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acuzio morning ladies [05:23]
bourbon [bourbon!ragersynap@gateway/shell/] has joined #java-talk [05:39]
db morning [05:54]
acuzio in the latest and greatest missive from the builder, "please stockpile bathroom fixtures as they are quickly running out of stock" [06:00]
acuzio I dont quite understand how there is no massive outrage in the country [06:02]
db the bathroom fixture crisis [06:03]
db actually.. wasn't it in England where you'd find sinks with two separate taps for hot and cold water? [06:04]
db oh and bathrooms with carpet on the floor [06:04]
db how do those people live? ;-) [06:04]
Faux Can confirm multi-tap drifting is a thing. It makes some kind of sense! [07:32]
puppy_za acuzio: maybe they accepted that this was what Brexit meant [07:36]
acuzio db: Fuck knows how it makes sense but mixer taps all the way for me in our house and the apartment [07:57]
acuzio puppy_za: i suspect its less to do with accpetance and more to do with the fact that they havent really seen it as yet due to the human malware situation [07:58]
sonOfRa Good morning [08:05]
Matthijs [Matthijs!~quassel@unaffiliated/matthijs] has joined #java-talk [08:30]
sonOfRa "We messed up today and you were right to let us know. Connecting and playing with friends is a vital part of gaming and we failed to meet the expectations of players who count on it every day. As a result, we have decided not to change Xbox Live Gold pricing. [08:57]
sonOfRa " [08:57]
sonOfRa haha [08:57]
sonOfRa that was fast [08:58]
fotato They also removed the live gold requirement from free to play games. [09:09]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [09:22]
acuzio Who the hell is playing on XBox ? [10:07]
sonOfRa hundreds of millions of people, I guess [10:11]
acuzio really ? [10:16]
acuzio I had the original XBox and then the XBox 360 (i think) ,, the 360 and the PS4 are basically taken over by the Kid ; not to mention that anyone else who comes in also takes over the Switch [10:17]
acuzio I dont play games anymore [10:17]
sonOfRa I guess tens of millions, rather than hundreds? 90 million monthly users in april 2020 [10:17]
acuzio holy fuck [10:19]
Faux Haha, Circle just gone for six hours. [10:43]
fotato Today, in ?grown man doesn?t understand how big the video game industry is? [11:00]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [11:17]
puppy_za lol [11:47]
puppy_za gaming industry in the US is estimated to be at US$60.4 billion, and $151B world-wide [11:49]
Faux Surprised about that split; US ~dwarfing EU + Nice Korea + Weeaboos + English speaking places. [11:51]
puppy_za being the biggest economy in the world might help [12:01]
acuzio fotato: i am old matre [12:01]
acuzio i am in the middle of deciding mixer taps - fml [12:02]
acuzio showers with mixers, without mixers , with 1 jet or 3 jet ,separate flexi, top down non top down .. i am telling you its a fucking nightmare [12:09]
acuzio 4 bathrooms ; just the showers are costing close to 2K [12:09]
puppy_za do you have any one to help you? Like an architect / interior designer, or even a plumber? [12:14]
Faux I'm a qualified architect, according to AWS. [12:14]
puppy_za that's... encouraging [12:15]
Faux As a qualified architect, I can tell you that literally every time ever anyone has written } catch (err) { console.log(err); } it is wrong and they should have had their hands cut off. [12:16]
puppy_za that's very barbaric [12:18]
acuzio puppy_za: I have a whole host of people working here [12:19]
puppy_za and their advice is...? [12:19]
Faux Oh my god it's full of global variables too. [12:19]
acuzio puppy_za: buy stuff and give it to us [12:20]
puppy_za maybe it's worth while to reach out to experts :p [12:21]
puppy_za which may cost some money [12:21]
acuzio facepalms [12:24]
puppy_za or you can just pick one over other and deal with it later *\_(?)_/ [12:26]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [12:26]
Faux RIP Russel Winder, according to twitter. (inb4 who) [12:27]
ricky_clarkson From his github, "Ex-theoretical physicist, ex-UNIX sys.prog., ex-computing science academic, ex-consultant, ex-analyst, ex-expert witness, ex-trainer, not yet an ex-human being." [12:47]
ricky_clarkson erm.. [12:47]
Faux He gives a talk at pretty much every java and languages conference ever. [12:48]
Faux I really hate people. Every programmer. All of them. Into the sea. [01:06]
Faux They don't want to pass a value for expiry, so they've turned off compile errors, linting, and passed it as null, and used the legacy invocation syntax so errors setting the expiry are sent to the console, instead of fatal. [01:07]
Mister_Q [Mister_Q!~Mister_Q@] has joined #java-talk [02:56]
acuzio sometimes its actually better to have the ads switched on [03:23]
Mister_Q [Mister_Q!~Mister_Q@] has joined #java-talk [03:23]
tang^ yuck [03:26]
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Nummer378 parted the channel: [05:39]
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Samian [Samian!~s@] has joined #java-talk [09:21]
Samian hello [09:21]
Samian Anyone use the app "Todoist" ? I'm curious if it helps with organization and productivity [09:21]
db idk call me old fashioned but I use a combination of pen and paper and google calendar, and I don't usually forget to do things [10:13]
fotato Hey Siri remind me to .... [10:19]
AMcBain Google Calendar has both reminders and tasks, but I don't know what the difference is. Both can be set to "all day" if needed and carry over to the next day if you didn't complete them. [10:31]
AMcBain I've found that to be useful. [10:31]
AMcBain but that only really works because I put the calendar widget on my home screen, though Android now seems to turn them into notifications so that is a bit better. [10:32]
AMcBain Any time I try to run off of the "I know all the things I have to do today" if it's more than two to three, one will get forgotten, guaranteed, if I don't write them down in some way. [10:35]
AMcBain and I will only remember once I'm back home again and it's not worth it to go back out or the store will have been closed. [10:35]