a permit and dispatch would-be home invaders with a blunderbuss... [06:05]
AMcBain "I say, not very nice of you to break in here. *boom*" [06:05]
AMcBain has no real desire to own a gun. [06:05]
k5__ [k5__!~k5@2001:16b8:2d7c:4c00:d9a8:b6d6:2abc:212e] has joined #java-talk [06:12]
selckin 2 week vaction for xmas, and 3 weeks next month \o/ [07:18]
Faux I've got four weeks paid holiday next month, and still have ~2 weeks of paid holiday left this calendar year. \o\ [07:19]
Faux It's not going to be enough. [07:19]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [07:44]
fovid-19 AMcBain, there?s also the whole ?can?t retroactively make someone a criminal? thing, which makes changing gun laws even harder. [07:48]
k5__ [k5__!~k5@2001:16b8:2d7c:4c00:d9a8:b6d6:2abc:212e] has joined #java-talk [07:51]
fovid-19 ?Ex post facto law? [08:01]
selckin why does that make it harder? [08:01]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [08:02]
fovid-19 Congress is literally forbidden from passing them by the constitution. [08:02]
fovid-19 Its odd tho because well. There are examples of this happening all the time? [08:03]
selckin i understand that, but doesn't every new law make people retroactively a criminal, and there probably is some transition period, and past crimes don't apply [08:04]
fovid-19 is not an expert on the constitution [08:04]
fovid-19 all I know is that this gets brought up _a lot_ [08:05]
Maldivia [08:05]
Maldivia described there [08:05]
selckin interesting [08:06]
dreamreal no [08:07]
dreamreal you can't decide "it was legal yesterday, illegal today, so because you did it yesterday you going to jail, sucka" [08:07]
dreamreal although I'm quite sure many politicians are going "wait no that's what we WANT" [08:08]
selckin they've done it a few times [08:08]
fovid-19 Well there are examples where laws like this were upheld because they are regulatory [08:09]
fovid-19 domestic offenders can?t own a gun, even if they legally owned it before they were registered as an offender. [08:09]
[twisti] thats not the same at all [08:20]
[twisti] in my syncthing config: [08:34]
[twisti] <device id="JDKSUCK-PWKYJ6Q... [08:34]
[twisti] who doesnt like the jdk ? :( [08:34]
selckin everyone? [08:34]
selckin java seems to be universally hated by anyone outside the java community [08:35]
dreamreal ignorance is widespread... including WITHIN the java community [08:37]
Faux what communities arent [08:37]
dreamreal I know people whose bread is buttered by Java but who despise java... like "ew it can do anything easily but gross, java!" [08:37]
Faux I kinda fit in that bucket but I'm a bit more nuanced about my complaining most of the time, at least with an appropriate mature audience. [08:38]
dreamreal Personally I'm just honest about it: It's not perfect but it's damned good [08:38]
selckin [selckin!~selckin@unaffiliated/selckin] has joined #java-talk [08:42]
waz I know people whose bread is buttered by Node but who despise node... like "ew it can do anything easily but gross, node!" [08:46]
Faux I very much fit into that bucket. [08:46]
fovid-19 I find it weird to be emotionally attached to a toolbox. [08:47]
Faux I thought fovid-19 was moving house again. [08:48]
fovid-19 Maybe I?m a psychopath [08:48]
waz Faux I do to [08:48]
waz o [08:48]
Faux fovid-19: Want a MarkLogic job? [08:48]
Faux I hear they have great health insurance. [08:48]
dreamreal waz: but node IS gross [08:48]
dreamreal fumes [08:48]
fovid-19 you know why the fuck not as long as I never have to look at that useless fat fuck or his hissing flesh light ever again. [08:49]
fovid-19 I?m afraid it will trigger flashbacks tho so maybe not [08:49]
fovid-19 I should also point out that I did not preclude the opposite of what I said. [08:51]
yottabyte [yottabyte!uid195082@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [08:52]
waz [08:55]
waz waz's title: "BBC Three - Life Lessons: Oysters are vegan | Facebook" [08:55]
ron fuck everything. [09:02]
ron also, good morning [09:02]
Faux <3 [09:02]
Faux World leading analytics platform trying to draw our reliability in nines (expecting ~99.95%), check the Y axis. [09:14]
ron umm [09:15]
ron err [09:15]
ron wat [09:15]
Faux I *think* it's generating 99.91, 99.94, and 99.97 as its labels, then rounding them to 1dp, and getting 99.9, 99.9 and 100.0? [09:16]
[twisti] i like that is has >100.0 reliability at times [09:16]
[twisti] that probably makes up for quite a few outtimes [09:16]
ron tthat ?? [09:17]
Faux Appears to be 3sf, not 1dp. [09:17]
Faux So frustrating trying to software on a computer without computing. "Okay computer, git add every test which currently passes." [09:34]
selckin jq is beating me :( [09:35]
Faux `<reports/jest/junit.xml xqillac 'for $x in //testsuite where $x/@failures=0 return data($x/@name)' | fgrep spec | cut -d' ' -f 1 | xargs git add` [09:35]
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fovid-19 Waz there?s a good article on the guardian regarding that. [11:03]
fovid-19 A lot of vegans are driven by ?nothing with/from a recognisable face? rule [11:03]
fovid-19 oh. He left. [11:03]
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ricky_clarkson That was a good video, well made. [12:25]
sonOfRa oh dear [12:28]
sonOfRa An entire police precinct in germany got suspended for... exchanging things like images of swastikas or of people in gas chambers. [12:28]
ricky_clarkson If I was vegan it'd be more because of environmental concerns. I got pretty close at one point, just eggs for protein (tofu doesn't really do it for me for long), plus some milk for coffee. [12:28]
sonOfRa We do not have a problem with structural racism or nazi cops though. [12:29]
sonOfRa Just occasional black sheep. [12:29]
ricky_clarkson We have them, just don't have a problem with them [12:29]
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ron sonOfRa: ... [12:47]
sonOfRa no structural problems to see here, carry on! [12:47]
ron sonOfRa: ... [12:48]
sonOfRa What do you mean, cops are nazis? You can't say that! That's impugning the honor of all the good cops who keep quiet about the nazi cops [12:49]
ron jink: happy birthday! [12:50]
ron sonOfRa: ... [12:50]
sonOfRa what do you mean we should do something about this? This is just occasional problems, there's no structural problem here. And anyhow, look at all these cars these leftists have lit on fire! [12:50]
sonOfRa *those* are the real bad guys here! [12:51]
ron sonOfRa: ... [12:51]
sonOfRa guess we need another round of denazification in our security apparatus. Who would have guessed, after, uh, literally decades of right wing tendencies in the security apparatus :( [12:54]
ron it's all your fault sonOfRa [12:55]
ron I'm truly concerned for the world. [12:59]
ricky_clarkson Are your police representative of the local population? In most countries I'd wager that the number of non-natives in the police force is negligible. [01:06]
ricky_clarkson That probably skews cops towards right-wing. [01:06]
ricky_clarkson Solution: Import more refugees to Germany, make them cops. I don't think that can fail. [01:07]
sonOfRa Sadly, it's probably not that far off representative. Though I guess "authority" is something that attracts people who like authoritarianism [01:08]
sonOfRa So it's probably that those kind of people are more likely to want to become cops [01:08]
ron sonOfRa: you should become a cop [01:17]
sonOfRa I don't think I could, actually [01:17]
sonOfRa Too fat [01:17]
ron have you seen cops [01:18]
sonOfRa Well, you have to *initially* be non-fat and pass a sports exam [01:18]
sonOfRa But then there is never again any physical assessment. [01:18]
ron you can do it, I believe in you [01:18]
ricky_clarkson Could you not just be a Senior Shouting Officer, as in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? [01:21]
ricky_clarkson Resistance is useless! [01:21]
ron I think it's nap time. [01:25]
tang^ okay [01:26]
sonOfRa ricky_clarkson: no, they won't even let computer people in if they don't pass the standard street-cop physical [01:27]
sonOfRa Though they *are* working on changing that because they realized that a cop who works entirely from the office shouldn't actually need to muster the same physical requirements as a cop who is out on patrol [01:28]
selckin omg disney+ is doing 1 episode a week from s1 of hte mandelorian, saw that a year ago, gief s2 [01:40]
freeone3000 why are packages always manylinux and never fewlinux [01:47]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [01:56]
fovid-19 selckin: it's a recap ahead of s2, which is out oct 30 [01:57]
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freeone3000 Today I just got an email from Canadian Border Services Administration saying that due to COVID, they're closing down NEXUS until further notice. [02:55]
tang^ here for good [02:55]
freeone3000 wait, closing down nexus near you for *good*? but it makes them so much money. [02:56]
tang^ I meant you are here for good [02:58]
ricky_clarkson selckin: I'm not a fan of that, I have it for The Boys on Prime. [02:59]
freeone3000 well. yes. I bought a house and everything. [03:00]
ricky_clarkson selckin: One reason I don't watch actual TV is that I will forget to watch the next episode. [03:00]
fovid-19 The Man doesnt want you to know this, but houses are fungible assets. [03:15]
waz which man [03:15]
fovid-19 The Man. [03:45]
Faux The Manliest Man. [03:45]
freeone3000 HAHAHAHAHA [03:47]
freeone3000 Real estate is the fucking MYCOTOXIN of assets [03:47]
freeone3000 Comparatively, my *legacy* cards are fungible, because I can take a 50% haircut to move them tomorrow. [03:47]
Faux Do you think we'll ever have fungible package managers? [03:48]
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fovid-19 Not before we have fungal package managers. [05:48]
fovid-19 Freeone3000 i am confident if you put your house on the market at 50% of market price you?d be in escrow with a cash buyer within 24hrs. [05:53]
k5__ [k5__!~k5@2001:16b8:2d7c:4c00:7434:a4aa:9150:4e40] has joined #java-talk [05:57]
fovid-19 Hell. I?d buy it. [05:57]
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ricky_clarkson Argentina's apparently well on its way to becoming Venezuela, which they've been saying for ages but it's less like hyperbole than before. [07:37]
ricky_clarkson No access to foreign currency, no city to city travel without a permit (covid), even more massive inflation than usual. [07:38]
ricky_clarkson enough food for now but they do run out of things at random, like tampons. It's amazing how a country with such rich natural resources and educated populace can manage itself so poorly. [07:39]
k5__ [k5__!~k5@2001:16b8:2d7c:4c00:7434:a4aa:9150:4e40] has joined #java-talk [08:15]
db [db!uid18678@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [08:48]
selckin just had a nightmere about replying to so nicely to an outlooking meeting email, not knowing customers was in cc, complete with bounces, out of office replies, accidental spam adress in cc that repied (make no real sense, but you know dream) [11:22]
selckin i like it more when real monster where hunting me [11:22]
db ah, so you just dreamed that, it didn't really happen? [11:36]
selckin yup [11:40]
selckin was planning what to do, and then realised i was dreaming and got up to check my mail [11:40]
selckin lol [11:40]