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Nick Message Date
Faux Heh. How dare time move forward. [12:22]
r0bby [r0bby!sid699@guifications/user/r0bby] has joined #java-talk [12:31]
ricky_clarkson One of those nice ones that will fail for everyone at once. [01:18]
ricky_clarkson like when you forget to renew your domain [01:19]
puppy_za morning [01:20]
puppy_za my domain is on auto-renewal :p [01:21]
puppy_za morning [01:21]
AMcBain That's one of the few(ish) things set to auto-renew for me. :) [01:23]
AMcBain but the local makerspace forgot one year... :P Oops. [01:23]
puppy_za what I don't understand is how come google would forget to renew its own domain :p [01:39]
Faux The Someone Else's Problem field at large orgs is amazing. [01:39]
Faux I don't know who's responsible for our domain, probably the marketing team. [01:39]
puppy_za marketing team: "but I thought DevOps do that" [01:40]
db google forgot to renew their domain? [01:41]
puppy_za a while ago [01:41]
puppy_za [01:41]
puppy_za puppy_za's title: "Google reveals how much it paid the guy who bought last year - The Verge" [01:41]
db I mean if they were to, like, use the same little domain provider I use, they'd just get it auto-renewed for like idk, $12 per year [01:42]
Faux puppy_za: Indeed. [01:42]
AMcBain SEP fields don't even require large orgs. One set of neighbors (that apartment changed three times while I lived across from it) would set out their trash bag, then go back inside. Later they'd walk out the door and past the bag without taking it with them. [01:42]
db "Google paid Ved $6,006.13" [01:42]
Faux We leave stuff on the stairs to go up or down for weeks. [01:42]
Faux It took me far too long to work out what that number was even knowing it was going to be a meme number. [01:43]
AMcBain I had to tell someone I knew but hadn't talked with in a long time their Twitter profile linked to their old website (which at one point I was hosting) that had lapsed, and someone snapped it up hoping to see how much traffic it got, with filler articles and sidebar links to stuff including dildos or whatever. [01:44]
AMcBain Not a great thing to keep linking to. :) [01:44]
puppy_za Faux: lol [01:44]
puppy_za AMcBain: shame... [01:45]
AMcBain They were currently employed so either that wasn't a deal breaker or it had lapsed afterwards. [01:45]
AMcBain puppy_za, heh [01:45]
AMcBain I think if someone wants sex toys they're probably not going to get one from a rando link on a filler blog. :P [01:45]
Faux It might be worth SEOing for though, maybe people don't buy dildos from walmart or amazon and don't know where to buy them. [01:46]
AMcBain It wouldn't surprise me if Walmart did, but I'm not going to go check their website to find out. [01:46]
AMcBain and Amazon sells everything, so I don't have to check. [01:47]
puppy_za Amazon does sell dildo [01:47]
Faux Search results for "dildos" on google for me are 1) our best normie sex shop, 2) amazon, 3) good kinky sex shop, 4) bad kinky sex shop, 5) a sex shop I haven't even heard of, 6) wikipedia. [01:47]
AMcBain puppy_za, just one? :P [01:47]
puppy_za fine, dildos [01:47]
AMcBain "bad kinky sex shop" ... [01:47]
Faux And #10 is fotato's favourite shop. [01:47]
Faux The wrong kind of bad. [01:48]
puppy_za why is his fav shop on YOUR history? [01:48]
puppy_za like [01:48]
puppy_za something you wanna share? :p [01:48]
Faux I thought it was reasonably well known that I'm very into sex toys and happy to talk about them, 'cos I'm not a massive prude. [01:48]
AMcBain puppy_za, he's probably actually serious right now. :) [01:49]
puppy_za well I own some toys so that's not the issue :p [01:49]
puppy_za but I don't have my friend's fav sex toy shop on my search history :p [01:50]
AMcBain Using a private window (so I don't have to log out) I get as the 3rd result. Wikipedia is 8th. two online magazines come in 4th and 5th. [01:50]
Faux I didn't mean search history. I meant "type into right now", which is at least partially not history related. [01:50]
AMcBain I guess I didn't need to bother. The list is the same even when I'm logged in. [01:51]
AMcBain didn't ask Google about it before so I guess that's to be expected. [01:51]
db #java-talk made me google dildos [01:51]
db Amazon lists dildos under "Health & Household", apparently. [01:52]
AMcBain Yeah. They may reorder some things a bit based on what you've clicked or searched for in the past, but it's generally subtle and if you've not searched for that before and it's far off from past stuff the results are as others would see it (for your area). [01:52]
AMcBain Yeah, I saw that. [01:52]
puppy_za well, where else should they be listed under? :p [01:53]
AMcBain I don't know but it's funny anyway. [01:54]
AMcBain Oh, hey, WebMD makes page 4. [01:54]
AMcBain and Merriam Webster comes in on page 5. [01:54]
AMcBain 6* [01:54]
puppy_za all I got is a list of shops + wikipedia [01:55]
puppy_za clearly I do too much online shopping [01:55]
AMcBain heh [01:59]
AMcBain Well something I thought would show up sooner was on page 7. [01:59]
Faux Maybe they should buy some dodgy advertising. [01:59]
AMcBain Followed by an article of Amazon workers complaining that dildos aren't essential and how many they've packed during the pandemic. [01:59]
Faux They're clearly listed as health and wellbeing products. [02:00]
AMcBain hahaha [02:00]
puppy_za how are they not essential? Imagine all the horny people stay home and have time on their hand [02:00]
puppy_za you want to encourage social distancing [02:00]
Faux Likely to have other stuff on their hand, too. [02:00]
puppy_za => dildos [02:01]
puppy_za or other toys [02:01]
Samian anyone here just have a bachelor's degree? [02:01]
Faux Yup. [02:02]
Samian Is it hard surviving with only a bachelor's degree and no masters? [02:02]
AMcBain No [02:02]
Faux I've literally never been asked about my degree, only about previous job experience. This varies by market and how shitty of a job you want, though. [02:02]
Faux As you are absolutely gagging like a wet dildo whore for a shit job, your experience may vary. [02:03]
Samian also my degree is from Georgia State University. It's not a top ranking uni [02:03]
AMcBain puppy_za, I don't know. I think it was more a general complaint of how many people ordered things from Amazon during the pandemic requiring them to work and they probably didn't have enough protection against COVID-19 (Amazon isn't exactly known for spending on that sort of thing...) [02:03]
db Samian: see.. most people don't have a top ranking uni degree, I think [02:07]
db I too think that most jobs don't care much about your degree. maybe if that's all you got to show, like, when you apply for your first job [02:08]
db I had to show my degree just recently - when I applied for a "smart visa" - a visa that is only given to smart people like me! [02:09]
puppy_za most of my colleagues did not have a degree [02:09]
puppy_za did -> do [02:10]
AMcBain My first job probably had the highest percentage of people with a degree since the company cared a lot about that for some reason, but it was also an outlier for other reasons (national lab). In general the only one that may care is probably your first job, and even then you don't need a masters. The rest (if you worked at the first one long enough) will likely just check your previous jobs/experience. [02:12]
Faux Research-heavy orgs are a big fan of classical education, yeah. [02:15]
puppy_za yeah, research-based companies tend to staff like-minded academics [02:16]
puppy_za but I guess you ask this because you want to get the highest salary without having a degree? [02:17]
Faux He's mangry that none of the shit companies will hire him, yes. [02:17]
AMcBain Find a place that is hiring for a remote position but handles their salary ranges based on where they're located. I interviewed with one such place. [02:18]
puppy_za well, Bill Gates didn't have his degrees when he became billionaires, if I recall [02:18]
AMcBain It's kinda rare though since most will try to get a good deal for them too, so... [02:18]
AMcBain Faux, yeah, but when I left I found out through someone else that they had an equivalency thing where if you didn't have a fancy piece of paper but had X years of experience, that would count. Though I think they calibrated it too high... [02:20]
AMcBain It showed at least they were at least trying to fix missing out on good skills. [02:20]
AMcBain (That had nothing to do with why I left, to clarify.) [02:21]
AMcBain Ah, hmm. My headache spike seems to have gone back down to normal levels... guess I should sign off and Zz. [02:22]
puppy_za cheers AMcBain [02:26]
AMcBain ) Have a nice rest of the day (if you want one) [02:26]
acuzio morning ladies [03:41]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [03:43]
puppy_za hi acuzio [03:44]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [03:45]
sonOfRa morning [03:53]
acuzio puppy_za: sonOfRa [03:53]
puppy_za hi sonOfRa [03:54]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [04:01]
sonOfRa oh god, both of our PMs are now either on sick leave for the next 3 weeks [04:12]
db yay freedom [04:35]
scav haha holy shit MONEY!!! [04:36]
scav got mine at 35 USD :D [04:36]
sonOfRa Okay so I missed all of this [04:37]
sonOfRa Wasn't gamestop in the news for going bankrupt mid last year [04:37]
sonOfRa How did they quintuple in value over a week [04:38]
scav because the stock is shorted 140% at least, and people refuse to sell as shorts needs to be covered [04:38]
sonOfRa It is obviously because they did some smart business decisions, and not because the stock market is completely decoupled from reality, right [04:38]
scav so basically wall street is getting ass fucked by "normal people" and other investors right now [04:38]
scav well, actually they also did some smart stuff [04:38]
scav they got new funding, new leaders and are working on a new business model [04:39]
sonOfRa tl;dr it's a game of chicken right now, and some suckers are gonna buy at 120 and cash out at 20 :D [04:46]
scav the thing is, those suckers have to buy at that price [04:46]
scav if you short and nobody wants to sell, you pay interest [04:46]
scav and when every stock has been shorted, some shorted at least twice, how are you going to cover your shorts? you need to buy at what ever price the market offers because interests are going to kill you once you bank refuses to take the loss [04:47]
[twisti] our god damn subcontractor just responded to the failing ci pipeline "we wont be using linter/code style enforcer in our code because we think its useless and also we dont like the default setting of using 2 spaces instead of 4' and we are behind as hell in the project and just what the fuck [05:02]
sonOfRa Forgive me father, for I have sinned [05:08]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Shared album - Simon Levermann - Google Photos" [05:08]
scav inb4 thats enabled in production [05:09]
sonOfRa Of course it will be [05:09]
sonOfRa "I could just modify the base image to include our certs" [05:09]
sonOfRa "Nah that'll take too much time lol" [05:09]
scav i like your colour scheme btwq [05:09]
sonOfRa standard solarized dark, I use that for pretty much everything [05:10]
[twisti] you should start a betting pool how long itll take for it to be switched on in production [05:11]
scav we had the same discussion last week [05:13]
scav we read config from env, injected into pods from Vault - i argue against having default config values because of things like this [05:13]
scav imagine if you have a default "TRUST_ALL" for dev like this, in a default, and someone forgets to set it for the pods [05:14]
sonOfRa ain't my problem [05:14]
scav no, i mean in general, i hate default config values [05:15]
scav i dont care about your product :D [05:15]
[twisti] we put stuff like that in override .env files that are in our projects initial setup .gitignore, so you have to actually work on getting it into production [05:15]
scav i like things to crash if they are missing config, not just silently pick up some random value, because at some point you can be sure somebody disables something important [05:24]
BluesBoy [BluesBoy!] has joined #java-talk [05:38]
Diablo-D3 man [05:46]
Diablo-D3 [05:02:19] <[twisti]> our god damn subcontractor just responded to the failing ci pipeline "we wont be using linter/code style enforcer in our code because we think its useless and also we dont like the default setting of using 2 spaces instead of 4' and we are behind as hell in the project and just what the fuck [05:46]
Diablo-D3 [twisti]: Im not sure I have a gif to properly reply to this with [05:47]
Diablo-D3 I would skullfuck that person [05:47]
[twisti] the tone is the worst, not 'we think the linting and whatever should be disabled for x', no, its 'we are not going to follow the coding standards' [05:57]
[twisti] teaches us to not write that shit into our contract [05:57]
[twisti] next project, we are setting up an admin-only changeable pipeline that enforces all this crap and not allow merge requests to go through that dont pass the linters and whatever and then just require them to get their shit into master on a timeline [05:58]
Diablo-D3 no, he saying "I will bikeshed shit until eternity because Im incompetent and wish to steal money from your company" [06:00]
Diablo-D3 whoever this subcontractor is, needs to go [06:00]
[twisti] they came in for a project that is almost over, and beyond that, we will vocally object to using them again [06:05]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined #java-talk [06:14]
scav perhaps don't hire the cheapest contractors next time? [06:15]
[twisti] we didnt, they came highly recommended, but for their technical expertise in the field we are working on, and we didnt realize how far behind their IT aspect was [06:21]
scav but have you attempted to lift them, or are you just telling them "this is how we do it, stfu" and expect no pushback? i mean these things are rarely black and white... [06:27]
[twisti] we tried, and after a week arguing about how unit tests are really useless, and how their one single integration test with a simple input/output comparison really tested all that was needed we gave up [07:05]
[twisti] other great topics: 'typing is useless, we know what goes into variables', 'why should methods test their input, we test user input once at the start and from then on we know what we have', 'so we agreed to return errors as objects with error causes and so on, but we ended up just dumping errors to the console, so just wrap our code in an executor and parse the stdout (not even stderr) logs for erros' [07:07]
TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [08:41]
jink [jink!] has joined #java-talk [08:44]
sonOfRa God this internal session state thing we have is a fucking nightmare [09:16]
sonOfRa It's really hard to map into OAuth, too, because whenever you start a new session, all existing sessions are invalidated [09:16]
sonOfRa So you may easily have a valid oauth token that is rejected because the underlying session is gone [09:17]
fotato Ha ha ha. [09:34]
scav sounds amazing [09:54]
fotato nothing says 'monday' like 'we lost all primary traffic to one datacentre' [10:14]
mbooth Typo of the day: "git vommit" [10:24]
[twisti] throw up; [10:24]
ebullient interneal session state really is a nightmare. [10:38]
ebullient hard habit to break, too [10:38]
freeone3000[m] [freeone3000[m]!freeone300@gateway/shell/] has joined #java-talk [10:54]
freeone3000[m] [freeone3000[m]!freeone300@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined #java-talk [11:03]
freeone3000[m] Test message. [11:03]
Faux OH NO [11:04]
freeone3000[m] Yeah. Sorry, it turns out that somehow, a Matrix->IRC bridge is the only usable phone app. [11:04]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [11:08]
DoofusCanadensis fun [11:10]
ron morning [11:17]
sonOfRa ah yes, styx, a completely normal person for a definitely-not-nazi-party to recommend! [11:26]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Hawaii GOP on Twitter: " Content warning @Styx666Official has an edgy name and frequently uses profanity - his commentary and analysis is generally high quality. It is is good to periodically step outside the..." [11:26]
sonOfRa (styx is a conspiracy nutjob and somewhere on the edge between outright holocaust denial and severe revisionism) [11:30]
freeone3000[m] They link to a Twitter account of a guy who just stops short of libel, then has a link to Gab. [11:31]
freeone3000[m] Astounding. [11:31]
sonOfRa that's the lovely gentleman [11:32]
fotato freeone3000[m]: thelounge [11:33]
sonOfRa I think the video title is not real, but that is, in fact the guy the hawaii GOP lauds for his analysis. [11:33]
freeone3000[m] ? [11:33]
fotato [11:33]
sonOfRa self hosted irc thingy [11:33]
freeone3000[m] I thought I'd self-host stuff but right now the pi is in a box and the sd card drive is in an adjacent box [11:34]
sonOfRa Probably just spin up a docean droplet or something [11:34]
fotato i have it running on a potato VPS somewhere that is probably not russia [11:35]
freeone3000[m] Yeah, that'd be smart. Or use some of my Azure credit. [11:35]
sonOfRa I should try thelounge one day and stop mooching ZNC off my friend's server because I was too lazy to set up ZNC on mine [11:35]
fotato it has znc features, i've never used them. [11:35]
Faux I use weechat-android on mobile when I'm just scanning. [11:36]
fotato thelounge Just Works [11:36]
fotato (web ui that is very mobile friendly) [11:36]
fotato i think they have a public demo you can play with, but standing it up is so simple you might as well just try that. [11:38]
fotato heh, here it is. [11:38]
tang^_ I hate thelounge [11:38]
fotato tang^: how come? [11:39]
tang^ because I've had to customize it [11:39]
fotato i think all i did was install solarized. [11:40]
freeone3000[m] Mm. No notifications, tends to tab-sleep, brave gets all crashy with it. [11:40]
fotato it has notification support? [11:41]
tang^ the cool thing to do is matrix anyway [11:41]
ron alternative - don't irc from your phone. [11:41]
fotato weird since it doesnt tabsleep in chrome. [11:41]
fotato unless you mean _phone_ notifications but who the fuck needs those [11:41]
fotato for chat [11:41]
freeone3000[m] Nope! IRC from my phone is great since then I don't have my desktop booted up to be a distraction. [11:41]
fotato sonOfRa: [11:43]
fotato fotato's title: "WBBM Newsradio on Twitter: "An outbreak that led to 15 people testing positive for COVID-19 has been traced back to a birthday party thrown for a cat." [11:43]
freeone3000[m] We all deserve to die. [11:43]
fotato luckily we all do. [11:44]
tang^ I don't IRC from my phone [12:10]
tang^ too easy to wake up, check on IRC, and discover that you've missed your morning meeting by an hour [12:11]
mbooth Pfft, I don't even get email on my phone. Way too connected. If they want me to reply to email when I'm not at my desk, they can buy me a handset. [12:14]
mbooth Not polluting mine with work stuff [12:15]
tang^ mine is provided by work [12:15]
tang^ but I can ignore email easily [12:15]
tang^ IRC is far too interesting to ignore [12:15]
mbooth FSVO "interesting" [12:16]
tang^ I have the less interesting parts on /ignore [12:16]
ron like me! [12:17]
tang^ I could never ignore you, ron [12:18]
ron tang^: ? [12:18]
freeone3000[m] Mine *did* buy me a handset. Pixel XL. Quite nice. [12:20]
ron work emails sync up to my phone once a day atm. [12:21]
freeone3000[m] (I'm the Designated Responsible Individual for an internal service. If I get Incident Control Management alerts...) [12:21]
ron yeah, that's a different use case. If you're required to be on-call as part of your job. [12:22]
fotato freeone3000[m] you can just like... install pagerduty. [12:24]
fotato oh neato, there's a recent Bent album i wasnt aware of [12:25]
fotato listens [12:25]
freeone3000[m] Fotato: No, I can't. Because we have a first-party service, Incident Control Management, that's just as good! [12:25]
freeone3000[m] "the pagerduty we have at home" [12:25]
fotato does it SMS you? or send push notifications? [12:25]
freeone3000[m] No [12:26]
fotato well then. [12:26]
tang^ Teams Alerts, probably [12:26]
freeone3000[m] I wish. Email, then voicemail to my Teams number. [12:26]
freeone3000[m] It doesn't call the number, it pushes a pre-made voicemail. [12:27]
freeone3000[m] But Enterprise Governance and Regulatory Compliance states that if we have a first-party tool for something, instead of using a third-party tool, we should work with the internal team. [12:28]
fotato sad. [12:29]
fotato you got mega bloks when everyone else is using lego. [12:29]
tang^ ooo, I'd love to push pre-made voicemails to teams [12:30]
tang^ Jenkins would become so annoying... "hey! you broke the build!" [12:30]
freeone3000[m] Have you ever received a teams voicemail? [12:30]
tang^ I don't recall [12:31]
tang^ nothing in my voicemail folder [12:31]
freeone3000[m] It's very unintuitive on how to actually retrieve it. Most people just download the WAV from SharePoint. [12:31]
fotato microsoft. [12:32]
freeone3000[m] You have no idea how much memory it took to type out the full expansion of each acronym btw :) [12:35]
tang^ I wanted to compress them right away [12:37]
tang^ DRI ICM EGRC [12:37]
tang^ As it is, I have Teams on my MBP, iPad, and iPhone... all three go off for any alert [12:39]
ron hot [12:40]
ron oof, I hate 'accepted' invite emails. [12:46]
fotato dont require them when you send out the invite. [12:52]
tang^ pfft. just put it in everybody's calendar [12:53]
ron I didn't require them, they just send them. [12:53]
fotato you could filter them. [12:53]
ron that requires effort. [12:54]
fotato most things do. [12:56]
ron oof. [12:59]
ron I'm also being productive at work today. That's... disgusting. [12:59]
freeone3000[m] They should be filtered by default in the outlook web app [01:00]
ron eew web app [01:00]
freeone3000[m] The web app and desktop app are made by people in different buildings, so, sometimes the webapp gets useful stuff like this faster. [01:01]
ron but eew web app [01:03]
deepy also eew email [01:15]
ron yeah welll, work [01:16]
tang^ woorrk [01:18]
scav i hope you guys are bying and holding GME [01:21]
Faux GMEEEEEEEEEEe [01:21]
scav $$$$$ [01:22]
scav i was hodl even at $150 earlier today, those motherfuckers are not getting anything from me [01:22]
freeone3000[m] Nope! Did a call buy last week, took 30% margin, and locked in my success. [01:23]
scav nice nice [01:23]
scav but also, i wish you would hodl [01:23]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [02:10]
whaley don't worry folks, I'm back [02:10]
tang^ hoorays [02:11]
fotato who? [02:12]
whaley ron: now is a good time to stop your shit talking and get to work [02:12]
ron whaley: "work" [02:12]
fotato whaley i busted my knee :( [02:13]
whaley fotato: oh no [02:13]
fotato ikr [02:13]
whaley I'm sorry to hear that, but I know that you will recover quickly, because you will get to work and not bitch and moan like ron [02:13]
ron yup [02:13]
ron whaley: though he busted his knee while deadlifting [02:14]
whaley lies [02:14]
fotato i did it while snowboarding. [02:14]
fotato grade 2 mcl tear. [02:14]
fotato >We are founded by one of the founders of Blizzard Entertainment and we are developing a 3D photo-realistic digital twin. [02:14]
fotato w a t [02:14]
whaley fotato: I just got hit up with the same pitch on LinkedIn [02:15]
ron I wasn't! [02:15]
fotato whaley <3 [02:15]
ron but that's because i'm trash [02:15]
fotato whaley did he have the same name as a squinty eyed pokemon trainer [02:17]
whaley Brock Schroeder [02:17]
ron how dare you assume gender [02:17]
tang^ sounds like a beefy boy with that name [02:18]
fotato he's not that beefy [02:18]
fotato his profile pic is very un-brocklike [02:18]
whaley I got hit up by a recruiter last week trying to get me to do a $60/hr contract to hire at Redhat... which was ROFL [02:19]
whaley not entirely sure why anyone would go from FTE to contract-to-hire for a below market rate [02:19]
ron did you reply [02:20]
fotato he replied with 'that sounds like the perfect job. for my toddler child. please contact her PA.' [02:20]
ron umm [02:21]
fotato i dont remember what whaley's child situation is [02:21]
fotato i'm pretty sure he has a daughter. [02:21]
whaley ron: I did. I usually just ignore/ghost, but this one was so off base that I felt like the recruiter needed some serious help. [02:22]
ron what was your reply? [02:23]
whaley "Hard Pass. This is very below market rate for Senior Engineer even in the US South and you should relay this to the hiring manager" [02:23]
whaley or something to that extent [02:24]
ricky_clarkson 'we thought you were in ${SHITHOLE_COUNTRY}, sorry' [02:24]
ricky_clarkson 4 times minimum wage is well below market rate, something's wrong somewhere :) [02:25]
whaley I'm not interested in switching jobs, but I follow up on a few here and there just out of curiosity to see what the TC ranges are [02:25]
ron whaley: one time a recruiter replied to me "thank you for the unsolicited advice". :) [02:26]
whaley bahaha [02:26]
ron And I'm like, yeah well, you started it. [02:26]
whaley I mean, it's not that hard to sneak a peak at, and just make a regional adjustment [02:27]
whaley shows something like $150-160'sh for a senior swe - and Redhat is already in the US South. So I have no idea what this recruiter and manager are trying to accomplish [02:28]
ron you're worth at least twice that [02:30]
whaley ron: you are priceless [02:30]
whaley hugs [02:30]
ron that's why nobody hires me [02:30]
whaley ron: you gotta open that editor again [02:30]
ron ? [02:30]
fotato ricky_clarkson: it's not our responsibility to change how fucked wages are. it's also not in our interest to actively fight against them. [02:42]
fotato wait. fuck. did i just explain what is wrong with late stage capitalism [02:43]
fotato just watched again and still laughing. [02:45]
fotato fotato's title: "sanja zakovska ? on Twitter: "Devs watching QA test the product"" [02:45]
ricky_clarkson fotato: Agreed. Ours is to earn, not question. [02:56]
ricky_clarkson I felt guilty in Argentina that even though I was being paid a fraction of what I get in the US, our cleaner was travelling 3 hours to clean for 3 hours, for what I got paid in 20 minutes. [02:57]
ricky_clarkson not guilty enough to ask for a pay drop, but still.. [02:57]
ron these lime tortilla chips are really nice [03:13]
acuzio In other news , I saw a demo of a Hive system ,, its quite alright [03:32]
mbooth I ripped out the Hive system that the previous occupant had had installed. [03:38]
mbooth Oh you want a hundred quid so I can gain access on a fucking website to program my fucking central heating? Fuck off [03:38]
mbooth 15mins and 15 quid later, I installed a nice honeywell control unit that doesn't talk to the fucking internet and requires a fucking subscription service [03:40]
ron huh, out of 428,000 people who were vaccinated in Israel, 63 gott the virus after getting the second dose. [03:40]
whaley mein gott [03:43]
Faux That sounds like less than 5%. [03:47]
ron yeah, but it doesn't mean 100% of them were exposed. [03:48]
ron but it's a fairly good statistic [03:49]
ron I wondedr if I'll play The Medium [03:51]
fotato mbooth: erm, what? [03:56]
fotato it doesnt have a subscription? [03:56]
whaley I need a PS5, who will give me one [04:00]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [04:01]
mbooth fotato: It wanted to charge me before I could use it. No, thanks [04:04]
fotato .... that's new [04:22]
fotato is that "hey, you're not the person who bought this" or something [04:22]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [04:24]
ron whaley: no [04:26]
whaley ron: why not? [04:26]
ron because [04:26]
whaley I'm trying to play Final Fantasy 1692 [04:27]
whaley I stopped after Final Fantasy X, so I've missed a few hundred releases [04:28]
tang^ yeah. that's quite a few [04:29]
mbooth fotato: Yeah, "hive hub is tied to a person and not transferable, please buy a new one" [04:31]
tang^ that's pretty stupid [04:32]
mbooth So I can't program my central heating to come on a specific time without giving you money? Get in the sea with that behaviour. [04:34]
fotato that's surprising, i didnt know that. [04:34]
mbooth Up side, my new non-Internet of shitty Things controller works great and householders can adjust without having to install a fucking app [04:35]
fotato D [04:36]
mbooth Some people call me a luddite, I just want an easy life, man [04:36]
deimos_______ [deimos_______!sid23568@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [04:37]
tang^ seconded [04:46]
fotato thirded [04:53]
fotato i wonder if acuzio has chosen which smart buttwiping robots he's installing in his bathrooms yet. [04:54]
tang^ the Japanese ones have the longest time to stabilize I think [04:55]
acuzio yeah Hive is non-transferable - I did know that ; [04:56]
tang^ yet [04:57]
fotato do you just have a single Punctuation Key which types a random character when you think you need something, anything, to break up the text? [04:57]
fotato i kinda want that now. [04:58]
jaros [jaros!~mj@2001:a61:252a:301:f7e1:4911:4b3f:58ee] has joined #java-talk [04:59]
acuzio thats where semi-colon comes in [05:05]
whaley ccccccuubedhdligcknjtiverjercvuhtihkdifldcbd [05:06]
ricky_clarkson I tried Erlang out maybe 10 years ago, besides anything else about the lang just using . instead of ; really kept screwing me up [05:07]
acuzio i tried it as well ..again about 10 years ago [05:08]
ricky_clarkson Pascal was my first semicolon language, before that I used BASIC. The Pascal compiler pointed to the beginning of the line as missing a ;, so that's where my semi-colons ended up until someone else looked at my code.. [05:08]
acuzio Erlang has one seriously good feature ., its freaking awesome when it comes to failure management . Almost everything else about the language is garbage [05:09]
ricky_clarkson being able to stop and wait for a manual fix in production code is interesting [05:10]
ricky_clarkson I think common lisp has that too, but maybe less likely to be used [05:11]
acuzio Yup , and Message passing as standard concurrency , i do that in Java as well but as the _only_ mode of concurrency its quite interesting [05:11]
acuzio SBCL , Racket, Scheme, Clojure - tried them all and failed spectacularly , couldnt grok them [05:12]
ricky_clarkson I like futures, keeping hold of something to track whether it could be processed. [05:12]
acuzio Futures are there in Java too - [05:13]
ricky_clarkson Sure. [05:13]
acuzio (or for that matter in most languages) [05:13]
ricky_clarkson and similar things like Kotlin coroutines, at least depending on how you use them [05:13]
ricky_clarkson we have some compile time checks to make sure you don't orphan a future or suspend fun [05:13]
ricky_clarkson not least because it's shitty not to be able to cancel something [05:14]
ricky_clarkson errorprone [05:14]
ricky_clarkson ricky_clarkson, errorprone is a static analysis tool for Java that catches common programming mistakes at compile-time. More at [05:14]
ricky_clarkson [05:15]
ricky_clarkson ricky_clarkson's title: "error-prone/ at ee965c068379f880de28f10fa68296c526c1f261 google/error-prone GitHub" [05:15]
ricky_clarkson Even at a larger level a team I work with insisted on fire and forget (actually pubsub), then at the first whiff of a missed message they wanted straight RPCs again [05:16]
acuzio For concurrency my most convoluted routines , start threads within a thread and then work on concurrent non-blocking data structure , to kill stuff ; i kill of the main thread that starts it , garbage collect the data structure separately ; its _minutely_ faster and loads harder to maintain but its fun [05:16]
acuzio also its an anti-pattern,really bad idea but like i said it reduces GC-Pause and you can do all sorts of interesting optimisations in the middle [05:18]
ricky_clarkson So your coworkers are watching Loom closely so they can delete that shit. [05:20]
acuzio hmmm ., well in a way yeah but someone is not physically sitting there and watching it ; there are API's you know [05:20]
ricky_clarkson Loom as in Java fibers, letting you do blocking stuff without blocking OS threads. Any justification for designs like that should go away with Loom. [05:22]
ron almost 4am, time for lunch/ [05:54]
ron ? [05:54]
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db cat birthdays are important. [07:19]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4824:7000:c786:e7d2:abcd:40ab] has joined #java-talk [07:49]
tang^ got pihole running... this is an interesting trend line [08:30]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4824:7000:c786:e7d2:abcd:40ab] has joined #java-talk [08:30]
tang^ my queries over the last 24 hours show way more activity when I wasn't using my computer at all [08:31]
tang^ I think I'll be shutting it down from now on [08:31]
KekSi [KekSi!] has joined #java-talk [09:10]
db well that's, uh, disturbing? [09:20]
db I got pfBlockerNG (which is basically the same as pihole for pfsense) and by far the most blocks come from mobile phone surfing [09:21]
db I suppose there isn't much left to block from browsers because we use ad blockers there already [09:21]
db [09:37]
db db's title: "Police mistake pensioners queueing for vaccine for an illegal rave - News - Mixmag" [09:37]
ricky_clarkson more of a grave than a rave [10:01]