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2021-01-16 »

Nick Message Date
puppy_za 22 euro... [01:02]
puppy_za wish it's that cheap here in SA [01:02]
AMcBain I pay the equivalent of ~62 Euro and I get 100/10 :( [01:07]
AMcBain Well, 10-12. It's gone above 10. [01:08]
puppy_za I pay around 42 euro for 50/20 Mbps [01:11]
puppy_za sorrt, 50/25 [01:11]
puppy_za I could go for a 100/10 but I do upload videos [01:11]
db in Zurich/Switzerland I paid 777 chf/year (= about 60 euro per month) for 1000/1000 [01:15]
db "fiber 7" :) [01:15]
puppy_za well, that's 20x of my current download speed [01:18]
puppy_za but only 40% more expensive [01:18]
puppy_za but I guess we don't have the population density to make that happen [01:21]
AMcBain puppy_za, I can't pay for more upload, even at the expense of download. They just decided it's more important to give people cable TV (which I don't pay for or use, but it's pre-allocated so...) [01:35]
puppy_za well USA's telecom is on another level [01:37]
AMcBain Yeah. They're all at the bottom of the list for customer service rankings. [01:45]
AMcBain Mine was the best of the worst. It was above three others. [01:45]
AMcBain but they were all still on the last page of results. :P [01:46]
puppy_za it's like pick-your-torturing-methods [01:46]
db it's all about how you can make the most money out of the smalles possible investment into infrastructure. [01:48]
AMcBain Yeah. Your choices in an area are usually a) the local wireless option which has awful latency, b) satellite if it's not the same company as a, where you can also forget having on-time packets, c) one of the big three? cable companies, d) the wannabe broadband company that has worse customer service and actual service than c. [01:48]
db starlink! [01:49]
Faux Lartsink! [01:49]
AMcBain and occasionally there'll be an e) very regional company that has awful customer service but the actual service is pretty fast. [01:49]
AMcBain We have a company near me that offers fiber... to three streets. :| [01:49]
db fartkink! [01:49]
AMcBain Pretty much, anyway. [01:50]
Faux db: NO [01:50]
AMcBain And another company bought out the 'd' option in our area and is supposedly wrapping existing electricity lines with fiber to compete with 'c'. [01:50]
AMcBain (but everyone reports their customer service from other areas is trash) [01:50]
AMcBain So, given my options, I stick with c, even though in the town just over they sometimes get nightly outages for anywhere from 10-30 minutes, way too often. :( [01:51]
puppy_za comcast? :p [01:54]
Faux cockmast [01:54]
puppy_za I see Faux is enjoying this [01:54]
Faux It is the only joy I have experienced this week. [01:54]
AMcBain puppy_za, Charter, formerly Spectrum (in my area, anyway). [01:55]
puppy_za I shall introduce Marie Kondo to you. [01:55]
AMcBain Inspectrum Gadget [01:56]
puppy_za AMcBain: Spectrum sounds like a Bond villain [01:56]
Faux INSPECTBUM [01:57]
puppy_za I worry about Faux [01:57]
AMcBain "Do you expect me to watch videos?" 'No, Mr Spectrum Customer, I expect you to die from the anguish of slow internet speeds!' [01:57]
puppy_za yes [01:58]
Faux I do worry that, if I was sent for psychological evaluation and they tried to do word matching, I would only say COCK. [01:58]
AMcBain Faux, anal bum cover [01:58]
puppy_za and then it cut your video off [01:58]
AMcBain ahahaha, someone on Google asked them "Where did you get that name?" (It's a business out of Arizona and this is certainly not the first time I've heard that made fun of.) [01:59]
puppy_za so I saw some UK private tour company is offering vaccination tourism in India [02:11]
Faux Technically legal, the best kind of legal. [02:12]
puppy_za [02:12]
puppy_za well I would also like to have vaccine but I don't have 25k pound [02:13]
AMcBain Doesn't that kind of border on profiteering? [02:14]
puppy_za you can take "kind of" off :p [02:14]
Faux I think I'm okay with a secondary market for some proportion of the supply; reducing the overall cost for all. [02:14]
Faux I don't read it as profiteering. They're offering an optional service, which you might want to pay for, if you have more money than sense. [02:15]
puppy_za well if that money is used for greater good then sure [02:15]
Faux Depends on your views on private medical research, I guess. [02:15]
Faux wrt. the "good". [02:15]
puppy_za 25k is a lot for many people, but I recall one oil prince said his company generated $1M per day [02:15]
puppy_za so yeah [02:15]
Faux I don't subscribe to the particular rag, but it says it's a £25k/year members club, not that it's £25k for the vaccination. [02:16]
puppy_za oh [02:16]
Faux Business class flight to UAE is probably £4k though. [02:16]
puppy_za I read it briefly. sorry [02:16]
Faux And you ain't gonna be seen flying coach. [02:17]
BluesBoy -quit [02:17]
puppy_za they fly in private jets, if I recall [02:17]
Faux Charter is probably cheaper than commodity if you're group buying. [02:18]
Faux Private jets are only nuts to retain, not to rent. (vs. the business/first class prices). [02:18]
Samian my man Faux [02:18]
Samian the one and only [02:18]
Faux Work filled like 1/3rd of an EasyJet flight I think, even coach on a shit airline is a fucktonne of money. [02:19]
Faux has like £3k/seat for a 3h flight, BA want £6.5k for a business (not first) class return to dubai next weekend. And the timings on that flight are real shitty. [02:23]
Faux Faux's title: "Private Jet Charter Costs | PrivateFly" [02:23]
Faux Rich people, who work at Amazon on AI, are just rich. It's disgusting. [02:23]
puppy_za lol [02:23]
Faux My gym (a private members club) + completely optional medical care (a private members club for hospitals) costs more than £2.5k/yr headline, I think; so I'm at least 10% rich. [02:25]
puppy_za good for you [02:25]
puppy_za not quite acuzio-level but I am happy for you [02:25]
BluesBoy [BluesBoy!] has joined #java-talk [02:26]
Faux Just trying to put the numbers in perspective, for me. [02:26]
db you remember that richness lookup table. [02:27]
Faux £25k/yr is the cost of having a £400k mortgage at a bad interest rate. [02:27]
Faux Haha. [02:27]
Faux I showed it to the wife, she was just like wot. [02:27]
Faux (25y, 3.9%) [02:27]
AMcBain "richness lookup table"? [02:28]
Faux [02:28]
AMcBain Oh. I guess I count as poor then. :P [02:28]
Faux My condolences. [02:29]
Faux Welcome to being 99.9% of the population. [02:29]
AMcBain D [02:29]
AMcBain I am slowly working on owning my house though so that has to count for something. [02:29]
Faux That counts towards your net worth, yeah? [02:29]
AMcBain Everyone tells me I bought it, but the mortgage indicates I down own it. :P [02:29]
AMcBain Yet. [02:29]
AMcBain Yeah but it wasn't that expensive of a house. It wasn't cheap, but it's not a $400k house. [02:30]
Faux As discussed at length with acuzio, who disagrees, any value you *could* liquidise out of your house counts towards your net worth. [02:30]
AMcBain Ehhhh... [02:30]
Faux claims 21% of Americans are worth more than $500k. [02:30]
Faux Faux's title: "United States Net Worth Brackets, Percentiles, and Top One Percent - DQYDJ" [02:30]
AMcBain I mean I guess, in the general sense, if you could sell it and not be worse off then technically it could be considered fungible... but... [02:31]
Faux If it's a $200k house and you owe $120k on a mortgage you have a net net worth of $80k. [02:31]
puppy_za yeah [02:31]
Faux $200k as in sale price today, not purchase price. [02:31]
Faux How can 1% of the entirety of america be $94k in debt? [02:32]
AMcBain Heh, the county site shows a street-level photo of the house from so long ago it has the first owner's truck in the drive (I bought it from the second owners) and the original ugly brownish paint color. [02:34]
AMcBain It's like army tan. [02:34]
AMcBain The rest of the street doesn't know what a good house color is even if they got hit by the paint can either. [02:34]
AMcBain 's house is happy a nice green. [02:34]
AMcBain happily* [02:34]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [02:36]
AMcBain Faux, I might be worth more if I'd had less fun backing Kickstarters and not spend it on other things, not bought a laser cutter, and not bought a neon sign, among other things. :) but I couldn't see any reason not to so... hey, as long as I'm not broke, still saving, and paying my bills... I am technically an adult. :D [02:36]
Faux Oh, I'm not suggesting you should feel bad about anything, except maybe not eating the rich. [02:37]
AMcBain hahaha [02:37]
Faux One of my prude communist friends sometimes says "eat the rich", to which I reply "eat out the rich", which is my ideology. [02:37]
AMcBain "I'd like a slice of Bezos, and..." [02:38]
Faux [02:38]
AMcBain ) [02:38]
AMcBain I saw a site the other day that had horizontal scrolling and compared various amounts of wealth to the cost of other useful things. The box for Bezos took all too much scrolling to get past. [02:39]
Faux Yeah, I read a lot of that. Pretty depressing. [02:39]
AMcBain I didn't get all the way through it since I think I hit the last label before the end but wasn't sure, and Firefox (mobile) started flashing the blue box because it got too big to render properly. [02:40]
AMcBain For those who didn't see it and are bored: [02:40]
AMcBain AMcBain's title: "Wealth, shown to scale" [02:40]
Faux *Bored and not currently depressed and considering buying a guillotine. [02:41]
Faux [02:41]
AMcBain heh [02:42]
AMcBain I just bought too many things last year. I did try to ensure books and things got ordered through the local FLGS like usual, but still. I don't want to say it was because of pandemic "depression"-light but... maybe? :P [02:43]
AMcBain doesn't feel he has depression but that doesn't mean he can't think stuff sucks right now. [02:43]
Faux Haha, so many of these are classics. Imagine if RSS was still a thing so I could read comics. [02:45]
Faux [02:45]
Faux Not wanting to sound like we should eat the rich or anything, but I don't think personal purchases for entertainment are a major contributor to the problems with, y'know, capitalism. [02:47]
Faux Eat less avocado toast and you'll be fine, though. [02:47]
AMcBain heh [02:56]
AMcBain Also, I know. [02:56]
AMcBain but I can't exactly do anything about Bezos's and such from my living room except trying not to buy from Amazon so... well... [02:57]
AMcBain and not all are doing selfish things with their money. (Gates seems to be doing nice things. If you're not one of those idiots who thinks he wants to microchip people.) [02:58]
AMcBain heh. So I scrolled down past an article on my phone and I guess it didn't recognize the "sponsored content" as ads to block... two of them say "Over-the-counter Adderall Alternative, and it's Stronger!" ... so... they're selling meth? :P [02:59]
AMcBain knows Adderall isn't meth, it's just their wording is so strange. [03:00]
Faux Sure it isn't. [03:00]
AMcBain It's similarish, chemically and in effect, but it's not 100% the same. Biology be weird, yo. :) "Look, I rotated this." 'Yup, that makes it different.' [03:01]
Faux What was that thing with nuts chirality? Ibuprofen? Like 90% biologically inactive or something, and they just ignore the problem. [03:02]
AMcBain Yeah probably. [03:03]
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TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [03:14]
sonOfRa morning [03:15]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [03:16]
sonOfRa Faux: haha, RSS is such a sad story [03:16]
sonOfRa My friend runs a TT-RSS instance to aggregate news and twitter and stuff [03:16]
sonOfRa And they keep making TT-RSS worse on purpose and they banned him from their forums for asking why [03:16]
sonOfRa Basicaly they removed all the code that unfucks encodings from various fucked feeds [03:17]
sonOfRa "Please undo this" [03:17]
sonOfRa "WONTFIX, Fix your feeds instead" [03:17]
[twisti] seems reasonale [03:24]
Faux Maintaining bug compatibility with stuff is sad. :( [03:27]
Faux The python rss people were doing the same thing, I think. If your feed didn't have absolutely perfect ISO date stamps in UTC it would reject it on purpose? Or some similar level of insanity. [03:28]
Faux Oh god is it RFC email/http date format? In the sea. [03:28]
sonOfRa Yes, but if your job is "consume all sorts of data from all kinds of broken websites all over the world", saying "we will now stop accepting broken things" is... fucking idiotic [03:30]
sonOfRa Like, if I were to write an RSS reader, I would write it in python, because I know ftfy exists in python, and all the text would go through it [03:31]
Faux Heh. Wonder if you'd be better running it through, like, Chrome. [03:31]
sonOfRa I guess if it would be client-only, yes. [03:31]
sonOfRa I was thinking a server that I can log into to view my feeds from multiple places [03:32]
Faux I meant just as the text steriliser. [03:32]
sonOfRa oh [03:32]
sonOfRa Hmm [03:32]
sonOfRa Now I'm thinking about this instead of "how the hell does direct naked impersonation work in keycloak, and what kind of security nightmares do I expect here" [03:33]
sonOfRa This is good. [03:33]
Faux Work have a bug atm where the impersonation/admin bar shows at the top of your screen, even on the logged out / logged in page. [03:34]
sonOfRa Does it *work* or just show [03:34]
Faux Just shows. I assume it stores whether to render the bar in some client state, instead of doing the permissions checks all the time. [03:34]
sonOfRa phew [03:35]
sonOfRa I wouldn't put it past nodebois to do all A&A in the frontend and just send everything to the server #yolo [03:35]
Faux Our capabilities stuff is a mess, but not that bad. [03:36]
Faux Oh god, you reminded me of the regexes. NO COMMENT. [03:36]
sonOfRa Our group stuff is based on some weird AD groups and partially group-name-prefix based, I think? :D [03:36]
sonOfRa Only for internal backoffice apps, though [03:36]
sonOfRa Also soon(TM) I may be able to talk about the really dumb security issue that I was being a cocktease about in december, hooray! [03:37]
[twisti] now im thinking about how you impersonate someone while naked [03:50]
sonOfRa ;) [03:56]
[twisti] my god, our subcontractor delivered his work and i really should have learned by now that when people are late and evasive in committing their work, theres always a goddamn reason for it [03:57]
selckin is the ntfs/icon corruption basically bobby tables, or would more be going on [04:09]
Faux Heh, hadn't seen that. [04:10]
sonOfRa [twisti]: basically, naked impersonation is when you have an oauth client that doesn't necessarily have user context, and when you have a valid token for that client, you can impersonate (acquire a token for) arbitrary users in the same realm [04:12]
sonOfRa It's "naked", because usually impersonation is instead done from one user context to another user context, like an admin impersonating a non-admin user to attempt some action [04:12]
Faux selckin: Sounds like a read from an internal id is causing the internal object to be boned up, and then everything is broken forever? Pretty standard shitty bug. [04:13]
Faux Nobody would ever try and get the -Inf'th element of a list! [04:13]
Faux [04:13]
sonOfRa It is, security-wise, obviously a very big target, because "impersonate any user in the realm" is... strong [04:14]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [05:44]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [06:33]
sonOfRa Oh nice, Elastic made the switch from Apache to SPPL [06:48]
selckin what does sppl allow [06:49]
sonOfRa it's what mongo tried to pass as an open source license, when they got angry that people were using their open source project for free [06:50]
sonOfRa They submitted it to OSI as an open source license, and then fucked off again, because it's a hostile proprietary license that just happens to reveal the source code [06:50]
selckin so like 'open code' or what its called, not free software, but doesn't elastic need people to be able to run their own instances [06:52]
sonOfRa also, sspl, not sppl [06:52]
sonOfRa Well, you can still run *your* instance, but it's effectively trying to be a viral license like GPL, in the sense that if you offer a customer some software that includes elastic in the stack, then... you have to publish source for your entire stack [06:54]
selckin even if customer doesn't know/see elatic? [06:55]
sonOfRa That's the kind of thing that's up to the lawyers to decide when they sue ya [06:56]
sonOfRa aka it's a huge business risk now if you don't pay them massive amounts for a business license [06:56]
selckin from what i can quickly gather & google if you don't modify elastic you can still use it like agpl [07:00]
selckin hmm no thats not right [07:01]
selckin they like to say 'elatic license" is a lot place, but finding a copy of it seems difficult [07:08]
sonOfRa elastic license is probably "give me money and you can do what you want" [07:10]
selckin well think we can still use it [07:16]
selckin we don't make enough for them to sue us anyway [07:16]
[twisti] thats a solid business plan [07:21]
[twisti] "maybe we wont get caught" [07:21]
[twisti] why even read about licenses in the first place then [07:22]
[twisti] just pirate everything [07:22]
sonOfRa My (non-lawyer) reading is that if you're not some kind of cloud provider who provides stuff based on ES/Kibana to others, you're probably fine [07:27]
sonOfRa But the difficulty is drawing the line of what's "based on ES/Kibana" [07:27]
selckin docker faq is quite clear on it, but then the question is does elastic interprit it the same way, seems so [07:29]
selckin and the intent is clearly stop cloud providers from offering it [07:29]
selckin if you modify elastic, and every user requests hit elastic, i still think you can use it, INAL [07:30]
selckin s/docker/mongodb/ [07:33]
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KidBeta_ [KidBeta_!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [08:41]
Maldivia Uh, it happened! [09:03]
Diablo-D3 I saw that earlier, had a chuckle [09:04]
Maldivia I will say, it took me waaaaaay to many years to figure out what was so special about that sentence :D [09:05]
mbooth Maldivia: I remember them making us write it at school because it gave you practice writing all the letters [09:07]
Maldivia "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".chars().map(Character::toLowerCase).sorted().distinct().forEach(i -> System.out.print((char)i)); [09:09]
Maldivia ) [09:09]
puppy_za that's the first thing they teach in the font design [09:12]
puppy_za ... but I guess I just happen to be interested in font design [09:13]
Maldivia well, as a non-native English speaker, my first introduction to that sentence was seeing it in the Font browser in Windows [09:13]
puppy_za what's your native language? [09:13]
Maldivia Danish [09:15]
puppy_za there is probably an equivalent [09:15]
Maldivia Høj bly gom vandt fræk sexquiz på wc. [09:16]
Maldivia lol [09:16]
puppy_za google translate gives me an interesting translation ... [09:17]
Maldivia it's a perfect Pengram, no repeated letters :D [09:17]
selckin google translate to dutch first translate to english it seems [09:17]
Maldivia A tall shy groom want kinky sex-quiz while on the toilet [09:18]
selckin if you set source language to english it still translates it [09:18]
Maldivia A tall shy groom won kinky sex-quiz while on the toilet [09:18]
selckin source language to danish/detect, slightly different translate [09:18]
selckin but if target languege is english, it doesn't work with other source lang [09:18]
selckin and the dutch is closer to the english then what Maldivia translated [09:20]
Maldivia selckin: "bly" as a noun is the metal "lead", but here it's an adjective, so it means shy [09:20]
Maldivia selckin: and "gom" is the short form of "brudgom" which means groom [09:21]
selckin Høj chef vandt uartig sexquiz på toilettet. [09:22]
Maldivia høj can also mean high (intoxicated) -- which might make more sense for this particular sentence :S [09:23]
selckin english is like tall, but in dutch it becomes like boss [09:23]
selckin or main guy [09:23]
selckin anyway, my trust in google translate has been reduced :) [09:24]
Maldivia selckin: try this instead: "høj genert brudgom vandt fræk sexquiz på wc" [09:24]
Maldivia selckin: bly is a very old word, not really something used today [09:25]
selckin that's better [09:26]
Maldivia lol -- even the English wiki page translates it wrong! [09:27]
selckin still find it wierd, english -> dutch has translation that kinda close, instead of failing [09:27]
selckin wc & sexquiz are english i guess [09:28]
selckin still turn groom into friend [09:28]
mbooth English here, what the heck is a sexquiz? [09:29]
selckin a quiz about sex [09:29]
Maldivia compound words :D [09:29]
mbooth Maldivia: compoundwords? [09:30]
selckin we like to create words combingin other words here in europe [09:30]
selckin german usually the prime example [09:30]
mbooth I know, I'm being funny by compounding "compound" and "words" :-p [09:30]
Maldivia mbooth: ordsammensætning [09:31]
selckin hottentottententoonstellingen [09:31]
Maldivia that's how you end up with words like speciallægepraksisplanlægningsstabiliseringsperiode [09:32]
puppy_za technically you can do this in English too [09:33]
Maldivia puppy_za: in English, you hyphenate though [09:34]
puppy_za pre + production = preproduction [09:34]
puppy_za pre + preproduction =prepreproduction [09:34]
puppy_za and so on [09:34]
selckin elektriciteitsproductiemaatschappij = eletricity production company [09:34]
Maldivia that's not compound words, that are prefixes and suffixees [09:35]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [09:35]
puppy_za oh right [09:35]
puppy_za let me think of another example [09:35]
fotato Compound _nouns_ [09:35]
fotato is what German specialises in. [09:36]
mbooth Suddenly reminded of rhababerkuchen.... [09:36]
Maldivia puppy_za: take a national football team... in Danish national=land, football=fodbold, team=hold -- so you put it together and you have: fodboldlandshold [09:36]
fotato Like. Tractor would be. Like. Farmingcar [09:36]
selckin we sell software to split those up again for searching [09:36]
Diablo-D3 what. [09:36]
fotato well. Farmcar [09:37]
fotato we do this in informal chat a lot. But it?s not really codified into English. [09:37]
Maldivia tractor, in Danish traktor, or landbrugsmaskine (farming machine) [09:37]
fotato And it looks like farming is another example from the look of that [09:38]
fotato land + something else [09:38]
Diablo-D3 what. [09:38]
Maldivia landbrug = land usage [09:38]
Maldivia ie farming :D [09:38]
fotato farm land use machine [09:38]
puppy_za some sites list "beachball" "lunchbox" [09:38]
Diablo-D3 jesus christ you're worse than german [09:38]
fotato oh. Land use machine. [09:38]
fotato Those are words which dropped the space eventually [09:39]
fotato they started life as ?beach ball? and ?lunch box? [09:39]
Maldivia fotato: and you need a special drivers license for it... so you need a landbrugsmaskinekørekort :) [09:40]
selckin can you make something close to puller from tractor in danish? [09:40]
fotato ?every day? is another example of that, even though I maintain ?everyday? and ?every day? mean two distinct things, the tide of actual usage runs against me. [09:40]
Diablo-D3 yes, its [09:40]
Maldivia Faux: everyday is an adverb or adjective, that means every day -- but yeah, not the same :D [09:40]
Maldivia or rather happening every day [09:41]
Diablo-D3 "smo wee evry day" not "smo wee evryday" [09:41]
fotato I?m not faux. How dare you. [09:41]
Maldivia you have to do everyday chores every day [09:41]
Diablo-D3 but you may... goddamnit Maldivia [09:41]
fotato Yes Maldivia but it?s common to see people use ?everyday? for both [09:41]
selckin thats because of how your brain works, it doesn't care about the order of the letters [09:42]
selckin [09:43]
selckin selckin's title: "Yuo?re Albe to Raed Tihs ? But Only Up To A Point: Why? -" [09:43]
fotato We are pretty good at unjumbling words when the first and last letters are in the right place. [09:43]
selckin i can read that like any other text [09:44]
fotato Oh, the article goes into more detail. Even though it gets the jumbling of ?according? wrong. [09:47]
selckin random first google on it, not sure if the article is any good [09:47]
selckin recently also found out some people make/see like movies when they read books [09:49]
selckin can't imagine that being the case at all [09:49]
Maldivia I wouldn't call it movies, but yeah, reading does have a visual aspect to it as well, I form images in my mind of how I see people in a book, the places, etc [09:50]
selckin don't have that at all [09:51]
Maldivia it's not always, really depends on the book and how "immersive" it is :D [09:51]
selckin if you think of like a house in the gras with a tree [09:51]
selckin do you see like a tree with branches, or more abstract blobs [09:52]
selckin if were to then draw that, is it like copying from a picture [09:52]
selckin or is the image too abstract [09:52]
Maldivia really depends on how the author describes it [09:52]
selckin if you make one up now, could you like do it [09:53]
selckin or like can you think of an actor and see their face and copy it? [09:53]
selckin i have to try real hard to think of specific scenes and then maybe have a general idea [09:53]
Maldivia if Ithink of an actor, or a place, I can visualize them [09:53]
Maldivia I'll be shit to describe it though [09:53]
fotato And DANCE?! [09:55]
fotato Or do you mean muppets show lyrics (but that?s *play the music) [09:59]
selckin like those chess players, being able to play chess in their head and visually move pieces [10:00]
selckin must be awesome to able to do that [10:00]
fotato That?s. Very different from being able to read a passage and visualise the scene. [10:01]
selckin true, but does show there is a mide range of how we think [10:01]
fotato Sure. [10:02]
fotato Or in the case of some, don?t. [10:02]
selckin like having inner dialogue also seems to vary a lot [10:02]
selckin like some have none, 2 parties talking, or single narator [10:03]
selckin need to research that one more [10:03]
selckin freaks me out that its so different [10:04]
ron mornings suck [10:06]
ron they should be eradicated [10:06]
selckin move to my timezone, its evening [10:06]
selckin WEEKEND [10:06]
Diablo-D3 hey [10:07]
Diablo-D3 my timezone is the best zome [10:07]
ron no [10:11]
ron also [10:11]
ron long weekend yay [10:11]
Diablo-D3 why? [10:11]
ron MLK day [10:12]
Diablo-D3 ... jesus christ where did the start of jan go [10:12]
Diablo-D3 how is it the 15th already?! [10:12]
Maldivia you mean December 46th [10:13]
Diablo-D3 I mean march uh... somewhere in the 300s [10:13]
ron the start of jan was busy with SKOs all over, that's where it went [10:14]
Diablo-D3 skos? [10:14]
ron sales kick offs [10:14]
Diablo-D3 ahh, you mean where I want to buy something, and nobody has it in stock? lol [10:14]
Maldivia or is it ?ndecimber 15th :D [10:14]
ron do you even work [10:14]
Diablo-D3 stares at all of his friends who started a new computer build in 2020 and its still not done yet [10:15]
Diablo-D3 I don't work heavy corporate, no [10:15]
ron neither do i [10:15]
ron but wait [10:15]
ron you're one of them... engineers, aren't you? [10:15]
Diablo-D3 yes, beard and all [10:15]
ron then you're completely obliviouus, nevermind [10:16]
lawid [lawid!] has joined #java-talk [10:16]
Diablo-D3 if it were not for people like me, the world would not exist [10:17]
ron you're saying that like it's a bad thing. [10:19]
kupi [kupi!uid212005@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [10:19]
Diablo-D3 yeah, honestly, Im pretty sure we're the villains here =/ [10:21]
mbooth AIUI sales kickoffs are those events where the happy-clappy corporate jingoists get pissed on the company dime [10:24]
mbooth What are they even for? [10:24]
ron to kick off sales, dduh [10:26]
Diablo-D3 to guilt trip them into working [10:27]
selckin test if the expense accounts are working [10:28]
Diablo-D3 hah [10:30]
fotato mbooth: To align the sales messaging and goals for the quarter, duh. [10:49]
fotato ?these lies are okay but these aren?t ready yet? [10:49]
mbooth fotato: Oh right, something that could be covered in an email, got it :-) [10:50]
fotato Yes but email isn?t a very good cocaine and alcohol delivery system. [10:50]
fotato Gotta keep the tolerance up. [10:50]
fotato Also, who reads email?! [10:51]
mbooth Did I say email? I mean slack message [10:51]
fotato Ah. AIUI while phones are a very useful surface to do coke off, slack is still incapable of getting lines onto the phone. [10:52]
Diablo-D3 I heard theres a third party service for that [10:52]
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IRCMonkey [IRCMonkey!~PhoenixCo@unaffiliated/alien-fx-fiend/x-2870569] has joined #java-talk [11:39]
fotato "2+ years of solid experience with one or more public clouds" [12:11]
fotato isnt a private cloud just [12:11]
fotato a fuckin datacenter [12:11]
Faux They could only count like openshart instead of classic machines. [12:11]
fotato this engineering manager job description looks like something i could actually do [12:12]
Faux Engineering Manager is what we call the team lead of a team of 1-4 developers now. [12:13]
fotato "Experience with containerization (Docker, Kubernetes)" [12:14]
fotato "Experience with at least one relational database (RDBMS) and at least one ?alternative storage? solution (such as Redis) [12:15]
fotato the poerson who wrote this JD also included MySQL cluster in the alternatives. [12:15]
fotato i dont think the person who wrote this JD is an engineer. [12:15]
deepy I like the term "alternative storage" solution [12:36]
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ebullient parted the channel: "The Lounge -" [12:52]
ebullient [ebullient!~elh@redhat/ebullient] has joined #java-talk [12:53]
acuzio morning ladies [01:11]
acuzio And in todays news of the bleeding fucking obvious [01:11]
acuzio acuzio's title: "Brexit: 'My £50,000 shellfish lorry was delayed for 30 hours' - BBC News" [01:11]
acuzio The first industry to come out of the block criticising Brexit is ...... yes "The Fishing Industry" [01:12]
ron apparently, acuzio comes from a long like of fish. [01:43]
fotato a long like. [01:48]
sonOfRa electricity is black magic [01:49]
acuzio I am just so happy by this ; The Scotish Fishing Org and the National Fishing Orgs have all joined hands and completely buried the PM for the terms of the deal (this almost never happens). The Haulage industry has raised alarm that Trucks are now simply not coming into the UK as the red-tape cost makes the business unviable , as a result shops now consistently show empty shelves. Small [01:49]
acuzio Exporters from the UK are now not finding importers in the EU happy to accept their goods cause.. well customs cost; And this is after 15 days of Brexit. These are systemic issues not teething problems , at some point the logistics might get sorted but the overall problems will remain. This is fantastic. [01:49]
fotato ah, acuzio happy that suffering is impending. [01:49]
fotato must be a friday [01:49]
sonOfRa Bought this electrical wire/pipe finder thingy that you can use before drilling holes in your walls [01:50]
sonOfRa And if you don't put your other hand on the wall, it false-positives a lot [01:50]
fotato .... what. [01:50]
fotato you're absorbing all the 5g rona! stop! [01:50]
sonOfRa grounding. [01:51]
sonOfRa But we've hung 2 picture frames now! [01:51]
fotato oh oh let me share a tip with you regarding picture frame hanging. if you need to hang a row of identical frames, all level - paint stirrer, screw [01:52]
fotato screw the screw into one end of the paint stirrer so it's just poking out a little bit out of the other side [01:52]
fotato you can now hang the picture off this makeshift hook, and push the stirrer down to mark the wall when it's at the right point. [01:53]
sonOfRa That's smart [01:53]
fotato it's a game changer. [01:53]
sonOfRa 2 big frames on 2 opposite sides of the wall though [01:53]
sonOfRa Big blueprints of star wars stuff like star destroyers and shit [01:53]
fotato i did a gallery wall of 9 square frames in a 3x3 grid [01:53]
fotato would have been impossible. [01:54]
sonOfRa yeah I can imagine [01:54]
fotato i dont recall ever seeing blueprints for 'shit' in star wars. [01:55]
sonOfRa heyo [01:55]
acuzio fotato: I am actually unhappy cause I now have the task of firing people for no fault of theirs cause racist, xenophobic assholes couldnt see beyond "Hurr durr Britain the Great , we won the second world war" instead of understanding that this is a medium sized , resource poor country thats only punching above its weight cause of the EU. I hope all of these people not just suffer but suffer [02:13]
acuzio hard. That way in 5/10 years time there is a chance that the country will move back into the EU , this time properly chastened and knowing its place [02:13]
ricky_clarkson Given that Labour wasn't fully against Brexit, I think it will take longer. [02:14]
acuzio Which is why it has to fall harder - the pain must be so bad that it becomes impossible to ignore. [02:15]
ricky_clarkson Anyway, naming the opposite of Brexit is harder [02:15]
ricky_clarkson Brentrance [02:15]
fotato Acuzio: as opposed to hiring people because sexist, jingoistic people can?t see beyond their boobs? [02:28]
fotato ricky_clarkson: bregret [02:29]
ricky_clarkson +1 [02:34]
ricky_clarkson deboris [02:34]
Diablo-D3 "Hurr durr Britain the Great , we won the second world war" [02:59]
Diablo-D3 they did what now? [02:59]
Diablo-D3 they didnt win shit [02:59]
Diablo-D3 they got fucking bailed out by us because they couldn't deal with some other racist fuck [03:00]
ricky_clarkson Apparently Hitler would have never beaten Britain anyway, the sea is too good a barrier. [03:03]
ricky_clarkson Not that Britain would have won, they would just have moved the soldiers back home [03:04]
yawkat [yawkat!] has joined #java-talk [03:05]
Diablo-D3 ricky_clarkson: it wasnt about "winning" against britian [03:07]
Diablo-D3 it was about killing every single last one of them [03:07]
Diablo-D3 they bombed the almighty shit out of london [03:07]
ricky_clarkson We did something similar to them. [03:12]
ricky_clarkson I went on a tour bus in Hamburg, most of what they talked about was bomb damage. [03:12]
Diablo-D3 america did similar to them, yes [03:12]
fotato [03:12]
fotato slaughterhouse 5 is a good novel set around that. [03:13]
Diablo-D3 oooh fotato reads the good shit [03:13]
fotato strong recommend. [03:13]
ricky_clarkson It's a bit tricky to fly nonstop from the US to bomb something in Europe, didn't the Americans need to launch from somewhere closer? [03:14]
Diablo-D3 anything kurt vunnegut is good [03:14]
Diablo-D3 ricky_clarkson: yeah, airstrip one [03:14]
Diablo-D3 ;) [03:14]
fotato i mean the USA still has bases in the UK [03:14]
fotato presumably they had their start around then [03:14]
sonOfRa "fun" fact, we still find unexploded bombs all over the place all the time in construction sites in all big cities in germany! [03:19]
fotato same! [03:19]
fotato yay, war! [03:19]
sonOfRa The best ones are the long time chemical fuses that can still explode any time these days when you get them out of the ground [03:20]
fotato i like the ww1 memorials in france where you cant walk on any of the grass because mines [03:21]
fotato fine for sheep tho [03:21]
ron yes, mine fields are fun. [03:22]
fotato not as fun as you tho [03:30]
selckin wierd to have memorials that aren't fully checked [03:31]
acuzio yeah thats how i hire people - based on their boobs [03:34]
acuzio Arguably I should know more but something as simple as HP Sauce (the best thing on Egg and Bacon Sandwich) is made in the Netherlands and there is a shortage in certain super markets ; Bigger Picture : German lighting products are quite simply now not available cause the exporter has simply stopped sending it to the UK ; the paper work is just enormous; I dont understand how this is not the [03:44]
acuzio first news story of the day everyday. WE have cut off our nose to spite our face , lets just rethink this shit [03:44]
selckin no tourists to sell fish&chips, they can stay in the sea [03:45]
ricky_clarkson No fish anyway, you have to buy British fish from Spanish fishermen [03:46]
ricky_clarkson British truck drivers got their sandwiches confiscated in Holland, that's what I saw in the news. [03:47]
ricky_clarkson A colleague had the same happen to him going from Ukraine to Poland, that one can't be blamed on Brexit [03:47]
selckin something about meats & diseases i think [03:48]
selckin and there are bird flues currently, have to keep lifestock inside [03:48]
ricky_clarkson Right, it just sounds odd/overly strict. [03:48]
selckin some of it is surely flexing, taking the lunch meat is kinda silly [03:49]
freeone3000 The only reason this is news is because it's new. It's not unusual; you are allowed no food, not even snacks, not even that bag of nuts, no lunch sandwiches, *no food* when going into Canada from the US. [03:59]
selckin they had a good video tho, with dutch police guy saying 'welcome to brexit' [04:01]
freeone3000 ricky_clarkson: It was unusual in WWII, but we've gotten better at it! During the Iraq War, several B-2 missions of 30 hour duration were signaled. They departed from Whitman AFB in Missouri, hit a target in Baghdad, and returned. [04:02]
selckin they get refueled then i assume? [04:03]
freeone3000 There's two mid-air refuelings. [04:03]
fotato freeone3000 we accidentally smuggled some apples back into the USA from canada once [04:05]
fotato you could say i'm kind of a criminal mastermind. [04:05]
freeone3000 I think the US cares less about that. Just make sure you didn't bring any firewood! [04:06]
fotato i think the boat already sailed on like, invasive tree eating beetles. [04:06]
freeone3000 how?! we were so careful about making sure the trees didn't touch! [04:06]
fotato sad lol [04:07]
sonOfRa TIL that the "knife drop" scene in game of thrones (where arya kills the night king) was pretty much copied from... abraham lincoln vampire hunter [04:11]
selckin blasphemy that season doesn't exist [04:12]
sonOfRa I guess it's not too unpopular a method of killing a baddie, but still funny [04:13]
fotato fuck that whole last season. [04:14]
selckin worse then brexit [04:16]
fotato the only good thing to come out of it were those chrysreviews galleries. [04:17]
fotato [04:19]
sonOfRa <3 [04:20]
freeone3000 [04:20]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "McGill University and Alimentation Couche-Tard launch unique laboratory store to propel retail industry and customers into the future | Newsroom - McGill University" [04:20]
freeone3000 Finally, McGill will join together of all the Couche-Tards of the province and equal the power of Amazon Go. [04:21]
ron anyone knows anyone from the intellij engineering team and can make an intro? [04:22]
sonOfRa couchtard. Sounds mildly offensive [04:23]
freeone3000 french for "night owl". they're 7-11s, only, they open at 9 and close at 10. [04:25]
fotato -> -> <3 <3 <3 [04:27]
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acuzio fuck whats going on ... [06:58]
Maldivia ... can you be a bit more specific? [07:01]
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fotato it's acuzio. no. [09:12]
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