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Nick Message Date
selckin not unless you have 9 close friends online at the same time [01:10]
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sonOfRa <3 [09:51]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Igal Tabachnik on Twitter: """ [09:51]
Faux snicker. [10:26]
Faux Faux's title: "OpenSSL 3.0 Release Schedule - OpenSSLWiki" [10:26]
sonOfRa Did any of that actually happen? [10:35]
sonOfRa Interesting, Atlassian is moving to kill off self-hosted products [10:54]
sonOfRa They're shutting down the "server" line, you can still self host with "data center" whatever that means (probably expensive support contracts), or do cloud [10:55]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@2604:3d09:47c:f970:d4ba:6dbe:8e00:5194] has joined #java-talk [11:18]
db their cloud hosting sucks balls IMO [11:35]
db atlassian-- [11:35]
db atlassian has a karma level of -5, db [11:35]
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acuzio morning ladies [01:04]
acuzio Anyone here using VSCode with Asciidoc [01:25]
acuzio I cant get the asciidoctor plugin in VSCode at all ? ,. I cant find it. [01:25]
fovid-19 I wonder if this is partly to protect their reputation from really fucking poorly configured jira setups and workflows which take minutes to load. [01:35]
fovid-19 Acuzio search for Asciidoctor? [01:36]
acuzio fovid-19: I did ., in fact i tried the instructions from here : [01:38]
acuzio acuzio's title: "GitHub - asciidoctor/asciidoctor-vscode: AsciiDoc support for Visual Studio Code using AsciiDoctor" [01:38]
acuzio I cant actually find the freaking extension ; Now i am not sure if its because I am missing something obvious or what [01:38]
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tang^ finally decided to drop the Java application support and just focus on their Cloud service then [03:20]
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Faux [05:14]
sonOfRa D [05:18]
sonOfRa 10/10 german engineering [05:18]
Faux (It's what freei8888 bought.) [05:19]
sonOfRa oh dear [05:25]
fovid-19 Did he buy it? [05:33]
fovid-19 I thought he just drove one. [05:33]
Faux Ah, I interpreted it as buying. [05:33]
fovid-19 They have a surprisingly piddly engine for such a fast car (it?s a hybrid). The stereo pipes better vroomy sounds into the cabin to give you the impression there?s more vroom. [05:34]
fovid-19 (It filters and amplifies the actual engine sounds afaik). [05:35]
fovid-19 This isn?t unique to the i8. They do it in other cars because their sound insulation is so good lol [05:38]
ricky_clarkson That's dumb, those poor BMW drivers will have to actually point their cars at pedestrians to scare them instead of using engine noise [06:45]
fovid-19 Lol. [06:48]
fovid-19 I had one with it. It?s very subtle. Tbh. [06:48]
fovid-19 In sport mode it got louder but the engine Actually Got Louder too so I dunno [06:49]
fovid-19 (I can confirm the turn signals on BMWs do work) [06:49]
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ricky_clarkson My first car had a subwoofer in the trunk, I could barely hear the engine with the radio on, as a new driver driving a manual transmission that really wasn't helpful :) [11:01]
ricky_clarkson Also the car was shit so hearing the engine or other noises was kind of important [11:01]
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