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Faux That's why I drive a shit car too. [06:39]
Faux I hope microhybrids are common by the time I next want to buy a car, seems like a good idea. [06:39]
sonOfRa I hope we can drive this skoda for the next 10 ish years [06:40]
sonOfRa Then we can get a full level 5 self driving car from our lord and saviour, musky! [06:40]
selckin no way [06:41]
Faux Nope. Has a computer in it. [06:42]
Faux Having governments certify self driving cars makes me lol because of this: [06:43]
Faux Faux's title: "[1180] Bison Fingerprint Trigger Lock Picked (Model L2)" [06:43]
sonOfRa (I don't want a self driving car, I want no car) [06:43]
sonOfRa dude has a lot of guns [06:44]
Faux He explains in one of his videos that his waifu is from a failed eastern european state so believes, for real, in the right to bear's both right and left arms when defending yourself against the state. [06:45]
Faux I tried to hard to make the grammar work, but also didn't try at all. [06:46]
sonOfRa heh [06:46]
sonOfRa I'm not particularly anti-gun anymore [06:46]
selckin so how good is the muskies fine print that nobody is up in arms yet that he hasn't delivered, or all to pride to admit they bought a potato, thats gonna be a problem in the cheaper market he's getting into, but not making big promises anymore i guess [06:47]
Faux I am, still. You ain't going to be shooting the government, you're just going to be encouraging the school department to order tanks. [06:47]
selckin the battle will be fought on social media and tv, and guess what you don't have any weapons [06:48]
selckin or they ar ebeing taken away, encryption, privacy [06:49]
selckin your gun will do nottin [06:49]
sonOfRa Considering the police in the US doesn't really seem like a reliable option for large groups of the population when they need "enforcement help", I'm not mostly worried about shooting the government. Might be a warped view, but eh. [06:50]
selckin so you condeed the goverment has enforcement that hurts your, and you vote for them, and you'll just protect your own little box and all will be well [06:51]
selckin you won't be exploited any further [06:51]
sonOfRa huh? [06:51]
sonOfRa That's *very much not* what I'm saying [06:51]
sonOfRa I'm saying the reason I'm for private gun ownership is not particularly to defend oneself against the government, but generally to defend oneself because the institutions put in place to defend you are unreliable [06:52]
selckin so make them reliable [06:52]
sonOfRa There does not seem to be a majority of the population that is available to make that kind of thing happen. [06:52]
selckin what weapons would you need to make that happen [06:53]
sonOfRa Political change. Often achieved without guns. [06:53]
sonOfRa But the problem there is: Here in Germany, about once a day (no, really!) it's now news that one or the other police station has an internal whatsapp chat group where they discuss how best to murder immigrunts [06:54]
sonOfRa And there is zero political will to investigate this large scale problem [06:54]
sonOfRa And that is, largely, because people don't care. [06:54]
sonOfRa Everytime it happens, they will again tell you it's "an isolated case" [06:55]
selckin and why do the people believe this [06:55]
sonOfRa If you follow ac_zio school of thought, it's because the olds refuse to die. I don't think it's just the olds that keep this up. [06:56]
sonOfRa But it's sunday so I'm going out for a walk now. Enjoy your day, everyone. [06:57]
Faux i will daddy owo [07:12]
selckin "crackdown on a wedding in Brooklyn that reportedly planned to have 10,000 attendees" [07:13]
selckin how do you find 10k people to invite [07:13]
selckin do you like work at google, and go all@google.come, MY WEDDDINGGGG <emoji> free booze [07:13]
selckin if personally know like 350 ppl to invite, and they all bring 10 guests, you're still not even close, and a lot of those overlap [07:16]
selckin and then you have a different person to go out with every single day of the year [07:16]
Faux Hot Party Of The Year! [07:17]
waz I have a fair number of guns but zero intended for self defense [07:54]
Faux I am interested in the sport of shooting in a range with long guns, which is perfectly legal here, too! [07:56]
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waz I'm interested in the sport of hunting :) [08:23]
waz My son is sitting in a stand now in fact. [08:23]
acuzio morning ladies [08:37]
acuzio waz: [08:38]
fovid-19 Someone recently seriously advised me to buy a handgun [09:50]
fovid-19 They don?t have high hopes for the ~6-12 months after this election. [09:51]
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fovid-19 Help I had an avocado toast for lunch and now I can?t afford rent. Pls send single origin coffee beans and raw denim [10:36]
acuzio fovid-19:Raw Denim, are you willing to re-mortgage your properties sir ? [10:52]
fovid-19 I think you missed the part where I am penniless due to the avocado toast [10:59]
fovid-19 my Instagram followers are gonna freak. [10:59]
acuzio which is why the second mortgage [11:05]
fovid-19 Look at mr moneybags with one mortgaged property over here. [11:08]
acuzio Its 2020 and there are a bunch of apps that still dont follow HiDPI settings., its fucking crazy [11:12]
acuzio Other than the standard Electron Apps,. audacity, rofi etc. all have borked support for hidpi [11:14]
fovid-19 Dude it?s 2020 and we can?t get progress bars right. [11:15]
acuzio no one wants progress bars mate [11:15]
acuzio I mean come on [11:15]
fovid-19 Also it?s 2020 and sending $10 to a friend involves thousands of Cassandra clusters [11:15]
acuzio you know you can go and like give it to them [11:16]
fovid-19 can?t. Rona [11:16]
acuzio FAke news [11:16]
fovid-19 MAGA. [11:16]
fovid-19 kaga? [11:16]
fovid-19 KAG? [11:16]
acuzio KAG [11:16]
fovid-19 kegels? [11:16]
fovid-19 KEG PARTY [11:16]
acuzio kegels are good for sex [11:16]
fovid-19 oh man I wonder if suburban housewives throw ?kegs and kegels? parties. [11:17]
fovid-19 KAGA kegs n kegels [11:17]
fovid-19 and kugels [11:17]
fovid-19 probably no kugels given the demographic. [11:17]
fovid-19 The new KKK [11:17]
acuzio given the demographics that sounds about right [11:18]
fovid-19 weather 80127 [11:19]
fovid-19 Weather for Littleton, CO 80127, USA | 37 F (2 C) | humidity at 74 | broken clouds | Sun, 18 Oct 2020 09:19:17 -0600 [11:19]
fovid-19 #winteriscoming [11:19]
acuzio In other news, I have introduced Her to the family [11:20]
fovid-19 ... of sex toys? [11:20]
Faux yes [11:21]
acuzio No you doofus , you know mom, sis that sort of thing - not that its important but She wanted to meet them (fuck knows why) [11:21]
Faux She needs to know them so she can ask them if it's okay for her to propose. [11:21]
fovid-19 has to assess the gene pool for appropriate variety and quality [11:21]
acuzio all fair points [11:21]
Faux Has to work out what the fuck is wrong with you; the ultimate nature vs. nurture test. [11:22]
fovid-19 <3 [11:22]
acuzio and again fair points [11:22]
fovid-19 I love how she?s slowly dragging you into a live of happy domestication [11:23]
fovid-19 life* [11:23]
Faux I was watching this thing on dog training and the guy was convinced that dogs can be genetically angry. [11:23]
fovid-19 have you seen schnauzers [11:23]
fovid-19 theyre basically angry [11:23]
Faux Not a breed. An individual dog. [11:23]
fovid-19 like. Anger personified [11:23]
fovid-19 doggonified [11:24]
acuzio my sis (who i dont talk to , like almost never) , said after meeting Her on zoom "That girl has a great body" . I wasnt sure what to say so just said "thanks" [11:24]
fovid-19 ?I KNOW? [11:24]
fovid-19 *suggestive eyebrow raising* [11:24]
fovid-19 ?thanks I grew it myself? [11:24]
acuzio yeah , right; Thats not happening. [11:24]
fovid-19 ?You should see it on the inside? [11:25]
Faux "Tastes even better than it looks." [11:25]
fovid-19 ?her heart is even better? [11:25]
acuzio mom basically said to Her "Bring him over when all this is done . Why dont you come in for Thanksgiving?" [11:25]
fovid-19 that?s on the verge of not being creepy. Avoid that one. [11:25]
acuzio shakes his head [11:25]
acuzio I always wonder why I come on this channel , you lot are completely useless. [11:26]
fovid-19 Stockholm syndrome. [11:26]
Faux Remember, I'm funnier not on the internet according to fovid-19. [11:27]
acuzio In even more other news, She is asking The Kid's mom if he can come over for a week during X-mas and stay with us here. I dont know what the modalities of him coming over would be but yeah [11:28]
acuzio I dont think we have enough space here , i mean my tenant is here and its a 2-bed flat. I suppose we could just decamp to the Hilton or Marriott , (I have enough points) , anyhow lets see. (I know this sounds like a very first world problem) [11:31]
fovid-19 Faux: you have your moments [11:33]
Faux I'm going for a nap. [11:34]
fovid-19 you?re staying in the city for Xmas? [11:34]
fovid-19 Aren?t there literally thousands of better places to be? [11:34]
acuzio fovid-19:yes but the new place in Surrey is not going to be ready till Mid-Next year and so its either LDN or NYC and well , I am here so might as well you know continue [11:35]
Faux Ah, having it rebuilt to your standards? [11:35]
acuzio Faux:Actually yes ., a) New Kitchen b) Adding toilets c) Rewiring place for Ethernet d) Adding extension removing conservatory. The total outlay on top of the cost of the property is 250K . Its going to be close to 1M GBP , most expensive thing I have ever purchased/built. And given the impending doom of Brexit I am expecting to be under-water/negative equity for the next 15 years [11:38]
Faux Well, that sounds like a great plan! [11:38]
acuzio You know me , Mr. Prudent Investor [11:38]
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fovid-19 acuzio: rent a cabin upstate? [11:39]
fovid-19 tbh the kid will probably be fine sleeping on the floor and nyc does have some magical things going for it at Christmas time. [11:40]
acuzio fovid-19: aye , i did think of that , [11:40]
acuzio fovid-19: The idea of staying in the city is for the Kid . He would love it [11:40]
fovid-19 Yeah. The tree at Rockefeller, the Nintendo store, skating in the park, the met if he?s into that [11:41]
acuzio Yankees [11:41]
fovid-19 do they play over Xmas [11:41]
fovid-19 they won?t have tickets anyway [11:42]
acuzio nope - but the stadium is open [11:42]
fovid-19 All sport games are crowdless [11:42]
fovid-19 ah [11:42]
fovid-19 controversial opinion: citi field > Yankee stadium [11:43]
acuzio can take him around there , TBH , its not really my call , She would sit down with The Kids mom and they basically would end up making joint plans , [11:43]
acuzio I am the porter, booker, tour guide , .. you know that sort of thing [11:43]
acuzio When the Kid went to secondary school for the first time , they both went to drop him . I am like "guys, his school friends are going to think you are a lesbian cpl". She wasnt amused. [11:44]
Faux hot [11:44]
fovid-19 Inappropriate [11:46]
fovid-19 How old is he now? [11:46]
acuzio I did pick him up from school a few times , he is like chilled out. I sometimes dont get , how he is so chilled and even keeled. He got a "praise point" for topping the Latin exam (of some sort) , he is like "yeah I got a praise point" . He also got written off for not tucking his shirt in , he went "Yeah, my shirt was hanging out". [11:47]
fovid-19 It?s like you don?t remember being a teenager. [11:47]
Faux It's like you don't remember being depressed. [11:48]
acuzio Possibly. [11:48]
acuzio fovid-19: he is 11 [11:48]
acuzio Has just got into one of the Top Grammar schools in LDN ; he got selected for his School Chess team and when he came to know he forgot to tell his mom or Her, She then told me and gave the phone to him and he goes "Hey, did you see the new trailer for BOTW?" [11:51]
fovid-19 Ok. Definitely go to the Lego store then. You can do rock + Lego + Nintendo in one trip. [11:51]
fovid-19 I mean who cares about chess at 11 [11:51]
acuzio fovid-19:aye - thats peniclled in .He does, he loves playing chess [11:52]
acuzio I still remember me taking him for the first time to a club and now he beats me all the time [11:52]
fovid-19 Wish i [11:52]
fovid-19 Were good at anything ever [11:52]
acuzio (He is in the top-10 in the country in his age group in chess) [11:53]
fovid-19 Impressive. [11:53]
fovid-19 He like Go? [11:54]
fovid-19 the game. Not the language. [11:54]
acuzio I dont think he';s been exposed to it. [11:54]
fovid-19 Don?t get F_ux started. [11:54]
acuzio He might like Go .From what I can see, he is terrific at Math, Music and Chess. And he has fun with it . [11:55]
acuzio I was planning to set up a Game room in the new place in Surrey [11:55]
fovid-19 How many bedrooms/living rooms? [11:56]
acuzio 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms , 1 dining, 1 office room , 4 toilets (3 ensuite) . [11:56]
acuzio There is also a Garden shed that for about 15K can be converted to a Game Room it already has electricity and heating [11:57]
fovid-19 Spacious. [11:57]
acuzio Tis big yeah [11:57]
acuzio (i mean for Surrey and UK) [11:57]
fovid-19 3 ensuites for a 4br seems excessive [11:57]
acuzio I am building 1 additional cause well if the Kid and his mom want to stay at some point then well you know they have their thing [11:58]
acuzio She;s in-charge of planning [11:59]
fovid-19 I?m sure it will look fabulous. When?s the housewarming party? [11:59]
acuzio We are looking for finishing everything by 15th April. Builder is starting from next week. [12:00]
fovid-19 Be prepared for it to go over schedule and budget. [12:00]
acuzio aye - [12:01]
acuzio I am sort of counting on that happening [12:01]
acuzio To start with , the first thing the builder told us was "We will need to get the Steel Beams in before Jan 1" - so post completion of the property thats the first thing that happened , [12:02]
acuzio The building industry (like everything else in the UK) depends on the Mainland for supplies so if there is no-deal then no one knows what the delays are going to be hence getting the freaking beams in first [12:03]
kupi [kupi!uid212005@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [12:06]
fovid-19 The furniture industry has slowed right down here due to covid+sanctions [12:07]
fovid-19 I imagine the construction industry has been affected similarly. [12:07]
acuzio MAGA [12:07]
acuzio KAG [12:07]
fovid-19 Moving during a pandemic has been interesting, especially since I got rid of all my furniture. [12:07]
acuzio I can imagine [12:08]
fovid-19 Moved in august. Still waiting on couches. [12:08]
fovid-19 To be fair I slept on ordering a couch til sept. They said 6 weeks. [12:08]
sonOfRa Yeah, we kinda wanted to move this year but we just held off on it [12:08]
fovid-19 NARRATOR: it will be more than 6 weeks. [12:09]
sonOfRa Also because I wasn't convinced eventim would keep me around; but the trial period is over in 2 weeks and it looks like they don't want to fire me! [12:09]
fovid-19 Congrats! [12:09]
acuzio Congrats sonOfRa [12:09]
fovid-19 I keep being surprised work like me [12:09]
sonOfRa thanks [12:09]
fovid-19 impostor syndrome is real [12:09]
fovid-19 boss PMd me for an impromptu 1:1 the other month and I was like ?Welp okay it?s been fun? [12:10]
sonOfRa I mean, I'm relatively confident in what I do, I just wasn't confident in "live entertainment business" keeping new hires around during covid [12:10]
fovid-19 ?we?re giving you a spot bonus? [12:10]
fovid-19 my first question was ?why? [12:10]
acuzio did the boss say "cause you have a lovely tushy" [12:10]
fovid-19 virtual events are more of a thing. [12:10]
fovid-19 He did not, and he?s not my type. [12:10]
acuzio i forgot thats ron [12:11]
fovid-19 Alas I am not Ron?s type. [12:11]
acuzio fair point [12:11]
acuzio ron likes the big burly ones [12:11]
fovid-19 He should take a look in the mirror. [12:12]
acuzio has anyone used cloud-init` to completely setup a centos container ? [12:12]
fovid-19 Just have it curl a script. [12:12]
sonOfRa curl | sudo bash all the things [12:12]
fovid-19 Set it up with a role that can access the setup stuff off s3 [12:12]
fovid-19 done [12:13]
fovid-19 or.... use ECS? [12:13]
acuzio whats ECS ? [12:13]
fovid-19 elastic cocker service [12:13]
acuzio Do you mean EC2? [12:13]
fovid-19 no. [12:13]
fovid-19 google ecs [12:13]
fovid-19 [12:13]
acuzio anyway , i want a generic way to setup a container/ami/whatever that can be completely configured via `cloud-init` and I can use the same instructions across on Openstack, AWS, Baremetal etc. [12:14]
fovid-19 Oh, cloud-init isn?t the ec2 user data is it. [12:15]
fovid-19 NEVERMIND [12:15]
acuzio So it would be something like Get Centos -> Run this script talking to cloud-init -> it will configure based on where its been deployed [12:15]
acuzio fovid-19:cloiud-init has something for user-data as well [12:15]
fovid-19 Sounds like you probably want to use terrorform to wrap the different providers [12:17]
fovid-19 Anyway aren?t you Not Working? [12:18]
stefan-__ [stefan-__!] has joined #java-talk [12:18]
acuzio yeah working from next week for 3 days in a week [12:19]
acuzio just getting my muscles ready [12:19]
acuzio terraform with cloud-init sounds like a thing [12:19]
fovid-19 Ur a thing. [12:26]
acuzio I purchased a Wacom Intuous ., i am really surprised by how much more useful it is compared to a mouse - its quite nice [12:29]
fovid-19 Are you in NYC for a while then? [12:29]
fovid-19 im really tempted by their monitor+tablet things [12:29]
fovid-19 but I suspect Apple sidecar is going to add equivalent functionality soon. [12:29]
fovid-19 I need something for remote white boarding. [12:30]
fovid-19 Joining from tablet doesn?t cut it. [12:30]
fovid-19 Need to try sharing iPad screen running notes app, that?s become pretty good lately. [12:30]
fovid-19 But I need to buy a Pencil again. That may trigger a full upgrade so I can get the new one. [12:31]
acuzio fovid-19:Nothing is planned currently - Like i said i took a month off to get involved and went around the place a bit, FL, OH, and WI. Post that , I was planning to go back but decided to stay here on a whim , mainly cause the tenant didnt have a job and I knew he was struggling a bit, so I sort of camped here and filled the place with grocery and stuff ; that way he gets to use it and [12:33]
acuzio doesnt have to ask [12:33]
fovid-19 That?s good of you. [12:34]
acuzio no its just convenient , he cooks for both of us , we stay in the same place, he doesnt feel obligated , i get free meals [12:35]
acuzio he doesnt pay rent currently - i told him he can pay me when he gets a job [12:35]
fovid-19 Free meals using the groceries you?re buying. [12:36]
fovid-19 Nah. You?re a good man for doing this. [12:36]
acuzio Yeah well , he has to live with me under the same roof , thats punishment enough i guess [12:37]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@2604:3d09:47c:f970:91b3:c463:bf6c:409] has joined #java-talk [12:37]
acuzio Ubuntu has a fully fledged k8s distro i dont know why people dont use it ., it seems simple enough [12:38]
Faux microk8s ? It's fucked me about four times already. [12:39]
acuzio really - ., [12:39]
acuzio whats the issue with it ? [12:40]
Faux Totally wedged on upgrade, totally and irreparably wedged on a disc full, and has wedged for some unknown reason at least one more time. [12:41]
Faux If you want a smoke test for whether it is acceptable software or not, run "time microk8s reset", or whatever the synonym is. [12:42]
Faux Nn. [12:42]
acuzio hmmm , interesting I have to try it out [12:44]
fovid-19 Nnbb [12:45]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@2604:3d09:47c:f970:91b3:c463:bf6c:409] has joined #java-talk [12:46]
acuzio I have OPenshift running on OpenStack and am not sure what I can do to replicate that on-prem without re-creating an entire OpenStack cluster [12:46]
fovid-19 Ah yes, the little known raunchy follow up song to love shack by the b52s [12:58]
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