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Nick Message Date
puppy_za morning [12:39]
Faux Morning. [12:41]
db morning [12:57]
db well well. [01:21]
Faux If isn't the consequences of my own actions. [01:23]
AMcBain There's been a lot of that lately. [01:24]
db should I have an office fridge? [01:26]
AMcBain I dunno, maybe? [01:28]
AMcBain I've never felt I needed one. [01:28]
Faux I would like one but am not willing to tolerate the noise. [01:28]
AMcBain but I'd probably just fill it with soda and get even more fat. :P [01:28]
db oh right. they're not silent [01:28]
Faux I guess the walk is good for me. [01:28]
db maybe not then [01:28]
Faux Those usb ones are worthwhile if you drink two cans a day. [01:28]
AMcBain That just seems kinda odd. A USB micro fridge. [01:32]
Faux They're peltier, and direct contact (vs. cooling the space). [01:33]
Faux try { stuff(); } catch { return false; } // FUUUUUUU [01:34]
AMcBain Yeah I kinda wondered if they would be peltier. That seemed like the most fitting thing. [01:49]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [02:20]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [02:31]
Faux Customer complaining that we enforce https when talking to source control, and they don't want https on their source control. [02:32]
AMcBain Then they don't want source control. They want source possible mayhem. [02:34]
AMcBain I don't get why they'd not want https. The only person I know of who dislikes https and labels anything that's too new (in their words) as "web 2.0 crap" has a PC powered by a Pentium running Windows 2000 or some such and their real issue is that they can't keep getting browser updates to deal with the new cypher requirements or said browser updates require more CPU power... :P [02:40]
sonOfRa good morning from the new house! [02:40]
AMcBain Yay! [02:40]
sonOfRa Currently still tethered to my phone until my data runs out, but DSL techie should be here between 8am and noon! [02:41]
Faux There are a couple of legit reasons. Makes mirroring/cdn harder. Makes deep packet penetration security harder. It is complex and has bugs, might not have value. [02:41]
sonOfRa roughly 14G left. Wonder how many docker pulls and background teams-video-conferences I can run to deplete it until noon! [02:41]
AMcBain Faux, OK, but we're talking about their source control though... and they'd still be able to tell (in their network) which machine requests came from, etc. so unless they really don't trust their developers or? [02:43]
Faux Corporate policies are a crazy thing. [02:44]
AMcBain Yup. [02:44]
Faux It appears to be internet accessible and returns ... address unreachable over https? Wtf. [02:45]
AMcBain One place I worked made me fill out some paperwork to open ports on my Windows box. OK, whatever... and it had a duration for the request. They never checked back in after the requested duration was over to reclose it. :P [02:45]
AMcBain and if I'd had a Linux box, apparently you could just do it (of course), no paperwork... [02:46]
AMcBain Though there was paperwork already done up front I guess to get those on the network, especially if it wasn't RedHat. [02:46]
Faux Unsurprisingly, someone has determined that the garbage AV is causing most of the mac slowdown. Disable AV and the high end macs perform about as well as three year old mid range linux boxes. [02:50]
AMcBain ) [02:50]
AMcBain I think the same aforementioned job put less crapware on the Macs for those who had them. The only problems were they had a harder time with the internal services that wanted kerberos for some reason. [02:51]
Faux We ban windows, so mac is our crapware platform. We're working on banning linux, too. [02:51]
AMcBain -/ [02:51]
AMcBain Well I mean at that same job I had a couple VMs with Linux in them that weren't RedHat. I never filed paperwork for them. :) [02:52]
AMcBain IT likely knew, it was just sort of "as long as you're not an idiot we won't bother you about it" :P [02:52]
AMcBain Even if it uses bridged or whatever of VirtualBox it will connect to obvious things when it's updated, etc. [02:54]
AMcBain Hmm. My ISP errors out when I try to log into my account to pay my bill. That's not a great sign. [03:00]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [03:04]
AMcBain I have to renew my car. My license plate hasn't changed in 10 years. It's also been the same type of plate for everyone for those 10 years. There's now a 25¢ charge for "license plate technology." ... what? [03:06]
Faux A TAX WHICH ISN'T A TAX [03:07]
AMcBain Well we always have a guy in our state trying to get things on the ballot that reduce car fees to just $30 and I think last time he succeeded and it passed but I don't know if it's done being challenged. [03:09]
AMcBain Thing is it's always more than $30 after it's all added up. [03:09]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [03:15]
AMcBain "Hey Grown-ups, don't give this depressing, dark, ironic book to kids. Unless you want them thrust into the nightmare of PTSD. You won't feel better for reading it, either, but it might scratch your itch of inner sadness." Uhhh, thanks Powell's. That's quite the recommendation there. [03:28]
acuzio morning ladies [03:37]
puppy_za morning acuzio [03:40]
sonOfRa Yay, connection to work VPN times out over my tethered phone wifi [03:43]
sonOfRa Guess no work for me! [03:43]
yawkat [yawkat!] has joined #java-talk [03:43]
[twisti] Faux: im living a pretty happy life here with win10 + WSL + fedora [03:45]
Faux Mmm. I haven't tried it because, like, kubernetes. [03:46]
sonOfRa Teams, even just for chat messages, is terrible on this bad phone internet [03:52]
sonOfRa IRC however, is perfectly fine [03:52]
AMcBain Teams would cause my old wireless router to stop broadcasting after about 5-10 minutes into a meeting with video. [03:52]
sonOfRa D [03:52]
AMcBain The lights would be on, my home server was reachable, but all air-connected devices dropped. [03:53]
sonOfRa Faux: [04:28]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "isis agora lovecruft (they/them) on Twitter: "broke: C programming woke: C shanties bespoke: keeping Rust at bay"" [04:28]
sonOfRa "1 more customer before you" for the last 2 hours. I wonder when the tech will actually show up here. [04:34]
mbooth I'm not sure if this is stupid stupid or stupid great: [05:01]
mbooth mbooth's title: "Ray Tracing in pure CMake | Delta" [05:01]
[twisti] stupid is who stupid does [05:08]
[twisti] so thats very stupid [05:08]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [05:19]
fotato I knew someone who wrote a postscript ray tracer. [05:44]
fotato The printer would print the output. [05:44]
sonOfRa DSL synchonized wit 286/46! Hooray! [05:51]
sonOfRa WiFi is *significantly* slower despite good signal strength. Wonder how it'll look once I've got cable laid [05:56]
sonOfRa Haha, the german barber's association is asking the german football league how it can be that all the football players have such great looking hair every weekend despite all hair salons all over germany being closed [06:08]
sonOfRa Are there any good height-adjustable vesa wall mounts that I could use when I buy a desk that I can use both standing up and sitting down? Or should I just put the screens on the desk in that case? [06:27]
[twisti] 100% desk [06:30]
[twisti] you absolutely do not want any extra hussle when you put it up or down like having to adjust screens, not even with a mount [06:30]
sonOfRa Vesa desk-mount, or just... on their original stands? [06:31]
[twisti] i use stands, my colleague has U-mounts so she can clean the desks under the screens, doesnt really matter as long as the screenscome up with the desks [06:31]
sonOfRa Yeah I think desk mounts with clamps are probably the way to go [06:38]
Maldivia [twisti]: what is this "clean the desk" think you're talking about? [06:39]
fotato I got given a pair of desk arms. They?ve been great for cable management. [06:41]
mbooth desk arms++ [06:44]
mbooth Removing stands for 3 monitors freed up loads of space on my desk [06:44]
sonOfRa With desk arms, my 120x60 desk might even be large enough without buying a new one, heh [06:44]
mbooth You should still get a adjustable desk though, dicking about readjusting monitors is such a ball-ache [06:46]
mbooth easy life++ [06:46]
sonOfRa Oh yeah I'm absolutely getting a new desk, I want one I can use for working standing up, but playing vidya games sitting down [06:46]
Maldivia sonOfRa: and playing standing, when things gets really exciting ? [06:48]
sonOfRa god no [06:48]
[twisti] Maldivia: are super anal retent^H^H^H^H have some professional pride [06:53]
Maldivia yeah, I have like 100 things on my desk :D [06:54]
[twisti] my gf works for a major telephone communications firm and they just told all of their employees world wide to go ahead and get a new desk and office chair from IKEA during the plague [06:55]
mbooth 100 things on Maldivia's desk, 100 things on the desk, take one down and pass it around, there's 99 things on Maldivia's desk [06:57]
sonOfRa "oh no still 100, start over" [06:57]
mbooth [twisti]: IKEA huh, so they don't care about ergonomics :-) [06:58]
Maldivia mbooth: IKEA has standing desks as well [06:59]
Maldivia -- and apparently, they have wireless power as well :D [07:00]
mbooth All their chairs are dogshit though [07:00]
Maldivia I have a Herman Miller Aeron chair for home... expensive yes, but I've had it for 10 years now [07:03]
sonOfRa That's a bad sign. The only shop that sells aeron chairs near me doesn't even show a price, you have to email them for an offer [07:07]
mbooth I got my Herman miller pre-owned off ebay about 10 years ago [07:11]
mbooth Just needed a replacement lumbar support, which are cheap enough [07:12]
sonOfRa lmao [07:13]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Lauren Wolfe on Twitter: "Do regular humans actually buy zip-ties? Have you ever bought a zip-tie? If so, what did you use it for?"" [07:13]
sonOfRa Editor at the NY Times: "Do normal people ever use zip ties" [07:13]
mbooth Err, yes? [07:14]
mbooth Next [07:14]
[twisti] i dont want to be sexist, but thats a girl thing, right [07:14]
[twisti] i use zip ties for all kinds of stuff and i know most of my male friends and family does too, but come to think of it other than my girlfriend ive never seen any of the women in my life do anything with zip ties [07:15]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [09:18]
db I use those too. also I see them being sold in shops a lot, even in different colors. so I figure we are not alone [09:24]
fotato I think they mean the fat ones used as cuffs [09:39]
[twisti] i use some to hoist my big ass pc from the floor so the goddamn cats dont pee in the vents [09:44]
[twisti] they are like 1.5m [09:44]
fotato She corrects herself to mean flexicuffs [09:45]
[twisti] well those are obviously for any kind of enforcement, even for sex, youd use something else [09:46]
fotato Context matters too. [09:46]
ebullient it is not a girl thing. OMG. I think she specifically meant flexi-cuff zip ties. [09:54]
ebullient she just generalized badly .. but it is Twitter, so [09:54]
acuzio <------------- why is everyone talking about zip ties ? [09:55]
ebullient I use zip ties in my garden because.. gardening is really a neverending engineering problem [09:55]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [09:55]
fotato Yeesh, FBI on pipe bombs found in Capitol. ?They had timers, we don?t know why they didn?t go off?. [09:56]
ebullient OMG [09:56]
Maldivia acuzio: NYT questioning what zip-ties are used for, probably because of the zip-tie guy during the terrorist attack last week on congress [09:56]
acuzio oh we are back to the Y' all Qaeda is it ? [09:57]
acuzio fuck em [09:57]
fotato Turns out she meant flexcuffs and people are being stupid. [09:57]
acuzio thanks Maldivia [09:57]
Maldivia zip ties for cable management! [09:57]
db [twisti]: your cats pee into your PC vents? my cats go outside to pee [09:57]
fotato Christ guys. Let it rest. It?s not like you never called anything the wrong name before. [09:57]
acuzio Maldivia: exactly that - Zip ties for cable management [09:57]
Maldivia acuzio: <-- that guy [09:57]
fotato NYC has terminated contracts with trump org. [09:59]
fotato No more trump ice rink I guess! [09:59]
ebullient you guys are not helping with my attempt to not doom scroll twitter. :-P [09:59]
Maldivia ebullient: just do the doom song [10:01]
[twisti] db: its a terrotorial thing [10:01]
[twisti] they have beef with the neighbor cat and so they pee on everything [10:01]
fotato Hmm, I think I will listen to the doom2016 soundtrack today. [10:02]
[twisti] we have it under control these days, but i was worried about a very expensive relapse [10:02]
Maldivia ebullient: [10:03]
acuzio I dont think i remember anyone ever calling it Trump Rink [10:04]
fotato It has ?trump? all around the hoardings. [10:05]
fotato It?s not called that but the branding is clear. [10:05]
acuzio It does indeed - i said "no one calls it that" [10:05]
fotato I wasn?t calling that. I said ?no more trump ice rink? [10:05]
Maldivia "The Rink that must not be named" [10:05]
db [twisti]: your cats are not neutered? [10:05]
acuzio I am just sad that Trump didnt win - , we are going to now be left with 4 more years of continuous chaos [10:06]
fotato Ah look, acuzio making sense again. [10:06]
fotato Settle in folks is gonna be a long one. [10:06]
[twisti] db: they are [10:06]
db odd. they shouldn't territorial-pee then I think :-) [10:07]
db ours don't. [10:07]
db two boys without balls [10:07]
Maldivia db: neutered cats still mark territory... it just doesn't smell as bad [10:07]
db I've never seen them do it, and certainly not in the house [10:08]
Maldivia well, only if foreign cats come [10:08]
Maldivia so usually no need to do it in the house, since their scent is everywhere [10:08]
[twisti] yeah, they cant spray the shit un-neutered cats do, they just pee instead [10:10]
[twisti] it used to be incredibly bad while we still had the 3rd guy, but we sadly gave him away :( [10:10]
[twisti] but when he was here they would literally pee 5-10 times a day [10:10]
db odd. we tried to adopt a third one too and had to give him away because they hated him [10:12]
db but no peeing observed [10:12]
Devastator [Devastator!~devas@unaffiliated/devastator] has joined #java-talk [10:15]
db [10:16]
acuzio fotato: You know its true ; The Donald will get his army of ghouls from the boondocks to basically attack everyone who oppose him , he might as well be the President for Life ; at least that way we have the chance of Ivanka coming in 2024 , i mean come on who is gonna say no to her [10:18]
db ivanka already won everyone's hearts [10:19]
ebullient This is when I can't hear sarcasm properly and fall in .. and have to be rescued. [10:19]
ebullient my husband calls it the "sar-chasm" with me. I miss it like.. all the time. [10:20]
db ebullient: what are you saying. acuzio isn't serious? [10:22]
ebullient Just flagging that I can't tell. [10:23]
db ok [10:23]
ebullient same w/ you. re: javanka [10:23]
ebullient though I'm pretty sure you aren't serious [10:23]
db I can't tell whether I'm serious either [10:23]
ebullient LOL [10:24]
fotato What even are words [10:33]
acuzio fotato: you are just missing ron thats all [10:47]
acuzio In other news, I looked at some of the home automation stuff and decided that I am going to stick with analog ; you know switch light on , bring drapes down, turn heating on ... that sort of stuff. [10:49]
acuzio Almost all of them are fucking cloud enabled, i am most definitely not doing that [10:49]
acuzio From the absolute top-end to the middle-tier they are all Cloud Enabled ; the lower-end is full of "get the modbus API to talk to the RS-232c enabled.... and i am like .. are you kidding me [10:51]
ron morning bitches [10:57]
ebullient we had insteon switches at our old house.. and those were all only-in-the-house. I miss those. [11:06]
acuzio insteon ? [11:06]
ebullient [11:07]
acuzio I have Lutron caseta at the place in NYC ; those dont work here very well due to voltage differences [11:07]
ebullient now they have stuff that does go out of the house (because .. reasons). But what we installed in our old house was all local. [11:08]
Faux Dimmers? TRIGGERED [11:08]
fotato you assume me and ron arent constantl sexting, acuzio [11:09]
Faux That dimmer still annoys me almost as much as that bin. [11:09]
acuzio But again i use the Lutron as on/off switch more than anything else - just on/off ; nothing smart about that [11:09]
fotato surprised acuzio isnt goign to pay an electrician tens of thousands of pounds on rewring his new house with the custom install lutron [11:09]
acuzio I am rewiring the house , not with custom Lutron though [11:10]
acuzio thats just fucking dumb [11:10]
fotato shrug [11:11]
fotato it's not bad. [11:11]
Faux Am I going to pay the light assholes for another dimmer just so I can cut it open and see if it's fixable? [11:11]
fotato you probably are, Faux [11:11]
fotato this is basically your hobby [11:11]
mbooth acuzio: Yeah that cloud stuff is bullshit. Everyone knows modbus is for RS-485 multi-drop networks, not RS-232. [11:12]
mbooth shakes his head [11:12]
fotato rs232 is the lowest common denominator and it works. [11:12]
Faux um [11:12]
fotato this is what pro lutron uses, and pwm dims shit. [11:12]
acuzio mbooth:dude i dont actually want to know [11:12]
Faux wtb spi [11:12]
fotato all custom install AV stuff is still rs232 [11:13]
mbooth acuzio: I used to work in industrial automation, modbus was one of our favourite protocols [11:13]
fotato and some 12v triggers for on/off signals. [11:13]
fotato because you can literally script it. [11:13]
acuzio mbooth: yeah my point being .. i dont want to know [11:13]
Faux Bet you can't script it to turn on. [11:13]
Faux In under one decade. [11:14]
fotato the lutron switches have instant on afaik [11:14]
fotato but their default is to glow up [11:14]
mbooth acuzio: Thanks for subscribing to SCADA facts! [11:14]
Faux Bet they don't. Bet they claim it's for safety. [11:14]
fotato we had them at work [11:14]
fotato they switched on. [11:14]
fotato that said, the dimmable roms glowed up [11:14]
fotato the rooms with fluorescent fixtures just... switched on [11:15]
fotato same switches, tho [11:15]
Faux Nobody will prime me a dimmer. [11:15]
fotato prime deez [11:15]
mbooth acuzio: Did you know modbus can also be used over ethernet? [11:15]
acuzio yes [11:16]
acuzio but that was not something i wanted to know ., some SCADA dude told me [11:16]
Faux Kinky shit. [11:16]
Faux The best thing about it being encapsulatable in ethernet means you can run it over hdmi. [11:16]
fotato oh god hdmi [11:17]
fotato congratulations on your new games console purchase! enjoy playing it, oh wait, you cant because THERES A NOTHER FUCKIGN HDMI REVISION [11:17]
acuzio haa haaa , [11:17]
acuzio HDMI 2.0 mate [11:17]
Faux If you think that's bad, wait until you see yaml 1.2's release notes. [11:18]
fotato ITYM 2.1 m888 [11:18]
fotato yes it needs new cables. [11:18]
Faux They changed the definition of integers again. [11:18]
acuzio who the fuck thinks Yaml was made by someone who knew what he was doing [11:19]
acuzio Yaml is just slightly worse than Javascript [11:19]
mbooth And, has nothing at all to do with yams. Imagine my disappointment [11:20]
fotato anyone remember haml [11:20]
fotato fuckign ruby [11:20]
mbooth fotato: The dude from star wars? [11:20]
mbooth Mark Haml [11:20]
acuzio (politics detour : I had 500USD on Pence becoming President on 500-1 .,it might be coming true :-) [11:21]
fotato it wont happen before inaug. [11:21]
fotato the impeachment if any will be retroactive. [11:21]
ebullient which I think is fine [11:24]
ebullient never ever allow that man to run ever again. ever. [11:24]
ebullient zero delusions that he can pull that shit again [11:24]
fotato nd strip him of SS and pension [11:24]
fotato and travel allowance [11:24]
fotato ebullient: his son will run. [11:24]
ebullient ha. and get nowhere [11:25]
fotato you think? [11:25]
ebullient I don't think either son would make it [11:25]
ebullient I think they're walking on a lot of imaginary hubris right now.. Mitch is ready to take the gloves off, I think. [11:26]
fotato barron's in with a chance [11:26]
acuzio i bet his daughter or son will win if they run - DJT Jr. is an absolute rockstar for the "Christ was a White Man who wants us all to get rich" crowd. [11:26]
acuzio ebullient: Mitch is a dead man walking he is going to get primaried next round [11:26]
ebullient we'll see. That man is a survivor [11:27]
ebullient politically shrewd. Hard to get around. [11:27]
ebullient not to be underestimated [11:27]
acuzio he will be primaried - [11:28]
ebullient Age will get him, I think, before a primary does [11:28]
acuzio Dont understimate KY . its the State that makes MI look good [11:29]
acuzio s/MI/MS [11:29]
acuzio Not to mention its also the State that thinks sedition is a delicious dish or something [11:31]
fotato Typically I find I need to use more KY than I think is necessa- oh wait. Never mind. [11:32]
acuzio facepalms [11:33]
acuzio I was fairly certain someone would make that connection - my bet was you or Faux . you came thru [11:33]
Faux Use silicon ffs. [11:34]
fotato I don?t actually think KY is a brand in the uk [11:34]
Faux Water based it only for condom activities. [11:34]
fotato I may be wrong. [11:34]
Faux It is. [11:34]
acuzio trust Faux to know about it [11:34]
fotato Silicon? Doesn?t that get scratchy [11:34]
fotato pound sand bro [11:35]
Faux If you're using condoms for cleanliness then get a thicker lube like Maximus. [11:35]
acuzio I mean .. what [11:37]
fotato I was making a spelling joke. [11:37]
acuzio In other news , majority of the Republicans are still going to support the Trump [11:38]
fotato You?re reading the news wrong but ok. [11:39]
acuzio So , really [11:40]
fotato They?re not showing their hand. [11:41]
fotato Mitch has gone on record to say he thinks he committed impeachable offended. [11:41]
fotato This is much less cut and dry as the last one. [11:42]
fotato [11:42]
fotato fotato's title: "Mitch McConnell Said to be Pleased About Trump Impeachment Efforts - The New York Times" [11:42]
acuzio doesnt make any difference [11:51]
mbooth [12:01]
mbooth mbooth's title: "ButtyStock ? free crisp sandwich stock photos" [12:01]
acuzio I dont think any one of you get that there are now 2 parties The Trump Party and the non-Trump rag tag bunch of misfits all of them under the Dem branch . [12:01]
fotato is a web2.0 b3ta? [12:02]
Faux vore.ftw [12:02]
mbooth Who knows [12:02]
mbooth But this is now my number 1 resource for stock photographs of crisp sandwiches. [12:03]
Faux I was happy that e.g. is a thing. [12:03]
Faux Faux's title: "Google Sheets: Sign-in" [12:03]
fotato <3 <3 <3 [12:03]
acuzio The "My wife is my sister" bunch had maps of the capitol(incld stairs and hidden rooms) , members of the dem party had emergency buttons pulled off, these are just some data points ; Now tell me again how the Trump Party is going to be "losing" [12:05]
fotato It was a few hundred people. [12:22]
acuzio haaaaa [12:33]
acuzio > 70% of the Republican Party believes the Election was fraudulent ; thats not a "few hundred people" - thats the majority [12:34]
acuzio I for one would just like to see a good looking, tight skirt wearing Ivanka right up there - I mean she has other good qualities as well , like how to wear a see-thru shirt while talking nonsense. I mean she is an idiot and a moron of the highest order but no one will notice ; [12:35]
Faux I've seen different polling organisations come up with very different numbers. [12:35]
acuzio Faux: I have looked at a few and the number i am now quoting is from the Morning Consult Poll ; A++ according to 538 [12:37]
acuzio And oh , if you want to think that I am being over-dramatic , listen to Mr. Jim Jordan on PBS or NBC or whatever ; Presidential Medal of Freedom recepient [12:39]
Diablo-D3 acuzio: the fucked up part of all of this is [12:40]
Diablo-D3 until the 6th happened, I didnt actually think Q could be real [12:40]
ricky_clarkson Without any actual evidence this stuff should blow over in a while. [12:40]
acuzio heh - [12:40]
ricky_clarkson especially with top Republicans saying it was a fair election [12:40]
Diablo-D3 and its like, wait, somebody actually WAS feeding them classified data to, you know, actually attempt this? [12:40]
Diablo-D3 jesus fucking almighty christ [12:41]
acuzio ricky_clarkson: are you being facetious [12:41]
Diablo-D3 I think hes being status quo [12:41]
Diablo-D3 problem is, half of america thinks the status quo got us here, and we need to stop being fucking centrists and fucking shit on the republicans until they are buried under 6 feet of shit [12:41]
Diablo-D3 america aint going to be fucking nazi germany, we literally had a fucking war about this [12:42]
acuzio yeah good luck with that [12:42]
Diablo-D3 its like meal team six woke up one day and decided they were hydra [12:42]
acuzio This is not a Republican Party - this is the Trump Party. And by god they are going to win cause the other side is not a party , its a group of idiots who think "this cannot happen in America, Both sides are the same, Tax cuts are great...." [12:44]
Diablo-D3 acuzio: its koolaid drinking through and through [12:44]
Diablo-D3 its mildly hilarious [12:44]
acuzio AGreed ; And there is no other side [12:44]
Diablo-D3 its like, the second or third worst possible outcome [12:44]
Diablo-D3 and this is the kind of game where the ending you get isnt mutually exclusive [12:45]
acuzio So for me , I would really prefer if they win and hopefully get Ivanka in there [12:45]
Diablo-D3 we *still* have to deal with cold war 2.0 [12:45]
Diablo-D3 how many republicans in office are russian agents [12:45]
Diablo-D3 we know trump is, who else is [12:45]
acuzio its the same group that went on Jul. 4th to the Kremlin - [12:46]
Diablo-D3 is the ending we get DC being nuked by russia? find out next week on dragonball zee [12:46]
acuzio I would hope none of that happens ., cause Ivanka [12:46]
Diablo-D3 yeah, fuck her [12:47]
Diablo-D3 goddamnit acuzio, I didnt mean that way [12:47]
acuzio of course you did [12:48]
acuzio I mean all for it [12:48]
acuzio awwwwwwww ., the Trump party is asking for "lets all get together" [12:49]
acuzio I love how so many of them are saying "we should be willing to forgive and forget , this is the first amendment, " Ah here comes Gohmert [12:56]
ron on monday, order something from amazon. will arrive on wednesday. on tuesday, they say the package will be late. today they say it'll arrive today. whatever. [01:00]
tang^ "we don't actually know any more!" [01:00]
fotato Your package simultaneously exists and doesn?t. It is in the quantum realm. Any further questions will provoke the Collector?s ire. Please refrain. [01:04]
fotato Speaking of packages, mine is ready to collect [01:05]
ron is it big and heavy? [01:08]
Diablo-D3 acuzio: yeah fuck them [01:09]
Diablo-D3 you know who said forgive and forget? [01:09]
Diablo-D3 the fuckers that bailed hitler out of prison [01:09]
acuzio exactly [01:10]
fotato You?ll have to unpack it to find out bb [01:10]
fotato m [01:10]
Diablo-D3 fuck nazis [01:10]
acuzio here comes Mr. Jordan [01:10]
Diablo-D3 f u c k n a z i s [01:10]
ron Diablo-D3: what do you have against acuzio? [01:11]
Diablo-D3 nothing? [01:12]
ron then why do you keep saying fuck him? [01:12]
Diablo-D3 ... did you just call him a nazi? [01:12]
ron no, you did [01:13]
ron I mean, he is [01:13]
Diablo-D3 dude, fuck off [01:14]
ron no, I'm not a nazi [01:14]
tang^ these onesided conversations are so amusing [01:15]
ron why do you have me on ignore tang^ [01:16]
tang^ because [01:16]
acuzio Diablo-D3: You are being anti-nazist ., i mean what do you have against Ivanka [01:20]
acuzio Here comes the perfectly coiffed Matt Gaetz [01:21]
Diablo-D3 other than being produced by the illicit love affair of a russian handler and her patsy [01:22]
Diablo-D3 acuzio: also, the fuck? the default state of an american IS an anti-nazist [01:22]
ron but acuzio is american [01:24]
acuzio Diablo-D3: tell the republicans that mate [01:24]
Diablo-D3 I HAVE BEEN [01:25]
Diablo-D3 FUCK THE GEE OH PEE [01:25]
acuzio ooh trhe gun carrying Colorado women is married to a guy who exposed himself to children [01:27]
acuzio .... [01:27]
acuzio Lauren Boebert [01:27]
Diablo-D3 oh jesus [01:27]
Diablo-D3 it gets better [01:27]
acuzio And oh ., she is QAnon of course - like i said , old guys will be primaried with nuttier, (admittedly) better boobed women [01:29]
acuzio I mean the districts are so gerry-mandered that it is the only way to go [01:30]
Diablo-D3 yeah fuck Qanon [01:34]
ron why they make great cameras [01:35]
acuzio nicely done [01:35]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [01:52]
ebullient I can't even. These asshats [02:07]
ron ebullient: acuzio? [02:11]
Faux Apparently we hired a kubernetes expert. Their advice is to put a 15s sleep before handling any k8s event because the things they say are ordered are actually eventually consistent and 15s is a good rule of thumb. [02:26]
[twisti] sounds reasonable to me [02:27]
fotato3 [fotato3!~ElmerFod@unaffiliated/elmerfod] has joined #java-talk [02:30]
fotato Whut [02:34]
fotato fotato3: fuck outta here [02:34]
Faux Hi fotato³. [02:34]
fotato oh he?s me now. [02:35]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [02:53]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [03:00]
fotato [03:04]
fotato fotato's title: "Mike Drucker on Twitter: "@benshapiro Ben, usually I'd joke, but I'm going to come at this honestly. There's a big difference between zip ties being carried by paramilitary forces invading the capitol and zip ties being carried by your wif..." [03:04]
fotato Amazing. [03:04]
ricky_clarkson How dare javabot truncate that tweet.. [03:35]
ricky_clarkson anyone who didn't click, it's worth it [03:35]
ebullient I saw it [03:39]
puppy_za lol [03:40]
ebullient twitter is winning my attention right now. :sigh: [03:40]
puppy_za our short attention span is shorter now [03:40]
puppy_za Beb Shapiro is pretty annoying [03:41]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4824:7000:c786:e7d2:abcd:40ab] has joined #java-talk [03:49]
ron BEB [03:57]
ron puppy_za: you're only saying that because he's jewish [03:57]
puppy_za ¯\_(?)_/¯ [03:58]
ron D [03:58]
ron many find him irritating, and I can definitely see why. [03:58]
puppy_za besides him being an ass? [04:00]
puppy_za anyway. gotta go [04:02]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [04:42]
ron so he was impeached? [05:02]
Devastator yes [05:04]
ricky_clarkson Does that have any actual repercussion? [05:09]
Devastator I would guess not too much, because senate has to vote as well [05:11]
fotato [05:20]
fotato fotato's title: "Adam E McCann on Twitter: "Total impeachments by President"" [05:20]
fotato the 2020 administration has beat the impeachment record by 100%! [05:21]
ricky_clarkson exceeded all targets. Each impeachment is worth, oh, 10000 miles of wall [05:22]
ricky_clarkson At this point Trump's wall even separates Europe from Africa, and he's thinking about building two more in the oceans. [05:22]
fotato "fucking Dave" [05:22]
fotato fotato's title: "Coronavirus: British tourist blamed for Lauberhorn ski race cancellation - BBC News" [05:22]
Samian [Samian!~s@] has joined #java-talk [05:37]
Samian hello [05:37]
Samian Which do you prefer? A carefully written plan worked out before coding? Or quickly coding, running, seeing what breaks, fix it, seeing what breaks, fix it, check logic, find edge cases that don't work, fix it, and done? [05:38]
dodobrain [dodobrain!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [06:06]
ricky_clarkson Samian left (np from me) but it depends on the number of engineers involved. The more there are the more you need to establish interfaces (not Java interfaces, e.g, protobufs, HTTP endpoint syntaxes etc.) [06:19]
fotato Did he get the job tho [06:26]
fotato Did samian just ask whether we prefer waterfall or agile [06:27]
fotato because. Erm. [06:27]
tang^ I prefer dodging in and out of the waterfall [06:28]
fotato I like cavorting nakedly under it. [06:29]
tang^ exactly [06:29]
fotato \o/ [06:39]
db [db!uid18678@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [06:49]
ricky_clarkson Someone came up with a table on when to use agile vs 'traditional' methodologies. [07:39]
ricky_clarkson I pointed out that scrum is old enough to be an intern and kanban could get a driver's license now, so you need to be clearer than 'traditional' [07:39]
ricky_clarkson Assuming traditional = waterfall, use agile for day to day things and waterfall at a reporting-to-people-who-don't-really-care level - we're in a testing phase for big feature X [07:41]
fotato That?s a reasonable way of looking at it. [07:41]
AMcBain [AMcBain!] has joined #java-talk [07:41]
fotato But people ship tape and string MVPs all the time. [07:41]
fotato How do you report that? [07:42]
ricky_clarkson If it's an MVP that's intended to actually be used, just report it as is [07:42]
ricky_clarkson MVP delivered, working on phase 2 [07:42]
ricky_clarkson If it's earlier than that, 'prototyping with users' [07:43]
AMcBain Earlier than that, "It compiled. We shipped it." [07:48]
ricky_clarkson "Production-ready, waiting on UAT" [07:49]
AMcBain D [07:49]
AMcBain I worked on something once that had fake users. The project manager told me we totally had a client for it, and people ready to use it. It got "shipped." I found out later they were still shopping it around. I was only a bit unhappy about the extra time put into that for the artificial deadline. On a Friday. [07:50]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [07:57]
dodobrain lawl AMcBain [08:02]
ricky_clarkson I got some advice from an otherwise crappy manager to not believe it until you're talking to a user. [08:03]
ricky_clarkson we had some analysts who were possibly making up projects that nobody beyond them cared about [08:03]
AMcBain Well the way that place worked it wasn't my only project at the time and until that point it seemed like there had been users or at least some people they were working with, but it's been a while. [08:04]
AMcBain That place did have a lot of research software so I wouldn't have minded as much if they'd just said it was more of that, but whatever. It's long since past. [08:05]
db morning [09:06]