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Nick Message Date
puppy_za morning [01:10]
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sonOfRa morning [04:09]
sonOfRa New home is finally feeling better, now I've got my chair and desk (but haven't set up my keyboard, mouse, screens yet) [04:10]
sonOfRa Feels weird how tiny this desk is with KB+M+2 screens and how big it feels if there's only a macbook on it [04:10]
puppy_za you got DSL yet? [04:16]
puppy_za is fibre not a thing in Germany? [04:16]
sonOfRa Regional. DSL is everywhere, because a landline into your house is a right, so every house has it [04:18]
sonOfRa Old place had cable, so we had cable there, but honestly DSL is nicer anyhow [04:18]
sonOfRa this ain't 16/1 DSL days, vectored DSL gets me 285/45 measured on the line itself, not sure yet how much of that actually ends up in our cables. Wifi did like 180/35 yesterday [04:18]
[twisti] and thats ... considered good ? [04:22]
[twisti] with cable at home i have 1000/250 and at my gf we have 1500/150 (nl though) [04:22]
db it's germany, they talk themselves into believing it is acceptable [04:24]
[twisti] "at home" = germany too [04:25]
db I mean, can you survive on 285/45? probably. but what is in ten years? and what considering that you are probably sharing that with your neighbors? in the end it's a twisted pair copper wire into your house, and that's EOL tech :) [04:26]
puppy_za what unit is 180/35? [04:30]
puppy_za Mb/s? [04:30]
[twisti] tears [04:30]
db blood pressure [04:35]
mbooth cries in UK broadband speeds [04:37]
sonOfRa Unless you're running server infrastructure at home, there's... not much use in silly gigabit connections for a home connection [04:43]
sonOfRa Was running on 200/25 or something like that cable up until now, and... it was already as fast as I'd need it? Hell, even downloading a 60GB game over that is rather fast. That's around 40seconds for a gigabyte of download. 40 minutes for 60G? And what else do you regularly do that actually *needs* fast internet? [04:46]
sonOfRa Netflix and the like UHD streams are ~25mbit/s [04:47]
Faux Can't realistically push work's multi-jiggerbyte dicker images as part of my workflow on UK 80/20. [04:49]
mbooth sonOfRa: I would be happy with 100 down [04:49]
mbooth I think I get about 50/25 [04:49]
Faux I'd estimate 72/18 here. [04:50]
Faux Middle of the city, relatively modern hardware. [04:50]
mbooth City outskirts here [04:50]
Faux I'm also single-digit-milliseconds from my desk to France, which is nice given most people have 100ms of wifi inside their house. [04:51]
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mbooth Faux: Heh, looks like I have ping time of 26-29ms to anywhere in europe, so that's probably 25ms just to get out of my house [05:03]
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sonOfRa AfD Politician, after barely surviving covid: "I'm still convinced this is not a pandemic" [05:36]
sonOfRa I think they're learning from the GOP! [05:38]
sonOfRa "I almost died of this pandemic, but actually, there is no pandemic!" [05:38]
[twisti] while that guy is obviously a huge turd, it doesnt have to be a pandemic for him to catch it [05:40]
sonOfRa Yes, but previously he was also dismissing the dangers, and it is very *obviously* a pandemic [05:41]
mbooth But it's not like you can have an opinion on facts. "Blue is better than red" is an opinion. "There is not a pandemic" is not. [05:41]
sonOfRa You would think that once you catch it, you might consider thousands of people dying of it every day all over the world actually a pandemic and dangerous! [05:41]
sonOfRa On a ligher note, just got reminded of this gem <3 [05:42]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "how is prangent formed" [05:42]
Diablo-D3 sonOfRa: oh its better [05:49]
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Diablo-D3 the republican that died of covid who later tweeted that covid was a liberal hoax and not a big deal [05:50]
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sonOfRa Diablo-D3: they're still learning, you can't expect them to get it perfect on the first attempt [06:22]
Diablo-D3 sonOfRa: yeah, but this is huge news [06:41]
Diablo-D3 it means I can get the internet in hell! [06:41]
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sonOfRa ceterum censeo javascript esse delendam [07:09]
Diablo-D3 soon, my brother, soon! [08:10]
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fotato Faux why aren?t your dicker images being build in your butt powered CI chain? [08:33]
Faux Because it takes 16 minutes to build something that takes 3 minutes locally. [08:34]
Faux They are for regular deploys. Sometimes I want to run something else, and we can only run things in dicker. [08:35]
Faux And because dicker is bad a 2-line patch in a file means you have to upload the entire 2gb again. [08:35]
fotato Just build the image locally and don?t push? [08:35]
fotato Push the male file/dickerfile changes to share [08:35]
fotato er [08:35]
fotato makefile [08:36]
Faux We only build images on release branches, not all branches. I guess I could teach the image builder to build the image on a non-release branch. [08:37]
fotato I?m just trying to understand why you ever need to push interim images [08:38]
fotato instead of just running them locally [08:38]
Faux Because "what should happen" doesn't happen when you are fixing the kind of things which are my job. :( [08:39]
fotato I see. Perhaps you need to fix your image builder to build all tagged commits too. [08:39]
Faux Yeah. But last time we did this we discovered we deploy to prod via. a label and not via. image identity. [08:40]
Faux Guess how well that went. [08:40]
fotato Oh no. [08:40]
acuzio morning ladies [09:01]
ron morning bitches [10:23]
Faux yipp [10:23]
mbooth Heh, Nancy Pelosi literally has an impeachment outfit: [10:23]
mbooth mbooth's title: "New York Post on Twitter: "Nancy Pelosi wore the same dress for both impeachments"" [10:23]
acuzio yeah , i thought that was funny [10:24]
Faux She looks way better masked. [10:24]
acuzio she was a hottie when she was not you know 80 years old [10:24]
acuzio very accomplished politician as such [10:25]
fotato honestly when i found out how old she was i was very confused. [10:44]
sonOfRa I probably wore the same outfit for both impeachments too, tbh [11:01]
sonOfRa Some nondescript t shirt so I'm not in front of the camera shirtless, and my yellow simpsons sweatpants [11:02]
selckin slaps mbooth [11:06]
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fotato i want yellow simpsons sweatpants! [11:49]
ron fotato: [11:52]
ron ron's title: "The Simpsons Jogger Sleep Lounge Pants at Amazon Men?s Clothing store" [11:52]
fotato i take it back, those are disgusting. [11:53]
selckin then do some tiktok dances [11:53]
sonOfRa They don't seem to make mine anymore :( [12:04]
sonOfRa I kinda need a new pair, these are like 13 years old now [12:04]
fotato i have a pair of really nice thick flannel pyjamas which are too short for me now [12:07]
fotato can't find anything like them [12:07]
sonOfRa these ones. Except the yellow is *one* color on mine? [12:07]
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Faux I tend to go through the crotch in pyjamas in under a year. [12:13]
fotato i found it. the whitest picture on the internet. [12:16]
Faux which one is acuzio [12:17]
fotato you can just about see him staring out of the window on the left. [12:18]
fotato perving on the butts. [12:18]
fotato trying to figure out which one is Faux. they both look like him [12:18]
Maldivia fotato: what about this then: ? [12:19]
fotato there's at least one brown person in that photo of racists. [12:19]
Maldivia token [12:19]
Faux There's a guy at work who everyone thinks sounds like me and I think they're nuts and today I heard my recorded voice and thought it was him. [12:19]
fotato i dont think that'shis name, no [12:19]
fotato everyone thinks their voice sounds different [12:19]
fotato i'm always taken aback when i hear myself. i sound awful. [12:20]
Maldivia listening to a recording of your own voice is horrible [12:20]
ebullient Maldivia: agree. [12:22]
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fotato but americans are all 'oh you have such a wonderful voice' [12:22]
fotato british privilege. [12:23]
ron fotato: not the same but [12:38]
ron ron's title: "Naked Homer Simpson, Live Heroes" [12:38]
fotato i saw that. [12:39]
fotato it's fun [12:39]
ron ur fun [12:52]
ron fotato: since you don't mind used things - :D [12:54]
fotato i see freeone has been buying art againg. [01:07]
fotato fotato's title: "The Blue Lotus: Rare Tintin painting sells for record ?3.2m - BBC News" [01:07]
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freeone3000 Gotta love when Azure is actualy a collection of services made by entirely disparite teams who sometimes make their services work together and sometimes don't. [03:19]
freeone3000 Did you know there's still no way to get APIM to pull its client certs from KeyVault? [03:19]
freeone3000 I now have an Azure Function on a 12-month scheduled trigger. Because of course I do. [03:19]
fotato Are you sure you?re not describing aws [03:21]
freeone3000 I may also be describing AWS. [03:22]
freeone3000 It seemed a bit better from when I used it, since at least then all services supported VPCs, IAM, and CloudWatch. Maybe not everything supported everything, but there was at least a basis. [03:23]
sonOfRa freeone3000: I remember replacing lightbulbs! Apparently the folks who renovated this place used their last stock of incandescent bulbs, and in the two weeks in here, 3 of them failed, so far [03:23]
ricky_clarkson All of my house's smoke alarms hit EOL within a couple of months of each other. [03:26]
freeone3000 I'm suprised the smoke alarms didn't hit EOL simultaneously. [03:27]
freeone3000 sonOfRa: Yeah, that's what I remember. I watched a techconnectify video on planned obsolescence on LEDs and started wondering that, if that's what the *planned* obsolence was like... it's still way better? [03:30]
freeone3000 Not techconnectify, big clive, whoops. [03:30]
freeone3000 brb, looks like modem is detecting connection to switch as 100mbit [03:30]
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freeone3000 There we go. Being limited to 25% of my download speed was no bueno. Surprised it was a cat6 cable limiting me, but, apparently not all cat6 cables are created equal. [03:36]
freeone3000 (detected it because downloading a file from the internet was interfering with my mouse-sharing software over LAN, which shouldn't be possible unless internet->router was faster than router->pc) [03:39]
sonOfRa Tomorrow I will be drilling holes (after deciding to buy one of those cable/metal-in-wall-finder-thingies) so I can put down my ethernet cabling! [03:40]
freeone3000 awesome! [03:40]
freeone3000 did you get to do the super-awesome spool test? [03:41]
sonOfRa the what [03:41]
freeone3000 you got a spool of ethernet, right? [03:41]
sonOfRa yeah [03:41]
freeone3000 did you test it end-to-end? gotta make sure the entire spool is good. [03:41]
sonOfRa well it's more of a cable pressed into place, no actual spool [03:42]
sonOfRa So I haven't found the rear end of the 100m yet [03:42]
sonOfRa Might not be the best idea to unwind it all [03:42]
freeone3000 Ah, you're probably right. [03:42]
freeone3000 In seriousness, though, get an ethernet tester capable of speeds, and crimp before dropping, it'll save you a ton of hassle. [03:42]
sonOfRa I'm putting down those keystone thingies, no "manual" crimping [03:43]
sonOfRa Except putting down the rear end of each length onto a patch panel [03:43]
freeone3000 is it pre-cut? [03:43]
sonOfRa No, these things cut themselves, basically [03:43]
freeone3000 I'm curious as to what you actually have. Cutting+crimping properly was our biggest issue with patch cable creation. [03:44]
sonOfRa You strip the mantle and shielding, shove it in the hole, apply strength to shut the thing, ta-da, ethernet socket [03:44]
freeone3000 yeah, and insuring all 8 internal wires are equal-ish length... [03:45]
freeone3000 That actually does seem like it'd save effort, though. [03:45]
sonOfRa [03:46]
sonOfRa That shows kinda how it works [03:46]
sonOfRa And then you can shove that thing into a module that you screw into the wall, and you've got a wall mounted ethernet socket. [03:47]
sonOfRa honestly the most difficult thing will be making sure I don't mix A and B patterns for cabling. [03:49]
freeone3000 well, if it self-guides like it seems like it does, then... [03:50]
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sonOfRa Yeah, it'll probably be fine [04:20]
sonOfRa I do have excess jacks and excess cable, so even if I fail a bit, it's not all too terrible [04:20]
freeone3000 [05:30]
tang^ dang which version of IE is that? [05:37]
freeone3000 Internet Explorer 1.5, for NT 3.5. [05:37]
freeone3000 It thinks it's on NT 6.2, which... isn't *entirely* wrong? [05:37]
freeone3000 5 and up are bundled with the OS and use OS components, but anything before 5 appears to be installable standalone on modern hardware, as long as you use the NT version [05:46]
tang^ neat [05:52]
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Samian helloooo [06:13]
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db sonOfRa> Was running on 200/25 or something like that cable up until now, and... it was already as fast as I'd need it? Hell, even downloading a 60GB game over that is rather fast. That's around 40seconds for a gigabyte of download. 40 minutes for 60G? And what else do you regularly do that actually *needs* fast internet? [07:49]
db see that's what I mean when I said "they talk themselves into believing it is enough" [07:50]
db the point is, gigabit internet speeds are not far-out super hightech; it's cheap, and it is available - in countries that don't have a huge, political telco monopoly fuckup like Germany. [07:53]
db I pay 22 euro /month for 1000/500 (and I could have 1000/1000 but you're right, I don't really need 1000 up... but 25 up would be highly annoying for the rare occasion where I upload a multi-gig file) [07:56]
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